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Full text of "English-Chinese Vocabulary of the Vernacular Or Spoken Language of Swatow"

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I < 

— .:■=," J- 1 

t • 

_ ■ ■ \.ja 

# , *• -^ * 

-s.l^ ■ 

■. » - :" 

-» ■ i .- . •■ 
=■»-— - 


l-l'.-.f . 


i'. — «■ 

:^.- - 




«- • 







SPOKEN LANGUAGE '^^^^^^'^-•^-'n^ 

f •■ 











This vocabulary is based on a manuscript work prepared about 
thirty years ago by the Rev. R. Lechler of the Basel Mission, 
Hongkong, who was the first Protestant Missionary resident in 
this part of China. Mr LechleKs vocabulary was founded again 
on one by Dr. S. Wells Williams. 

A purpose having been formed to copy Mr Lcchler's MS. for 
personal use, with no further thought regarding it, the sugges- 
tion was made to have it printed in the Mission press, and so 
made available for general use. Hence its appearance in this 

N(t time has been taken, because none could be spared, to do 
much more than rapidly write a ^py for the press, making 
such additions and alterations as were attainable in the ciiTum- 

From many varieties of dialect found in the Swatow region 
that has been chosen which is spoken in the city of Ch'ao-chow- 
foo ; and no words or phrases not current there have been know- 
ingly admitted. By this rule many expressions are excluded 
which must be amongst the most familiar to persons acquainted 
with the general speech of the Swatow people. 

The vocabulary makes no pretension to completeness in any 
sense. Very many words and idiomatic phrases are omitted ; 
comparatively few of the terms given have been strictly defined 
and discriminated ; for which reason the contents must be used 
with cautious regard to distinctions of meaning and usage. 
Years of labour and a very complete knowledge of the unwrit- 
ten speech of the country would be necessary to make a work 
of this kind what it ought to be ; and the difficulty is immensely 
increased by the absolute non-existence of native books in the 
vernacular. The exception of two or three broadsheets of proverbs 
and ballads is not worth mentioning. But if it be clearly 
understood that the present vocabulary is merely a collection of 
useful words, tolerably correct (it may be hoped) so far as it 
goes, but not by any means a work judged ready for publica- 
tion, it may escape undue severity of criticism and prove of 
some service to those who make use of it. 

When it is stated that the type-setting and printing have been 
done by two young men who do not know a word of English, 
and have not even been trained in the art of printing ; and fur- 
ther, that the work has sometimes been hampered by scarcity 
of type, a kind indulgence will bo extended to any typographical 

Whatever errors may be found to exist in the vocabulary, it 
is quite certain that their number would have been much great- 
ter but for the kind assistance of Miss C. M. Ricketts and the 
Rev. H. L. Mackenzie in correcting the proof sheets ; and the 

Medical tenns owe very much to their revision by Dr Alexander 

While any benefit to be derived from the vocabulary must be 
credited to its original author, Mr Lechler, enough has been 
changed and added to remove from him all responsibility for 
its mistakes and faults. 

It may be confessed that one motive for printing this vocab- 
ulary was the hope of raising some funds for the support of 
the Mission Press, most of its work being unremunerative. 

Unglish Presbyterian Mission, william duffus. 

Swatow — July, 1883. 


There are many matters which it would be interesting and 
useful, and even indispensable, to set forth in the introduc- 
tion to a complete Dictionary of this language, but from 
causes already referred to, most of them cannot even be 
touched upon here. A few notes, however, are imperatively 


a pronounced like a in far 
e „ f> ^ II wrf 

o „ „ aw „ saWy but a little more open, 

u „ ,, u „ put, rude. 

V) nearly as tt in lowland Scotch ahune; 

or euia French heure. 


ai, au, oa, oai, oi, ou, ua, ui. In all these each vowel 
is pronounced with its own proper sound. 


The consonants are nearly all as in English, 
ch is pronounced as in church. 

fis always hard as in go; never as in gin. 
. i. dw.^ sounded exipt when finJ. ^ 

j is pronounced as in jet. 

ng, as in sing, ring. 

s, always as in ^, sing; never as in lose. 

z, always bb ds or da; never as in zeoZ, zone. 

k and t as finals are so much alike as to be scarcely dis- 

m and ng will be found written without any vowel (e.g. 
Ag, ffi) ; often also preceded by a consonant (e.g. hm, siig, 
kng, hftg). "The nature of these syllables vrithout a distinct 
vowel becomes at once unmistakable in singing, as at 
such a word all vocal sound at once ceases, and nothing is 
heard but a dull nasal murmur. 

"The ASPIRATED coNSOiiTAKTS are a very remarkable feature 
in all the languages of China, and require very special 
attention. They are kh, th, ph and chh. The sounds are 
the same as those indicated by the same notation in the 
languages of India, being formed by a real distinct aspira- 
tion pronounced after the respective consonants The 

sounds are almost the same a$ those often used by Irish- 
men when pronouncing with a strong brogue such words 
as come, pig, &e ; they are also often heard in the mouths 
of the Scottish Highlanders. 

"kh may be thus described:-^ Pronounce.... Zooi here! 
rapidly and clearly, cut off ho- and -re, and you have the 
Chinese *khi'."* The other aspirated consQiuants might be 
illustrated in a similar manner. 

[ch is not an aspirated consonant — see above.] 


Any attempt to write the colloquial language of Swatow 
without indicating the tones carri^. its condemnation on the 
face of it. It is utterly impossible to speak intelligibly while 
disregarding this essential feature. 

There are four great classes of tones — ^Ist, PhS" ^or, P^V* 
2d, Siang ; 3d, Khi ; 4th, Jip. In the Swatow Colloquial 
eiylit separate tones are distinguished from one another: — 




sa", a coat. 


nd^ng, a man. 


chie -kbi!i 

• • 

hdi, the sea. 


si, the world. 



• • 

li, prqfit. 



bo, a co/p. 



patj to hiowA 



pitj another. 

In combinations of two or more syllables, very important 
modifications occur in the tones. A learner is apt to think 
tliat, the tone of a word having been once fixed, he will 
find it the same in all circumstances, and to be surprised 

#FroinDr. Carstaira Doufflas'a admir^lile Dietlenary oftheAxnoy Vernacular, 
an invaluable work to the student of the closely alUed vernacular ox 

when he hears familiar words prondunced in quite another 
tone. It woidd be difficult, and is quite unnecessary, to 
describe here the characters of the various tones and the 
changes which they undergo in combination, as they can 
be most easily and correctly learnt by listening to the speech 
of a native. 


A small ■ Written above the liiie at the end of a syllable 
indicates that the whole syllable becomes nasal. In words 
beginning with m, n, and ng this symbol has been in 
some cases otfiitted where it ought to have been written. 



The general idea involved in the use of hyphens is to 
link together those syllables which are so closely connected 
that the tones of certain of them are affected by the connexion. 
This principle, however, is not carried out to the full extent, 
because in many cases the words thus influencing one 
another would be too numerous to link together in this 

A DOUBLE HYPHEN implies that the word preceding it 
retains its own proper tone in full force^ and that the word 
or words following it are either enclitic or unaccented, and 
as far as possible deprived of distinctive tonal character. 

The use of hyphens, though most essential, is yet difficult 
to regulate by any stringent law, and much must be left 
to discretion. 


On the next page are a few errors, chiefly misprints, which 
have been observed. It would be too much to hope that 
many more will not appear afterwards. 

advance, for sai' vtad soi'. 

bed, „ tsH „ tsfl. 

blue, vitriol, see under vitriol, more correct. 








, lA 


, chhie" 


, lui 


. Pl 


, p&n 


, tsh&n 


, jip-tii' 


, A 

fold (1st line) 

, <li" 


, khij (twice) 


, tan 


, cbie 

go (6th line) 

, tshft 

, zW 


, hua 

, kku 

, koi (twice) 

oint. ^ 

, kit 


, <Si (twice) 


, a loss 


. pf 


, your 


, Hi- 


, «■ 


























up a loss. 



revenge, a/ter p6-ctihi<!t insert aemi-colon. 

mat ybr kuah read kauh. 

secret, „ aia „ sai. 

seriee^ afier pfn-Uit insert semi-colon. 

tack, /or hile i-ead khe. 

tain^ „ mkk „ Diak. 

thiei; „ ts&t „ tshkt. 

tiunult. „ k& and ka „ k&. 

imspeakable, ,. tiih-u&u „ ti^b uan. 

"Witu {6th line) „ chbiu „ cbbii'i. 

worse, „ zft „ zii. 




Ey ch^k-k4i ; ch^k-chiah ; &c. 

aback, ptie-Su. taken aback at meethig one, ngo— tu\h 

uak— che-ki&. 
abacus, sAg-pAa'. to work the, kiah-siig-pAa"; khk-siig- 

aoaft, the foremast, th&u-Ai-Su. 
abandon, pkng-tiau ; k&k-tiau ; sck-tiau ; li-khui ; mhx. 

abase, kkng-khip. 

abash, sit-n^ng kdi-thf-min. abashed, tsh^m-kliui ; ki^ii- 

siku; sidu-lf; siu-chhf. 
abate, kidm ; chi6. the price, sAg-kidm ; tft-kidm ; kha- 

kidm ; khk-tft ; kidm— che ; chi6— che. 
eJolbe&Q (Buddhist), su-hu; hAe-sie"-ph(lia; nr-kou-ph(ia. 
abbot (Buddhist)^ su-hu ; hAe-sie"-th4u ; tang-ke. 
abbreviation, si^-sid. a compendium, tai-liik. 
abdicate, sia-cheh; si-kua". of a sovereign, sia-ui ; thb-ui. 

abdomen, t6u ; t6u-pak. 

abduct, kudi-td ; thau-kiau ; thau-kang-tsdu. 

abet, pang-tsd ; pang-ak. 

abhor, 16u; ti; 16u-hun. 

abide, ku-tsu ; khi3.-khl ; tiu. 

abiect, hiS.-tsua''; hi§L-liA. 

ability, l^ng-kkng ; piin-su ; piin-nid"; tshii-chhdng ; tebai- 

Idng. have not the ability to do, bd-ldng-6i. 
abjure, chiil-tsua bd-chi-kdi-su. one's religion, hiSan-ka ; 

able, l^ng ; 6i ; iniSr"-ke ; u-16ng-Ai. see ability. 
ablution, soi-chheng-khih ; soi-chheng ; 86i-sin ; s6i-ek. 
aboard, to-tsAn ; tsAp-tdng; 16h-tsftn. 
abolish, tti-tiau ; hiii-tiau. 
abominable, kh6-i)i ; tshua-n&ng-Mu. 


abominate, ti; 16u; ki. 
aborigines, th6n-jin ; piig-ti-n4ng. 

abortion, lAli-si^-siia"; lAh-sin ; phah-t<S a-ndu". to pt^xluce 

by medicine, eng-iih 16h-tiaa a-n6u*. 
abound, hoh-tsoi; t6a-b6-mu^h; tsoi-tsoi ; seng ; mSng-seng; 

hong-seng; tshti-tshii to-ts6i. 
about, tsha-m-to ; k&i-pan-b6 ; lim - Hm ; u chf-k&i-pan ; 

tsdu-tsuih bd-ki; chhi-thb u-hSln. 
above, t6-t^ng; t5-chie"; t6-min-chie'. 
abrade, siah ~ ti^h ; phoi— tiih ; phiii-phAe. 
abridge, s^"-iak ; tiah - iku ; tiah-chhiet-iiu ; k^ng-s^; tiah- 

tshut kdng-iku. 
abrO€td, to-gua ; tshut-tshti ; tshut-gtia. to go, kiic-huan ; 

abruptly, hut-che-ki^ ; tAt-ji6n; hut-ji6n. 
abscess, 8e"-thAe ; se'-muih ; se'-eng ; pu-Mng-tshng, 
abscond, td-tsdu ; tsdu-khti-tiDim ; td-pi ; thau-tsdu. 
absence, m-t6; of mind, aim m-to ; sim-h<in m-to. 

absolute, tsfi-tsii. 

absolve, k6i-tsfte ; sik-tsue ; sek-ph,ng. 

absorb, sb-ta . water, s6-tsdi. all one*s energies, eng-chin-lit. 

entirely absorbed in any thing, jlp-sin. 
abstain, kki . from liquor, kki-chiii. from lust, kki-i6k. 
abstemious, tsat-eng ; kda'^-iAk ; ii-tsat-tou. 
abstraction, in a state of (Buddhist), ts6-si6n ; jip-teng. 
abstruse, chhlm-ku ; ku-biau. 
absurd , thfeng-tSt" ; bd-id"-chiah ; h6-chhife. 

abundajit, see abound. 

abuse, me', flthy abuse, me" kku chhi-gl ; tshou-tsliui-me*. 

abutment, of bridge, kiS-tdn. 

abyss, chhim-th&m ; clihim-chhim; bd-t6i ; bd-t6i chhim-khe". 

academy, tsu-f; imperial, at Pekin, h&ng-lim. 

accelerate, tshui-pek; tshui-m^'. 

accede, zdn-n&p ; hka ; kheng ; tsiin ; n&p-l. 

accent, sia'-im ; sia'-khdu. 

accept, siQ ; siu ; ehiap-u&p ; n&p-siu. 

access, lou-mAg ; lou-mftg h6-chiQ. increase, thi"-ke ; thiam- 

accession , to the throne , seng-ui. 

accessory, pang-tsS. 

accident, i-gua k&i-su ; liau-m-kku k^i k^ng-ngo. acciden- 
tal, ng6u-jiln; tsou-jidn. 


acclivity, sua" kia-kia ; pho-lo-sia. 

accommodate , others^ pang-tsS ; chieh - eng. oneself to 

others y tshdug-khiian ; sAi-n&ng-i. able to a. onesdf to circum- 

stances^ ii-pi^n-thong ; u-khu&n-pifen. 
accomp€tnyi t&ng-ki^"; ts6-pA-ki4"; pAe-B^ng; sie-phua". 
accomplice, tAng-Ung ; tAng-pang. 
accomplish , tsim-kang ; sSng-kong ; u&n-kang ; tsb-chi^". 

one's desire, tit-l ; to jtUfil, sln-ngiam ; ^ng-ngiam. 
accord, h(ia; hiia-h&h; siang-h4h; htsL-mi; siang-h&a; 

accordance, sie-thi ; sie-tdng ; siang-h&h. 

according, chih; chi6-ie'. to one's wishes^ zA-L to ordef, 

account, siku-b&k. hooky siku-ph5u. to enter, chie'-siku ; I6h- 
si^u ; ki-siku. settle, hdr-siku ; si^u-b&k chheng-tsh6. owe^ 
khih^m-si^u. square, ap-8i5,u. collect, thd-si^u. manoijge, 
hua°-siku. Tnxike up, sfig-siku. on account of, in-Qi. on no 
account, buan-buan put-kh6 ; than-ttian m-h6. cannot a, 
for, put-k6i ; sie'-m-phtia ; 8ie"-m-tshut. give an account of 
any event, 61i pun-n&ng-thia" ; kang-n&ng-ta\ 

accimiulate, tun-chek ; chek-thiok. weauk, tun-kim chek- 
g^.k. merit, chek-tek ; chek-kong. 

accurate, bd-tsdu-tsuih ; sidng-sbi ; sbi-sidng ; chin-chih,'. 

accusation, phah-kua"-si ; kb-tsng ; jlp-ti4"; sie-kb. 

accuse, kb. axxuser, ngllan-kb. accused, pl-k6. 

accustom, ktian ; kilan-ts5 ; ktii"-si*; eik ; s^k-chhiii 

ache, thih,'; sng-tbi^'. 

achieve, sfing-koog; sdng-chiu; ts6-chi4". 

acid, SDg; 8Dg-bi. 

ackno^edge, jin; sSng-jIn. 

acquaintance, phdng-id ; siang-sek k4i-nAng . acquainted 
with, s^k. 

acquiesce, p^ng-sim; ziin-n&p; sun-tshdng ; n&p-i. 

acquire, tit-ti^h. wealth, thJtn-chl"; huat-tsMi. 

acquit, sek-pslng ; tiah-sek ; p^ng i hi^e-ke. 

acre, b6u ; tehdn-b6u. 

across, hAe"; ka-lak-hAe"; ka-l^-h6e'. 

act, tsb ; ki4*; A\ ; tsak. 

action, hdng-Ai ; k]4°-Ai ; h6ng-chf. in war, chi^n-chek-tin. 
enter an a. ai law, phah-kua"-8i. 

active, khftn-kang ; kha-chhiiS m^ ; Idng-lai; uih-phuah. 

actor, in play, hl-kul"; hi-kieh. personating fetnaie, hi-t5a". 


actually, slt-tsai ; kiia'-jiSn ; khak-slt ; tek-slt. 

acute, sharp, chiam. inge7iious, kuai-khd. in discernment, 

adage, s6k-gu; ngAn-gi\. 
adapt, sie-kah ; kah-kua ; kah-pan ; tsiin-tMu. able to adajyt 

oneself to circumstances, u-kh(ian-pi^n. 
add, thiam ; ke ; thi"-ke ; 16h-ke ; p6u-ke ; siig-bAa ; liih- 

bfia ; tsh6ii-hih. 
' addicted, \ih\\\ tham ; tsiian-sim. 
address, a person, tng-min-tk". God, tdu-k^u Sianjr-ti. on a 

letter, siu-phAe ; huang-phAe. 
' adept, t6u-lili m^ng-p^.h ; thong-thiet ; s^k-chhiii. 
adequate, kau ; tsok ; kham-tDg. 
adhere, liAm-tiie ; tah-ttie. to one's opinion, chip-L 
adhesive, u-ka-liam ; lidm-nl. 
adjacent, kun ; siang-kun ; siang-lidn ; ts6-pA ; lin-kun ; 

tsoi -au. 
adjoining, siang-li^n ; sie-chiap ; sie-siia ; sie-kiam-kJli. 
ac^udicate, sim-su ; phoi"-ua"; phtian-ttian ; tban-tia". 
aidjust, chiilin-ts6ih ; tsdi-chid"; siu-chid". put in order, au- 

\A\ ; ts6i-pi ; 8iu-sip-h6. 
administer, pboi"-li ; li-su ; liau-lf ; chidng-kdan. 
admirable, hd-thoi"; tshut-khi. 
admiral, tsiii-su thi-tok ; tsui-su tin-th&i (lower). 
admire, th6i" kau-ilfcm-ngi ; th6i"-t8liti-bi. 
admission, to give, pun-n^ng-jlp ; th^ng-nlLng-jlp. refuse, 
adolescence, iu"-ni"; thAng-ni"; hiu-se"; siku-nt". 
adopt, children, idng-kii"; sieh-kid*'; siu-idng ts6-kid"; siu- 

lid ts6-kid". 
adore, tshdng-pJli; kui-pJii. 
adorn, siu-sek; td-pJtn; siu-slp phsli-chhi^ng. 
adrift, phiau-phA. 
adroit, kha-chbiiioi; khl^khd. 
adulation, h6ng-s6ng; thidm-mf; pd-kiet. 
adult, toa--nflng; sdng-teng ; chidng-toa ; chidng-s6ng, 
adulterate, tsham pit-muih; m-kan-cheug; m-cheng. 
adulterer, kau-hu ; lau-ieu ; jip-ndng-ldi. 
adulteress, kau-hu ; im-hfl ; tsu-niS" tshap-ti^h-n/ing. 
adultery, kan-im ; kan-MisLng chhi-nrtg ; su-kau ; sai-thong ; 

jlp-nang-lai ; eai-chheng ; kan-chh6ng. 
advance, cblu-tsdi". da^ly, chek-jlt ki"-jit-chin, money, sia 


tshut-chr. advanced guards sien-hong. in office^ kau-seng ; 

chin-khip ; seng-kAi". 
advantage, iah ; li-iah. to seekj thA-li. of no odvanMge, 

b6-iah. advantageous, u-iah ; h6-tit-li ; h6-thiiii-chi". 
adventure, th^ng-tsau-htie. adventurous^ ki"-t86; kd"-Ai; 

toa^t4"; th&ng-tsau-hile tsb. 

adverb, gii-tso-sft. 

adversary, ttii-th4u ; uan-ke-th4u ; chhiA ; chhiA-tik ; tAk- 

chhiii ; chhiA-jin. 
adversity, tsai-lan ; tsai-hua ; huam-lan ; eh ; ng^k-k^ng. 
advertise, tshut-thiap-kid"; kJiu-tsai. lost or stolen artichs, 

advise, khAg; khig-kbi; k^; khai-tSu; 
advocate, ts6-ti4"; song-su ; ph6-k6. 

adze, p6u-thiu. 

afar, hfig ; i^u-i^n. to descry from, hfig-hfig m6"-ki'. 

affable, un-jiA ; un-hiia ; li&ng-sien ; hi^u-U. 

affair, sft; su-chhfing; su-bu. an, ch6k-kia"-su. 

affect, kim-tong, deeply^ sie'-sim. to pretend to he anything, 

k^— tab ; tsuang— ts5. by external things, gua - mu^h sd- 

affection, thdng-h-i ; ki-chhdng ; n&ng-chh6ng ; ii-sieh . 

affectionate, sie-sieh ; siang-kL mother, tshft-bd. 
aflnnity, chhin-s6k; ng6u-h6k. of kindred, chhin-chhek. by 

marriage, chhin-chi4". 
afi&rm, ch^ng-ku ; ch^ng-Blt ; tk"-8i ; chib-k6-tA', 
affix, tah-ttie ; sie-chiap. a seal^ khap-ln. 
afflict. kia4)ai; bAa-lan, kan-khdu; Un-tii. affliction^ kan- 

14n; kaii-kh6u; sng-su; pih— su (mxmming). 
affluence, pti ; pti-tsok ; hong-seng ; kau-nauh ; hong-tsok ; 

anord, expenses^ tehut-sd-hhi. can^ tng-tit-khf ; ta"-tit-khii ; 

t8hut-tit-14i. profit^ 8e"-ll; tshut-sek. 
afi&*ont, tshok-huSm— ti^h ; tit-tso-^ti^h. see insult. 

afloat, phti. 

afoot, pou-ki4'; pou-lidn ; ki4"-lou, 

affuid, kia'; ili ; kia"-{ii; khi6ng-{ii; phJi"; hai-phk"; kia"-kO. 

dont be, m-tii. 
after, au. three days, Ba"'jlt-au; sa"-jlt tsu-au; kile-ke sa"-jlt. 

/ shall be after you, ud sAi-an chiu-14i. to follow, the t6-afi- 

min. to pursue, jiau ; tui. the pattern, chife-ie"; chi6-b6u. 

afierwards, au-Ui, ages, au-si ; ftu-to. q/iemoon, e-kila; e- 


- ■ ' ■ — 

Dgdii. after dinner, chiih-jit-tlk.u-lidu. aftei'hiHh^ ui. 
again, tsai ; leug-gua ; iu ; t6ng-gua ; iu-tt^. a. and a., e-e ; 

against, ng^k; ttii; siang-hudn; m-sun; fia-Mb. 

agate, mi-mu. 

age, nr-ki; nr-hiie; siu. icAa< ts yoie?'? ji^h-taSi-hbe? kini-ke"? 
tshim-chhiu jieh-tsoi? ages, si; si-t6. 

aged, liu; Mu-ni"; ur-hiie tsoi; lau-t6a. 

agent, th6i-poi"; th6i-li; tsan-phoi°. 

aggravate, ti-k^u k^ag-tsLng; zd-k&Dg kia-rim; zU-Idng zd- 

- toa. 

aggregate, ts^ng-siku; h4h-k£ng. 

aghast, ti&h-kia'!; kia" kku-bd'-hiin ; kia'-kitu htin siau phek 

agitate, tong; i4u-t6ng; chin-t6ng. gi^eatly agitaUd, edm-kua" 

ago, ts6i". long, i"-keng-kii. not long, b6-mih-kii. how long^. 
k^u-ta" ji6h-kd? 

agree, hda; siang-hda; htia-h&h; hiia-m6k; h{la-khl; siang-h&h; 
tuin-ieh. in opinion, tdng-i ; t4ng-ki. an agreement, h4p- 
t4ng ; khbi ; hip-ieh. 

agreeable, hkhA; ztk-ngii2n; silli-ngu3.n; thikng-hu&i; thillng- 
i; tshii-bi ; sdi-sim, as companion, hih-su-kah. in conversa- 
tion, h4h-phu^h. 

agriculture, Idng-su; tsoh-tsMn; tsh^n-kang, 

aground^ khtia; khha-chhien ; khha-sua. 

ague, kAa"-zu4h-pe"; ki^m-siam-kAa"; kiJla'-jiit; huat-kda'; 
pak-kAa"; ngiik-pe' ; bi'- chhln. quotidian, jIt-jIt-kAa". ter- 
tian, nS^-jIt-kda"; IJing-jit-kOa". quartan, sa'-jit-kAa". 

ahead, tS-thiu-tsdi". to go, tiii thd.u-min-te6i" tlt-ki4". 

aid, pang-ts6 ; sie-hu ; siang-pang ; hfl - ts6. unth inoney, 

aim, khifl ; m6ng-Ai . to take, chhiS'-mik ; chliie"-chik\ 
a good, fl-tsiin-thilii. 

air, tlii"-khi ; ti-khi ; huang. to take the, la-li4ng. clothes, ISL- 


sa. . 
alacrity, h&ng-i ; m^"-m^". 
alarm, Vxki -tong. false, phifen-nAng-kia'. 
alas ! ivi-a! (in grief) ; ha-ia ! (in danger). 
alert, kha-chhiii khtie ; l^ng-lai; uih-phuah ; I6ng-cheng. 
alias, to adopt an, mili'-inia" mit-s^"; k6i-mi4" ua"-8fe°. 
alight, from a horse, \6\i'h4. from a chair, 16h-kie; tehut- 



[ike, sie-t^ng ; p6°-ie"; chek-ie"; ch^k-it. 
alive, u4h ; 8e"-uih ; uAh-tong ; 6i tiu-tang ; u-8e°-mia'; u- 

• hueh-khi. 
all, 16ng-ts6ng ; chjii"-k4i ; ksli-k^i ; tsb-ch^k-e ; kan-cheng ; 

ts6g-k4i. meriy n4ng-u&ng ; buan-n^Dg ; tai-ke ; cheng-uilng; 

things, buan-mu6h ; kia"-kia"; h^m-kdi. cdl day, tsong-jlt . 

thkng-jlt. aMo?i6'*/j/e, ph6ng-se"; ch6k-8i-ndng;ch^k-8e". the 
family, h&p-ke ; ch^k-ke-n4ng. all at once, teb-ch^k-e ; 

ch6k-t86i ; ka-n&g. all over- a place, mila"- tehii ; mua"- k6. 

with all one's heart, chln-sim ; t8uaii-8iin. all kinds, peh- 

pua"; kak-ie". to hiow all, tsai-thkng ; hidu-k^u-thku. 
allay, thirst, k6i-khuab ; chi-4u ; chi-khuah. pain, chi-thik". 

sorrow, k6i-iu. disturbance, ua"-tiam ti-hng ; ua"-cbe" ti-hng. 
allegiance, tshdng-meng ; mti'h^k. faithful, tong-sim. 
alliance, to form an, pJii-hue ; kat-hiie ; pii-m6ng. hy mar- 

riage, kat-cbhin. 
allot, pun ; pun-bun ; bun-pbM ; kbue-pb^i. 
allow, tsiin ; jim ; bi\ ; bku" ; kbeng ; tb^ng. just allow him, 

sOi i kb{i-t85 ; tb^ng i kb(i-t86. not allow one to do, b6-i- 

tsb ; b6-tbang pun-i-ts6. 
allure, kuang-pbi^n; £n-id; jl. 

allusion, ^m-chf; kuan-iing; am-cbbie"; 8ang-kuan liing-i. 
ally, kat-b&b; kat-id; kat-kau; kit-kau; kau-id. allien, tad- 

cbi^n; pang-pia*. 
almanac, tbong-tsu; lib-jIt to consult^ cbbe-lib-jit; tb6i'- 

almignty, tsbu&n-l^ng; b6-86 put-16ng. 
almond, beng-jln. 
almost, tsba-m-to; tsba-put-to; lim-lim; si^-sife; t8uib-m-ua; 

alms, togive^ cbl-pbin; cbfn-cbl; si-cbi; si-sid. of rice^ si-bi. 
aloes, tlm-bie" {lign-aloes). 

aloft, t6-cbie"; t6-t^ng; t6-tdng-min. to go^ peb-cbie". 
alone, toa"-8in; toa"-chik-n4ng; tok-to; kou-sin; b6-pbim". 
along, lengthwise, tAg; tAg— 8L the river side, in-kboi-ki"; 

in-b6. the road, in-Iou. the shoi^e, In-bii-kf. 
aloud, toa-8ia"; kbui-sia". to cry^ tsbut-8ia". 

alphabet, ji-bd 

already, I'-kcng; ki-sl; ki-jidn. 

also, ia ; kiam ; f-kip ; ia-8! ; kiam-kiia ; siang-cbbid". 

altar, tda"; cbi-t6a"; bie"-tda'; bie"-ua'. 


alter, k6i ; k6i-pi6n ; k6i-ua"; k6i-ik ; k6i-chik"; chhi4"-k6i. 
aJtercatioil, che"-lun ; sie-i ; sie-jiing ; sie-che"; khau-peh. 
alternate, sie-lAn; sie-lfln-Iifi; Iftn-liCk; sie-thbi. 
alternative, u6-kia' sudn-ch^k. no, bd-nai-hd; bd-kh6u nii- 

h6; b6-ta-u4; put-tit-f . 
aJthoug^h, sui; 8ui-ji6n; sui-chiet; sui-sl. although still, 

8ui-jidn hu&D-lidu. ^ 

altogether, h&m-k4i; hSm-ksli; ch^k^h^i; chik-tsAi; ch6k- 

chhiet; ham-pa-lan; 16ng-ts6ng; tsAg-k^i; tehuin. 
alum, p^h-huan. 

always, siS^-sl; sl-si ; p4i-8l; miie'-miie'; kii-kii; e-e; lii-lii. 
f^-Tn^ /. lia sL lam the man, lia cbiu-sL I am sick, lia u-pe". 

/ am coldy lia 6i-chhin. 
amanuensis, thbi-sid ; th6i-pit ; th6i-tsu. 
amass, tun ; chek ; tun-chek ; chek-liii ; cbek-tsu ; liii-chek. 

wealth, huat-tsh^i; chek-tshii. 
amazed, hai-I ; khl-I ; toa-khi-I. 
ambassador, khim-cbhe ; ski-chhin ; tshut-ski ; kbim-sh,i. 

amber, h6u"-phek. 

ambiguous, k4m-k6u ; sang-kuan liing-i ; sang-thim ; 16ng- 

th6ng; m-hun-mSng. 
ambitious, tsu-tsun ; tsu-toa ; u-tSi-chi ; cbi toa ; cbl-khi 

kau ; chi-liim kAi'. 
amble, tsh6k ; tsh6k-tsh6k-thiku. 
ambush, h6k-pia"; tsh&ng-pia"; iii£li"-h6k. 
amend, k6i-ktie; k6i-chiE°; chhia"-k6i; chbi4"- h6 ; k6i-h6. 

one's ways, kui-chik"; k6i-ak ki4"-8ien. 
America, A-miir-li-kia; Mui"-kok; Hue-ld-kok, 
amiable, kh6-ki; hd-sieh; tshua-nft^ug-sieh; un-hAa; un-jid. 
amicable, bAa; bAa-m6k; b6a-mf . very, bCka-btka ml"-mf . 
amid, tin-tang; tong-kan; tong-iang; lai— tang; lai-t6i. 
amiss, tshb; u-kile;kile-8it; tsh6-8it; tsbb-gou; 8it-tsh6; m- 

ammunition, kun-tsuang; biie-i^b cbbfeng-cbf; tsu-iib; in- 

amnesty, t4i-8ik; un-cbi^; bl-cbife; sik-cbi^. 

among, seeKvaD. 

amount, kang-kbi; t86ng-kat; kang-t86ng; b4b-kang. what ? 

ji&b-tsoi ? 
ample, kbuab-toa; kbuan-kbuab; kbuan-kbuk";kb{ia"-cbbeng. 

wjemis, pil-tsok. 
amputate, kuab-tiau; ts^-tiau; kJi-tiau; tok-tiau. 


dJUUlet, liie°-hue-lang; hie"-hue-to. to irear, kiia-h:e"-ln5e. 
amusemeilt y sie-sng; thit-th6; ifl-14k. amiishig , tshh-hi, 

ramhle about for ctmuscmfM , iii-ngudn; ngudu-14h. 
analyse, tshat-slt; khdu-kiu. 
anarcliyy b6-pe bft-kun; hudii-luan; luan-ts4p. 
ancestors , soi"-ts6u ; ts6ii - kong ; tsoii - tsoiig ; kong - itid. 

ancestral hall ^ su-tfiig ; tsoug-su, tablet, siu-tsii; siu-taii-pai; 

kc-sin; bik-tsii. 
anchor, teng. one, ch^»k-mftg-t^ng.^o cant, pha-tfeng. to icei(jh, 

khi-t^ng ; khieh-tfeng ; elihia-tfeiig; clihiu-t^ng. anchorage, 

hiah-tsfln kili-fii-tshu; pou-tliau {i,e.aport), 
ancient , k6u. times , k6u - si ; kou - tsd . men , k6u - nrlng . 

doctrines, k6ii-k^. 
and, peng; i"-kip; kiam; kah; kua;kai)g; iii. tell him to come 

and I will pay him, hitm-i-lai, ua cliiu ai"-h6i"— i. yon must 

speak the tinith and then people leill beliece you, lu tieh ta"- 

slt-ue iiiUis: chik"-u-8lii— 111, 
anecdote, k6u-3u; k6ii-gi\. to relate anecdotes, kang-k6u ; 

pliuih-k6u ; thdm-k6u ; 6h-k6ii ; phueh - tsliu - bi ; phueli- 

angel, thien-s^i ; Rin-shi . 
anger, khi ; nau". angry, se"-klii ; siu-khi ; huat-ndu" ; iiau"- 

kill. ^ . 

angle, the hook, tife°-kaii. to angle, ti^"-hi]. angle rod , tie'- 

ko. a corner, kak. angle of a house, tshii-kak-thaii. 
animal, khim-siii ; se"-kbau. domestic, cheiig-jse". wild, ia - 

animate, k(5u-brt ; k6u-kah. 
aniseed, poih-kak-bie"; toa-hfic ; sid-biie {fennel ? cor ian - 

ankle, kba-mak. 

annals, si'i-ebbeb ; leb-to sii-kiim ; sii-ki. 
annez, chiap ; tab ; tue. 
annihilate, mit-bAang; cbln-mlt; mlt-l)6. 
announce, p6 ; p6-tsai ; pfii-kau ; piii-tJlu ; p?)-sie-.sit ; pc)- 

sin ; thong-tdt ; tboiig-tbAan ; thoiig-tsai ; tboiig-])in. 
annoy, kiau-ji.iu; jiau-bfin ; tsbok-nd" ; pbieu-ndiig-kbi . 
annual, nr-iif; raiie"-ni"; pAi-ni" ; leb-ui". 
annul, hlii ; tft ; khfi-tiau . 
anoint, buab-iA ; hil-i6 ; buab-ko . 
anomalous, kbi-kulli ; koh-ie" ; b6-li ; b6-li-lou ; b6-cbb6ng- 



anon, chiet-khek; Un-si; lidn-si; sfii-si; sAi-chiet; chi- 

tsiiii . 
anonymous , placards^ lid-thA,u-thiap ; b6-mi4"-tliiap . 
another, p4t-k4i. matter^ p&t-8ii. man, pAt-nilng. one more^ 

ke— kA,i . 
answer, in; tap; in-tap; tiii-tap. written, li6e-ji , h6e- 

sin ; h6k-jl. 
ant, hia; kdu-hia. ichite, p^h-hii. nest, hii-siu ; Lia-t^u ; 

liia-huat; hia-khang. hill, hiil-eiig. covered wet y of white 

ants, hia-lou, 
antagonist, tiii-tMu; uan-ke ; chhiA-ke ; t6k-ehhiii; thi- 

anterior, tsh6ng-ts6i" ; tsu-soi' ; tsvl-tsd* 
anticipate, u-pl ; soi"-paii ; soi°-liau ; u-liau ; u-pan. 
antidote, k6i-tak ; siau-t&k ; hiie-tAk. 
antipathy, 16ii-hun ; uan-hun ; chhim-ii ; k6k-il ; k^k-hun. 
antique, ci^nWf^e.^, k6u-t6ng; k6u-ngudn. anti(inity,\i6\X' 

tsA ; k6u-sl. in remote, siang-k6u tidng-si. 
antithesis, tui-kti; si-tui; tii-lidn {antithetic scrolls). 
anvil, thih-tiam. 
anus, ])Uii-mftg-khd.u. 

anxiety, khiia-lu ; huAn-16 ; khiia-sim ; iu-ut ; ut-bfm. 
any, one, put-lun tl-tiang ; hu^im-sirmih-nAng. where, put- 

lim hd-tshii ; put-lun ti-k6. is their any maref huiln-u a - 

bA ? is there anglxxly inf u-uAng-to— b6 ? anyhow, 8iii - 

pien ; sfti-siii pien-pien . 
apart, keh-pi^t; kak-piit ; li-khui. how far ? Biaug-]! ji&h - 

apartment, pjing; p&ng-koi'. female, chhim-kui; kui- 

ping ; ehhira-kui ti6"-lai. 
apatny, bd-sim ; ne"-l ; n^"-ta," ; ta"-ta". 
ape, kdu. 
aperture, khang; phang. 

apex, t^ng. 

apology, jin-kiie ; jin-tsue ; khift-sti ; khid-khuan . 

apostasy, puan-tau ; pue-ksit . 

apothecary, i^h-tsh^i-kheh ; khui iih-tsh&i-phbu ; iSli - 

ph5u tshdi-tsii . 
apparel, i-h6k; h6k-sek; sin-chheng; 8a"-kh?>u ; k6n-sa". 
appear, huat-hm ; tshut-hin ; Ibu-tshut ; hi^n-16u ; tft-hin ; 

16u-hin; hidn-hln; hidn-mdng. appearance, hdng-i6ng ; 

min-mau**; gua-mau°; hfing-tsuang; teuang-mau". 


appease, khAg-sek; khig— n4ngmtii"-khi ; sdi— njlng sek - 
kill ; sdi— n^ng hAe-sim. appectsedy sek-ndu" ; s^" 16h ; sie"- 
tiig; sie"-khui. 

appellation, hau; mijl"-jT. 

append, kta ; tab ; cbiap>86k ; chiap-biie. appendix , cbiap- 
ug^n ; p6u-ng£ln. 

appertain, sAk; u-kaD-si&p. 

appetite , sie"-chi&b ; t6u iau 8u-cbi4h ; 8ie*-ai'-cbi4b . no , 

chi&h-m-16b ; ui-kb^u sat; ui-kbiu fia-khui. to tempt the , 

5i-kbui ui-kbdu. 
applaud , 0-16 ; cbbeng-ts^n . in a loud voice^ tuah-tsbdi ; 

hiu-sia' 0-16. 
apple, pbin-kiie. 
apply, the mind, eng-sim ; tsuan-sim. applicable^ kab-eng ; 

hib-eng ; kab-tit-16b. 
appoint , siet-Hp ; bun-pbJli ; bong-kua". a time , tia"-kbi ; 

ieb-kbl. appointment, cbeb-jim ; cbeb-bun. to receive^ siu- 

tbob ; seng-tbob . at the appointed time , kku-kbl . 
apprehend, a person, liih. meaning, biiu--tit; m6ng- 

peb ; tbia°-m6ng ; tbia" pat-k6-kbfi. see fear. 
apprentice, tbA-tl; sai-kii"; ti-tsii. 
approach, ki4'-b{ia; ld.i-kun; kijn-bAa; cbiu-kiin; kun- 

ts6i' ; kun-pi" ; cbin-b(ia . 

approbation, bua'-bf ; zu4t-i. 

appropriate, bib-sek ; kab-eng ; siang-bib ; kab-kab . 

approve, tstin ; bua'-bf ; zu4t-l ; khe-i ; bAb-i . 

apron, to wear an, b4-ie-p6u ; Ai-ie-kAn. 

apt, b&b ; 6i . to get angiy, koi-se'-kbl . 

aqueduct, fn-tsdi-tsd; tsiii-lku-kau ; tsiii-kau. 

arbiter, kong-cbbin. 

arbitrary, tsfl-tsii ; cbip-pbiab ; cbip-8&" ; kuai-pbiab tsu - 

8i . 
arch, of bridge, kid-cbiu ; ki6-cbiu-mAg. arched door, uan- 

archer, keng-cbr-pia'. archery, tau-keng 8ia-cbr. 

architectiu*e, kbf-tsbii-buap . 

archives, sii-ldm; kok-ki; kok-8ii ; 8ii-ki; sii-cbbeb. 
ardent, cbbiet ; ji^t ; zuab ; Wt ; kip ; ji^t-sim ; 8&*'-cbbSng 

kin-kip ; sim-s^" pek . 
area, tid". in front of house, t\^. inner, tbien-cb^'. 
ar^e, pien-lan ; pien-poh ; pob-mfig . 
and, kan-ta. 
arise, kbi; beng; kbi-14i; peh-tsdu-kbf. 


aristocracy, kong-kbeng tai-hu . 

arithmetic, sfig-huap; kui-tfi s6ng-pun. 

arm, chhiu. clasp in the arms, hlui ; plio. cross the arm^, 

arms, iveapons, kun-khi ; pia°-klii ; kau-kho ; pia"-kah ; kc- 

armour, cliioii-i)liaii; chien-kah ; thilu-khue ehi^n-kah ; 

tliih-kali. armoury, })ia"-kh(>u ; bu-kh6u ; kuu-tsuaug-kek. 
armistice, sek-chicu; sek-chi^n-p:li . 
army, tai-kuu; kuii-sri; tai-pia"; pia"-t8ut; ia"-ng6u. to 

lead an, t5a-pia". 
aromatic, phang; bi-s6n phang . spices, bieMiau. 
around, chiu-6i ; cbiii-6i 8l-plii" ; si-iii ; cbek-6i ; teAi°-aii . 
OXOUSe, fro )n sleej), ki6-(tbbd" ; bam-cbbd". the mi net, kak- 

iigo ; chbe'-ngo ; tliat-chbe" . 
arraign, toa-sim mng-keng ; tiaii-sim . 
arrange, au-pai ; ua"-i)ai ; pai-pi ; siVli ; liau-H ; chid°-tiui. 

irell arranged, cbitlin-ts6ib ; ts6i-cbid" . 
arrest, liab; siu-kam; kbu-ab ; nb-kudii, 
arrive, kilu ; Ui-kau ; *kia°-kJlii. 
arrogant, kiau-ngau ; t-sfi-toa ; tau-si ; tsfl-tsun, 
arrogate, tsu-tsua" tsu-mua"; cbbiJtm-hun ; m-tsu-liang, 
arrow, cbr. to shoot, sia-cbr. head, chi"-n6k. 
arsenal, pia"-kb6ii ; bii-kbbu ; kun-kbbu ; kuii-tsuang-k6k. 

arsenic, sln-cbiih. 

arts, cbbiii-goi ; peh-goi : tabai-goi ; ki-goi ; kang-goi. milt- 

tary, bii-goi. literary, bun-goi. 
artery, kun-meb" ; hueb-meb°. 
artful, kau-kuili ; hue-niau p^b-cbih ; kan-teii ; kan-kdii ; 

articles, mu6h-kia". three, 8a"-kia". of commerce, bhe-mueb. 
articulate, irell, ttV-iic lidu-liang ; ta"-ue hidiig-liang ; ji- 

ngdii cbbeng-tsbo ; ta"-ue bui-biu, badly, ta^-uc bam-bii ; 

jl-ngcin kam-k6u. 
artificial, m-si se"-jidn ; se"-ts6 ; tsau-tsak ; nilDg-chbid s6- 

tso . 

artillery, toa-pbiiu. 

artist, ue-iic sin-se". 

artlessly, tong-tit ; b6-no"-sim ; b6-ngui ; Idu-slt. 

as, z(k ; ebbin-chbie"; an ; cbife. (cs to, liin-klp ; lim-kJlu ; tit"- 

kau ; cbi-kau. a^ before, ji6iig-ku ; jSng-ku ; i-ku; i-ngfian ; 

cbie-ku; zil-ku. cts you say, cUiMii-t^". c(^ soon as , 


chek-e chin, as he grew up he gvadaally clmnged to 

evil, i khua"-khua''-toa chiu chiam-chiam pi^ii-ak. 
ascend, chie"; khi ; teng ; seug. 
ascertain, eheng meng-peb ; chhe-meng ; kliilu-kiii meiig- 

peli ; chieh-mng tia'-ti^h ; liiiang-mng. 
asnamed, siilu-li ; kien-siJtu ; ^tshAm-khiii. 
ashes, hiie-lm. 
ask, a question, mng ; chieh-milg. ^br anything, khiA ; kliut ; 

th6. leave of absence, as mandarin, ko-k^. 
asleep, to-i\t ; to-gut ; gut— kh(j-lidu. 
aspect, hdng-i6ng ; iong-mau"; inin-sek ; min-mau". 
asperity, kin-s&"; tshou-siap ; oh-tlii-tliAu ; t6-thi. 
asperse, hui"-pang ; pang-hiii"; tsliam-hiii" iau-pang ; pang 

ass, jft. 

assail, kong ; kong-kliek ; kong-pliah. 
assassin, am-che" thS,i-nang ; kia'-tslifig ; h,m-liili. 
assault, khek-phah ; kong-khek. a city, phah-sia". 
assay, chbi-thoi"; chlil-ts6 ; thfcug-tsau-liue. nietal, cliLi- 

assemble, chip-hue ; tsu-chlp ; hue-chip ; tsu-hue ; chip- 

assent, tmin ; ziin-nip ; khi^ng ; hiiu"; nap-i. 
assert, ta"-si; cb5ng-nge; nge-chfeng, 
assess, tia"-hiiing; tia^iiie"; khue-pbiii. 
asseverate, on oath, chiu-tsua ; ki^ thf-tl tsb-ch^ng ; tng- 

tbi" m6ng-si. 
assiduity, tsuan-sim ; kbftn ; khfm-kang ; eng-kang ; sie"- 

assign, tia"; lip ; phili ; kau-thoh ; hh-thoh. 

assiniilate, sdi-i pd"-ie°. 

assist, pang-tso; siaug-pang; sie-hu ; hu-tso; pang-chhiii; 

pang- Jit. with a gift, pang-tsan. 
associate, u-n4ng u4og-l&i ; kapg-ndng Ui-udng ; kau- 

tshap ; kau-chiap. as partner, tsb-biie-kL 
assort, thiip-kui-lui ; siu-kui kak-lui. 
assuage, grief k6i-iu. thirst, chf-4u; k6i-khuah, 
assuredly, tia"-ti^h ; mit^n-gi, 
asthma, he-ku-thiu ; he-t»hiian ; he-khi, 
aster (China), kek-hue. 
astonish, khut-u^ng hgi-i; s4i-»4ng khl-I; hai-i n4ng 

kdi :;i\-mak, 


astounded, kia°-kau huik-che-kie ; kia"-kc*u heh°-cbe- 

kih ; kia"-kku ngAh-ng6h ; kia"-kau k6ng-k6ng. 
astray, tsdu-t«h5-lou ; kiA"-ta" lou-th6. 
astriae, khid-tsS ; khia-b^-ts6 ; thf-kha-tsd. 
astringent, tau-tsu ; chf-si^-i^h ; siu-lidm. 
astrologer, 16h-ng6u-cbhe^ khua"-niia". 
astronomer, kuan-thien-bAn ; thien - bihi-su . Imperial^ 

astronomy, thien-bfin. 

asunder, tng ; keh-tfig ; keh-khui ; pun-khui ; pi^t-khui. 
asylum, for vifants, i6k-eng-tAg; idng-i6k-tng. for old 

people, ku-Uu-i"; idng-chi-f. for lepers^ thdi-ko-li&u. 
at, k5.u ; chi ; td ; kun. 
athwart, hfte"; obliquely, ka-lak-si4. 
atlas, tl-tdu; ti-li-t6u. 
atmosphere, thi"-khi (weather). 
atom, ch^k-tidm-kid"; se-su-kid". 
atone, s6k-t8ue ; 86k-tiig tsue-kiie. 
atrocious, hiong-ak ; hiau-hi6ng. 
attach, tab. a seal, khap-in. 
attachment, siang-ki. great, sieh-tsai li-m-khui ; lan-i" 

kuah-sid ; lAn-i" kuah-ai. 
attack, koDg-khek. a city, kong-si^"; pliah-siA". 
attain, tit ; tit-ti6h ; kau ; kip. attain literary raiik, tit- 

kong-tnii"; jlp-6h. the various degrees^ (1) jlp-siti-tsdi ; (2) 

t^ng-kii-jin ; (3) t^ng-chin-su ; (4) tidm-h&ii-lim. 
attempt, chhi-ts6 ; chhi-tlioi"; thiing-tsdu-htie ; thfeng-hiau- 

attend, mind, eng-sim ; liA-sim. to bvsiness, pof-su ; li-su. 

tipon somebody, h6k-su ; su-hau ; kun-sfii ; tsdu-tdng ; t^ng- 

tSe. on sick lyerson, teng-tile ; kh^ng-khiA, 
attendants, kun-pan; kun-sAi. 
attentive, eng-sim ; si<5-sim ; liA-sim ; tsuan-sim. 
attest, ts6-ch^n^ ; tsb-chfeng-ku. 
auction, to sell by, pie-mu^h-kid°; khh.-l6i-lang. 
aunt, paternal, a-kou. maternal, b6-i. aunt's husband, a- 

tie ; kou-tie . 
audacious, kd"-td"; toa-td"; kd"-tsak kd"-Ai. 
audience, to have a large, tsoi-tsoi-nAng 14i-tbia". with a 

king, chhi^u-ki"; chie"-chhii\u ; ki"-hu&iig-tL 
auspicious, kit ; sidng ; kit-tiau ; sidug-siii. 
austere, tsaug-ngidm ; ugid.m-sok ; khe-ngidm ; ngi^m-khek. 


authentic, chin ; chin-sit ; u-phdng-ku ; u-khak-ku ; sit- 

author, tu-tsu ; tti-tsu lip-sueh. 
authority, khOan ; khAan - 16ng ; khAan-pfe"; khAan-si : 

authorize, lii-khftan— pun-njtng ; tsiin ; jim. 
autumn, chhiu ; chhiu-thi". 
auxiliaries, pang-pia". to engage, chhid"-huan-pia°; chhia"- 

pang-pia"; chieh-pia'\ 
avail, oneself of opportunity, s6ng-ki-hue ; sSng-pien. 
avaricious, covetous, tham-sim ; tham-cbi"; iii"-ehi''; hau"- 

chl"; thara-khok. niggardly, kien-lien ; tham-lieii ; khek- 

p6h ; kien-siap ; lien-siap . 
avenge, p6-chhiA ; p6-uan ; sin-uan. 
avenue, chhiu-im kili-lou ; chhiu-ua"-t6i kai-lou. 
average, thua'-p6"; thua-tfig p6u-t6. 
averse, m-hku"; m-h4h-i ; toa"; ifi-nguan ; m-khdng. 
avert, tlieface, ut-tAg-th&u ; trtg-sin. calamity, pi-tsai ; ja- 

aviary, chhl-chiiu-koi"; chhi-chiau-pdng. 
avoia, pi ; td-pi ; midn ; tsdu-khiVtiiim ; kia"-khui ; pi-b6a. 
await, thii ; t«*ln ; theng-hau ; theng ; hau ; hau-thai. 
awake, chhd"; gAt-chhd"; chhd"— khi-lAi . wideawake, IOiiq;- 

cheng. auuken, hJim-chhd"; kife-chhd". the icorld, chhe''-si. 

awakening words, chhd'-si-gA. 
aware, thi.u-soi"-tsai ; u-pi ; u-tsai ; soi" - tsai u - pi. before 

one is awai'e, put-kak. 
away, U-khui ; U-khfi. gone, khfi--Mu. 
awe, tii ; tii-kQ. dignity, ui-hong. awe-inspiring, iii-hong 

lim-Hm ; ui-hong hek-hek . awfid , kh6-ili ; kh6-k6ng-ui ; 

h6-kia"-iii ; tit-nEng-tii ; tshua-nang-iii. put on an atce- 

inspiring appearance, tidn-ui ; thdng-ui ; chin-ui. 
awhile, siap-st ; khtln-kid^ 
awkward, tshou ; tsuat ; ng6-t8uat ; lou-tsuat ; k6ng ; in- 

hidu 16i-8iku ; khong-khong-tia"; th^ng-tshilang. ivith one\s 

limbs, kha-chhiii khi^h bd-kb-khfi. 
awl, tsiig-kii"; keng-tsiig; tsam-tsfig. 
awn, chhek-m6". 
awning, p6u-ph4ng ; Ii4ng-ph4ng ; buan-thien-pbu ; chia- 

awry, tshtia ; m-chik"; uai-tshiia ; uai-si& ; khi-8i4. 
axe, p<Su-th4u. 


axle, h6e"-ta'. 

azure, tshang; clihe'; tsliiii-lam. the azin^e heaven ^ tshang- 
tin; chhe''-thi". 


babble, thbng-ta". 

babe, n6u°-kid" ; s5i-kia"; oiig-ji ; eng-IiAi ; li4i-ji. hribj/ish ^ 

a-n6u"-kur ts6-su ; a-iiAu^-kiir-klii'iaii ; ii6u"-kia"-tsoug. 
bachelor, bue-tslma-chhin ; l)6-l>6u-ko. 
back, Tiu ; phe-aii ; au-niin. turn hacl\ liAo-tug. come JkwI\ 

h6e— Idi ; tAg— kli. the hick, ka-chiah. behind one's haeky ka- 

chiah-au. ifrvm on the bcu:l\ as barber, tfli-ie; pliah-})li6k. 

jnnch the back for rheumatism, liah-pue-kun. Jmckdoor^ 

au-mfig. backroom, au-pang. backside, au-poi". of cloth, 

pbu-pliak. of jKiper, tsiia-phak ; tsiia-piie. of a hill, sua**- 

pile ; sua"-au. 
backbite, hui"-pang ; piic-au me"-m\ng ; piio-au iigi-lun. 
backbone, ie-kut; ic-leng-kut ; ie-cliiah-kut . hirer part 

of biie-lfin-kut. hunch-backed, ku-ie; ie liau-liau (more 

slifjht) ; ie hau-hau ; liau-io. 
backslide, puc-kii ; pfie-sln ; tb-tli6. 
backward, tui-au ; hia"-au. walk, t6-kii\". slow, man ; cLlii- 

ko (dull and stupid), shf/ , lu-kd" ki"-naiig ; ui-nang. 
bacon, hue-nck ; cliit-u^k. 
bad, ak ; pluii"; m-ho. bad man, ^u-nang. good and bad, 

h6-khiap ; lio-tai ; sien-ak. 
badge, ho ; jl-ho . secret, am-ho. 

bafiule, pliiia-kM. 

bag, to ; lang ; pbu-to. 

baggage, heng-lf ; heng-tsuaiig ; paii-li6k ; pau-k6 . 

bail, tam-s6ng ; tani-p6 ; p6-iiia" . 

baity ji ; liA-ji ; biang-ji; tio"-ji. lat/ a iKiit ^ paiig-jl. take 

t/ie baity chi4h-jl. 
baize, red^ diig-phek-ki . yreen^ chlie"-pliek-ki . 
bake, pue-pid" ; hang-pid" . baking oven ^ pia"-16u ; hue- 

lou . baker^ pue-pid" sai-pc ; ts6-pau sai-pe . 
balance, an account, chLeiig-siau ; ti-tfi clilieng-teh6. 
balances, thien-ph^ng. 

bald, 14h-chi/ih-thaii ; thau-khnk kng-kng ; tliau kng-nfig 
bale, of goods, klitin ; toa-kliun. 


bal6, of goods ^ khiln ; toa-khun. out water, i^-tiau-tsiii . 
ball, kifl. play foot-hall y that-kiA. eye hall, mik-chiu-jin. 
ballad, khek ; ko ; kua. sing a hallady chhi^-kbek ; chhie- 

ballast, tang ; teh-tang ; teh-taai. 
baUoon, ph6-h6n-kiA ; thicn-tsfin ; pue-chhia ; khi-kid. 
balustraae, 14u^-kang; Ung-kang-chf. 
bamboo, tek. pote, tek-ko. mat, tek-chhi^h. chair, tek-r. 

shoots, tek-siin. grove, tek-na". slips for wicker-work, tek- 

l)Ih. scruhhing bi^u^sh, tek-tsh6r. raft, tek-p^i. heat with 

havihoo, phah-p6i"-kid"; phah-tek-p6i" (in schools), 
bananas, keng-chie. see bunch. 

band, t6a. musical, ch^k-pan ti-t4-khek. of soldiers, ttii. 
banditti, ch6k-pan-tshAt ; tshit-khbu. 
bane, t&k ; t4k-mu^h. 
banian, tree, sfing-chhiu ; chhdng-chhiu. 
banish, khi^n-kun Ii6-th6 (4 degrees, first most seiyere). 

kun-li6-th6 ; tshong-kun ; M - thA ; li6-tsue ; tshut-li6 ; 

bank, Hver emhankment, toi . river hank , hd-kl" . sand 

hank, sua-phid" ; sua-p^. money, ngftn-hAng ; ngfta-ti^m ; 

chi"-tiJim ; kheng-si-phbu . notes , ngOu-toa" . 
bankrupt, t6-tife" ; phha-ke . 
banqueo, toh-siih ; Im-kn . give, tsb-toh ; siet-siAh ; chhid"- 

Jtn ; chhid"-chiii . hall, kheh-tflg ; kau-14u-kudn . 
banter, hl-thAm ; hf-chhib-ue ; h6-chliife kii-ue ; hi-siig . 
baptism, s6i-16i . hy iimnersion , chim-16i ; {in-16i . receive, 

nid"-s6i-16i . perform, kid^-s^i-Mi . 
baptize, ki{\"-86i-16i . hy immersion, ki4°-chlm-16i . 
bar 9 river, sua-thua". of silver, ngftu-ti4u. dooi\ tshban; 

chh^ng . 
barb, of a hook, gu ; kau-gu . harhed, 8e"-u-gu . 
barbarian, i-jin ; chhe''-huan ; huan-ning ; mdn-1 ; 1-t^k . 
barbarous, hiau-bidng ; aii-mdn ; sim-s^' pau ; hiong-pau. 

barber, thi-th4u sai-pe . 

bard, si-jin ; si-ong ; si-kheh. 

bare, kng ; chhiah . hody, 16u-th6i ; chhiah-sin ; chhiah-ka- 

lit ; chhiah-th6i . to strip hare, cw rohhers, pak kJtu sok-sok- 

theh ; pak-kku tfig-tidu se-siia" . to strip hare, thig-tiau - 

sa'. harefoot, pak-chhiah-kha. 
barefaced, tek-siin-mm; m-tsai sidu-li ; b6-Mm-clihi ; 

min-phCle kau . 


barely, enough^ kbat-khat-k^u . doing any thii^^ kiin-k]|n ; 

bargain , to fix, k^ - chi" tit"- tia"- ti^h ; ieh - tia" ; Up - ieh . 

bargain maker, tong-ndug . 
bark, chhiu-phfte. 
bark, dog, kdu pui . 

barley, Wh ; toa-Wh . 

bam, chhek-tshng. 
barometer, huang-hdu-tsam . 

barracks, i4"; i4"-pAa". 

barrel, toa-thdng . of a gun, chh^ng-kdng. 

barren, chi4h-tho ; m-se" ; boi-kang ; boi-se" . gtound^ sdn- 

barrier, kuan-kbdu ; kuan-hu&ng . 

barter, hiie ua°-htie ; kau-^>k ; m6ng-^k . 

base, hia-tsua** ; hisl-liCl ; phl-lou ; kh6-I6u . 

base, as of pillar^ thiau-kha-chi6h ; thiau-tiSn ; ti-tdn . 

bashilll, ili-sidu-li ; ui-n4ng ; kiu-niu" . 

basin, pAa"; ph6n; min-phftn ; min-thdng; ui"-kong. 

bask, pbik-jit ; chieh-jit . 

basket, n^"*; Idng; na"-png; tshun-liii. large d deep, 16a: 
kheng. market, chhi-n4". hanging, tiku-n&"; tiku-iam. with 
divisions, tin-sia"; tshun-sia"; sia'-keh. for canning nth- 
bish, piin-ki ; ka-16. for weighing small wares, ti^u-ki. 
f(yr carrying fish or crabs, khah-kid**; khah-ii4". fot fowls, 
koi-lam. for pigs, tu-lam. cradle, ie-nd"; ong-na". 

bastard, thau-ae" k4i-kid"; ts4p-cheng-kid". 

baste, sewing, liAng-sa"; hing-sua"; tshtin-hilng. 

bastinado, phah-kha-tshng ; phah-toa-p<5r (with bamboo): 
phah-tiu-tiAu (vnth rattan). 

bat (animal), pit-p6 ; h6. 

bathe, s6i-4k; 86i-8in. 6a^A.-fi^6, 6k- thing ; 86i-&k-thdDg; 

battery, phku-tMi. batter a wall, phah-phtia-siS,". 

battle, sie-th4i ; kau-chi^n. battle array, chi^n-tin. field, 
chifen-tie". aoce, toa-p6u. 

battlements, 8i4"-chhi6'; si^'-lAu. 

bawl, hkm-t6a-8ia"; khui-toa-sia". 
bay, hiii-6 ; hdi-kak. 
bayonet, chh^ng-th^u-chhie". 
beach, hdi-phi4"; hdi-ki". 

beacon, iu-tun. 


■ ■■■■»■■ I ^^^^^ ■ |^^^.^^.^^^^^^».^^ I ■■»■■■ —I 111 I ■■ »■ I I ■■^■^^— ^^M^— ^W^— ^MM^M^M^I^ » , 

bead, tsu. one h^ul, chdk-liip-tsii. a string, ch^k-kiA (in a 
7?2a^v?^; chek-kua" (large string); click- tsh tian ; ch6k-pAk. 
a string of heads as the mandarins wear them, sti-tsu ; 
clihiau-tsu. rosary, liam-tiiu. 

bsak, chidu-tshiii. 

beam, of light, kuang-sia; i^ng-sia ; sia-chi^ ; jit-team. 

beam, building, e"; tilug-e". the main beam, toa-ting-d"; 

bean, tau ; tehili-tau. curd, tau-kua". caJce, khou ; tau-khou. 

bear, him. bear's gall, him-til". bear's paw, him-chi^^ 

bear, carry, ta. endure, jim-uai"; khat-nai°; liin. cannot, 
iiai"-m-kh(i. with j^ojde, i6ng— ndng; khuan-idng; u-tou- 
liang. hunger, nai"-go. cold, nai"-chhin. fieat , nar-ph&k . 
hard to, Ijln-Dai". children , 8e"-kid" ; k^ng ; kiau . in the 
womb , hu4i-tho . fruit, se°-kiie"-chi; kat-kde"; kit-chi ; kat- 
slt; kit-sit. 

beard, chhiu. beard silvery white, chhiu soh-soh-p^h. 

bearer, ta"-tJL"-nAng ; kieh-hu ; thiau-hu ; koi"-thiau. chair, 
kie-pou ; kie-e; kng-kie ; kie-liu; th&i-kie; kong-sia (in 
addressing them), three bearers, sa"-mi4". 

beast, khlm-siu ; id-siti. domestic, 8e"-khAu ; cheng-se'. 

beastly, khim-siil-khiian ; tij-i6°-kdu-8i^°; z6-tu-kdu. 

beat, phah. one another, sie-phah. with bad language, sie- 
me" sie-phah. becU the watcn, kha-khok s6n-ke**. the time^ 
kh^-pdn ; khk-chiauh. a drum, phah-k6u. to beat the bam- 
boo 171 fishing, khk-kou. one's oum head, phah-th&u phah- 
hiih. the breast, phah-sim-kua°; tfli-heng. clothes, in wash- 
ing, tfli-8a"-kh6u • rice, phah-tiu. beat out fire , pbah-hiie ; 
kiu-hde. beat one with the hand in the face, piang (a slap); 
hug (a blow), beat against the wind , khau-huang. eoccel , 
i4"; i&"-k{ie. to be beaten, su. 

beau, hiu°-ph4i-chhi&ng ; hiu"-ngid; hitu"- hue-liii ; h^u*- 

beautiflQ, ngid ; h6-th6i'; miSi"; miii'-mau'; chhiitu-k^ ; sdir- 
tsdi ; 8e''-ph&i-chhi4Dg ; pidu-chl. 

beautify, hdn-sek ; tE-p£n ; siu-tsuang td-pkn. 

beauty, see bbautifitl, a beauty, miii°-jln ; thl^thki h6, 

beaver, h4i-16 (?). skin, hAi-16-ph6e. 

becalm, bd-huang ; huang tiam ; bd-huang bd-si^h. 

because, in-ui ; u4n-in ; in-tuau ; in-iti ; u4n-khl. 

beckon, i&b-cbhid ; chie-chbiiS. ft) come^ iih-14i to go, iih - 


bed, tshfig ; min-tshftg. tressel-bed, phou. bed-boards, phou- 
pang. bed-fellow, tdng-phou ; ts6-p6-ut. maJce ready a bed. 
pbah-phou. to go to bed, 16h-min-tshftg gAt. brought to 
bed, lim-phAn ; 8e"-kid"; lim-sAa". bed-room, it-paug ; mtn- 
p4ng ; 6-pdng. bed-clothes, phue ; phue-toa° (thin), bed- 
post, min-tshftg-thiau. potato-bed, huan-tsu-sie". 

bedust, 8e"-eng-tdiig ; mak— ti^h tb6u-hiin ; se"-t!n-ai. 

bee, phang ; bit-phang. honey, phang-blt. beehive, phang- 
tA ; phang-tku. beeswax, phang-lih ; bit-phoh. 

beef, gft-u^k. 

beetle, thdng ; kJti-thtLng. the kind that makes a noise like 

a reel, phdiig-chhia-1. 
befall, ng6-ti<ih-su. a sickness hxis befallen him, 8e"-pe"; tl- 

pe"; tl-clifeng. 
befool, bii-long ; sie-pin-tiig ; 16ng-tshAh 
before, in time, tshong-tsdi" ; tsu-tsdi"; u-soi"; 8oi"-ts6i"; 

soi"; 8oi"-jIt. in place, tsdi"-mia ; min-tsdi"; tMu-min-t86r; 

th&u-t86i". before and behind, 8oi"-au ; t86i"-au. just before 

(time), th4ng-8oi°; th&ng-ktia ; tad— t86n. as before, ji6ng- 

ku ;jSng-ku ; i-ngAan. before the time, si bue-kku tsu-soi"; 

si-hau bue-ch^ng-kJiu ; khah-soi"; khah-t8i. 
befoul , buih— ti^h nah-8ap ; mak— ti^h nah-sap ; hii— ti^li 

nah-8ap . 
beg, khiA ; khiin-khiA ; koh-16. for alms, khut-chiih . beg 

pardon ! m-tsai-thiu ! su-t8ue ! tit-tsue ! 8ti— che ! 8it-16i ! 


beget, 8e". 

beggar, khut-chiih; ki4'-bf; th6-chiih. beggarly, khut- 

•begin, khf ; khui-chhiii ; khf-kang ; khf-th&u-ts6 ; tsho-e- 

t86. a journey, khi-thSng; khf-8in ; khf-ki4^ beginner, 

chhe"- chhiii. beginning, tsho; tsho-th4u-e; tsho-e; khl- 

tsho ; t8ho-8oi"; khf-8oi". 
begirt, hi-t5a ; pik-t6a ; 8ok-t6a. 
begone, khtie-khue-khii ; m^-m^-khii ; hd-tshut-khiV-fla ; 

tshut-khii— a. 
behalf, on behalf of one, th6i ; ui-ti^h. 
behave, hdng-fli ; ki4"-Ai ; tsb-su ; kii-t6ng ; hdng-chf ; pfn- 

heng; kii-ki4". towards one, thai; khi!ian-th£i. behave well 

to one, kau-th§Li ; h6-khiian-thai. 
behead, tsdm-siii ; thd.i*tb4u ; tsdm-th&u ; phob-th&u ; tok-^ 



behind, au ; au-nuu ; aii-p6i°. ones back, piic-au ; ka-chiah- 

behold, thoi". 

belch, phah-oh ; khi ngek ; khou-oh (hiccup). 

beldame, th6i"-sik"-phfla. 

belfry, cheng-14u ; cheng-thah. 

believe, sin ; siang-sin ; sln-h6k ; b6-gi. trusty siii-kou. 
bell, cheng. sniall^ l^J^g- strike^ khJl-chcng. tongue of hell , 
cheng-thfti. ring, i^-leng; ie-leng. 

belles lettres, bAn-chie". 
bellow, gA kife. 

bellows, 16u-kui'. to work, khan-16u ; khan-16u-kui'. 

belly, t6u ; tow, full, t6u pd. CLche^ txSu thii". 

belong, 86k. belongs to you, si li\-kjli. he belongs to Swatow, 

i si Stia^-thAu-n&ng. this affair does not belong to me, chi- 

kia"-su li-ui b6-kan; kang-ud b6-kan-siip. 
beloved, tit-n4ng-sieh ; tshua-n3.iig-sieh. 
below, to-e ; t6-t6i ; e-min. on the ground, t6-th6u-e. be- 
low the ground, t6-thdu-t<5i. below the sky, thr-e {the world). 

below o^Aer^, t6-n4ng-e. 
belt, t?>a. 

bemoan, thii"— tiih ; khJtu ; thiii"-kh^u. 
bench, f-tidu ; tAg-i". magistral's, kong-iia'; ila'-tshAg. 
bend, uan ; uan-khek. the back, pbak-ku ; phak-ie. the body 

forward, th4u-khak phak-ke. the head backwards and look 
- ujy, ti&"-khj[-th4u ; th&u-khak tife" ta^-ta"; th&u tife"-ngiAng; 

BgidDg-min. the arms behind the back, p6i"-kdu-chhiii. a 

branch, tau— 16h-14i ; pe"— 16h-14i. 
beneath, e ; t6-e ; e-t(5i ; e-p6i'; e-min. 

benediction, tsok-hok kdi-ue. 
benefactor, im-jin; un-tsii. 

beneflciaJ* u-iah ; u-ll-iah ; u-kong-hau. 

benefit, to, sdi u-iah ; si-un ; li ; li-iah. 

benevolence, jin-Jti ; jin-tek ; un-hui ; jln-tshft ; jlu-^n ; 

un-chh6iig. to shew, kii,°-tek ; si-hui ; si-un. 
benignity, tehft-^i ; jtn-tshft ; un-hfla. 
bent, the body, sin phak-ku ; ie t^m-ku. anything^ khiaiH 

biAb ; uan-kbek ; kbiau-khek. 
benumbed, tvith cold, kfla" kku sin nge. fingers, cbbiii ngg. 
bequeath, zui-16b ; tb6an-16b. 
beseech, kbiin-khifl ; kob-16 ; kbiin-cbb^ng. 
beseti iU-ti&h ; iU-tsu ; <ii-mi'; sl-mia Ai-tsu. 


■^ — ^ — _^__^^__^__^____^.^^_^_^___^— ^— ^.^^— ^— ^— — — .^— ^-^— -^.^— ^— ^.^™_— _— «»^ 

beside, tsb-pA. on one side, to-pb^ng-pi"; tfl-ch^k-pdi'; k(|n. 
besides, I6ng-gua ; teng-ua"; tA-t«lni ; hiian-lidu ; siSxig- 

chhid"; khhang-cbhid". 
besiege, Ai-sii"; 6i-khhn ; khbn-sid". 
besmear, k6u ; buah ; tdu ; hii ; zu ; pbiik ; hAn ; kii. 
besom, siu ; silu-siii ; siiu-chiii ; sau-soi. s(^ one^ m&ng- 

huc-sSiu ; nAg-sJlu-sii'i. 
bespeak, tsbam-siing ; ttV-tia'-ti6h ; soi'-th,". 
best, siaiig-h6 ; cbi-ho ; siing-t^ng-hd ; it-h6 ; k^k-h6. it 

would he best, piit-z(i kfeng-b6 ; put-zA. 

bestir, oneself, khat-kbou ; tsbut-lit ; lAu-sim ; khftn-l&t ; 

bestow, si ; si ; si^'; sJtng ; pun ; khut ; i\. 
bestride, kbiA.. a horse, kbisl-b^. 
bet, sie-au; sie-tdu. foml of betting, hkn-Bie-Bxi. to make a, 

betel, leaf, Idu-liiib. nut, pin-n6'. 

betimes, tsd. 

betray, a pnnce, khi-kun boi-kok. one's country, hi^n-kok 

boi-si4". one's village, tbau-tsiii jlp-tsftn. a trust, sit-siD. 

a secret, siip-lau ; pbiia-tia". 
betroth, hii-cbbin ; kat-bun ; kit-bun ; tia*- bun ; sing- 

pbiJl" ; phiJl"-tia"; tsb-cbbin-cbi^". betroth a girl to any one, 

ts6— pun-n&ng ; phik"— pun— n&ng. betrothal presents^ phi^"- 

better, k6ng-h6 ; zii-k^ng-h6 ; b6~kiie ; i&'— k&e ; ki6'— kbe ; 

sfeng—kiie. he is better today, kim-jit idu<b6 ; iAu*t8u4b. 

you had belter, put-zA ; m-pi ; m-cbbin-chhie". 
between, tang ; tin- tang ; tong-iang ; tong-sim ; t6ng-k£»i; 

bewail, ai-kb^u ; tbbng-khok ; thik'^-khh.u. 
beware, kiin-sfn ; thi-budng ; kiin-kh ; kiin-bu4ng. 
bewildered, bun-sim; k6ng-k6ng. 
bewitch, iau-sAt mi"- n4ng. bewitched, pi iau-s&t dd-B^; 

buib— ti^b ; cbbek— tiib. 
beyond, tS-gua ; gQa-p6i'. the time, k&e-b&n ; kbe-kbL 

bezoar, gA-Ag. 

bias, pbien-sim ; sim-kua" phd-cb&k-pdr; toa-sbi-sinu 

bib, a, am-Ai. 

Bible, Si2t"-kia"; SiJt"-t8u. 

biche-de-mer, bdi-siatn. 

bicker, kbdu-kak; kak-kbdu; u^-ue; sie-k; kbau-pek 


bid, hun-hti ; him ; sdi. a piice, tshut-kb. adieUy cLidiii- 

pi^t; si-pi^-t. 
bier, kua^-tshA-i". 
big, toa; tai. 

bigot, chip-thl ; tW-nf ; chip-l ; chip-phiah. 
bile, td'; ti"-t8ap ; fig-th&m. 
bilge, tvater^ tiam-]au ; siap-tsili. 
bill, toa"; hiie-toa"; ngftn-toa". make out^ khui-toa". ofbt7xl, 

billhook, liim ; li4m-to. 

billet, tsu-sin ; k5-ji ; sbi-huang-sln. of woody kh-tshL 
billow, ^ng; tsiii-^ng; hdi-dng. 
bind, pak ; hd ; khiiu-pdk ; khiin ; tl". book, kap-chheh. ^eet, 

bird, chidu. cagCy chidu-ldng. lime, chidu-tbi. nest, chidu- 

siu ; chidu-tiu. edible birdJs nest, ifen-o ; ifeu-tsliki . 
birth, se"; tshut-si. birth-plaee, ng(kan-chid ; ku-cLia ; piig- 

chia ; piig-tshti. 
birthday, 8e"-jlt ; siu-t^ng. keep one's, kang-i-tsb se"-jlt. 
bistre, tu-kua"-sek ; tsang-sek ; ou-dng-sek. 
bit, of anything, ch^k-tidm ; tidm-kid"; k6-kid". boring, tsiig- 

kid". ho^'se's bd-hdm-thih. 
bitch, kdu-b6. 
bite; ka. bite off, kd-tng. as pepper, sob— tiib cbib ; soh- 

tsbiii sob-cbih. 
bitter, kbou. in life, kb6u-tsb6 ; sin-kb6u. 

bitumen, cbi^b-ifi. 

black, ou ; bek. black and blue, ou-cbbe". 

black^ard, Idu-kid"; id-kid", phdi"-kid". 

blackoird, peb-cbib-cbidu ; peb-leng. 

blacking, shoe, 8ueb-6i kdi-bdk-tsiii . 

blacksmith, pbab-tbib sai-pe . 

bladder, jie-pba ; tsiii-pba ; pbdng-kuang. 

blade, to-nek. of grass, tsbdu-ke"; tsbdu-siin ; cb<!ik-ki-tsh{hi. 

"i/Aa blade d grass keps its aiii drap o' dew'\ ki-tsbdu 

tidra-lou . 
blame, bidm ; cbeb-bidm ; cbeb-me"; cbeb-pl. it is my, si iid 

kdi-kbe-sit. woHhy of, kb6-cbeb ; h6-bidm ; m-ttii-8U ; m- 

tiib ; u-pbang ; u-kbiab. 
blameless, b6-b6-bidin ; bA-pbang b6-cbeh ; bd-u b6-ngi; 

b6 m-tii^b-tsbti. 
bland, un-jiii ; un-h{ia. hut with hatred in the hc€ti% khdu 


bit pak ki^m ; chhi^-li tdhdng-to. 

blanket, chi'-tiau. 

blaspheme, 8iet-t6k Siang-ti; me'-thi' chiii-ti; chiii-thr 

blast, windy ch^k-tsun-huang. rocks^ eng hiie-i6h sie-cbi^h 

pit-t86-p6i"; eng hdc-i^h sie-phiia-cbi^h ; 6ng hiie-i^b Idi 

blaze, bde-iam ; bde-iam ; bde uak-uak-ki^ ; bde uang-uang- 


bleach, pife-p^b. 
bleareyed, mr-mAk-ki", 

bleat, i6" meb"-meb"-kife. 

bleed, a patient, pJtng-tsbut-bueb ; tbie-bueb ; tsbftg-bueh. 

wound, tsbut-bueh ; liu-bueb. 
blemish, u-hi&— tshii. on one's reputation, mi&'-sek tiam-u. 
blend, sie-tsbam. metal, tsb-pA-id". 

bless, tsok ; tsok-bok. as God, BU-bok ; k^ng-bok ; bd-bok. 
blesssedness, hok ; kok-kbi ; bok-ch^k. 
blig'ht, in grain, m-kit-cbi ; m-kat-slt. by frost, kbut sngr 

sob titng-sf. 
blind, cbbe"-md" ; sit-mSng. 
blindfold, mik-cbiu a"-nii" ; mAk-cbiu p&k-mi' . 
blind man's buff, liib-bft ; mdng-bft . 
blinds, of door, mAg-li4m. Venetian, bau-peb-cbbeb . 
blink, nib'-mik . 
blister , pba . to rise in blisters , pbok-pba ; pbab-pb6ng - 

pha ; pbok-k6Eg . with medicine, buab-pba . 
blithe, 86ng-kbu^i ; cbbife-mln ; mud^-miu bi-i6ng. 
bloated, tife" ; cbeng ; bap-hap . 
block, for chopping meat, tiam ; tsbil-tiam. large lump of 

wood , tsbd-tbAu . planting , iu-p6i". to cut , kbek-in-p6i' ; 

blockade, kim-kbdu ; kim-kdng . 
blockhead, Id-tfm ; ngAi-pbde ; tsbA^-kfli . 
blood, bueb. vessel, bueb-uieb" ; bueb-loii. to jxiss, pkng- 

bueb ; pang-dng . to let, pilng-tsbut-bueb . curdled , kit - 

bloody, u-bueb ; Uu-bueb. all over, cb^k-sin-bueb. 
bloodshot, eyes, mAk-ebiu pau-tbii"; cbbie'-4ng-kim ; m&k- 

chiu Ang ; mdk hara-bam-Ang. 
bloodthirsty, biltu '-suab ; suab-16k tang ; tsbang-piu ; pau 



blossom, khui-hue. bud and blossom^ kit-Mi khui-huc ; 

phah-liii khui-hue. 
blot> out, hii-tiau; khou-tiau. of ink, tih— ti^h bik; tahak— 

ti^,h bik. 
blotch, from drinking, chiii-m6h". 

blotting-paper, s6-tsiia. 

blow, a, phah ch6k-e. up a vessel, p^ng-hiie-iih kiin-tiau- 
tsfln. vnnd^ huang tshue ; thau-huang (high wind). Jlute 
or pipe, tshue-siau ; pAu-hfte°-t6k ; p6n-ti-t4. out (as lamp), 
pfin-ktie. thejire, p6u-biie t6h ; hut-hiie. the nose, hngh"- 
phi"; skng-phf. blowpipe, hiie-k6ng. 

\A\3ih\}Qir, jelly-fish or rnediisa, the; hdi-the; tsiii-b6. 

bludgeon, bik-kdng; b&k-tMi ; tshS,-th6i. 

blue, l^m ; chhe". vitriol (sulphate of iron ; copperas), chhe"- 
h6an ; td"-hAan. 

blunder, tshb; m-tieh. 

blunt, edge, tun ; boi-lai. point, lu ; boi-ehiam. of a man, 
tun-kue tu-thdu. outspoken, th6u-tit. 

blurred, pointing, in-p6i" sie-hfin ; in-p6i" k6u-k6u. 

blush, 8ie"-ti6h sidu-lf ; sidu-11 khu miu tlng-Aug. 

boar, tu-ko. 

board, pang ; poi". on board ship^ t6 tsAn -t^ng. th£ six 
Boards, lik-pou. (1) Civil office, li-p5u. (2) Punishment, 
h6ng-p6u. (3) Revenue, hou-pou. (4) Rites^ li-p6u. (5) 
War, pia'^-pou. (6) Tror^s, kang-pou. to board at an inn , 
hiah-tikm ; suah-hiah. uxxges and board, thkn-kang-chi" 
chiih tshAi-tsii. 

boast, tsu-khua ; khua-khiu ; la-k^; tJl^'-toa-ue ; such - 
hu^ng . 

boat , tsAn ; ts6n-kid° ; thdng-kid° ; sam-pdn . passage , 
tou-tsdn . ferry , kile - khoi-tou ; hile"-tou . boatman , 
ki4"-tsAn— kai-nang. head ditto, tai-kong. 

body, sin ; 8in-th6i ; sin-hun ; n6k-sin . 

bodyguard, imperial, gu-lim-kun ; sl-ue . 

bog, ch6k-phi4"-tsiii liti-liil-kut . 

Bohea, hill, Bd-l-sua". 

boil, rice, tsii-png ; pA-png. tea, p6-t6. fish, sih-hft. a fowl, 
tiin-koi. egg, sih-nng. half boil, sih-thng-sim. thoroughly, 
sih-sik ; sih-thang-sim ; pA-nii"-mr; pA-lok-lok. the rice is 
not yet boiled, png bue-sfek. rice boiled but not very sofi, 
png khiu . boil water, pfi-tsiii. boiling water ^ kdn-tsdi. 
boiler, uc; png-ue; td-ue; tdng-ue. 


boil, a, ch^k-liip-thAe ; zuih-pauh ; phi kat. on buttocks, 

boisterous, wind, huang m^ ; Luang toa ; khiiaDg-huang 

bold, kd"; U"; ki"-kd"; ki"-iii ; u-td"-lit ; u-ta"-liak ; mili"-8f. 
boletus, bik-zi\. 
bolster, tftg-chfm-tMu ; z6k. 
bolt, of door, mfig-tshtia"; mfig-chheng ; mftg-tshtian. iron 

holt or wedge for hoHng stones, tsam. thunder holt, lAi- 

tsam. holt a door, tshila"- mfig ; chheng-mftg ; kue"-infig ; 

tshtian-mfig. holt out, tshila"— tshut-khii ; kue'-tiau. grain, 

thai, holter, bi-16 ; bl-thai. 
bolus, ieh-1"; toa-i^h-f. 
bombastic, lo-ho; tk"-toa-uc. 
bombazine, li-leng ; d-tng ; li-se. 
bond, contract, ieh-toa°; ieh-ji ; hip-tdng ; kh6i. 
bondman, p6k ; n6u"-p6k ; ke-p6k ; p6k-jin. 
bone, kut ; kut-thdu ; kut-hai (after death), out of joint, kut 

tshut-khu. to set, after dislocation, kut tku-tAg ; kut tku- 

bonnet, bo. one, chek-t^ng-bo. to put on, ti-bo. 
bonze, hfie-sie°. 
book, tsu ; chheh ; tsu-chheh. one volume, chik-piig-tsu. 

whole work, chek-paug. hinding, kap-chheh ; tfeng-chheh. 

case, tsu-tfk. cover, chheL-ph6e. learning, hik-mng. seller, 

boi-tsu-chheh tsh^i-tsii. stand, tsu-chheli-k^ : tsu-k&. woi^m. 

cLheh-hft ; p6h-g6u-h<i; (metaph.) khftn-thdk ; tsu-tsti. read 

one silently, th6i"-tsu. read one audibly, a^ in study, th&k- 

tsii. compose or wiite one, tu-tsii. classical hooks, kia"-tsii. 

q%wte a hook phrase, fn - tsu-kti . recite ad aperturam^ 

tshoh-liam. bookish, h^u"-thik-tsu. 
boon, un-sii. 
boor, hie°-e-n4ng; ku-hie^-n^ng ; tshou-hu; tsh4n-pe"-ko. 

boorish, tshou-s6k ; s6k-hu. 
boots, 6i ; hia. boot-straps, hia-t6a. boot-tree, hia-him. 
booth, tsLiu-lidu. 

bootless, vain, b6-eng ; b6-iah ; b6-kong-hau. 
booty, tsng-muAh ; tshit-tsng ; chhie"-kiap mueli-kia'. 
borax, phdng-sa. 

border, keng-kJli ; kau-kki. bordering, sie-kiam-kJli. 
bore, tfiiig. a Iwle, tsAg-khang ; sii-khaug. boiler, tsiig-kid"; 



bom, se"; se"-t8hut-si ; tshut-si. again, t6ng-se". 

borrow, chieh ; chhia. 

bosom, hud.i ; sim-huS.! ; sim-kua"; heng-hu&i. 

botany, hue-tshdu ts6ng-lun. 

both, n6"-kai; sang-k&i; lidng-kfi^i; ji-ke; lidng-ke ; 

bottle, po-ll-t8un; ku^n; tang. ink-botUe, bik-tsiii-kukn ; 

bik-tsiii-ting ; b4k-tsiii-h6 . bottle-gourd, h6u-16u . 
bottom, t6i ; e-t6i . to the bottom, kJLu-t6i ; tiin-tah-t6i. of 

the heart, sim-t6i; sim-ti. bottomless, bd-t6i; chhim-b6- 

bou^h, ki ; chhiu-ki ; chhiu-kkng ; chhiu-pi . 
bounce, against, tsuang— ti^h. 
boundary, kau-kslti ; kdng-kki ; ti-kki ; kki-han . 
boundless, b6-han; siig m-pat t6-khfi ; b6-pan ; bd-liiu . 
bounty, un-hui . bountiful, si-hui ; sii-un ; toa-pti-si . 
bouquet, of floivers, ch^k-p6-hue ; ch^k-te"-hue . 
bow , keng . to bend a, khui-keng ; mdn-keng ; tau-keng . 

and arrows, keng-chi" . bowstring, keng-hl" . to string a 

bow , tie"-keng ; chie°-keng ; chie"-hr . bow for cotton , 

t6a°-mi° -keng . bowman, keng-chr-chhiii . 
bow, to, ip-tsa ; tsak-ip . to the ground, khku-th&u ; khap- 

thAu ; khku-siii ; ki^^-toa-Wi . 
bowels , tfig ; t<5u - tftg ; tai - chhiAng ; sidu - chhiAng . 

obstruction of tSi-pien kd.i-lou m-thong ; tSi-pien pi-kat . 

infammation of, tAg 8e"-hiie; ^t6u-lai huat-hiie; t6u- 

lS.i zu&h . 
bowl, ud° ; au . large , ud"-kong . one bowl of rice , ch^k - 

ud"-png . of a lamp, teng-tsiia" . 
bowlegged, thdng-khou-kha . 
box, sie"; ip ; ch^k-kha-sie" ; 8ie"-ldng . packing-box, tsuang- 

sie" . to box, phah-khAn-thiu . boxer, khAn-tMu sai-pe . 
boy, a n6u" ; ndu'-kid*" . is this a boy or a girlf si ta-pou 

a-sl tsu-nifi"? boy approaching manhood (14 or 15 J,n6u- 

kid'-thiin . 

bracelet, chhiii-hu&n. 

braces, kh6u-t6a; khbu-liau. 

bracket, chhi6"-tA ; k^ . support, tii . 

brackish, ki4m; 8e-su-ki4m; ki&m-chhih ki&m-clihlh ; 

ki&m-siam ; piia'-ki4m-ta" ; p{la"-kifi,m-chid^ 
brag, sueh-hudng; la-k^; tJt"-toa-ue; tsu-khua. 
braid, kiin-tiAu ; pf . put on, khan-pI" . 
brain, th&a-khak-tshde ; ndu'-tshde . 


bran, b^h-khng; b^h-phou; b^h-phou-phAe . 

branch, ki ; chhiu-ki ; chhiu-ph. ; chhiu-kkng . hiyinch off^ 

pun-ki ; khui-a ; pun-a . 
brand, chhiah-ji; chhih-ji; ti-ji. a, ho; jl-ho. 
brandish, a sword^ mong-kikm ; bii-kikm . 
brass, tAng; ft^-t4ng. brass-leafy t&ng-p6h. 
bravado, oi-ti boi-kii"; huah-sl ; hJlu"-huah. 
brave, i6ng-kd"; ki"-sf; u-td"; u-td".liik; fl-tdMit; u-td"- 

liang. a brave, i6nff-tsJbng. 
brawl, uan-ke k-che ; sie-jidng ; tshau-nau"; ki-ka b<S-jiing. 

bray, 1ft kife. 

brazier, phah-t4ng sai-pe. brazen, tAng— ts6. brazen-faced, 

min-phAe-kSu ; m-sieh thl-min ; put-kti liim-chhf. 
breacn, of wall, phah - phtia-siA . of friendship, n^ng- 

chhdng tug ; ndng-clii4° tng ; ts6h-kau. of promise, sit-sln ; 

sit-ieh ; chi&h-nggln ; m-sl tshhi-chlh. of chastity, sit-chiet. 

of conti'act, sit-ieh ; pue-ieh ; fti-ieh. 
bread, mr-pau. toasted, pek-mi"-pau. 
breadth, khuah— tshti ; khuah-si. 
break, khk-phtia. asunder, chih-tflg; chih-ts6-ku4h. a 

branch, i'ddh. break off a Tnarriaxfe^ thb-chhin. break to 

pieces, phtia-tshilL one's word, sit-sin ; sit-ieh. break open, 

peh-khui. break the law, huam-huap. a bone, chlh-kut. 

wind, ping-phtii. into a house, tong-mAg. out of prison, 

tsdu-kam ; piian-kam. 
breakfast, mftg-khl-pikg ; tsd-pflg. to take, chi&h-mAg-khf ; 

bream, to, na"-hiie. a boat, na"-tsAn ; uing-tsAn. 
breast, sim-kua"-th4u ; heng-tsdi". breasts, no'-liip-ni', nl"- 

p^ng ; ni"-ph&. abscess in female breast, ni"-h6u". breccst- 

bone, heng-tsdi^'-kut. breastplate, chia-heng-thih. 
breath, n4ng-khtii ; phf - khang-huang ; u-khip. to hold in 

one's breath, khip-khtii ; kim-khiii. 
breathe, thdu-khtii ; khui tshiian. one^s last, tfig-khiii 
breathless, t§Li-tahdan. to run tUl, tsdu k^u-b6-khiii— khj(. 

attention, khip-sin t6-thia". 
breeches, khbu; t6-kh6u; khbu-kuSh. 
breed, se"-8iia"; se"-idng ; 8ua"-i6k. animals, chhl-cheng-se*. 

ill-bred, b6-kui-kii; b6-ke-ki. wdl-bred, hidu-chhdng-lf ; 

su-bAn kh\-8iang. 
breeze, huang. see WIND, 

brethren, bia"-ti. 


brevity, kdng-pien ; kdng ; king-s^"; t<5. 

bribe, iu ; iu-lu ; ki4"- iu ; sii-cm iu-kua'; soih-kha ; sdi- 
soih ; sdi-eng. receive, siu-iu. 

brick, teng. to make, sie-tsng. to lay^ phou-teng. kUriy sic- 

bride, sin-ni4". bridal dress, chhi4h-tMu. 'portion, k^-tsng ; 

bridegroom, sin-nftg ; 8in-ni6"-tia. ceremony of exchang- 
ing the bridal cups, hih-kiSg kau-pue ; kau-pue ua"-tsiia". 

bridge, ki6. piers of, ki6-t6n. arches of, ki6-chiu-mAg. 
floating^ phA-kid. of nose, phf-ldng-kut. 

bridle, b^-soh. to draw, 16k-b6. oneself, ua*-hun siii-kt 

brief, t6. synopsis, tiah-iku ; kdng-liik. see brevity. 

brigade, 14"; kun; chek-ki-kun. 

brigand, tshit. 

bright, kng; ti-kng; tang-tang-kng ; kuang-m6ng. flask- 

ing, i&p-i4p-sih, 
brim, ki"; pi", of a well, ch^"-n6a". full to the, tf-tl"; miSa". 

brimstone, H<i-ft§. 

brindled, hue-poi -sek. 

brine, ki4m-t8iii ; iS,m-16u. 

bring, khiih— lS.i; t6a— 14i; teah— lAi. tea, tshong-t6— l&i. 

up, idng ; chhi ; chhi-toa. forth, se". back one's former 

feelings, h6k-tiig n&ng k&i-tsho-sim. 
brink, river, hd-kl"; hd-pi"; khoi-ki". 
brisk, uih-t6ng. trade, lau-jiit; seng-lf ji^t. 
brisket, bfle-n^k. 
bristle, tu-tsang-md". 
Britahl, TSi-Eng kok , 

brittle, 80U, 

broad, khuah ; khuah-khAg ; khha* ; khtia'-chheng . broad- 
wise. hAe"; bAe"— si; khuan— si. 
broffue, hiang-thAm; th6u-ue; gii; th6u-gil; th6u-tMm. 
brou, a, tshJiu-mau" ; uan-ke 14-ch^. on the fire, sie-n^k. 
broken, phiia ; chlh , fragments, tshM . hearted, sim sng . 

see BREAK. 

broker, toug-nftng; kong-chhin, brokerage, thiu-th&u- 

bronze, Ag-tAng. 

brood, sit on eggs, pu-nilg; pu-koi-kii*. 
brook, khe'; sua'-khe". cannot, nii"-m-kh(|[, 
broon}, s^u-sid; sku-chiti; s^u-soi. 


broth, thng. chicken^ koi-thng. 

brothel, kl-kudn ; tsa-b6u-kujin ; sau-kudn . 

brother, older, hia°. younger, ti. brothers, hia"-tl. 07ie's 

own, chhiu-hia"-ti . in-law {wife's brother), chhi-ku ; {sister. s 

husband) , a-nfig ; ch^ - hu ; mue"-8ki . your brothers 
. (jyolite), khun-toiig . 

brow, hiah-sia; hi&h-mftg-sln . eyebrows, m&k-bdi. 
browbeat, khi-hu; khi-iap. 
brown, tsang-sck ; tu-kua"-8ek . 
bruise , to , cheng— ti^h ; phah— ti^h ; t6i— ti6h ; teh— ti^li ; 

tshha"— tieh . a , ou-chhe" ; ou-chhe" kek-hueh . 
bruit, huang-bun ; hong-sia" ; hong-bun . 
brush, such . shoe, 6i-sueh . tooth, khl-sueh . 
brutal, khim-siti-ie" ; hiau-hi6ng . a brute, khlm-siti . 
bubble, tsiii-pha ; tsiii chhfeng ; tsiii thisltu ; tsiii kiin-khf . 
bubo, se°- suai" ; se° - t6k ; se -pi^n-t6k ; khan - hit (non - 

venereal)', se"-khi (ainsing afier fever). 

buccaneer, hdi-tshit. 

buck, t6k-k6u. hoini, t^k-kak. 

bucket, tsiii-thdng ; ti^u-thdng (with bow handle), for well, 

buckler, pS.i; tln-pAi; chhiii-p&i. 
buckwheat, sa^-kak-b^h. 

bud, a, g6 ; siin ; hue-liii. to, huat-g6 ; huat-siin ; phah-liii. 
Buddha, Hut ; Hut-ts6u. Buddhism, H^it-kk. Buddhists, 

Hit-ke ; ph,i-Hut k^i-n4ng. priests, hAe-sie". 
buffalo, tsiii -gA ; sua"-g6. 
bug, bit-sat; bik-sat. 
buUd, a house, khf-tshh ; kien-ok. walls , of concrete, cheng- 

chhifi". of stones, kih-chhid". loosely with stones, liSi-chi&Ji. 

ship, tso-tsfin ; tfeng-tsAn. 
bulb, kun-thau. of taro, ou-thiu. of lotus, n6i°-kau. 
bulge, th6u-tshut, inwards, thap-jlp. 
bulky, 16-ho; toa. 
bull, gA-k6u. young, gA-k6u-kid". 
bullet, in-chi ; chh^ng-chi ; se°-tsu. 
bullion, b6n-ngftn ; uing-p6 ; ngftn-pid"; ngftn-tiiu ; khiau- 

bully, ts6-h6e"; ts6-chhiiu ; tsb-khiing. 
bulrush, teng-sim-tshdu. 

bulwarks, (fcity^ sii"-chhi6". of ship, t«6n-po. 
bunch, of flowers, ch6k-p^-hue ; chAk-p^-hue ; ch&k-te"-hue . 


of grapes, chik-t6. of plantains, chek-p^ kcng-chie (whole 
large bunch) \ ch&k-keng (id,); chek-siu (portion of 
large bunch). 
bundle, pau ; sidu-pau ; pau-k6. of gi^ass^ ch^k-pd-tshdu. 

see FAGOT. 

bun^, tlidng-that. hole, thdng-khang. 

bungle, gou ; tshou-kang; th^ng-ts6; chhin-tshdi-tsb . av 

affair, gou-su. 
bunting, ii-p5u ; li-se . Jlags, ki . display of, kat-tshdi . 
buoyant, ph6-tsiii ; boi-tim . in health, khin-sang . 
burden, ch6k-tJl" . carry a , ta"-tk" ; ta°-mu^h . 
burdensome , tang ; chhin-chhie" ta°-tang-th," ; lA,n-tng ; 

lan-uai"; kau-kh6u ; teh to-sim-lai ; tarn to-sim-lai . 
bureau, toh-kur ; tshAg-kui" ; sid-ji-tshftg . 
burglar , tshAt ; tshuan-chhie" liii-piah tshAt . 
bunal, kua°-b4k skng-chie" sua"-th^u; tsiig-kua"- tsha ; 

skng-tsiig . 
bum, sic; hiiesie. up, sie-tiau . a, sie— ti6h ; hiiethiig-- 

tiili ; hiie chhih— tiih . 
burnish, b6a-kng ; chhiti-kng . 
burrow, liu-th6u - khang ; ki!it - th6u - khut ; piie - khang ; 

tshuan-khang; tshuan-huAt. 
burst, phila-khui ; pit-khui ; kek-phtia ; pih,"-llh . burst out 

laughing , toa-chhife ; ha-ha - chhife ; tshilu-tshilu-chhie. 

bond^, tiig-soh. 
bury, tsfig; tsfig-sua"; mdi"-tsfig ; tsiig-m^i"; k(lm-16h-th6n; 

itlm-thou. bullying j)l(^ce, ph(in-sua^ public, ngi-th6ng- 

pou. see BURIAL. 

bush, chek-tsdng chhiu-kiJi^ 

bushel, tdu. 

busy, u-su ; m-6i". very, ch^k-sin cheng-si-su ; su-bu tsoi- 
tsai. business, su ; su-bu; th4u-lou ; seug-li {mercantile); 
kong-su (official). 

busVDOdy, hku"-se°-su. 

bustle, lau-ji6t kip-pek. 

but , tan-si ; nS.^'-si ; ts6ng-8i ; ia-si . 

butcher, th4i-tu sai-pe ; thdi-gA sai-pe . 

butler, si-tsdi. 

butt, sie-tak . 
butter, gA-nf-i6; gA-ni"-ia. 
butterfly, biie-iih; hA-tiip; hi&p-ti&p. 
buttock, kha-tshng; kha-tshng-p6i". 


button, niii"; sa"-niii". made of clothy ts6-ni!i" . gold, kim- 
khku ; kim-niii". fiole, iiii'i°-phkng . on a cap, common, bo- 
tsu. mxindarin, liip-tdng. 

buttress, chhi6"-tii; chhi6°-tiSn. of bridge, \^^'t&ti. 

buy, b6i. oil, tb-ifl. rice, tiih-bf ; ni6"-bl wine, kou-chiiS. 
doth, ka-p6u. fowls, liih-koi. pork, kuah-tu-nik ; phah-tu- 
n^k. fish, t^ng-hfl. and sell, b(Si-boi. 

buzz, ng-ng-ki6; hng-hng-kife. 

by, I wa^ cheated by him, ud pi-i-tshuah; pun-i-tshuah ; 
khut-i-tshuah. by (along) the shore, In-hdi-ki". by weight, 
chife-khin-tang ; chife-chhin-clihe"; chi^-teh4-chhin. by no 
means, buan-put-kh6 ; tia"-tiih m-si. by day, jit— kiia ; 
jit— tsi'i. by night, me"— tsi\ ; md"— ktia. by himself, sai- 
khia-e ; ka-ki ; toa"-n&ng. by chance, tii-ngo ; ng6u-ji6n. 
by good luck, tsau-htie ; heng-tit. by the way, t6-lou-chie". 
by sea and land, tsiii-lik. by way of a place, tsh6ng ; tiii. 
year by year, nr-ktie-ni°; ch^k-nl" kile-ch6k-nr. man by 
man, ch^k-niing ch6k-n4ng. little by little, chiam-chiam ; 
man-man ; khua"-khua". to pay by the day, lun-jlt h6r— 
ndng ; chi5-jit— sfig. to lead by tlie hand, khan-chbid. by 
the pattern, chife-ie". by stealth, tliau. by turns, sie-lAn. 
by and by, kbua"-khua"; tdn— siap-si; man— che; ke— 
khhn-kid"; ke— khtin ; ke-b6-k\i. 

bygone, T- keng-ktie ; ki-udng ; soi"-jIt. 

byname, pi6t-ho; th6u-ho. to give, ts6-pi^t-h6 . 

bypath, lou-kfe"; sie-lou ; s6i-lou ; ph4ng-k&". 

bystander, to-phdng-pi" k4i-n4ng. 
bjTWord, s6k-gii. 


cabal, tdng. to cabal, kat-tdng; ^m-mAng; im-n&ng, 

cabbage, white, p6h-tshii. 

cabin, kua°-tshug ; kua"- thia". in stem, tsdn-bde-l^u ; bd- 

U ; ma-11. 
cabinet, the, lai-koh. 
cable, anchor, tfeng-soh ; toa-tfeng-soh. chain, thih-t^ng- 

cackle, koi-bo ki6-k6k-ke. cw he7i about to lay, khou-toa^ 
cactus, sien-nAng pa-chi^"; huc-u^ng. 

cadence, sia" kC^r-ke. 


cadet, 6h-b\i {military). 

cage, hird^ cliidu-ldng. for cnminals, clihifi-l^Dg. 

cajole, so-luih ; so— niing luih— nang ; mo"-so ; pliifen k^u- 

cake, piii" ; ki'ic ; ko. sponge-cake, koi-nng-ko . hean, khou. 
calabash, h6u-16u ; h6u-lou-j)6. 
calaniity, m-tsau-hue ; se"-hfia; hua-huam ; tsai-hua ; tsai- 

lan ; huam-lan ; tshou-kh6u. 
calamus, chhiang-pha . 
calculate, phah-siig ; phft°-pliah ; siig ; td-sig ; tsli4i-tit ; 

calculus, in bladder, sua"-lim ; chieh-lim. 
caldron, toa-tiA". for boiling sugar, thfig-tia". 
calendar, lih-jlt; thong-tsn. 
calender, tih-p6u; khoih-p6u. calender -stone, tih-pbu- 

chiih ; t4h-chi6h. the pin, poii-tek. 
calf, gA-kid". calf of leg, kha-tAg-t6u. to calve, gd sc°-kid'. 
calibre, of gun, chheng-khilu ; ehlidng-khang. 

caJico, p6u. 

call, kife ; hJlm ; chie. out, khui-sia". call to mind, sicV-khf- 

\ki ; 8ie"-ti6h ; liam-ti^h. call on anyone, pili-hau ; sie-sfln. 

w/iat is he called? i ki5-tsf) si-mih-micr^ to call animaL% 

calling, occupation, su-ngiip. 
callous, lang ; se"-lang ; ehhieMaiig. heart, sini nge ; sim 

z6-thih-clii(\h ; 6h kau-kang-nge. 
calm, b6-huang; tiam - hiiang clie"-nng. taking things 

calmly, tsh6ng-iAng; tsh6ng-tsh6ng i6iig-i6i)g. 
calumniate, hiir-pang ; pti-lu ; pu-lu ini4"-8ek . 

camel, 16h-th6h. 
camellia, ts-hue. 

camlet, li-se ; li-tng ; ii-m6°. 

camomile, flowers, kam-kek-hue ; p6h-kek-hue ; id-kek- 

hue ; sua^-kek-hue . 
camp, ia"-pfia"; pia"-i^"; iiV-che. to camp, phah-i4"- 

pfta" ; tsliJlng-i:r . hia-che . 
camphor, chie"-16 ; pia"-phi5n (Baroos camphor), tree, 

<'hie°-chhiu . wood, chie°-tsh^. 
can, Idng ; 6i ; oi-tit. you can, or may, do so and so, ts6-tit; 

kh6-r. can you do this f lii pat-t5-ts6, me ? lu ts5 pat-t?)- 

khfi, a-m-pat ? cannot, boi-tit ; boi ; put-lSng ; b6-16ng-Cii. 

cannot 6w^..., put-tit put...; put-tit-f tiih.... 


canal, kdng. the great canal, toa-kdng. 

canary, Ag-chidu. 

cancel, khou-tiau-jl ; kau-tiau-ji. 

cancer, disease, t&k-tshng ; huang-t&k phtta-mua*; of breast, 

ni"-iong; m'-Dg4m. 
candareen, huu. ttvo mace and one candareen, nd^'-chr 

candid, chik'-tit; sSng-sIt; Idu-slt. / tell you candidly, 

kang-ld tJi" m6ng-p4h ; sit-ue kang-lii-tk"; sSiig-slt tk'. 
candidate, for office, hau-stian ; hau-p<Su ; hau-kbueh. for 

first degree, thdng-seng. 
candle, chek. wax, l&h-cbek. candle-stick, chek-tih ; chek- 

t&i. candle-shade, teng-tsih. 
cane, tek-ko ; tek-tshAe ; khue-tin ; tin. cane-chair, tin-f . 

sugar-cane, chik. 
cangue, k6. wear, ta'-k6. to put on for an example, i^hdih- 

k6 si-chfeng. 

canister, tea, tfi-bf-kiian. 

cannibal, cbiih-n&ng-D^k ; cbiib-n&ng. 
cannon, toa-pbku ; toa-chb^ng. hall, toa-cbbfeng-chi. to 
fire, pkng-pbku ; pkng-t6a-k6ng ; kbui-pbku. 

cannoneer, pbku-siii. 

cannot, boi ; boi-tit ; b6i-tit-ti^.b ; bd-ldng-Ai ; put-16ng ; 

m-ts6-tit. cannot but. piit-tit-f ; b6-nar-h6 ; b6-kh6u-nai"- 

h6 ; put-tit put. 
canon, tidn ; hu«ap lut. 
canonize, thek-boug ; bong-ts6 srk'-nAng. 

canopy, ^ tsii-tba.!. 

cantharides, pan-ngiau ; tau-b^. 

canthus, of eye, mik-tbS,u mik-biie ; m&k-tsb6. 

Canton, province, Krtg-tang-sd"; Uit-tang. Canton and 

Kwang-si, liing-kiSang ; lidng-uit, city, Kiig-tang s^'-si^"; 

I6"-8i&"; ngou-ife^-siS,"; udt-siA'; tbd-sii". go to Canton, 16h- 

8^°; cbin-se . 

canvas, pb4ng-pbu. 

cap, bo. one, ch^k-tdng-bo. summer, sii-bo. winter, kAa*- 
bo. put on, ti-bo. taJce off, pak-tiau-bo. red tasselled cap. 
dng-eng-bo. the common round cap, kd"-nd"-ku4h-bo. 

capable, fi-l^ng-Ai; u-piin-niji"; u-t8h4i-chh6ng ; 6i ; ii- 

capacious, khuah-toa ; khuab-khAg ; khtia'-chbeng. 

capacity, ability, t»b&i-chb6ng ; p6n-nia". piin-sg; 16ng- 


cape, sua"-tMu. 
caper, tshAk-tshAk-thiStu. 
capital, piig-chi". lentj bd-chi". capital and intereM, ho- 

th&u lai-sek ; b6-lai. crimey sf-tsue. ciVy, kia"-8i&" ; kia"- 

8u ; kia"-tou. 
capitulate, kku mi^n-chi^n-pM ; t^u-hdng ; Mng-h6k. 
capon, iam-koi. 

capricious, bd-tsii-l ; hiSan-tshut hiian-jlp ; b6-tia" b6-tiAh. 
capstan, kd-pAa". for heaving anchor ^ kd-t^ng-soh k&i- 

capsule, of leguminous plants^ khak. 
captain, of foreign ship^ tsAn-tsii (owner), of native. 

vessel, tSli-kong. 
captious, hku''-sc''-su ; si^-su ia-h^i" liii-kbang ; hku"-^ ; lau- 

^; I&u-k-tMu. 
captivated, with, tsiie-hku"; tsuan-hikng; luh^n-sie*. 
capture, li&h; Id-Iijkh. captive, pi-li&b ; pI-M. 
car, chhia. 
carambola, i6"-td (sometimes called Chinese gooseberry). 

carapace, khak. 

caravansary, lou-ts&m ; ti^m - phbu ; md'-tikm ; kheh - 
tikm; kheh-Dgd. 

caraway, sbi-hAe-hiang ; toa-hAe-hie". 

carbuncle, iong-tsu. ^tween the shoulders, phe-iong ; piie- 
tBU. on the hack, pau-k6-eng. 

carcase, sin-si. of dog, sl-kdrU. of cow, sl-gili. 

card, pki-thap ; toa"-phifeii ; tan-h6ng. playing cards, tsi5a- 
p4i. to play cards, phah-t6iia-p4i ; keng-tsiia-p&i. card 
case, thiap-&p. 

cardamom, n^k-tau-kh6u ; p^h-tau-kh6u. 

cardinal, points, si-hng ; tang-sai l&m-pak. 

care, lid-sim ; si^-sim ; tsi^-sbi ; eng-sim ; kdn-sin ; tsham- 
chhim ; tham-chhim. anxiety, kbila-Iii ; hu4n-16 ; khiia - 
sim ; khtta-Mm ; khha-hu&i ; hudji-sim . take care of, 
chiku-kil ; th6i'-kil ; kuan-kil. not to care, bd-ktii-i ; b6 - 
chhiet-iku ; bd-siang-kan ; m-tshdi. what care I for that 
matter f ht|-k&i-Bu kang-u^ u-sl-mih kan-si4p? / do not 
care to go. ud bd-mih ki'-khi!) ; ud b6-mih nguan-khii. 

careless, 16 - tshd ; chhln - tshii ; bd-si^-sim ; hut - li^k ; 

caress, aie-phS sie-chim ; ph5— khi-14i chim ; sieh. 

t ARGO 36 CASl 

cargo, htie-mu&h; ts{in-biic ; tsh.i-mu&h. take in, 16h-hiie ; 

he-htie. discharge^ khi-hhe. 
caries, ^u-kut ; mf-kut ; nua"-kut. 
carnage, th^ng-th^i-n&ng ; zuan-thAi-n&ng ; 8uah-I6k. 
CamaJ, desires, sim-iik ; su-iik. life^ tAhng-ibV ; ts5ng - 

8U uik-iAk. 
carnation, chhiah-sek; th6-^ng-sek. 
carp, fv^K li-hft. dt 071^8 xwrds^ pien-poh. 
carpenter, b4k-kang sai-pe. 
carpet, phou-ti-chi"; phou-chi". 
carriage, b^-chhia. gun, phiu-chbia ; pbku-k^. demeanour, 

ie" ; khdan. proud, bukng-si ; kiau-ng§Lu thi-thki. 
carrot, 4ng-16-p6k; 4ng-t8hii-tb4u. 
carry, ta". udth one, tba; tsab. between two, kng. hdd 

up on the hand above shoulder, tb6". on shoulder, khii. 

in hand, kbi6b ; kua" (hanging dovm, as lantern), o^i 

tlie arm, lap-to-clibiii ; lab. in the ai^ms, ph6 ; 1dm. on 

the back, ia . on the back with cloth, pi . on the head, tl 

t5-tb4u ; ti to-tbdu-kbak-tdng. carrying pole, phoi-ta' ; 

p6"-ta"; kbak-ta"; cbiam-ta°. sedan chair, kng-kie. 
cart, cbbia. cart-wheels, cbbia-lln ; cbbia-ldn. 
cartilage, niig-kut; cbf-kut. 
carve, tiau ; tiau-kbek ; tiau-kuab ; kuab-huc ; kuah-ang - 

kid", carver, kuab-bue sai-pe. 
case, ip. type, ji-pAa". fan, si"-t5. instrument, ke-biSe-ip. 

bow, keng-cbi"-sie". condition, kuang-kdng; k^ng-ngo ; 

ebbing - bdng . case in law, uh,"-kia". in case, zii-jiak; 

cash, money, cbf ; cbr-ngGn ; ngf^n-nid". ready money, 

bin-ngfm ; hin-cbi". to buy cash, bin-ngftn kau-kuan; 

hin-boi. cojypercash, tdng-cbi". without a single cash, 

b6-kS,i-cbl"; k^i-cbi" tou-bd. bad or light cash, hai-cbi"; 

m-b6.cbf ; tsbA-cbf; tsbou-cbf; ku-cbl"; cbf^^kid"; 14iig- 

cbi"; pbdi"-cbr; sbi-cbi". good cash, toa-cbl"; hd-cbf; 

cashier, cbidng-kOi"; cbiang-ti^"; cbidng-ti^"-p4ng. 
cashier, to, tiab-teug ; tbut-cbeb ; king-cbeh ; keh-cheb ] 

cask, cbiii-tbdng; toa-tbdng. 
casket, aitl-bue-sie"; sih-bue-ip ; &p. 
cassia, kbi-pbAe ; u6k-kiii. 
cast, 'inetal, tsil ; tsii-se"; tsU-tbih. cast iron, se', cast down ^ 


k&k— 161i-kh{i. cast down in mind, hu&n-8im; iu-sim ; 

tshdu-Bim. away, k&k-tiau ; sek-tiau ; ham - tiau ; tiau- 

tiau, anchor, pha-t^ng. lots, p6ih-cbhiam-kii*; thiu-chhiam ; 

khieh-khau. feaXhers, phah-thiig ; lut-m6". the skin, pak< 

khak. a net, pba-mang. 
castanets, khk-cbiauh. 

castigate, phah ; cheb-hu&t ; cheh-pl ; kile-cbeh. 
castle, phku-tb4i ; sln-ti ; i^'^-piia". 
castor, ngou-bi-kfe ; kiim-sng-kfe. on chair, f-Hn ; f -kba- 

castor oil, pi-mAa'-iA ; sik-iA. 

castrate, iam. pigs, iam-tu. fowls, kuah-koi ; iam-koi. 
casually, ng6u-ji6n ; tii-ng5 ; s6ng-kua ; sdng-tbtla. 
cat, ngiau. ^, iigiau-b6. he, ngiau-k6u. keep a cat, chbi-r 

catalogue, m&k-I6k; m&k-16k-toa*. 
catamite, koi-kan ; l&m-sek. 

cataract, pbik-p6u-ts6a'. of the eye, th6ng-jln pi^n-p^h, 
cataJTh, sie'^-buang; cbbek-tsiiL 
catch, liih. thief, liib-tshit. a cold, 8ie"-huang. fire, tih- 

hiie. disease, tie-ti^b-pe". lying at the catch, ji-ke t5-lAu- 

li&b ue-pbang. 
caterer, biie-tb&u; bdi-pboi". 
caterpillar, tb4ng; cbbi-m6' buang-th&ng. 
cattle, g6-i^"; cbeng-se"; Be"-kh4u. 

catty, kun. 

caught, in rain, ak-tiib-bou. 

cai&, Mm-tsAn ; Mm tb&ng-iA-buc. 

cause, u4n-kU; u4n-iA ; ngAan-in; kh-su; cbh6ng-iu ; 

ng6an-tb4u ; kun-in 14i-lib. a good cause, b6-su. for wh/ft 

cause ? 8i-mib u4n-kil ? in-ui si-mib-sij ? for this ca'use, 

ktl-tsbii : in-tsbii. 
cause, to, sdi ; leng ; ti ; bkm ; bai ; pbi^n. 
causeway, chi^b-lou ; hue-lou. 
caustic, kbi-ku k^-i^b; kak-sek-tek (imitation of th- 

cauterize, tsang-bile kii ; tsang-biie l&i-cbbib ; luab-pbi^o. 
caution, sbi-sim ; si^-sim ; te^-sbi ; sbi-ji ; kdn - sin. to 

caution, k^ng-kki ; kku-kki. 
cavalcade, ch&k-kbiin-n4ng kbi&-bd 
cavalry, bd-pia"; kbi&-b^-pia". 
cave, 8ua"-tang; sua'-kbang; 8ua"-buit; cbi&b-tang. 


cavil, t^u-tshtii-tsiii ; pien-poh ; sie-k. 

cavity, khang ; khang-khiah ; khilang ; phang. 

cayenne, pepper^ kim-ki-nd'; lu&h-chie. 

cease, hiah; thdng-sek. ceaseless, m-hiah; bd-kbi"; bo- 

ceiling^, buan-thien. 

celebrate, tskn-miSi'; chheng-u. a festival, ts^-tsoih. 
celebrated, bAn-mi4"; h6-mi4'-sia"; tshut-mid."; tda-mi4*- 

celerity, khile-khile ; m^"-me'; kfn-kfn. 

celery, khftn-tshki. 

celesuial, thf-teng kS.i-su. decree, thien-meng. dynasty , 

cell, s6i-koi°; koi"-kid'. Jioney, pbans-siu. 
cement, ka-Mm. no cement^ b6-taa b6-ttie, 
cemetery, phAn-sua"; ngi-th6ng (free). 

censer, hie"-16u. 

censor, kkn-kun. for each province, gu-sij. 
censorious, h{iu"-hi4m-n&iig ; hku°-cheh-u&ng ; tshui-chlh 

censm^able, kh6-cheh ; b6-hi4m ; eng-kai-hi&m. 
census, to take a, chbd-mln-chi& ; cbnd-ke-kah. 

centipede, gd-kang. 

centre, tin-tang ; tong-sim ; t6-tong-iang. of target, &ng - 

centurion, p^-ts^ng; pd - tsdng - kua*" ; ts6ng-i& (in 

addressing him). 
century, chik-peh-nf. 

cerebeUum, au-tdu^tshde ; SLu-t^u ; sbi-ndu". 
cerebrum, thau-khak-tshiSe ; thflu-khak; nAu"-tshiSe. 
ceremony, I6i ; 16i-8i«lu ; 16i-ngl ; 16i-bAn. ceremonious, fi- 

I6i. empty ceremonies, hu-bilin. perform, ki4°-16i. 
certain, tia'-tiih ; th6 - tkng ; khak - sit. a certain man , 

m6ng-n^g (so and so); u-ch&k-n4ng. certainly, tia'-ti^h ; 

kiia"-ji6n; ait-tsSLi; nge-h6u'; thien-jidn; cbin-sit; khak- 

sit; tek-sit; mfn-gi. 
certificate, phdng-toa"; toa"-ku; ph6ng-ku. 
certify, phfing-kft; lip-cheng; tsb-ch^ng-ku. 
cessation, hiah; thSng-sek; thSng-hiah; chf; suah-hiah. 
chafe , chhiii ; chhiil*i ki4"-khi . chafing-dish , chbiii-I6u : 

chaff, tshou-kbng. 


chagrin, khi ; sim m-su-h6k ; u^n ; A-zdA. 

cham, lien ; 8oh. iron chain^ thih-soh ; thib-lien. 

chair, r. arm chair^ kau-f. camp-chair^ b^-tsah-r. bring 
a chairy ta' chik-cbiah-r—lfti. one (ordinary) chair^ cb^k- 
chiab-l". ba/mhoo chair, tek-f". sedan, kie. carry a sedan 
chair, kng*kie. sit in, tso-kie. call, ki^-kie ; bkm-ki^. one 
sedan chair, cb6k-tdng-kie. chair-hearer, see bearer. 

chalk, tsiii-bdn ; biie-chi^h-hdn. chalk line, biin-siia". 

challeng^e, tbic-cbi^n; jid-cbi^n; kek-cbi^n. give a challenge, 

chamber, lai-p&ng ; p4iig-koi". chamber-lamp, kbkm-teng. 

champ, pou. 

chance, by chance, ng6u-jiSn ; tii-ngS; sek-ngS; b6-i. 

take one*s chance, tbfeng-tsau-btle. 
chancellor, of Foo or Hien academy, ib-kua'. four high 

chancellors at Pekin, tbai-bik-su. Examiner for Sewtsai 

degree, tsong-su. for Kujin, tai-tsd-kbdu. 

chandeUer, cbek-tAi. 

change, k6i ; k6i-pi^n i btie ; pi^n-bile ; tsiian-&k ; ua'. 
dress, ua"-8a"-kb6u. money, tdu-cbl"; tdu-ngftn. oumet^s, 
ua"-tsii ; ^k-tsii. conduct, k6i-biie. abode, siia-ui ; sda-ku ; 
sda-tsbi ; 1-ku stSa-tb^h ; pua"- tsbd ; cbbien-ku. colour, 
pi^n-sek. changes, tsboi^-pi^n buan-biie. changeable, 6i- 
pifen ; 6i-k6i. in mind, sim b6-tia°-ti^b ; b6-tsii-i ; sim 6i- 

channel, kau ; kbe'^-kau ; kboi-tang ; l&u-kau ; kdng. 

chant, cbbi^-kbek ; cbbi^-kua ; liam-kcng. 

chaos, bun-tun; bdn-tfin. chaotic, btin-ts&p; bun-Iuan. 

chap, pit-16b; pit; pit-bAn. 

chapel, 16i-pki-tAg; bue-tAg. 

chapter, cbie". 

character, vrritten, ji ; bdn. disposition, s^"-cbb6ng. reput- 
ation, mi4"-8ia"; mi4"-sek. 

charred, vx>od, tsb^-tsau ; tbiia''-tb&u. 

charcoal, btie-tbila"; tbila'. buy, t^ng-biSe-tbtia'. 

charg^e, order, bun-bii. entrust, kik-tbob ; tbob. to an 
account, cbie'-siku. price, tb6-kfe-cbr. in battle, tsbong- 
tin ; ke-biie sie-cbib ; kong-kbek. urith an offence, k6. 

charter, cbi^n-W. 

chanot, b^-cbbia, to drive, sdi-cbbia ; gft-cbbia. charioteer, 

charges, eaipendss, siS-biu. 


charity , jln-ki" ; jln -tshft ; jia-tek ; tshft-pui ; tshiVsim ; 

h6-sim ; siu-sim. alvisgiiingy si-chi ; chln-chi ; ki4"-tek ; 

ki&''-jin-tek ; chi-phln ; pti-si. 
Charles' -wain, or Ursa Major, pak-t^u ; pak-tau-chhe". 
Chami, hA ; phek-sia-hA ; ph^ng-an-hA ; p6 - sin - hA. to 

write a , ue-hfk. to put up, tah - hii ; kdu-hA. to wear , 

kiia-hA; kua"-hA. charms and incantations, hA-chiii. (/ 

charm of invisibility, sidm-sin-hfi. 
chart, ti-t6u ; hdi-t6u. 

charter, a ship, stie-tsAn ; p4k-tsAn ; tsou-tsAn. 
chase , tui ; jiau ; cheng . away , jiau - tsiu ; cheDg-tsdu . 

the ch/xse, phah-lih. 
chasm, ti pit-khui ; ti llh-khui ; tl ham. 
chaste , cheng - chiet ; siii-chiet ; teat - li<^.t . archway in 

memory of chaste widow who remains unmxinried, chiet - 

chat, tk"-6i"-ue ; phu^h ; phu^h-ue ; phit-phuih ; th4m-lun ; 

chattels, ke-si lik-thiok ; ke-teu ; ke-hiie. 
chatter, chiaiih-chiaAh-ki^ ; ki-ki-kife. with cold, chhin kiiu 

pou-sou ou-tau ; chhin kau khi to-tie. 
cheap, phi°; p&n-gl ; kidm-k^. dog-cheap, p3.n-gi kui-tstia"; 

t8ua°-k&. cheap enough, do not beat it down more, pkn - 

gi m-h6 tsJli-tshii. 
cheat, phi&n ; khi-phi^n ; Uu-phifen ; kuang-ldu ; kuang- 

phifen ; tehuah. 
check, tis6-chi ; at-chf ; at-tiam ; ts<5-keh ; iak-sok ; teu ; 

at-tsu. oneself, at-chf ka-ki. pain, chl-thiJt". diar7'lu£a, 

chl-sik; tsu-sia. 
cheek, kih-kau. 
cheer, ua°-Ue ; khig-kbi ; kang— ndng khui-sim. cheeiful, 

hf-i6ng ; s6ng-khiiai. 

cheese, gA-nf-pid^ 

cherish, bii-idng. in the mind, khAg t5-8im-lai. 

chess, chhie°-k!. play, teh-kl ; ki&°-kl (move) ; keng-kl (to 

consider before moving), men, kl-chf, board, kl-p6a". 
chest> box, sic", onje, ch^k-kha-sie". of drawers, kui". with 

many drawers, as'diniggist's, peh-chi-sie". the chest, sim- 


chestnut, kau-lik. 

chew, pou ; ka. the cud, huan-tehdu ; hiian-tehdu. 
chicanery, teoi-sim-su ; sim-su tsoi ; kan-tsk ; Dgui-k6i. 


chicken, koi-kid". pox^ tshut-tau; tsiii-tsu. hearted, b6- 

ta ; bun-ta . 
chide, me" ; tok-cheh ; cheh-pi ; kiie-cheh ; cheh-hi4m. 
chief, th^u-n^ug; th4u-m&k. chiefly y th4u-ch&k-k&i ; tai- 

sl ; toa-piia". 
chilblain, k6a*-tkng ; tbng-tshng ; tkng-tshng. 
child, a-n6u"; n6u"-kii"; kid", childhood, tsS-sfti-kid'— si ; 

iU'-ni". childless, b6-ki4" ; b6-kid" b6-jl childish, n6u'- 

kid°-khudn ; n6u"-ki4'-ie". see infant. 
chill, chhin ; kAa". 
chillies, kim-ka"-nd^ 
chimney, in-t4ng ; hiSe-hun-t&ng. 

chin, e-h4i. 

China, Tong-kok; Tong - ngAan ; Tong-hAa; TAg-sua*. 

China proper, tsip-poih-sd'. Chinese Empire, tSLi-chheng- 

kok (the Manchoo dynasty). Chinaman, Tfig-n&ng ; Tong- 

kokTn4Dg ; Hkn-jln ; Hfia-jln. Chinese langimge, TAg- 

n&ng-ue. china-aster, kek-hue. cKina-root, tb6u-h6k-leng ; 

tb6u-h6k ; b6k-leng. china ware, h6i ; ji^u^kbl. 
chink, phang, to chink dollars, piiab-ngftn-sia'. 
chintz, in-hue-p6u ; hue-p6u, 

chip, phiia-khui-tAh& ; 8iah-tsb4. chips, tshft-tshhi. 
chiip, bird, chib-chiajih-kik crickets, tek-sut kiang-kiang- 

ki^ ; tiang-tiang-ki^. 
chisel, tshik-kid". stonecutter's, tsSLm; chi^h-tsSm. 
chlorainthus, koi-kha-l&n (chloranthus inconspicuus), 
choice, select, chi-h6; siang-h6; tsile-h6; tdng-h6; it- 

h6 ; stiaQ-h6— k4i. 
choke, k^"-ti^h ; k^'-ti^h-4u. to death, k^'-st 
cholera, tb5n-sik ; si - leng tb6u-sik ; khak-IuSn thbu - 

sik ; khong -tbilii-iia". 
choleric, kip-sfe" ; s6" kin ; koi-se"-kbi. 
choose, sudn ; 8udn-t6b ; k6r-t<Sh ; t<Sb ; \i6\ ; pile-t6h. 
chop, ts6ih ; tok. mark, ji-bo. dollars, tfeng-bo. chopping- 

block, tiam. knife, tshki-to ; tsbki-iang-to; pang-to. 

w/uMon-chop, p&i-kut-n^k. 
chopsticks, tu. to hold, sdi-tu; kbi&-tu. lifi unth, 

chord, of musical instrument, bi'-sila*. of an arc, keng- 

Christ, Ei-tok. Christianity, I4-sou k^. Christians, li- 

sou mAg.tb(i. 


chronic, disease, ki5-pe"; kiS-tAg-pe'; tAg-nl° si-tshun 

pe° ; si-khtii-pe"; lau-m4u"; kii-chlt ; ku-pe', 
chronicles, kok-sii ; kang-kkm ; sii-ki. 
chronology, 16h-ni"-ph6u ; sd-tsu, 

chronometer, sl-pie; sl-cheng. 

chrysalis, th4ng-k6i'. of sUk-worm^ t8li6i"-k6i°, 

chrysanthemum, kek-hue. 

chuckle, khih-khih-cbhife ; chbih-chhih-chhi^. 
chunam, hue. jioor^ hue-ti4". woUs^ hue-chhid". road y 

Church, members, Sik"-hue ; K^-hue. building^ hue-tAg ; 

loi-p^i-tfig. to enter the, jIp-SiJt"'hue. 
• churlish, s^°-chh6ng m-h6 ; kou-tAk-si^"; kou-phiah. 
cicatrix, him ; 8ie"-hAn ; phtia-kik°; khieh-koi", 
cigar, hun ; jiiu-a-hun . Manilla, Lu-86ng hun, 
cimeter, nan-to ; uan-ki^m. 

cincture, t6a. 

cinder, of wood, tsku-khang-thiia"; hiie-tsM-thiia". from 

red hot iron, thih-sdi. 
cinnabar, tsu-sa; ngftn-tsu (vermilion), in sticks^ ngftn- 


cinnamon, nik-kW. 

circle, khou ; T-khou ; khuan ; i"-khuan. 

circular, a, tsham-ji. 

circulate, chiu-lW; lAn-tig. blood, ki&'; un-kiA". 

circumcise, kuah-i4ng - phAe. circumcision^ as a rite, 

circumference, f-f. three feet in c. chiu-Ai 8a"-chhieh. 

circuiniacent, t86i"-au; lin-kQn. 

circumlocution, tk"-14i t^"-khij ; hang-hun thoh - guih 

circumspect, kia'-kia' tsii-sbi ; kiin-sin ; ts5-su u-chim- 

circumstance, a, su ; ch4k-ki3."-su. circumstances, ngAan- 
iA ; chh6ng-ift ; chhSng-hdng ; su-slt ; 14i-16h. of one's 
condition, kuanf:-k^ng ; kdng-ng5 ; kdng-kbhang ; khdang- 
kdng. prosperous, sun-kdng, tsu-su sun-i; sun-thfi. 
adverse, Dg6k-k^iig ; tsu-8U b6-hife"-8un. able to accommo- 
date oneself to, u-pifen-thong ; khtkan-pi^n. 

citadel, toa-phku-thii ; 8i4"-14ii. 

cite, tiau-chie''-tAg. an author^ fn-tsu ; ln-t8\^ tsb-chfeng. 

citron, lue"-iig; hdt-ehliid. 


city , 8i4"; 8i&"-ip. city walls, siil^-chhid". Capitaly Kia"- 

si4". Provi^icial, S6"-8i4". District, Kui"-8iA". 
civil. u-16i ; hiau-li ; hidu-chh6ng-li. civility, 16i-8iku ; 16i- 

mau"; 16i-ngi. civil aiid military, btin-bii. oiviUofficer, 

claim, th6. money, th6-chi". unjicstly^ 4"; che"; chi^m; 

cldUlber, tip a tree, peh-chie"-chbiu ; soh;chie"-chhiu. 
clammy, u-ka-li^m ; liam-iii" tha-thi. 
clamorous, ka-ka-ki^; sie-jidng; ka-ka-jidng. 
clamp, ka-sut; h6u-khi-tab. 
clan, of the same, t4ng-s^"; t4ng-ts6k. 
clandestine, sai-khia-e ; sai-g ; km-che"; thau. 
clap, the hands, phah-pa-cbi^". of thunder, liii t4ng leh - 

leh-ki^ ; 16i phek-l^k. clap-hoards, kak ; 6°-kak ; p6h - 

poi ; poi -kia . 

clarionet, ti-t4, 

clarify, hy straining, th ; tfe-chheng. 

clash, 8ie-tsuang ; tia"-tsuang-:ti6h ; 8ie-khip ; 8ie-cheng 

clasp, a, kau-tah. in the aiifns, chhiiS pbo ; chhiii I4m. 
class, tdng ; lui ; ie"; khf ; pan ; ch^n^. classify, kui-lui. 
classics, kia". the five Chinese classics, ng6u-kia'. c^- 

sical expression, tidn-kh; kia"-ti^n. 
clatter, kit-k6k-ki6 ; chhit-tshok-kie ; khit-khok-16k-kife. 
claw, ji^u. 

clay, ui°; thfiu-nf; liim-ni". for pottery, hfli-th6u. 
clean, chheng-khih , chheng-kiet ; chheng-khih-8i6". vxiter, 

clear, chheng ; kng ; mfing ; p^h ; m6ng-p6h ; th^ng-chheng. 

water, t8iii chheng-chheng. weather, thi" ch6"; thr-8t 

chS"; li^u-liaug (cloudless), clear up after rain, hou 

cbd". clear up doubts, k6i-gl. an OAXOunt, chbeng-siau ; 

siiu-bik chheng-tsh6. sighted, mik-chiu kng. 

clearance, ship's, tsiin-p4i. 

clearly, m6ng-m§ng ; bin ; mfing-bin ; m6ng-p^b. 
cleave, pbha-kbui, wood, pbba-tsb^. cleave to, li4m-tile ; 

tab-tile ; ttle-kfn ; z6-ka zA-t8bat ; kuab-sid m-kbui. 
clemency, kbuan-iong ; tsbft-sim ; un-bui : tshiVpui. 
clerk, tsu-pboi". in civil court, a-piin. military, ko-kong ; 

clever, Idng-lai ; tsbong-m§ng ; g&u ; niid"-ke ; 6i ; u-Idng- 


k^ng ; fl-tsb4i-chh6ng ; u-teh4i-16iig ; mi^n-chi&p ; 16ng - 
tong ; u-piin-8|i ; u-ti-sek ; u-ki-tl ; u&h-phuah. 

clew, of thready ch^k-kiA-sUa". to wind into a, In tsb-chik- 
kifl. see clue. 

click, tvith the tongue^ tok— che-ki6. 

client , su-tsii. 

cliff, kiSL-piah ; sua'-kiS ; sua'-ngAm. 

climate, tsiii-th6u ; tl-khi. coiud not hear the climate , 

chiih-m-ti^h tsiii-th6u. 
climb, peh-chie". over a waUy pAa"-clihi6'. 
clinch, or clench, the fiM , lIm-khAn-tMu-b6. a nail, 

teng-biie t6-tah ; tAi-k^i-16ih t6-ngdm-tiig. 
cling, pho-kfn ; Um-kln ; khf ; khl"-klii. to one's opinion , 

clip, ka ; ka-t6 ; chidn-txS . clippings, p5u-t8hili. 
cloak, toa-ph&u ; mua". 
dock, si-cheng ; si-sln-cheng. what o' clock ? kiii-tidm - 

cbeng? 9 o'clock, kdu-tidm^cbeng . striking, cheng bidng. 
clogged, sat-mi"; ffi-tbong. 
clogs, wooden shoes, tsb&-6i; kiih. 
cloister, am ; H{it-am ; hAe-sie'-am. 
close, letter, buang; buang-sin. door, kue"-mAg. without 

fastening, h5i'-mfig. the eyes, m&k-cbiu bip-mi' ; m&k - 

cbiu tife" - mi" . the market , siu - ti6" • all shops in 

protest against injustice, p5-cbbL close or end, teong ; 

uSlu ; biab. close -fisted, kbiSLm-siap ; kien-Iien. weather, 

hip-zu4b. texture, b&t-b&t; b4t-ts&t. application, tsuan- 

sim ; eng-kang ; kbiin. close to, siang-kun. follow closely, 

ttle-kin ; sAi-ti^b-kba. 
doset, bit-p4ng; p&ng-koi"; p&ng-kid"; 86i-koi"-pftng. 
dot, bueb kit-kku-tu ; bueb kftn ; bueb-k6. internal, kat- 

bueb ; sl-bueb. 
cloth, p6u. native cotton cloth, ka-piia-p6u. grass-cloih, 

tiu-p6u. oil-cloth, iA-p6u. weave, ke"-p6u, woollen^ ni". 

black broad-cloth, ou-nr. buy, ka>p6u. 
dothes, sa"-kh6u ; i-b6k ; i-si&ng ; kiin-sa" ; b6k-8ek. put 

on, cbbeng-sa"-kb5u. 
doud , biin. cloudy , cbbie'-bCln ; bip-bCln ; kbkm-bi!lD. 

cloudy weather, tbi"-sl ou-km. cloudless, tbi' cb6"; li&u - 

clov':S, teng-bie". 
clown, bie"-e-nang. in a play, tsh-tbid ; t^iii-kieb. clovm- 



ish, tshou-s6k. 
cloyed, p4-u ; chiih-k^u-mJli"; cbi&h-k^u-beng. 
club, tshi-thfii ; kiin ; tshA-ktin. club-footed^ phdi-kha. 
cluck, kok-kok-ki6. 

clue, see CLEW. of an affair, tMu-sA; thftu-sA. 
clump, of trees, chhiu-n4°. bamboo, tek-lim; tek-nft'. 
dumsy, tshou-pun ; kha-chhiii tshou-tang. work^ tshou- 

kang. badly foi'Tned, m-chi&"-ie'. 
cluster, of grapes, &c, chek-kiA ; ch^k-td. of plantains, 

ch^k-keng ; ch^k-pk. 
clutcll, jiiu ngkn-kin ; jidu tah-kfn. fall into one* 6 clutches, 

chie" ning-k&i-tiJing ; 16h ni\ng khuan-thku. 
clyster, eng-ieh kiian ptin-mAg. 
coach, bd-chhia; cbbia. 
coagulate, kit-nge ; kit-toi"; kit-kb ; kftn ; tkng ; ngSng - 

tsu. blood, hueb ngdng ; hueb k{in. 
coal, th6u-tbtia'. charcoal, hiie-thiia'. 
coalesce, b<!ka-h4h ; hue-b&h ; sie-cbi&b. 
coarse, tsbou. coarse and fine, tshou-iil'. vulgar, tsbou- 

86k. language, tsbou-tsbili ; tsbou- ue. 
coast, bdi-ki"; bdi-pi"; bdi-pien. 
coat, sa'; toa-sa'. of mail, thih-kab. greatcoat, bid"; niA". 

to coat with gold, sie'-kim ; tab-kim. two coats of paint, 

coax, kob-ld ; sien-sueb kob-16. 
cobbler, p6u-6i sai-pe. 

cobweb, ti-tu-8L 
cochineal, in-cbi-bf. 
Cochin China, An-l&m. 

cock, koi-ang. cock-crow, koi tbi. the second cock-crowing, 
koi tbi ji-lAb. cock-fighting, koi sie-pbab. cockscomb 
(flower) , koi-kiie-bue ; koi - kuan - bue . hanging skin 
under cock's neck, koi-am-sfi. 

cockle, bam. shell, bam-kbak. 

cockroach, ka-tsu&b. egg, ka-tsu&b-sie". 

cocoa-nut, g6-cbi; i&-chl. sheU, gd-cbl-kbak. milk, gd- 
cbf-tsiii; g6-cbf-cbiiS. 

cocoon, t8b6i"-k6r. 

coffer, ngftn-kui"; ngftn-sie"; kap-buan. 

coffin, kua'-bik ; kua'-tsbA ; toa-tsbtl ; siu-p6i' (separate 

cogent, kin ; kip ; ihu-kin ; pek-cbbiet ; cbhiet ; kln-cbbict. 


cogitation, sim-su ; sie"-thdu ; liam-thiu ; chhim-sie"; su- 

8ie . 
cognizance, jin ; tsai ; pat. 
COnabit, tdng-ku ; tsb-pil khiil-klif. 
coherent, siang-lien. compositiony kban-tshUan. 
coil, khuan-chek-khou. 
coin, chf; ngfiu. to coin, tsh-elii"; tsil-ngftn. stamp for, 

chf-bou. coiner of false money, sai-siet chf-ldu ; thau- 

coincide, siang-h&h ; siang-thi. 
cold, chhin ; ngau ; t^ng ; kfia"; liang (cool), catch cold, 

8ie"-huang; kfla°--ti^h. die from cold, k{ia"-si. cold and 

heat, kua"-zu4h ; htln-srt. coldlt/, clih6ng-i ne"; p6h-chheug. 

cold and hunger, ki-h^n ; siu-kAa" sifi-go. cold in the 

head, chhek-tsiii. 
colic, tieh-sua ; t6u thi^": kd-tng-sua ; t6u thik" biian-hiian 

h6k-h<I)k ; tou iu-chhiA-tliik". acute, ti6h-kin-sua. 
collapse, to-thip. 

, collar, am-nid"; iiid". 
collate, siang-tiii-chie. 
colleague, m office, tAng-litiu ;.li4u-iii. in study, thcng- 

iii ; tAug-theiig. 
collect, as congregation, tsu-chip; tefi-hue ; hue-chip. 

wealth, tun-kim chek-g^k ; chek-tsh^i. taoces, 8iu-ui6°. 

the crop, siu-chhek ; siu-tang. collector of tastes, nie°- 

college, t3u-i". the Imperial college, hAn-lim-f . 
collision, sie-teuaiig ; tia°-tsuaug— tieh ; sie-lft— ti<^,h. 
colloquy, ts6-pCi phu6h-ue. colloquial, p^.h-ue; th6u- 

thdm ; th6u-ue ; s6k-ue ; khdu-thAiU-gii. 
collusion, kh,u-ni6" phien-nang ; tdng-m6ng. 
colonel, hiip-thai ; hh-chiilng. 

colonize, tshh,ng-ku. colony, sin-tshhrDg-ku kdi-ti-hng, 
colour, sek. the fire colours, ng6u-8ek:-ou, 4ng, chhiah, 

pd4i, chhe". deep colour , chhim-sek. light, chhidn-8ek. 

mijced, k6i"-sek ; taip-sek. change, pifeii-sek. lose, pi5n- 

sek; th6-8ek ; tsdu-sek. colour or dye, jidm-sck; nf-sek; 

]h,m, dressed in glaring colours, hok-sek hue-hue lid- 

liu ; kbah-chhie°. 
colt, be-kid". 

column, pillar, tbiSu. of print, tsfie ; hftng ; ti4u. 
comb, siu ; tshtl-siu ; kak-siu. small-tootlied, sat-pln. comb 


the hmr^ siu-thAu ; siu - thau - m6° ; siu-pi° ; pin-m6\ 
weaver's comb, p6u-siu. cockscomb, koi-ktie. honey-corah^ 

combat, td-chi^n ; kau-chi^n ; sic-thAi ; sie-phah. 

combine ; sio-kap ; kap ts6-ch6k-e ; sie-chiih. strength , 
tADg-sim hiip'-lit. in an association, pki-hue ; kat-tdng 
(had), in trade, tsb-hiie-ki. in prayer, kh6i-h4h khi - 

combustible, oi-fn-hiie ; oi-t6h-liiie. 

come, l^i. near, biia— Idi. up, khf-lAi. doitm, 16h— lAi, 
hack, tiig— Idi ; h6e— Idi. come and go, lA,i-udng ; udng - 
lai. fo7'th, tsbut— Idi. come away, lai-khi. he has come, 
lai— lidu ; kiiu— lidu. / will come after you, Ud s<ii-au chiu- 
14i. in time to come, chiang-lai ; e-jit ; au-lili ; au-jit. 

comedy, hi-siia ; pfi^-biie-hi. 

comely, mtii"-mau" ; chhiku-k^ ; 8e"-ph4i-chhiflng. 

comet, sJtu-soi-chhe"; hui-chhe". 

comfort, to, ua"-tie ; khiig-ue ; khAg-k6i ; bii-ue. 

comfortable, khtia"-u4h ; tsu - tsai ; kbin - sang ; sdng - 

comic, li6-chhi^. 

comma, tau-tidm. 

command, hun-hh; leng; mong; h^m. a command, 
ki\i ; k^i-meng; meng-leng. tlie ten commandments y 

commander, kiSan-pia" th3.u-m4k. in chief, ngAan-stie ; 

conmiemorate, ki-liam ; ki-16k. day of joyful commem- 
oration, khfeng-jit. 

commence, khi-thS.u ; khui-chhid ; khf-kang ; tsho-e kli- 
t85. a journey, khi-thfing; khl-ki&"; khf-sin. uniting, 16h-pit. 
commencement, tsho-th^u ; tsho-thdu-e ; khi-soi"; khl-tsho. 

COnmiend, th^i-kii ; chi^u-^ng ; k\i-chin ; tshue-hu. praise, 
0-16 ; chheng-tskn. 

comment, tsil-kdi ; k6i-8ueh. commentary, tsii-k6i ; tsil- 

commerce, seng-lf. to carry on^ tsb-seng-ll. 

COnmiiserate, kh6-li^ii ; lidn-midn ; kh6-8ieh. 

commission, to, thoh-jim ; ki^-thoh ; hh-thoh ; tii ; lii- 
thoh ; chhe-»di. acorn., meng-leng. ^ee credentials. 

commissioner, khim-chhe (Imperial); lii-udn (deputy 
of superior mandarin), of custom^^ siie-bu-si. 


COtnmit, to one\s carCy thoh ; ki&,-thob ; hti-thob. a crime^ 
huam-tsiic. to prison^ kim-kam ; siu-kam ; khu-khn. 

commodious, pien ; pien-eng ; h4h-eDg ; kIiua"-chheDg ; 

common, ordinary, ph6ng-si6"; sAk. in common, sie- 
kang. public, kong-ch^ng. people, peh-sfe'; sft-mln. coir^ 
moner, phSng - si6"- n&ng. interchangeable, thong -eng, 
commonly, phfing-sl ; p4i-hAe ; p&i-t^g ; t&i-si ; sid"- si ; 
8i6"-sie°; tii-khki ; tai-hftam. 

communicate, thong - tit ; thong - sie - sit ; thAan - sin ; 
thong-tsai , p6-tsai ; kku-tsai ; tat-tsai ; silng-sia". 

communion, with anyone, kang— n4ng sim kau. 

commute, ua"; tdu-na"; kau-ua". jmnishment, tsue sik- 

compact, Jirm, kien-kti ; toi". close, bit. style, kdng- 
sd"; st kdng i kai ; ng4n-kdng i-kai ; phi^n-ngin kai-kuat. 
a compact, hip-ting ; khbi ; ieh-ji. 

companion, ting-phua"; ph^ng-id ; ting-Iiiu. in trade, 
hiie-kl. in study, ting-theng pbdng-id ; ts6-pii thik-tsu. 

company, mercantile, kong-si. society, kong-hue ; hue. 
of soldiers, chAk-tui - pia"^ to invite company, cbhid"- 
ning-kheh. receive, chiap-kheh ; chih-kheh. keep company 
with, kau-tshap. keep one company, kau-pAe ; piie-phua'; 

compare, pi ; siang-pf ; pf-peng ; pi-png. not to compare 
vnth him, m-h6 pl-i; ts6-ki"-pf; in-chhin-chhie". com- 
parison, phi-zQ ; pf-z6 ; pf-huang ; kh6-pl 

compass, to, chiu-Ai. the compass, Id-ke ; 16-pAa". needle, 
chl-nim-tsam ; tdii-ng6u-tsam ; 16-ke*-t8am. compasses, 
hiii ; kl-chhia. to describe a circle with, sii-hiii ; phah- 
hiii; hdi-khou. 

compassion, lifin-midn; kh6-li6n ; tshft-pui; tsbft-sim; 
Vin-hui ; jin-tshft. 

compatible, bih ; siang-bib. with reason, bih-lf. with 
one's station, siii-pAg-bun ; siii-hun. 

compatriot, ting-cb6k-kok ; ting-ts6k; ting-ip ; ting- 

compeer, ting-liiu ; ting-lui ; tang-tdng. 

compel, midn-kiing ; khiing-pek ; nge-liib. see compulsion. 

compendious, king-liik; kdng-sd". compendium, iak- 
ngin : tiah-iiu ; king-iiu ; tsbii-iau* 

compensate, p6u ; pAe ; p6u-bir; p6-tap ; p6u-8i6'. 


complete, sSng ; s6ng-chiu ; tsb - h6 ; ts6-udn ; seng - 
koug ; tsb-chi^*" ; u4ii-plt. all coinjylete, kia-k^u ; tsoi - 
pi ; tsliu^n-pi ; ku-pi. completely, tshu4n ; ts4p-tshuA.n. 

complexion, mln-sek. 

compliance, h^u" ; sun ; 8un-tsh6ng ; thia"-tsh6ng ; hu- 
ho ; h6ng-ng6ng ; ng6ng-h4h ; sun-meng ; thia"-nang - 


complicated , hun-tsip ; hufln-tsip ; lii - khiok tsjlng- 

compliment, chheng-hu ; 0-16. send compliments, mng- 

hau ; chhid"-ua". compliments, 16i ; 16i-mau". return, 

h(ik-li ; h(ik-16i ; p6-h(ik ; tap-16i. 

comply, see COMPLIANCE. 

compose , an essay , ts6-b6n-chie°. a composition , bfin- 

chie'. good, pit-b4k h6 ; pit-chhdng h6 ; pit-klii h6. 
composedly, ua"-iiii ; ua"-clie". 
compositor, cblp-jl-nAng ; p4i-uAh-p6i"-n4ng. 
compound , mixed , tsham - tsip . medicine , kap - i^h ; 

COmpradore, tshdi-hu ; ke-ti^° ; kau-tshili-kuiln {store). 
comprehend , mdng - p6h ; hid,u ; pat ; thia" pat - k6 - 

comprehensive , 16ng - tscSng ; pau - kuat ; pau - ham; 

ch^.k-kh^i. expression, phien-ngdn kai-kuat. 
compress, teh~ti6h ; teh-sit ; k(iih. 
compromise, udn-tsuin ; tshuang-tsuik. 
compulsion, hy , tshut-to mi^n-kidng , b6-kh6 nai'-hd ; 

compunction , sie^-htie ; 8ie°-sf-htie ; thik"-htie ; thiJb" - 

k6i tsdr-hui. 
compute, sftg ; siku ; hih-sfig ; phah-siig ; k6i-sfig. 
comrade. hiSe-k\ ; tdng-phua"; phdng-iii ; 
concave , thap ; thap-t6u ; thap-uh . spectacles , mik-ki^" 

conceal , kbfig ; khfig - bAa ; khiig - mi°; tsh^ng - khiig ; 

tsh4ng - n^k . oneself, tikm ; tikm - bAa ; si^m - bAa ; 

tsh4ng-pi ; tsh&iig-pi tsdu-sidm ; tsdu-khui ; pi-b6a. 
COnceae, zdn-nAp ; tsiin ; kh^ng ; hiiu" ; siang - Jiang ; 

nguan-chiih-khui jiang— khvit-i. 
conceited, tsu-sl ; tsQ-tOa ; m-tsQ-liang ; tsQ-kbua. 
conceive, aie" ; 8ie"-khf-14i ; khi-i . conceivable, sie°-tit- 

kiu. 171 tlie womb, siu-tho ; hAai-eng ; ii-lik-kah ; ii- 



concentrate, tsu-chlp ; kiu-Ma ; sok-hAa, 

concern, anxiety, khtia-lu ; huS,n-16 ; tong-sim ; khila - 

sim . it does not conceit me , li-ud b6-kan ; kang-ud 

bd-kan-siip ; in-si ud— kai-su ; kang - ud b6 - kau - ktia . 

affair, su ; su-bu. woiddly concei^ns, si-bu. 
conch, 16-khak ; pu-16. to blotv, pfln-pu-16. 
conciliate, Ma ; hfia-su ; ki4"-h6a ; khig-hfia ; kliiig-sek. 

conciliato)^ y khua°-chi4". 
concise, ch^k-kti th^u-thiet ; kdng-s^"; phi^n-ngdn kai- 

conclude, finish, tstin-kang; sdng-kong; hiah-8u ; uAn. 
conclusion, decision, tsii-i. in conclusion, ts^ng zft-ng^n— 


concord, h6a-m6k ; hAa-phSng ; h<ia-mi"; ch^k-sim chek-i. 
concourse, nS-ng-mueh tsoi ; lau-ji^t; ch&ng-n&ng tsu- 

concubine, chhiap ; chhiah-kha ; jT-u4ng. keep, hak-chhiah- 

kha ; siu-chhiah-kha ; tshua-ji-nang. 
concupiscence, su-iAk ; n^.k-i6k ; lm-i6k. 
concur, siang-hih ; hih - sim ; t^ng - aim ; lAng-m6ng ; 

concussion, sie-tsuang; tia°-t8uang; tsuang—tiAh kuak— 

condemn, tia"-t8ue. to death, ngf-tia" sl-tsue. 
condense, language, kdng-s^"; kh^-tiau ue-sdi. inspissate, 

pA-kiit. vapour condensed into dew, thi"-khi hue-ts6 

condescend , khut-k^ng ; khut-k^ ; king-llm ; hii-lim. 
condign, eng-kai-tit ; eng-siu ; kai-siu ; kai-tng. 
condiment, muAh-phtie ; tsip-chhiau-liau ; h6-bi ; chie"; 

condition, chh6ng-h6ng; kdng-ngo; kuang-kdng. in 

life, ti-ui. conditions of bargain, ieh-ti4u. 
condole, kang-njing hu&n-16; tiJtu-tie. 
conduct, ki&"-6i ; ki\-t6ng ; pfn-heng ; ki&"-8u ; heng - 

chl. to lead, kiau-lou ; t8hua-lou ; t8hua-th4u-tsdi". 
conduit, km-kau ; t8iii-kau ; fn-tsiSi-tAng. 
cone, tek-siin-ie"; tek-siin-h6ng ; chiam-bSng. 
confectioner, ts6-ti4m-liau sai-pe; khui-tiAm-liau phbii. 
confederate, pJti-hue ; kat-m6ng ; pJti-mfing ; kat-tdng. 
confer, with anyone^ siang-kku-niS" ; ji-ke tsham-sidug ; 


chim-chiak. upon one^ sfi ; s^ng. as Emperor^ Khim-sft. 
confess, jin. faults^ jin-tsue. on trials chiau-jin. a 

mistake^ jiu-tshb. 
confide , f-kou ; k6u ; thob - nSi"; ki^ - thoh ; tit-png ; 

thoh-k6u ; siang-sin. conjidence^ siang-sin. selfy tsu-si . 

mtittialy ji-ke siang-sin. conjidanty ti-ld ph6ng-iii ; chhin- 

kau-iii ; tsai-sim-id ; sim-pak k^i-iii. 
confine, pik ; khiin-pik ; kim ; khu-kim ; chhiA-kim ; 

siu-kam. confined air in room, hip; m- 

COnflim, llp-phdng-ku ; ph^ng-ch^ng: nge-chfeng; siang- 

confiscate, tshong-kong ; siau-ke-tsMi ; kui-kua' jip-kh6u. 
COnfla^ation, hiie-tsai ; hiie sie-tshti ; hiie md-li6t. 
conflict, kau-chi^n ; sie-th«4»i ; sie-che"; che"-t6u. 
confluence, of waters^ sang-kap-tsdi ; tsiii hue-bAa ; tsiii 

bip-bAa; kap-bAa. 
COniorm, to rule^ tsun-huap ; chi^-li ; 6h-tsiin-sln. to peo^ 

pie, sun-n4ng-L to patteim, cbi^-ie*, 
confound, sie-hun. with fear, phi&n-n4ng kia"-k6ng. 
COnfiront, ttii-mm-khia ; ttii-cb^ng ; ttli-slm ; ttd-cbieb ; 

tng-min ttii-chieh. 
Confiicius, Kh6ng-tsii; Kb6ng-hu-tsii ; Kb6ng-siJt". the 

doctrine of, Z6-ki. 
concise, phah-bun ; pbab-ts6-zft. confusedy bun-tsip ; zft- 

zA ; b6-tb4u-biie ; zft-jiing ; k6ng ; liian. composition^ 

bukm ; 11 m-cbbiet ; m-cbbiet-slt. 
confute, pien-i4"; pob-i4°; pien-t6; pob-t6; Jt-tit-kile. 
congeal, kit-toi"; kit-nge; t^ug; kifc-tAng. 
congee, soft boiled rice, mAe"*. thick, pbo-tb&u-mAe". thin^ 

bi-mAe"; kJl-mfle". 
congenial, tAng-cbb6ng lAng-l ; lAng-sim lAng-l 

congenital, tsbut-si t5a--14L 

conger eel, mAa°-bA; bdi-mAa'. 

congratulate, kiong-bl ; sie-bo ; kb^ng-b6 ; kiong-bo ; 

k^ng-bo. / congratmate you, k^,ng«^ld kiong-bl. 
COn^egate, chlp-bue ; tsft-ehip ; hue-cblp ; cblp-bAa. 
conjecture, pbab-siig ; td-sig ; M-stiaji ; pbe'-pWb ; pan ; 

iak', iak-pan. 
COI\join, kap-bAa ; ttie-bAa ; siang-lifin ; tab-tiie. conjointly ^ 

COl]jugal, affection, hu-hu tsii-cbb6»g. 


conjurer, eng m&u"-8ua"-huap. juggler^ ts6-pA-hL 
connect, sie-chiap ; sie-khan-li6n. connections^ family^ ke- 

sAk ; chhin-86k ; chhin-chhek. hy nuzrriage, chhin-chia"; 

chhin-ke. no connection^ b6-kan ; bd-kan-siip; b6-tai. in 

writing, b6-kilan-tshtian. well connectedy as composition, 

u-chiap-tshah ; u-lidn-ktian ; u-li6n-16k. 
connive, ts6ng-i6ng ; tso-tsbng ; tsbng-at ; m-at-sok ; m- 

conquer, 14"; phah-i4"; th4i-id."; chi^n-ijl"; chi^n-s^ng ; sfeng- 

consanguinity, chhin; chhin-s6k; ng6u-li6k-lai ; kdu- 

conscience, liAng-sim ; pAg-sim. awakened, li4ng-siin 

huat-hin. conscientious, fi-piig-sim ; u-lijlng-sim. reproofs 

of conscience, sim-lai tsft-song ; tsil-cheh ; tsu-uJtn, 
conscious, aware of tsu-kak ; tsu-tsai. is he conscions ? 

(as sick person) u-hidu-n&ng— m^ ? oi-tsai-n&ng— m^ ? 
consecrate, an idol, khai-kuang, to the idols, hong-hi^n 

consecutive , siang-lifin ; lidn-lAk ; chiap - s6k ; sie-slia ; 

consent, tsiin ; z\in-nip ; kh^ng ; hku; in-nip ; in-s6ng ; 

consequences, kuan-hl. bad, khan-gai ; li^n-lui ; po-lui ; 

khan-thiia ; khau-thua. of no consequence, bd-siang-kan ; 

b6-siang; b6-hAang ; l>6-bi; mtii"; b6-kJtu ti-k6-kh|; b6- 

chhiet-iJlu. consequently, k^-tshii ; 8<i-f ; in-tshii ; 8Jig-14i. 

conserve, p6-t8h5an. 

consider, sie"; su-sie"; chhim-sie"; chim-chiak ; phe'-phah ; 
tk-stian ; phah-siig. a man of consideration, u-thl-min 

consign^ to one's care, hti-thoh ; kik-thoh ; kiJt-hili. con- 
signee, sSng-chih k&i-nApg, 

consistent, in chaixncter, ngdn-hSng siang-tld; ngdii« 
heng z6-it ; ng&n-heng hA-hih. 

console, ua°-tie ; khig-tie ; bii-tie. 

consonance, siang-h^ ; thi4u-hiia. in sound, hi&p-un ; 

consort, royal, u4ng-h5u ; kok-h6u. 

conspicuous, hi6n-m6ng; tshut-cb^Og ; tshut-thoh. too, 
khah-hi^n-i^ng . 

conspire, m6ng-liiaft; m6ng-hiian; kat-tdng, for the 


throne^ che"-ui t6h-kok ; che"-ui t6h-ki. 
constable, ti-p6; a-ts6ng; chh6-koi ; clihe-hiAh. 
constant, in mindy u-si6°-sim ; sim kien-kit 
constantly, si6"-si^"; 8i6"-si; chhidng-chhi^ng ; tftg-tAg; 

e - e ; sl-si ; kii-kii ; mde"-nnie" ; lii-M ; chiip-chiip. 
constellation, chhe°-siil. the 28 constellations, ji-teip - 

poih siii. 
consternation, kia' kStu h6n phiau (or, pue^, phek 

constipation, t6u-lai zuih ; tai-pien pl-kfn ; t<5u pi-kat ; 

t6u kat-nge ; t<Su kat-kln. 
constitute, appoint, Up; siet-llp ; 
constitution, good, sin-hun ts^ng ; ts^ng-kien ; kliikng ; 

kia"-tsiing ; khin-kia". weak, sin-hun phi ; sin-hun Um ; 

jiik ; nAg-jiik. 
constrain, midn-kiilng; nge-liih. oneself, tsu-midn. to 

stay, khi&ng-l&u. 
constriction, ti"-kfn ; sfig-kfn ; tshui-kfn. 
construct, ts6 ; tshing ; tsau ; ts5. a boat, ts6-ts6n. 

construction of a sentence^ ts6-bAn kdi-pit-huap, 
consul, nid"-su-hii; nii"-sQ-kua". 
consult, siang-li&ng; kiu-ni6°; tsham - sisLng ; chim- 

consume, hy Jii^e, sie-tiau. by extravagance, hua-htii ; 

phtia - chin ; htii - chin ; hiSi" - chin ; huang - hiii" - chin , 

consumption , th^m-hiie ; lai-siang-pe"; h5^i-pe°; phtii - 

hueh-pe". consumptive, sdn-kut 16h-n4t 
contact, to come into, oi— ti6h ; tia""— tiih ; kh6i"— ti6h ; 

tsuang— tieh ; thSng— ti6h . 
contagion, tie-ti^h-pe"; sie-tie ; th6an-jidm, 
COntam , tsho ; iAng ; siu . what heaven and earth 

contain, thi" hih*, ti tski, 
contaminate , tie— ti^h l^m - sap ; mak- - ti6h nah - sap ; 

jiim--tiih ; hii— ti^b ; hf-ti^h ; u-tie-ti^.h, 
COntempld'te, Jtm-cbe'-sie"; kbu9'"-»e-sie", . gaze at, th6i"; 

mik th6i"; mik kim-kim th6i^ 

contemporary, tdng-sl. 

contempt, th6i"-khin ; th6i"-n^ng m-chie"; hut-liik ; liih- 
tsua"; th6i"-n&ng b6-to-mik; khin-hut; midu-si. con^ 
temptible, khd-phlj hii-tsua"; sidu-11-su. 

contend, sie-che". for anything, sie-che"-h,i'. quarrel, 
poh-khiii ; pie-^r contentious, hiu"-i ; hJtu'-poh-khiii 


content , sim miia", i tsok ; tsai-tsok ; kiie-i ; ua"-hun. 

contents of book, rnkk-ldk ; t6i-tMu . 
conterminous, sie - kau - kii ; sie - kiam - kM ; lin - kun 

(near) ; chiap-kiii ; ts6-pA ; lidn-chiap ; siang-liSn. 
contest , sie-th^i ; ke - hiie sie-chih ; siang - s^i - mu^h 

(conipetition) ; sie-tku ; che"-i4". 
contiguity, siang-kun ; lin-kun ; siang-lidn ; ts6i"-au, 
continence, sid-tsiit ; kiia"-i6k. 
contingency, ng6u-ji6n; sie"-m-kku; liau-m-kku. 
continue , chhi4ng-ts5 ; chhi4ng-ki^"; sid"-t6 ; sl-sl-u ; 

si6"-tshftn ; Ii6aii-t6 ; nai"-kii. continualy see constant. 

continuous, chih ; chiap ; li6n-16k; chiap-86k; siang - 

liSn ; b6-hiah ; b6-tng ; b6-k6i"; b6-lkng. 
contortion, tsun-tshiia ; tsun-tAg ; tsun— kile— 14i. of face, 

contour, hdng-sie"; ie"; hfing. of distant hills, hfig-kdng. 
contraband, trade, tsdu-luling ; tsdu-sai ; lau-stie, 
contract , to bargain , Up - ieh ; tia°-ieh . a , ieh - ji ; 

khbi ; h&p-t4ng; ieh-toa". take work by, mau'-kang. to 

draw in, kiu ; kiu-b6a ; sok-bAa ; kha-chhi\i kiu-sok . 

contracted writing, sid-sid. 
contradict, pien-poh ; poh-mng. oneself, ts6r-au kdi - 

tie m-siang-hA . contradicto)^ , m-ttii ; m-sie-ttii ; m - 

siang-hA ; m-siang-h4h ; siang-hudn. 
contrary , siang - hudn ; t6 - hudn ; ng^k ; m-hih . on 

tlie, tiu-tb ; hudn - tiig. to sound doctnne, pue - tau . 

wi7id, ngek-huang. 
contrast, sie-ttii ; siang-pl ; ttii-chhie"; hudn - chhie"; 

contribute, t6i; t6i-chl"; kien-t6i; pbki-chi"; kien- 

chr. to levy a contribution, phki-chi". 
contrite, thi(i"-k6i; thiJt"-k<5i t86i"-hui; k6i-blie; biie- 

k6i ; tsu-bfin ; tbiil"-him tsAi^-bui. 
contrive, siet-k6i ; siet - buap ; sie" - sim - su ; sie"-tsbut 

kbi-chheb . contrivance , k6i-cbbeb ; kbi - ni6ng ; i^h - 

kiii (mechanical), 
control, kudn ; tb6ng-kudn ; kudn-bat; kbu-sok; iak- 

sok. self, sid-p6g-sim ; tsil-kudn ka-ki. 
controversy, pien-lun ; pien-pob ; cbe"-lQn ; sie-^. 
contumacy, ng6u-ng6k; m-sun n^ng-cbbdng. 
contumely, Idng-zAk; sit-z6k ; ki-tsbAg. 
contusion, pbab-sie"; tsuang-sie"; ou-cbbe" kck-bueb. 


convalescent , chiam-zd ; idu-h6 ; idu-tsuih ; chiam - 

convenience, stdt your, si!ii-tsai-li\ ; to-li^ tsil-i ; s6i— 

lii ; sAi-pien ; jim-li\. convenient , sun-picn ; hdh-eng ; 

hih-l ; kah-pan. 
convent (Buddhist) y am ; nf-kou-am. 
conversant, s^k ; slp-s^.k ; kuan-s6k ; ktii"-sr ; thh.u - 

thiet ; tluet-t6i. 
converse, tu,"-ue; phu^h-ue; ts6-pA t^"-ue; thdm-lun ; 

conversion, hhe - k6i ; Me - tMu chh^" - ngo ; k6i - ak 

chhien-siea ; k6i-ak tshAug-sien ; khfi-ku tshoDg-sin ; 

kh(i-ak kui-sien ; h^e-tiig-thau ts6-sien ; hue-sim ti'ig-i ; 

convex, tsui ; tsui-tsui ; tin-tang plift— khi-lai. 
convey, by ship, ts(in tsai. letter, t6a-8in. 
convict, to, tia^-tsue. a , huam-jin. 
convince, pien-i&"; pien-t6 ; poh-t6 ; clilh - hAk ; pien 

k^u 8U-h(ik. 
convivial, hku°-im-h,n ; h^u"-chhid" n4ng-kheh ; hau°- 

convoke, chie-hue ; lih,m-ts6i ; hilno— ndng ki^°-bfl{i. 
convolvulus ; ti-td-hue ; ti"-tin-hue ; ng6u-jidu-ldng. 
convoy, hu-8c\ng ; sang-kiA.". 
convulsion, thiu-tbck. in child, kia"-huang. 
COO, ku-ku-ki^. 
cook, hiie-th^u ; t6u-chf (one trho jirovides feasts to 

oi'der). to cook, tsi\-chiih ; pa-16i-chiih. cooked, sek. 

cook up again, leng-ua" tim- (or, thiig- , p6-^ sic. 

cook-haifse, t6u-pdng ; hue-sit-pjing. 
cool , li4ng ; ng£n ; to cool, la-liang ; la-chhin; ph,ng - 

coolie, ta"-t?l" kdi-nang. to call coolies, k6u-ta"-kieli ; 

kbu-kieh. head of gang, kieh-tMu. 
coop, koi-lam. 

cooper, khou-th^ng sai-pe ; chiji"-li-thdng. 
co-operate, sie-hu ; siang-pang ; siang-pang-ts6. 
cope, until, siang-che"; sie-t^u. 
copious, tsoi-tsoi ; siaug-tsoi ; ke-ke ; u-tshAn. 
copper, t4ng; &ng-tdng. smith, phah-tAng sai-pe. 
copperas, chhe'-hftan; ti"-Ii6an. 
copse, chhl-ii4"-ph^. 


copulate, of animals, phali-chdug. 

copy, tshau ; tsliau-sid ; tshau-jl. to make a cojyy or 
draft , pbah-k6. hook^ tsiia-kh6u. line , ji-keh ; tsiia- 
kh6u-sek. to trace over , bi6-ji-keh . to preserve a copy^ 
as of a document, tsh6n-t6i. 

coral, sieu-hft ; san-h6. coixd tree, san-hA-chhiu. 

cord, soh ; 8oh-kid°. make, phah-soh ; ki-soh. 

cordial, kam-sim ; hua"-hf. a cordicd reception, hua"-hf 
chiap-n4p ; kau-thai. very cordially, kam-sim chh^ug- 
nguan. Tnedici^ie, p6u-i^h ; pdu-cheng-sin ; p6u-cheng-lat ; 
iAng-siu-khi ; tso-sin-khL 

core, sim ; hit ; tong-sim. 

Corea, Kau-li-kok. 

coriander, u4n-sui. seed, uS^n-sui-chf. 
cork, tsiii-mr-tshd. a, that; tsun-that. to, that-tsu; sat- 
tsliiii. cork-screw, 16-si-tsun ; 16-si-ziian ; Id-si-tah. 

cormorant, hft-a; 16u-jl. 

com, ng6u-kak (gtuin in general), on the foot ^ hft-mik- 
chiu ; hiVl^ng-tstie ; kha-lang. 

cornelian, 4ng-md-lau. 

comer, kak ; kak-th4u. of the eye, m^-kak ; m4k-tLaa 

cornice, of wall, chhie^-thdu-siia"; ge-sba". 
coronation, teng-ui ; sin-kun tso-ui ; teng-kik ; teng-ki. 
coroner, ng6u-tsoh ; iigSu-tsoh ; sikng-ngiam. to Iwld a 

cs inquest, kh^m-ngiam ; th6i"-ngiam ; ngiam-sL 
corporeal, u-h6ng-siang ; u-8in-th6i. 
corps, cli^k-tui-pia". 
corpse, si ; sin-si ; si-h&i. 

corpulent, p6i ; tshfti-khi ; chiih-khA tsb^i-khl. 
correct , ti^h ; chi^"; ttii ; bd-tshb ; put-t8h?> ; b5i-ta". 

conduct, chii"-keng; tuan-chi<\", to coin^ect, k6i; k6i- 

chihr"; chhii"-k6i. a person, cheh-pi ; ki-chii". 
correspond, siang-h&h ; h£i-h&h ; siaDg-hii ; siang-t&ng ; 

siang-tiii. correspondence, tsy-sin udng-lsli. 
COrriaor, lidng-ldng; 14ng-e. 
corroborate, tsb-ch&ng-ku ; pang-ch^ng ; tsd-ch^ng ; hii- 

corrode , tsii ; tsili - tiau ; chiSlm-chiSm-h.u ; hu4n-tiau ; 

corrupt, pai-hai; hiii-haL mxigistrale, tham-kua"; kua*" 


tham-tsh^i ; m-ehia". corrvptiblCy oi-litii-hai ; 6i-Liii-hfiai ; 
koi-hai kili-miuMi. 

corsair, hdi-tshit. 

cosmetic, in-nf; tso-hiln ; 4ng-h\in ; in-chi-hnn. 

cost, 86-hiii ; kfe ; kfe-chi". how much does It cost ? tat 

jiih-tsoi-chr. costly^ tit-chi"; kfe-thau kiii. 
costive, chek-thi ; tai-pien m-kid"; tai-pien kou-kak ; tai- 

pien pi-kat ; tai-pien koii-ki6t. 
CCXStume, til-ph,n ; tsuang-pan ; i-h6k ; b6k-sek. 
cottage, tshii-kiA". 
cotton, nir; mi"-hiie. cloth, ka-piia; j)bn. thread, sila"; 

se-sha". to heat with hoiv and string, phah-mi"; pliah-p6k- 

couch, t«him-tfeng ; tftg-i"; liilng-f. 
COU^h, ka-sJtu ; s<\u. with expecto^ration, thAm-silu. 
coulter, 16i-th{iu. 
council, kong-ngi; koiig-luii ; chJ^ng-ngi; hue-ngf. room, 

koiig-s6 ; kong-thia". 
counsel, a person, khfig ; khi\g-kbi ; kil ; kliai-tau. 
count, siig ; siau ; sfig-si^u. countless, b6-huap-si^u ; m- 

pat-kb-sig; bft-sii. 
countenance, mln ; mln-mau"; mln-sek ; iAng-mau°; i6ng- 

sek. to change, min pifeu-sek ; mm tsak-sek. 
counter, phbu-kui"; pli6u-ts6i"-kui"; phbu-tshftg. 
counteract, ts6-chl ; ts6-ting ; hai-su m-chiA" ; phua-k6i ; 

tui-t6k ; tck. 

counterbalance, tliin-thdu ; tui-ph6ng. 

counterfeit, ke ; k($-ts6 ; ngui-fti ; tsuang-ts6 ; tfe"-ts6 ; 

tsb— kAi. dollar, kd-ngftu ; iigiii-ngfm. 
countermand, chiau long, sok k6i. 

counterpane, phue-toa". 

counterpoise, chliin-tl)6i ; to-cbf. see counterbalance. 

counting-house, ti^"-pa,ng. 

country, kok ; pang ; ti-bng. foreign count nes, gua-kok ; 

giia-pang. as dist. from town, bie"-e. 
county, bii ; cbiu. 
couple, cli^k-sang ; kiiu-tui ; kJiu-sang ; s^ng-sang ; no"- 

ndng ; cb^k-tui. married, ang-chid ; hu-bu ; bu-cbbi ; 

courage, to have, u-td"; u-td"-lit ; bo-td"; kd"; i6ng-kd". 

to stir vp ones, ts5ng-td"; ts6-td". 

courier, tsbor-li-bd. 


course, lou ; tau ; thfl ; lou-thA ; tdu-thA ; tau-lou. of 

course^ tsu-jidn ; thicn-jifin ; thien-se"; thf-se" teft-jiSn. 
court, royal^ chhiAu-thlnff. go to, chie"-chhi&u ; chLi4u- 

kun. holdf tsd-chhi4u. dress, chhi&u-h6L courtiers, gu- 

ts6i° tai-chhin« ladies, keng-n]ig« court of justice, gd-mKg. 

to liold, Ma-tia tso-tAg. yard, thim-ch^*; thien-cnd*; t\k . 
courteous, u-16i-mSLu°; u-U-miLu'; hidu-li ; Idi-siku kku-kak ; 

courtesan, hue-nid"; chhiang-kl; Uu-k\i; khiku-biie. 
cousin, of same surname, cnek-peb hia"-ti ; tMng-hia'-tl; 

tsSng-hia'-ti (more remote), of different surname, pi^-hia"- 

tl ; 1-pi^ hia°-ti (children of ttpo sisters) ; kou-pi^ hia'-ti 

(chilai^en of brother and sister). 
cove, hdi-6. I 
covenant, ieh. Tnake, llp-ieh ; kat-ieL break, sit-ieh ; 

Miang-ieh ; pue-ieh. 
cover, khkin ; chia. the face, chia-min ; i^-min. a booh, 

kap-tsu-chheh. of a book, t8\i-chheh-k6ih ; chheh-phiie. 

cover with earth, k^m-thdu ; kim t6-th6u-ti. covei^d with 

mud, ch^k-sin k6u-ti^h-th6u. covei^ed with tvounds, thong- 
sin sie'-khdu. m^t cover on a boat, pMng-k^m. 
coverlet, phfie; phiie-toa"; phfle-min. 
covert, km-che' ti-hng; h6-tikm kfli iii-t8h((. secret, km- 

che"; sai-e; sai-khia-e. 
covet, tham ; tham-ki"; tham-sie". covetous, tham-sim ; 

tham-li ; tham-tsh&i ; tham-chl' ; tham-tsh&i tong-li ; th6r- 

chr toa-k&i. 
COW, gA ; gii-b6. common, Ag-gA ; chhiah-gA. water-buffalo, 

tsdi-gA. cowherd, cbi^"-g6. cowhouse, gA-kpi"; gA-p^ng. 
coward, b<S-tA"; tA" kbiap ; td" sbi ; s6i-1i,', bun-td". 
coxcomb , hJtu"-tsuang-hAang ; hku'-i&u-pdi ; bku'-thl - 

ts6 ; bku"-tsuan^-t85. 
coy, modest, fl-li4ni-cbbl. bashful, iii-sidu-li; m-kd° ki'- 

cozen, kuang-pbi^n ; kbi-pbi^n ; mAa'^-pbi^n. 
crab, b6i; pbftng-boi; md"-b6i; cbhlb; p6-kbl; t6k-kba- 

crabbed, look, ku-mm ; min ku-ku ; min pA-ku pA-ku. 
crack, lib ; pbAa ; pbAa-lib ; lib-pbAa ; pit ; pit-lib. a crack, 

pit-b An ; lib- bAn ; bAn - cbiab ; b An - pbang. crackers, 

pbbng.pbie. to fii^ off, pbab-pb6ng-pbi6, 
crackle, pit-piak-ki^. 


cradle, i6-n4". 

ciraefb, chhiii-g5i; kl-g6i. ci^afisinan, sai-pe. 

crafty, kan-tsk ; kan-kdu ; kan-hidng ; ts^-Dgui ; kan - 

ngfli ; il-tl-hui ; ii-sim-su. 
cram, teh-tsit ; jih-tsit. 
cramp, thiu-thiJt". in the legs, thiu-kha-kun. 
crane, p4h-liau-si. fa?* lifting weights, chhia. 

crape, jiku-se. 

crash, piang— che-ki5 ; kong— che-ki& ; kuang— cbe-ki&. 
crave, khiA ; khrtn-khiA ; koh-16. craving for food, t6u iau. 
for opium, a-phifen-ngi^n. for liquor, chiii-ngifen. 

crawnsh, 16ng-hd. 
crawl, so ; p6. 

crazy, sidu ; huat-si^u ; huat-kh^iang ; huat-tien ; khdang- 
liian ; sim m-tia'; sim-sin m-tia". 

creak, lh°.uAih".ki^ ; lh".iih"-ki^. 

cream, gA-nf-phAe. 

Crease, ni^u'^-hAn ; chih-hAn ; chih-tsue. 

create, tshsing-tsiiu. 

creation, taking -tsau thi"-tl; khai-thi* phek-tl. since 
o^eation, tsfi-khai-phek f -14i ; tsQ khui-thi f -Idi. at the 
creation, hfin-tun tsho-khai. the whole creation, tlii*-tl 

credentials, bAn-phfing; bAn-p6ng; lii-p&i. 

credit, sin ; si^n ; siang-sin. buy or sell on credit, cbhia. 
creditor, chfe-teii. credible, khd-sin ; slu-tit-khe. creduloxis, 
khin-sin ; th^ng-sin. creditable, fi-kong ; A-thf-mm ; kh6- 
ki'-nang; h6-o-ld 

creek, kdng ; si^-khoi ; sbi-khoi ; tbong-k^ 

creep, p6 , so. creep up, p6— khf-14i. throtigh a hole, bAn- 
khang; nAg-khang, under the bedclothes, uAg— jlp 
phue-t<Si. stealthily along, nih'-kha-kift'. 

crescent, moon, gu6h-b£i; sin-gu6b; ngd-b&i-gUeh. 

crew, of ship, tsAi-sid. 

crevice, khiah; phang; phang-kbiah; bAn-phang; bAn* 

cricket, tek-sut. chirping of, tiang-tiang-ki^. 

crime, tstte. commit, buam-tsue. a capital, sf-tsAe* 

criminal, bAam-jln ; tsue-jln ; tsAe-bAam ; cbbiA-buam, 

crimson, toa-Ang-sek. 

cringe, tsij-kbut; tbi^m-mf tb^j-kAe, 

cripple, kudi-kba» 


crisis, come to, k^u-k^k. critical, su Lidm. 

crisp, sou. toast till criiq), pek-kau sou-sou. hair, m6'* 

khek-kliek ; khek-m^^ 
criticise, phoi-phfing; pfn-pheng. conduct, ph6ng-lun. 
croak, crow, a-a-ki& ; ou-a-sia". frog, ok-ok-kib ; tsiii-koi- 

sia . ' 

crockery, liAi; hfli-khl; tshft-khl (fine quality ). 
crocodile, ngak-hu. 
crooked, uan ; uan-kliek ; in-uan khit-khek ; uan-uan 

khek-khek ; uan-khe-lili. to bend, d-uan. 
crop, of field, nr-taug; ni"-clilieng ; hi"-tang ; tang- 

chhdng. two crops a year, ch(\k-Di siu-n6"-tang. take 

in, kuah-tiu ; siu-tang ; kuah-chhek. bird's crop , kui . 

to fill crop of fowl with sand c£r, ku^n-kui. 
cross, the, tsip— ji kfe. to make or write a, phah-tsham- 

chhe ; phah-tsham-sia. 
cross, to, ktie. a river, ktic-klioi. ctvss-wise, li6c". to 

be cross with one , hiip - hiam. peevish , tshou - siap ; 

ki&p-khak ; t6-tlil ; m - s6ng - kliuai. cross-bar , niAg - 

tslitia"; hAe'- tshha*. cross-bow, nau". cross-examine, 

poh-mng ; mng-lAi ning-klii\; khdu-pien. cross-eyed, 

sid-chiau-mik ; tsh6h-mik ; mik-chiu tsh6h-tshAh. cross- 

leyged, phAan-klii-kha ; pli{ian-thiii-ts6. both legs civssed, 

sang-kha phAan-khf. cross-uxiy, hAeMou. 
croton, oil, pa-tau-i6. 

crouch, phak ; khu ; tshAg . as tiger, phak-ti. 
crow, ou-a ; ou-a-chidu. cockcrow , koi thi. the second, 

koi tht ji-16h. 
crowbar, thih-chhidng. 
crowd, ch4k-kh6n-n4ng ; nAng-mu^h tsit; lau-ji^t. to 

crowd, n&ng-mu^h sie-chi"; oi-oi l^ng-leng. 
crown , udng - bo. crown-land , kua"-ti. crown-pnncc , 

crucify, tbng tsip-jl-k&. 
crude, chhe"; bue-sik. 
cruel, pau-ngiik ; hiong-sim ; tslidng-jim ; liiong-pau ; 


cruet-stand, ngdu-bi-kfe. 

cruise, to, sfln-Mi; 8Au-li6. cruiser, sAn-hdi-tsAn ; sAn- 

crumb, l&n-16; tehkm-tebW. of bread, mf-pau-tsbtii. 
Crumblei ni&p-tsbiii; pcb-tsbiii-tshiii. 


crumple, chhlp-jiilu ; chhlp-niJlu". 

crushi teh-phua ; teh— ti6h ; ta"— tieh ; thiJlm— ti^h (aji 

vevmia under foot)\ klioili (as Jingers in door); k6ili 

(as ill torture J. sugar-cane, kd-chiii. 
crust , khak ; phAe ; nge-phAe ; phf. rice-anist , piig - 

crutch, kiSai-chiang. 
cry, treep, khhi ; thi-khau. erf/ out, hilm ; kih ; khiii-sia*. 

erf/ up, or applaud, tuah-tshii ; 0-I6. cry Jish for sale, 

crystal, tsi5i-chia'. hroum, tS-cLia". dark, ou-cliia". 
cube, lik-min poih-kak. 
cubit, chhieh. 

cuckold, chhe"-thdu ; ou-ku ; toa-pih. 
cucumber, tiJlu-kue. slicer, kue-phau; kue-thiu. 
cud, to chew tJie, huan-tshdu. 
cudgel, kiln; tsh^-thAi ; tshd-khn. 
cuff, slap, 6ng ; piang. with closed Jist, chcng ; tshha". 0/ 

coat, ilg-khdu ; siil-khdu. 
cuirass, thih-kah; cliia-heng-kah. 
culpable, il-tsue ; u-khe-sit. culprit, buam-jtiL 
cultivate, fields, tsoh-tshdn ; ch^ng-tsoh ; ke'-tsoh ; kc"- 

tsMn. the heart, siu-sim. vit^ue, siu-tek. one's conduct, 

cumber, the ground, tin-tiau ti-hng ; tln-t6. 
cumbersome, chhin-chhie" ta"-tang-tk'; t3Lng-jim , hftang- 

gai ; thua-ltii. 
cunning, to-sim kek-su ; sim-su tsoi ; u-sim-su ; klii-khd. 
cup, cheng ; pue. tea cup, tS-cheng ; t6-pue ; t^-au. 
cupboard, tA; p6a'*-iia"-tA ; tang-kfe; chiih-tA. 
cupidity, tham-sim ; tham-chr; tnam-tsh&i. 
curb, kiian-sok ; iak-sok ; khu-sok ; at-chL a horse, Mk-tsu. 
curd, hean, tau-hu (not pressed) ; tau-kua' (pressed). 
cure, ui ; ui-ti ; chbi4"-tl ; ui-pe". undertake to cure, to he 

paid if successful, pau-ui. kiU instead of curing, ui-si. 

curable, h6-ui. incurable, bd-ui. cure fish, I5u-bit. 
curiosity, mih-su kr-tsai ; hJtu'-thia' di^-ue ; h^u"-kiiS-tl"; 

kiii-tr-mng ; tr-mng. curiosities, k6u-ngiiaii ; k6u-t<5ng; 

curious, kbl ; tsbh-bi ; koh-iS*. see curiosity, 
curl, to, kauh-uan kd-kbek. hair, kbek-m6"; m6* kbek-kbck. 

currency, tboug-pd; tbong-8l-p<S ; chl'-ngAn. 


current, price^ si-k^ ; Mng - chhdng. in the uxUeVy Uii ; 

hiAng-ldu ; tstii m^ ; kip-tsdi ; 14u kip. 
curry, a ho^'se, siu-bd; pin-bd cwn^y-conxhy thih-siu. to 

curry leather^ s^k-phAe. 
curse, chiii-tsCla; chiil-rae*. 
cursorily, chhin-tsLdi ; tsho-liik ; khiie-phdng bd-h6-se ; 

khiic-cheh b6-h6-ts6i. 
curtail, ts6ih ; tok-tng ; s^; kdng-s^. 
curtain, KAm. mosquito, mdng-til". 
curve, uiin-khek. to curve, uau-ktic-14i ; tshiia-ktie-khi'i ; 

uau-t^i khek-kh(i. 
cushion, f -tien ; z6k. pilloxv, chfm-tMu. 
cuspidor, th^m-ip; th&m-tang. 

custard apple, lim-kblm. 

custody, take into, liih ; ab ; ab-kiian. 

custom, kui-kii ; bong-sAk ; 8i-s6k. according to his custom, 

custom house, hikng-kuan. maritime, b£[-kuan ; kuan- 
kbdu ; stie-kuan. to pass, ktie-hiiing. 

customer, b6i-kbeb. to be a, kau-lraan ; b<5i-b6i. 

cut, kuab ; ts6ib ; tok ; pbob ; tsim ; pboL off, as branch, 
tskm-tiau ; siab-tiau. to pieces, tok tsbtd-tsbtri. in tuH), 
kuab-tfig; tok-tfig; tok-tsb-kuib ; tsiib-tfig; pbob-tfig 
(on a slant) ; 15i-ts6-p6r (split), out clothes, ka-sa'. away, 
kuab—kbij; kuab-tiau; tsdm-tiau. the hair, cbi^n-m6"; 
ka-m6". a pencil, pboi-pit. dovm, as a tree, tsdm-tiau ; 
kbdm-tiau. thing across in a slanting direction, pboi 
gA-tAng-tsbiii ; pbob-sia. cut the throat, k{i-&u. cut 
grain, kuab-tiu. grass, kuab-tsbdu. cut a friend, n&ng- 
ebbing kuab-tfig; t86b-kau; kuab-cbbi^-b ; tsiib-tfiff 
kau-cbbdng. cut away a mast, tsdm-iii. cut a road, 
kbui-lou. through a hill, tsbik-sua"-lou. cut wages, kbi- 
tft kang-cbf; tft-kiim n&ng-k^-cbi". cut-purse, cbi^n- 
niii"; kuab nfl,ug bo-pau. cut-throaty biong-chbid. 

cutaneous, disease, pbAe-bu k4i-pe*. cuticle, pbiie-bu. 

cutlass, to; kiJlm. 

cutler, pbah-to sai-pe. cutlery, lai-kbl 

Cuttle-nsh, bik-tdu-hf^; bik-tdu. 

cuttings, ka-tsbAn k4i pbu-tsbiii; ka-sin k&i-pbu-tsbiii. 
of sugar-cane, cbiJi-tsai. of sfweet potatoes^ tsi^-tsai. 

cycle, of 60 years, lik-tsip kab-tsi^. 

C3/7nbais, kham ; cbbe ; kbom-cbhe, 

cypress, cbek-peb-chliiu. 



dabble, in water, mak-tsiii; siig-tsiSi. learn mpeijlcially, 
eng m-k&u-kang ; chhidn-h&k ; tsho-li&k pat'ldn-16. 

dagger, t6-kiJira. 

dafly, jit-jit; m6e"-jit; p^i-jit; siS'-jit; cWk-jIt khe- 
chek-jit. to make daily progress, jit ki^-jit-cliiii. 

dainties, tien-siu peh-bL 

dam, water, tsdi-ts&h. to dam, tsoli-toi. 

damage , hai ; hai— ti^h ; hiii - hai ; ham - liai ; mu^b - 
tiau; siin-hai; S!in--ti6h; sie"-8\in. damaged goods, 
ti^h-tsiii-htie. damaged in ship's hold, ii— tieh pun-t6i ; 
tsii— tiih pun-t6L 

damask, toa-hue-tng. 

dame, ke-b6 ; lau-b6 ; a-ndi"; a-ni6'. 

damp , ip - chip ; t&m ; t4m - sip ; Itin - Itin ; t4m - Ibn . 
dampness, sip-khi. 

damsel , kui-niig ; tsu-ni^'-kid' ; a-ni6"-kid" ; chhim-kui 

dance, * thiiu-b\i (and gesticulate), 

dandle, 5ng (up and doum) ; ph6-t6-i6 (sideuKiys). 

dandiniff, th&u-khi\i. 

danger , hong-hidm ; huang - hidm ; ngdi - hidm . coine 
into danger , Hm - ngAi ; hidm-hidm-h Ji ; lim-lfm-hai . 
danaerous j)erson, ll-hai ; id. 

dangle, iAu-tong; tfn-tang. dangling down, 8Ai-16h. 

dare, kd"; kd"-t86 kd"-Ai; m-phk° 8e"-si. how dare? 
tsb-kd" ? ts6-kd" - tng ? / daresay , kd" - si. daring , u - 
td" ; i6ng-kd'; ii-td"-liarig . 

dark, Jim ; ou-km . it is getting dark, jit ai"-im ; jit 
hm. dark night, m6" ou-km. dark moonless night, 
guih-am-md*. dark clouds , ou-hAn . dark mind , sim 
am. colour, chhim-sek. dark complexion, min-sek ou. 

darling, my, ud-k&i-n^k ; ud-k&i sim-kua°; ud-k4i-mia"; 
sieh-nik ; sieh-mia^-mia". 

dart, t6-chhie". throw, 8di-t6-chhie". to daH out, huh-- 
che-ki^ tshut-'ldi ; thuh— che-kife tshut— lAi. 

dash, against , tsudng— ti6h . dash to pieces , t^udng - 
phtia ; tsuang-hai. cwi the ground, kukn— 16h-kh(j ; sck- 
t6-ti. dash in the face, tsuah i-k&i-miii:; phuah i-kai- 
min. dash out wi^iting, tidm-tiau-ji. 


dastard, b6-td"; tb-th^-td"; td" kliinp ; bun-tu". 

date, jit-clu; nf-jlt. to date a leW^r, sid-jit-chi. 

date, jyuity tso ; p6h-td6 ; aug-tso ; ou-ts6. driedy ts6- 

daub, with mud, k6u-th6u. tcriting, t6u-buali; t6u- 
tiaii ; buah-tiau ; tidm-tiau. 

daughter, tsu-niS"-kid"; tsdu-kid"; ni^g-tsil. your daughter 
(polite), leng-Jti ; tslior-kim. my daughter {polite) , &i6' 
nig. m law y sim-pu. daughters husband , kid."-sai. 
daughter's children, gua-sun. his daughter is betrothed, 
i k4i tsu-nid"-kid" f-kcng ts6-sdng— lidu. marry one's d. 
to anyone, teu-ni6"-kid" kfe— pun-nang. 

daunt, phi^n-ni\ug-kia"; heh ; kia"-heh ; heh-kia". 

dawn, till" kng ; taDg-p6i" p6h ; tiiiig-p6i" tsb-sek ; thi° 
la-ldii ; tlii" 14-li\n-kng. 

day, jit ; thi". first aay of monthy chbiu-it. 15th day, 
tsip-ngou. another day, e-jit; au-jit. every ^ jlt-jlt ; 
niiie"-jlt; 8ie"-jit ; pdi-jlt. day and nighty jlt-me°. all 
d<iy, tsong-jit ; day before yesterday, ts6h— 
jit. one day earlier still, toa-ts6h--jit. day after 
tomorrow, au— jit. today, kim-jit ; kiA"-jit ; hin-jit ; piig- 
jit. day by day, ch^k-jit ktie - chik - jit ; li6ii-jit. to 
mahe progress day by day, ch6k-jit ki"-jit-chin. to nait 
day after day, ch^k-jit m6"-ch6k-jit . day-time , jlt-- 
kan ; jit— kiia; p^h-jlt— kan ; jit—tsi'i. several days , 
kiii-jit ; sli-jit ; kiii-uS-jit. within these few days, chf- 
kun-jit ; chi-kun-jit-lai. day-labour, lun-jit-kang. day- 
book, jit-t^k-phou. day-birak, se^ dawn, to select a 
lucky day, th6i"-jit ; t6h-jit ; sudn-jit ; puih-jit. lucky 
day, kit-jit; siang-jit. vnlucky , hiong-jit. good-day ! 
h6-ng6 (at meeting) ! chhid" (a^ parting) ! 

dazzle, jit-kuang iJtng-mik ; kng chhie"-mik. the lamp - 
light dazzling the eyes, teug-kng chliie"-inik. dazzling, 
tang-tang-kng ; iip-iip-sih. 

deacon, chip-su. 

dead, sf. man, sf-n&ng, body, sin-si ; si-hsLi ; si-siii. 
he is dead, kbe-si— lidu ; si-si— lidu ; si— khiV dead tree, 
chhiu kou-ta. dead drunk , tstii kku-mr-mi"; tsui kJtu 
hun-hun ml"-mr. among the dead, im— kan ; Jim— thdu. 
deadly poison , tik ; tAk-si-n4ng. deadly hatred , put - 
kang tiii-thi" k^i-chhifl. 

deaf, bf Idng. slightly, hi se-su-kid"-ldng. deafening ^ 


hf -khang - kiii ong-ong-kife. pretend to he deaf and 

duniby t&°- 14ng te - 6 ; tsuang - Mng tsuang-^ ; t&"-ts6 

thia'-m-ki"; t^"-14ng tfe"-sat. 
deal, tradCy b6i-boi ; ts6-seng-U ; kau-6k ; kau-kuan. a 

good dealy hoh-tsoi. deal well with any one^ h6-khuan- 

thai; kiu-thai. a deal hoards ch^k-kb-pang ; ch^k- 

phi^n-pang ; cWk-liam-pang. 
dear, expensive, kiii ; tit-cni"; kau-k& ; kAi°- k&, dear 

friend^ 8iang-h6 kdi-phfing-iii ; sim-pak k&i-ph6ng-id ; 

ti-kl k&i-phfing-iii ; ti-sim k&i-phSng-iii. 
dearth, ki-hng; bf ktii; ni°— tang m-h6. 
death, sf. Ufa and death are decreed^ se"-sf u-meng. 

near death , lim - tsong ; kun - sf ; chiang-sf ; chiang- 

kun h.i'-sf ; lim-sf. on one's deathbed^ t6-tshAg. death- 

like, chhin-chhie" sf-nAng k4i-ie°. 
debar, kim-chl ; kim-kki ; tsd-chl ; m-tsiin ; put-hii. 
debark, cbie"-sua°; khf-tsiii ; chie°-tsiii. 
debase, oneself , tshap-jip hiS-M; k^ng-16h hia-liA; 

u-tstja" hi4-li6. 
debate , ngl-lun ; pien - lun ; pien - poh . in one's oivn 

mind, phe -phah ; chim-chiak ; tsham-sidng. 
debauch , tiam-u ; im n^ng chhi-niig ; Im n&ng b6u - 

debauchee, chiii-sek tsu-thA. debauchei^^ chiih-puih- 

debility, hu-ji4k ; mig-jiak ; khtin-ji&k ; hu-khtin ; sin- 

htin phk'; hueh-khi put-tsok ; hueh-khi sue-jiik. 
debt, ch& ; chr-ch&. to he in debt, khi^m-chf; khiJtin- 

ch& ; khi^m-siJtu. to pay debts, h6i"-ch^ ; h6i°— n&ng . 

debtor and creditor, ch^-kid** ch^-tsi5. collect debts, th6- 

siJtu. absconding debUyi\ t6-ch&; pi-ch&; tsdu-ch^. bad 

debts, phk'-siku. 
decade, sAn. first lO days of month, tsbo-sAn ; chhiu— 

sGn ; second ditto, tong-sAn ; ts&p— siiu. third ditto, hia- 

sAn; jih— sAn. 

decalogue, ts&p-ti^u-kki. 

decamp, chhien-i4"; 1-i^"; siia-i4°. run away^ t6-tsdu; 

decanter, po-li-tsun, po-lt-kiian. 

decapitate, th4i-th&u ; tsdm-thAu ; tsdm-sii\ ; tshii-tsdm. 
decay, sue; sue-mCii". rot, au ; au-tsliau. decayed tooth, 


decease, kue-sl ; khe-sin. dev^^aned ^>are??t<f, kh^u-pf. my 
deceased father ^ iSa-ktli soi"-khdu ; ke-sor-hu. your de- 
ceased father, leng-soi°-khau ; leag-sor-tsim. 

deceit, kan-tsa ; khiii-kbi ; kan-k6i ; khiii-phien ; kuang- 
phifen; tshuah ^iu trade), deception^ kd-su; m Aa°- n&iig- 
m4k ; idm-sek. 

decency, h4h-lf; Mh-sek. decent, hidii-li. 

decide, kuat-than ; tia"-ti^h ; tsii-i ; Up-tia" tsii-i. decided, 
kuat-i ; ch6k-kuat ; kuat-than ; u-tsii-i ; u-tsii-ki^n ; u- 
tia"-kifen ; u-pd-thl. legal decision^ kuat-tuan tia"-kia". 

decimate, ts&p-hun thiu-ch^k. 

deck, ship's, tsGn-min ; pun-min. adorn, siu-tsuang ; td- 
p^n ; tsuang-sek ; tsuang-tshdi ; pdi-tshdi ; teuang-pdi. see 


declaration, official, liidu-zu ; k6-sL 

declare, king-mdng; ta°-ra6ng-])6h. 

decline, sun to West, jit sid-sai. groic iceaJcer, suc-niAr; 

khua°-khua'' sue-jiik. refuse, m-t8iin ; tho-khui ; tho-si ; 

m-nguan ; put-hi\. invitation, chhid"-si ; si-sia ; kiong-si- 

sia. a lyresent, piah-sia. receiving visitors, si-m-ki"; si-m- 

ki°-min ; tho-m-to (not ''at Ikome''). 

declivity, pho-lo-sia. 

decoct, pA-ieh; chien-i^.h. decoction, i6h-tling; i6h-td. 
decorate, td-pJtn ; siu-tsuang ; siu-sip phdi-chhi4ng ; siu- 

sip Ii6-th6i°; siu-slp-ngid ; siu-sip kuang-tshdi ; iam-li. 

see DECK. 
decorous, tuan-chiH"; heng - chl tuan-chiili" ; u-thl-mic. 

decorum, 16i-iigi; kui-kii. 
decoy, In-iii ; id-h6k ; phifen ndng jip-i6k ; iii-phibn. decoy- 

bird, chidu-bAe. see abduct. 
decrease, hdau-kidm ; chiam-chiam-kidm ; siau-sih ; sue- 

decree, meng-leng. Empewr's. siang-zu. heaven's, thien- 

meng, issue a decree, tshut-zu ; thdan-meng. 
decrepit, khi-hueh sue ; kiu ts5-ch^k-tu ; sok ts(>-crh6k-pe. 
dedicate, hong ; keng-hong. an idol^ an-sln ; ua^-siu ; ua"- 

sln-iii ; an-kliam. 
deduce, tshui-lun ; tshui zft-lun— tsu. 
deduct, khii-tA; khil-kidm; tft-kidin. 
deed, action, su ; heng-6i ; kiir-su. written, khbl 
deem, sie". to deem it insufficient, th6i"-ts6 m-kiu ; T- 

ti put-tsok. 


deep, clilum ; chhim-tim. the deep, chhim-uan ; cliliim- 
tliam. deej) thought, chliim-su ; chhim-sie". deep colour, 
chhim-sek ; sek-tsiii chliim. dig deej), liii-chhim. deephj 
learned, hik-miig chhim ; tsu-11 chhim. deep voice, sia* 
1(V16 ; ta"-ue o-o-ki^. deeply absorbed in anything, jip- 
sin. a deep and dangeroas fellow, im-thim-hai. 

deer, t6k. sinews, t^k-kiin. Iiorns, t^k-zdng, mush-deer, 

deface, mu^h-tiau ; t6u-tiau ; buah-tiau ; k6u-tiau. 

defalcation, khui-kh6ng ; aili-kh6ng. 

defamation, pti-lil ; hiii"-pang ; bft-lua ; u nS,ng mia"-sck. 

default, sit-tsh6 ; kiie-sit ; khi^m-khueh ; tsh6-gou ; khueh- 

defeat, to, phtia-tek ; thai-iA°. chi^n-i4"; phah-i4"; phah- 
pai ; chi^n-s^ng. to he defeated, pai-tin ; phah-pai ; pai- 
tsdu ; th&i-su ; chifen-su. defeat a plot, phSa-kbi. 

defect, khi^m-khuch ; khueh ; tsuAh ; m-kku. supply a de- 
fect, p6u-khueh. defective, m-kku ; m-tshAan ; m-ka-nAg ; 
m-uAu-tsliftan ; m-ts4u ; m-kilu-k4i ; khih ch^k-k6 ; u- 
khueh— tshh. 

defection, pue-i4°. from religion, pue-tau. 

defence, before magistrate, sti ; sti-tsng ; sb-uan-tsng ; sti- 
uan-16k; sii-tiil". 

defend, thi-hAang ; h6ang-siii ; p6-hu ; p6-iu ; chih,u-kii. 

defendant, pi-k6. plaintiff and defendant, ngAan-k6, pi- 

defer, in-ti"; chhi-man ; hAa-th6a ; Aa-thAa ; tam-tda ; tam- 
koh ; thA-mau ; ien-kii ; ien-chhl. 

defer, to any one, tsun-jiaiig~i. deference, khiam-jiang ; 

defile, jidm-u ; hii— ti^h nah"-sap. a womjan, tiam-u; u-iie. 
a defUe, ki-khdu. important j)ass, hidm-ai ; iku-ki. 

define, k6i-m6ng ; hun-mdng ; thiah-mdng. 

deflower, khi^ng-kan ; tiam-u ; u-tie. 

deformed, m-chiA^-ie"; m-chi4"; phtia-sife". 

defiray, expenses, tshut-s6-htii. 

defiraud, khi-phi^n. 

defy, thok-chiSn ; kck-chi&n ; iii-chi^n ; jid-chifen ; thie- 

degenerate, times, hong-s6k pl-soi" m-t&ng. children, 
put-8iStu-tsi\ ; put-siau kia°-ti. 

degrade 9 officially, ktlng-khip. three degrees^ kkng- 


sa"-khip. vnthoiit dismissal, khiVcheh lau-jim, entirely, 

thut-cheh ; 16h-cheh. 
degree, tdng; tdng-khip; pfn-khip. to have a degree, 

u-kong-mill^ to get the 1st literal^ degree, jip-6h; jlp- 

sib-ts&i. the 2nd , t^ng-kii-jln. tlie 3rd, tfeng-chin-sii. 

the 4th, tidm-h&n-llm. a j^^^^'chased degree , kkm-seng. 

to buy such, kien-k^m-seng. a graduate by competition, 

chi^*-thA ; chi^^-lou . a graduate by purchase, phien - 

thA ; i-lou. degrees of relationship, kdu-ts6k ; ng6u - 

h6k ; chhin-so. by degrees, chi3.m - chiSin ; ch^k-teftng 

chik-tsAng ; ch^k-tsam ch6k-tsam. 
deify, hong-{li-sln ; kfeng zA-sin-m^ng. 
deities, knomn by the Chinese, SiSing-tl ; thi°-kong ; sin- 

mdDg ; kiii-sln ; lS.u-i4 ; phA-sat. 
deign, BAi-kil ; hia-kii. 

dejected, sim sng; hiian-16; tshau-sim peh-tftg. 
delay, In-ti"; tam-koh ; thA-man ; chhi-man ; chbi-ien ; 

tau-ldu ; koh-m§.n ; tam-inan. 
delectable, kh6-Sti; kh6-hf; zA-i; thi^ng-i. 
delegate , chhe-sdi ; chhe-Ai. a delegate, lii-u&n ; ski ; 

deliberate, to, siang-li&ng; kku-ni6°; chim-chiak; ngf- 

lun ; siang-ngl ; kk-liin ; tsham-sidng ; hue-ngf ; sAg - 

14i sfig-khA ; sie°-l&i Bie"-khA ; pf-ldi pf-khA ; chiak-ngf. 
deliberately, soi" si?, Su ki4"; u-i ; Up-l ; tshut-td u-i. 
delicate, jiA-niig. in health, sin-hun phk"; sin-hun Wm ; 

8in-th(ii jiik ; khi-th6i jiik. neat, kiau-kiah. fine, \\x- 

sbi ; cheng-mAi". fastidious, tiau-khi&u-chiih. in taste 

and flavour , bl - sbu h6 - tsai ; iu - iikm iA - phang . 

delicax^ies, tien-bi; peh-bi; tien-siu peh-pi; sua'^-tien 

delight, hua"-hl; khAai-lik. delight in, hku"; zuit. 

ddightfid , kh6-hf ; hd-zuit-m&k ; h6-kbai-hu&i ; tshA- 

bi. delighted, sdng-khAai ; sudiig-khAai ; khAai-thikng ; 

delineate, ue-h6ng-t6u ; ue-t6u ; phah-k6. 
delinquent, huam-jin ; tsue-jln. 
delirious, k6ng; k6ng-k6ng; hun-k6ng; iu-tsai-ndng ; 

put-tsai nAng-su ; hun-tk"; tn4ng-tk°-ue ; sim hun ; k6ng- 

tien k6ng-tien. 
deliver, kiA ; cbfn-kiA ; kiA-ien ; kiA-tshut ; khan-kiA ; 

kiu-tsd. over, kau ; keiu-h^i"; kau-hA ; kf>i-shng . up , 


kidu; kidu-h6r; hSng-hdi"; kau-h6e; khiih ti&g-l&i- 

hdi"; khiih-h6r. an order ^ thiian-meng . deliver up 

oneself ^ ka-ki tshut— 14i jin-tsue; ka-ki s^ng-ka-ki. he 

delivered of a chUd^ se"-kii°; a-ndu** tshut-si. 
delude, ml°-h6k; id-hik; inAa"-phifen. dehtsion , km- 

mue . 
deluge, &ng-tsiii ; toa-tsiiL 
delve, kit-thdu; liii-th6u, 
demand, tshue-n&ng-th6 ; tshue-n&ng-khi&h. hack^ th6- 

tiig. money ^ th6-chi'*; th6-si^u. restitution, th6-pAe. 
demeanour, thf-th^i; n^ng-khu^n; khudn-sek; hdng- 

Hi ; kii-t6ng ; ki&°-Ai ; khl-siang ; hSng-siing. 
demolish, hlii-hai ; hlii-huai ; pai-hai ; hiii"-tiau ; thiah- 

tiau ; phtia-lidu-liiu. a village, as a punishment, tshau- 

demon, kill ; iau-chia''; kiii-ktlai ; si4-muih ; iau-si&. 
demoniac, u-kiii; huam-ti^h-kiii ; pun-kiii ttie— ti^.h. 
demonstrate, piAu-m6ng; ch^ng-mdng; tshui-lun mdng- 

pih; ch^Dg-slt; ch^ng-k^u-slt ; chfeng-tiih-sit. 
demur, chhl-ien. have scruples, gl ; hA-gi ; chhl-gl ; gt- 

tshai; tshai-gi. 
den, sua"-khang; 8ua"-tang; Bua"-hu&t. 
denizen, pAg-tl-n&ng; pAg-chia. 

Denmark, ^g-ki-kok. 

denominate, ki&-mi&"; kife-tsb; chheng-hu; chheng-ts5; 

hau— ts6. denomination, miA^'-ho; ho. 
denote, chf; chf-m6ng. 
dense, bit ; tsAt ; toi°; chiu-bit. population, nS,ng bit-tsit ; 

bit-bit. teocture, p6u iti"-bit; cheng-bit; sbi-bit; bit- 

tsit-tor. foliage, chhiu-hi^h bit-tsit ; im-im ; mSng-bit ; 

dent, thap ; phah-thap ; cheng-bih ; puih-bih ; puih-nap- 

uh; cheng-nap-uh. 
denude, thfig-tiau sa'-khbu; hien-tiSu. 
deny, i; ^b6; m-jin. refuse, m-tsiin. 
depart, khfi ; li ; li-khui ; li-pi^t. this life, kite-si ; si-si ; 

klie-khi ; ts6-k6u-n&ng— lidu ; tsak-k6u ; sien-iii ; ISu— khft- 

lidu; sin-kiu 
department, of territory, chiu ; hti ; kui". one^s duty, 

sin-hun ; cheh-hun ; pAg-hun ; hun-lSii. 
depend, on, kou ; f -kou ; f -nai"; lia ; khiia-chiang ; khila- 

png ; tit-png ; lia-kSu, it depends on you, t6-li\ tsti-i. 


deplore, pui-ai ; khilu ; hdan-lo. deplovahle^ kh6-sicli ; 

kli6-thiii"; kh6-siang. 
deposition, khdu-keng. 

depopulate, thA^i-ntlng chin-ehln. depopulated^ phau-hng. 
deportment, heng-6i; pin-heng; tlif-thlii. 
depose, keh-chch ; thut-clicL ; keh-kh(i cheh-jim. from 

throne, hui-kun. 
deposit , pang ; tlioh. tclth any one, tah—n&ng khfig ; 

thoh— nang. la Bank at interest, pjing-siiiu se"-sek. 
depraved, sii ; si^-phiah ; put-sih,u, 
deprecate, khi6-sit\ ; khiA-midn ; koh-16 i miir-khl. 
depreciate, th6i" iTi-chie"-mik ; hidm ; b6-inih-t8hii, 

depredation, chhie'-kiap. 

depress , teh ; tch - - 16h - khi\ ; khidng-iap n4ng-mueh . 

mental depression, liu&n-sim ; huan-16-pe°. 
deprive, of, t6h-khfi; tih-tAg. of office, keh-cheh ; 

khii-kua" ; tiah-in ; tiah-tdng. of degree , klii\-tiau kong - 

niia . 
depth, chliim ; clihim-thiim. lehat depth ? ji^h-clihim ? 
depute, lii ; chhe - khien ; sd,i. deputy, iii-u3,n ; thbi - 

derange, hun-luan; hun-tsAp; jidu-tsip; kidu-jidu ; 

zu-luiin ; zu-him. deranged, zfi ; ziVluan. all in disorder, 

zft k^u tshap-tshap-tsliui. in mind , k6ng ; sidu ; siin 

m-tia"; sim him ; sim luaii ; sim bun-luS.n. 
dereliction, klii-ts6h ; khi-tiau. of duty, b6-cliin piig- 

deride, ki-chhi^u ; nd-clihi&. 
derivation, s6-i6-Ui ; s6-teh6ng-tsliut. 
derogate, liiii°-pang ; ts^m-tsfig. 
descend, kJlng-hia ; k^ng-lim ; lim-16h ; kang-16h ; 16h ; 

descendant . au-I ; mi^u"-! ; tsd - sun ; kid"-sun ; au - 

describe, chl-mfing ; sueh-mdng. an occurrence, 6h pun- 
ning- thia". general description, tsong-lun. euery cfc- 

scription, kak-sek; kak-ie"; kak-ho. 
desert , khuJing-id ; sua"-id ; pou-ii ; hng-pou ; tshdu - 

id ; phau-hng. 
desert, to, kbi-ts6h; i)^ng-tiau ; khi-tiau. an army , 

to-kun ; tsdu-kun ; pi-kun. in face of tlie enemy ^ lim- 

tin ku-phJi"; lim-tin thb-sok. 


<i6S6rV8, eng-kai ; kham-kai. death, kai-si. deserving, 

u-kong ; kham-kai-tit. 
desiccate, khba-ta; phik-ta (^m the sun) \ la-taf/y/ 

the unnd) ; sai-ta ; sai-kang. 
design, i-sfi ; k6i-m6ug, with design, ku-i ; ii-i ; tsuaii- 

ai". einl, sid-m6ug. -pattern, th6i-sek ; ie"; m6"-ie". 
desire, h.i\ nguan. evil desires, sii-i6h. desirable, kho- 

luo". having a strong desire to do a thing, li-heng-l ; 

u-heng-hue ; u-hfeng-thAu ; ii-clilieng-heng . the desire 

for home is like ati arroiv, kui-sim su-chr. 
desist, hiah ; theng-sek ; pJliig-chliiu ; m^i. 
desk, tshfig-kui". 
desolate, pkwe, n(S"-161i ; sok-m6k . person , kou-t6k ; 

kou-toa"; kou-ki'ia. 
despair, sit-mo"; ts6h-mo°; bo-lii-mo"; bo-mo"; mfn- 

despatch , a messenger , sdi-i-khfi. despatch a letter , 

kiR-tsu ; kill - sin ; hiiat - tsu. a despatch , bdn - tsu ; 

kong-biln. to send a despatch , kuV-bAn ; kia"-bfin-tsu. 

with all despatch, md"-me" ; chhiet-clibict. 
desperado, miii"-sc° miii°-si ; m-kii se"-sf ; mtii°-sf-uab ; 

mau"-inid"; mau°-sl. 
desperate , b6-k5 h6-kiti . not afraid of infection, evil 

ijijfifence, d'c, bd-klm b6-ki, 
despise , th6i° - khin ; khin-hut ; midu - si ; liih - tsiia"; 

liAh-khin. despicable, hia-lifl ; hia-tsua"; th6i°-m-to-m4k. 
despiteful, hiong-ak ; ak-tAk ; khi-hu buan-thai. 
despoil, cbhi^"-kiap ; chbitS"-pak. 
despond, sit-mO"; sit-chi. 

despot, pJt-tsii. despotism, pil-taii. despotic, pau-ngiik. 
destined, tia°-ti6h ; u-soi" tia"-ti6h ; u-thicn-meng ; u- 


destiny, mia° ; mia"-un ; se"-s6ng. evil, kh6u-mia". 
destitute, 16h-p6h ; khuch-hiuVt ; phiii-buat ; bd - cbiah 

b6-cbbeng ; keng ; pbin - kbi^iig ; kliiaii ; khiau-kdng . 
destroy, pai-buai ; j>ai-bai ; hiii-tiau ; bui-huai ; hui" - 

tiau ; biii-tui ; tshau-mit. destruction, mit-buang; pai- 

detacH, thiab - khui ; huu-buah (as dif. persons to dif 

pieces of irork), 
detain, lau; tau-lau; 14u-tsu; klu-kia"; tain-koh, as 


guest, 14u— chi&h-pflg ; IS^u-na'^-kb chiih. hy force^ 

khi&ng-l^u ; Dge-I4u. 
detect, th6r-phtia ; tshue— tiSh ; siau— ti^h ; chhd— tshut 

deter, tuah-th6 ; heh-thb (hy threats) ; k^ng-k^ ; klm-kii 

kku-kki ; ts6-chl ; ts6-t6". 
determine, tsii-i ; llp-sim ; llp-i ; Up-tia** tsii-i ; tia°-chi 

detest, 16u ; ti ; chhim-16u. detestable, kh6-ii. 

dethrone, hid-kun. 

detriment, siin-hai ; siang-hu&ng-gai ; kan-gai. 

develope, huat-hin; Ibu-hin; khai-huat. 

deviate, kiA'^-tahiia ; tsiu-tsuih ; sit-gou ; ki^°-ta"-l6u. frvm 

right principle, U-khui chik'-tSlu. 
device, k6i ; sim-su ; k6i-chheh. devise, siet-kM ; phah- 

devil, md'-kiii; kiii. 
devious, kiS^'-ta^'-lou ; tsiu-tshb-lou. 
devoid, b6. of reason, bd-chhdng-H ; bd-to-lt 
devoted, tsuan-sim ; zuih-sim. to duty, chin-tong ; tong- 

devotion, religious, sdng-kfeng tsu-sim; kfeng-khidn; 

khidn-k^ng; khiSn-sdng. 
devour, thun, thun-chiih. 
dew, lou-tsiSi. one drop of dew, ch4k-tidm-lou. 
dewclaw, koi-jidu ; koi-ku ; koi-cht 
dewlap, g^-§lm-8d ; Sm-sd. 
dexterity, khd-goi; khi-khi; h6-clilnu-tuan ; 16ng-lai; 

kh^ ; kha-chhiii 5i ; u&h-phuah. 
dextral, iii-p6i'; chiJl''-chhiii-p6r. 
diagram, ie . the eight diagrams, poih-khiie. 
dial, jit-kui. 
dialect, th6u-iie ; th6u - th&m ; th6u - im ; im-gti ; khie"; 

th6u-khie". native, hiang-th^m. 
dialogue, nmg-tap ; phu^h-ue. see conversation. 
diameter, tong-siia'; th^u-tong tit-slia'. 
diamond, suan-chi^i. a glazier's, stian-pit. 
diaphanous, kuang thku-tit-ktie. 
diarrhoea, 8i^-t6u ; l^u-t6u ; Iku-edi ; t6u m-h6 ; pjlng- 

t6u. and vomiting, thbu-siti. 
diary, hfing-fti-phSu ; jlt-ki-16k. 


dice, tAu-kid"; kut-t&u. dice box, t4u-kid°-ip. gamble with 
dice, puih-t4u-kid^ loaded dice, ktian-ln-t^u. 

dictate, hun-hti ; meng-leng. write to my dictation, ud- 
liam lii-sid. 

dictionary, ji-tidn ; ji-lui. rhyming, si-un ; kidm-un. 

die, to, si ; khe-si ; si-si ; khtii tng ; lau— khi ; tsak-k6y. 
see DECEASE, by one's ovm hand, tsQ-chin. of disease, pe- 
st of hunger, go-sf. of cold, kAa"-8l. 
ie, a, chr-b6u ; ji-b6u. 

diet, to, as sick person, khie°-tsh{ii ; kii-khdu. 

differ, ii-hun-pi6t; 6i-koh-ie"; m-sie-t4ng; m-pd^-ie"; m- 
chik-ie"; m-chhin-chhie°. slightly, tsuih-m-ua; tsuih-m- 
hfig ; tsu&h hun-hun ; tai-t&ng sidu-i ; tsha-m-to. to quar- 
rel, 8e"-hi4m-khiah ; kang-n&ng u-ue. m^iJce up a difference, 
thiAu-tlt; thi4u-hAa. 

difficult, oh ; Ifiln ; kan-kh6u ; b6-hi&°- koi. tliere are no 
difficulties in the world if you are only in earnest, thi"-e 
b6-l&n-8u, chl-phk" sim-put-tsuan. 

diffidence, sim gi ; m-kd'-sin. 

diffiise, spread, kiiang-pti; kiiang-ptla; pila-i4ng; suang- 
i4ng ; suan-pti. not concise, khui-khuah ; se'-tie-sdi ; se - 
ue-phAe ; tk'-ue se"-ki se"-lii6h ; se°-ue-ki ; se'^-ue-tsat ; tie 
8e"-ki-tsat ; hukm. 

dig, kit; liii; k4t-th6u. 

digest, siau-chiih. indigestion, t6u m-siau ; cbi&h bdi-siau. 
digestive tonic, p6u-pi. 

dignity, ui-hong ; ui-hong llm-llm. 

diKe, toi ; toi-ngai. to mnke a, tsoh-toi. 

dilapidated, t6 ; thap-kbang hiii-tui ; huang-bai ; pbiia- 

dilate, ptia-i&ng; ti^^'-khui; chiam-khtia'. 

dilatory, tua"; man ; In-tf ; kau-tf -14i kau-tf-khi ; tbA- 

diligent, eng-kang ; kb^n-kang ; kb^u ; tsuan-kang ; 14t- 
kang; tsbut-lit. 

dill, sid-bAe ; bAe-bie". water, bAe-bie"-tsiii. 

dilute, tbau-p6b; tbku-tstii; tsbong-tsiii ; tsbong-p6b. 

dim, im ; sit-kng m-bin ; bu-bu. dim-sighted, mik-cbiu 
hue ; mik hue ; mik bu. grow dim, as picture, bile— kbA 
dimly seen, lin-iin iak-iak. 

diminish, kidm ; tii-kidm ; kb^-ki^m ; kidm-cbi^. the 
population, as epidemic, kidm-n4ng-kbdu. 


dimity, 8i4-bAii-p6u. 

dimple, in chin^ e-h&i-tsuh. in cheeks, chiii-tsah. 

din, of gongs and drums, koiig-kiiaDg-ki& ; kong-kong-ki^. 

dine, chi^h-toa-tiig ; chi^ m6*-km-png. at noon, chi&h-jit- 

dip, into tester, im-tsiii; iin-t&iii* hd iron in water ^ 
chhih - tsiiL dip tip water, eng-pii-hia I&i-i^-tstii (with 
ladle); eng pu4h-thang 14i kua'-tsi&i (from weU); eng 
tiku-o l&i-tiku-tsiSi (tcith bucket & well-sweep) ; eng h6u- 
tiu 14i-h6u-tsiii (with ladle having long handle), a dipper^ 

diploma, biin-phdng; bikn-pSng. 

direct, tit; tit-tit. direct route, tit-loiL directly, khim- 
kid'; sAi-s! ; sfd-chiet. / tciU come directly after you, tia 
sAi-au chiu-lfid. to direct, chi-ln. order, hun-hii ; meng. 
control, kiian-lf ; ki!ian. a letter, sid-huang-phiie. direc- 
tions, meng-leng ; kui-ti&n. 

dirt, nah-sap ; 14m-8ap. dirty, nah-sap ; nah-sap-si^*; o-tso ; 
u-tie ; m-chheng-khih ; m-chheng-kiet ; o-14m o-lL to dirty ^ 
inak--ti^h nah-sap ; h^— tiih nan-sap. 

disabled, htii-chlt; phiia-siy,- htd-jln. 

disadvantage, slh-pAg; m-pien; m*8un; b6-iali; siu- 

disagree, m-hda ; £i-h&h ; m-siang-h&h ; ffi-tiii. the climate 
disagrees with me, m-h6k tsiii-th6u; chi&h-m-ti^ tsiSi- 
th(5u, disagreeable, b6-mih tshti-bi ; tshua-n&ng-Idu ; kou- 
tik (unsociable) ; kSu-u^h (sensation). 

disappear, m-ki°; sit-16h; b6-kh{i. 

disappoint, sit-ieh ; 8it-sin ; gou~tiih n&ng-8(S-mo* ; siang- 
gou ; tam-gou ndng-k4i-su. disappointed, sit-mo"; sit-i. 

disapprove, m-hua"-hl; m-hih-i; fa-tsiin. 

disarranged, zii-zt ; zft-tsWng ; hun-tsip ; hng-heh ; hng- 
hng heh-heh. 

disaster, hiong-su ; tsai-iang ; hua ; tsai-hiia ; hiia-tsai ; 

disavow, m-jm. 

disband, sba'^-pia"; thiah-pia*. 

disbelieve, m-sin ; m-si^n ; m-siang-sln ; gi 

disburse, tshut-chi". 

discard, m-eng ; pkng-tiau ; sl-tiau ; sl-tti. 
discern, th6i"-tshut ; th6i'-tit-tshut. discernment, ti-hfli ; 
ti-sek ; ki^n-sek ; tshong-m^ng. quick, li-mi^n-tsh&i. 


discharge, servant, st; mki"; m-eng; keh-tiau. a pri^ 

soneVy sek-p^ng. cargo, khf-htie. duty, chin-piig-hun. 

an account, khou-tiau-si^u. 
disciple, mAg-seng ; hik-seng ; ti-tsA ; mftg-thA. 
discipline, ka-tau ; k^-huap. family, ke-kk ; ke-huap ; ke- 

kuL military, kun-huap; kun-leng. 
disclaim, i^-jln; tho-m-tsaL praise^ khiam-st 
disclose, 16u-tshut ; siip-lau ki-kuan ; tshut-phila. 
discoloured, sek m-ts£u ; 16h-sek ; thb-sek ; sit-sek ; sek 

lut ; sih^-sek. 
discomfort, m-khlia"-u&h ; kSu-u^h ; m-ua"-sim ; sim-tang 

discommode, kiiu-jidu; hun-ti^,h; 14u; lui; hAan-14u. 
discompose, phi6n-n4ng-kia''; sdi-ning-sim i&u-t6ng. 
discoi^cert, phtia-k6i. disconcerted, b6-tit-i ; sit-i ; hun- 

k6ng ; aim hun. 
disconsolate, ut-at ; ut-bun ; iu-ut ; ut-sln ; hi!kan-16 ; iu- 

bun ; b6»tit ua"'ile ; sim sng ; phi" sDg. 
discontented, m-ktie'l ; m-tsai-tsok ; u^n - mia"-kliiap ; 


discontinue, hiah. 

discord, m-hAa; m-thi4u-hAa; bd-siang chiih-clilh; b6- 
chiap-chlh; m-h<ia-m6k. 

discounts p6u-ngAn-tsiii ; thiap-ngi^n'tstii ; thiu-tMu-ngj^h 
(brokerage); khi-lai-chf, Jvr ready money ^ hin-cM* 

discourage, phifen oAng skug-t^"; hai n&ng 8kng-td^ dis- 
couraged, 8^ng-ti°; b6-ti'; sie^ti^li i^i^; gie'-ti^h i^-sln. 

discourse, k^ng-lun ; kAng-t&vL. 

discourteous, b6-16i ; m-hi^u chh6ng-lt 

discover* chhd-tsbut; th6r-tshut; tn6r-phlia; pbila-8|}; 

tshue— tiih ; chhlm— ti^h. have a clue to, ii-stia"-8oh. 
discreet, u-ki^n-sek; kiin-sln; kiin-sim; tsii-sbi; sid-sim; 

u-ti-hui ; ttm-tieh. 
discriminate, hun-piSt; hun-lui; s6i-si4ng hun-piSt. 
discursive, kau-thS,m khuah-lun. 
discuss, pien-lun; ngi-lun; king-lfln; tbAm-lQn; lun-sij; 

disdain, th6r-khin ; th6r-m-chie"; mi^u"-8i ; tb6r-m-chie'- 

mik; liih— ning ih,m-khi. disdainful, tWr-n^ng fii-to- 

m&k ; m&k-khang khuah. 


disease, pe"; m4u"-pe°; pe°-th^'; pe°-ch&ng. chronic^ kd- 
tAg-pe°; kii-chlt. nave disease, u-pe"; ti-pe"; ph{ia"-pe". 
cure, ui-pe°. diagnosis of, jin-pe". eye'disease^ m&k-chia 

disembark, chie"-8ua'; khl-tstii; chie'-tsiii. 

disembogue, thkng-h^i. 

disencumber, k6i. of burden, hiah-tk". of clothing, tiAg- 

disengaged, bd-su; 61'. 

disentangle, k6i; k6i-kat. 

disgorge, thbu; thbu-tshut. 

diSjgrace, tiu-lidn ; sit-lidu ; b6-min ; ki&n-siku ; ti-z6k ; 

chhf -zAk ; ldDg-z6k ; 8i{l-z6k. bring on oneself, tsfi-tshli- 

z6k. disgraceful, si4u-ll-su ; ki^n-chhi^-su. 
disguise, koh-ie" td-pan. male or female, tsuang-JAm k^* 

niig. as a literary man, tsuang-tsb th&k-tsvi-n&ng. 
disgust, ikm-t8ua°; ikm-hun; ^m-khl; ikm-ii. Judder 

vnth, phah-tshiln-lun ; phah-tshiin - un ; th6i"-ki' heh**- 

chik-ki^. disgusting, chhi-gl. 
dishes, p6a*-da". 
dishevelled, th4u-m6" z^-z^ ; th4u-m6' zft-sJtu-soL 

dishonest, m-ch^'-keng ; m-kong-tiu; m-chik^-tlt ; ffi- 
kua"-chik°; m-toDg-h6u ; put-ngi ; m-chUl'; ffi-mdng-pih ; 
hku"-8ie-tshuah ; Si-tshuah-n&ng. 

dishonour, ldng-z6k; 8it-z6k; tUm-u. dishonorahle, bd« 
thi-mm su ; m-chik"-keng. 

disinclination, sim hi4m; sim m-hikng; ffl-ngiian; A^ 
hku; ik-ik ien-sln ien-sln. 

disingenuous, m-tong-tlt; sim m-tit; b6-s6ng-slt; a- 
sdng-sim ; m-khdng tlt-tk\ 

disimierit, ts6h-tiau i k&i su-ngiip ; ts6h-tiau ke-ngi&p ; 
ts6ih-tsu ke-ngi&p. 

disinter, chhien-phAn ; khl-tskn ; kbui-kut-tMu ; khui-kut- 
slt; khieh-si-h4i. 

disinterested, b6-su-sim; bd-phien-sim ; ngl-khi (readi- 
ness to assist persons in distress) ; chheng-liSrin. 

dislike, hi&m ; a-sieh ; 16u ; m-hku'' ; mid ; id. 

dislocate, kut tshut-khu. 
dislodge, jiau-tiau. 
disloyal, put-tong ; put-tong i-kun. 

dismal, voice, ai-sia ; pui-ai kM-sia". solitary^ kou-Mng 


dismantle, a ship^ thiah-tiau khang-ts^-thdng. 

dismast, cblh-iii. 

dismay, tai-kia"; kia"-h6ang; kia^-sl-n&ng. 
dismember, a criminal^ sidu-ldng-chhl ; tok-tiau kha- 

dismiss, sl-tiau ; ffi-eng ; keh-cheh ; pa-cheh. 
dismount, 16h-bd from carriage, 16n-chhia. 
disobedient, m-sun ; m-gfin-meng ; m-tsun-meng ; fii-sfin- 

tsh6ng; Ai-meng; pue-ngik; Ai-ng^k; ng^k-tsii. son, m- 

kiA'^-hJlu ; put-hau ; put-siku. 
disoblige, ffi-kuan-kli ; a-th6r*kii ; fia-th6i-thiap ; ffiL-chiku- 

eng. disobliging^ b6-n&ng-chh6ng. 
disorder, luan; zfi-ztL; hun-tsip; zft-ngi&u-ngiAu ; hng- 

hng heh"-heh*. disorderly conduct^ hinang-s^ ; b6-huap- 

disown, ffi-jin. 

disparage, th6r-kldn ; lun-n4ug kho-khek ; phl-si^'-u&ng. 
disparity, phit-phtie m-ktie. 
dispassionate, m-tSng-sim; bd-khi; bd-phien-sim. 

dispatch, see DESPATCH. 

dispel, tshue-stia"; k6i; siau-t(^; siau-tiau. 

dispense, pun. charity^ gi-chL with one*s services^ si; 

disperse, phah-stia"; pun-stia*'; si-sila'; sila°*khui; hun- 

sSa**; kua^-slia'*; jiau-sUa"; cheng-sba". see dispel. 
dispirited* skng-sim ; skng-ti"; s^ug-chl ; h{kaii-16 ; sim i^- 

displace, pua"-khui ; p^ng m-kui-tii ; pua" zft-zA ; 16ng-zA ; 

display, hidn-mdng. Jlne clothes, tidn-bik-sek ; pii-pdi h6k- 
sek. a display, h£an-hua. 

displeafiet tit-tsue-n&ng ; tieh-n4ng-khl ; tieh— oAng; kek- 
n4ng-khi ; tshok— tiih n4ng-khL to look displeased, min 
pr-pi". displeased, m-hua -hf ; fia-hku"; t<5u-l3.i put-zu4t ; 
fli-tfeng-i ; m-ktie-i ; 8e"-khl ki^n-kuh,i. dont be displeased 
with me, mh^i'-ki^n-kuki lia ; m6k-kuh<i lia, 

disi)OSe, arrange, p4i; pdi; p&i-liit; p^-li4t; an-p4i. 
troops, p&i-tin. to be disposed to do anything, 'ki; h^u"; 
nguan ; u-sim-Jti'. dispose of, by sale, boi. by gift, pun- 
ning ; d— n&ng. decide a cause, phtian-ttian ; slm-ttian* 

disposition, se"; s^'-chhfing; sim-chhSng; sim-s^^ 

disproportion, phtie-m-kile ; kah-m-kiie. 


dispute, che"-lQn ; sie-che"; pien-poh ; sie-a ; kau-soi. loud 

angry disputation, tshAu-nau". 
disquieted, m-ua"-8im ; sim b6-ph6ng-an ; m-kite-sim ; fa- 

pkng-sim ; khba-sim ; hAan-sim. 
disregard, a-kil; m-kiian; m-lf; hut-liik; ffi-tflhii; ffi- 

thia . orders, fii-tsun-meng. 
disrelish, m-hih-tshtii ; m-hih-chi&h ; m-h&h chhi&u-khdu; 

m-h4h ui-khiu. 
disreputable, b6-thl-min; m-kti-li^n; Jtu-mi&"; mi4"-sek 

m-h6 ; tshku-miA"-sek. 
disrespect, m-kfeng ; m-siang-kfeng ; bd-buan ; buan-thSi ; 

b6-16i; b6-lf. 
disrobe, thig-tiau-sa". 
disruption, phba; phtia-khui; phila-tfig. 
dissatisfied, m-ktie-i; m-zG-i; m-hih-i. 
dissect, 16h-khui ; kuah-khui. 
dissemble, tie"-ie"; tie* k&i-ie"; tie'-khiian ; tsuang-eek ; kd- 

ts6; mAa°-n4ng-in4k. 
disseminate, ptla-stia*; pba-i^ng; thiftan-piia. 
dissent, in opinion^ l-kifen m-t^ng ; m-t&ng-i ; ffi-t&ng* 

siiD. dissension^ Q-hi&m-khiah ; fi-ue; ffl-siang-hjla ; m* 

dissertation, pien-luu; mSng-pien. compose a, tsbJiin, 
dissever, tsdm-ts6 n6"-tng ; kuah^tfig. 
dissimilar, fli-t4ng ; koh-ie"; m-sie-t&ng ; ii-tsuih ; m-siSu. 
dissipate, hua-htii ; phiia-litii ; htii-tiS.u ; phba-chln ; 8^1- 

tiau-cbr. the mind, slia'-sim ; aim phA ; sim It ; sim 

bhan^. dissipated, b6-tsat-t6u ; bd-huap-tou ; pbdi'-kiA', 
dissociate, t86h-kau; kuah-tilg; tsdm-tfig; tedh-tiig; 

hun-pi^t; li-kbui; tbiab-khui. 
dissolute, btiang-tang; btiang-Ai; bJtu"-cbili-8ek. 
dissolve, i&\ in water, 16b-tsiii siau-id'. hy fire^ eng-btie 

pA-i6". partnership, thiab-si^u ; pun-seng-U ; pun-btie-ki ; 

tbiab-khui; pun-kbui; pun-si^u. 
dissonant, sia" m-tbi4u-b<ia ; Bia*" i&-16b-un; sda* bd-im- 

dissuade, kbfig-cbf ; kbfig-n&ng-mki^ kb&g-n&ng-biab ; 

distan, pbdng-cbbia. 
distance, bflg-kun. according to, lun bfi^-kiin. what is the? 

j iib-biig ? to see at a, bfig-bflg mo"— ki . hetvoeen Swatow 

and CKaO'Chow-foo is 9 hagues^ SiLa"-tb&u kb(j Tid-cbiu- 

bd u kdu-pb6u-lou. 


distaste, m-h4h-i; b6-sim-hikiig ; b6-hikiig; b6-l-hikng. 

distend> ti^°; ti^°-khui. 

distil, spirit, sih-chiii ; kek-chiii. 

distinct, mSng-pAh. see distinctly, thdi" hin-liin; tli^i"- 

hun-mSng. distinction^ hun-piit. 
distinguish, hun-piAt; hun-m6jQg; jln-tia"; pien-mSng. 

distinguished (person), tsun-khi; tshut-mi4°; tshut-thoh. 
distort, tau-tshUa ; tiii-tshiia, distorted, tshiia ; tshiia-ktie- 

14L distort facts, tk"-ue u-uan-khek ; tk"-14i m-tit. 
distracted, sim tsip ; sim luan ; sim zfi. with many things, 

distress, kan-kh6u ; kh6u-tsh6 ; tsai-lan ; khou-lan ; tshdm ; 

tshim-kh6u. to distress people, bAa-lan ; hai-n&ng kan- 

kh6u. distressed in mind, sie"-sim ; huang-sim. 
distribute, pun ; phki ; hun-phkL 
district, region, ti-hng. Hien or county, kui". city, 

ktii'-silL". magistrate, kur ; kui"-kua"; kui"-tsti ; ti-kui". 
distrust, put-sin ; m-siang-sin ; tshai-gi ; gi ; hAai-gl. 
disturb, l4u-t6ng ; kia"-t6ng ; hAan-jiiu ; ki^u-jiiu ; tsak. 
disturbance, se -su ; hiian-luan ; m-ph6ng. 
ditch, tstii-kau ; kau-khut. infields, chhia-kau. 
ditty, kua; si^-khek. 
diuretic, ll-tsiii-i^h ; ll-sidu-pien-i^h. 
dive, bi-tsiii. 

diverge, khui-a ; pun-ki pun-ie". ways, pun-lou. 
diverse, of several kinds, ke-ie"; put-chl ch^k-ie°; sii-ie". 
diversion, thit-th6 ; sie-sAg ; ki4°-iA ; iA-ngdan ; id-sid". 
divert, a stream, tsoh-tsiii; khui-kau. attention, chia- 

diverting, tshh-bl; h6-chhi&; h6-thit-th6. 
divest, of rank, thut-cheh. of clothes, thig-sa". 
divide, pun. egually, pun-ts6i ; pun-tsau. division (in 

arithmetic), kui-tft-huap ; pun-huap. 
divine, to, pu4h-pue (vnth bamboo roots) ; thiu-chhiam ; 

lok-chhiam. divining blocks, sfeng-pue. slips, clihiam. 
divorce, k&-b6u ; hiu-chhi ; tshut-chhi. bill of hiu-tsu ; li- 

divulge, tk"-phila; phiia-su; si4p-lau ki-kuan; ki-kuan 

siip-lau ; tshut-phiia ; phiia-tia"; su-ki si4p-16u. 
dizziness, th4u-khak bin ; th4u bin ; bin. 
do, ts6 ; tsak ; Ai ; ki4°; tsau. do business, ts6-seng-lf. a 

favour, si-un ; ts6-n&ng-cbb6ng. to do as we would be 

M*:iiA 80. 

I. mtili*, kdu-k^u, dog-cheap, phf IdUi bd-n&Dg-ikr; 
i\. lutitj-fuiurd, j)b6Dg-m6 -kin. duni-haired, sit* 

df//i4i l/Uf tyii-iiinfir z(i-kL do away vriih, t&-kbh ; Uik- 
tiau ; k^i. /«;t(; ao yau dof\^ Idun-lda*? do noty m^z 
uiL6i miu, J luive nothing to do with it , ^-^ b64aui; 
Uj'i&i ; l>6-b&ii. this will never do, m-tB6-tit. it «S 
djj, Ui)'iii ; &i-t4i6'tit. tt7ia^ shall I do ! al'-t86-iii-mii£h ! / 
am ih) wAhing Irut run away, chiii-ti[ tsia— eh^-nlkg 
tiu^'tia", b/>-j>4t'l6u. do on^s duty, chln-pi&g-lian. what 
in all ikU ti) ilo a6auf ^ k&-k&-jidng ri-mih £ian4rik ! 

docUid; kfii-ka-d; sfin-sQn; tbia*-nAng-tk*. 

dbockyard; U6ii-chhidiig ; siu-sip-tsiin k&i-ui-tdi^ 

doctor, ui-MC'iig; NJn-iMi". to call, chhii'-ui-Beng. 

doctrina, ka; kHUu; t&u-li; t5-lL /a2«e doctrines, I- 

d>og, Wu. 

h^//' kill, duj/tjed, jihiiih-i>d*; chip-i; chip-phiah. 
4oum&, ki^'M&u. 
d/v&fUl, i^lilii-UliAiih t;ou;^, ai-sia*. 

d/^liiir, i^K(M^ Hnnninh, h&t-th&u ; hAt - ng&n. ifearican, 
ihJiiM^I/flii ; rlilil-kiA-diidu. OTie, cfa^k-k&i-ngftn ; ch^- 
\iUnH u^{\u. % l(i,()()(i, eh£k-l)Qan-Dg^ ; ch^k-tdiiu-ngfiiL 
I hu, rW^k liUHii|j(-iifjOn. 

d/ilt, nj/i*^ ii&ng ; Hilii-ko ; khbng-ngOng. 

A^^Ul^mM'^i kti-lili. st'rmntu, kc-jln; k^n-pan. animals^ 
rlM-npf iwA n/fhirMf ko-liQ. circumstances, ke-8u; ke- 

d/iliiHiifcir;ata, rlihi-n^k ; chhI-BAu-sSk. 

diiiiiino&M, kilt |»&i. 

diil)ii» (»^' Im' ; In^-liiiu. exhausted, lidu ; eng-li^iL done 
////>// a wnil, ii|iiili-pil--liilu. 

d^i^>m, lia'-lHilis; Mdii-than ; ng(-tiil" tsfle-mi^*. 

d^i^^r, iii/ig. I'i'lt, tutiU'tHUhn. hilt the door, tshila'-inAg, 
\i\ iiifi|j;. nhil ih' diHiV, kuo"-mAg. not quite close, mAg 
\m\\ tiiMir-lHir, iiiftg-uhhoug. keej) a door, chi^"-inftg ; siii- 
ihiiy/, kuiiii-iiiAg; ptJ-mAg. door-posts, mAg-thiftu. door- 
/niim', luftg-kliuuii. lintel, niAg-Mi. socket, mAg-khu. 
Un utile, iiiftf^-tHU. fhf^enhidd, mAg-tui". 

dotte, rlirk-diiiip-ii^h ; cli<!ik-Lok-i^n. 

dot, rhrk-liilm. 


dotard, Mu-k^u-ngih ; Uu-kku-th&e. 

dote, nSk-ki; lien-sieh. 

double, sang, to double, kia-pue. folds of cloth, sang-t6ng. 
to double up, as cloth, chih— khl-14i. doublC'Chin, e-hai 
tho-tho; e-Mi 16-to Id-to. double-decder, cMk-min-to no"- 
nun-sdi. double-meaning, sang-thdm-ue ; sang-kuan lidng- 
i. double price, ke-chik-Ae-chr. double-barrelled gun, 

doUDiet, 8in-t<5i-sa"; kfn-sin-sa". 

doubt, gl ; gl-tshai ; tshai-gl ; gl-th6aii. doubtless, mfn-gj ; 
ti&"-tiih ; kiia"-ji6n. doubtful, b6-tia°-tiAh ; hiSang-hut b6- 

dou^h, mf-kk"; kk''-mr, to knead, chUp-mf ; n&k-kk". 

doughty, i6ng-k4'; u-fci°-l&t ; eng-hidng ; h6-hkn. 

dove, hiin-chidu ; ku-ku. dovecot, hdn-chiau-tku. 

dovetail, kau*ch{-siin ; tau-sijn. 

dowdy, tshou-hu ; lah-tah tsu-ni6'. 

down, hia; lAh; ke. doum on the ground, t6-th6u-e. 
down-stairs, 14u-e. doum-hill, lAh-sua". doum below^ t6-e- 
p6i". go far doum, lAh k6-ke. fall doum, puih-lAh. fall 
down (as wall), pang, down-stream, 16h-l&u. inprtce^ Wh- 
kfe ; iiu-phr. 

down (Jeathers), z6iifr, goose-down, g6-z^6ug. 

dowry, kfe-tsng ; sAi-liim ; tsng-li4m. 

doze, tak-sut-gHit ; tak ; tak-mak-ut. 

draft, money, ngdn-toa". of letter, sin-k6. 

drag, thua ; thua-tiii ; khan, cart, thua-chhia. for shells, 
tah-sap ; p6-sap. 

dragon, 16ng ; kau-16ug. to paddle d.-boat, phe-16ng-tsAn. 

dragonfly, sua-me°; sua-me"-nie" (small) ; chheng-thdng. 

dragoon, b^-pia"; khi4-pia". 

drain, tsiii-kau ; aii-kau. di^ain a place, lh,u-tiau-tsiii. off 
water as through strainer, t^-tsiii. 

drake, ah-h6ng. 

draught, see draft, of fsh, ch6k-mang-hA. of wind, 
thong-huang. in a draught, tng-huang-lou. 

draw, thua ; p6ih ; tiii. water, kua"- tsiii ; puih-tsiii. out, 
p6ih-tshut ; mdn-tshiit ; thua-tshut. teeth, khieh-khl a 
sliding imndmv, thuah. a sivord, p6ih-kiJtm ; p6ih-to. poi- 
son, p6ih-tik. a bow, khui-keng ; mdn-keng. oneself 
together in a heap, kiu-kiu niu"-niu°. draw up one's legs^ 
kha kiu--khi-h\i draiv breath, thdu-khiii (also, to sigh). 


opiuni'Smoke, kuh-hun ; p6k-hun. lots, khieh-khau ; p6ih- 
chhiam ; thiu-chhiam-kii". a carriage, thua-chhia. nails, 
p6ih-teng; kian-teng. a net, p6ih-maDg; chhiA - mS.Dg. 
draw near, tiii-b^a. 7iear {approach), ki& -b6a ; chiu-kiln; 
k^-biia. attention, in-tong ii&Dg-sim ; tdog n&ng-sim-m&k. 
up a line of battle, p&i-tin. a Ust, khui-mdng kak-mu&h ; 
ki^m-ti^m. as loadstone, hiap-biia. out of the water, 
U&u ; kou. a splinter, likm-tshut ; tiii-tshut ; thie-tshut 
(with a needle), blood, l&u-hueh ; pkng-tshut-hueh. money 
from hank, khfi-ng^n-h&ng khi^h-ngftn ; ttii-ngftn. a cur- 
tain, \ikm sa-khni ; li&m kidu-phd. draw away, in*tshua. 
entice, fn-iii ; iii-h6k. draw on stockings, chheng-bu^h. 
draw hack, tb-thb ; th6 ; th6-pou. 
draw , pictures, ue-ue ; ue-ang-kid"; tie - si^\ a line, tie- 
hAn ; phah-keh. a landscape, ue-8ua'-t8iii. a map, lie-tdu. 
on^s portrait, ue-sife"; ue-lil-sin ; ue-8idu-id\ 

drawbridge, tii,u-ki6. 

drawer, keh ; tshfig-keh ; kui'-keh. open a drawer, kfaui- 
keh. bureau unth many drawers, peh-chl-keh. 

drawers, 8in-t6i-kh6u. shoi^ drawers, as for hathing, kh6u- 
kuAh ; tsiii-khbu. 

drawing-room, khah-thia*; kheh-thia'. 

drawl, tk°-ue man-man ; tk°-ue zun-pou zun-poa ; tk'-uc 

dread, tii ; kia"; kia'-kfl. dreadful, kh6-iii ; tshua-nilng-^i. 

dream, mang ; m6"- mang ; ki-kuan. have a d^^am, tit- 
ch^k-mang; mang-chAk-mang. dream anything, mang- 
ki". interpret, pien-mang ; pien-mang-tiau. hy a dream, 
e.g. to teoA^h one, tlioh-mang. 

dreary, ou-km; kan-ta; sok-lian. 

dredge, chhip. to dredge for fish and shrimps, oi-hft-hd. 

dregs, pbob ; tsa ; tsa-tid.!. qjf distilled liquor, cbiii-tsau. 
qftea, td-tsa. 

drenched, pun-tsiSi chlm. with rain, khut - hou ak ; ak 
kJtu-lok-lok ; tsUng kku-thiie-thiie. 

dress, td-piln ; hAk-sek ; chheng-sa"; i-h6k ; sin-chheng. 
fine dress, t&'pkn pb4i-chhidng. to shew ojf, t8uang-ph.n 
i4u-pdi. a wound, p4k-bAa ; ua°-p6u-Mu. the feet of 
women, ti^-kha ; ua"-ldia. the hair, siu-thAu ; siu-th&u-md ; 
lu&h-th^u. food, t8i\-chi&h ; pa-16i-chiih ; su-ll-chiih. skins, 
B^k-phOe. stone, phah-chiih ; chi^h khieh-kng. unth flags, 
as ship or street, kat-tshdi. dressing-gown, siu-thdu-sa". 


^casey kiJl"-th4i ; kiJt"-th4i-keh. -table^ siu-tsng-tMi. -room^ 

dribblets, 14n-su; l&n-16. 
dried, ta ; khha-ta. fimitSy kua*. dates^ ts6-kua', fish^ hA- 

p6iL ducky ah-p6u. 
dnfb, phiau-liA. hoaiy to leeward^ kki meaningy i-si ; t3Li-i ; 

t6i-t8ii ; tSLi-li&k. 
drill, a, tsig-kid". tOy tsig-khang. to drill soldiers, tshau- 

pia"; tshau-liea ; tshau-in ; kk-tshau, 
dnnk, fm ; chiih ; lim. teay chi4h-t6 ; fm-td. liquor, chiih- 

chi6 ; Im-chid ; lim-chiii. food & drinhy Im-chi&h. craving 

foTy chiii-ngifen ; chid-fn. 
drip, tih ; tih— lAh-ldi ; tip-tip-tih. 
drive, a carriagcy sdi-chhia ; gu-chhia. in a carriagCy ts5- 

W-chhia, ajlock of ducks y ha -ah. atwiy, jiau-tiau ; kiia°- 

tiau ; cheng-tiau ; t6k-tiau. drive againsty tsuang— ti^h. 

drivel, 14u-nua". 

drizzle, hou-kid"; h6u-mAi"-kid"; h6u-kid" 6ng-6ng; hou- 

kiA*" 8&p-s&p. 
droll, hwniorouSy hJtu"-sAg ; hku'-chhife ; hku^-tshu-chhi^ ; 

hJtu'-niap-kuJli ; tshu-siig. laicghahle, h6-chhi6 ; kh6-chhi6 ; 

droop, skng-sim. vrings, .thit-slt. flower y hue Q^k. leaves, 

hi&h hflr-hAi". 
drop, of water y ch^k-tidm-tsiii ; tih-kid'-tsdi. to, tih~16h- 

l&i; tip-tip-tih. anything from the handy ka-laih— 16h- 

lAi; li^-ka-laih; phiti-chhiiS. anchor, pha-t^ng. cease, 

dropsy, tstii-hap ; ch^ng-hap ; ph6ng-hap ; ftg-ch^ng-hap. 

in the legSy kha-khl. in the abdomeny k6u-ch6Dg. 
dross, thih-sdi; 16u-t(5i-sdl 
drought, iia"; thi"-8l ua'; khJlng-ua"; kan-iia'; iia*-ta ; b6- 

drown, pun-t8ili kek-8f. oneself kh{^ thiku-t8iii ; thiku- 

hdi; thi^u-khoi. 
drowsy, phi ; pht-kuan ; m&k 8iap. 
drudge, l&u-kh6u; kh6u-kaug; b{la-kh6u; b6a-l^k. 
drugs, ieh ; i^h-tsh&i ; i^h-liau. druggist, i£h-ph6u t8hdi- 

t8ii; iAh-kheh. 
drum, k6u. heaty phah-k6u ; l{li-k6u. sticky kdu-thUd. 
drunk, chi4h-chiTi-t8bi ; t8ili-chiii; t8tii-thild. drunkai'd, 

hiu"-chi4h-chid ; hku"-chiii ; chid-thA. 


^Uy, ta. in the sun, phik-ta. in the air or wind^ la^ta; 

khau-ta ; tshue-ta. at the Jire, pue-ta. season, cw wood, 

khtia-ta. wipe dry, chhit-ta. 
dubious, kh6-gl; h6-gl; bd-tia"-ti^h. 
duck, ah ; ah-b6. wild, tsui-ah. dried, ah-p6u. duckweed, 

duct, lachrymal, m4k-khang ; m4k-tsap-khang. 
-di:^ctil6, zun ; h<5-tiii-tfig~ki!i. 
dudgeon, mm pr^pl"; pr-min; 8e"-kbl. 
dU6, khikm ; pAg-t^ng ; eng-kai. what is due anyone, q6 eng- 

kai-h6i"— i ; B6-tug-h6r— i ; s6-khiJLm-i. arrived in due 

time, khfi-kku hii-hti ; l&i-k^u b6i-khah*man ; tiii-si-hau ; 

hii-si-hau. pay customs dues, lip-hi^ng. 
dull, tun. stupid, lii-tim; ch6k-t<Su ft-sat; ii-sat put-thong. 

colour, chhi3n-sek ; tlm-s^k. Jire, hiie b6-hi^ -ji^t ; hiio 

khah-niig. day, ou-im. of hearing, hi" 14ng, of visimi, 

mik-chiu bu ; mik hue. 
dunxb, 6 ; ^ikhdu ; b6i-tk"-ue. 
dumpish, ut-tsAt; iu-ut; sim-thAu thik". 
duzupling (native), 16h-thng-chl ; miia"-chl. 
dUXI> tahui ; tshui-pek ; th6-chi" kln-kfn ; chi^-th6. 
dunce, tsu-tai ; b6-eng-n&ng ; b6-l6u-eng ; bd-mih tsh^i- 

ohbdijig; b64ki-khi^u. 
dung, piin ; pAi ; tshou. to dung, 16h-pAi ; ^ng-^p^j phuah- 

pCki {liquid). 
dungeon, 16-g^k ; hiurgik ; kam. to put in, Jiiu-klm« 
^upe, to, tshufth ; miU"; pbi^n. 
duplicate, tdng-sid; tdng-kiJb. 

^duplicity, in6"-6im ; «ie-phi6n ; ch^-»n»n-to nd'-mm-sdi. 
durable, n&i"-kti ; kiqn-kii ; t6i";.khiJtng. ^is cloth is very, 

chf-kdi-p6u 8iang-nai°-chheng. 
-duration, kii ; kS-tflg ; chhifl^g-kil endless, iong-kii ; i6ng- 

idn ; kii-udn ; kii-idn ; boi-Mu. 
-durian, fruit, po-lbMt (jackfi^it). 
during, the flight, mS°— ktia. the year, nr~kan. the hot 

weamer, zu4h-gu6h titog-fll dinner, t5-dii&h-png kAi-sl- 

-duak, ini6"-hng; hd'-hun; aife-Bife-Jtm; ai^-si^ th6r-£a-ki" 

n4ng-min; hd"-hun-kid"; hil"-bu. 
dusit, tiidu-i6ng; th6u«hdn; tin-dng; sua-4ng; 8iia-th6u. 

dusty, .se''-th6u-hiin. raise, eng ; kiauh-sua ; iauh-sua. heat 

off, pua"-tiau sua-6ug. shahe off, Itfrtiau thdu-h^ to 

DunruL 85. ear 

dvM , tsh6i"-tiau tin-ai. duster ( of feathers) , koi-m6"- 

tshdi". dust'pan, piin-tdu. dust-basket, ptin-ki. 
dutiftll , ki4"-hku ; hku-tsii ; chia-piig-huii ; hku - sun ; 

duty , chen-hun ; pAg-hun ; cheh-jim ; hun-lSi k&i-su ; 

86 eng-kai-kift". perfoi^i one^s^ chin-piig-htin ; chin-cheh- 

-dwarf, 6i; 6i-jln; n4ng6i-6i; 6i-s6i. trees, k6u-s6ng. 
dwell , khia-khf ; ku-tsu ; hiah-tshti ; till . dwdling , 

tshii ; ku^n ; tshii-ok. 
dwindle, chiS.m-sue ; chiSLm - chiam - s6i ; chiam-chiam - 

fidn; sue-mAi'*; sue-ji4k; siau-slh; siau-s6i 
dye, jiim-sek; nf-pbu; 1-sek; l^m-p6u. stuff, sek-liau; 

toi" {indigo), dyer^ nf-pbu sai-pe. frame used by dyer, 

dyingf, chiang-s£ ; kf-sf ; kiin-sf ; chiang-kun ai^-sf ; lim- 

sf . 
dynasty , chhiAu . the present , chheng - chhi&u ; pig - 

dysentery, ll ; li^chlt ; pkng-^ng ; th&m-thui ; thi-khi ; 

hueh-li ; p4h-lL 
clyspepsia, m-siau-hhe ; put-siau-hile ; chi&h chek ; im- 

chi4h chek-tsCi. 
dyspnOBa , tshdan ; khiii toa ; khiii kip ; tshiiau-kip ; 

khl tshdan; h^h^-h^h^-tshiian. infantine, ni'-he; ni"- 

dysuiy, siiu-pien m-ki&"; si^-pien m-thong. 


each, kak; mtie''; p4i. man, kak-n&ng. day, miSe"-jIt; 
p4i-jlt. year, miie -nr; nf -nf; p&i-ni". each one, kak- 
k&i ; kaic-kak. each other, siang; ji-ke. help each 
other, ji-ke sie-hu. scold each other, sie-me". each end, 
liing-th&u ; n6"-th4u. side, liing-pdi"; Mng-ke. 

eager, pek-chhiet ; ji6t-siin ; m^" ; m^"-li6t ; kfn-kip. 

eagle, eng-chiiu. 

ear, hi", orifce of, hf-khang. earlap, lii"-t6i. ear-brush, 
hT-tshdi". ear-pick, hf-pd. ear-wax, hf-aiu ear-ring, 
hi"-kau ; hf - hAan ; hf -^tii. ear-drum {tympanum), hi"- 


kih,". pierce the ear, tshng-hf. whimper in one's ear, phak- 
to hi°-khang-khiu tJt"; hi"- pi" tk"-ue. ear-witness^ chhin- 
lii" thia°-kr. ear of rice, chhek-sui. 

early, tsA. in the morning, mftg-khf-tsi; tsi-sln. very, 
tsd-tsd. too, khah-tsd. still, hAan-lidu-tsi ; idu-tsd. early 
and late, tsd-miig ; tsd-km ; tsd-iia". in early times, k6u- 
tsd. as early as possible, kiia"-tsd ; thku-tsd. 

earn, thkn ; th6-th^n. money, thkn-chl". one's living, thkn- 
chiih. much, toa-thJtn. easily, koi-thkn. 

earnest, tsuan-sim ; chhiet-chhiet ; pek-chhiet ; sim kien, 
i chhiet ; tsuan-it ; ji^t-sim. speak in, tk"-sit-ue. earnest 
money, tia"-ngfln ; tia"-chr; tia -th&u ; tig. axxept earnest 
money, siu-tia . 

earth, tl ; th6u ; th6u. the earthy ti-kiA. heaven and earth, 
thi"-ti. on the earth, to-ti-min ; t5-th6u-e. the whole 
earth. ph6u-thi"-e ; thong thi"-kha-e. garden-earth, hAg- 
thdu. earth-nut, ti-tau. earth-worm, kau-iin. earth- 
quake, ti chfn ; ti tfn-tang ; ti-gA ua^-koi". earthenware, 
hAi-khl; ji^u-khl; au-iSa" pAa"-tih. 

ease , phdng-an ; ua"; khtia" - uih ; tsu-tsai ; ua'-ji6n ; 
ua"-che . pain, chf-thiJt". as rope, p^ng-sang ; pkng - 
leng. easy, koi; i6ng-koi; idng-i; b6i-oh; put-14n. 
manner, not hurried, khua"-chi&" khua"-chi&"; tshdng- 
i6ng. to recognize, koi-jin. to learn, koi-pat. 

easei, tle-ue-k^. 

east, tang ; tang-p6i". eastward, ttii-tang ; niit^'-tang ; 

eat , chiih. to the full, chiih-pd. cannot, chiih-m-16h ; 
b6i - chi&h. / have eaten, chiah— lidu. I have eaten the 
whole of it, chiih-lidu— liiu ; chiih-u&n— liiu. eaten by 
rats , khut nidu - tshii ka ; khut nulu - tshii kh6i . hy 
white ants, p6h-hia tsti. hy birds, chidu toh . eat at 
one's oum expense, chiih-ka-ki. at employer's expense , 
chi4h-tshA»i-tsii ; tshtii-chiih gua. eatable, h6-chi4h ; 6i— 
nin chi4h-tit. not very nice to eat, bd-ui-tku. eating- 
house, tikm-'phbu. 

eaves, Um-chl". eaves-dropper, thau-thia"; th^m-thia"; 
am-che"-thia"; phak-hi" . thia , 

ebb, kh6. tide , kh6-l&u ; tsiii th6 ; Uu 16h ; pak-l&u . 
lotv, kh6-ta-ta. 

ebony, ou-tshA-bik . 

eccentric, ktiai-phiah ; k6u-kuJli ; kii-kilai. 


echo 9 tAng-sia" siang-in; h6e-sia" in-tap ; in-sia'' hAe- 

tap ; tou-kikng-ktii in. among hills, sua" siang-in. 
eclipse, jit sih. lunar ^ gu^.h sih. beginning of, tsho-slh. 

maximum^ kik-slh. end of h6k-r. 
economy, t«at-eng ; khiam ; khieh-sip. in food and clothes, 

khiam-chi&h khiam-chheng. political^ kok-ch^ng k4i-su. 
ecstasy, put-seng tsu-hf ; hua"-hf k^k. 
eddy, tsdi ki-tsng ; tsiii kd-png. 
edge, pi°; ki". of knife, to-tshtii ; to-kMu. teeth on edge, 

khi n^g ; khi sng-ni&g. 
edict, k6-8i ; hiiu - zu. issue, tsliut - kb-si ; tshut-si-zu. 

imperial, siSng-zu. The Sacred, SiJL°-zu. 

ifyy kien-tek. 
edit, khiu-chfeng. 

educate, kk; kk-hiie; kk-hiin; kk-tSu; kk-th&k; kk-tsu. 
eel, sien-hft ; mAa°-hft. 
efface, k6u-buah. 
effect, to, sSng ; s6ng-8u ; s^ng-kong ; s6ng-chiu ; ts6-chi&"; 

sdi-kku. take effect, cw medicine, pi^ayer &c, hau-ngiam ; 

effeminate, niig-jiA ; jift-niig ; tsu-niS"- ie°. manner of 

walking, Ae-Ae tsun-a-tsun. 

effervesce, kiin-khf-14i. 

efficacy, khi-lit ; kong-hau ; sln-hau ; feng-ngiam ; hau- 

efficient, tsb-su ts6-tit-chi^". 

effigy, nAng-ie"; n4ng-si^°. 

effluvia, tshau ; tshku-bi ; tshhu-hifen ; iie-khi. 

effort, tshut-lit ; khftn-kang ; khat-kh6u ; khftn-kh6u. 

effulgence, kng; h&u-kng; kuang-mSng; kuang Mng- 

6gff, nng. fowVs, koi-nng. to lay, se"-nfig. boil, s4h-iifig. 
shell, nfig-khak. yolk, nfig-jin. white of, nng-chheng. 
embi^o egg, nfig-toa". three eggs, sa"- li4p-nng. cockroach 
eggs, ka-tsu4h-8ie^ egg-plant, ki6 (brinjal), 

eight, poih. eighteen, ts4p-poih. eighty, poih-tsAp. eighth, 
toi -poih. 

either, you may have either you please, sAi-sudn ; jim- 
sudn ; sOi-lii-siian ; zuan— tl-kdi h6 pun-lii-sudn. eithei- 
way will do, sfli-pien ; 8{li-pien-h6 ; sAi-sAi pien-pien ; 
chie"-se" ia-h6, liil'-se" ia-li6 any ivay will do, zuan— 


ts6-ni" tou-h6. on eitlier side, lidng-p6i". either. ,. .or , 

eject , t6k-tshut ; kek - tshut ; jiau - tshut ; chhek-t6k ; 

khu - tshut ; kiia"- tshut . fi'om motUh, phiii— tshut - 14i . 
from stomachy thbu— tshut-l^i. 
eke, chiap ; chiap-t6g ; stia-tAg ; p6u. 
elaborate, kang-hu ; ts6-14i z^-zd ; kang-hn iti'-sbi 
elapse, fifty years have elapsed, kku-ta" f-keng-kiie 

elastic, nig ; oi-tshun 6i-kiu ; oi-sin 5i-sok. 
elbow, chhiii-thfig. elhoiv room, u-kb h6-tshun-Iiiii. to 

elbow, thiig— ndng ; thiig— nAng. 
elder, lau-toa; chidng-ldu. he is my elder, i toa— u^. 

elder brother, a-hia". 
eldest, siang-toa. son, toa-kid'; toa-tau-kii'; chiing- 

tsii . brother, toa-hia°. 
elect, sudn ; sudii-t6h ; k6r-tAh ; k6r-sudn. 
elegant, iAng-mau°; ngi-i6ng. composition, bAn-ngid". 

scholar, u-tshAi-hik. 
elements, ng6u-hSng; kim, b4k, tsiii, htie, thdu. 
elephant , chhie**. tusks, chhie*-gd. elephantiasis, toa - 

elevate, ki\; kii-khf; khf-k6i"; kau-kii. elevated, kAi". 
eleven, tsip-it. eleven o'clock, tsip-it tidm-cheng. 
elf, sien. malignant, iau-chia° ; iau-kuki. 
elope, the-niing-tsdu. 
eloquent, u-khdu-tsh4i ; u-khdu-leng ; 6i-tk"-ue ; mi&"-ke 

else, somewhere else, t6-p4t-k6. ha^ any one else come / 

hAan-u pit-n4ng Idi a-bd ? / have nothing else to say, ila 

b6 p4t-kdi-ue h6-tk". 
elucidate, k6i-m6ng : kdng-kiil ; sueh-mdng ; k<Si-thiah. 
elude, pi ; t6-pi ; sidm-pi ; td-sidm ; t6-pi tsdu-sidm ; to- 

tsdu ; pi-b<ia ; tiim-bAa ; pi-khuL 
elysium, sien-kdng. 
emaciated, sdu ; sdn-sbu ; sdn-kut 16h-iiAk ; tdng-phAe 

ne"-tdng-kut (skin & bone). 
emanate, from, Mu-tshut ; huat-tshut ; liA-thAan ; tshdng- 

to hu-kb kill. 
embalm, eng-hic"-liau Idi lidm-si ; tie"-liam. 

embanlonent, toi ; h6-toi ; toi-hua^ 

embargo, on ship, huang-tsAu b6 i tshut-khdu. 


embark, Wh-tsAn; chie'-tsAn; tah-tsAn. 
embarrassed, chln-thb Mng-kn; m-k^" kr-n4ng. em- 
barrassingy tham-thuL 

embers, hiie-hu. 

embezzle , thau-km-chr; km-chr,- km - thun ; sai-eng ; 

sai-tshil • 

emblem, piiu-ie'; ki-ho. 
embrace, phd ; sie-phd ; Um. opportunity ^ sdng-si ; B&ug- 

embrasure, toa-phku-khang ; toa-chhfeng-khang. 
embroider, chhiah-hue ; si^-hue ; thie-hue ; thie-siil. 
embroil, se°-su ; tsak-luan. 

embryo, h&i-tiiai. 

emerge, phA-tshut-l&i ; phA-khf-l&i ; huat-hin. 
emergency, kfn-kip k4i-su. able to act in an, u-khAan- 

pi^n; u-pifen-thong. 
emetic, huat-th5u-i6h ; th6u-iSh. 
emigrate, i-ku ; chhien-ku ; siia-ku ; tshut-tsdu ; chhien- 

s^a; kh{^-p&t-k5 khia-kbf. ahroad, ktie-huan. 
eminent, thi^u-khAn ; tshut-ch^ng ; tshut-thoh ; thiiu- 

tbut ; kiie-n^Dg. physician, tshut-iiu&'' sin-se''; hi^n-mi&° 

sin-se'; kau-mii° sin-se*. 
emissary, 86-sdi— k&i; ski-chi^ spy, thkm-bd; thkm- 

ki^°; pb-kii''; kan-thkm; kan-sbi 
emit, huat-tshut; sik-tshut; pkng— tshut-14i ; tshut. 

emolument, h6Dg-16k. 

emotion, tdng-sim; kdm-tong. 

emperor, huang-tl ; uAng-siSng ; hAang-siang. empress, 

emphatic, tk"-kiu chhiet-zuih ; ti^h-chhiet ti^h-zu4h ; tk'- 

tehut-lAt. lay the emphasis on a word in reading, th&k- 

tsSi; th&k-t&ng. 

empire, kok. 

employ, eng ; 8^i. employer, th4u-16 ; tsh&i-tsd. of teach- 
er, tong-ke ; tong - tsii . employment, su ; sti-ngiip. 
without, b6-su h<5-ts6. help one to get, khan-kua"; kban- 
sdng; thl-pu4t. 

empoison, 16b-h2n-i^h; 16h-iSh; 16h-t&k. 

emporium, tda-pou-th4u. 

empower, bti-thob ; lii ; tboh ; pun-khdan-jim kbut-i. 
empty , kbang ; kbang - kbak ; khang - bu ; khang-pba". 
handed, kbang-cbbid. to empty out, tb-tiau. empty froyn 



one vessel to another^ backwards and foi^vards, t6-kile- 

\k\ tb-khe-khfi ; pi4"-14i pi^^-khiV empty show, hii-hua. 
emulate, 61i ; 6h-ie"; hau-6h ; hau-huap. 
enable, sdi-njlDg-oi ; pang-ts6. 
enact, a law, llp-huap ; siet-lip tia'-l^. 
enamel, glazing on dishes, thng. to enamel, I&m-thng ; 

enamoured, of, hdh-sim-sek ; chh6ng-2ti ; lAan-ki ; lAan- 

chheng ; khan-ldan ; lAan-sie"; Iftan-sieh. 
encamp, tl-i&°; pha - i4°- pAa"; kien-i4°; llp-i4*; kak-id*"; 

tshh,Dg-i&*. encampment, i4"-pAa". 
enchain, s6-thih-soh ; pik-thih-soh. 
enchant, ml"; inl"-h6k. enchantment, si&-8i\t ; b{l-8i&t ; si4- 

huap ; tshdi-chhe"-huap. enchanter, sdi-sid-sAt ; tsb-bA- 


enchase, inlay ivith jewels, sie"-g^.k. adorn with figures, 
tiau ; kuah ; khek ; tiau-hue kuah-chidu ; tiau-hue khek- 
chidu ; tiau-kuah hue-chiiu. 

encircle, chiu-Ai ; si-khou-Ai ; tshAan-Ai ; si-chiu-Ai ; Ai- 

encomium, o-lo ; pidu-iS^ng ; chheng-i&ng ; chheng-tSu. 

encounter, fight, ke-hiie sie-chih ; kau-chi^n ; sie-tMi ; 
chih-tin. meet, sie-ngo ; ngo— ti6h. 

enclose, pau ; huang ; huang t6-h\i-t6i. a letter, huang- 

encourage, tsJtng-td'; tso i-k4i td"-14t ; k6u-biS. 

encroach, chih,m ; pk-chikm ; chhlm-thun ; chhim-kiie. on 

. another's fields, chih-m-tsh^n-ti. 

encumber, thua-thui ; t86-gai ; h6ang-gai. 

end, tsong ; biie ; suah-biie ; kiiu-biie. of road, lou-biic. 
of year, nr-biie. both ends, th&u-biie; sang-th&u. / do 
not know ivhat the end of this affair tvill be, m-tsai chf- 
kdi-su k^u-biie-kek si-ts6-nr. in the end, kh,u-btie. to end, 
Aan ; tsb-chid"; sSng-kong ; tsb-kku-lidu ; ts6-k^u chhfing- 
tsh6. * a speech, tk"-ue-hiah. one's life (voluntainly), tsu- 
chin ; ka-ki khiVsf. attain one's end, tit-i. to what end is 
this? chi-kai-su u-si-mih li-iah? whctt end has he in 

m m 

view ? i u si-mih i-sft ? endle^, bd-lidu ; boi-u&n ; kii- 
kii boi-hiali ; b6-kat-suah. end of the world, si— kan kdi 
niiHat-jit. no more of this! let the matter end! pSL— lidu. 
endeavour, chhi. to do any thing, chhi-tlioi"; tli^ng-tsau- 
hiie. do ones best endeavour, QhlnAkt] tshut-lit. 


endow, s(i; kien-ngi - tsou. natural endowments^ tsMi- 
ehhdng ; pAn-su ; piin-nid". good dittOy s^"- cliieh li6 ; li6- 

endure, nai"; khat-nai'; liin ; khat-kh6u-liSn. eddy nai"- 
chhin ; liin-chhin. /mnger, liin tou klitin ; lun-ki liin-go. 
affliction, nai°-kan-kh6u. patient endurance^ jfm-nar. can- 
not endure^ nai"-m-khii ; jim-put-tit ; 14n-nai". 7iot to he 
endured (scolding), put-kham. 

enemy, chhiA ; chhiCl-t^,k ; t^k ; t^k-chhiii ; tbi-th&u ; uan- 
ke ; chhid-ke. to become an enemy to anyone, kang i kat- 
chhiA ; kang i ts6-chhiA-tAk ; kat-uan-ngi4p. 

energy, khi-14t; sim-lit; kiia"-kuat; i6ng-liit. 

enervated, b6-khl-hueh; b6-hueh-khi; niig-jiik; b6-sin- 
khi ; Ag-sng sbu-sdn. 

enfeebled, sin-hun khiin ; Ikt sue ; sin-hun Um. 

enforce, midn-kidng ; khi4ng-pek ; nge-li4h. 

engage, in business, tsb-seng-lf. in an affair, tshap-su. 
workmen, kbu-sai-pe ; hiltm-sai-pe. • a teacher, chhii"-sin- 
ee*. a hoat^ kbu-tsAn. a chair, ki^-kie ; kbu-kie ; hkm- 
kie. a passage, tah-ts6n. in conversation, phuAh-ue. 
engaged, u-su ; m-6i". engagement (promise), ieh. enter 
into, llp-ieh ; kat-ieh. break, sit-ieh. enga^nent (battle)^ 
kau-chi^n ; sie-th&i ; ke-hiie eie-chih. engaging, kh<S-ki ; 
tshti-bi ; tsbua-n4ng-8ieh ; tit-n&ng-sieh. 

engine, chhia ; iih-kdi. Jire^ kiti-hiie tsili-chhia. engineer, 

England, Tai-Eng-kok, The English, Eng-kok-nang ; 4ng- 
m6°-n4ng (vulgar). 

engrave, tiau-khck ; tiau-kuah. a stamp, khek-in ; kuah- 
in. printing-blocks, khek-p6i"; kuab-pdi'. 

enhance, thi"-ke ; thiam-ke ; kia-cheng ; cheng-ke. 

enigma, mf; ml'-tBhai. to propose, khui-mi"; tsb-mi"; siet- 
mf. to guess, tshai-mi"; ieh-mf ; phah-mf. 

ei\join, hun-hti; meng; h^m. strictly, chhiet-chhiet hun- 

eiyoy, hiing ; hiing-siu ; hidng-hok ; nip-hok. long life, 

hiing-siu. enjoyment, hok-khi. 
enlarge, ts6-toa; khui-khuah. 
enlighten, the mind, khui-sim-khiku ; khai-mdng. 
enlist, chie-kun b6i-bd; chie-i6ng; chie-ngi-mln ; mit-pia" 

enmity, to be at, ts6-uan-ke ; kat-chhi^ ; kat-uhji ; kat- 


ngi&p ; iian-hun. to cherish^ khieh-hun ; hu4i-hun ; hi&p* 

hiin ; hiip-hiim. 
ennui, phl-kuan; khtin-toa"; bd-cheng-sln. 
enormous, keh-gua; toa-bd-muih. 
enough, k^u ; tsok ; \S,. to spend, kh.u-8di. to live on, 

tsok-chi&h ; kJiu - chiih ; 6i-tit ktie-jlt. / have enough 

(at a meal), chiih-pd.— lidu. enough ! no more of it ! p3i— 

enquire, mng ; chieh-mug ; s5i-mng ; hiSang-mng. secretly, 

tham-mng; thau-m^; thJtm-th6i*. into anything, s6"- 

tshat ; kh^m-tshat ; kh^u-kiii ; cbhS-mSng ; ki-cbbd. 
enrafi^e, kek-n4ng-khl ; tshok— n^ng ndu"-khi. 
enrich, chhi4'-n4Dg huat-tshAi ; chhi&^-nAng-pii. onesdfat 

the expense of others, siin-n&ng li-kf . 
enroll, in census, ts6-ke-kah. to he enrolled^ chie^'-ke-kaiL 

general, ki-lAk n4ng-k£li-ini&". 
enshrine, ua"-kham ; ua'-sln-khaiD. 
ensigpn, ki ; ki-bo . hoist, seng-kl ; liu-kt 
enslave, Iiih-ts6-n6u"; liib-ts6 n6u"-pAk. 
ensnare, W-jlp kbuan-tbku; pbi^n-jip-k^k ; pbifen-jlp- 

khou-tb^u; kuang-cbie"-tAng ; tie"-i^b-k<ii. 
entangle, tf-kln; kau-ti"; kiii-tf; tl'-sin; lap-tiib-su. ow 

thread, tf— tiib ; pb6an~ti6b . get entangled in a thorny 

hedge, kAe—tiib cbbl-ni^ 
enter, jlp ; cbln ; chin-jlp.' the house, jip-tsbili-l&i ; jlp-l3i. 

account, cbie'-siku. office, tso-jim ; chie"-jim. Buaidhist 

monastery, tehut-ke. the world (be horn), tsbut-sL a jpeti- 

^k>n, jlp-pin ; jip-ti4". a port, jip-king. one's name, ki- 

mi^"; 16b-iDi4'; ki-l&k n&ng-ml4^ an association , jip- 

bue ; pki-bue. a religion, jlp-kJl. 

enterprising, ki"-pkng-t4"; ii-td"-li4k. 

entertain, ow a host, cbbi4"-tob ; cbbid"-cbid ; cbiap-n&p 
n&ng-kbeb. sumptuou^y or generously, kS.u-tb&i. enter- 
tainment, tob-si4b ; ts6-tob. entertaining, tshti-bi, 

enthrone, bA-u&ng teng-ki ; bA-u&ng teng-ui. 

enthusiastic tsuan-slm ; ji^t-s;im ; kb6u-cbL united and, 
tdng-sim bi&p-l&t. 

entice, .pbifen ; iii-b6k , In-iti ; In-tsbua. 

entire , tsfig-Hl ; ka-n&g - k&i ; tsbiian ; kkn-k&i ; kan- 
cbeng. entirely false, te&p-bun-k^; b6-ii' b6-cbiah; ke 

to> kbam-kai-^it ; eng-kai-tit. 


entrails, tftg ; sim-tftg ; t<5u-tAg; tftg-t6u. 
entrance, khdu; mAg. no entrance^ b6-lou h6-jlp; b6- 
lou-mAg. refuse entrance^ b6-i-jip. force an entrance^ 
• khi&ng-jip. 

^itrap, see ENSNARE. 

entreat, khiA; khdn-khiA; khl-khiA; khiA-khut; ai-khiA ; 
kh6u-khiA; koh-16. 

entrust, hil-thoh; thoh; kik; kik-thoh; tab; kik-taL 

entwine, tf ; khAan-sila"; ti'-sila". 

enumerate, siig ; sJig-khi-14i one hy 07ie, chSk-kiSL'' ch^k- 
kia" l^i-sAg ; tak-it tak-it liam. 

envelope, of letter ^ buang-t4ng; huang-phAe; sin-phtie. 
in a cloud, hdn chia ; hiia kkL 

envoy, khim-cbhe ; ski-chhln. 

envy, kbu-kl ; kl ; chlt-kbu. 

ephemeral, insects, chiau se' mS" si k&i-tb&ng. 

epidemic, sl-ch^ng ; sl-khi ; sl-leng ; un-mit (fated). 

epidermis, phAe-m6h"; pbAe-hu. 

epilepsy, i6'*-kueh-tshdi ; tu-b<S-tshii ; ti^h-id^-tshii ; i6*- 

epistle, teu-sin ; s)n. to send, kik-sin. to receive, cfaih-€dn« 

epitaph, mS'-chl; kong-tek-pi. 

equal, p6"-ie"; p6"-t^ng. in size, p6"-t6a. in number, p6'- 
tsoi ; p6"-ke. two highland leagues are equal to three, 
Bua'^-Iai lou-tsim, ii6"-pb6u tAig-sa"-ph6u. having no equal, 
b6-pi ; b6-h6-pi. equally, tsdi-ts6i ; ts&u-ts&u. equalize, 
tbua*-p6"; thua"-6n. equals, t&ng-t^ng; t&ng-ltd. 

equator, cbhiah-tSu. 
equiangular, sl-kak-tsdl 
equidistant, p6"-p6°-hfig. 
equilateral, lidng-p6r p6"-tAg. 

equilibrium I p6"-tang; Mng-p6r p6'-tang; tW-ph6ng. 

equipoise, see equilibrium. 

equinox, jlt-md" p6"-pun. vernal, tsbun-hun. autumnal, 

equip, an army, phki-kip kun-tsuang; niA^-knn-tsuang. 
equipage, imperial, ^16ng-chhia; gu-cbbia. mandarin's, 

toa-kie chip-su. 
equitable , kong-t^u ; kong - pbSng ; kong-ngi ; kong - 

cbiJl'; kua'-chiJt . 

equivalent, ttii-ua'; tiii-tdu. 


equivocal, sang-kuan lid-ng-i ; ch^k-sft 
eradicate, p6ih-kun ; pit-pAih-tiau ; tfn-tiii-tiau ; tsdm- 

tshdu tft-kun. 
erase, ivriting, klioi-tiau-jl ; kueh-tiau-ji. 
erect , to , khia - - khl - lai ; kien ; khf. adjective , tit ; 

err , kia" * tsh6 ; u-kiic-sit ; sit - tsh6 ; sit-gou. miss the 

way, kiii°-ta"; kiA^-ta^-lou. errata, ta"-ji. in printing, 

khek-ta"; in-ta°. in uniting, sid-ta"; sid-tsh6 ; gou-si^. 
errand, send an an, kik-tlioh ; hii-thoh t^^-tie ; kik-sia"; 

erroneous, tsh?> ; ta"; m-tieh. expression, tk"-ta'. 
error, tsh6 ; sit-tshb ; tslia-tsh6 ; tsh6— tshU. confess^ jiu- 

eructation, phah-oh. sour, phah-tsliJtu-oh ; eh-sng-oh ; 

eruption, on skin, from heat, zu&h-ptii ; se"-pili. 
escalade, hAn-thui (scaling ladders) ; peh-chie" si&"-tdng. 
escape, tsdu ; td-tsdu ; pi-t5^u ; pi-bAa ; tsdu-tshut ; thut- 

sin-kbi. secretly, thau-tsiu. from prison, tsdu-kam. 
escort, skng, 8iing-ki&". a cmminal, ah-skng; ah-k6i. 

military, pia^-bd skng-kiil"; pia"-teng hu-S(\ng. 
especial, fchl-chhiet ;. chhiet-iiu , tik-t^.k ; tsuan-tsuan. 
essay, to, chhi— che ; chhi-th6r— che ; th^ng-tsau-hiie. 
essay, aw, bAn-chie". write^ tsb-bCkn-chie"; ts5-bAn. a moi^al, 

khftg-si-bCkn (mxyi^al tract) ; sien-tsu. 
essence, piig-chieh ; ngAan-khi. 
essential, chhiet-iku; put-kh6-b6; boi-tit-mi^n ; pit-pit 

establish. Up ; siet-Up ; kien-lip ; tsh^ng ; tshkng-siet ; 

ti ; ti-tsliJlng ; tshJtng-llp ; kliai-tshang. an ordinance, 

lip-tia"-li. a family, ti-ke. a proposition, chfeng-kfr; 

estate, landed, ti; tl-hng; tshdn-tL house, tshil; tshh- 

th6h. general, ke - su ; ke - tshai ; ke - ngiip ; ke - tsu. 

arrived at man*s estate, toa— lidu ; chidng-slng. 
esteem , a 2'>^^^on , k^ng - tong j tsun-tong ; kill - tong ; 

t!i6i"-t6ng. see consider. 
estimate, price or value, k6u-k&; k6u-tit; phah-k^; 

pau ; iak-pan ; phah-pan ; phah-sAg ; chhek-tit ; tshui- 

estranged, ji-ke siang-gua ; li-sim. 


eternal, i6ng ; i6ng-idn ; i6ng-ku ; kii-kii b6-lidu ; b6- 
sl b6-t8ong. eternity, i6ng-si ; si-si b6-lidu. 

ethics, Iftn-lf ; lAn-si6". 

etiquette, 16i ; 16i-siau ; 16i-mau". attend to, kia"-16i. 

etymology, kdng-ji-th6i. 

eiilogy, tsJtn ; leng-seng. to wmte, ts6-tsiln ; t6i-ts^n. 

eunuch, thki-kkm ; iam-huan ; huan-kua"; zu-jin. 

Elurope, Au-16-pa; t6a-sai-i6". the continent of, Au- 
16*pa chiu. 

evacuate, a 'place, thb— tshut-khi\ ; thb-pia". the howeh, 
chiih-sik-i^h ; tshut-kiong ; teng-chh^ ; cliie"-chhb ; tai- 
pien ; ki4"-tang ; pJtng-sdi. 

evade, mi^n ; t6 ; pi ; pi-b6a ; siiim ; sidm-pi. a question, 
command or invitation, tshui-iii ; tho-si. 

evaporate, phdk-ta; tsdu-ta; tshut-khi; sila"-kbi; hik"- 
khi ; si&p-khl ; Jbik^-huang. 

even, pfi" ; pd"-ts6i ; b6-tfig-t6. is 110 an even or an 
odd number ? peh-it si sang a-si khia ? even if, te6ng ; 
ts6ng-ji6n ; tsbng-sdi ; sui-jidn. even to, chi-k^u. even 
his enemies do not blame him, kua i ksli chhi6-t6k tou 
bd-histm— i. has he 100 dollars! why, he ha^t even 
100 ca^h, m^r-tJl" i b6 ch6k-peh-ngftn, lidn-kua ch6k- 
peh-chr— tou-bd. he beats even his own parents, kua 
ka-ki kdi-pe-b6 ia-kd"-phah. even so far a^ to..., sim 
chi-kku .... evenly arranged , p^i-ts6i ; pAi-ts4u ; tsdi - 

evening, jit lAh-sua"; m6"-hng ; md°-hng-kid"; jit km ; m6° 
km. to-mon^ow, mUa"-m6°-hng. yesterday, tsa-m6°-hng. 

event, su ; ch6k-kia°-su. joyful, &ng-su ; hi-su ; kit-su. 
mournful, p^h-su ; sng-su ; hiong-su. 

aver, always, si6"-si6"; sl-sl; kii-kii. have you ever been 
there? lii pat-kku hii-k6, m^"? ever and anon, ji6h-kil 
ji^h-kii. I shall come as soon as ever I can, ud m^°- 
md" chiu-lai. for ever, i6ng-kii. 

everlasting, i6ng-kd ; kii-tAg ; i6ng-idn ; b6-lidu. life, 
iong-se"; sie°-se"; chbidng-se*" put-Mu ; chhidng-se" put - 


every, kak. body, kak-n^ng; m\ng-ndng; mih-D^ng. 
day, mue°-jlt ; jIt-jit ; pdi-jit. one, kak-kak ; kak-kdi ; 
kai-kfii . where , kak-tshti ; kak-k6 ; miia°- ti-kb ; miia"- 
k5; miia"-si-tshtl. thing, kak-kia"; kia"-kia"; put-luu si- 

js^iwifijsc &6- 

iux-^U'iM^ : IjiUiiD'^'iiuh'moelL evve'ry I^Si wnan^ taip- 
AifeiX twUO-^dWyk. eiwry /omr fear$^ ^-Tt dit^-fsiL tmery 
f^di ^jf r^Aiu will nuik^, ii codler, {ittfi-^&n ptm Iri^g 
«yb(k«3Ce^ |4iK<r*ig'ki| ; peng-ku ; eb^g-ku. «» otwrt, t*g- 

<|^^(t^lt, fiu^g ; m^mg-ytih ; hi^-hin ; bin. 
iQ^yU, ^i^ ; UuHiff-itk, ffuJfforturte^ hua ; tni-hfijL j^DOflT oimI 

^Auff. ; ykHfiL'Udx. to look on one with an enl eye^ kte-kL 

0MACt, ^UvuifA, fcb4 exact whal t$ not due, Uk-sok ; pak- 
Uck ; ki^^k'ifuk. fuird and exacting^ khek-p&b. accunUey 
n/H'i^ikuii ; ifi4fig'ifoi ; tM^-Bbi ; kang-ba ; ebeDg-«bi ; ai^ 
Mu ; iii^'t/&t; MOi'h&t exactly, b6-teh5; ti^; tiki-tid. 

MMgg^mtioD, buang-tbAng (fabulous tiories); tk*-ue 
ktmu'kiui'hi ; t&* kbab-kbe-glm ; t^' kbab-kile-tda. 

tnmlt, k(i ; kii'kbf ; kau-k<i. awe«c(^, tsu-kaiL 

MMmiDid, i^hhd; biiang-mfig; 8tm-mng; s^-tabat; kkn- 
tsUfiii M/zi-iti^i"; kliAu-Kiti. groocb, cbhd-b&e. a witness, 
ffiUH'h^hH. literary examiruxtion, kbdu-kk; kbdu-cbbl; 
kUM 1mm ; khilumng. 

•ZAinplAi ii9^ in6''-i6 ; pi^u-ie". for example, pbl-zu ; pbl- 

•Zilliptrttte, kitk'ii/liig'kbl ; Bdi-n&ng-kbl ; long-n&ng-kbl ; 

•ZCAVat^i lii)'klMiitg; khui-khang; ki!it-khang. 
MCCOOdi Mid, houndu , kbc-hdn ; khe-liing; kiie-tou. 

Mrmdwiilij^ ^Iftiig ; U4p ^ bun ; tsii f^o/ier tAe qualified 

wml). (*X4H'HinvdiL kl)ub-kiio-t5a ; kbah-kile-tb4u ; kbah- 

ktiD-Mlm \ kitiih-thai-ktio. 
6XC61, iA**; iiV"--khn ; kifi^-kbo ; h<S— ktie. excellent, siang* 

h6 ; Tmii^ Krwr KxirlUmcy, tfti-jln ; tda-lau-i4 ; thki-i&. 
6XC6pt, tft ; tO-gflii. none except this man came, chheng 

tHb|Vi^^^i({ 1^'> ^^ bA-n4ng-14i. ail are come except so 

d fiOf Idiig-tsdng k2iu-lidu toa" in6ng-n&ng bue-kku. 
exchange , ua ; thi - ua"; sic - ua*; kau - ua"; thi&u-ua\ 

places, Bie-uil*'-Oi. mom*y, tilu-cbr. 
excise, hiiing-sbc ; hiing-ngftn . 
excite, j^^U"^* Wng-nftng-sim ; kdm-tong. excite and 


draw upon oneself ^ as trouble, jid ; In-jiA. instigate,lkbi' 
so; kk-80 ; kk-la. an enemy to battle, ji4-chifen. cause 
excitement, so'-su. public excitement, n&ng-sim iiu-tong. 

6ZCldizn, hkm ; kife ; khui-sia°; toa-sia'^-ta"; jidng. 

exclude, tft; t6k-tshut; kek-tshut; bd-i-jlp; khi-to-gua. 
• exclusive of, tft-hui ; till-gua ; m{i,i°-siig ; Idng-gua. 

excoriate, lii-phila-phiCke ; lii kJlu-phiii-phCke ; phih-phAe. 

excrement, piin ; sdi. 

exculpate, kiu-sh; In-chfeng pidu-m6ng. 

excuse, sil. please expense me, chhiA"-s{i"Che ; sik-tsue ; sii- 
tsue ; chhid"-sl. faults, th6i"-phila ; si^-tsue ; khuan-iong, 

execrable, kh^-il ; kh6-him. 

execute, ts6; ts6-chi&°; ki4"— tshut-lsli. put to death, 
thAL execution, sl-h6ng. execution ground, kah-tid". ex- 
ecutioner, khtiai-tsii-chhiTi {or, siii) ; suah-siii ; tng-iing-ki. 

executor, sifl-hil-thoh kfti-ndng; thoh-kou k4i-n4ng 

exemplary, kd-tSng tuan-chik"; h6-ie"; h6-pun-n&ng ts6- 

• —n. 

16 . 

exempt, b6-t6-lai; t5-gua. from taxation, midn-nip- 

exercise, take, khA-thit-th6 ; ki&'-ts^u uih - tong ; ki4°- 

86ng - khilai ; khii-siau-i&u. literary, ts6-bAn ; ts6-buii - 

chie ; bAn - goi. soldiers^ tshau-pia"; tshau-lien. learn 

military, 6h-bii. exercise in, lien ; hik-sip ; 6h. 
exert, oneself tehut-lit ; khat-kh6u ; ti^h-lit ; tiSh-khfm ; 

eng-sim. one's voice, khui-toa-sia". one's injltience, sai-si. 
exhale, huat-khi ; tshut-khi. exJmlation, khi. fwn uxiter, 

tsui-khl. damp, sip-khi. 
exhaust, chin ; khi6ng ; li^u ; hhi ; eng-cbin ; §ng-li^u ; 

phiia-chln. strength, l&t htii-chin. money, chr-sdi-u&n. 

food, bl-nid' chiih-liiu. exhausted (wearied), h^k ; phi- 

kuan ; khtin ; khiln-sidn. 
efxhibit, hi^n-m^ng; huat-hin. goods, pdi-li&t; pdi-siet; 

phou-pfti. in competition, ski. 
exhilarated, khin-sang; thikng-kbdai. 
exhort, khig-kbi. to peace, khjig-hiia. tracts exhorting to 

virtue, khig-si-bCkn. 
exigency, kln-kip kAi-sa ; kfn-iJtu k^i-su. from the ex- 

i^ency of tlie case, b6-kh<5 nai-h6. 
exile, see BANISH. 


exist, u ; td. stiU in existence^ ha4ii-tsh{ln'-t5-k6. 
exit, tshut ; tshut— khA. endy tsong. door, lou-mAg. 
exonerate, huan-ila°. exonerated, thut-tsue. 
exorbitant, keh-gua ; th^i-sim ; th^i-kiie. price, kid-tsai ; 

exorcise, liam-chiii t6k-kiii ; kh^-sid ; phek-si4 ; khu-ti\ 

exotic, pit-k6-chdng. 
expand, khui-khuah ; p^ng - khui ; tife"-toa. expanse of 

heaven, thi*"- khong ; chhe°-thi"; chhc''- khong. expansive, 

expect, mo°; hi-mo"; kdu-ki& (erroneously). 
expectorate, khak-thdm ; thbu-tMm-iiua"; phid-nua". 
expedient, Mh ; pien ; sun-pien. 
expedition, military, khii-gua sie-th4i ; tshut-chi&n. 
expeditious, m6°; khue ; m^"-m^"; khile-khile ; kin-kfn. 
expel, tAk-tshut ; kek-tshut ; khu-t6k ; jiau-khii. 
expend, sdi ; sili-eng ; phiia ; hili ; htii-eng. expenditure, 

s6-hiii ; htii-eng. daily, jit-eng. travelling, lou - hid ; 

expensive, khi ; ke-chi"; tit-cM". living, s6-hili toa. 
experience, lien ; lien-tit. experienjced, u-lien ; lien-s^k ; 

sek ; sek-chhiii ; kilan-lien ; kiian-s^k ; kid"-si"; keng-l^h. 
experiment, chhl ; chhi-thdi"; chM-eng ; chlii-th6i tsai- 

se"; th^ng-tsau-hiie. 
expert, s6k-chhiii; ki-khd; oi; gdu; khi-khi^u; kuai- 

khidu ; kha-chhid oi. 

expiate, s6k-tsue. 

expire, tfig-khili ; khid tfig ; ndng kile. time, kiu-khi ; 

jit-khl f -mda"; kde-khi. 
explain, k6i ; k6i-mdng ; sueh ; k6i-8ueh ; king-k6i ; t^'- 

phiia; chl-plida; kdug-p^h; kdng-lun. explanation or 

commentary, tsti-kdi. 

expletive, hu-jL 

explicit, m^ng-peh. 

explode, kek-llh ; kek-phila. as gunpowder^ hde-i^h t6h- 

hde ; hde-iih kdn-phtia. 
exploit, kong-l&u; toa-kong-lAu. 
explore, places, for amusement, iii-knan; iA-ngdan. 

search, cbhlm-tshue ; th^m-chhim. with a clue, tnkm- 




export, to, tsJli-hiie tshut-khdu. exports^ tshut-khdu k&i- 

expose, 16u-tshut. one's life, piJl"-inia"; ti-mia"; m-kii 8^°- 

mia"; put-sieh sin-mia". criminay heads, hiau-siii si- 

ch^ng. oneself to the sun, phik-jit. people's motives, 

sueh-phha n^ng-sim. 
expostulate, kh6u-khfig; lit-khfig; chhiet-khAg ; hiAm ; 

cheh-khiig ; khfig-kh.i. 

expound, see explain. 

express, th,"; tk°-tshut; kdng-tshut; sueh-tshut. one's 
opinion, tk°-tshut i-kifen. puipose, pidu-mdng i-si. juice, 
te°-tsap ; liu-tsap. juice of sugar cane, kd-thAg. an ex- 
press, tsuan-sdi k^i-n&ng; p6-bd government express, 
tshor-li-bd. express purpose, tou-tsuan-^i. 

expression, ji-mik; cMk-kii-ue; tie-kti. of face, min- 
sek. sad expression, min-sek hAan-16. 

expressly, teuan; tik-tik; u-i; chhiet-chhiet. 

expunge, k6u-buah ; tidm-tiau ; khou-tiau ; hii-tiau ; san- 
tiau (as useless icords or sentences)]] kau-tiau (id.), 

exquisite, tsip-hun-h6 ; chin-h6 ; siang-iii''; siang-kang- 
hu ; chin-ngid ; chi-ngid ; siang-mdr. 

extempore, speech, sun-tshtii-kdng ; chiu-si-til". composi- 
tion, phah-sim-k6. 

extend, spread widely, idng ; pila. stretch out, tshun. 
extend to, chi-k^u ; ph6u-kip. everyivliere, b6-s6 put-chi. 
extensive, khuah ; kiiang-khuah ; khiia". what is the ex- 
tent of it? u-ji^h-toa? u-ji6h-khuah ? 

exterior, gua-min; gua-mSLu"; gua-tMu; gua-phAe; gua- 

exterminate, mlt-ts6h ; tu-mlt ; tshau-mlt ; tft-mlt ; thdi- 

external, see exterior. 

extinct, mlt-budng; b6— lidu. posteHty, b6-au: ts6h-sift. 

extinguish, mlt. fire, phah-hiie ktie ; mlt-hue ; phah- 
mit ; kiil-hiie. lamp, pfin-ktie ; ia°-ktie ; phuah-ktie. 

extirpate, tshau-mit ; p6ih-kun ; tfig-kim ; plt-p6ih-tiau ; 

extol, teJtn-miii"; sSng-ts^n ; chheng-tskn ; chheng-s5ng ; 
song-miii"; 0-I6. 

extort, a false confession, khut-phah sSng-chiau. extort- 
ion, l^k-sok; khek-pak; pak-16k; khi4ng-tshii khi4ng- 


extract, p6ih ; khi6h-tshut ; thiu-tshut ; tiii— tshut. from 
a hooky In-tsu-kil ; 16k-tsu ; ln-16k. 

extraordinary, khi-su; khl-l; tshut-khl; hui-sid"; koh- 
ie"; chi^-u ; hdn-tit thdi"— ki"; hdn-ngd. eoUrdordinanly 
good, khi-h6 ; h6 kku-koh-ie^ 

extravagant, hua-hiii ; lam-eng ; th&ng-eng ; chhia-chhl ; 
clihia-hAa ; phah-phun-sdi ; th^i-klie ; hku"-sdi ; kd"-sd,i- 
clu . 

extremely, k^k; k^u-k^k; k^k-tshti; kJlu-chl-k^k ; chl; 
ts4p-hun ; tsai ; siang. extremely vglt/y id-ie°-tsai. good^ 
kek-li6 ; chi-h6. iise extreme measures, eng-kJlu-kik k4i- 
huap. two extremities of anything, tMu-biYe. utmost ex- 
tremity of misery, cfec, k^k-mAg. 

extricate, kiti-tshut; k6i-thut; k6i-tshut. 

exuberant, foliage, mong-seng ; heng-seng ; phb-ph6 ; ap- 

exude, perspiration, huat-kua"; 14u-kua"; pidu-kua". vxilh, 
chhid" chhie°-im. plants, tshut- tsap; tshut-nr. 

exult, toa-toa hua°-hl ; hua°-hi kku-thiku ; hua°-lif chi-k^k. 

exuviSB, tslia pak-khak ; th4ng pak-khak. 

eye, m4k ; mik-chiu. sharp, mik-chiu l^ng ; mik-chiu Idng- 
lai. dim, mik-chiu hue ; mik m6ng-bu ; mik bti. so7^e, 
mak-chiu thi^". open, mkk peh-kim ; mkk khui-khui. close, 
mak h4p-mi"; rnkk mr-mi°. red, mik-kun 4ng. inflam- 
ed , mik se^-htie ; mdk Aug ; mik pau-thi^°, turn up 
tJie tvhite of, mik p6i°-p4h, wink, iiih"-m4k; mik-chiu 
khap-khap-nih°. as signal, sAh-m&k. squint, siS,-chidu- 
mik ; tshrta-m4k. near-sighted, kun-si-mik. wide and 
staring, as thief's, mik kok-kok-kim. pupil of, th6ng-jin; 
sicn-ndng-th^u. Jyrows, mik-b&i. hall, mik-chiu-jin. u^iite 
of mik-p^h-jin. lashes, mik-chhi-md", lids, mik-kha- 
phde; mik-pau. inner corner, inik-thS,u. outer comer, 
niAk-biie. eye-holloio, inik-kh6iig; mik-khuang; mik- 
iia°. sight, mik-chiu kng. eye^gla^ss, mik-kik". eyeless, sit- 
meng; chhe"-m6"; hak-n^n, vnedicine, m4k - iih-tsiii. 
mlve, mik-i^h-ko. eye-witness, chhin-ni&k th6i"— kf. of 
spectacles, inik-kih,"-jin ; mik-kik^-n^k. of needle, tsam- 
phf; tsam-khang. hulVs-eye, p^«sim. to hit it, t5ng-4ng» 
sim. please the eye, hih-mik ; zu&t-mik, mahe the eyes 
smaH (as pepper), soh— ti6h mik. get a mote in the eye, 
mkk eng—ti^h. before the eyes of all, td-di^ng^^n&ng min- 
tsdr. great in one's own eyes, ka-ki tsil-si tsb«tda ; ts$- 


toa ; tsij-tsun. wise in one's own eyes^ tsu-g&u ; tsu-hidn. 
fix the eyes on one, mik kim-kim t6-th6i". 


fable, phl-zii. to use a, chieh-phl-zu ; siet-phi. fahidous, 

hu-tang ; budng-tang ; b6-iA"-chiah. 
&C6, mln; min-mau ; min-sek. before one's , min-tsdi"; 

tng-mln ; tin - min. face to face, tiii - mm ; tng - min. 

Tneet face to face, hue-min. shxipe of min-h^ng; min- 

b^. long faced, min-b6 tAg-tAg. skin of, min-phCke. 

pallid, mm ftg-sng. cloth for washing face, miu-p6u. 

brazen 'faced, min-phfke kau. facing the south, nik**- 

( hih,"-; hi^ng - ; chhi&u- ;) nS,m. face round, hiie-thdu ; 

it-tiig-th4u ; hui-tiig-tMiL facing one another, siang- 

tUi ; siang-tili-min. 
facetious, hiu"-tJt"-siig ; h^u"-th."-khd , hku"-tk" tshii-bi; 

hh,u"-tshu-clihib ; h6-chhi&. 
facile , koi ; 8un-n&ng-chh6ng ; sun - n&ng - i ; hltu"-klii4 

fact, sit - 8u ; slt-chh6ng. facts of the case , su-chhdng ; 

chh6ng-ifi ; su-slt ; slt-chiah. 
factor, agent, thbi-phoi"; thbi-poi"; thbi-lf. 
factory, large mercantile house, Mng; Mng-khdu. 
fade, jlower, B\k. colour, thb-sek. grow smaller, sue-mAi". 
faculty, tsh^i ; tsh4i-chh6ng ; tshS,i-16ng ; piin-su. 
fagot, o/'twocZ, khdn-tsM; pd-tsM; ch^-p^ ta-chbiu-ki 
fogged, khim ; h^k ; khiln-t6a" ; khiln-sifin ; si6n. 
fafl, sit ; sit-su ; gou-sji. of promise, sit-sln ; sit-ieh ; cbiih- 

ng4n. in business, t6-ti6"; hiah*sfi. failing or fault, 

fain, to do anything, kf-tsb ; hua'-hf-ts6 ; kho-leng-^r, 
faint, exhausted, khiln-t5a". to, sit-hAn; ffi-tsai-ndng ; ffii- 

hidu-ii4ng ; k6ng-k6ng ; ka-tsuih-hln ; hCkn put-hii-th6i ; 

hAn stia. faint-hearted, s^ng-sim; s^g-t4". colour, 

chhi^n-sek; t2,"-sek. 
faiTf beautiful, miii"; ngii. woman, mdi'-jln; miii"-mau"; 

kia.-jin ; gik-jtn. complexion, nik-sek soh-soh-p^h. wea* 

ther, chd -thi"; thi" end", price, kua"-chik" b6i-boi mnd, 

sOn-huapg; huang-mlobd, ^m^spect^ h5-kuang-k^ng, 


a fair^ hu ; chhi. go to the, th;U-hu ; tJtu-chhi. 

fairy, see elf. fairy-land, sien-keng. 

faith, sin; siang-sln. reliance, sin-k6u ; T-kou. fidelity^ 
sin ; sin-tek ; tong-sin ; sin-sit ; hd-siang-sin. faithful^ 
tong-kau ; tong-hou ; tong-sin ; b6-n6°-sim. having faith, 
u-sin ; sin ; si^n. strongfaith, chhim-sin ; kau-sin ; tok- 
sin. faithless^ pue-sin bff-ngi. 

falcon, eng-chidu. 

fall, pu4h; loh ; ka-14uh ; kau-14uh. as house, t6; t6— 16h- 
lai ; pang. in, thip. down, a^ j)e^^^'^i puih~ti6h ; 
pii4h-16h ; ti^h-pu&h. as thing, ka-14uh. into a snare, 
16h-khuan-th^u. fall in ivith, ngo— ti^h. to pieces, sha°; 
8iia°-tiau. leaver, 16h-hi6h. as landslip, sua" pang, ti 
ham ; pang-ham. rain, loh-hou. deiv, 16h-lou-tsiii. heavy 
fall of dew, lou-tsiii tang ; lou-tsi'ii kau. empire, kok 
bOang. floivers, hue sih,. at any body's feet, phak to-kha- 
e ; phak-lAh-tT. %ipon, as enemy, kong-phah ; kong-khek. 
into one's hands, pi-liih. price, Idh-kh ; thit-k^; ti6t-k^. 
away, li-khui. from religion, pue-kh,. on one's neck, ph5- 
am; Idm-kfn-am. tide, kh6-14u; 14u kh6. waterfall, 
phik-p6u-tsfta°; thua" (a rapid), falling star, pue-chhe**; 
lid-chhe"; chheng-sin khe-tou. falling-sichness, see epi- 

fallible, 6i-tsh6. 

fallow, ground, tshdn-ti phau-hng. 

false, kd ; hu-kd ; ngiii ; tsi-ngui ; hue-niau". money, ke 
kai-ngftn. falsehood, k^-ue ; hu-kd k&i-iie ; phi^n-n4ng 
ktli-ue ; hue-tshili hue-chih. witness, kd ts6-ch^ng-ku. 
charge, b6-lua; bA-kb; bA-kh6ng; niap-kb. purpose, 
intention, kd-1, falsely pretend not to know, ke-tsS m- 
tsai ; t^"-ts6 m-tsai ; iAng-6i put-t«ai ; te"-chhi. false 
goodness, hypocrisy, kd-h6. fcdsely use another man's 
name, kd n3,ng-kAi-mi^°; mau"-mi4°. 

falter, huan-hAk b6-tia". 

fame, mia"; miiV-sia"; sia"-bun. famous, tshut-mi4"; hi^n- 
mi^"; miA°-sia" ptia-i^ng ; b6n-mi4° (polite phrase). 

familiar, siang-sek ; sie-pat. most familiar friend, chl- 
s6k kdi pheng-iii ; sh-sik kki phdng-i\i, 

family, ke ; ke-kilan ; ke-hou ; ke-s6k. whole, h&p-ke ; 
ham-ke ; thong-ke ; ch6k-ke ; tshAan-ke. clan, b&"; ts6k. 
property, ke-su ; ke-ngiip ; ke-tshdi ; ke-tsu ; ke-hiie, dis- 
cipline, ke-kk ; ke-kui. state of family as regards he- 


Imviour and prosjyerity, ke-sl. to inamige the, hua°-ke; 
11-ke. rwm, phtia-ke. unbroken family, ch6k-ke thfian- 

famine, ki-hng. 

famish, go. thin and famished, go-sdn. to death, go-sf. 
fan, si°. one, ch6k-ki-si°. to use, khiih-sr; khiA-sl"; lim-sr; 

phuah-si"; phuah-huang; ia°-si°; ia"-huang. beckon one 

ivith, iih-si . for winnowing grain, ptia-ki ; huang-kiir 

(farmers), to extinguish a lamp with a fan, ia"-kile teng- 

fancy. / fancy he will not come, lia phah-sig i m-ldi. 

fancy articles, thit-th6-mu6h. 
fang, tooth, toa-gd. 
far, hng ; i4u-idn. and near, hng-kun. far greater, toa 

tsoi. far different, tsuah hng ; tsu4h tsoi ; toa-tsudh ; toa- 

e m-sie-tdng ; toa-e tsdu-tsuah. 
fare, boat, ts6n-tsou ; ts6n-htli. 
farewell , bid , kang nang tsak - piet ; skng - pi^t . a 

farewell feast, chidn-ki4" kA,i-toh-siih. 
farm, tshdn; tshan-ti; tsMn-hAg. farmer, tsoh-tsMn- 

nring ; 16ng-jln ; 16ng-hu ; ke°-hu . do fai^i work, tsoh- 

tsh^n ; ke"-tsoli ; cL^ng-tsoli ; tsoh-slt. 

farrier, ui-g6-bd sin-se". 

farrow, to, tii-b6 se°-tu-kid^ 

fascinate, mr-h6k. fascinating, iau-ji^u ; zu&h-sf-ndng ; 

fashion, sl-heng; si-siang. nexo , sin-ie"; sin-khudn; 

sin-si-heng. fashionable, hih-si-heng ; Mh-si-phki ; tng - 

si. person, hJlu"-sin-khudn. doctor, ki&"-sl ui-seng; si- 

kia sin-se . 
fast, me"; khtie. boat, khiiai-th^ng. bound, pik-kln 

colour, b6i-16h-sek ; l&n-16h-sek. asleep , g{it k^u-tsiii - 

tstii ; gut kku-chhim-chhim. hold, liih-kSi ; chip-kfn ; 

lim-kln, to fast, kim-chiih ; chiih-che. 
fasten, pik. to anything, pik-tbe. door, tshtia"-mAg. 
fastidious, oh-hua"-hf. about food, hi^m-chiili ; 6i-k6i°- 

ehiih ; p6i"-kh6r-cliiih. 
fat , p^i ; tsh^i - khi (more polite of a person), of meat , 

p4h-ii6k. lard, 14. 
fatal, kau-ktia sfe"-mia"; tl-mia"; ti-sf. disease, sl-chfeng; 

nge-chfeng bd-ui. 
fate, mia°; mia"-un ; si-un. murmur at, chiil-sin me"-mia". 


fSLthBTf I>5; liu-p5; pCM^hhin; a*tia; a-pa. your father^ 
uiu tOa—ning ; leng-tsun. y^wr Zofe Juther , leng-soi'* 
tiiuu ; leug-HiA'-ona. my father , ke - hu ; ke-tson. my 
ixe^ fisX}u^, ui »oi -hQ. ti?^^ father, tie'-n&ng ; ng&k- 
I>5: ti2*'D4Dg-kong . husbands father^ ta-kna*. oiw'* 
c^-t/.vj, »ri'*'p5 ; Hc'-8in tsu-ptin. wrt o/* adoptive father^ 
ugl'j>5; Kh?fi-i>i5, step-father, idng-pe; Id-pe; &a-pe. 
fallutrUss, bd-i>5 kAi-kid'; kou-tsij. 

Wbhom, VKiter, thJtm-th6i' tsiii jiih-chhim. one fathom, 
cytk-ithUV; chik-BJAm. fathomless^ fQ-h6 chhek-t&t; 

&tigue, b£k ; plii-kQan ; kha sng ; sidn ; khiin-sidn . 
fatitjue onusi'lf lAu-14t ; b6a-14u. 

fSsiult; kilc ; kiie-Bit ; tfihb ; m-ti6h ; tshb-gou ; put-si fault- 
fiioiliiKj, \\\\i AixtxsL ndiig rft-ti6h ; \sk\k ngf-lfln-nSiig ; hiu* 
phoi-tBiih-nAiig. faultless, b6-h6 - hiS.m ; b6-h6-hi4iii— 
tfthu ; b6-m-tiih ; bd-ktic-sit ; b6-hift-tshft. 

fSsiVOUr, un ; u^-tidn ; un-Jli ; ijn-hiii. confer a favour^ si- 
Uu ; kiA*-nAug-chb6ng ; tsb-chhdng. ask favour or par- 
don for another, khiu-chhdng ; khl-n4ng-chh6ng. thankful 
for, kdm-un ; liain-\}n. forgetful of, bfkang-un ; biiang-un 
lifl-ngl ; liiau-hQ un-chhfing. see partial. 

fSBlVOUrabl6| auspicious, kit ; chik-ki" tSJ-kit ; si4ng ; kit- 
biilng; Bi4ng-Bfli. wind, sQn-huang. tide, h&h-l&u. ctr- 
cumstances, h6-ki-hQe; tiS-tit-ti6H ; kak-sj} b6-ts6-keh; 
kak-BU BQa-Bfin ; kak-B{i zHiA. 

fSsiVOUrite, tit-n&ng-Bieh ; hih-sim; h4h-i; tit-sim; tit-L 
hook, Biang-h&h-tudi". 

fttwn, see FLATTER, ijoung deer, tAk-kiA^ 

fear, kia"; tii ; kia"-{ii ; phJl"; khi6ng-{ii ; khi6ng-ph?l"; kia"- 
kii ; tiih-kia"; hAi-phh.". God, kfeng-di Siing-th death, 
ixi'Bi ; phh."-Bf . fea rful, kh6-{ii ; tshua-n&ng-id ; kia"-n&ng; 
kia"-B(-nAng. fearless, ffl-tii; b5i-kia"; fl-td". 

feasible, tsb-tit-lAi ; ts6-tit-khiV 

fsast, toh; toh-siih. eai, chiih-toh. wedding, sin- 
hun-toh. make, ts6-toh ; khui-toh ; siet-siih ; hiie-kheh ; 
chliul""nAng chi&h-chiiS ; chhid'-chiii. 

feather, mo*. fowVs, koi-m6". hird^s, chidu-m6". 

features, min-mau"; siJlng - mfiu"; min-siJtng ; min-si^". 

fecundity, sc^-tsoi; Si-se*"; mSng-Bgng; 8e"-khfl kSu. 

fee, kui-ngftn. to teacher, sok-kim ; sok-siu ; teij-kuan ; 
eJtng-tsoih {ext^*a presents at terms), to doctor, huang» 


pau ; 4ng-pau ; b^-k^ ; kie-k^. to tenter, pit-kim ; pit- 
tsii ; pit-tsu-ngftn. to letter-canier, chiii-chi". 

feeble, nAg-jiak; sue-jiik; bd-lit. 

feed, chhi ; iing ; pun-i-chiih. 

feel, hy touch y m6nff; thS^ng. the pulse , ])hah-meir; 
hua"-m6h"; chi^n - m6h'; kn-m6h"; th6i"-ratVh°; niong- 
meh"; te"-m6h"; m^h"-th6i". pain, tsai-thi^". afraid, 
tsai-kia". ashamed, tsai-si^u-li. obliged, kdm-im; kirn- 
imtki-tek; tsai-chhSng; tsai i-kai ndug-ehheng. ones 
iiKty with a stick, tsang-ki-tshfte to-la-lou. a feeling 
man, u-nAng-chhdng ; u-tshft-sim. hurt feelings, sie"- 
sim ; sim-th4u tliik"; sim-lai pfiu-pek. 

feign, kd-teb ; tsuang-ts6 ; t^"-ts6. illness, kd-ts^ fi-pe"; 
ts^-pe"; t^"-pe"; k^-pe". death, te"-si. imulness, tfe"- 
sidu ; t^"-kdnff ; t^'^-tien ; tsuang-sidu ; kd-sidu. 

felicity, hok-kni; hok-ch^k; khSai-lik. 

fell {cruel), tsMng-hai; tshdng-jfm; pau-ngiik. trees, 

fellow {companion), t4ng-phua". common, sAk-jin. mean, 

sidu-jin. -officer, t4ng-ia-kua"; t&ng-liAu. -student^ tdng- 

theng; theng-iii; tAng-6h; 61i-iii; ts6-pA th4k-tsu. 

fellowship, t4ng-8im ; siang-kau ; siang-kau-tshap ; kau- 

li ; kau-pAe. 

felo-de-se, tsu-chin. 

felon, hiiam-jin ; tsue-jln ; kam-huam. 

felt, chi°. hat, chr-bo; chr-ziian. carpet, ti-clii"; clii"- 
ti4u. to make, i^-chi"; ts6-chi^ 

female, of human beings, nAg ; tsu-ni6"; tsa-b6u ; hu- 
jin; hu— n^n^; a-md-n^ng; a-md-si^u. children, nAg 
tsu ; tsii-iiid"-ki4'. male and, 14m-nng ; ta-pou tsu-ni6"; 
im-idug. of beasts, b6 ; phfn ; Idiig. of birds, b<5 ; 
tshfi. female and male, phfn-moii" (beasts); laug-kou 
(id.); b6-kak {birds) ; tshft-hidng {id.), female apart- 
ments, kui-p&ng; chhim-kui ti^"-pang. attendants, tsdu- 
kui ; chhiah-kha ; niig-pi. 

fen, lam-id"; Ikm-chik ; ke-sip ; IJlm-sip. 

fence, a, hfig-li ; tek-li ; tek-6i ; tek-tsih ; clihi-na"; tek- 
n4"; chhi-pne. to, with swords, mong-kiJtm ; bii-kiiim ; 
pi-kiam. fencing-master^ khAn-thdu sai-pe ; kliiln-tbdu 

• • 

fend, off, with the ami striking upwards, thd°-tiau. 
.ferment, for spirits, chid-pid". fermenting nutss for 


dUtUlation, chiii-pdu. to fennent, klil-p6u. as leaven, 
ka' pbii; ka** huat. 
fern, mo'; 8ua"-mo"; tsiii-mo". 

ferocious, ii; li-hai. 

ferrule, thih-kha-kh6u. 

ferry, tou ; tdu-th4u ; hfie°-t6u. boat, tou-tsAn. marif 

thc"-tou. to cross, kue-tou. 
fertile, p6i ; p6i-jiila. ground, pAi-tsMn ; j)Ai-ji{lu k&i- 

ti ; hd-tsh&n. fertilize, 16h-p<ii ; phuah-pAi ; eng-pAi ; 

fervent, ji^t-sim ; tsuan-sim ; pck-chhiet. 
fester, pQ-14ng; 8e°-Ung; tsb-lAng; k^m-l&ng. 
festival, tsoih. to celebrate a, ts6-tsoih. 
festivity, lau-ji6t; hl-su. 
festoon, tshdi-bai. 
fetch,^ khiih-hli; tba-l^i; tsah-lAi, 
fetid, icn ; t8hi!lu ; tshku-hi^n ; ha-bi. 
fetlock, bd-klia-in6". 
fetter, a, soh. iron, thih-soh; kha-kh^u chhiii-khau; 

kba-liAu chhiii-lidu. to, sd-thih-soh ; pik-thih-soh. 
feud, uan-ke. to lutve, with anyone, kang-n&ng ts6-uan- 

ke ; u-uan-ke. 
fever, sie-jitH ; huat-ji(^t ; huat-sie ; ji^,t-pe"; ji^t-chfeng ; 

Kie"-huang; ngiik-pe"; la-jiet (T^i'emA^. and ague, 

k6a"-ji6t; pak-kila"; huat-sie; iir-chhlii ; kAa°-pe"; kiiim- 

Hiam - kfia** {slightly feverish) ; mah" - moh° mah" - moli" 

(id,), quotidian ague, jIt-jit-kOa". tertian, l^ng-jIt-kAa"; 

k6i"-jlt-k6a". quartan, sa"-jit-k1ia". to 'remove, th6- 

jiet. to abate, jiit thb. 
few, chid ; ldii-I6 ; kiii-kdi ; b6-ua ; b6-mih-tsoi ; b6-hi^°- 

tsoi ; b6-jiih-tsoi ; b6-ki. a few people, l&n-ndng ; kiii- 

iiilng ; su-nAng. 
fib, kd-ue ; la-k^ ; la-san. don't, mJii°-la. 
fibre, vegetable, si. 
fickle, b6-tia°; sim koi-i-^k ; Ba"-ke"-sie" piia"-in6"-huan; 

hiian-hAk bd-sid"*; u-thAu b6-biie; 14 &k-6k; huan-hiian 

fiction, works of sidu-sueh. fictitious, kd ; b6-id"-chiah ; 

fiddle, hi", with two strings, ji-hi", to play the, kiV 

hl". bow, hr-keng. string, hi"-sua", to tune, hAa- 

hi", fddler, hf-kha. 


fidelity, see faithful. 

fidget, t6ng-t6ng-tsdu ; b6-si-tiam. 

field, cultivated and iiTigated, tshdn : tshdn-b6u. cul- 

tivated but not irrigated y hftg. %vet or dry, tsh&n-hiig. 

to cultivate^ tsoh-tsh4n; ch^ng-tsoh; ke"-t8oh. plough , 

16i - tshS.n. to ivHgate , ktian-tshAn ; im-tsh^n. mouse^ 

tshS^n-tshiil boundary^ tsh4n-hua". battle-^ chifen-tic". 

-piece, toa-phku. 
fiend, ki\i ; m6"-kiii ; siA-kiii ; ak-kiii ; iau-kiii. 
fierce, p3.u-s&°; pSu-pek ; pau-tshau ; md"-liet ; pau-li6t. 
fife, ti-tl; siau; ki-k6. to play, p<in-ti-t4. 
fifty, ngou-tsip. 
fig, b6-hue-kiie". 

fight, sie-thdi ; kau-chifen ; hai-t6u ; sie-phah. 
figure, hfing; htog-ie°; h6ng-siang; hdng-sife"; heng- 

tsuang; ie"-8i^"; hfing-thf. figures (numerals), bd-kid". 

figured cloth, hue-p6u. 
filch, thau-khiih. lice, thau-tshah-bf ; thau-lap-bf. 
file, tshb. iron filings, thih-tsliUi ; thih-hu; thih-sut. 
fiUaJ, ki&"-hku. son, h^u-tsil. 
fill, with water, teiii t6-kku-tf. a room, ndng jip kilu 

ch6k-koi° tsit-tsit; k^u ch6k-kor-ii^ng ne" tf-ti". an 

office , seiig-jim ; chie" - jim. up udth earth , thun - ti ; 

thun-th6u. a hole, sat-khang. to eat one's, chiih kiiu - 

pd-pi. filer, fm' pouring water, tsiii-l^u ; khuah-tshui- 

fillet, tba. 

fillip, with finger-nail, tua"; tuSLi". 
film, m6h°; m6h"-iii6h"; pAh-mAli"; phAe-m6h°. 
filter, to ^ th. water, tfe-tsiii ; tsiii tfe-chheng-khih. a, 

tsiii-t6 ; 8ua-l^u {made of sand). 
filthy, nah-sap ; u-tie ; chhi-gl. abuse, i^-sia"-ine"; tshou- 

sia°-me"; tshou-sia*" ii-tshili ; me" kJiu-chhi-^ ; tshou-Um 

fins, hiVsit; hA-chhi. sharks', sua-hft-slt. 
fiusAy a particle, suah-kha hu-ji. conclusion, expressed in 

a word, ts6ng zft-ngan— tsu ;t^u-ti. finally, tsong; 

suah-biie ; k^u-biic ; kiiu-bde ; plt-kdng. 
find , by search , tshue— ti^h ; chhim— tiih ; chhd— ti^h ; 

chhS-tit-tshut {in a book) ; pde—tiih {in a book or mixed 

mass), meet with , ngo - - tiih ; tii - - ti^h ; h6ng - - ti&h. 

to find anything by chance, khieh— tiih ; t6h— tieh, 
fine, in quality, iii"; iii"-s6x, reasoning, t6-lf sbi-mAr; 


clieijg-nnu°; chong-sbi, in fine^ t^u-tf. W€athei\ hd- 
thi"; tlii°-si die". 

fine . to , liimt ; huat-ngfm {money) ; huit-hi (a play) ; 
huat-tsua-ia"* (/(/.) ; liiu\t-ph6ng-phie {crackers). 

finger, chhiii-ts(Si". Lst or thumOy teAg-thdu ; tslSg-thdu- 
kong. JoiV, koi-tsoi". middle, tang-tsdi'. the W^jgr-, 
Ii6u-lai-ts6i°. the little, biie-ts6i'; chhid-t86r-kii'; biie- 
tsn^^-kici". reckon on Jinyers, khut-ts6i' sig. ]X>iut 
v't'th,' cliliiii ki; tsaug-tsAg-th^u ki. -^ing^ see ring. 
to toke up heticeen the Jimjer and thtniib, nueh— khi- 
lai. a 2>i/<rA so taken, cliek-nueh-kid". ^post^ lou-pi; 
lou-fn. -nails, tsijg-kah ; chbiii-jidu {long); jidu-kah 

finish, ts6-cliiil°; tswVseng ; ts6-Aan ; sSng-kong ; pit. a 
im'al, (hiah-pa. Jinished, udn ; h6 ; hiah ; lidu ; pit. 
havr you Jimshedf ho— biie ? 

finite, fi-han-tia". 

fir, Hciig-peh-chhiu ; sam. needles, sdng-peh-chhiu. cones, 

fire, hiie. set fire to, pting-hiie. make a, khi-hde. put 
furl on the, hiil°-bile. light a, t6h-hiie. strike, phah- 
l)uc. extinguish, kiu-biie ; phah-kile-hiie ; mit-ktie-hiie ; 
tftang-kiui-liue {icith tvater). gone out, hiie kde— khfi. 
-2)lace, tsilu ; lii'ic-16u ; chhid"-16u. -engine, kiil-hde k&i 
tsiii-chhia. -arms, chh^ng - phJiu. -cvrrows, hIie-clli^ 
-crackers , plibng - phie ; toa-lin-kbng {large) ; tshilan- 
pliilii (a long string), -rocket, hiie-siih. wai*m oneself 
at the, chieh-hiie. jlanie of, hiie-ifim ; hiie-chlh. -fly, 
hile-nie''-kou ; iong-biie. ignis faiincs, kiii-hiie. to fire 
a gun, khui-chheiig ; piing-cbbbng ; phah-chhfeng; sia- 
chhbng. -brands, j^x«r^/// huimt, tehA-tsau. 

firm, kien-ku ; kien-toi"; kicn-tsJtng ; lin-tig ; th6-t^ng. 
2n(rpose, kien-sim ; kien-i ; kicn-i put-tshdng ; sim kien, 
i dihiet. a frm in business, hdng ; kong-si. name of 
such, hAng-miil"; pli6u-ho. 

firmament, chhe"-thi"; thi"-chie"; thr-khong {not quite 

first, tof-it; thdu-ch^k-kdi. first... then, -moon, 
(•hia"-gu6h. -boim, tsho-se"; th4u-tho ; thdu-se"; khf- 
thau-se"; tah-thtlu-se°. son, toa-tau - kid"; chidng-tsii. 
-fruits, tsho-sdk kAi-kiie"-dif. year of reign, ngAan— 
111", time, thau-cL^k-hiie ; thAu-pdi ; khi-tsho-ch^k-hAe ; 


tsile-soi"— ch6k-hAe. from first to last, tsA-th4u kiiu- 
biie ; tsu-sf k^u-tsong ; tshong-thAu kiu-biie. at first, 
khf-thjlu ; tsho-e. in the first: place, th4u ch^k-kia°; 

. khi-it. 

fishy hA. oiie, ch^k-biie-hA. salt, kiim-hft. dined, liiV 
p6u. catch {various methods), li&h-h^ ; pha-h^ ; mang- 
hA ; khi4-hA ; du-hA ; ti^-hA ; ji-hA ; khan-hA ; ts4h-hA ; 
th6-hdi; 16h-khoi. -pond, bA-ti. -hawk, bA-a; hiV 
t^ng-chidu. -hook, ti^^-kau. -maw, bA-tou ; hA-phie. 
'Spear, bA-pie. -scales, bA-Ung. roe ar spawn, hA- 
tshun; h^-nfig {deposited), fishing-rod, tife°-ko. -line, 
tie"-sL fislierman, Uib-bA k^i-ndng; bA-ong; tb6-hai- 

fissure, lib; pbha-Hb; pit-kbui. 

fist, kbAn-tb4u. to clench^ llm-khAn; lim kbAn-tb4u-b6. 
fisticuffs, pbab-kbAn-tb4u. 

fit , a , sit - bAn ; bun - k6ng . fall down in , bun - 16 . 
epileptic, ti&b-i6"-tsbdi ; i6°-kueh-tsbdi. of anger^ cb^k- 

fit, {adj.) bib ; kab ; kab-eng ; bib-eng ; kab-tit-16b. icell, 
as clothes, kab-cbbeng. to do anything, ts6-tit-14i. 

five, ngou. 

fix? tia ; tia"-ti^b. a day, tia'-jit ; tia"-kbi. fixed, tia"- 
ti6b ; nge— lidu ; nge-tia"— lidu ; nge-b6u"; nge-nge b6u°- 
h6u". hy fate, se"-s6ng; tsii-tia". price ^ tia"-kfe; nge- 
kfe. choice upon, suin-tia". 

flabby, n^k cbHieb; nAg-nap. 

flaccid, ji&u-ji4u; hoib'boiL 

fla^, kt stc^, kl-kua". to hoist, liu-kl -stone, ti-poi"- 
cbi^b; koi-lou-cbi&b. 

flagitious, bia-liA; bd-chbi k4i siiu-jln ; ts&p-ak; kbidng- 
biong k^k-ak* 

flagon, cbid-pAn; tsiii-khaiL 

flafl, k^'. 

flake, cb^.k-pbifen p6b-p6b. 

flambeau, bAe-p6; biie-na". 

flame, biie-iam ; bAe-cblb. up, btie-cbih kiib-pbA. 

flanks, liing-^k; liing-biAp. 

flannel, ni'; ni"-ti (woollen matericd in general). 

flare , vp , bAe-cbIb tit - cbie"; bde-cblb kiib - pbA. in 
anger, sim-bAe buat. soon fianng wp, u-bAe-s^". 


flash , of lightning , iip-ch6k-sih ; i4p-che-sih ; i^p-Utp - 

flask, oil, iA-pdn ; iii-tsun. jyowder, gA-kak-tAng. . 
flat, i>e"; pf; pidn ; p6°-thdng. country, p6"-pou p6"-tr. 

in tcuite, bd-bl. flatten, teh-bih ; phah-pd". to tell him 

fl^nhj, tit-tit-t^°. 
flatter, thidm-mi"; pong -song; hdng-ngdng; i-o li6ng- 

ngeng. fond of pra/,*^ and flxxttcnj, hJtu' khut-n4ng 

pliuu-tsiii ; hJiu''-tl kau-bo ; h^u"-lap hde-thiia'-lam. 
flatulence, 6e"-huang; tou ti^°-huang. to dispel, siau- 

fl aunt, lAu-pdi ; iAu-iilu pdi-pdi ; hh,u"-pdi-ngid ; hku"- 

flavour, klil-bi ; bl ; bi-sbu. strong, bi tang ; bi kau, 
flaw, Ilia ; tidm. ivithout p6h-gek b6-hid. icell anxinged 

so that no flair, chiu-b&t. 
flax, tifi. fine, iu"-tiu. 
flay, pak-phue. 
flea, ka-tsilu. 

fledged, huat-m6". 

flee, tsdu ; to-tsdu ; phun-tsau ; pi-tsdu. 

fleet, me"; sok-sok. of shijjs, ch^k-tui-tsAn. 

flesh, lUik; liali. fl<*shy, u-nc^k; pfti. colour, chhiah-eek. 

in'ond, f}-nt*k. putrid, Jlu-n6k ; hu-n^k. (lie fl^sh (in 

'laortd tfensfj), Bu-i6k; n6k-i6k. 
flexible, nng; koi-uan; h6-d-uan; h6-ut-uan; Ii6-tsh4u- 

unn ; h6-khut-uan. 
flight, rf an army, pai-tsdii. of steps, ch^k-tie"-thui, 

///' arrows, chl" luan-sia, flighty, sim b6-tia°-tsii ; sim- 

8c" pbu-tslihu. 
flimsy, iing-jiAk; b6-Ut; bA-khl ; 1dm; le-kd. 
fUnch, thi)-sok ; kiu-thb ; lim-tin thb-sok ; kiu-tsdu. 
fling, kak. away, kAk-tiau ; sek-tiau ; hdm-tiau. 
flint, hiie-chicMi. flinty-hearted, thih-chieh sim-kua" (also, 

drcided and firm). 
flippant, khin-phti ; phA-tshJlu ; m-kiin-ng4n ; tsi^-ue m- 

fht, pue. remove, pua°-tshh ; siia-th^h ; chhien-ku ; i-ku. 
float, phii-tsiii; phiau-phA. a float, sam-pdi, 
flock, kliun. a whole, chid"-kh6n. of sheep, ch^k-kh^^ 

le . 
flog , phah. severely , phah - thidm-thidm ; thidm-phah ; 


tfing-phah. with rod, phah-tek-tshAe ; phah-tek-pl. with 

large heavy rod, phah-tek-p6i°. till severely injured^ 

phali-k^u lok-lok ; phah mr-mr. 
flood, deluge, toa-tsui ; ^ng-tsiii. flooded, pun dng-tsdi 

im— khii. tide^ 14u ti"; n&m-l&u; jip-h\u. gate, tsrti- 

floor, th6u-e. wooden, 14u-pang ; ti-pdi'-pang. hrick, dng- 

tsDg. lime, hue-ti^". to lay a, kek-ti-p6i° {wood)\ 

phou-tsng {bnck) ; phah-liue-ti&" {lime). 
florid, kuang-tshdi ; hua-miii°. conxplexioix, min-sek kuang- 

tahdi ; min-sek fi,ng-zun ; min-sek dng. 
floss, zong. 
flour, hiin. wheaten, mi'^-hiin ; mi"-tsh6i. potatoe, tsft-liiin. 

rice, tsh6i. 
flourish, to, heng-seng ; heng-uang ; hong-seng ; lau- 

ji^t ; uang-khi. and decay, heng-sue. 
flout, ki-chhife ; ki-chhidu ; chhidu-chhi^. 
flow, Islu. ehh and, IjIu kh6-ti°. around, chiu-liift. over- 

floiv, 14u— tshut ; iah— tshut ; miia°— tshut ; 6k— tshut. till 

dry, 14u-kiiu-ta. 
flower, hue. to, khui-hue. hush, eh6k-tsA,ng-hue. one 

sprig, chek-ki-liue. a bouquet of, ch6k-pak-hue ; ch6k- 

pd-hue. hud, phah-liii. * half-hlawn, hue ham-h4ni ; huc- 

ptia°-khui. full'hlown, khui-khfi-phau. fade^ hue sill. 

quite faded and done, tsh&ng. -vase, hue-pAn ; hue- 

kan ; chd"-kan, -pot, hue-puah ; huc-phtin. -garden, 

hue-hlig. flowered cloth, hue-p6u. ivork with needle, 


fluctuate, ^b6-tia"-ti6h; 6k-14i 6k-kh(i; i-i 6k-6k; chhien- 

k6i b6-tia". 
flue, in-t4ng; tsliu-tshue {of Jurtiace). 
fluent, t^-ue liti-liii-kiit ; khi-tshui zA-kuah-tsiia-to ; u- 

khdu-leng ; u-khdu-tsh4i. 
fluid, tsiii-tsiii ; chhieh-chhieh ; i6"-i6"; ko-ko {different 

degrees). » 

flush, min ang-khl-lAi. 
flute, h6e°-tek. to play, pAn-hAe"-t6k. 
fly, pue. run away, tsdu ; t6-tsdu ; pi-tsdu. a kite, 

fly, a, h6u-sin. a cloud of ch6k-tin hdu-sln. -catcher 

{spider) h6u-sin-h6u". 

FOAM 112, FOR 

foam, f}vm mouthy tshiii-nua°; thdm. on tcater, tsiii- 

fodder, nid'-tshdu. 
foe, chhiA-t6k; tui-thdu. 
fog, in-bu; m6ng-bu; mdng-in; hAn-bfu foggy tceather, 

thi"-si huat-m6ng. 
foil, /n(stmte a plot^ phua-k6i; chiang-k5i chiu-kbi. 

tin-foil, 8iah-p6h. 
fold, shee]?, id''-nAa*; i6"-ld. 
fold, tOf chih. how many times shall I fold it f di'-chih- 

tsb ii^h-tsoi-chih ? Jd"- chih-tsb ji^h-tsoi-tsang ? ai°-chih- 

tsb kui-e ? jylait three folds, pi"-8a"-k6u. as of paper ^ 

teng. to make folds or plaits on dress, niip-koi"; 

khieh-k6i'. fold the hands and salute one, ki6ng- 

chhiii tsak-ip. tJie arms, tsb.ih-chhiii ; tsha-chhiii {less 

complete, himds together on the In^east), tvoofold, kia- 

pfie; hAp-pue. manifold, ke-ke-pue. 
foliage, chhiu-hiSh. dense, chhiu-hiih mong-seng; bit- 

t8&t ; t8&t-t8&t ; ap-ap ; im-im. 
follow , tshdng ; the ; kun - sAi. as successor , chiap ; 

chih. ane*s example, 6h-ie'; the-ie"; chi^-ie"; hau-6h. 

in ones sUps , tue i k4i-kha-pou. one's advice , thia** 

iidng khfig - k6i ; thia^'-nang-tk . one's oivn inclination , 

jini-l; jim ka - ki k4i-i. customs, t8h6Dg-86k; tshdng- 

8i-86k. follower or disciple, mftg-jln; mAg-seng; mAg- 

folly, ngi-sij. 

fomentation, ti-sie ; tah-sie. 
fond, thiJt"-8ieh ; hka; n6k-5.i (to excess), fond of wine, 

food , chi&h ; chiih-mAch ; khdu-chiih ; bi-nid'' ; khdu - 

fool, n^ ; Dg^-nAng ; chhi-ko ; chhi-chhi Bgdi-ng&i. 
foot, klia. ^e of, kha-t6i . hairfoot, thig-chhiah-kha ; 

pak - chhiah - kha . ivalk on, p6u-ki4*; kid', trample 

nnder, tih-tiau. of hill, sua" -kha. -hall, that-kiA. 

'2)ath , lou - kid" ; sid-lou. -step , kha - chiah {as seen) ; 

kha - pou (as heard ). -stool , kha - tih ; t&h - p6i" - T. 

measure, chhieh. a foot and a half long, chhieh-pW- 

tftg; tAg chhieh-pha". 
fop, h^u"-ph4i-chhi4ng ; hji.u"-p4i-chhi4nff. 
for, in place of, thbi. sell for ready money, boi-hin- 


chl", on account of, in-ui ; ui-ti^h ; u&D'-khL buy it 
for me^ kang-ud-b6i ; kiau-iia-b6L this is for you^ 
chi-k&i si ki"-pun-li|. repeat correctly vxyi*d for word^ 
niam-14i ji-ji bSi-tshb, / bought this chair for 4 
dollars f chl-chiah-r lia b6i si-k^i - ngfin . how much 
will you take for itf Id- ki' sl-mih-l^ ? lij ki' ji^h-tsoi- 
chr? set out for the Foo . city^ kiii-sin ki'- khij Hii-si4'. 
cw foi^ , lun-klp. wJmt for f tsb-ni"? sl^mii u4n-kii ? 
for life, chik-si-n&ng ; ch^k-se", for the futurCy tshdug- 
kira f-au; tsu-tshd f-an. for ever, i6ng-i6n; i6ng-k\i, 

forage, nid^-tshdu. to, chiii-ti tshii-nid". plunder ^ 

forbear, jlm-nSi"; Idn; jfm; jfm-khi; liin-khi ; khuan; 
khuan*i6ng; idng; pang-khuan. 

forbid, kim; klm-chi; Idm-klti; put-tetin; hkm-i-m^r; 

force, l&t; si-l&t; khi-l&t. to, mi^n-kidng; khiAng-pek; 
nge-Mh. take by^ khi&ng-tAh; khiing-chhi^"; kni4ng- 
thun. a woman y khi4ng-kan. one's way in through 
a crowd, chl"— jlp-khii ; nge-chi"— jlp-khiJ. 

forceps, thih-khl ; thih-kl". stnall, koih-kii'; kiip-kid". 

ford, to, e-kile-khoi ; g-khoL 

fore, soi'; tfidi'. /ee*, ts6i'-kha. 

forearm, chhiii-pL 
foreboding, ki-tiau; Ma-kL 

forecastle, tsAn-thS^u. 

forecast, u-tAt; u-pan; lu; m6ng-lft; phah-k^k; phah- 

s6g; td-sig. 
foreiathers, 8oi*-ts6u ; ts6u-tsong ; ts6u-kong ; t86u-pe ; 

forego, put-tshti; ffl-tahii; chhln-tshii-hiah ; pJlng-tiau. 

humbly one's right, khiam - jiSLng ; chiftm-jiSng ; siu- 

forehead, hiih; liiih-th4u; hiih-sin (higher); liiih- 

foreign, huan ; i6\ country, huan-pdi"; hua^-pang ; huan- 

kok; gua-kok. gro to, khe-kok ; kiie-huan ; tshut-gua. 

goods, i6°-Iitie ; i6"-mu6h. cloth, iS"-p6u ; huan - p6u. 

person, huan-n4ng; gua-kok-n&ng ; 1-jln. language, 

foreknow, soi"-tsai ; ij-tsai ; liSu-tsai. 
forelock, 14u-m6"-sAi ; lau-hiih-pln (only on girls). 
foreman, th^u-nflng; sni-pe-th&u; tok-kang k&i-n^ng. 


foremast, tMu-Ai. 

foremosti th4u-ts6i"; Bi5ng-8oi\ 
forenoon, chie'-ktia ; chie"-Dig6u. 

forerunner, ts6i"-khu. 
foresail, thclu-phdng. 

foresee, soi'-ki^n ; sor-kak ; 8oi"-tsai ; fi-liau ; u-pl. 
forest, chhiu-llm ; chhiu-n4". 
foretell, 8oi"-tJi"; u-ng&n ; u-sor-ti'. 

forewarn, u-soi" k^ng-kJti. 

forfeit, huat-ngftn. oiie's life, ti-sl, mo7ie]/ to government^ 

e.g. hail, siau-jip kua"-kh6u. 
forge, metal, tuSn-lien. name, k^-mid' tshut-toa'; k^- 

pit-chiah. a will, ke-lip zui-tsok; ngui-llp ziii-tsok. 
forget , m-ki"-tit ; m-ki^n-tit ; bu4ng - ki"; bu&ng - tiau. 

forgetful, b6-ki-t8h4i; b6-ki-ti;^". 
forgive , siJi ; sia-midn ; 8i^-t8ue. mutually , slang - sii 

fork, chhe. forked, a-chhe ; khui-a ; k&u-kS. 
forlorn , kou - t6k ; b6 h6 - ui - png ; b6 h6-f"-k5u ; b6- 

n&ng h6-kau-t8hap. 
form , ie'; m6°-ie"; h^ng ; h^ng - si^ug ; hfing - tsuang ; 

hdng-si^"; hSng - mau"; hdng-i6ng ; h<lng-th6i ; khu^n ; 

khudn-sek. according to, chi^-ie'; chife-th6i-sek. to form, 

ts6 ; tsSu ; tsh^ng ; sfing. a resolution, lip-i ; Up-tia* 

tsii-i. seed, kat-chl; kit-chf. a friendship ^ kat-iii; 

kau-iii ; kat-kau. a conspiracy, kat-t^ng. a plot, siet- 

formality, 16i; I6i-8iilu; 16i-bAn. empty, hu-16i; bu- 

bfln ; cnip-gua-I6i. 
formerly, t8h6ng-ts6i"; 8oi"-t86i"; t86i'-8l; tsA-si; tsd- 

jlt ; ted-tiAng-sl ; t86i"-jlt ; 8oi"-ti4ng-8l ; 8oi°-t84. 
formidable, khd-W; h6-iii; ll-hai; h6-hai-phk"; tsbua- 

ndug-tii ; tit-nAng-tii. 
formula, th6i-sek ; huapnBek ; tia"-sek ; khu^n-sek. 
Formosa, Th^i-u^n; TAi-udn; Tang-tou. go to, kiie- 

fornication, kan-lm; kan-lm tSLu-chhiap; kan ndng 

chhi-niig ; thong - kan ; h6a-kan ; ki4" - Im. by stealth, 

sai-cbh6ng; sai-thong; thau-im. hy force, khi4ng-kan; 

khiAng - Im. hy persuasion , pek - kan. %dth a harlot , 

phiAu-chhiang. fornicator, kau-hu. foimicatress , kan- 

liu ; im-hii ; im-niig (unmaryi^d). 


forsake, li-khui ; 

fort, phJiu-thAi; sin-ti; ia°-pAa'. 

forth, come J tshut— 14l from this time^ tshdDg-kim T- 

forthwith, sAi-chiet; sAi-si; chiet-khek; chiet-sok. 
fortitude, td"-liang. a man of u-td"-liang. 
fortuitous, ng6u-ji4ii ; ng6u-ngo i-gua ; sie"-m-k^u. 
fortunate, tsau-h^e; u-tsh^i-khi ; neng-tit. 
fortune, mia"; un-khi ; khi-un. good , h6-mia". had , 

khiap-mia°; kh6u-mia"; p6h-mia". to tell oiie's^ khtia"- 

mia°; s6g-mia"; chh6-sl-thiau ; s6^-poih-ji; pok-khiic. 

teller y 16h ng6u-chhe" sin-se"; khha -mia" sin-se" ; clihe" - 

me" sin-se^ to maJce one's^ huat-tshdi. 
forty, sl-tsip . 
forward, hiing-ts6i\ go^ chin-tedi'; kfm-ts6r. hent^ 

Mu-ie. a letter^ th6i-kia-sin . disposition^ toa-td,°; b6- 


« • 

foster, i^ng; idng-iAk; bii-idng; chhi-toa, mother, ni"- 

b6 (icet-mirse) ; iing-b6. son , idng-kid"; mfing - leng - 

kid", {tlie last three expressions must not he used in 

addressing tlie parties.) 
foul, u-iie ; nah-sap ; nah-sap-si^". wind , ng^k-huang ; 

m-sun-huang ; tbi-th&u - huang ; tng-th4u-huang ; thd"- 

th&u-huang. mouthed ^ tshou - tshtii ; tshou-tshb; ak- 

tshtii ; tik-tshhi ; tshtii ak-t&k. 
found , a dynasty , khai - kok ; tehJlng-kok ; Uprchhidu. 

metal, tsii-kim. iron-foundry, tsil-thih-16u. 
foundation, of house, ti-kha; ki-chl; ti-ki. to lay^ 

pknff-ti-kha ; kien-ti-kha. 
founder, tim-tsAn ; huang phah-tiau-tsAn ; sdi-khap— 16h- 

foundling, hospital, iAk-eng-tftg. 
fountain, tsAa"; tsiii-ts6a'; tsAa'-tstii ; ngAan-teAa"; sua"- 

ts6a"; khe"-ts6a"; ngAan-th4u; piig-ng6an. 
four. si. -cornered, sl-kak, -square, si-pang, -fold, si-pue. 
fowl, koi ; chidu, water, tsiii-chidu. domestic, koi. to, 

li&b-cliidu ; phah-chidu ; thi-chidu ; iap-chidu ; sia-chidu. 

fowling-piece, chidu-chh^ng. 
fox, b6u-14i ; sua"-kdu. 
fraction, lAn-16; Un-tshiii; tsb^m-tshili. 
fractinre, chih. hone, chih-kut. 
fra^9, ni^g-ji&k; koi-phtia; sou-soUt 


fragrant, phang; oi-phang; chheng-hiang. tvood, hie'- 
tsh^ (sanacd ivoodj. plants, hie'^-tshdu. fragrance, hiang- 
khl. ^ 

frail, i6"-hue tstii-s&"; niig-jiik; m-toi'; m-kien-kb. 

frame, k^. door, m&g-tdu ; mftg-khuan ; m^g-khuang. 

France, Tai-huap-kok ; Huat-14n-8e. 

frankincense, zd-hie". 

frantic, sidu ; tien-kh6ang. 

fraternal, zA-hia" zA-tL a fraternity, hiie. fraternise, 
pki-hue ; kau-tshap. 

fraud, sai-cbikm ; khi-phi^n ; kuang-phi^n ; ts^ ; ngCii ; kd. 

fray, tshJtu-niu'; sie-jidng; jidng-lau-jiit. 

freak, thfeng-ts6 thfen^-Ai. 

freckle, se"-tidin ; 8e"-nue-tidm. 

free , tsil-iA ; tsQ-tsii ; ka-ki 6i-tsii-l ; tsft-tsai fivni 
crime, bd-tsfie. choice, sAi-i tsfl-pien. hond and, tsti- 
p6k. to set, kiti ; 86k-tshut (ransom) ; sek-p^ng ; pkng- 
tshut; pJing^ tsii-iA. freely (willingly), kam-sim; 
chhfing-nguan ; hua'-hi ; kam-ng{ian. dHnk freely, sAi- 
pieii chiih-chid. gratuitously, mi^n-chl*'; mln-eng-chr. 

freebooter, tau-tshit ; tshit-b^. 

freeze, kit-pia"; kit-pia*-8ng ; s6ng-pia'. as gravy or oil^ 
kftn-tkng. to death, tkng-8£; kSa-si. 

freight, t8An-t8ou. a, cbik-t8ai-htie. to, tah-hhe. 

frequently, ke-ke-hang; tsoi-tsoi-tshi ; e-e; lii-ltf** M- 
trfift ; 8i6'*-8i6"; 8l-8i ; kii-kii ; chhi&ng-chhi&iig ; miie"- 

fresh, tvater, obid'-tgiii. Jtsh, ohhr-hft; bA-chhi'. new, 
sin. lively, Cl-sin-khl taste, chhi'-bi; chiA"-bi. 

fret, (intrans.) iu-ut; tsft-th^ng; tsboih; pui-tshoih; 
ukn-tsboih; Hi'-iii-kih (child), (trans. )^ kek-8^'; kck- 

friction, chhiil ; bfta, 

Friday, 16i-p^i-ng5u ; pM-ng6u, 

friena , ph^g - id (only used of men, never of women , 
except in bad sense), an old, ku-iti ; ku-Jtn. very close^ 
chl-iii; b&t*i\i; h6-iii, bosom-, sim-pak ph6ng-iii; ti- 
sim ph$ng-iii; ti-kL a4)quaintance , but not intimate, 
khdu-th4u-iii. school or college friend, t&ng-tbeng phdnK- 
iii; theng-iii companion, t&ng<*phila\ on friencUu 
terms, 8iang-h6, friendly treatment ^ kSu-thfti. breaih 
off friendship, ts^h-kau. 


frighten I phifen-n4ng-kia"; kia"-ti^h-nAng. hy threats^ 
kia"-heh. frightened^ kia^ to deaths ]si^'%i (also means 
vefy much Jrightened)\ kia"-kJiu-8L frightful^ tshua- 
n^ng-kia"; kia"-sl-n4ng. 

frigid, chhln, heart , aim xlC\ n6"-i. mxmner , n^-tSL'. 

fringe, chhiu. 

frisk, thiku-iak ; kha thiku, chhiti mSng. 

fritter, avixiy time^ tak-nng-tiau sl-hau. 

frivolous , khin-phA ; hku -ts6 bd-siang-kan su. mxitter , 
khin-su ; s6i-su ; si6-kh6-su ; b6-chhiet-iiu ; b6-iku-kln ; 
b6-8iang-kan ; b6-kku tl-kS-khfi. 

friSOSle, khek; khek-khek. cause to^ zu^n-khek. 

frog, tstii-koi; kap-p6; kap-kiti. tadpole^ kap-kiii-kuai. 

ftoBc, sAg ; sie-siig ; hi-siiff kii-sft. 

from, tsu ; tsh6ng ; iA. from,, iA. . .kku ; lA. . .clil ; 
t8u...chi; t6{|...kku. Swatowis over three leagues from 
Ching-hai, Stia'-th&u 11 Th6ng-h4i Ba"-ph5u-gua lou. 
home, b6-td ; ffi-td ; tehut-khii-khiu. youth, tsii iil"-nr. 
salute the brethren from me, tb6i-u^ mng-hau chfeng-tii 
hia'-tL from avarice, tshut-to tham-sim. 

front, tedr-min; ehik"-min; ts6r-pdi'. door, thAu- 
mAg; tSa-mftg; ts<SnK-niAg. in front, to-min-tsAi"; tO- 
th4u-ts6i". walk in front, kiA* t6-tb&u-ts6r; th4u-soi"- 
kiA", stand opposite to, hikng ; nik", 

frontier, ti-kki; k^ng-kki; kSi^h&n; pieii'-kiang; pien- 
k^i; pf-k^i; pien-thdng. to vxjAch the frontier , aiii. 

frontlet , chiau-kun-Ai ; hiih-tsdi'-Ai ; ou-kun-khotL 

frost, sng. and snow, sng-soh. hoar-, 16h-sng. -hite, 

froth, tshtii-iiiia" ; tshtii-phuih ; niia'-pbtiih ; tsdi-pbu^h* 

froward, hAe'-ng^k; ngudn-ngik; ngu^n-ngg, 

frown, n4u"-in4k ; niku -b4i hoh at one with a , mik 
kkng-kkng t6-hlm— i, exptessing contempt and hatred 
by curling up the nose and frowning, niku"-b&i ni^u'» 
phf, mkk kkng-kkng t6-hlm— i. eoopression of anxiety, 
tshokMi ; txaikAAi kat-kat ; bAi-tfa&u tshok-tsbok. to 
draw one's eye-brows together in a kind of frown, b&i- 
th&u ti^^-tsbok-tshok. 

frilgal , kbiSm ; tsat - kbi&m ; kbiSm - teat ; teat - Sng ; 
kbiam^ng; iak-iak; e^-iak; ed"; kbiftm-iak. frugality 


is better than a large inconve , khiam - chi&h kid* - kiie - 

fruit , kde' ; ktie'-chf. fresh , chhe"-kiie'. dried^ kan - 

kiJe". to hear , 8e"-ki'ie"; kat - kiie' ; kit-kiie'; kat-slt ; 

kit-sit. toj^ltickf tiah-kde'-chf. fruitful , oi-se'; 8e"-tsoi; 

8e"-14i-kau. fruitful season^ nf-tang h6. finiitbearing , 

h6 - kat - sit. fruitless , boi - se"; bd - iah (useless) ; b6- 

eng ( id. ). 
firustrate, sdi m-sSng-su; hai m-sdng-su; gou-su m- 

sdng. a 2>lot^ phiia-k6i. 
fty, with little or no fat, tshd ( implies much stinnng 

and turning over), tvith a little fat ^ and few tmms , 

luah . with a little water and perhaps fat , chien . 

frying-pan^ cliien-p6a" ( shallow ) ; t\^ ( deeper ) ; tii°- 

kia . 
flieli tshA; mu6h-hitl"; tslisL-tshdu. gather^ khieh-mu6h- 

hii". addy thiam-liiie •; thiam-tshd ; lan-tsh4 ; lan-tshdu. 
fugpltive, from justice, t6-tsue ; tsdu-huam ; it-huam. 

from 2>^i'ficcution, pi-n4ng t6k-tsdu. 
mlfU, one's expectation, zA-mo°. duty, chln-pAg-han ; 

Aan-piig-hun ; chin-cheh. command, zA-meng. law, 

siii-huap; tsun-huap. promise, zA-ieh ; siii-ieh. predic- 
tion, ^ng-ngiam ; hau-ngiam ; teng-ngiam. prayer, tsb- 

chiil"; ^ng-ngiam. vows, h6i"-nguan. 
ftlll, miia"; tf; pd. -^r^-owv?, chidng-sfing; chidng-toa; toa— 

liau. see fill. 
fully, tsh6an ; chin ; tlu\u ; thUng ; sdng ; chid", 
fLinibl6; in one's pocket, chidm-to. about, as in the 

dark or blind person, ni6ng-at; th^ug-m6ng , th^ng- 

fumes, khl; bi. 
fUmigate, a room, phek-tiau tie-khi ; hun-tiftu tsh^u- 

fun, to make, siig; sie-siig; chhi^-thdm. funny, tshti-bi; 

h6-chhi^. say anything in fun, til"-siig. 
funds, piig-chi"; b^-thdu. 
ftindamental, pig ; kun-piig ; pAg-ngAan ; piig-ih,u ; piig- 

bu ; t6i-tsu. 
fUneral, sng-su. attend a, sjlng-tsiig; sling-kiu; shug- 

kua°-bik chie'-sua". 
fUngue, kou. on trees, chhiu-kou; chhiu-zd; bik-zii, 

edible, hie"-kou. covered with, se°-kou. 


f\lllll6l| for pouring watery khuah-tshbi-l^u. foi^ liquor^ 

chiii-hdi. of steamer^ in-tdng ; hiie-hun-t&ng. 
ftir, m6". fiirSy ph(ie. coat^ phAe-niA", long fur coat, 

ftirbish, bAa-kng. cw siLvrd or hiifey bAa-p^h; bAa- 

k^u soh-8oh-p6h. 
furious, bidng-m^''; khi k^u ku^ng-kudng-ki^ ; khi k^u 

thuh-thuh-ki^ ; khu4ng-pau. 
ftirl, as sail, kauh ; kauh-bfla ; kauh-khf ; kiig-khf. 
furnace , tsiu ; 16u ; 16u - tsiu ; tsJtu - 16u ; huang-ldu. 

for refining gold, kim-16u. for huming tiles, sie-hia-i6. 
furnish, prepa^^e, pi-phoi". pivvide, keng-kip; keng- 

eng ; phki-kip ( by suhsciiption ). 
furniture, ke-si mu^h-kia"; ke-hiie ; tshftg-l". of student, 

bfln-p4ng si-p6. 
ftirrow, 16i-tsue. furroivs, ch6k-n6i" ch^k-nSr, of the 

face , min-ph6e-jidu ; min ji4u-ji&u ; mm se"-hAn. 
further, khuh^ng-chhii"; siang-chbii"; Idng-gua ; ling- 
ua"; hudn-lidu ; huAn-idu. 
fuse, metal, khan-16u ; khan-i6". fused, id", and cast , 

fusee, hiie-16ng; bAe-hia" {tindei*). 
f\lSS. make a fuss aboui a small mattei\ si^-su tang- 

p6; khin-su tang-khi ; I0-80; lo-lo so-so. fussy, kin- 

kip ; kip-ku ; huang-m&ng ; buang-buang bub-huh. 
future, cbiang-lAi; Su-lAi; e-jlt ; au-jit; jit-au. in 

future, tsh6ng-kim 1" -au. the future state, l^i-se"; Idi - 

sL see into tlie future, bue-l&i sof-tsai. 


gabble, chlaub-cbiaub-ki^ ; ka-ka-ki^. 
gable, of house, pui ; pui-tb4u ; tsbti-pui. 

gadfly, gA-pi(?). 

gag, 16ng-b4m. 

gage, tiig. 

gain, li ; lab. seek, tb6-ll ; kbiA-ll ; tsbue-li. get, tit- 

li; tbin. a victory, tbdi-ii". 
gainsay, pob-kbili ; sie-k. 
gait , kid** - pan. slota, ki^^'-pan An - An ; kiA"-pan man ; 

kia"-pan An - An tsbai - tsbai. quick, kii" - pan m^"-m6* 

GALE 120^ GASm 

hidng-hidng. uncertain: running, jumping and dow^ 
chhm-chhih-tshdi*. very feeble, ki4''-pan Ae-Ae j6-jfi. 

gfale, toa-huang ; khuing-huang. hurricane ^ huang-thai 
hU/mng a, thau-toa-huang ; knu^ng-huang t&i-t8a£ 

gall, td'. of hear, him-tSi". nuts, ngdu-pQe-chf. 

gallery, 14u-th4i. 

gallipot , k^i-au ; kh^-au ; i^-au ; i^h-puah ( large ) ; 

gallop, phiu-bd. 

gallows, k^-kS ; tiiiu-Sm-kd. 

g€Unbling , puih ; puih-chl"; pu4h-kidu ; tdu-chi"; tii -' 
chl'; 8U-iA"; 8ii2-chhi& ( euphemism ). with cards, pu&h« 
t8iia-p4L lose by, pu&h-su. win by, pu&h-i&\ o^ie who 
makes a hu&iness of, lau-pu&h-ki^u. public table for, 
pu&h-chl'-tid*; pu&h-chr-kudn ; tdu-tifi"; t6u-ku^ny to 
keep such a place, khui-tiS"; »iet-t6u ; khui-t6u-ti6". 

gfame , play , of chess , teh chik - pu&'-kt / icon four 
games of chess from him, Mi teh-ii — i si-p^'-kl -cocifc, 
chhie-koi ; ckhie-koi-ang. 

gander, g6-hdng. 

gang, pan; khCln, t^ng; tiiL 

gan^ene, sl-nik; ^u-nik. 

gaol^ kam. put in, kim-kam.. to be in, siu-kam; 8ia? 

kam tsd-Id. gaoler, klm-chf; klm-tsut. 
gap, khiah. ; khang-khiah ; Ikn-phang. to stop a, p<5u- 

gape, the mouth, tshbi tM-khuah-khuah ; ti^*-khuah- 

khuah. yawn, huah'-hi; huah-hl k^u tshbi khnah- 

khuah. in wonder, th6r-kku mik khui-khui tshiii 

khui-khui ; thdf-k^u m&k khuah tshiii khuah. 
garble, a statement, 8iiau-ch5a' t6h-p6i t^". 
garden, hAg ; pou-hftg. fiower, hue-hAg. vegetable, 

tsh^i-hAg. fruit, kiie'-chl-hfig. gardener, tsoh-k&g- 

n&ng ; chfeng-hAg-n&ng ; hAg-teng. 
gargle, lo-tshili ; I0-&U ; sok-khdu. 
garnc, sAg ; chhe'-sAg {fresh) ; siig-thAu {ripe roots). 
garments, i-h6k ; kfii-sa"; 8a"-kh6u ; h6k-sek. 
garnish, htin-sek ; siu-sek ; t8uang-pkn ; tsuang-tshdi ; 

pdi-tshdi ; tsuang-sek. 
garrison, 8iii-si4°-pia"; siti-pia". 
garrtdous, tsoi-tshUi; tsoi-tie; hku"-t^"-ue. 
garter, bu^h-t6a; h<i-sek. 


gash, tOy phoh k&i-8ie"-khdu ; lih. 

gasPi kip-khhi; tshuin; tshudn-khi ; tshudn-kip, 

gate, mAg; toa-mAg. city-, si4"-mftg. street- ^ tsih- 
mAg;. koi-teiL 

gather, siu^ siu-slp.; siu-bAa; siu-slp-bAa; siu-khl. as 
people^ tsu-chlp ; chip-hue ; hue-chip ; tsu-hue ; hue - 
h4h; hue-bAa; h&h-bAa. flowers^ tiah^iue. 

gaudy, kuang-tshdi; ph^i-chhi^ng ; chheng-tshdi ; iam- 

gauze, se. 

gay, istu-it; kuang-tshdi; phAi-chhiAng ; h6a-in\ir; ngl(l, 

gaze, mik kim-kim th6r; thdi" kh.u m&k boi-nih". 

gazette, Peking, kia"-p6. 

gear, of booty do, ke-hiie. 

gelatinous, u-ka-Mm; fl-tau-tah, 

gem, g^k; p6-gik; p6-chiih; p6-p{ie, 

genealogy, tsok-phdu. ranks of, pil#-su. 

general (comprehensive), th6ng; thong; ts6ng; kong. 
tei^i, ts6ng-mi4"; 16ng-th6ng-tk". don't use general 
terms hut he precise, lii chhiet-slt 14i-t5.", mJir-16ng- 
th6ng; chl-tia°, miir-htiam-sueh. use, thong-eng. peace, 
th^i-phdng. generally speaking, tai-khh,i; th6ng-th6ng; 
tai-sl; tai-li&k. 

general, in the army, ts6ng-pia";'ts6ng-pia'-kua"; ts6ng- 
z6ng. generalissimo, ngAan-stie ; tsii-stie. 

generate, se". 

generation, to ; sl-to. * from one, to another, 16h-to, 

future, SLu-to. 
generous, sim-heng khuah-khuah ; khuang-khUi ; u-t6u- 

liang ; t6u-liang h6 ; t6u-liang khuan-khuah ; khuan- 

ioDg tai-liang. see liberal. 
genial, un-hOa [of men or weather) ; un-jiA {of men) ; 

un-liian {of the weather) ; chhie"-sie i^warm). 
genii, sien ; sln-sien. the eight, poih-sien. their hahita - 

tion, sien-k^ng. 
genius, a, tsh4i-tsii ; u-tshM-chhdng kAi-n4ng. 
genteel, bfln-ngid ; su-bdin {accomplished). 
gentle, un-hAa ; hAa-sOn ; un-jiA ; Mng-sien. see gently, 
gentleman , th^i-kong ( father of graduate ) ; iSu - tia 

{mandarin, hut also wider use) ; lau-n&ng-ke ; lau-i4. 

young, sitiu-iS, {son of mandarin). this ola genileinan^ 

chi-ui lau-n^ng-ke. 


gently, khin-khin; iin-tbi; man-man; khua"-khua". sqc 


gentry, liie"-sin ; sin-khim ; sin-su. 
genuflection, kui ; kui"; kul"-toa-16i ; he-t6a-16i. 
genuine, chin-sit; chin, not, k^; m-chi^'. 

genus, lui. 

geography, ti-lt hooh on, tl-ll-chi; ti-H-tsu. 
geomancy, ti-lf; th6i"-8ua"; tsdu-ti-H; ki4"-ti-lf; th6i'- 

huang-tsm. gecmiancer^ th6i"-sua' sin-se'; huang-tsiii 


geometry, ni6"-ti-huap. 
termany, Tai-Tek-kok; tsip-k^ng-kok. 

germ, g6. germinate^ huat-g6 ; mSng-gS ; pauh-gd. 

gestures, to use, in speaking, kha m5ng, chhiii pf. 

get, tit; tit— tiih. up, tsdu-khf. covld not get it chfie, 
ts6-m-s6ng; tsb-ia-chii". rich, huat-tsh4i; ti-pii. ready, 
u-pi; tsdi-pi; pl-phoi°; pl-pin. into office, tit-ui; tit- 
jim. advancement, kau-seng ; seng-kua"; seng-khip, one's 
unshed, tit-i ; zA-i ; tit-sim khe-i. out of the way, ki&"- 
khui; tsdu-khui; kiSr*-bAa; khiSL-khui. cingry, 8e"-khl; 
huat-ndu". hold of, li&h—ti^h. aground (ship), khba- 
sua ; huam-sua'. into trouble, lap-ti^h-sin. a cold, sie"- 
huang. where ever did you get this ? l]i ts6-u chl-k&i- 

ghost, kiii; sik'-ndng; sik'-htie-mu^h. Holy, SiJi"-Sin. 

giant, toa-han ; k<li"-n&ng ; kau-chhi&ng tS*-han ; kAi"-t6a. 

giddy, hin ; th&u-khak-hln ; hin kku-kAng ; k6ng-k6ng ; 
hln kku chiang-puih. in character, hku -thit-th6. 

gift, 16i-muih ; skng-l^i ; sie-sling. gracious^ ttn-siCi. 

giffgle, khih-khih-chhife. 

gild, tah-kim; liu-kim; tou-kim; sie"-kim; tsii-kim. 

gills, of fish, hA-chhi. 

gilt, paper, used in sacrifices, ngftn-tia"; kim-tia"; u&ng- 
p6. see GILD. 

grimlet, tsig-kid". 

gin, snare, se-khou ; phba'-soh ; chidu-mang ; tie"- chidu- 
sha. to set a, tie°-keng siet-nau'. 

ginger, kie". hard dry root (med.), kie"-b6. young, 
tender d fresh, chf-kie', sweetmeat ^ thAg-kie°; bit- 

ginseng, jin-siam. foreign, i6"-siam. to buy, t^u-siam. 

gird, hA; pik; h4-t6a. up, kidu-phA soih-toa. 


girdle, ie-tba; ki-tba; ki-ie. 

girl, tsu-md°-ki4"; a-ni6°-kid"; tsdu-kid". hoys and girls^ 
tsii-niig. servant'^ tsdu-kiii; chhiah-kha; hia-th&u. 

girth, b^-tou-tba. whcU is the girth of this tree? chi- 
ts&ng-chhiu chiu-6i ji^h-toa? 

give , pun ; sii ; khut ; skng ; li. assent , tsdn . in 
marriage^ k&; k& - - pun - n&ng. into one's care, hh- 
tlioh, way to one, Jiang; jiang-ui. in, tho. over to, 
kau ; kau - h6i". up evil, khi - sid k6i - ak. one's life , 
sid-mia"; khi -sin; sid-mia" khl-sin. notice , p6-tsai. 
evidence, keng; khdu-keng. cdms, si-chi; chir-phin; 
chln-chi ; kiU - chi ; si - sid. trouble , kidu - jid,u ; 14u ; 
hu&n-l&u; bAa-luL given to, hk\i\ 

gizzard, kun. 

glad, hua"-hl; hf-l&k. very, hua'-hua" hi-hf. to make, 

sdi— n4ng hua'-lil; khut— n&ng hua"-hl. 
glance, i4'-m4k. to see at a, chik-ii" chiu-tsai ; ch^k - 

th6i" chiu-tsai; ch^k-m&k lidu-ji6n, metaph., ch&k-sie" 

glare, of the sun, jlt-tsam chhie'-ti&h-mik ; jit-tsam tsam- 

tiih-mik. from water, jit-tsam t6-tsiii-t6i hiian-chie— 

khl-14i ; iap-iap-sih. glare with the eyes, mik-chiu lin- 

lin-khah; mik-chiu khah-khah-lin. too glaring, khah- 

glass , po-li ; M-ll (not quite the same), to maJce , ie - 

Eo-li ; pAn-po-li. bottle , po-li-tsun. for drinking, po - 
-pue ; po-H-cheng. 
glaucoma^ ou-jin pifen-chhe"; chhe"-kuang hak-ngdn. 
glaze, thng. to glaze, 14m-thng. 
gleam, kng ch£k-e-chi^; kng iap-ch&k-ki^. 
glean, khien-chhek-sui ; t6h-chhek-siii 
glide, silently, on tiptoe, nih"-kha nih'-kha chiii-ki4". 
glimmer, nih''- sih-kng nih^-sih-kng ; ki-teng ish^'-sih 

glistering, 5i-kng; kng-chi^; ia'-chi&; kng ia"-ia"; kng 

ik"-ik"; tang-tang-kng ; i4p-i4p-sih. 
globe, kiA. terrest^^, ti-kiA. celestial, thien-kiA. glob- 

ular, 1"; l".th6i ; I'-chieh ; i"-h6iig ; Ibng-lbng-i"; i'-lin-lin. 
gloomy, weather, thi" ou-km; thi" m6ng-16ng. 
glory, i6ng-kuang; i6ng-hAa. glorify^ kui-i6ng- 


GLOSS 124. GO 

gloss, over a Jmdty chia-buah ; idm-sek. commentary^ 
tsti-k6i. glossy, kng-kng. 

gloves, chhiii-thku, piU 07i, lap-chhiii-thJbu ; kiia-cliliiTi- 

glow, jiet ; jiet-ji6t &ng-dng. glowing coals, dng-hiie- 
thba**; jidt-thba**. with rage, sim ji^t, min dng. 

glue, ka; gA-phAe-ka. to, eng-ka lin-ttie. glutinous, u- 
ka-li^m ; li^m-nr tha-thi ; k(it. 

glume, tshou-khng; chhek-khak. 

glut, p^-ft; chiah-k^u-m^r; chiih-k^u-heng. in the 
market, Mng-chhdng pai {ar, niig ; thAa"). 

gluttonous, tham-chi&h; h^u°-chi&li; tham-chi&h kile- 

gnash, ka-g6 ; ka khf-gS-kun. 

gnat, bun; bun-kid^ 

gnaw, ka; khbi. 

go, khi\ ; kiA"; tsdu ; uing. do%vn, kilng ; lAh ; hia. tip, 
chie"; seng; teng; khl. abroad, tshut-khft-gua ; tshut- 
gua ; ktie-kok ; kile-huan ; kiie-id". out, khi-khau ; tshut- 
khfi-gua; tshut-mAg; tshut-koi. out, as jire, hiie ktie— 
khi. homje, hAe-ke ; tiig-khii-tslii ; kui-ke. into the 
house, khiVlai. to, khiVk^u. about, uang-iai; chie"- 
16h ; kia"-iai kia"-kh(i. about, for amusement, thit-th6 ; 
miia^-kb-lih. about, as shijy, ktie-phang. and hiing, 
khiVkhiih— lai. to stool, kia^-tang; chie"-chli^; kia°-tai- 
pien ; tshut-kiong. to bed, khi-gi\t. to mxirket, chie"*- 
chhi ; tshut-chhl ; klii-chhi ; t^u-hu. on foot, pou-kiA"; 
pou-lidn (of a person who would ordinarily have a 
conveyance), by water, tah-ts6n— khfi. by land, lik- 
lou— khfi; tiii-lou— khi. on board, 16h-tsAn. on shore, 
chie°-sua"; khl-tsiii; chie'^-khkm. upstairs, khfi-iau-t^ng ; 
chie"-iau. to a feast, Ymsikh ; khi-chiah-toh ; feng- 
siah.*^ to examination , hti-khau ; &ng-khau ; hti-chhi ; 
feng-chhi. to heaven, chie^'thi". quickly, kia"-in^"; tsdu- 
vci6 ; kiia"- m^". to visit, khfi-sie-sAn ; hiiang-chhin 
hiiang-iii ; khfi-pai-hau. let him, iA-i-khi ; th&ng-i-khfi ; 
kui-i-khiCi ; sdi-i-khft. where are you going ? M ki"- 
khfi tl-k6? where has he gone? i khfi-tl-kb? do not 
know where to go (or, whei*e he has gone), m-tsai- 
ttii-tl-kb khi. wi^ the tide, kiia^'-iau ; sun-iau. all 
through or over, kia^-kau-thku. together, ts6-pA-kia"; 
tsb-pa-khfi ; tang-kia". before, 8oi"-kia"; thau-ts6i".kia"; 


ki4" t6-thdu-ts6r. hehind^ ki4' ka-chiah-Siu, go to 
courts clue°-chhi4u. to law^ phah-kua**-si. halves, sie- 
kang; p6"-pun. and come, l&i-l&i udng-udng. and 
return, Idi-hAe. 

goat, sua"-i6". 

&OI), Siang-ti. to tvorship, pki Siang-ti. godly, k^ng- 
tii Siang-ti. gods, sln-mlng. 

go-down, ts^n-p&ng. 

goitre, toa-am-kui. 

gold, kim ; ftg-kim ; chhiah-kim. alloyed, hiin-kim ; ke- 
kim. unalloyed, tsok-si4"-kim ; chhiah-kim ; tsok-chhiah- 
kim. gilded, tah-kim. -plated, liu-kim. inlaid or 
covered with, sie"-kim; pau-kim. -lace, kim-pi*. 
-thread, kim-8illa^ -fish, kim -If. -leaf, kim-p6h. 
-dust, kim-sua. -smith, phah-kim sai-pe. 

gong, 16; t4ng-16. with a boss, khong. one, chSk-min- 
16. to heat, phah-16. stick for heating, 16-th(ii. 

gonorrhea, IS^u-pih-tsu&k. 

good, h6 ; sien. heart, h6-siin ; Mng-sim ; siu-sim. -hye, 
lii chhid**; chiSm-piSt. living, cmih-pMng-phili ; kd°- 
chiih kd°-sdi. health, s6ng-khtiai; ts^ng-kien; phdng- 
an. order, siu-sip-hd; iap-thiap; ts6i-chm; chhl-ch^ng. 
composition, pit-bAk h6 ; bAn-khi h6 ; ki&"-bAn li6 ; eng- 
pit h6; pit-chhSng h6. penmanship, ji ngid; ji tuan- 
khdi. nature, s^^'-chbdng h6; ts6-n&ng khua^^-chiA"*; un- 
jiil. name, mid^^-sek h6 ; h6-miSi'*-sia ; mi4"-sia" phang. 
conduct, sien-heng; jln-tek. luck, tsSu-htie. good and 
had, ho-khiap ; h6-tdi ; sien-ak. a good many, hoh- 
tsoi. a good while, hoh-kii. good for nothing, b6- 

gOOQS, hhe ; hhe-muAh. foi^gn, i6°-htie. first choice of, 
hue-min. remnants of, htie-biie; htie-tdi. sample of, 
htie-mo**. mixed, ts&p-htie. owner of, hiie-tsii. invoice 
of, htie-toa". sell, tshut-hbe. unload, khl-hiie. load, 
he-htie ; Wh-hbe. huy , ti-hile. store , tun-htie. hwy 
on credit, chhia-hhe. ready -mxmey, hin-chr bdi-hin- 
htie. trans-ship into STnaller vessel, poh-htie. send, 
tah-htie ; ki&.-htie. pack tip, tsuang-hile. not responsihle 
for, after they have left the shop, tshut-mfig b6-jin-hile. 

goose, g6. wild, hii-g6. gosling, g6-kid^ see gander. 

gore, hueh ; hueh-thftg ; hueh-kb ; hueh-phl. 

^re^ to, tak ; tak-Bie ; sie-kak 


gorgeous, pMi-chhidng. 

gormandize, chiih bd-tou ; chiih b6-tsat-t6u. 

gospel, hok-im; hok-im-teu; hok-im-tau; kia-im. 

gossip, phu6h-ue; tSi"-6i"-ue; phlt-phuih. 

gouro, pA. hottle-, h6u-ldu-pA. calabash made from, 

gout, kha se"-liuang-khl. 
govern, ktian; 11; tl; kdan-H; kiian-hat. a country, ti- 

kok ; tl-min. oneself, iak-sok ka-ki. 
governor -general, ts6ng-tok. lieutenant^, bd-f. 
government, kok-ch^ng. benevolent, iin-chfeng. 
gown, tftg-sa"; tftg-pMu; 6-thku. ladys, kAn, 
gfrace, un; vjR-ti^n; un-hui; im-tek; ^n-chik. 
graceful, hong-tou h6; tsh6ng-i6ng; tshdng-idng ts(i- 

tsSli (calm and self-possessed). 
gracious, to he, si-un. ffift, un-s{j; un-si6". 
g^radual, chiam - chiam ; khua°-khua"; chik-ts&ng chAk- 

ts&ng; ch6k-tsam chik-tsam; u-ts&ng-tshfj ; u-p6u-ts6u. 
graduate, to, jlp-6h; jlp-siil-ts4i ; t^ng-kti-jln ; t^ng- 

chln-su; tiim-h^-lim, to he a, u-kong-miA' (also ms 

wider meaning). 
gfraft, trees, chiap; chiap-ki. 
grain, n^6u-kak ; tiu {rice not yet in ear) ; t4 (rice in 

ear); cnhek (rice in hush)\ hi (rice separated from 

the hush), one grain, ch4k-liip. of wood, hue-ji ; b^-11 

grammar, tsb-bAn-huap. 

granary, chhek-tshng ; tshng. 

grandcnild, sun. rnale, tau-sun; l&m-sun. female, 

tsd,u-8un ; tsu-iu6"-sun ; niig-sun. child of daughter, 

grand&ther, a-kong. maternal, gua-kong. great, liu- 

grandmother, a-mi. maternal, gua-md. greai, iSLu- 

grandson, sun ; tau-sun. daughter's son, gua-sun« great-, 
cheng-sun. great-great-, hifin-sun; ng^an-sun. wife of, 

grant, tsim; ziin-n&p; phoi-tsdn. see give. 

grapes, phA-th6. dined (i.e. raisins) phA-thd-kua". 

grapnel, tah-kau; t^ng. 

grapple, kau-tsu; kau-tiam; kau-ti"; khlm-kfn. 

grasp, llm-k(n ; khi£h-kln ; li&h-kln ; te'-kln ; phd-kin. a 


sword^ in the scabhardy to he ready, kn-kikm siang- 
hu&ng. the throat , te"-4u (mth one hand) ; liu-&u (mth 
both hands). 
grass, tshiu. -plot, tsMu-pou. green, chhe'-tshdu. dry, 
ta-tshiu. to cut, kuah-tshdu. to hum, lii&"-tshdu. to 
hum on the hills, pkng-hiie sie-sua". to pull, mdn- 
tsh^u. bundle of, chlk-pe-tshdu. tie up in smdl hwndles 
for the fire, tr-oi"; tf-tshdu-oi". 

grasshopper, tshdu-m6". 

grate, fire, hiie-ldu; 16u-theng. 

grate, to, as potatoes, nutmeg^ &c, thuah. grater, thiu ; 

grating, of window, theng-chf. 
grateful , kdm - im ; kdm - hOi ; nkl"-chh6ng ; nid"-hiii ; 

kdm-lifim; kdm-tki; kdm-pue; m-kd"-bu&ng ; kdm-un 

tki-tek. gratitude is scarce ^ tsai - chhfing - - chid chi^, 

buAng-chhlng— chid to. 
gratuitous, mln-chl'; p6h-p6h pun-n&ng. distribution, 

as of Tnedicine, tea, &c, si-ifth ; si-t6. 
grave, ph6n; ph6u-m6"; sua"-phAii; huang-tsiii; phAn- 

sua". to dig, a, khui-khu^ng ; khui-phAn (used more of 

opening the grave to remove the body), -stone, ph6n-pi ; 

pi-chi6h; mS^-pi. chiih-pi. worship at the, chl-phdn; 

chi-mS"; sku-m6"j chi-sku. -clothes, sien-i; sien-hAk. 

-yard, ph6n-ti; phAn-sua"; tsip-tsiig-ti. free, ngi- 

gfrave, in manner, tuan-tsang ; tsang-ngidm ; ui-ngi4m 

{stern and severe) ; hou-tong. matter, toa-su ; iku-kln ; 

gravel, sua ; 8ua-b<S ; th6u-bf-sua ; tshou-sua. disease 

gfraven, khek; tiau. on the memory, mfing-sim khek- 

kut. graving tool, tiau-to. -images, ng6u-si&". 
gravy, tsap ; thng ; thng-tsap. 
gray, hiie-hu-sek ; mglng-hue-sek ; bik-tsiii-sek. -shirting, 

ngAan-sek-pbu ; piig-sek-pbu ; id"-p6u. hair, th&u-md" 

graze, as cattle, sua'-t^ng chi&h-tshdu ; khbi-tshdu. to 

graze anything, hoi— tiih ; khoi— tiih. the skin, khoi— 

ti^h ph6e-hu ; khoi tili-ph6e-hu kile. 
grease, 14. to, buah-14. greasy, 8e"-ld ; se"-i6. 
great, toa. and small, toa-sbi; tSi-sidu. favour, tfii- 


yn; kau-un. crimen tang-tsue, 'hearted^ sim-heng 
khuah-t&t. distance^ hfig-ts^i. -cocU^ hi^l'; ml^'-hiii 
{quilted), the greater part; toa-pha"; ch£k-toa-iie. 

greedy, tham-sim; tham-chiih; nku'-chiih. 

g^06II, chhe'-sek; lik-sek. greens^ chhe"-tshh,i. 

g^eet, mfig-hau ; mng-ua*; siang-chieh-mng. 

grey, see gbay. 
griairon, thih-pd. 

grief, iu-bun; iu-tsh6u; tsh6u-bun; h6an-ld; sie"-sim; 
sim thi^"; kan-kh6u ; khau-sim p^h-tfig. 

grievance, to state, sii-uan-chhdng ; sii-uan-udng. 

grimace, ti^**-tshiia-min ; ts6-kiii-sie". 

grin, mi"-mik 16u-g6. 

grind, bAa. a knife, bAa-to. Jlour, oi-mi". in a mor- 
tar, lAi-iii°. with wheel in trough, iig6i hu-hu. -stone, 

grip, khf; khlm; li&h; te"; te'-klii. 

gripes, t6u thik"; tftg ki-thik"; tfig min-thiJb"; tflg thiu- 
thik" ; t6u kek-thiJb . 

gristle, nAg-kut ; chf-kut. 

glitty, se"-sua. 

gfroan, tshan ; ai°-ai'-t8han ( deep ) ; hng-tshan ( sojl ). 

gfroom, bd-hu ; b^-tshiu-n6u". 

groove, thap; thap-tsue; thap-ngdm. 

grope, in6ng; th^ng-m6ng; th6ng-at; m6ng-at. 

gfross, tshou-toa ; toa-khou. 

grotesque, khi-khai ; koh-ie". 

ground, ti ; thdu-ti ; th6u-tL on the, th6u-e ; ti-min. 
under - , ti-tdi ; ti-e ; th6u-t6i ; th6u-ti-e. -nut. tl- 
tau. -rent, ti-tsou. -rice, tsh6i; huit-tshbi. reason, 
ngudn - iA ; kun-i6 ; ngu&n - th4u ; u&n-kti ; ngu§,n-in ; 
in-i6 ; u4n-iA ; in-tuan. to ground {as a ship ), khua— 
tiih ; khtia-sua. 

g^oup, khAn ; lui. together, tsu-chlp clii&"-khAn. separate, 
hun-lui ; kui-lui. 

gfrove, chldu-na"; chhiu-llm. 

grovel, p6 to-th6u-e. 

grow, se"; huat-se"; se"-cliidng ; 5i-t6a. of itself, p^h - 
huat ; ka-ki huat— khl-l^i. up, chiing-toa ; chiing-sSng. 

growl, hm-hm-ki^. 

grudge, 07' eni^y, kbu-kJ. cherish, against another, 
khieh-liuii. to give or do, lien-sieh ; m-nguan ; m- 

GftCfiL 129. GYBB 

chhSng-nguan ; khat-Bf-kh6u tshut-chi^- siap; ki^- 

siap; kien-lien. 
gruel, of rice, mAe\ 

gfruff, maimer and voice, ngi&m-sek tshou-sia". 
grumble, liam-kaih; liam-laiUi; liam-lou; kih-kuh-ki^; 

gprunt, tu-sia"; hauh"— che-ki6 ; hoh-hoh-ki^. 
guarantee, tam-sdng ; pau-nid". a, ts5-tiig ; kn-mu^h ; 

ts5-kn; kn-chieh; kn-tfig. 
guard, to, siiS ; p6-siii ; pd-siA ; p^ ; chie"; chi6"-8iii ; p6- 

hu; hu-ue; thi-hu&ng; hu4ng-ue; hu&ng-hu. against, 

thl-hu4ng; u-hu^ng. imperial, si-ue. 
guardian, of heir-apparent, thki-tsi^ th^i-pdu. of or- 
phan, thoh-kou k&i-ning. 
guess, pan ; iak-pan ; k6u ; iak ; th^ng-ich ; th^ng-iak ; 

iak-liang; th6u-8ie". a nddle, tshai-mi". 
guest, kneh ; D&ng-kheh ; pln-kheh. {Dist. kheh-n&ng, 

a Hakka). to assist the Iwst in enteHainhig gitests, 

p6e-kheh ; phiia"-kheh. 
guide, tshua-lou ; kiau-lou ; In-tshua. 
guilds hue-kiian. 
guilt, tsue. guilty, fi-tstle. 
guile, tsk-ngui ; kan-ts^ ; kan-kdu ; kan-k6i ; khdi-khiet ; 

guitar, phl-p6; guAh-khlm; guAh-M"; sa"-hi'. 
gulf^ chhim-uau ; chhim*th4ixL 
gulp, thun-16h-kh^ 
gullet, ftu-16ng. 
gum, chhiu-nr. 

gfUms, the, kki-ngAn. of hack teeth, gd-tsh^ig. 
gfUn, chh^ng ; chidu-chh^g. large, ph5»u ; toa-ph^u. gun 

ner, phku-siiL -powder, hiie-i^; chh&ng-iih, -boat 

pia'^-tsCin. to fire, pitng-chh^ng ; pkah-chh^ng; khui- 

chh^g. douUe-barrelled, sang-hidng-chh^Dg. within 

gunshot, chSk-chh^nff-hto. 
gush, forth, ktin— tenut^mi ; piin— tshut-l&i ; pik"— tshut- 

l&i ka-ka-ki^. 
gust, of wind, chik-tsun-huang. 
gutter, tsiii-kau. on roof, lau-b<S; Iaa-b6-t86» 
guttural, ftu-t6i-sia'. 
guzzle, &-thdDg-pue li-li-chiUu 
gybe, kiie-ph&Dg. 


g3rpsmn, chi^h-ko. 

gyrate, m-14i in-khft. 


habit, slp-86k; khl-slp. see CfUSTOM. hahitxuited, kili'-si"; 
slp-kiian ; kilan-lien. habit becomes second nature^ slp- 
khan s6ng-tsu-jidn. 

habitable, Ii6-khi2-klif ; khift-khf— tit. Jmbitation^ tshti. 

hack, to, tok ; siah. 

hades, im— kan ; im-hii ; ^m— tb&u . 

hsBinorrha^e, l&u-hueh ; hueh 14n. 

haBinorrhoids, thl; hueh-thl. external, gua-thi. inter- 
nal^ lai-thi. 

hafb, p&". 

haggard, s^n-sou ; s^n-kut 161i-n^k ; sit-hdng sit-sek. 
hail, phik. hail Jailing, 16h-ph&k. 

Hainan, Hdi-l&m. 

hair, m6". of head, th&u-m6^ of body, kh6u-in6". of 
a vwle, ki-m6°. lose one's, thut-m6"; lut-md'. hairy, 
Be"-mA". on end, th4u-m6" kiah— khi. -pin, thoi ; tshah- 
thoi ; pang-tsam ; thdu-thoh. to comb the, siu - th&u- 
in6". in disorder, th&u-md"* zd-ztn; thdu-zA-md': thdu- 
siia". unplait the queue, thdu-pi". plait the queue, pi"- 
pi". Iiair bi'ush, in6"-sueh. haiixloth, b^-bie-chi". a 
haircloth cushion, be-biie-tien. 

halberd, p6-th4u ; chhe. prongs of, g6. 

hale, tsan-kien ; khin-kia". 

half, piia". one, chAk-pha"; ch^k-p6i"; chik-Ae; ch^k- 
ku^.h. half-moon, ffu&h T-chik-pila". halftvay, pha"- 
lou ; pila"-thA. hcuf cooked, ptia°- chhe'-sik ; m-thkng- 
sim; khiu. half done, tab k^u-pila"-kuiK 

hall, tAg ; thia^ of justice, kong-tftg. of assembly, hiie- 
tftg. of audience, kim-lAan-toi" ; ti-toi"; gu-t6i'. eocamina- 
tion hall, khdu-f; khdu-tid"; kbng-f {for Kujin 
examinations ). 

halliards, Mt-soh. 

halloo, kiii^'-sia'' h^m. 
halo, lunar, gieh in. solar, jit in. 
halt, hiah; hiah-tiam ; khiS.-tiam; hiah-kba; thdng- 
kha; thdng-hiah; suah-hiah; th6ng-p6u; chl-pou. 


lame, kiiai-kha ; nAg-ni"; nAg-kha ; chhiang-a-chhiang ; 

halter, b^-14ng-8oh. 

halve, pun-ku4h; pun-p6i"; pun-tili-p6i'; tsb-n6°-hun; 

ham, hiie-thiii; chit-thiiL 

hamlet , hie"-lf ; hie^-tshng ; hie"-ll-kid"; si^-liie"-tshng ; 

hammer, tn6i ; thih-thAi ; tsh^-thAi. claw- , kiah-teng - 
thili. . 

hamper, to, tad; tsd-gai. basket, kheng. 

hamstring, kuah-kha-kun. 

hand , chhiiS. right, iu-chhiti ; chi^"-chhiii. left , ts6 - 
chhid ; tb-chhiii. hand in hand, sie-khan-chhid. pahn of, 
chhiii-t6i ; chhiii-chi^"; pa-chi^^ ba^k of hand, chhid- 
p6a"; chhiii-ptie. fingers, chhiii-t86r. a ixtw hand, 
chhe"-chhiu ; i^-s^k-chhiii. an old hand^ Uu-chhiii ; sik- 
chhiii. both hands, sang-chhid. to present anything 
with both hands, sang-chhiii khan - hdi"— ndng. haiid 
down, thAan ; liA-thAan au-to. hand over, kau ; kau- 
hdf; kau-tki. hand one to his sedan chair, khan— i 
chie"-kie. handh^eadth, chik-pa-chi6" toa. handcuffs, 
chhiii-khku, to pnt on ditto, sd-chhiii-khku. handftd, 
chik-te"; ch6k-nik. double ditto. chik-ph6ng. handi- 
craft, chhiii-goi ; chhiii-tuan ; chhW-kang. handkerchief, 
chhiii-kun ; chhiii-p6u ; chhiii-ph^ (ornamental). hand- 
wmting, chhiii-tshau ; pit-chiah. hand^miU, oi-l&ng. 

handle, p^". of vessel, hi"; kua". to handle a valuable 
thing c<irefully, khie'^-'Si^". 

handmaid, pi ; niig-pi ; chhiah-kha ; tsiu-kiii (very com- 
mon term, but objectionable). 

handsome, ngid; h6-th6r; se"-ph&i-chhiAng ; se"-ldi kah- 
phah. woman, miir-jin; chhiku-k&; u-tsu-sek. 

handy, pien-chiip ; khin-pien ; khin-kha khiie-chhiii ; kah- 
pan (convenient). 

hang, oneself, tiku-am; ti^u-Slm si. strangle, kd-sf; 

hang, up, tiku. upon, kiia. down, 8{drrl6h-l&i. clothes 
to dry or air, n6" (with bamboo rod put through)*, 
phuih (thrown over rope or bamboo), ears of grain 
hanging down, chhek-sui thui-th4u, 

hank, of thread, cb^k-tsh&ng-^iia^ 


hanker, lilan-mo°; sim-liian put-sid; liian-liian put-sid; 

sim kh-kti tS-mo". 
haphazaiTd, th^ug-tsau-hiie ; tii-ti^h-tshdi. 
happen, u ; tA-ngo ; ngo— tiih ; ng6u-ng5 ; ng6u-h6ng ; 

sek-ng6. wlien aid it happen ? tulng-sl-u ? mw did it 

happen ? ts6-6i ? 
happily, tsau-htie ; heng-tit ; u-heng ; tSti-heng ; heng* 

ngo ; zil-nguan ; hih-sie*. 
happy, hua**-!!! ; khiiai-lik ; khhai-i ; khe-i ; s<5ng-kh{iai ; 

thi^ng-l. omen^ kit-tiau. happiness^ hok; hok-khi; 

hidng-hok; u-hok; hok-chhe" ki6iig-chi^. 
harass, bfta-lui ; ngiik-sdi ; kh<S-khek ; jidu-tong ; kan- 

kh6u ; kbe-jiiu. harassing thoughts^ iu-l&u. 
harbour, kdng-khdu; hdi-khdu. reMntment^ hAai-huu 

m-siau ; khieh-hun ; u^-hi|n m-k6i, thieves^ o-tshit ; 

bard, toi"; ng§; kien-tSi'; kien-ng8; khikng-klii^ng-tor, 

heart, nge-sim ; sim kien-nge ; thih-chi&h sim-kua*'; sim 

^A-thih-chiAh ; sim ng\iau«nge, harden iron^ thih ngkn- 

tsiii ; thih chhih-tsiii, 
hardly, Ifm-lfm ; sife-sife ; khat-khat ; kiin-kiin. 
hardship, kan-kh<Su ; kan-ldn ; hilam-lan ; biHa-l&n. 
hardy, teJtn-kieu; tskn; kia"; kia"-tskii; nSi"-g6 nai"- 


hare. th6u. 

harelip, khih-tshiii; phha-tAn. 

harem, imperial, keng-kim; au-keng. women^s apaH^ 

ments in general, kui-p&ng; chhim-kuL 
harlot, chhiang-kl ; 14u-kii ; khiiiu-biie ; hue-nid*^; sau- 

phAa; tng-chhiang. mistress of harlots, B^*th&u-phAa, 
harm, hai; ham-hai; sie'; sie"whlii; hAang-gai. thei'e is 

no harm in it, bd-hAaug; b6-bi; bd-siang. 
harmleBS, Mu-sit; m-hai-ning ; bdi-li-hai. 
harmony, siang-hAa; hda-m6k. connubial, hu-chhi 

h(ia-h&i. harmonious sounds, sia'-im tbi^u-hil^a; ndng- 

sia*" tsdi-tsdi; im-un siang-hCla, 
harmonize, ki4"-hAa; khiig-hAa. 
harness, horse's, tsuang-b^ kd.i-h6k-sek ; tsuax^g-pk^g-b^ 

k^-mulh. armour, th4u^khue chi^n-kabt 
harp, khtm. to play, t6a%khtm; th&og-khim, 
harpoon, pie; h^rpie, to, pie-hft, 


harrow, p6; thih-p6. to^ pd-tsMn. (yiie, chik-tie'-p6. 
haxsll, khe-ngiim ; khek-p<Sh. kh6-khek; ngi4m-khek. 
ruUy ngiAk-ch^ng. taster sng-siap; kh6u-siap. 

hart, t&K; t^k-k6u. 

harvest, tang-th&u. to take in^ kuah-tiu; siu-tang; siu- 

k&-sek; siu-s6ng. potatoe^ kut-huan-kuah. sugar-cane^ 

hashi tok tshM-tghUi ; sap tshUi-tshtii ; tx>k-n&k-tsh&. 
hassock. pM-thAan; pJli-tien; kha-tih, 
haste, kip; kin; kfn-kip; huaug-m^ng (hustle) \ m^"- 

md"; khiie-khtie; sok-sok; chiet-sok; tshong-tshong. 
hasty, kln-s^"; sim-s^" kin ; s&" kip ; sim-s^ pek ; koi- 

koi se^-khi; phbng-phie 8im-s&^ 
hat, bo, one, chik - t^ng - bo, put on or wear^ tl-bo, 

take off^ pak-tiftu-bo. fdt^ chi"-b6. straw ^ tshiu-bo. 

hat-hox, bo-&p, hat-staim, bd-k&. hatter^ ts6-bo sai-pe, 
hatch, eggs, pu-koi-kii"; ii»-ah-kid," {artiJlciaMy). 

hatchway y tehnS'-mAg; tshng-khdu. to open, khui- 

tshng. cover of, tslmg-mAg-kb^m ; tshng-mAg-kh^i", 
hatchet, p6u-th4u, 
hate, 16u; 16u-hftn; nJln-hfin; uh,n-chhiA; il. hateful, 

kh6-ti ; kh6-16u ; kh6-cheng kh6 - il ; tshua-n4ng-16u. 
haughty, kiau-ngau; th6i^n4ng ffi-khl; b6 - l<Si - mSlu"; 

m&k-khang khuah. 
haul , rope, khan-soh ; chhiA-soh ; tiii-soh. up a hoot, 

kng-ts(ii)L chie"-sua". up a sail, pAih-ph&ng; Uu-pMng. 

doum, 16h ; p^ng ; liu-16h ; tiii-16h. close-hauled, tski-lidu. 
haunt, a cave, tikm-sua"-khang. a Tnan, kiii l^ag-tf 

n&ng; jiiu-tf. haunted (house), tshut-kdi; ffi-chheng- 

haunch, thdi-th&u; kha-thiii. 
have, u. have you ? u a-bd ? khi ch^ng-ii-m^? / have 

not, b6 ; m-ohdng'^fL hxive finished , ts6-h6— li^u ; 1" - 

Jieng - tsS ; tab - liAu. have you ever eaten, an oi^ange ? 

ka" lii pat-chiih a-m-pat ? I have not, m-pat ; tsu - lidu 

m-pat. have you had dinner? lii chi&h-pfig a^-bue? 

I have dined, chi&h-pi— lidu ; chiih-li4u; phien— liiu. 

have you been to the market yet? lii chdng chie^chht- 

btie? not yet, btie-chdng, 
hawk, lidu-eng-pd, 
hftwker, si^-seng-H; kor-thiau kfii seig-H; koi%thiau 

J^fc-bwig; i6-k6u. 

HAT 134. HKAT 

hay, phik-ta-tshdu. haystack^ tshdu-khftn. 

hazard , th^ng - tsau - hhe ; phbng - tsS.u - hiie ; ki&° - hidm 
hiau-heng ; hiau-heng. hazaixloics, huaug-hidm ; ngAi - 
hidm ; m-iin-tAg ; m-th6-t^ng. 

hazy, m6nff-bu ; m6ng-in ; im-bu ; in-bu ; bu-bu ; hAn- 
bu ; huat-bu ; huat-m6ng, 

he, i ; hi\-k^i-ndng. 

head, thftu ; th^u-khak. o/f , tuah-tiig. -dj*ess^ thkvL • 
tshah ; tsang ; td - tsang. wind , ngek - huang ; thd"- 
thflu-huang ; ttii-th&u-huang. headacfie, th&u-khak thik"; 
thau-khak kok-kok-ki^. band , h4 - ji^u - se ; hiih - 6i ; 
hi4h-ts6i"-Ai. head man, th4u-nfi,ng ; ts6k-ti^"; p6-chiJt". 
of a Jirni, tso-sua°; h&ng-tsii. heady, th^ng-tk" th^ng- 
ti. headlong^ tshou-kip. headstrong, chip-du ; kien - 
phiah. hang down the head, th&u he-he. lifi vp, 
th^u iing-i4ng ; th^u-khak ti^"-ph6. cut off, tsdm-th4u. 

heal, ui; ui-pe°; ti-pe°; ui-ti. entirely, ui-tshu4n - zii. 
05 a wound, tshng-khdu se"-b6a ; sie^-khdu se"-bAa. 

health, phfing-an; bd-iSng; ua"-ji6n; khin-sang; pin- 
sin z6-zudn. injure, sie"-siin— ti^h sin-hun. healthy 
appearance, chiih-khA h6. 

heap, «, tun ; ch^k-tun ; chik-tu. heap up, tun-mu4h ; tun- 
chek ; thih-^khf-iai. 

hear, thia°; thia"-kr. T don't hear, thia"-m-ki". hard of 
heamng, hf 14ng. hearsay, hong-bun ; zil-bun ; thia"-kr 
n&ng-t^". hear hut pay no attention, lau ttii-hf— kb 

hearken, secretly, td-th&ng; th^-thia"; thau-thia" (as 

heart, sim ; sim-kua°; sim-thAu ; sim-tAg ; sim-ti ; sim- 
tshflng ; sim-s^" (disposition) ; sim-chhdng (the affections 
and desires), having no heart for anything, ik-ih, ien- 
sin ien-sin. -ache, sim-kua" thik". becUing, sim-rkua'' 
pok-pok-thiku ; sim-kua" phA-ph6-tshiian. with the whole, 
tsuan-sim. with one, chik-sim ; t4ng-sim ; tsdi-sim. 
heartless, bd-sim; b6-nAng»chh6ng, heaiibum, tii-khdu 
ni-siau. to affect the heart, tdngTsim. to keep one's 
heart fro^n evil thoughts, siu-khl hilang-sim. 

hearth, tsku ; hiie-16u. cricket, tsku-koi. 

heat, hde-khi ; jiet-khl ; zuih-khi. to heat over a flame , 
na"; hang, rvater', hi&'-sie-tsiii ; im-sie-tsiii ; pA-sie. food , 
tim-sie. red-heat, Ma 4jig-&ng, 

HfiAVB 135. HELP 

hdaV6| anchor^ kbf-t^ng; khi^h-t^ng; p6ih-t^ng; chhiii- 

t^ng. a sigh, thdu-khbi. 
heaven, thi"; thien. in, t6-tbi"-t^ng. all under, thi"- 

.e (used for China), justice of, thien-lt heaven-daring, 

td" pau-thi". swear by, chi-thi" mdng-si ; tng-thi° chiU- 

heavy, tang, load, tang-tA" (on shotdder); tftng-tsai 

(in boat), heart, sim-kua"-th4u teh-toa-chi^h {feeling 

of responsibility ) ; iu-ut ( sad ). sleep , toa - gAt ( also 

used for death ) ; git tstii-tshi ; At chhim-chhim. 
hedge, chhl-ph^; chhl-11; chhl-Ai; hftg-li; hue-uang- 

11 ( o/* cactus ) ; h6g-kkL 
heed., take, kdn-sin; tsii-s6i; sid-sim. any one, thia"- 

n4ng - tk°. heedless , tshou - aim ; bd-eng-sim ; 16 - tsh6 

{careless unyrk). 
heel, kha - Su - te". of shoes , 6i-te*. on woman's shoe , 

kiih-tbA. down at the heels, tib-t<5-te". take to ones 

heels, tsi^u. 

heifer, gA-kid"; gA-e". 

height, what is the? u-ji^b-kAi"? jiAb-kiii" ? 

heir, sft-tsii; au-sft. apparent, tbki-tsii. heirless, tsAh- 

sft ; b6-au. heritage, zti-ngikp. to fcdl heir to one's 

father's propeii.y , sdng-chiap pe-ngiip. fall heir to 

the throne, ki-chiap sft-ui ; t^ng-sdng u4ng-ui ; teng-ki ; 


hell, ti-g^k. to go to, tim-ldlii ti-g^k; 16h-ti-g^.k. 

helm, t6a; bde-toa. take the, liAh-t6a; btia"-t5a. 
unship, in shallow water, p^i-toa, raise higher, cbh^ng- 
t6a. shaft of, toa-th&u. blade, tda-sidm. put up the, 
tbdu. put down the, kban. helmsman, tai-kong. tille7\ 
t6a-g6. tiller-ropes, t6a-16ng. 

helmet, tb&u-khue ; thib-m4u'. 

help, paDg-t85; sie-hu; hii-tsS; pang-chbid; t6-16ng; 
siang-pang ; pang-tsan. up, bA-i khf-14i ; kban-bft ; 
kban - tbl ; kban - kua". to get office , tbl - puit. in 
diffijculties or danger's , kiil-cbi ; cbfn - kih ; cbin - cbi ; 
si - cbl help ! help ! kiti— a ! kiil— a ! kih - mia"I kill - 
mia"I to Cidl for, bkm-ki^-kiii. no help foi* it, b6-pou. 
no help but to, b6-nfii'-b6; b6-kb6 nai"-b6; put-tit - 
f"; b6-ta-u& ; bd-ta i-Aa. help a man to ^prosper, cbbi4"- 
n&ng-b6. helpless, b6-kiti ; cbIn-thS,u-ldng. 

HELVE 136» KlDB 

helter skelter, sl-siia''; laan-ts^u ; stui^'-tsdu ; pht-phd- 

helve, p<5n-th4u-py; p(Jtt-py. 

hem, to, chih-tsue ; chih-pbu-pi"; chih-pbu-tsue {all before 

seunng}; n6g-6a"-tsue (to stitch very loosely); thi"-sa"- 

tsue (sew finely), the^ of a garment ^ sa"-ku. 
hem, clear the th^vat, kliam-s^u. 
hemp, mta; ifi-mAa". seed^ mAa"-chf; mAa'-jln. -^eed 

oil, miia"-iA; phang-iA. 
hen, koi-b6. young, koi-ntia*; koi-n{ia"-ki4". -hotise, koi- 

Mu; koi-14ng. -roost, koi-ti&u; koi-chhi. henpecked^ 

koi-b6-thl; koi-lxS phah-slt-thl 
hence, gone, l>6-t6; kh\V-li^* therefore, kii-tsbii; b<5- 

f; 8Jig-14i ; in-tohii. hencefoiih, tehdng-kim f -4u ; tsu- 

kim T-au ; tshdng-tshii f-au. 
herald, ski ; pb-sin ; p6-sie-sit. 
herbage, tshdu; tsh^u-b&k; hue-tsh^u. 
herbal , hue - bik - ph6u ; iih - sb"- chheh ; pAg - tshdu. 

herbalist, iSh-tsh^ sin-se". 
herd, kh6n. a whole, chi&*-kliAii. to, chi^"-cheng-8e". 
here, t5-chl-kb ; to-chl ; chib'-th4u ; chl-kd,i ui-tshA ; chf- 

k^ ti-hng. -wp he^^e, to-chl-t^ng. down here, to-chl-e. 

hei'eaboxUs , t6-chl tsdr-Jlu ; kun t5-chl-k6. come here, 

141; ki^T-biia— 14i. hereafter, tfihil-&a; Su-I&i; chiang- 

ISi; §tu-jlt; e-jit; e-hAe; tsong-su. 
hereditary, property, zfii-ngi4p; z&i-stia*. disease, zfli- 

pe". office, sl-sip; sip-im. 
heresy, I-tuan; 8i4-kk; 8i&-8ueh; l-tSLu; si^-tSiu. 
heretofore, h^gl&i; t8hdng-t8dr; tshdng-tsi; chie**- 

tAg ; t8{|-]4i. 
heriuage , zui - ngi&p ; ts6u-zui ; ta6u - thiian k4i-iigi&p. 

patemoU, pe-aui, 
hermit, tan-sa. of literary w official person, living 

in seclusion, tin-ku. hermitage, tshdu-Mu. 
hernia , thut-kun-th4u ; 8idu-ch}u4ng-khi • 
hero, Mu; kifit; eng-hidng. heroine, niSg-cIii^g {mili- 
hesitate, chhl-gi; bue-u ch^k-kuat; btie-kuat-i talk in 

hesvtoiing way, t^*-ue 8im-a-8im. 
hew, khdm; Ibi-khni; phoh. 
hiccup, phah-oh*ki^"; tiiiu-oh-kii('; khoa-oh-ki^\ 
hide, tsh&ng; khiig; tsMng-khiig; tsMng-mi*; khfig-mi"; 


• khi)g-b(ia ; siu-tsh^ng ; i\ii-tsh4ng ; khiig-b^t ; tsh&ng - 

nek ; \in-nik. oneself\ pl-bit ; pi-bAa ; lin-pi ; tiam - 

biia ; idm-sidm ; sidm-bOa ; sidm-mr; sidm - sin ( make. 

oneself invisible hy magic), one's faults, chia-idm; idm- 

kki ; idm-sek ; khkm-bi!la. hide and seek, a°-m&k tsdu- 

hide , a ,' phAe-sek ; chhe"-phAe ; gA-phAe. to dress a, 

hideous, id-ie"; kh6-{ii; chhi-gl; I6u-ak; chhiii-ak; 

chhiii-lou ; k6k-l6u. 
higgle, su-ni6" khah-thidm ; ngi-ngai. 
high, k6i"; kau. aniiqvity, siang-k6u. hill, kAf-sua"; 

kau-sua". station, kau-ui ; kau-kua". p^nce, kiii ; kau- 

kh ; k&-chr tsoi. wind, huang m^"; huapg toa. water, 

14u-t8tii ti"; tsiii t6a ; ti6 toa. on, to-chie"; t5-tdng. 

the highest, chi-siang ; t6-t^ng-tdng ; siang-t^ng. prizt^ 

highly, ktii-t5ng ; kSng-tong ; th(Sr-t6ng, -spinted, h&u- 

khl. in the highest degree, siang ; chl ; ts4p-hun ; k^u- 

k^k; k|lu-k6k— tshb. 
highway, kua"-lou; toa-lou. highwayman, hidng-b^- 

tsh&t ; ts6ih-lou-tshit ; tsiih-lou chhi^"-kiap. 
hill, sua', pass, 8ua"-nid". to cross hills, pda"-sua" khe- 

nid°. hillock, 8ua"-tu-ldng ; sua"-pou (gentle slope), hilly 

road, khi-khu. 
hilt, kikm-p^"; ki^m-thAu. 
hind, tik-b6. 
hinder, t86 ; ts6-chf ; ts6-keh ; ts6-khie ; khie-tsu ; tam- 

koh ; at-chl ; iap-chl. hindrance, hudug-gai ; thua-thui. 

what istof u-si-mih hu&ng-gai ? nothing to, b6-huAng ; 

b6-hu&ng b6-gai. 
hinder, ^^r^, biie-au ; pbe-du. hindermost , du ; 16h - 

au ; suah-bile ; kidu-biie. 
hinge, mftg-khu ; iip-tiAp ( foreign ). 
hint, h,m-chf. to give a, phah-^m-ho ; tak-th&u; tidm- 

hips, kha-tshng; kha-tshng-p(Sr. 
hire, k6u ; kie ; ham. a hotise, sue-tshit a cow, 8iie- 

g£l. a field, tsoh-n4ng-tshdn. hired, chhie"-ndng-k5u. 

a man's hire, kang-clif; kang-tAt; kang-k6. 
hiss, 8i— che-ki^ ; si-si-ki^. 

historiographer , sii-kua'. 

history, kok-s\i; sii-ki; siHsu; sii-kudn; k^m-si^ of 


a person , lfi.i-l^h ; If - l^h ; tshut - sit. historical and 
statistical account, e.g. of CKao-chow, Tid-chiu-chi. 
hit, pliah— tiih. with an arrow, tbng— ti^h. 

hither, k^u-chf-k5. 

hitherto I t8h6ng-14i; ph6ng-sti; khf-soi"; phSng-jlt; 

hikng-jlt. see heretofore. 
hive, pbang-siti ; phang-tJlu ; phang-tA. 
hoard, tun-chek ; chek-thiok. wealth, chck-tsMi ; tun- 

kim chek-gAk. 

hoarfrost, sng. 

hoarse, b6-8ia ; &u-ldng bd-sia'; sau-sia"; eia" m-liang. 
hoary, head, thS.u-m6" 8oh-8oh-p6h. 
hobble, ki2L°-lou chhim-a-chhim ; kuai-a-kuai. 
hobgoblin, kiii; kiii-kbai; iau-chia"; 8ik°-n&ng-mu6h. 
hod, piin-ki. 

hoe, tft-tMu. 

hog, tu. 'Sty, tu-16. hoggish, o-tso; ue-tsue; tu-ie" 

hoist, p6ih-khf; liti. flag, liu-kl; tshah-ki. sail, pAih- 
ph^ng ; seng-phfi,ng ; liu-phdng ; khl-ph&ng. 

hold, anything in tlie hand, chhiii-khi^h. from going 
away, li&h. pencil, khiS^-pit. .reins, khan-b^-soh. up, 
a person, khan ; h6-khi. up clothes, tsah-ph6 ; kidu- 
phA ; put-phA. in the mouth, 06 dog, k&". as man, 
kam. one's tongue, tiam-tiam ; mh,r-ta"-ue. under the 
aimi, k6ih to-koh-e. contain, tsho. one catty, tsho- 
ch^k-kun. will not hold it, tsho-m-tit; tsho-m-khft ; 
tsho-m-ldi. this room will hold 100 people, chi-ch^k- 
koi" - pS'iig h6 - tshdng ( or , i6ng ; if sitting , tso ; if 
standing^ khia ) ch^k-peh-nUng. of ship , teAn - tshng . 

hole , khang. to make a, khui - kbang. knock out, phah- 
khang ; liii - khang ( dig ) ; tshuan-khang. to chisel a, 
tshik - khang. hore, . uai-khang ; ui-khang ; tsfig - khang 
( ivith gimlet, &c ). full of holes, tshang-tshang . 

hollow, khang ; khang-khak {pppos. tsit-th^u) ; khang- 
ph^" {opp. ts4t-toi") ; to hollow out, liii-khang ; ui-khang- 
khak. of the hand, chhiii-sim-t6i. 

Holland, Hd-lAn-kok. ^ 

holy, si^". Spint, Si^^-Sin. holiness of life, sien-heng; 
ng4n-heng chheng-kiet. 

holiday, ^thit-thd-jlt; 6r-jlt; iii-6i"-jlt; df-kang-jlt; 
chheng-6i"-jit ; ua"-di"-jlt. 


homage, kiong-kfeng. to the emperor, chhi4u-pki hy 

tributary princes, chhidu-kbng (includes tribute). 
home, ke ; tfihil. at, t5-tshti ; to-lai ; to-ke-lai ; to ; 

to— kb. go, hAe-ke ; khft-tahil ; tAg-khA-tshil ; kui-ke ; 

tAg-tshil ; khii-lai {if merely going inside), home made^ 

homicide, suah-n4ng; th^i-n&ng. a, hiong-chhiii. 
hone, bAa-to-chi&h. 
honest, tong-kau ; Mu-sit ; tong-hou ; phok-slt ; tong- 

tlt ; sdng-slt ; p&h-tlt ; chik''-tlt ; chik"-keng ; kong-tau. 
honey, phang-blt; bit. -comb, blt-phoh; blt-tsa; blt- 

hong, hAng; h^ng-khdu. m£rchant, i6"-siang. 
Hongkong, Hiang-kdng: ktkn-toa-lou. 
honour, tsun-ktii; thl-min; idng-hAa. to, k^ng; tsun- 

kfenff; k^ng-tong; kiong-k^ng. to obey is better than 

to honour, kiong-kfeng put-zA tshdng-meng. honour 

father and mother, hku-sun pe-b6; ki^^'-h&u pe-b6. 

honoured sir, tsun-k&. 

honorary, khang-Mm, 
hood, soh-bo. 
hoof, t6i. 

hook, kau. fish-hook^ h^-kau; ti^"-kau. hooked nose, 

phr kau-kau. 
hoop, khou; thing-khou. 
hoOb, tuah-n&ng; tuah-sia". 
hop, to, thiku. 
hope, hi-mo"; mo'; ngidng-mo'*. hopeful, u-mo"; h6-mo'' 

{promising), hopeless, D6-mo"; ts61i-m6"; mln-mo', 

hamng too high hopes, chhia-mo". 
horary, characters, twelve, tsip-ji sl-sln. 
horde, ch&k-khAn-n&ng ; khAn-ting, 
horizon, thi'-kba. horizontal, hAe ; p6^ 
horn, kak, cow's, gA-kak; deer's, t&k-kak; tik-z6ng 

{young, used for medicine), shoe-, 6i-chliiau. 

hornet, Ag-phang, 

horoscope, el-thiau; poih-jl, to look up one's, lun- 

poih-ji; tli6i%sl-tliiau, 
horrible, kh6-iii ; kh6-kia"; tshua-ndng-kia"; kia"-I ; hSi- 1, 
horror, kia"-ku Hi-h6ng-mau"; kia"-ku kai-ie'-sife"; kia'- 

khiu. see hob&ible. 
horse, h6. one, ch£k-chiah-bd. -shoe, b^-tdi-thih, -hair^ 


b^-biSe. -dealer, b^-hban. horseman, khi4-b^. ricfe on 
Jiorsehack, khi&-bd. -comb, b^-siu; b^-pin. -cloth, h6- 

hospitable, kSu-thSi n^ng-kheh. 

hospital, ui-kiSan. 

hosu, tshil-n&ng ; tsiS-jin. 

hostage, to give or take a, eng-ning tsb-tfig. 

hostihty, uan-ke ; m-hfta ; chhiA-khiah ; hien - khiah. 
cattse of, hfla-kun ; hua-in. 

hostler, b^-hu; bd-tehdu-ndu" {very slighting). 

hot, zu&h ; sie. weather, thi"-8l 2u4h ; pek-zu&h ; zu&h- 
tik. sun, jlt-thftu jifit ; jit-thdu m^"; jlt-thAu ; jit- 
thfi,u ham-ham-&Dg. water, sie-tsiii ; kdn-tsiii {boilhig). 
-headed, u-sfe°; ph6ng-phie sim-s^"; sim-s^" kin-kip. spell 
of hot weather in cold season, khieh-si&h. 

hotel, kau-l&u-kdan ; tikm-phbu. 

hour, Chinese, sl-sln {=zS hours), foreign, chSk-tiitm- 
cheng. half an hour, pila'-tidm-cheng. quarter, cWk- 
khek-cheng. hourglass, t4ng-hii tih-l&n. iwurly, miie"- 
tidm-cheng; sl-si khek-khek. 

house, tshil. a, chik-koi'-tshJi ; chik-tso-tshil. school-, 
tsu-che. dtvelling-, n&ng-ke. your, ktii-hd {polite), 
my, tshiu-sik ( polite). -breaJoer, mfing-hde phah-kiap ; 
tong {or 8iJtng)-mAg-tshit. ^manager, tng-ke ; htia'- ke. 
^maid, chhiah-kha, ^rent, tshii^tsou; tshti-sile; kiian* 
tsou. household, ke-86k. household goods, ke-tsu; ke- 
si mu&h-kia'. household servants, ke-jin. 

hovel, tshdu-tshil; tshdu-Mu. 

hover, in ; khip-sin (Jnrd, ready to dart). 

how? tsai-se"? tsb^nl'? «A-h6? hm dare! ts6-kd'I how 
many ? ji&h-taoi ? kiii-kdi ? ji&k-kan ? ki-to ? how far ? 
ji&h-hng? how many times? ji&h-tsoi-e? kiii-hAel 
kdi-pdi? kiii-tiig? kiii-hang? jieh-tsoi-tsh^ ? how large? 
ji6h-t5a? Aowowi? jiAh-tsoi-htie? tabtm-ebhiu jiSh-tsoi ? 
jiih^toa? ji6h.iau? kM-ke"? how to do?^^^u4h? 
not know how to do it, tsb fa-pat t6-kh{(. how shall 1 
do ? z^-hd 8l-h6 ? teb-nr cbi4'-h6 % how is this? sa si- 
tab-ul"? how did it happen? tsb^di? ts6-ii? {also ex- 
prtssing incredulity), how can it he othetwise ? tsb - 
A-sI ? how can thdt be accounted filial pi^y ! chib*" 
so*" iau-b6 ki^-t^b b^u| how can this be ri^ht! khf-d 


tshi\-ll ? how can we get it f tsii-tit-ti^h ? how much 

more..., h6-khtiang.... how fast! m^°-tsai! 
however, hftan-lidu ; hAan-idu. 
howl, hdu"-hiu"-ki^ ; hdu"-che-ki&. 
hubbub, theng-jidng. 
huckster, koi'-thiau k&i-seng-ll ; lou-ta" seng-l£ ; ts5 seng- 

huddled up, sie-chi" sie-k6ih. 
hue, sek. Jive hues, ng6u-sek; ng6u-tshdi. 
hug, sie-ph5; sie-Um. 

huge, toa ; toa-tsai ; toa kh.u-koh-ie'; toa k^u-khi. 
huUc, or hiUl, tsdn-khnk ; tsilii-sin; tsiin-thdng. 
hull, rice, cheng-bl; lak-bl. 

hum, of insects, ng-ng-ki^; hna-hng-ki^; hi".hng-ki&. 
human, life, n&QK-se ; n&ng-ima\ hum^n life is like a 

dream, n&ng-se' ^hA-se") ji&k-mang. relations, jln-lAii. 

strength, n4Dg-14t. affairs, jin-su. feelings, n&ng-chh^ng. 

kind, ndng-lui. the human heart is never satisfied, 

nstng-sim put-tsok. 
humane, u-n&ng-chhSng ; 5i-ts6-n4ng ; tshA-sim ; u-jln-^i 
humanity, jin-tek; jln-kL 
humble, khiam-siUi ; khiam-sbi ; tsii-khiam ; tsfi-pui ; the- 

khiam ; khiam-jiing ; khiam-tek ; khiam-sim ; hu-sim ; 

hu-khiam ; khiam-nii ; khiam-pui my humble opinion, 

ngd-kifen ; phf-kifen. 
humbug, Wkh; phi^n-n&ng; kuang-n&ng. 
humid, t&m; t4m-sip; sip-khi. 

hiunming-bird, kim-saj-chidu. (?) 

humour, s&"-chhSng. ill-humour, phiah-pe'; ku-ku; ou* 
ku ou-ku ; pii-pii h.u-ku ; pu-ku pu-ku. out of humour, 
sim-se" pSLu*pck. axxommodate oneself to the humour 
of others, liin— ti^h ndng k&i-phiab-pe'. humorous, hku"- 
tshu ; hku'-peh-gih ; hka''-chhi^-th&m. 

humpbackeo, ku-ie ; ie h&u-Mu {nwre slight) ; ie hau- 
hau; hau-ie. 

hundred^ ch^k-peh. 

hunger, t<5u khhn ; t<5u iau, / am hungry, ud fxSu 5ir 

khim. die of, go-gf. endure, nai"-go, 
hunt, phah-l&h. the wild hoar, p}uUi-8ua''-tvip 
hurdle, keh ; tiftm ; 6u ; tek-U ifiamhoo fence). 
hurl, a spear, pie-chhie"; tong-chhie^ stones^ k&k* 



hurricane, huang-thai; p6-thAu (spying gale). 

hurry, to, pih,"-m^". huny up ! m^"— che ! pi^"-m^°— che ! 

in a desperate, huang-mA^ng ; ts6-su hih-huh-ki^ ; m4ng- 

kip ; ming-pek. do htiniedly, tsh6-liik-ts6 ; chhin- 

tshdi-ts6. aon*t be in such a, tshai~che ; tshai-tshai— 

ne ; An-An— ne. 
hurt, sie"; sie"-hai. ai'e yoxi hurt? oi-sie"-ti^h, md? 6i- 

puih— ti^h ti-kb, me? one's feelings, 8ie"-chh6ng; sie°- 

chhfing sit-ngi. hxirtfid, li-hai. 
husband, ang ; jl-sh,i ; ji-hu ; hu-ski ; hu-kun ; chiang- 

hu ; toa— n4ng. 
husbandman, tsoh-tshdn-n^ng ; tsh^n - hu ; Idng - hu ; 

tsoh-tshAn-ko. husbandly^ long-sti ; tsoh - tsh^n ; ke"- 

tsoh; chfeng-tsoh. 
hush, up, sai-khia-hAa ; sai-e-hua ; sai-hAa ; hiin-sek ; 

chia-bfta ; chia-idm ; chia-sek. 
husk, khak; tshou-khng (chaff). to husk lice, oi-l&ng; 

hustle, sie-oi sie-ldng; sie-chi" sie-l^ng. 
hut, tshdu-Mu ; 8ua"-li4u. 

hymn, sln-si. 

hyperbole, t?l"-kile-ke ; khe-tsoi; tSt" khah-thki-kile ; th," 

hypocrite, kd-h6 ; ngui-sien ; ngui-kun-tsi\ ; khiu si , 

sim hui. 
hypothesis, pf-huang k&i-ue; kid-zii k&i-ue. 


I, uA. see WE. 

ice, pia"-sng. box, pia"-sng-sie". 

ichthyosis, tshou-phAe ; ldng-14n-tshou. 

idea, i; i-sA; i-kien; sie"-th&u; liain-tMu. 

identical, sie-tAng ; ch&k-ie"; bd-koh-ie". 

idiom, kti-huap; gii-kti, classical, tsu-kil; ti^n-kb, 

idiot, ng6-tshiin ; nia-ngd ; chhi-ngdi ; m-hidu jln-su. 

idle, lazy, toa"; Idn-tSa ; m-hku" teb-kang, person, 6i"- 

n^ng; ift-chhiii hku"-6i"; hiuMt, stories, 6i-ue. pkice 

ivJiere idlers meet, 6i"-koi"t 
idol, ng6u-si^"; phA-sat; jSu-iA; tsh&-3i|i, idolatry, 

pJli-tshl-sin ; pki-ng6u-8i4". 

IF 143. IMAGE 

if, jiik ; zft-jiik ; thdng-jiik ; kii-sdi ; kid-leng ; k6u - 

sek ; phah-ts6 ; kid-zft ; zd-h6k ; kh6 - pi ; phi-zA ; pi - 

huang. if you arc going, l\i jiik-si kr-khi. hut if 

you won't go, na"-8i li\ m-kh^. if not, zA-m-si; ia-si- 

bd. as if (compai^on), phi-z6 ; pi-zA ; hai— kbe ; tig— 

kue ; chhin-chhie"; kh6-pt even if tsbng ; ts6ng-jidn ; 

ignis fatuUS, kiii-hiie. 
igfmte, t6h-hiie; hiiat-hiie. 
ignoblo, hia-tsua"; hia-tsoh ; hia-pfn. 
i^Orant, b6-teai ; b6-kifen-sek ; m-hijlu ; m-pat. 
ill, u-pe"; m-sdng-khtiai ; b6-hi^"-h6 ; m-ph6ng-an ; b6- 

khang-kieu ; ndng m-h6. 
ill-natured, s&"-chh6ng m-h6; phl-khi m-h6 ; u-phiah- 

ill-favoured, mm-mau" tshou ; id-ie"; thdi" m-jip-mik" ; 

ill-shaped, i^-ie"; m-chid,"-ie". 
ill-treat, m-kau-thai-n^ng ; khek-p6h. ill-treated, siu-khui ; 

illegal, hpam-huap ; m-hah-huap ; m-hih-Ii ; lit-huap m- 

t^iin— k4i. 
illegible, ji m-hln ; th6i°-m-tshut ; th6i"-m-hin. 
illegitimate, child, thau-se" kAi-kid°. 
illiberal, tou-liang 6ih-s6i {or, soih) ; kien-lien {niggardly) ; 

kbieh-slp (greedy). 
illicit, intercourse, fai-thong; k6u-hih; thong-kan. 
illimitable, b6-lian-liang ; boi-tit-lidu. 
illiterate, m-pat-ji ; b6-thik-tsu ; b6-hik-inng ; m-chSng 

t4h-jlp Kh6ng-tsu-mftg ; t6u - lai b6-ptia"-tidm bik-tstii ; 

tin-t5-tb&u chfeng b6-ptia"-tidm bik-tsiii. 
ill-fated , kh6u-mia"; mia° kuai ; p61i-mia°; mia° khiap ; 

mia" phi. 
illness, pe"; pe°-ch^ng. symptoms of, pe"-chh6ng; pe°- 

illuminate, tih.u-teng ; i4°-teng ; tai-nau" hi5e-teng. 
illumine, xhife; chi6-kng; chie-m6ng. 
illusion, ka-ki phifen-ka-ki; tsu-mAa"; tsu-khi. 
illustrate, koi-mfing ; tii-m6ng ; huat-mdng, 
illustrious, hi^n-miA"; tshut-mi4"; tti-mia"; hien - idng. 
image, si6°. to cast, tsti-si&". to draw., tie-si^", to 

carve, khek-sife". 


imag^e , sie*, / imagine it is , iak-m6"-liang ; th6u - 
sie". imaginable^ sie'-tit-tshut ; sAg-tit-tshut . it is all 
imagination , phA - huang tshok - id"; bd - id" - chiah. / 
imagined he would not come, ud khue-tia" i i^-Ui. 

imbecile, tshiin-jiak ; iig6-jiik. see idiot. 

imbibe I im; chiih. liquid y as porous substance^ s6- 

imbue, jiam ; chim. 

imitatei 6h ; 6h-ie"; hau-6h ; hau-huap ; chife-ie". 

immaculate, sAn-cheng; p^h-g^k b6-hi4; peh-piah b6- 
hi4; b6-tBhft h6-tiah. . 

immaterial, b6-h6ng h6-ki"; bd-h6ng b6-8i^". of no im- 
portance^ l)6-siang-kan ; b6-chhiet-ih,u ; b6-iku-kiii. 

immature, bue-s^k ; chhe"; bue-kh,u-t8i5i. • 

•immeasurable, m-h6 liang-tit; m-h6 chhek-t&t; b6- 

• ban-liang; 14n-f tshui-chhek. 

immediately, sAi-sl; sdi-chiet; chiet-khek; lin-si; lip- 

immemorial, from time, siang-kdu f-lAi ; khai-phek f"- 


immense, toa-tsai ; k^k-toa ; chi-toa ; toa-bd-pan ; toa- 

b6-pl. an immense quantity, toa-b6-mu^h. 
immerse, tin (dip and make damp) ; chim (steep) ; tim 

(sink) ; tim (dip many times so ow to wash). 
imminent, kun ; chiang-kun ^i"-kku ; chiang-lim. danger, 

Um-ngAi; ngAi-kip; kfn-kip. 
immoderate, ktie-hun ; b6-tou ; b6-pan-b6 ; khah-kile- 

immodest, m-hih-16i ; m-ili sidu-li ; b6-liAm-chhf. 
immoral, m-chih,"-keng ; biiang-6i ; th^ng-ts5 ; m-tuan- 

cbia"; h6ng-6i put-tuan. immorality, m-chik"-keng-sii ; 

m-h6-su: hui-Ai. 
immortal, boi-sl; i6ng-se". immoHalize, mi4" phang 


immure, kim. 

immutable, put-6k; m-h6-k6i; b6-i-6k; chik-tia" put- 

impair, siin-hai. 

impalpable, chbiii put-16ng-liih ; b6-slt-mu^,h h6-li4h. 
impaiX, sA ; pun ; khut. instniction, si-kk. news, thAan- 

^sie-sit ; p6-sie-sit. 
impairtiail, bd-phien-sim ; bd-li&h khin-tang; kong-ph^ng 


thai-n4ng ; pheng-sim khiian-thai ; kua"-chik" ; kong-tau 

impassable, boi-tit-ktie ; bA-lou h6-kii"; khut-thAu-lou. 
impatienty kip-sfe"; b6-jim-nar; hiie-s^"; ph6ug-phie siin- 

s^°; b6-tou-liang. 
impawn, tfig-muih ; khut~n4ng ts6-kn. 
impeach, k6 ; tsham {report an officers misconduct), 
impede, ts6 ; ts6-chl ; ts6-keh ; ts6-t^ng ; hAang-gai ; 

thua-thui ; gou-su. 
impel, kek ; tshui-tshok ; tshui-pek ; tshui-kln. 
impenetrable, b6-Iou h6-jlp; tsAg-m-jIp ; boi-thong. 
impenitent, m-kheng hile-k6i; sim ngdan-nge; m-koi* 

pi"; tsu-pSLu tsu-khi. 

imperceptible, th6i"-m-tshut. 

imperfect, m-tshAan; ra-chi&"-k4i ; b6-kku-k&i; u-khueh; 

khikm-khueli ; m-sfing-kong. 
imperial, h6ang-ti-k&i ; khim; gu. favour, hu4ng-un. 

milly khim-meng ; siang-zu ; 8ik°-chl. robes, gu-h6k ; Ag- 

phdu. countenance, l§ng - ngdan. presence, gu-tsdi". 

2)encil, gu-pit tsu-phoi. family, u^ng-chhin kok-chhek ; 

kok-ke ; u4ng-ke. 
imperious, nge-sfe"; pk. 
impertinent, bd-kui-kii; b6-toa bd-sbi; hhang-sii; khe- 

hun ; uit-hun. 
impervious, b6-lou h6-kiie. to vxxter, tsiii thJlu boi-tit- 

kile ; tsiii siip-m-kile. 
impetuous, m^°; me^-li^t ; kek-li^t ; hi6ng-kip. 
impiety, b6 kfeng-kiong k&i-sim ; me^-thi" chiu-ti. filial, 

put-h£u ; put-siku ; m-kia°-hku. 
implacable, m-hau"-hfta ; m-khdng-h6a. 
implements, ke-hiie; mu&h-kia"; khi-ku. 
implicate, lui ; lifin-lui ; thua-lui ; po-Iui. 
implicit, obedience^ lim-llm-tsun ; tsun-stin; zAi-meng-si- 

implore, khiin-khiA; koh-16. 
impolite, m-hiiu-Il; m-hidu chh6ng-lf; chhdng-11 m- 

thong ; b6-16i ; 8it-16i ; m-hih-ngt. 
important, kln-iku ; chhiet-iau ; i^u-kfn ; tang ; tong- 

tai. of no importance, b6-8iang-kan ; b6-kai-ts^i ; b6- 

chhiet-iku; b6 kh,u ti-tb-khfi; b6-t^-kln. 
imports, jip-khdu k&i-hile. 
importune, khiin-khiA; clihiet-kliiA. importunate, kau- 


tf chhiet-khiA. 
imposei a Jine^ hu4t-ngAn. upon^ phi^n ; tshuah-n4ng ; 

kuang-phi^n; khi-phifen, impostor^ Uu-kid°; k^-kha kd- 

impossible, ts6-m-14i ; \kn. to describe^ kh6-i-hue, put- 

ldi6 ngAn thdan ; til"-m-tshut ; 6h ia-boi-siau. 
imposti hikng ; nie°-sile. 
impotent, b6-khAan; b6-ta i-Aa; b6-sl-lit; phih ; b6- 

lat. impotence (as a medical term)^ iAng lii ; boi-i&ng, 

impracticable, ts6-m-tit; ts6-m-l&i. 
imprecate, chiti-tstia. 

impress, on the mind, m6ng-khek to-sim. a seal, kai- 

in; khap-in; teh-in. 
imprison, kim ; siu-kam ; siu-kim ; khu-kim ; kim-kam ; 

ki-kam ; kam-ah. false imprisonment, uan-g^k ; lam-kim. 

to be imprisoned, siu-kam tso-g^k; ts5-16. 
improbable, ke-hun si-b6-id°; toa-min b6-id"; iak-liang 

si-b6; b6 k^ng-toa-min. 
improper, m-hih-sek ; m-hih-ngl ; m-eng-kai ; m-si-su ; 

improve, w character, chin-tek. the time, sieh-hun- 

improvident, m-sie"-tftg ; b6-idn-lu ; bd-u-pi ; bd-chhi^ng- 

kii tsu-kbi ; b6i-k6i-sie°; chl-kti inik-ts6i"; mik - ts6i" 

lidm-hiie mik-tsdr-kng. 
imprudent, b6-ki&n-sek ; boi-phah-sfig ; boi-t^-sAg ; b6- 

impudent, m-ili sidu-li ; min-phiie kSu ; bd-Mm-chlif. • 
impunity, thut-h6ng; midn-huat; lau-mSng. 
impure, m-chheng ; m-chheng-khih ; m-chheng-kiet ; u- 

iie ; sid ; nah-sap. water, tsiii 16-16, conversation, phuSh 

phien-sid-tie ; ki°-m-tit-n^ng k&i-ue. 
in, to. the heart, sim-lai; sim-tang; 8im-t6i; sim-khdm. 

order, sAn-su ; chih tshi\-su ; chi&-t86r-au. truth, khl- 

sit. this maimer, kn-chife°-8e". front, t6-ts6i". a dream, 

mang— tang, short, ts6ng zft-ng&n— tsyi ; lun-khl tai-iku. 

in order to, fn-ti-kiiu ; sd^i ; ti-sdi. 
inability, bo-l^ng-iii ; b6-piin-su ; bd-piin-nid"; b6 - pou ; 


inaccessible, boi-tit-kau. 

inaccurate, u-tsh6; u-m-tiii; fl-tsha-tshak ; fi-tsdu- 


tsu4h ; u-tsh6-niu'; 6i-m-ti6h ; 6i-ta^ 
inactive, b6-t6ng-chhiii ; m-tshut-sin ; 6r-ku ; 6i°-khia ; 

inadequate, put-tsok; m-kku. to any task, put-seng 

khi-jim. see inability. 
inadvertently, put-tsai put-kak ; b6-i ; hut-jifin ; m- 


inanimate, sf-mu^h; boi-u&h. 
inapplicable, m-hih. 

ina^iculate, sounds, sia" b6-hun-in6ng. 
inasmuch as, ki-jifin; in-ui. see because. 
inattentive, sim b6-t5 ; m-tsuan-sim ; aim hiiang-lt. 

inaudible, thia°-m-kr. 

inauspicious, put-kit ; put-siAng ; hiong. 

inborn, se'-sdng ; 8e"-chieh ; s6-se". vdsdom, se"-tsai. 

incalcillable, sAg m-pat t6-khfi ; bA-su ; m-hd-siku ; b6- 
pan; l&n-f tshui-chhek; lAn-f chheng-chhS. 

incapable, b6-16ng-Ai; b6-pou; b6-tshli-chh6ng ; *b6- 
piin-su. see inability. 

incarnate, kkng-se"; kJtng-hiiam ; kkng-si ; kJtng-se" tab- 

incendiary, pkng-hiie. 

incense, hie"; phang-hie'. pot, hie"-16u. stick, chek- 
ki-hie". to hum, An-hie"; sie-hie"; tiim-hie^ to stick an 
incense-stick in pot, tshah-hie°; chin-hie", to incense, 
kek— n&ng 8e"-khi ; jid— n^g se'-khi. incensed , hun-ndu"; 

incentive, kdm-t5ng n^ng-sim; kdm-kek nd.iig-8im. 

incessant, b6-hiah; b6-k6i"-tng; b6-lkn; si -si khek- 
khek; b6-sl-hiah. 

incest, ng&k-lAn; luan-lAn; ng^k-lAn kan-lm. 

inch, tshtm. 

incinerate, sie-tsb htie-hu ; sie-tiau. 

incision, kuah-khui; M-khui; 16h-ch6k-lih. 

incite, jii; tong; jid-t5ng ; kek-chih,ng ; kek-li; thie-so; 
kh.'So; kbi-kb,; kb,-la; k6u-bd. 

incline, the heart, sim hikng ; chl hikng. inclination, 
sim-chi ; sim tsu-s6-m6". he inclined, hku*"; \\. incline 
the head, hii-siii; th&u-khak phak-ke. inclined {of 
things), tshiia-khe-14i ; tshiia-ch6k-p6i°; ka-lak-khi ; siS,, 

inclose, pau-huang; iU-tsu; 6i 


include, pau-hdm ; pau-kuat. includedy t6-lai. 
incognito, lin-ki^"; km-hiiang; km-che° tshut— Idi. 
incoherent, b6-th4u b6-biSe ; b6-tslii\ b6-su ; b6 siang- 

lidn-s6k ; m-kitan-tshiiaii. 
incombustible, b6i-t6h-hiie ; b6i-chi4h-hiie. 
income, s6-jlp ; s6-siu. official, h(5ng-16k ; ijlng-Ii5,m. 

Jroin all /juaHers, ts4p-bu-chr. 
incommode, hdan-ldu ; Uu-kfe ; lui ; laLu-tong ; hun ; 

hun-jidu; kidu-jidu ; jidu-tong; kile-jidu. 
incomparable, b6-li6-p£; b6-h6 pl-peng; Idn-f siang- 

pl ; bd-sang. 

incompetent, see incapable. 

incomplete, m-tshdan ; m-kh,u ; tauih ; khueh ; khikm- 

khueh ; khih-khikm. 
inconceivable, 14n-r chhek-t&t ; sie° m-pat tb-khfi. 

incongruous, see inconsistent. 
inconsiderate, m-kiin-sln ; b6-s6i-ji. 

inconsistent, m-tili ; siang-hdan ; pue-11 ; piie-tau ; m- 

inconstant, b6-si6°-smi ; b6-siS"; u-th4u b6-biie; hiian- 

h6k put-chhek; b6-h6ng-sim ; hdan-hdan Ii6k-h6k; p6i"- 

incontinent, put-16ng khiok-k£; b6-pln-tsat; b6-tsat- 

clii; put-ldng kudn-hat ka-kL 

inconvenient, put-pien. 

incorporeal, b6-h6ng; b6-th6i; b6-tsuang; bd-hfing 

incorrect, see inaccurate. 

incorrigible, m-kh^ng kdi-pf; ffl-hiie-k6i; nge-sim; 

incorruptible, b6-hhi-huai; tshoi"-k6u put-hiil"; buan- 

nr put - hiil'. of character , sim kien, i kh ; put-16ng 

tsang-chf-ngftn iii-li6k— i; kien-cliip put-tsh6iig. 
increase, kia ; thr-ke ; thiam-ke ; cheng-ke ; kia-cheng ; 

kia-thiam ; heng-seng ; mong-seng. 
incredible , put - tsok - sin ; 14n-f siang - sin ; l&n - sin ; 

midu-m^g oh-sin. 
incredulous, bd-siang-sin ; ia-hJLu"-sin ; fli-sin; u-tshai- 

gi ; gi - sin tsham-pua" (half believing) ; piia"-sin pila°- 

mculcate, hun-hil; teng-16ng tsok-htu 
incur, one's anger, tshok-ti&h i-khi. 


i{lCUrabl6| m-h6-ui ; Idu-ui. disease^ htii-chit. 
indebted, khi{\m— n&ng ; khijim-ch& ; khih.m-chr; khi^m- 

si^u. to feel under obligations for kindness received^ 

kdm-ndng-un ; kdm-un tHi-tek. 
indecent, m-hih-H; m-h6-th6i°; b6-ngl; bd-16i-ngi; 

hui-16i ; bd-thl-min su ; m-kuan-ngid. 
indeed, kiia°-ji6n ; slt-tsai ; tia"-ti^h. indeed ! 6 ! 
indefatigable, put-kuan; bd-phl-kuan; tsong-jlt bd- 

hiah ; khiin-tsai ; khftn-lit. 
iildefinite, b6-tia"-ti^h ; bo-han-tia". 
indelible, put-l6ng btia-mit ; put-leng mlt-chiah; jl- 

chiah put-mlt; hd-m-khft. 

indemnify, pAe ; p6u ; pfte-si6°; si6°-p6u. 

indented, se -ki-khf ; nap-uh ; nap-khang. 
indenture, h4p-t^ng ; hip-ieh ; thiap ; kuan-thiap. 
independent, tsu-tsd; chiih ka-ki-png. 
index, mAk-16k ; tdi-thdu. 
India, lA-tou-kok ; Tbien-tsok-kok ; Thien-tek-kok. 

Indian corn, f-bf-jin ; iti°-miir-jin. 
indict, kb-tsng ; jlp-pln ; jIp-ti4^ indictment^ tsng-sft ; 

indicate, chl; chl-sl; kl-tiim. 
indifferent, b6-chhiet-iku ; put-lun ; sAi-pien. 
indigestion, tcSu m-siau ; m-siau-chiih ; bSi-siau-hile. 
indignation, khi ; hiin-khi. at wrong done to another^ 

put-ph6ng ; ui-put-phdng. 
indigo, chhe" (growing) ; chhe'-toi" (the dye) ; thdu-toi"; 

14m-tor. foreign, iS^-toi". vat, chhe^-thdng. 
indirect , ffi-tlt-tk"; uan - tu&n ; uan - khek ; lii - khiok ; 

tshila ; uai-tshda. 
indiscreet, b6-tsii-s6i; b6-ti-hui; phA-tshku; khin- 


indiscriminate, b6-lun; b6-hun-pi6t; put-khu; sAi- 

pien ; thfeng. statements, khh,i-lun ; ts6-ch6k-khki t^"; 

chik-kti thek-lft me"-thong-ain. 
indispensable , m-h6-b6 ; b6i-tit-mi^n ; put-lfing h6 - 

mi^n; mln-put-tit ; bu-pit ti6h-u; tia^-tiih-^i"; nge- 

hdu" tiih-u. 
indisposed , m - s6ng - khilai ; m-tsu-tsSi ; m-phfing-an ; 

cheng-sln kii-m-kku ; ien-siSn. unmlling, b6-sie°-^i -ts6 ; 

tii-tii ; m-nguSn. 
indisputable, ffl-h6 poh-khld; pien-poh m-kiie; k-fa- 


khi\ ; chin— k&i boi-ldng h.-tit-kd ^ 

indistinct, m-hln ; in6ng-hun ; bu-bu ; mdng-bu ; b6- 

mSng-p^h ; hun-hun ; m-chheng-tsh6 ; t^"-ue k^m-k6u ; 

indivisible, m-h6 pun-khui. 
individual, ch6k-k4i-nAng ; ch^k-ui. individually, cWk- 

nS,ng chik-nang ; kak-n^ng. 
indubitable, tia"-ti^h; mien-gi. 
induce, khan-ln ; In-tshua ; In-iii ; sdi ; chie ; khAg-kbi 

(by persuasion). 
indulge, oneself, jiBa-^ ; ts6ng-i. indulgent, khuan-thai ; 

pSing-khuan ; pilng - sang ; ; khuan - sti 

(foryimnq) ; khuan-tshft , tshft-ai ; bd-ngi&m. 
indurated, pifen-nge; pifen-toi°; se"-nge-lan (callosity). 

hands, chhiii se^-lan. 
industrious, khftn-kang; giip-tsoh. 
inefficacious, b6-kong-hau ; b6-hau-ngiain. 
inequality, m-ts6i ; m-tsdu ; m-p6"; tsham-tsha ; tAg-t6 ; 


inestimable, b6-k^-p6; b6-pan-siku. 

inevitable, b6-nai"-h6 ; b6-kh6 naf-hd ; mi^n-put-tit ; 
m-h6 t6-pi. 

inexcusable, b6-h6 hun-sh; 11 khut, sft khidng. 

inexperienced, chhe°-hun ; chhe/-chhi\i ; m-sSk-chluTi ; 
b6-lien ; m-pat lien-sip. 

inexpressible, tk° b6i-tit-lidu ; ngdn tsu put-cliin ; tshoi"- 
ng&n buan-n^n tk"-m-lidu. 

inextricable, k6i-m-thut; kiil b6i-tit-tshut. 

infamous, mi4"-sia" tshJtu ; tsliku-mi&"; hiti"-mi&". for ever, 
buan-to hiil'-mi4". 

infant, s6i-kid"; eng-jl ; h4i-jl ; a-n6u"; si^u-tsii. infanti- 
cide, phah-sl a-n6u°; n^k-niig; phah-sl tsdu-kid". 

infantry, pou-pia". 

infect, tic-ti^h-pe". infectious, 5i-tie-nS,ng ; 5i - thiian - 

jidm ; oi-jidiu-n&ng. 
infelicitous, put-kit; put-si4ng; hiong; m-tsSLu-liiie ; 

tin-khi ifi-sun. 
infer, tshui ; tshui-sAg ; tshui-sie"; lui-tshui ; tshui-lun ; 

tsliui-tshut ; tshui-sie phah-sAg. 
inferior, su ; ke-pin. inferiors, chhiti-e kS,i-n&nff. 
infested, with, Ai-huam. with tigers, u-h6u"-nuam. 
infinite, b6-han bd-liang; b6-si b6-tBong. 
infirm, sin-hun Urn; sin-hun ph^', of purpose^ sim- 


chi m-kien-kti ; sim iTi - kien ; sim koi - i4u - it ; i6°-hue 

ts6i-sfe°. an infirmity^ inau"-pe". 
inflamniatioil , hiie ; jiet ; ^ng-ji6t. of eyes , mik - 

cBiu jiet-thi^"; pau-tliik°. remove, thb-hiie. 
inflate, p6n-huang. 
inflexible , chip-huap ; chip-lit ; kien-nge ; thih - chilli 

sim-kua"; thih-min b6-chheng. 
inflict, punishment^ ki4"-hdng-huit. 
influence , khu&n ; khi-14t ; khu4n - khi ; si ; si - tMu ; 

si-min ; khu&n-si ; khuilii-kili. tthist in others' influence, 

chia-si ; *chia-si-lit ; sdi-pit-n^ng k&i-sin-si. to injluence 

people, kdm-tong ; kdm-kek ; kdm-htie. 
inform, thong-tsai ; p6-tsai ; thu&n-tsai ; pin ; t^°; t^°- 

tsai ; kku-tsai ; hidu-zu. in/oi^mer, s{ia"-soh. 
infrequent, chi^-u ; chid-tit ; chi^-s6-u ; hdn— tit. 
infringe, laws, huam-huap. 
infuse, tea, tshong-td. of good tea several infusions 

can be made, h6-t6-bl Dai"-t8hong. 
ingenious, khd; khi-kkd; ki-khd; sin-khd; kh^-i ; 

kuai-khd ; kuai-kbidu. 
ingot, of sycee, ngu4n-p6; u&ng-p6; n^H'tid^ (chiefly 

of paper imitations). 
ingratitude , bu&ng-un hu-ngl ; siu-un put-p6 ; hiau - 

chhdng ts6h-ngi ; bd-jln-ngi ; put-jin put-ngi ; chiang - 

un chhid-p6. beastly, tu-kdu budng-chhSng. 
inhabit, ku-tsu ; khia-kht inhabitants, ku-mln ; piig- 

inhale, khip ; kuh. injured by inhaling cold air, sah- 

inherit , sdng - zui - ngiip. inheritance , zui-ngiip ; ke - 

ngiip ; mieh-ngiip ; sfii-ngiip. 
inhospitable, p6h-tbai n&ng-kheh ; hut-liik n^ng-kheh. 
inhuman, put-jln ; bd-n&ng-chhSng ; tshS,ng-pau ; hiong- 

ak ; m-si-n&ng. 
iniquitous, m-kong-tau ; m-kong-ph6ng ; put-ngi ; m- 

chik"; m-kua"-chik". iniquity, tsue-ak ; tsue-khe. 
inject, as water with syiinge, eng-thiu I^i kiian-tsiii. 
iiyure, siin ; siin-hai ; 8ie"-hai ; sun-sie°; ham-hai ; siin- 

phtia ; tsh^ng-hai ; sie"-tsh4ng ; khui-sitn. injurious, 

hai-n4ng ; li-hai ; u-siin b6-iah ; haip-hai. 
injustice, hui-ngi; put-ngi. indignant at injustice done 

to another, put-phing; ui-put-pheng. 


ink , bik (solid) ; hhk - tsiii (liquid), one piece of ink , 

ch^k-tislu-bik. -stone, bik-f. rub , bfta-bik. -bottle , 

b4k-tsiii-tih ; bik-tsiii-ktian ; bik-tsiii-tang. 
inland, lai-ti; sua'-lai. 

inlay, sie". imth gold, sie"-kiin. with geins, sie"-g6k. 
inmost, lai-tdi ; chi-chhim. 
inn, kheh-tiam ; tiam-phbu ; hiah-m6"-tib,m. inn-keeper , 

tikm-tsii ; tikm-ke, 
inner, lai-mm ; t6i-min ; Iai-t6i. 

innocent, b6-tsiie ; b6-kile ; b6-kou. harmless, Idu-slt. 
innumerable, b6-sil ; put-ldng h6-si^u ; lAn-f chin-siig ; 

l&n-r siig-kbi ; sAg-kbi m-chin ; sig-m-lidu ; sig m-pat 

t6-khfi ; b6-han-t8oi ; bd-pan. 
inodorous, b6-bi; bd-phang-tshku ; bSi-pbang; bd- 

inordinate, bd-tou; bd-huap; kiie-tou; khah-kile-tMu ; 

khah-kile-tsoi . 
inquest, coroner's, ngiam-si ; kidm-ngiam ; khh,m-ngiam. 
inquire , mng ; chhS - mng ; hudng - mng ; tbkm - mng ; 

chhlm-mng. secretly, Jlm-hudng. iiito a matter, kih- 

mng; khdu-mng; sdng-tshat; s^'-tshat. 
inquisitive , kun-kiti ; kill kku - t6i - s6i ; miie"-su-mng ; 

kia"-kia" tou-ki"-inng ; hau"-inng; mng-ue lo-so; mng- 

tie so-siak. 
insane, sidu; huat-tien; buat-khu&ng ; sim-sln m-tia°; 

sim m-tia°; tien-khu4ng; sit-sim. 
insatiable, m-tsai-tsok; tbam-sim b6-iam; ch^"-tsiii 

pi°-t86-chiii, iu-hi^m tu b6-tsau. 
inscription, pi-ki; p4i-pin; pfn-hi&h. 
inscrutable, put-16ng chhek-tit; b6-86 ki-khiu; b6-h6 

ki-chhd ; put-kh6 chheng-chhS. 
insects, th4ng; th&ng-lui. in books, tsti-tMng; chheh- 

hft; p6h-g6u-hft. 
insecure, m-iin-tAg; m-th6-t^ng; m-thfing-tfig ; m-tit- 
. tig. ^ ^ 

insensible, m-tsai-n^ng. to pain, m-tsai-thih,". to shame, 

m-tsai sidu-U. 
insert, tshah-jlp ; long-jlp ; lang-jlp ; thng-jfp-khiu in 

an account book, chie"-Biku ; teng-ph5u ; ki-siku. in a 

book, ki-16k. 
inside, ISX ; lai-min ; lai-t6i ; t6i ; IxSi-pdi'; t6i-inin« 
insidioUSj ^m-hai; ^m-chl''; kaa-tsk. 


insinC6r6| b6-sit-sim ; b6-s6ng-slt. 

insignificant I bd-siang-kan ; b6-k^i-ts^i; b6-chliiet-iku ; 
kku tl-kb-khi. 

• ■ 

insinuate, pua"-so si-hui; t8h&m-hlii^ 

insipid, b6-bi ; b6-bi bd-sbu ; p6h-chid°; chid"; p6h ; 

ta . 
insist, upon, pit-ki"; tia'-ti^h-ki"; nge-h<5u°-kr. 
insnare, phi^n— n^ng jlp-k6k ; phi^n— n4ng chie"-tang ; 

kuang—ndng 16h i-k&i khou-th^u. 
insolent, kiau-ngau ; b6-l(5i ; huang-sii. intenniptions, 

tsih-th4u tsih-biie ; tsih-n4ng-ue. 
insoluble, b6i-i6°; boi-siau-iS"; b6i-iS°-htie ; boi-htie. dif- 
ficulty , kdi-m-tshut; thdu-m-tshut ; khat-th&u 14n-k(5i. 
insolvent, t6-ti^"; kue°-tiau, 
inspect, th6i"; kjim-tshat ; sAn-sid; sAn-si; sAn-thdr. 

eocamination essays, th6i"-kiig ; luat-kAg. inspectoi% kam- 

inspiration, of breath, ch4k-khip. inspired by the 

Spiiit , kdm— tiih Sik^-Sln. 
instal, into office, kau-in; kau-pAa"; kau-sik 
instance, fo7\ kh6-pf ; phi-zu ; phi-zA ; pl-huang. one, 

instant, an, Xsh^k-khtm-kid"; ch4k-m4k-nih"; ch^k-sck- 

kA; chik-siap - si ; ch6k-khek. instantly, chiet-khek; 

sAi-chiet ; sAi-sl ; lim-si. 

instead of, thbi. 

instep, kha-pAa'; kha-ptie, ^ 

instigate, thie-so; kk-so; kek. 

instinct , s^" - chhfing ; tsu - jifin tsu - se'; se" - 86°. by 
instinct, tshut-to se^-se". 

institute, siet-llp. 

instruct, kk; kh.-hbe; kk-t&u; kk-hiin; kk-si; chi-sL 

instructor , kk-su ; sin-se^ 
instrument, khl-ku; khl; ke-hAe. 
insubordinate, ng6k-i ; k6h-kien ; t6i-ku, 
insufferable, nai"-m-khA ; 14n-nai". 
insufficient, m-kku; m-l£; put-tsok. 
insult, ISng - z6k ; sit-z6k ; u-z6k ; khi - z6k ; 26k - me"; 

du - z6k (vnth beating ) ; kang-n&ng sit-li^n ; bA - buSn. 

exposure to public insult, a^ of a criminal, h6-nia". 
insupportable , tng-m-khl ; siu - m - khA ; nar-m-khA ; 



insure, good^ &c^ p6-ke {of iiwivance company ) ; pik- 

p6 - ke - ji {of the itisurer ). insurance office , pd - ke. 

2X>licy, p6-ke-ji ; p6-ke-toa°; p6-ke-tsiia. 
insUTTGCtioil , tsak-luan ; hudn ; m6ng - hudn ; puan - 

luSLn ; hudn-puan ; . huau-luan ; puan-ng^k. 
integrity, chi^.^-keng-sim ; sin-sit ; Mm-chhf . 
inteUect , sim - sin ; sim-khiku ; hui - khi^u ; ti - m6ng ; 

ti-sek ; sim-ldng. 
intelligence, neivs^ sie-sit. to give, thu&n-( or, p6-) sie - 

sit ; p6-sin. 
intelligent, 16ng-uih ; Idng-thong ; li-lfing-kliiJlu ; Idng- 

lai ; m6ng-pih ; Idng - khd ; tshong - mdng ; u - ki - ti ; 

thong-th5.u ; thong-thiet ; h6-sim-khi^u ; u-ki6n-sek. 
intelligible , koi-nidu ; hi^n-mdng koi-tsai ; thia" pat - 

t6-khii ; m§ng-p6h. 
intemperance , b6-li4m-tsat ; b6-tsat-t6u ; b6-han-chi ; 

b6-tsat-chi ; bd-kki-han ; . chhia-chhi". 
intend, sie"-ki°; u-i; phe"-phah. 

intendant, of circuit, tSu-tMi. 

intense, k6k ; chi ; tsai ; tsip-hun. Jieat, ji^t-ji^t (fre) ; 
zuih-tik; khou-ji^t; i4m-ji^t {all of weather). ear- 
nestness, ts4p-hun pek-chhiet ; ji^t-sim ; sim ji^t zA-h\ie ; 

intent, tsuan-sim ; tsuan-it. intent on reading a hook, 
tsuan-tsii to-tsu. 

■ • 

intention, i ; i-si ; sie°-tMu. intentionally, u-i ; kti-i ; 
lip-i ; J»uan-5,i"; tshut-t5 u-i. what is his real intention f 
ngAan-pAg-sim si-tsb-nf? 

intercalary, month, zun-gu6h. 

intercede, tli6i-khiA; th6i-tshut-sin ; kdng-n&ng-chhdng. 
intercept, ts6ih-lou ; tsih ; tsih-lou ; pd-lou. 
interchange, sie-ua°; kau-^k ; kau-^k b6i-b6i. 
intercourse, udng-14i ; l&i-uing ; kau-thong ; kau-kuan ; 

kau-iii; kau-iA. 
interdict, kim; kim-chl; klm-kh.i. 
interest, have interest in, kan-siip; kuan-siip; kuan- 

hi. of money, lai; lai-chr; li-sek; sek. capital and 

interest, b6-lai. compound, lai-chl" kilan-bd-chi". 
interfere, tshap-su ; tshap-jip. dmCt interfere with me, 

m^i°-kdan ud-k4i-su. 
interior, lai; Ifii-min. of country, iSi-ti. 
interleave, kbi'-khang-tsiia ; k6i°-kliang-p41i. 

interline, soih-ji-tsat ; pdu-tsii. 


intermarry, sie-k^-tshua. 

intermediate, sie-keh; t5-tin-tang. 

intermit, k6i"-tng; k6i°-keh. intermittent fever ^ see 


interpret, hAe-ue; thAan-ue; huan-^k. eocplain^ k6i- 
mSng. interpreter^ thong-su; thAan-keng {in court), 
dreams, pien-mang ; k6i-mang. 

interrogate, mng; phAan-mng; kitl-mng; poh-mng. 

interrupt, tam-koh; k6r-tilg; ts6. harmony^ sie"- 
hAa-khL rude interruption^ tsih-nS,ng-ue. 

interval, after the interval of a month, keh-kS,i-gu^h. 

interview, hue-min ; ki^-min ; sie-kr. royal, chhi^u- 

intestines, tAg; t<5u-tftg. great, toa-tAg; tai-chhi4iig. 

small, sidu-chhidng. 
intimate , siang - li6 ; siang - sdk ; sim - pak phfing - iii ; 

intimidate, phifen-n^ng-kia"; heh ; kia"-heh, 
into, chin ; 16h ; jip. 
intolerable, l&n-nai°; put-kham. 

intoxicated, chi4h-chiii tstii. 

intractable, oh-kudn ; 14n-f kudn-hat ; m-h6 iak-sok ; 

m-siu k^-sL 
intrench, siu-H iA"-pAa"; thun-pia". see camp. 
intrepid, i6iig-kd°; u-i<5ng-khi ; u-ti"-liik ; u-i6ng-liik ; 

u-td.°-lit ; kd -si. 
intrigue, khtii-kbi; ts^-kbi; in6ng-u4h; kbi-mdng; 

kan-mdng tsk-kbi. 
introduce , In-chin ; In-ki"; chin-ki"; khan-sSng ; ki\ • 

chin, a subject, thl-phA; khui-tshiii, introduction to 

a book, sidu-ln. letter of, chln-tsy. 

intrude, thfeng-jlp. 

intrust, ki^-thoh; htl-thoh; pki-thoh; thoh; kau-thoh. 

intuitive, knowledge, se°-tsai. 

inundation , tab - toa - tsiii ; khoi - tsiii im ? tsiii - huam ; 

inure, tsb-khi'-si"; kukn-sip; sip-kukn Ai-si6". 
invade, huam-kki; huam-kile ti-kM; chhlm - chikm ; 

chhlm-thAn ; chhlm-huam, 
invalid, bue-h6k ngu4u-ie°; chiih-khi\ bue-hik; pe"- 

th6i bue-h6k, 
invaluable, bd-k^-pd; chl'pd^ptie. 


invariable, i6ng-kii put-^k; ch^k-tia" put-6k; si6°-tau. 
inveigle, kau-f n ; iii-phifen ; In-iii ; kuang-lau-n&ng . 
invent , soi" - tshang ; soi^-siet-Up ; Bof-tsb ; khl - thiu - 


inventory, tsip-mu^h-toa"; tidm-htie k&i-toa". to check hy 

inventory^ kidm-tidm. 
invert, p^r-tAg; p6r— kile-14i. inverted y tb; tin-tb; 

tin-t5-th4u ; t6-khap ; ch^ng-tAg ; tin-tb-thdu ch^ng. 
investigate, tshat-kiti; chh6; chh6-mdng; king-kitl; 

si&ng-tshat; slm-mng; s^ng-tshat; s^"-tshat; ki-khiu; 

ki-chh6 ; phAan-chhS ; sbi-si&ng-mng ; khdu-kiil. 
inveterate, khah-kii oh-k6i ; ktir-si ; tiie-nge. disease, 

invigorate, p6ii-l&t; tskng-sin; p6u-i^ng; idng-lit; 

idng-cheng-siu ; ph6e-idng khi-14t. 
invincible, thai-m-i4°; th4i-m-k{ie. 
invisible, b6-h6 th6r-ki"; m&k s6-14n-t8hat ; b6-h6ng 

h6-th6i°; b6-chiah h6-chhim. 
invite, chhid^ guests, chhid"-nfi,ng-kheh ; chhid"-chiii ; . 

hfie-kheh ; chhii^-siihu invitation caixl, chhid'-thiap. 
invoke, pln-khiA; khiA; tdu-k^u. heaven, tdu-thi°; tdu- 

tsok Siang-thien. 
invoice, htie-toa"^; hiie-mu^h-toa". 
involve, lui ; li6n-lui ; thua-liii ; thiia^lui ; po-lui ; ham- 

hai. involved, siu-lui; lap— tiih. 
involuntary, b6-8im b6-i; put-tsai put'kak; tshut-to 

irksome, htian-jidu; kidu-jidu; kan-kh6u; hi; ikm- 

iron, thih. cast', se". unwrought, chlie"-thih. malleable, 

jiA-nAg-thih ; niig-thih; sik-thih. to temper, chhih- 

tsiii. an iron for clothes, ut-tdu, to iron, ut. -/?- 

lings, thih-8ut; thih-tshiii ; thih-hu; thih-sua. -wire, 

ironical, IniaD-ngin ; hAan-ng^a ki-chhidu; tsuan tin- 

t6-tk" 14i-ki-chhidu ; kh6-ii4ng. 
irrational, fll-mdnff-U; b6-ltog-hAn, 
irrelevant, u-khuan; khuah-lok thfi,u-kttn; huStm. 
irresistible, ts6-m-tit; tf-tng m-tsu. 
irreverence, put-kfeng ; khin-buan ; 8iet-t6k. 
irresolute. thiA^thA ; thiA-sie"; t8ii-i m-tia"; btie-ii kuat- 

i; tbiA-tM put-ldng chek-kuat; chin-chin thb-thb. 


irrevocable, tui-m-tAg ; ch^k-ng^n ki-tshut si-b^ Un-tui, 

irrigate, pkng-ts\Si 16h-tsh&n; hbu-tsiii; ak-tsiii. 

is, sL is it so ? si a-m-si ? is }ie come ? i u-14i a-bue ? 
is the water deep? tsiii 6i-chhim, m^? 

isinglass, hft-ka; kim-16ng-ka. 

IslaSlism, hAe-hAe-k^, 

island, hii-sua"; hdi-tdu; hdi-sij. in river ^ chiu. 

issue, forthy huat-tshut, decree^ huat-meng, proclam- 
ation^ tshut-kb-si, 

isthmus, 8ua°-ie; 8ok-ie; sok-am; sua^'-am. 

itch, the^ kbi. to Kave^ se°-k6L itchy ^ chie". scratchy 

item, any ch4k-kia"; ch6k-ti4u. 

itinerate , chiu - M ; chiu-sAn . itinerary , lou - thi4" - 
chheh; lou-ln. 

ivory, gd; chhiS"-g$. 
ivy, tin. 


qack-fruit, po-16-bit. 

jacket, sa°; sa^'-tMu, one^ ch6k-kia"-sa", riding ^ b^- 

kila; b^-tiin. lined^ koih-niA". quilted^ ml"-niA^ 
qade, g^.k, 

jaded, khiin; h^k; khtln-kuan; phl-khiln; heng. 
Ragged, khih-tshiii. 

qaH, kam; 16; kam-g^k. jailer ^ kim-chl; kim-tsut, 
jam, ko ; ti4m-ko. 
Japan, Jlt-pAg-kok ; Tang-i6'. 
qar, kng; hig\ tang; pSu. 

qasmine, bik-U-hue. 
jasper, phek-g&k. 
J aundice, Ag-sua-pe". 

Java, Ka-la-pa. 

qavelin, chhiA-cM", 

jaw, e-h4i. -hones, gd-tshAg; gfi-tsd-kut. 
qay, kheh-chiiu. 

qealous, kbu-kl; chlt-k6u. 
jeer, ki-chhidu. 
qest, tit"-sAg ; tk* tshh-bi-ue. 
qet, ou-g&k. 

jetty, b^-thAu. 

JEW 158. JUST 

Jew, lA-thki-ndng. 

jewel, tien-p<3; pd-g4k; p6-chiih. jeweller^ chhia-g^k 

jingling, tiang-tiang-ki&. 

job, khang-khSe. take oil contract ^ m5u"-kang. 
join, siang-h&h ; ts6-pA ; kap-bda, joined in succession^ 

chiap ; sie-chiap ; chiap-li^n. siang-liSn ; sie-stia ; sic- 

thtia, Ojccompany ^ tsb-pA-kid" . a partiiershij) , teb- 

hiie-kl. an association^ p^i-hue. hands , siang - khan - 

chhiii. battlcy hih-chi^n. 
joiner, b&k-kang sai-pe. 
joint, chiap-hAn ; chiap- tsiie. of finger^ chek-tsat. of 

hone. kAt-ngd,m. out of tshut-khu. of bamboo^ tck- 

joist, 14u-leng. 
joke, sie-sAg-tie ; tii"-sfig ; hi-siig k&i-ue ; hi-Dg&n ; tshh- 

bi-ue ; t^"-khd-ue. 
jolt, chhia tie ; tie-th6u ; iau-It. 
jostle, i6ng-chi°; 6i-6i l^ng-l^ng. 
jot, tiim. one jot or tittle, ch^k-hdu ch^k-li. 
journal, ki-su-phSu. newspaper, sin-bAn-tsiia; jlt-p6. 
journey , lou-th6ng ; lou - thiA°. long , hng k4i - lou - 

thi^""; i^n-thifi,"; tAg-thi4°. begin , khi-thi4 ; khi-ki&"; 

khf-sin. to journey, ki&"-l6u. 
joy, hi-l&k; khtiai'lik; hua"-hf; hl-sim. 
judge , slm-phiian ; slm-su ; phoi"-tia". a judge , kn - 

tshat-si (provincial) ; thl-hdng-kua". day (f judgement , 

sim-phtian-jit, fieaven's judgements, thi° kkng-tsai. om's 

judgement of anything, i-ki^n. 
jug, ivater, tsiii-kua"; tsiii-p4n; tstii-khan. 
jugfgler, ts6-pa-hi; tsb-pd-hi. 
juice, tsap ; nf . 

q'umbled, hun-tsip; zft-luSn; hun-IuSn; teip-luSn. 
jump , thi^u ; thiku- iak ; thiku-bii, over , thiku— kiie - 

khiV ^cp, thiku— khl-l&i. 
jungle, chhi-ii4"-tJl ; chhi-ph&; chhiu-bik im-iie. 
junior, s6i; kidm-htie; chi^-hile, 
junk, tsAn; toa-ts6n; i6"-t8<in, 
Jupiter, bik-chhe". 

jurisdiction, khu4n-p&*. 

just, kong-ngi; kong-tdu; kua"-chik"; kong-phdng, noto, 
chi'tsdm ; chik°; hin-kim ; hin-t63.i. a little ago, th&ng- 


kiia ; sie-si^ ; soi" ch6k-khtin-kid"; tsd - - tsAn. about , 
lim-llm ; kah-kah ; si^-si^. like, ne° pd^-pd^-ie"; siau - 
tsai. just so, chiu-si; si— no"; u-t6-lf. 

justify, chheng-ngi ; siig-ts6-ngl. 

jut, oiitf tshun-tshut-14i ; th^u-tshut-ldl 

juvenile, liau-s6°; si^u-ni". 


keep, siii; th6r-siu; th6r-k{i; khtia"-kil; Idu ; tshAn; 

lau"pkng-k6; sin— pkng-k6. off the sun, chia-jit. silence, 

khi^m-khdu ; m-khui-tshW ; tshtii kue'-mi"; tiam-tiam ; 

che°-che"; tiam-tiam mit-mlt. in order, kiian ; kiian-sok; 

iak-sok. rules, siii-huap ; Mh-huap. the watch, siii-ke". 

tlie new year, kiie-nr; tsb-kiie-nl", a feast, ts6-tsoih. Jw 

oneself, ka-ki-eng. one's word, siii-ieh ; chi^-ieh ; zA-ieh. 

keepsake, 14u-i; ki"-mu&h su-n&Dg; pidu-chh6ng tshAn- 

kernel, hit ; jin ; chf. of grain, chhek-li&p. 
kettle, thih-ue ; se"-ue. tea, td-iie. 
key, s6-s!. hole, s6-sl-mAg; s6-sl-khang. 
kick, that. 
kid, sua'-id"-kid". 
kidnap, k\iai-td ; thau-kiiai-t6 ; thau-tshua ; thau-kiau ; 

thau-pho ; thau-kang. 
kidney, lai-sien ; sien-chf ; ie-chf. 
kill, suah ; th4i ; phah-si ; suah-haL 
kiln, hnek, sie-tsng-id. 
kin, chhin-chi4°; chhin-chhek; chhin-n&ng. 
kind, h6-sim ; tshi^ ; un-hiia ; khuan-kSu ; chhin-kau ; 

chhin-jiit ; u-un-chh6ng ; u-jln-ki. 

kindness, im-hui ; u4ng-chh§iig. receive, nid"-nd,ng-chh6ng. 

bestow, ts6 - n&ng - chh§ng. beseech, khi-n&ng-chhdng ; 


a kind, lui ; ie°; sek ; khl ; cheng ; sAk ; t^Dg ; ho. 
kindle, Jire, khf-hde ; t6h-h\ie ; niim-t6h-hiie ; tiim-t6h. 

kindlings, hiie-hia** (tinder). 
king, u4ng ; . kun-u4ng ; kok-kun ; jin-kun. -fisher, kim- 

sai-chidu. -crab, hau. kingdom, kok ; pang-kok ; pang. 
kiss , chim ; sie-chim ; chim-tshtii (the mouth) ; chim - 

kih-kau (the cheek). 


kitchen, hiie-slt-p&ng ; hiie-dt-koi"; t6u-p&ng. garden^ 

kite, huang-khlm ; tsua-ie. to fly a, ping-huang-khlm. 
kitten, ngiau-kid". 
knave, Uu-kM"; kuang-ktm; ktm-thA; tshit-kid"; ku- 

ii4ng; n&ng-tdi. 
knead, chhlp-mi". hneading-trough^ chhlp-mf-tsd. 
knee, kha-th&u-u. hend, kha khek ; khek-kha ; kui" kha- 

th&u-u ; td-chhiam. -cap^ kha-tMu-u-chr. 
kneel, kui''; kfli ; kui- -16h-khil ; ki&^-toa-WL wtlh one 

knee^ kui chik-chiah-kha. 
knife, to. smalls to-kid", one, ch4k-ki-to. knives and 

forks, to-chhe. mindng-knifey pang-to. 
kilit, stockings, chit-bieh; kit-bieh. the eyeh^ows, niiltu"- 

b&i ; b4i-tMu kat-kat ; b&i-tMu ti^'-tshok-tshok. 
knob, a, chik-liip-tsu. 
knock, at door, phah-mAg; kh^-mdg. tfie head on 

ground , khku - tMu ; kh&p - thftu. one down , phah i 

puih-16h th6u-e. knocker, mtg-hukn. 
knot, in toood, tsM - mAk. on rope, khat - thftu. to tie , 

thdm-khat ; kat k&i-khat. ttvo kinds of knot, si - khat ; 

uih-khat. unloose, k6i-khat. 
know, tsai ; pat ; hidu ; thong. / know him , ui, pat 

i. do you know (recognize) me f lii pat-tb-jin ud, me ? 

knoidedge, ki^n-sek ; ti-h£ii ; hik-mng (learning). 
knuckle, ts6i"-tsat; tsdi^-mit 


label, ho-phi&u; ji-h6; gua-phid,u; thiap-mik. 
•labour, 14u-sim; 14u-l&t; eng-kang; bAa-lAu; bAa-l&t; 
ld.u-kh6u. day-labourer, chhie"-k6u. in labour, 11m- 

{)htbi; ki"-se"-kii"; hun-mi^n, difficult, se"-m-tshut; 
4n-s\Sa"; ng^k-stia". 
lace, ming-se. gold, kim-si-tba. 

lacquer, iA-tshat ; tahat. 

lad, ndu°-kid"; hau-8e"-kid". 

ladder, thui; l&u-thui. one, ch4k-tie"-thni. steps of, 

thui-chf; thui-k^". go up, chie"-thui; peh-chie'-thui. 
ladle, tstii-k6ng; khat-k6ng. use, eng-k6ng 14i-id-t8\iL 


laidy^ a-Bi6"; m6"-ni6"; a-nii; thki-thii (wife of mandarin) \ 

hu-jln (still higher). 
lag; behind^ 16h-3Lu; tiie-m-tiSh ; i^chin-tsdr. 
lajEe, du; chek-tsiii-6u. 
lamb, id"- kid"; nd"-i6"-kid", unborn lawb^^ sometimes 

eaten i id"-tho. 
lame, kudi-kha; hi^n-kha (less severe )f toalk, ki&"-lda 

lament, kh^u; ai-khku; thdu-khhi; hiktn4d lament'^ 

able, khd-sieh; kh6-lidn; chhi-tshdm ; chhi-li4ng. 
lamp, teng; teng-chhiu; teng-khSng ; teng-htie. hang- 

ing, tiku-teng. hand-^ chhid-teng. lamp-light, teng-e. 

'wick, teng-Bim. to light, tidm-teng; lidm-teng; chie"- 

teng ; khui^^teng. blow out, piia-k&e ; tshue— kui3 ; Idu— 

lampoon, b6-tli4u-thiap ; ki-chhidu. 
lance, chhie". lancet, khui-tshng-to, 
land, ti; sua"; tsh&n-hft^* lana from a boat, chie"-sua*; 

khf-tsiii. on land, sua -t^ng. pay land tax, u4n-ni6"; 

n&p-nid", owner of, tshdn-tsii. landing-place, lou-th4u. 
landlord, tsMi-tsii; tshii'tBTSL (of housej ; tshin-tsii (of 

land) ; tiam-tsti (of inn) ; tikm-ke {ia). 
landmark, ti-kki; kki-chi^; chi£h-pi; ti-k^i-pi. to 

look out for lofndmarks when at sea, th6i"-sua"-mAg ; 

kam-sua"-iDftg ; jin-sua"-tMa. 
landscape, kuang-k^ng. to paint, ue-k^ng-ti; ue-sua"- 

lane, hing. a, chek-ti&u-hSng. 
language, ue; ue-kti; ng&n-gd; th6u-th&m; im-gii. 

written, bAn-jT. see oolloquul. 
lanpTUid, khim-tda*; phi-kiian; bd-dbeng-stn ; b6-sin-klil. 
lai^ bd-mih-n^k; sdn; kut-th&u khik-khiit. 
lantern, teng-l&ng; poli-tesg. to carry, khi&-teng-l&ng 

(with rod attacned) ; kfla"-teng-l&ng {hanging from the 

hand), hang many lanterns for congratulation, tiku- 

teng, on high bamboos, when in trouble, chie"-tlu'- 

teng. ornamental , in street , chie' - teng - 1 A, carry 

after the idols, i&'-teng. feast (f lanterns, ngAau-siau- 

lap, sit in one's, tsS tS-kba— tb&u. 
lard, tu-14 ; tu-itl to melt, luah-lft, to fry in lard, 



large , t5a ; khuah-toa ; kAi"-t6a ; toa - b6 - k&i ; l6 - ho. 
large-heai'iedy hdi-liang; liSLnff-tou khuan-khuah. 

largess, si^^-mu&h; knfeng-8i^ ; tSi-si^"; pii-si {or si); 
khku-sid" (to soldiers). 

larky peh-ldng-chiiu. 

larva, tMng-nfig; thdng-kdi"; tshu. 

larynx, S-u-ldng; nge-4u; fi,u-14ng-kiig. 

lascivious, tham-sek; phi&u; tham-im. 

lash, pi°. to, tsang-pi" phah; pi"-phah. 

lassitude, khim-tSa"; kuan-t5a"; phi-kuan; b6-cheng-sin. 

last, suah-bde ; kidu-biie ; muit. nighty tsa-m6°; tsa-mS"- 
^m. months chie°-k&i-gu^.h. year^ ku-nl'; khi- 
id"; liang-ni'. months chie°-k&i-guAh. (U last^ kidu- 
biie; biie-biic. frmn first to last^ tsu-si kku-tsong; 
tsh6ng-tMu kJlu-biie. first and last the same^ s(-tsong 
zd-it. the last day, muit-jit. hreaihe one's last, khili 

last, to, nai"; nSr-kii; tof. lasting well, Si-nSi". 

last, shoe, hUAihn. 

lastings, \i-ldng; ii-m6"; li-tfig; ti-se. 

latch, i6h-kiii. 

latchet, 6i-t6a. 

late, man; tla"; chhl. too, khah-man; kiie-tia'. in 

day, jit tia"; jit km. in the night , ke" chhim. my late 

father, ui, kii-soi"-khiu ; ud k4i-soi°-hii. my late g^^and* 

father, ud k&i-ts6u-kh4u. your late father^ soi"-t8un. 

too late for dinner, hii-m-tiih chiih. 

lately, chl-kun-si ; chf-kun-jit ; kftn - ilt ; kiii - jit - ts6i''; 
8{i-jlt-ts6i'; 8oi° sti-jit ; bue-kti ; Boi"-b6-k\i. 

lathe, chhia-pAa"; chhia-tshAg. 

latitude , ti-hui-tou. 

lattice, hdng-ngdii-theng. 

laudable, h6-o-16; kham-kai h6-o-16. 

lau^h, chhi^. cdoud, hS.-ha-chhi^ ; chhi^ kStu ha-ba-ki^. 
vnth mouth wide open, chhi^ kku tshW lih-lih. till 07ie 
can laugh no more, tAng-6i-chhi6, chhi^ kku-b6i - chhi^. 
>ot laughing at kettle, bit-sat chhi^ chiAh-piii (lit, bed- 
mg laughing at tree-hug), laughable, h6-chhi&; kh6- 

launch, tsihi pkng-16h-tsiii. steam-, hde-tsihl-kii^ 

lavender, water, hue-lou-tsiii 



lavish, ling-htii; hA-htii; phah-phiin-sdi ; chhia - chW; 

law , huap ; l&t-huap ; lit - li ; huap - tou. keep , siii - 

huap. break, huam-huap. laivful, hih-huap. lawless, 

b6-huap ; ng&k-huap. 
lawsuit, kua -si. to have a, phah-kua°-si ; sie-k6. 
lawyer, su-i4 (confidential adviser of mandarin) ; song- 

su (one who writes legal documents). 
lawn, a, tshdu-tiS" ; tshdu-pou. 

lax, khah-khuan ; thki-khuan ; p^ng-sang ; khah-khua°. 
lay, down, pkng. oneself down, t6 ; khtia-ie ; khiau-ie ; 

git— 16h-khii. on top, th4h-to-teng ; thi4p-t6-tdng. hy, 

khiiff-bAa ; siu-bAa j siu-khi-khftg. aside, pkng-khui ; 

tiVknu. out, phou-p&i ; p&i-pl. eggs, se"-niig, the table, 

p4i-toh ; pii-tshAg ; pdi-tlh toh-si&h. on colour, tsng-sek ; 

tsuang-sek. lay out money, sdi-chl". hands on, an- 

chhiii; hua"-chhiii; li&h {seize). 
layer, three, sa°-t6ng ; sa°-ln. in layers, ch^k-tdng 

lazy, t5a'; Un-toa"; iA-chhiii hku"-6r. 
lead. In, pencil, in-pit. weights, td-chl; in-thui. white, 

In-hAn. pour in lead, ktian-ln. 
lead, to, in; khan; tshua; kiau; tba. leader, nid°- 

th^u; th&u-m&k; ts6ng-t6a. 
leaf, of tree, chhiu-hien. hook, cbheh-hi^h. turn over 

leaves of book, chheh-hi^h iSu"— (or, hien— ) khe-l&i. oj 

door, sr; pdi"; phi", double leaved door, sang-phl"- 

mAg. goldneaf ]am-p6h, 
lea^e, m6ng-ieh. 

leaK, lau. m£nd a, liih-lau; p6u-lau, 
lean, to, lia ; khtla. 
lean, s^n ; s6u ; s^n-s6u ; b6-nSk, 
leap, thi^u; thiku— khl-l&i, on one, as tiger, t^-khf- 

14i; teng'*khf-14i. leapfrog, thiku-it-tshii, 
learn, 6h; hik-sip; lien-sip. by heart, thik kku-6i- 

liam; th&k k^u-pat-liam ; th&k-sSk, writing, 6h-si^-ji. 

learned, phak-hik ; il-hik-mng ; h&k-mng chhim ; chhim- 

phak; pd-h&k. learning, h4k-mng. 
lease, to, sile; tsou-stle. a written, kh6i. 
least, si&ng-sbi ; tstie-sbi ; t6ile-miii^ in the least, h&u- 

11 ; sut-ki4"; se-su-ki4". vx>t in the least, peng-b6; bd 

ch6k-sat-kid'. at the very leasts siftng-kidm. 


Idathdr, phde; s^-ph^e. to dress ^ s&k-pMe. shoes, 

Idave, li; li<-khui; li-pi&t; me-pi^. off, kki; keh; k6i; 

hiah. to take f Bi-piet; chiSm^piSt. behind, pkng-tiau; 

ka-la{ih; khl-tiau; ziii-16h {at death). loath to leave, 

8ii-&-tit ; BiA put-tit-kh{l. leavings, ad-tAAn. 
leaven, W-hd. to lea/oen, HAxr)^; khi^B."; ph&-kiii°; 

lecture, sueh-tsu; k^g-tsu; k^g^-tSiu 

ledger, tB6ng-pb5a. 

lee, side, huang-e-p6i°. make leeway under sail, k^i. 
lees, tsaa; tdl 

leech, hdu-kht 

leek, kii-tshilL flowers o/) kti-tshM-hue. 

left, side, ts6-pdr. harid, tsd-chhiii; tb-chhiil over, 

tshCin; sin. 
leg, kha. one, ch^k-chiah-klia. of mutton, ifi^'-tliiii. 
legacy, zui-ngi&p; zui-chl^ 
legal, h&h-huap ; Mt-huap s6-tsTin. 
legend, k6u-tb<iau; k6a-tng(imt<en). fabulous, huang- 

legerdemain, tsb-pd-hi; tsb-pa-hl; tsb-hi-siEit; ta^n- 

chhiii-huap; chia^ngdn-huap. 
leg&pngs, khbu-thiii; khbu-tfaku. 
legible, h6-th&k; j! hin-liin; ji th6r-tit-t6hut. 

legume, tau. 

leisure, Ai"; bd-sl^; chlieng-6i". leisurely ^ mSji-inSii. 
lend, chieh ; chieh— pun-nAng. money on interest, se°-X5lii". 
lender, ti6°-tsii; pkng-tife'. 

leopard, pk. 

leprosy, thii-ko; tSa-huang; mAa"-huang. 

less, kUm; k&ng-chi^; ffi-kau. make, tt^-ia^im. become, 

lesson, say, liam chSk-Me-t8i)« take a lesson Jrom any* 
thing, tsfl-k^ng. 

lest, mi^Q ; s^-kku-mln ; khi6ng4li ; kki^ng-ph^''; kia°-tii ; 
fi-hAang; fl^-mliL 

let, hii; li; hhx\ tsiin. a house, sile-tshti pun-n&ng. 
into, jlp, down, pkng-16h. go, pkng. me see, pun- 
xid-th6r. let us go, l&i-khft. let him do it , tiling - i 
khfi-ts5 ; kui - i khfi-tsb ; thfti - i khij - ts6. off a gun , 
pkng-ph^u; khui^cbb^ng, off crackers, phah-phbng- 


phis, let not one remain^ mM"-tshdn ch^k*k4L let the 

request he granted^ tsiin i-sd-khi^. let alone ^ chhid 

m^r^thSog ; k(^-i-kh{(. 
letter, sin; tsu-sln; phoi-cdn. one^ ch^k-tie''-ji ; ch^k- 

kb^ln; eh^-huanff-Gdn« to send, kOl-phoi; kik-sln. 

letters^ jL g/" (djmxbet, ji-b6. a man of, fi-Mk-mng. 
lettuce, chhe -tshaL 
leucorrlKBa, pai-p^; p£h-t5a. 

levee, chhi&u-kl^ 

level, pd". place ^ pd'-ti; p6'-pou. to levels ph6°-pS'; 

phah-pd"; tliiia"-pd". 
lever, thih-chhi&ng ; phiie-chhi&ng. 
levy, taxes t thiu-s^e; siu-ni6°; tui-nid^ troops ^ khi- 

pia'; tiSu-pia"; teng-pia". 
lewd, 8i4; im; h^u-sek. 
lexicon, ji-ti^n; ji-lui (small). 
libation, kultu-tL 

libel, b6-th&u-tliiap. to, k&k-thiap-kii'; tah-thiap-kii''. 
liberal, khuan-hdng t&i-liSng; ldng-i6ng-n&ng ; u-tou* 

liSng. with money , khaiig-khki ; toa-khang toa-khai; 

liberate, p^ng; sek-pkng; p^ff-i-kh&l liberty, tsi;- 

tsii ; tsfl-li ; tof|-i{L you are ai liberty , sdi - 1^ tsii-i ; 

b6-n&ng khu-Bok. 
libidinous, tham-sek; h^u'^-phi&u ; iin-i6k. 

library, tsu-pfi.iig. 

license, give a, tshut-p&L taJce out, iiUl°-p&i; sile-p4i. 

licentious, ktie-tou; si^-phiah; bd-huap-tou; hukng-M 

lichen, chlie"-thi; chlie'-thai ; chhid'^-thai ; cliIu6"-L 

lichi, nAr-kue". dried, nAr-kiie"-kua". 

lick, chL tJie old cow licks its calf, Iftu-gii chl-tok. 

lid, khkm. of pot, ue-kila. of frying-pan, tid"-khkm, 

lie , t^°-k^-ue ; tk°-k^ ; p^h-cni&h pih-tk°; sueh - hu^ng ; 
tk" hij-kd kai-tie. a lie, pSh-chi^ -ue ; toa-ue ; hi}'k(i J 
liuang-tMng; bd-i^^ue; \b-\£^ bd-cbiah kM*ue. 

lie, down, t<S-46h-kh{( g&t. with, tsb*p^-gi!it. in ambush, 
m&r-h6k ; bih-tiam ; bih-biiap 

lieutenant -governor, bii-f; bti*-th&i. 

life, mift"; B^-mift". present, kim-si; t5-ge"; Be"-ts6i\ 

future, 14i-se"; sl-Su. life and death, se'^-sf. life-time, 

ch&k-sl-n4ng ; ch&k-se^'-B&iig ; tsong-sin. all one's life- 


thiey chin-chik-si. regardless of li/e^ ffi-kh-mia"; f5- 
kii s^°-mia°. lifelesSy b6i-u4h; si— Mu; j){ia°-8e" pUa^-sl. 
to see life^ ki"— khe si-chh6ng. take life^ 8uan-mia^ 
long, tAg-mia"; tAg-siu. 

lift, khi&h-khl; khi&h-phA ; hA-ph6 ; hA-khl; kng-phA ; 
kiah. a screen, hien-li&m ; kiah-Mm. one's clothes, 
kidu-phA ; tsah-phA ; tiii-phd. the head, th4u-khak tie"- 
ta°. with lever, kiSu-phfi ; kiau-khl off a lid, i§Lu"- 
khh^m ; khkm iau"-phti. up a child, ph5— khf-14i. 

Ught, kng ; kuang ; kuang-mdng. of sun, jit-kng. a 
lamp, liim-htie ; tidm-hiie , liim-teng ; tidm-teng ; chie°- 
teng. a jire, khf-hde ; t<ih-hiie. light-house, teng-Uu ; 
teng-thah. coiiiie to light, huat-tsoh. 

light, in iveight, khin. and easy, khin-koi. clothing, '^ 
chheng-p6h. loind, huang khin ; huang-kid" li-li. in 
colour, chhidn-sek ; sek chhidn-tS". -fingered, sa°-chiah- 
chhiii. lighten, pAa°-khin ; ph6°-kiim. to lighter, poh- 
htie. make light of anyone, th6i°-khm; th6i°-m-chie°- 
m&k; li&h-tsua"; khin-buan; bii-buan. 

Ughtningy tien-hiie ; 16i-hiie. it lightens, Mi-kong nih°- 
m&k; tien-hiie i&p-i&p-sih. 

like, chhin-chhie"; hiiang-sii ; siang-su ; kun-sfl ; siau ; 
t&ng ; tshah-chhlh chhm - chhie". it is like {simile) , 
chhin-chhie"; kh6-pi ; phl-z6 ; tig— ktle ; hai— kiie. do 
like him, dh i-k^i-ie"; u^" i-k&i-ie"; hau i-kdi-ie°., 
it like this, chi& chf-k4i-ie" tsb. 

like, to, hkn; ngflan; kam-nguan; chhdng-ngiian ; t^ng- 
i ; h&h-i ; zdi-i ; sieh. 

likely, toa-mln-sl ; toa-p{ia"-si ; poih-k4u-sia"; tsoi-hun ; 
iak-liSng; iak-b6-liang ; kd°-si; gi-sl, 

likeness, si&"; M-sln; sidu-ngid; min-mau". tfiere is a 
strong likeness, siau-tsSLi. 

likewise, ia; ia-sl; kiam-kua; siSLng-chhia'*; iu. 

lily, peb-h4h-hue. vxtter-, ii6r-hue. 

limbs, the four, si-th6i ; sl-thf ; Bi-chi*. 

lime, hue, hum, sie-hue. sUu^k, huat-hue ; huat-hue- 
p6u. mix, chhiau-hue. sift, thai-hue. sified, hue-kid°. 
refuse, hue-th4u. kiln, hue-i6. debris of shells for 
making lime, sap. 

limit, ban; kki-han; hSLn-liSng; tdu*h£n; h&n-chi. pass 
the limited time^ kiie'h&H'khl 

limp' 167. LITTER 

limp, to, chhiatig. adj., nAg; Itin. 

limpid, chheug; chheng-cheng. 

line, to draw a, ii^h. of hook, hS,ng ; tsue ; ti^u. dvmU 
ing-lines. ji-keh. to maJce siich, phah-ji-keh ; fie-ji-keh. 
you are reading the vrrong line, lii th6r-ta"-h4ng ; lii 
th6r-ta°-t8ue. carpenter's ink - line, bik-tiu-sin. to 
strike it, t6a"-sin. lines on the palm of the hcind, 

line, a coat, chhiam-H. lining, If. lined coat, koih-niA^ 

lineage, 14i-l&h ; ts6k-ph6u ( genealogical recoi*d ). 

linen, tiu ; tiii-pbu ; inAa°-p6u. yarn, tiu-siia"; ts6i. 

linger, tam-tAa ; chhi-man ; thA-man ; thiA-thA ; in-ti". 

linguist, thong-su; hAe-ue. 

link, lien-hAan ; lien-khou ; sang-lau-khou. linked toge- 
ther, siang-liSn-hAan ; sang-lau-h6an. 

linseed, inAa"-chl; iA-mAa"-chi. 

lint, p6u-z6ng, 

lintel, mAg-bdi. 

lion, sai. 

lip, tAn ; tshiii-tAn ; tshhi-lim-phAe ; tshtii-lim-tAn. hite 
the lips slightly, kam^tAn. 

liquifjT, i^°; siau-iS". 

liquor, tsAi ; thng. spiHtuons, chiA. 

lisp, toa-chih, 

list, ti4u-mik; hiie-liau-toa"; tshAi-liau-toa"; ts4p-mu^h- 
toa°; mik-16k. to check by a, kid.m-tidm. 

listen, thia". secretly, km-che"-thia'*; thkm-thia"; thau- 
thia"; td-thfeng. attentively, eng-sim Ui-thia°; si^-sim- 
thia''; kAn-sim-thia"; tsA-sbi-thia"; teuan-sim-thia°. to 
advice, thia°-n4ng khAg-kbi ; thia°-tsh6ng. 

listless, b6-cheng-8ln ; phi; phl-kuan; pM-khAn; phl- 

literal, chi^-ji-min. 

literati, th&k-tsu-n&ng. 

literary, u-hik-mng. composition, bAn-chie". degree^ 

kong-mi&". character of a place, bAn-hong. gradvate^ 

bAn-6h ; bAn-siA-tsAL 
literature, hik-bAn (scholarship). ancient, kou-bAn, 

modem, si-bAn. god of, bAn-chhiang. 
litharge, blt-th6u-cheng. 
litigate, phah-kua'^-si ; 8ie-k6. 
litter, i&ng-kie. 


little, sbi; chid; se-su; se-su-ki^"; se-kii*; l&n-16; sut^ 
kid"; tidm-kii"; tshoh-kid^-ni*; nik'-nih^-kii'; l&n-su; su- 
8u-kid\ little by little^ chiSm-chianu a little^ tsho- 
li&k ; chhiiu-chhidu. toait a little, tdu— khim-kkl''; khia- 
tiam— che; chhid'-theng— che. see small. 

liturgy, kM-tdu-sek ; kni-tdu-bibi. to chant, liam-keng. 

live, se"; u&h. at a place, khift-khf ; ku-tsd ; tiCu from 
hand to mouth, st-thkn sl-chi&lL 

livelihood^ s^-ngiap ; chi&h - eng. to work for , thkn « 

lively, u&h-phnah; khi^n-tMu md*. 

liver, kua^ enlarged, kua*" toa. 

lizard, chlMdng. 

load, a man*&, chhk't^\ ofhoat, chSk-tsaL to carry 
a, t^'\^\ tski-mu^. to load a vessel, he-hiie; 16h- 
hiie. on the mind, sim-lSi chhin-chhig* ta°-t3Ilg-t^^ 

loadstone, hiap-chi^h. 

loaf, wheaJten, mT-pau; chik-kb mf-paiu 

loam, th6u-iiik; ji&u-H 

lobe, of ear, hf-tAi 

loathe, 16u ; i^m ; ii ; iSim-tstia'; i^. loatJisome, chhi-gt 

lobster, Idng-hd. 

lock, 86-tMu. foreign, iSh-kiii ; id"- s6 ; huan-86 - tMu. 

the door , sd-rnhg. of a gun , chidu-kid"; cliidu-tb4u ; 

cluiu*kha. of canal, tstii-ts&h. 
lockjaw, gS-kuan kSrkln; g6-khf kft-kdu 
locust, hulng-thAng, 
lodge, hiah; khi&-khl a night, hiah-mS". lodging, 

hiah-tiitm; kheh-ti^m. hire a lodging, siie-tdhii ki^* 

loft, liu; 14u-koh; piui*-l&Ti; l&Urtdng. 
lofty, kAi'; kau. 
lo^, ch&k-tku-sam ; tsh&-th&a. 

loins, ie. gird, h&-ie; M-ie-tba. to ^uxmpoOj tCd-ie. 
loiter, tam-thii; tam-t6a; hi^a-tda; tao-l&iu 
lonely, t6k-ku; 8ok-in6k; kou-chiau; kou-sok; tiam* 

tiam 8oh-8oh; b6-phua", 
long, of measure, t&g. of time, kxL way, Ida hfig ; 

lou-tMu hfig. 
long, to, luftn-m5°; 8U-m5'; it— ti^ great longing, 

longevity, chlii&ng-sitl ; tftg-mifi''; Biu-nga&n thg. 


longitude, ke°-sua". and latitude, ke"-hiu. 

loOK, th6r. take a, th6i"-ch6k-e ; th6i"-cli^.k-m4k. ttjJ, 

ti^°— khl-ldi th6i°. down, th6i°-ke ; phak— loh-lai thoi". 

hack, ut-tiig-thdu thoi"; hAe-tMu tboi". askance, siil- 

mak'thdr. after, kuan-th6i"; kuan-sid ; th6i"-siii ; clie". 

over, kidm-tidm {many items) ; tsh6-li4k-th6r {cursorily, 

as hook or letter). looker-on, phang-pr-th6i" k^i-nang. 

looking-glass, min-kih,". lookout turi'et, mo°-14u, look 

up a dictionary, chh6-ji-tidn. 
loom, weaver's, chit-kui ; ke°-p6u-kui ; kau-kui ; p6u- 

loop, for button, niii"-phtlng. loojy-hole^ chh^ng-khang. 
loose, sang ; sang-khua". to, koi ; pang ; sek-p^ng. to 

get loose, lut~khi. to loosen, piing-sang ; pang-khha"; 

k6i-khila"; k6i-ph^°; k6i-leng. dissolute, hSang-tang ; b6- 

tsat-tou ; htiang-tsbng. 
lop, off, hranches, tsdm-chhiu-ki. 
loquacious, tsoi-ue ; tsoi-tshtii ; tslifti tsoi ; hh.u°-ttl"-ue ; 

ki-tshtii siauh-siauh-kife zA kuah-ts\ia-to. 

lord, tsii. 

lose, sit ; sit-16h ; pang-tiau ; m-ki"*; zfii-sit. a hattle, 
th^i-su ; pai-tin ; chifen-pai. the ivay, ki4"-ta'*-l6u ; kiA°- 
tsh6-lou ; tsdu-tshb lou-th6 ; m-pat-lou. one's pains , 
udng-htii cheng-sln ; ud,ng-hiii kang-hu ; thA - hui sim - 
lat ; thA - lau b6-kong. time , sit-sl ; hu-ien ni"-gu^h ; 
hu-ien jit - si. courage , s^ng - td°; W lAh ; phtia - td". 
heart, li-sim ; sim It flavour, hi^"-khi ; siap-klil ; tsd,u- 
khi ; tstlu-bi. colour, lAh-sek ; th6-sek. in gamhling, 
puih-su. capital, sih-piig; khui-piig; khui-sih; khui- 
khbng; m-k^u-piig. 

lot , of ground, ch^k - kb - ti ; ch6k-phi&"-tT. of people , 
ke-ke-m\ng. contented with one's lot, siii-hun ua"-meng ; 
tsai-tsok. cast, or draiv, lots, thiu-chhiam ; khieh-khau ; 
p6ih-chhiam ; lok-chhiam ; pu4h-pue. 

lotion , ieh-tsiii. to apply a , s6i-i^h-tsiai ; cbhiti - ieh - 
tsiii ; buah-i^h-tsui ; tah-i^h-tsiii ; sueh-li^ng (cooling) ; 
ii-Mng (id.). 

lottery , ie"-pie ; hue-hue. to try , phah-ie"-pie ; teh - 
hue-hue ; phah-hue-hiie. ticket, iS"-pie-ts\ia ; hue-hue - 
phoi. to win in a , phah— ti6h. Manilla , Lu-s6ng-pie. 

lotus, n6i°-hue. 

loud, toa-sia°. noise, toa-e-hi^ng. thundery 161 kia- 


leh ; lAi phah-kia-leh. 

louse , sat - bd breed , 8e"-sat-b6 ; se^-sat. conib out , 
pin-tiau sat. catchy liA.h-sat. a^sh with nails or teeth , 

lounge, 6r-iA; 6r-sin; df-ut; chheng-sui; 6r-mln; 

love , to, hi ; ai-sieh ; th6ng-hi ; siang-h,i ; keng-h,i (and 
respect), subst., jin-^i ; chheng-ki; un-Jli. love blindly 
cuid over-indidge^ n^k-^i. beloved, ; tit- 
thong. lovely, kh6-^i. love-letter, chhfing-tsu (bad 
meaning), love-sick, chie*si-pe°; siang-sii-pe"; siang-sii- 
piii ; ou-dng-pe". love virtue, hiiu'*-sien ; lik-sien h^u"- 

low , ke. in stature , 6i ; ke-ke ; 6i - sbi. high and , 
k6i°-ke ; kau-ti. water, tsiii kh6 ; tsiii ta ; Idu kh6 - 
ta-ta. low people, hia-pfn; hia-tsua°; h\di,'\iti (venj 
mean), voice, s5i-sia°. reading in a low voice, thi^m- 
iigim che°-th&k. 

lower, to, 16h ; pang-16h ; tui-16h (as with rope), sail, 
he-phdng ; 16h-phdng ; heh-ph4ng. 

lowly, in mind, khiam-s^n. in rank, pui-tsua". 
lowlands, ph6ng-nguS<n. 

loyal, tong-sim ; tong-ngi. minister, tong-chhln. 

luck, tsau - htie ; h6-si-un ; huaug - tsdi h6. wh<xt luck 
of late f kuii-si kuang-k^ng tsai-se"* ? Imky day , kit - 
jit ; h6-jit-chi ; siSng-kit jit. to choose such, thdi^-jlt ; 
t61i-jlt; si4ng-t6h kit-jlt. how lucky! tsau-htie ! hiau- 
beng ! h6-tshdi 1 

ludicrous, h6-chbife. 

luggage, heiig-li ; hdng-tsuang ; pau-k6 sie'^-ldng. 
lUKewarm, la-lAn-sie ; un-un. in mind, bd-ne" b6-zu4h ; 

sun ta -ta . 
lumber , tshd-sai ; sam-sai ; tshd-liau. to lumber up a 

place, tin-tiau ti-hng ; hun-ts4p ti-hng. 
luminous, 6i - kng ; huat-kng ; h&u - kiig ; tAng-tfing - 

lump, a, chek-k6. to lump) or take together, tsb-ch^k - 

e. in lumps, chia"-k6 ; kit-chia*-k5. 
lunatic , tien-khuAng ; huat-tien (quiet) ; huat - khuftng 

(violent) ; sLlu ; tiie-gueh-siau. 
lunch, tulm-sim ; chiah-jit-t^u ; chiih-ptia"-kha ; chiih - 




lungs , htii ; phh^^-kua". disease o/*, htii-pe"; aie" - htii ; 

lai-siang ; hu-siin. injlammation of^ hiii-hiie. 
lurk| ti^m ; mdi"-li6k ti^m-mi"; bih ; bih-bAa. 
lust , i6k ; su-i6k ; n6k-i6k ; mueh - i6k ; lm-i6k ; i6k - 

hiie (jive of) ; sek-i6h. arouse lustful desire^ khf - i6k ; 

t6h-i6k. lustful^ tham-i6k; tsbng-iik; hiiu"-sek; tham- 

lustre, Mu-kng; i&p-i&p-sih. 
lustring, kin. floivered, hue-kin. 
lute, khlm. 

luxuriant, m5ng-seng ; ph6-ph6 ; ap-ap. 
luxurious , chhia-tsbng ; chhia-mi"; im - It ; kiau - \kk ; 

chhia-im ; h^u"-chhia-h<ia. 
lye, ki"; kf-tsiii. 


Macao, Md-kau ; 0-mAg. 

mace, one, chik-cbf-ngftn. one mace has ten candareens, 

ch^k-chi" u-tsip-hun. 
macerate , au ; au-kauh ; 16h-khiVau ; iin - ^u ; chim - 

machination, Jlm-k6i; khiii-kbi; k6i-m6ng; ak-m6ng; 

khiii-m6ng kan-k5i. 
machine, ki-khi; i^h-kiii; chhia. 
mad, sidu ; tien-khfiang ; huat - sidu ; huat-tien ; huat - 

khfiang ; sit-sim ; sim fii-tia°. feign to hey tfe"-ticn tfe"- 

sidu. dog, sidu-kdu. 
madam, a-nid"; a-ndi"; thJii-th^i; hu-jin; ni6"-ni6°. 
magazine , khbu ; tshng-khbu. powder ^ hiie-i^h-k^k ; 

hue-i6h-kh6u. literary, ts&p-16k. 
maggot, th4ng. 
magic, huap-8ut; huap-lit; si^-sAt; bA-sAt. magician, 

sut-su ; huap-8u. 
magistrate, kua°-hti. ujynght, lidm-kua"; chheng-kua°. 

cormipt, tham-kua°. office of, g§-mflg. hall ivhere he 

sits, kong-tftg. district magistrate, kui"; kui°-tsii. 
magnanimous, u-tou-liang ; khdng-khki ; khuan-i6ng 

(long-suffering) ; sim-hfing khuan-khuah (or, khuah-toa^; 

hdi-liang ; liang-tou khuan-khuah. 
magnet, hiap-chi^h. 


magniflcent, tsim-i6ng; tsun-tong. sceneiy^ khi-keng. 

magnifying glass, hi^n-m6i°-kik". 

magpie, kheh-chidu ; hf-chidu ; hf-chhiak. 

maid, tsu-ni6"-kid"; a-nie°-kid", hoiise-maid, chhiah-kha"; 
tsdu-kiii (common term, but objectionable). 

mail, coat of, chifen-kah ; thih-kah. 

main, in the, tai-liik ; tai-kh^i ; tai-si. mainland, toa- 
ti. mainmast, toa-Ai. 

maintain , siii ; tshAn ; idng ; keng-kip n&ng-cliiih ; 

maize, i-W-jiD ; iii°-miii"-jin. 

majesty, his, u4ng-siang; hAang-siSng. your Tnajesty, 
pi-e. of appearance, ui-hong; ui-ngiSm ; ui-hong lim- 
lim; ui-ldng hek-hek. put on majestic appearance, tsak-ui. 

majority, toa-ptia"; ch6k-toa-Ae. 

make, ts6 ; tsak ; tsSu ; tso. one afraid, phifen-i-kia"; 
heh-i-kia"; hd-i-kia^ out a bill, khui-toa". of wood, 
tsaug-tsh& tfib ; eng-tsM tab. a bed, siu-slp phou-k^i ; 
siu-sip min-tshAg. up a deficiency ^ p6u-khueh. a loss, 
pfle. known, thong-tsai ; pb-tsai. clothes, thi"-sa"; ts6- 
sa°. up one's mind, Up-tsii-l; Up-tia" tsii-l. a bar- 
gain, kat-ieh ; tia°-ieh. the mind easy, p^ng-sim ; ua"- 
sim. verses, tsb-si. music, tsak-gaiih. a row, ka-ka 
b6-jidng; ki-ka-la-kib. haste, m^°— che, 

Malacca, Miia"-li.k-kah. 

malady, se^ disease. 

malaria, sua°-14m chikng-khL 

male, l4m ; n&m ; ta-pou ; k6u (beasts) ; kak ( birds ) ; 

hi6ng ( id. ). and female , n&m-niig ; ta-pou tsu - nie". 

female & male, im - ikng ; phin - mdu" ( beasts ) ; tshft - 

hiong (birds). 
malecfiction, chiti-tsua ; chiii-me". 
malevolent, sim-kua° ak-tik ; sim-tAg ak-t&k ; t&k-sim ; 

tak-tftg; ak-tik; hiong-ak; hiau-ak. 
malignant, li-hai. star, ak-chhe^-siii. and see 


malleable, iron, jiA-niig-thih ; niig-thili ; s^k-thih. 

mallet, tsh^-thAi. 

mamma , one's , a - b6 ; b6 - chhin ; a-di ; a-ne". in 
addressing , a-ne°; a - b6 ; a - nid". Chinese often call 
their parents uncle and aunt lohen speaking of tJiem. 

mammon, tsh4i-sln-i4 ; cliidu-tsh4i-i& ; tsMi-p^h. 

MAN 173. MANY 

man, n^ng. a, Hi-n&ng. mankind , n^ng-lui ; si-jin ; 
si-kan-n^ng; si— chie° kdi-n^ng. an old, lau-n&ng-ke. 
had, ak-nS^ng ; ph^r-n^ng. reach manhood, s6ng-teng. 
m£n ( not including women ), n&ng-teng ; Idm-teng. Iww 
many men {i. e. males)? kiii-teng? man-of-war, pia"- 
ts6n ; chi&n-ts6n. manslaughter, tsh6-suah ; gou-suah. 

manacles, chhid-khku ; chhiii-k§. 

manage, a matter, If; phsr; kuin-lf; liau-lf; thi&u- 
H ; thi^u-thiap. a family, tl^ke ; hua'^-ke, manager , 
thS,u-n&ng; chidng-su; tsii-s^; ts6ng-H; ts6jig-ndu". 

Manchuna, Miia'^-chiu-kok, 

mandarin, kua°-liii. see magistrate, dialect, kua"-ue. 
mandate, imperial, u^ng-meng; khim-meng; siang-zu. 
mane, of horse, b^-tsang-md". 
manes, l§ng-hAn; kdi; hAn-phek. 
mange, of dog, se°-k^u-tMng ; se^-^kiu-sat ; k^u thut- 

manger, b^-ts6. 
man^o, suai°. 

manifest, hi^n-mfing ; pidu-mfing ; pi^u-tshut ; chiau- 
chiang. heaven's judgements manifested, thien-lf chiau- 
chiang. manifestly, hi^n-jidn ; hidn-hin ; mSng-meng. 
ship's manifest, tshng-kMu-toa**; p6-toa". 

manifesto, kb-si. 

manifold, ke-ke; ke-ie"; kia-pue; tMh-t6hA. affiictioiis, 
chhl-lien thih-14i; chhi-lien t4ng-thih-14i. 

Manilla, Sid-Lu-s6ng. lottery, Lu-sbng-pie. to take a 
ticket in it, phah Lu-s6ng-pie. 

manner, ie"; ie"-8i^°; khiian; khuan-sek; khi-siang; 
hong-tou ; gua-mau°; pfn-heng. mannerly, hidu-chhfing- 
li ; u-16i. manners and customs, hong-sik ; si-s6k ; 
th6u-sAk. in this manner, chi^^-se". 

mansion, toa-tshti ; ktii-th^h ; ktii-hii. 

manslaughter, gOu-suah; tshb-chhiii; tsh^- 

mantis, tshdu-k4u. 

mantle, toa-phdu ; gua-thh,u. 

mantle-piece, hiie-l6u-tdng. 

manure, piii ; piln ; p6i-piin. to, 16h-pAi ; he-pfii ; 

phuah-p6i ; ak-p6i ; feng-tshdn ; feng-pAi. 
manuscript, chhiii-sid ; chhiii-tshau ; k6 ; sid. 
many, tsoi; ke-ke. too, khah-tsoi; ktie-tsoi. not very. 

MAP 174. MASK 

b6-hi^°-tsoi ; b6-mih-t8oi. ti7nes, e-e ; ke-ke-tsh(i ; tsoi- 

hOe. thanks, to-sia; tsoi-sia; nid"-chhdug. 
map, ti-tdu; ti-ll-t6u. 
marble, p4h-chi4h {ivhite); hue-hiin-chi^h. marhled 

paper, hue-tsiia ; hue-long-tsiia. 
march, to, ki^"; kiie-lou. an ai^niy, ki&"-kun ; tshut- 


mare, bd-b6. 

margin, pi"; kf. marginal notes, kia-tsh ; tsil-phoi ; 
gua-phoi ; phoi tfl-chheh-kf; ti^u-phoi {at top of page). 

mariner, tsiii-siii ; ki4°-tsAn kdi-ndng. 

mark, ji-ho; Jtm-ho {private)*, Mn; chiah; u^h. 
make a, ts6-bo ; phah-ho ; ueh ; u6h-ho. make one's 
mark on document , in tsiig-th4u-b6u ; in kha-t6i-b6ii ; 
in - cbhiii - bou. off the clauses in a hook , tidm - kii ; 
khou - chheb. time in music, khi-pdn. 

market, cbhl ; \x\\, go to, kbi-chhi ; chie°-chhi ; tau - 
bu. no market for it, boi-m-khi ; b6-ndng kbi^^b-tsaii ; 
eiau-m-khfi ; sii-fia-tshut, dull , chhi - chhdng nd"-ta^ 
price, chhi-k^. street, koi-chbi, place, hu-tie . touya, 
pou-thiu ; hu. basket, chhi-ni^ boats, bu-ts6n. 

marry , tshua ; tsbua - b6u ; tshua - chbin ; tshii - chhi ; 
tshua-chhi ; tshua-sin-niS"; sin-bun; ti-ke. of wonmn, 
kij ; tshut-k^ ; tshut-mAg ; chie - ji - sh.i ( mdmv asking 
another husband); iang-ldu-sJti {parents of girl taking 
a husband for her into their own family ). man^iage , 
bull -in ; sin-bun ; bib-bun ; sfing-bun ; kat-bun. feast, 
bah-bun-tob . jyortion , tsng-lidm ; kfe-tsng. contract, 
bun - tsn ; bun - tsu - tbiap. give one^s daughter in 
marriage, kfe— pun-ndng. engage to be married, see 
BETROTH. marriageable , kku-kun-ni^" b6 - kfe - - liilu ; 
kau-Mu-tsiii ; td-tsang ; siu - tbdu, not yet mamed , 
bue-cbdng-tshua ( man ) ; bue-ktie-mAg ( woman ). 

marrow, kut-tsbiie. 

Mars, biie-cbbe". 

marsh, ke-sip ; tsiii-cb^k ; IJim-ch^k ; l^m-sip, 

martial, appearance, bii-mau"; b6-b^n. exercises, bii- 

martyr, ui-tau ti-si ; uirtau ti-mia"; fli-tSu sid-sin. 
mask, min-khak ; min-b6u ; kiii-kbak to put on an 

ugly mask, kua sidu-kiii-kbak. 


mason, hue-kang sai-pe ; thou-kang sai-pe ; ts6-ni"-tsiii ; 

111 -tsui. 
mass, of peojyle, nA,ng-miieh lau-ji^t. 
massacre, t6u-16k ; suah-16k ; chin-t6u ; tshdra-suah ; 

tsliAan-kiA" tu-16k. 
mast, tsiin-iii. m<dnmast, toa-6i. foremast ^ thc\u-6i. 

mlzzen-mast, biie-6i. cut away, tsdm-tiau-6i. put wp^ 

kliia-6i. take doivn, siA-6i ; 16h-Ai. 
master, tsii ; tsd-jin ; tshu-nAng ; tong-ke ; tshdi-tsii ; 

tliAu-ke {used in CK ao-choxvfoo only in had sense). 
mat, chhieh. rush, tshdu-chhi^h. hamhoo, blh-chhieh ; 

tek-chhieh. rattan, tin-chhi^h. for sails, chhieh-pau. 

cover of a boat, pbrlng-kclm. shed, phA,ng-chhiang. 

spread a, tshu-tshdu-chhieh. 
match, hiie-leug ; hiie-hia°. matches, tsu-ldi-hiie ; hiie- 

match, to, phue. no match for you, kang-lu pbit- 

phue m-khe. matchless, b6-sang ; b6-b6-pi ; bd-mueb 

bo-pi-peng ; a-it ; t6r-it. 
mate {of Joreign ship), toa-bu ; ji-bu. 
materials, tshAi-liau ; pln-liau ; mu^b-liau. prepare, as 
for building, pboi"-liau. of various kinds, sam-liau ; 

i^h-liau ; sek-liau. 
mathematics, sfig-buap ; sAg-si ; cheng-m(ir k^i-siig- 

matrix, bou. for type, tAng-p6r-b6u ; in-p6r-b6ii. 
matter, mu^b ; cbieh ; tb6i. great, toa-su. what is the 

matter? si-mib-su ? matter of course, tsu-jifin; tbieu- 

jien; tou-tieb cbi^°-se°. 710 matter, b6-8iang-kan ; b6- 

cbbiet-iiiu ; b6-iiiu-kin ; b6-k^u ti-tb-kbiV does it matter? 

sCi ii-tai a - b6 ? no matter of mine , m-si \ia— kAi-su ; 

u-Uti bd'kan ; kang-ila b6-kan-8i4p. 
matter {pus ), Lang ; Ag-siia°-tsiii. 

mattock, tu-tbAu. 

mattress, z6k ; tsbfig-z6k ; pbou-z6k. 

mature, s^k; kku-tsui. by experience, kfian-sc^k; sl])- 

s^k ; lien-s^k ; 6b-s^k. maturity {manhood), s^ug-teng. 
maxim, keb-ngAn ; buap-ngA,n ; siil'^-btin ; s6k-gi'i. 
may, do it, kh6 ; kb6-f ; ts6-tit. may I go f ud 14i - 

kbu, b6— md? may it be done? cbi^^-se" bo— me ? 
meadows, tsbdu-pou; tsbau-tie°. 
meagre, san; s6u. ground, sdn-ti. 


meal, a, ch^k-tiig-png. full^ chi4h-kku-pi. 

meal, b^h-hiin; b^h-tshoi. 

mean, tsua"; hia-tsua° ; hiS-pfn ; ke-pln ; hia-liA. man^ 

mean, to, u-i; u-sim. meaning^ i-sA. of wntten 

character^ ji-^igi- 
means , huang-huap ; huap - tsat ; huap-tou. no ^ b6 - 

huap ; b6-pou ; b6-16ng-Ai ; boi-tit jlp-chhiii. capital , 

tsu-piig; piig-clir. 

meantime, tng-sl ; hd-st. 

measles, mAe^'-clifeng. to have, chiih-mAe"; tshut-miie''. 
measm'e , tou ; tou - liang ; liang - tou ; tshtin - chhieh ; 

tshiln-tou ; chhieh- tou. to , nid°; chhek ; chhek - tkt ; 

phit ; pf. depth of ivater, thkm-tsiii. 
meat, n6k {flesh), and drink, fm-chi&h. 
mechanic I sai-pe; kang-chhie". art, ki-goi; chhiii- 

goi . mechanism, iih-kiii. 
meddle, tshap; tshap-jip; 16ng-su. meddlesome, hku°- 

tshue-su ; h^u"-phila°-su. 
mediate, to, ts5-kong-chhin ; ki&°-hAa. mediator, kong- 

chhin; tong-nang; tong.p6. 
medical , man , sin - se ; ui - seng. science , ui - hik. 

college, thki-ui-f; thki-ui. hooks, i^h-chheh. hospital, 

medicine, i^h; i6h-tsh4i; iih-liau. powder, i6h-siia"; 

iih-hiin. pills, i4h-l". liquid, i&h-tsiSi ; i&h-chiii; i^h- 

td. plaster, ko-i4h. a dose^ ch6k-thiap-i6h ; ch^k- 

h6k-i^. prescription, i6h-hng ; i6h-toa^ to vrrite ditto , 

khui-i^h-hng. take, chii.h-i6h. apply, buah-i^h; tah- 

i6h ; chhiti-i^h. prepare medicine ace. to prescnption , 

kap-i^h. properties of, i^h-sb". buy, thiah-i6h; kap- 

i^h . secret in medicine handed down, pi-thu4n k4i-i6h. 
meditate, Jlm-che"-sie"; km-su; km-sie"; che"-sie'*; t6k- 

su ; t6k-sie"; su-sie°. sit in a state of deep meditation, 

05 Buddhist priest, jip-teng ; t.s5-sidn. 
medium, of the idol, t4ng-ki; 16h-sln; ti&p-tAng. 
medusa, or jelly-fish, the. 
meek, un-jiA ; khiam-stm. 
meet, sie-ngS; ngo-ti^h; hue-min; siang-hiie; siang- 

ki°-mm ; slang - ph6ng ; phbng - - tiih {unexpectedly ) . 

together, tsu-chip ; tsu-hue ; hue-chip ; chip-bAa ; ki^"- 

bAa. go to, nglng-$hiL 


melancholy , iu-bun ; tsh6u-sii ; tsh6u-bini ; iu-tsh6u ; 

ut-kak ; ut-i ; iu-ut. ciffctir, h6-huan-16 ; kh6-lidn. 
melodious, h4h-im-un; im-un thiilu-hAa ; thiau-h6a; 

sia"-im thi4u-h6a. 
melon, kue. seeds, kue-chi. 
melt , i6°; siau - ie". 
members, of the body, si-chi°; peh-th6L 

membrane, m6h"; pau-m6b^ 

memorable, i6ng-kii put-buang; piit-hiu. 

memorial , to the throne , p6g-chie"; tsfiu-chie"; piaii - 

cbie". memorialize the throiie , chie"-png ; tsau - pi\g. 

archivay, tSng ; ho-piau ; t6ng-pid,u ; hfia-piilu. 
memory, ki-se"; ki-tsh^ii ; ki-ti. commit to, thak - s^k. 

recite from, p^h-tsbhi-liam ; liam-tsu. good, h6-kl-s^". 
menace, heh ; heh-ndng-kia"; kia°-heh ; hd"-nang. 
Mencius, Meng-tsii ; h.-si^". 
mend, p6u; p6u-ttie; siu-chid"; chid°-H; siu-slp. 

clothes, p6u-sa". a house, pa-16i-tshii. a pen or pencd, 

pboi-pit. faults, k6i-ktie. 
mendicant, khiit-chi&h ; ki^"-bf ; th6-chiah. 
menial, p6k-hi4h ; sdi-huan ; bu^n-hiih. loiiy, pui-tsua". 
menses, guAh-keng ; gueh-su ; ki^"-keng ; keug-tsiii ; gu^h- 

tsiii ; 86i-sin ; s6i-gu^.h ; gu^h-pdi ; keng-pii ; gueh-sin. 

suppression of, pT-gu(^.h ; pi-keng. prq/use, hueh-pang. 

irregular, gu6h-keng m-thiS.u. menopause, gu6h-tsui 

mention, th»"; thi-pbii. need not, mfn-t^^ 
mercantile, Iwuse, bdng; bdng-kbdu. fi'm, kong-si. 
mercer, kbui tiii-tng-pbftu ; boi-si-tsbdu kbeh. 

merchandise, btie; hiie-mu^h. 

merchant, siang-jin ; kbeb-siang ; siang-kheh ; tsb-seng- 
li-nrlng. ship, btie-tsAn ; seng-li-tsiin. 

mercury, tsiii-ngftn. 
Mercury, tsdi-cbhe". 

mercy, tsbft-pui ; lifin-midn ; kh(S-lien ; tshfi-sim. mer- 
ciless, tbih-chi^b sira-kua°; kang-nge. 

merely, put-ktie; kiia-kdn; toa"-toa°; tia'*-tia°; t6k-t6k; 
cbbeng-cbbeng. not merely, put-cbl; put-t6k; m- 

meridian, ke^-siia" ; tsi\-ng6u-sua°. in the, cbik°-ng6u ; 

merino, li-sia. 


merit, kong ; kong-l&u ; kong-teL accumulate, chek-kong. 

Trier it orious, u-kong ; siu-kong. and dememt, kong-ktie . 
meny, hua"-hf ; ko-lc; lo-li lo-le. merry-thought of a 

fowl, koi-heng-kut. 
meshes, of net, mang-m&k. vnde and narrow, lang- 

mess, together, tdng-hiie-sit ; tsb-pA-chiih. alone, ka- 

message, p6-sin. messenger , chhc ; s6-sdi k&i-n^ng ; 

8^i-chid; s^i; ts^u-chhe; l&i-n4ng; Ui-ski. 
metals, ng6u-kim; kim, ngAn, tAng, thih, siaK 
metamorphosis, pi^n-htie; tshoi°-pi&n buan-htie. 

metaphor, phl-zu; pf-zu; pf-zA. 

metempsychosis, tiig-si; ts\ian-si; tsdan-lAn; lAn- 

meteor, chhe"-sln kiie-tou ; chhe' tui ; liA-chhe". 

method, huang-huap; huap-tsat; huap-tou. methodical, 
chip-huap. slave of method, chip-it {o2)p. of khAan- 
pi^n or pi^n-thong). 

metropohs, kia"-8ia; kia'-su; kia"-tou. 

mettlesome, as horse, kiau-kiau. 

miasma, chikng-khl* sip-khl; tie-khi. 

mica, tshoi°-t6ng-clii^h. 

microscope, hi^n-mAi'-kik". 

mid-day, tong-ng6u; jit-tku; tong-tAn. 

middle , tong ; tong-sim ; tong - iang ; tong-kan ; tin - 
tang ; chi^"-tong ; chiJi*-tang. -aged, tong-ni . middling, 
tit-tong; tong-pan; tong-ph6ng; tong-tdng; b6-tbang- 
siang ; si-put-siang ; thAn-thAn ( size ). midnight, piia - 
md"; sa"-ke" piia'-m6*; tong-m6'; tong-siau. midvxiy , 
pila"-thA; ptiaMou. middle - man, tong-n^ng; bAe- 
n&ng {in aiTanging a marriage), midmh of leaf, hi6h- 
kun. mid-summer day, he-chL mid-winter, tang-chi. 

midwife , t8&i-b6 ; se^-phAa ; siu-se^-phAa ; se"-kiA°-b6 ; 
lin-phAa. hook on midunfery, t4t-se"-phien ; p6-se"-phien. 

might, khu&n; khAan-si; khAan-14t; khAan-16ng. 

migrate, chhien-ku ; i-ku ; i-siia ; siia-ui. 

mild, un-hAa ; un-jiA. 

tliildew , to , chhie°-bAe ; chhie"-tiim ; chhie'-hue-ti^m ; 
chhie"-poi°; 8e"-kou (mould), of plants, chhie'-ln. 

mile, sa^^-H {approodmately). three miles, ch^k-phbn. 

military, bii. station, i4"-pAa"; sin-ti; 14" -sin. 


profession^ bii-goi. officers^ bii-kua". laivSy kun-huap ; 
kun-leng ; kun-lut. eocamination^ khdu - bii ; bii - khue. 
graduate^ bii-siil-ts&i ; bii-kii-jin ; bii-chin-su. civil and, 

militia, hie"-i6ng ; i6ng-tsJlii ; mln-ts^n. to raise, mlt]- 
idng ; chie-i6ng ; kbu-idng. 

milk, nf. cov/Sf gA-ni". to milk, liu-gA-ni". milk- 
nurse, ni"-b6. milky-way, thien-hd. 

Triin , 14ng {for removing the husk ) ; bo {for grinding ). 
'Stone, bo-chi6h. tui*n a mill, oi-bo. upper milUstone, 

millet, sii; siii. 

million, ch^k-peh-buan ; ch^k-tiau. 

mimic, tie'^-ie ; tsuang-ie"; ts6-sife°; tsuaii-6h i-k4i-ie°; 
tie"-sia°; tie^-sueh ; tsuang-sia". 

mince, tsAih-tshtii-tehtii ; tok-tshtii; tok-iti". 5w65<., n^k- 
tshb ; n^k-nr; nik-sim {less fine). 

mind, sim; sim-sln; sim-chl; sim-tAg; sim-i. intelli- 
gent, t6u-lai m6ng-p6h. lai^ge, tou-liang khuan-toa ; tou- 
liang khuan-khuah ; khuan-h6ng t3Li-li3,ng ; hdi-liang. 
narj'oiv, bd-tou-liang ; tIh-kiA°-liang ; koi-tAg miia"-chiah- 
t6u ; sim 6ih-s6i ; sim-heng iih-sbi ; chhi^n-ki^n. of 
one, tAng-sim. just to my mind, chi^°-hih lia-kdi-sim; 
z6-nguan ; zA-i ; t^ng-i ; hih-sie". have something on 
the mind, sim-l3Li u-su ; sim m-chbeng ; sim m-6i"; sim- 
lai kau-u^h. mind made up, tsii-i f- tia"; lip-tia** tsii-l ; 
f-keng kuat-i. to mind, li6-sim ; ti-i. with one's whole 
mind, tsuan-sim ti-i ; chin-sim chin-l. never mind, 
b6-siang-kan ; chhin-tsMi ; mki"-khii-tshdi ; m^i°-kh(i kh,i- 
i ; m^i"-p^ng t5-sim ; ti-tsu tou-gua ; mki"-kiian. never 
mind him, voki kang-i k6i-kk ; mki"-tshdi— i ; kA-i-kh(i. 
keep in mind, ki-tit; ki-Mm. 

mine, gold, kim-sua". miner, liii-sua"-ham. in war, ti- 
lAi ; tl-lfti hiie-phku. to lay, tAi-ti-lAi. to explode, kiin- 

mineralogy, chiih-ts6ng-liin. 

mingle, sie-tsham ; sie-chhiau. 
miniatm'e, sidu-ngid; bl-sin. 
minister, chhin; tai-chhin; tai-Uu; kok-Uu, pnme, 

minstrel, chbife-khek ; tshue-siau ; pAn-siau ; tsak-gauh ; 

tsdu-chhiang {travelling). 


mint, a, tsh-chf-k^.k. master of the, chf-k^k-kua". 

mint, pA-h5; p6h-h6. 

minute (small), sbi-mfii"; iii"-mAr; sidng-s6i ; s6i-si4ng ; 

cheng-m6r. explain minutely , hun-thiah s6i-siAng. 
minute, a, ch^k-hun ; ch^k-hun-cheng. ivait a mimite, 

tdn— kliun-kid°; tdn— siap-st ; khia-tiam— che ; cbhia"- 

theng— ehe. 
miracle, i-chiah ; sin-chiah ; Idng-chiah ; Idng-i. to 

perform, kiS,"-i-chiah. 
mire, thdu-ni"; iii"-th6u; th6u-mAe" {t}dn)\ th6u-ko 

mirror, min-ki^"; siu-tsng-ki^"; chhi\i-ki^" {hand) ; txhi- 

ki^" (hanging) ; chi^-sin p<5-kik° (full-length) ; t4ng-kia° 

{metallic), look in, chi^-ki^". polish metallic mirror, 

misanthropic, put-jin; m-kun n^ng-chhdng ; s^"-chhdng 

kou-ti.k ; kou-phiah. 
misapprehend, sie"-ta"; sie"-tsh6 ; gou-sie"; thia"-ta"; tliia"- 

misbehave, l>6-kui-ku; b6-suii huap-tou. 
miscall, tk"-ta"; kife-ta". 
miscarry, si^-siia"; 16h-tho ; 16h-siia°; tho tak-niig ; tui- 

tho ; a-n6u" 16h-tiau {accidental) ; 16h-tiau a-ii6u" {inten- 
miscellaneous, tsip ; ts&p-mu^h ; tsip-kidu-liau ; tsliiim- 

tshui-mu^.h ; lAk-16k s6k-sAk ; liaih-liaiih chiaih-chiauh. 

mischance, m-tsau-hhe. 

mischief, to do, hai - nSmg. mischievous, ll-hai ; kha - 

chhiii m-h6; kha-chhiii tsoi. 
misconduct, kile-sit ; m-ttii-n&ng ; skng-heng ; silug- 

miscount, sig-ta"; siig-tshb, 
misdemeanour, u-m-ti^h-tshti. slight, si^u-khe mivC- 

miser, sieh-chf; kien-lien ; lien-sieh cW-ngftn ; thih-koi- 

aiig ch6k-m6" put-p6ih ; chie'*-chf-n6u"; 8id-chi"-n6u°. 
miserable, chhi - tshdm ; kh6u -Ian ; kan-kh6u ; chhi- 

liang. misery, hfia ; hiaa-huam ; kan-kh6u. 
misfortune, bA-tsau-htie ; put-heug ; b6-inia"-un ; khiap- 

inia"; khou-mia"; pAh-mia°. 
misgiving, khiia-sim ; khua-lu. 
misgovern, tshang-hai liang-mln ; luan-ch^ngr. 


misinterpret, 6k-tsh6; ik-ta"; k6i-ta". 

mislay, p^ng m-kui-ui. mislaid^"; tshue-m-kr. 

mislead, tshua-ta°-lou ; iii-hAk ; fn-iii. 

mismanage, phoi°-su ]£-li6; If-su m-cliheng-tsh6 ; su 

11 m-pat-tb-khfi. 
misrepresent, f-sl Ai-hui; f-tit Ai-khiok; pien-luan 

si-hui ; bii-k5 ; bii-ltia ; pti-ld ; i&u-pang. 
misrule, sit-chfeng ; b6-tau. 
miss, ni-ti^h; m-t6ng; sit-chi"; sit-gou. opportunity, 

sit-ki. way, sit-lou. lose, m-ki°. 
misshapen, m-chi4°-ie°; id-ie", 
misspend, time^ hu-tou stie-gieh ; sit-sl ; htii-sl ; tak- 

nng-tiau si-hau ; khang-htii kuang-im. 
mist , in-bu ; in ; m6ng - in ; m6ng - bu ; huat - m6ng ; 

huat-bu ; bu-bu. 
mistake, tsh6; tsha-tsh6; tsha-niu"; m-ti4h; tsbng 

m-ttii-phi". no , b6-tsiu-tsAah ; b6 - tsh6 ; put - tshb. 

a person , gou-jin ; tshb-jin ; jin-ta"; thdi^-ta". loell 

arranged so that no, chiu-bit. 
mistress , tsii - b6 ; hu - jln ; ke-tsii-md ; th&u - ke - nie" 

(^th4u-ke has had meaning in CK ao-chow-foo ^ hut is 

commonly used in Swatow). 
mistrust, gi ; m-sin. 
misimderstand, gou-hue-i; Mng-gou; ji-ke tshb-kbi; 

ji-ke tsh6-sie°; thia^-ta"* (in hearing). 
mites, t4i. to hreed, se°-t4i. 
mitigate, punishment, khin-s^" h^ng-hiat. sickness, 

ui-khin-pe"; sd,i-pe" chiam-khin. one's vn^ath, khAg-sek. 

pain, chl-thi^°. 
mix, tsbam ; sie-tsham ; sie-chhiau ; sie-chhiau sie-liau. 

midoed, tsham-tsip ; hun-ts4p. 
moan, thkn-sek ; tshan ; thdu-khtii ; tsa-thh,n ; ai-tlih.n ; 

moat, sia"-ti. 

mob, clamorous , peh-s^" tshku-nau". 
mock , ki-chhidu ; ki-chhi^ ; hi-lang ; hl-s6g ; bii-lang 

bii-long ; chhidu-chhife ; goi-s6i ; lii-z6k ; pin-tig. 
mode, fashion, sl-heng ; si-siang. a la mode, hih-s! ; 

model, kui-m6"; ie°; m6Me"; kek; keh-sek; th6i-sek ; 

tou-sek ; phue-tho {rough oi(tline). 
moderate, tsat-tou; tsat-eng; m-ktie-liun. 


modem, kim; kim-sl. literature, si-bAn. 
modest, lidm-chhf ; tsai-siu ; Mm-siu. 
modulation, of voice, tiig-im ; tAg-sia"; tiSg-p^n. 

Mohammedanism, hue-hue-kSt. 

moist, sip; t&m; Im; Itin-liln; ziin-sip. moisten, bii- 
tsiii ; is" (vielt). 

molasses, thAg-tstii; nAg-thAg. 

mole, tsh^n-tshii. hill, tshd-feng. hole, tshd - khang. 
trap, tshii-keng. cricket, th6u-kdu. 

mole, on the skin, ou-ki ; &ng-kl ; Stm-ki {on part cover- 
ed hy dress), hair of, ki-m6^ apply medicine to, 

molest, Uu ; jidu-t6k ; kidu-jiiu ; bAa-luL 

moment, wait a, see minute, momentary, m&k-nih". 

momentous, tang ; chhiet-i^u ; iku-kln ; kfn-iku. 

monarch, u4ng ; kun-u&ug ; kok-kun ; kok-u4ng ; hu4ng- 

monastery, am ; 1^-am ; liAe-sie"-am ; am-jl ; am-f ; 

Monday, 16i-p^i-it; pki-it. 

money, chl"; chi"-ngAn ; chr-tsMi {wealth), hag, clii"- 
to ; ngftu-to. box, kap-buan (safe) ; chr-tAng ; chf- 
k6ng; chi"- kuf; chi"-kuh (earthenware). --ckanger , 
khui-chf-phbu ; khui tdu-toh-kui". -lender , pkng-ch^ ; 
p^ng-ch& kdi-ndng ; pkng-lai ; p^ng-ti6"; p^ng-siiiu ; se°- 
pilng; se^-ngftn. lend on heavy interest, pkug-tang- 
chfe. moneyless, b6-chi". to pass had money, sli p6h- 

Mongofia, M6ng-k6u. 

monk (Buddhist), h6e-sie". 

monkey, k4u. monkeyface, min k&u-k&u. 

monopoly, pau-ldm; kui-mftg seng-lf. 

monsuer, chia°-kuM; iau-ku^i. monstrous, koh-ie°; khl- 

kuki; kuJti-ak; chhiii-ak; I5u-ak; chhiii-lou kuki-i. 
month, gAeh. one, ch&k - k4i - gieh. the first, chia°- 

giieh ; chia°— gAeh. first day of, chhiu-it. intercalai^, 

zQii-gueh. monthly, miie"-gu4h. 
monument, pi ; pi-ki ; kong-tek-pi ; chi&h-tSng ; tSng- 

pidu. ancient, k6u-chiah. 
moon, gueh. fidl, gAeh-r. crescent, gieh-keng; sin- 

guAh. ^^f^, gi!ieh-pila"; giieh-p6i"; gieh ptia"-f; pua**- 

p6i"-gueh. lising, gueh cllle^ eclipse, gAeh sih. round 


again after eclipse (Ixichy to see), giieh h6k-r. halo ^ 

gieh-hiia ; gueh in. moonless night , gu^h - km - m6^ 

gaze at, si^ -gieh. 
moor, id ; khukng-id. 
moor, to, a ship, pha-t^ng ; pha. 
moral , sien - tek ; ii - tek-neng. tracts , khig - si - b6n. 

morality, sien-tek; tau-tek; mdng-tek; tek-heng; tek- 

more, ke. a little, ke— lAn-16. is there more? hu&n-u 
a-b6? no more of this, pa— liau. more than ten, tsip- 
gua ; ts4p-tshut. the more yoit plead the less he heeds 
you, zii-koh-16 ziS-m-tshdi. more or less^ ke-kidm. 

moreover, l^Dg-gua ; siang-chhid" ; hii4n-lidu ; khuang- 
chhia"; iu-tski ; k^ng-chhid°; hu4n-idu. 

morning, mAg-khf. every, p4i-mftg-kht early in the, 
mftg-khi tsd-tsd. this, m£g-khl. next, m{ia"-mftg- 
khf, and evening, md^-hng tsd-khf ; niS°-hng mAg-khf. 
star, khl-mSng-chhe°. long for , as sick person , thai 
boi-tit thi° kng. 

morose, pu-ku ; hi pu-pu ; mln him-him. 

morrow, on the, mua"-khf ; mila°-tsd ; mtia"-jit ; mdng - 

morsel, kb-kid" ; tidm-kid". 
mortal, oi-sf. to become a mortal, hu&m-tho; kkng- 

hu4m ; hia-hu4m. mortally ivounded, tdng-sie** b6-ui. 
mortar, hue ; hue-th6u ; thdu-sua. 
mortar, for pounding, khu ; chi^h-khu ; ttii-khu ; cheng- 

khu. pestle, chi4h-khu-th6i ; khu-kia"-thiii. 
mortgage, tfig; t6i". deed, t6i"-kh6i. mortgager, t<Si"- 

tsii; tshti-tsii. 
mortify, cw flesh, n^,k ku-khfi ; n^k ml"; hiti"-n6k ; hu- 

n^k ; n^k hu-hiti"; nik hu-hiii°; ii6k nfia^-nua"; sl-n^k, 
mortise, siin-khang; siin-ngdm. to fit tenon and mor- 

tice, chiap-siin. 
mosquito, mdng. numerous, mdng kau. bite, mdng 

ka. swelling from bite, 14u. net or curtain, mdng- 

tife"; mdng-t^. 
moss, thi; chhe"-thi. to grow, 8e"-thl; chhie"-chhe"-thl. 
most, chi ; tsai ; tstie ; sim ; tsip-hun ; chl {all signs of 

superlative degree), mostly , tai-sl ; tai-khki ; tsoi-8i4"; 

toa-min ; toa-ptia'. 
moth, tsU; tsil-th&ng; teng-ng6; tsam-teng-iih. 


mother, a-b6 ; b6-chhin ; lau-b6 ; a-di ; a-ne"; a-ni"; a- 
nifi". youi\ leng-tbdng. your late viothei\ leng-soi"- 
th4ng ; leng-sor-tshft. my, ke-b6 ; ke-tshft. my late 
mother^ ke-8oi"-tshft ; ke-soi"- b6. sister of one's^ b6-i. 
brother of b6-ku. wife's mother ^ tie"-m-ph6a ; Dgik- 
b6. husband's mother ^ ta-ke. step-mothet*, ki-b6 ; au- 
bo. real mother, se°-b6; chhin-b6. adoptive, idng-bo. 
motherless child, b6-4i-kii". mother-of-pearl, 6-kih,"-khak. 

motion^ see move. 

motive, sim ; i-sii ; sim-i ; khi-tuan ; in-tuan ; piig-sim ; 

motley, tsap-sek, 

Moukden, Seng-kia". 

mould, for casting, b6u ; in. 

mouldy, huat-m6"; se°- kou ; se"-kou-m6h"; huat-kou ; 

chhie"-m6h"; chhie"-kou. 
moulder, away^ like waU^ hu&n ; chiSm-chiam-siau ; 

moult, thAg-md"; phai-thAff; fla"-in6'. 
mound, sua"; sua -kid*; chek-tun; chAk-tu-long ; hua". 
mount, seng; seng-chie"; chiS"; seng-kAi". a h^yrse , 

chie'-b^; peh-chiS-b^; pAh-chie° b^-sin. mounted on 

a horse, khift-b^. as pictures, pi^-ji-ue. 
mountain, sua"; kAi°-8ua"; kau-sua"; sua"-ng&k. toj) of 

sua"-nid°; 8ua"-t^ng. chaiii of sua"-leng. mountainous, 

kan cheng sl-sua". 
mourn , khiltu ; ai - cbhek ; ai - khh,u ; khau - tshoih . 

mournful, iu-tsh6u ; iu-bun ; pui-ai. 
mourmng, apparel, hk-sa°; ha-h6k; sng-h6k; sng-hil. 

to ivear, t6a-h^. put off, thut-hh. ; thut-h6k ; tiVniAa". 

in, ku-sng; u-p^h-su. perjonn the ceremony ofiveepimj, 

leng-ts6r kh^u ; ts6-h^ ; teng-iu. 
mouse, nidu"-tshii ; chip - tshu. trap, ni{lu°-tshu-keng ; 

indu"-tshi\-tak. white, p^h-nidu"-tshii ; ngfin-tshu. 

moustache, see mustache. 

mouth, tshiii; khAu. of river, kdng-khdu. open, khui- 
tshhi. shut, tshiii kiim-mi"; hip-mi", corners of, tshiii- 
pi". mouthful , ch^k - tshiii. of tobacco smoke , chek - 

move , tong ; tfn-tang ; i6 - tong ; idu-tong ; id - tang ; 
pti - pd,i . things , pua° - niueh. as chair or table , 
backwards or foiivards , tshdu. lodging , pua" - tshii ; 


siia-tWh'; 1-ku; chhien-ku; chhien-siSa ; pua"-siia. a 

gravCy chhien-sua"; khf-tskng. the hearty kdm-tSng. 

movablcy 6i-tln-tang; uiL movables^ ke-hiSe; ke-si 

much, ke;to; tsoi. noty u-hanr b6-Iii6^-ts6i ; b6-mih-ts6r. 

very much y toa-b6-mieh ; tsoi-tsSL as much again ^ 

ke-ch^k-piie ; ke-ch^k-Ae. 
mud^ nl"; nf-thdur lkm-th6u; nap-th6u; thdu-ko. 

muddy wateVy Id-tsiii. 
mulbeny, tree^ sog-&fti-chhiti, 

mule, 16-1)^. 

muller, lAi-au ; Ifli-sek-f • 

multiplication, sdng-siku; sSng-Luap. table, sSng-toa". 

multiply by 4, eng-4 14i-86ng. 
multitude, kh^n-cn^ng ; chi&''-kIiAn ; sdng-kh^n. the^ 

chfeng-n&ng ; sii-mln, 

mumble, tk"-ue kam-k6u, 

munch, chi&h toa-tehhi toa-a&h*; pou. 

murder^ suah-n^g; kii-suah; suan-sl-n^ng ; ki4'-hiong ; 

th4i - ndng. ef parent or king , chhi - suah kun - pe . 

murderer, hiong-chhid ; hiong-buSm ; biong-thii ; tsue- 

murmur, kauh-kauh-ki& ; liam-Iou. against, u^n; ukn- 

muscle, n^k; n^k-si; n&^k-kvm (tendons of). 
mushroom^ kou. edible^ Lie^-kou. 
music, instrumental, gaih ; gaih-im ; gaAh-sia°. mxike, 

tsak-ga{ih ; ts^u-ga^h. %nstru7n£nts of, ga{ih-khi. box , 

poih-im-cheng. musician, gaih-su^ 
musk^ sii-hie. deer, si^-k^u* 
musket, chb^ng; chi^u-chh^ng ; chi^-chhie\ mvisheteer, 

chh^ng-chhid. see gun. 

muslin, se; ml^'-se- 

must, bu-pit; eng-kai; tiSh; bSi-tit-midn ; put-tit-f*- 

ivhy must? Ii6-pit? must not, m-h6, 
mustache y chhiu; tshtd - chhiu ; nd'-pbuah-chhiu. to 

grow a, Uu-chhiu. 
mustard, seed, kki-chf; k&i - lu&h - chl ; pSh-kki-cht 

powder, kki-lu&h-htiii. 
musty, chhie°-im; 8e"-sip-khi; se"-ip-chlp; tshku-kou- 



mute (dumbjy 6; boi-tk^'-ue. sUeiitf tiam-tiam; bd-khui- 

mutable, 5i-k6i-piSn; oi-k6i-pr. 
mutiny, pue-plian; p^e-ng6k. 
mutter, tk^'-ue Mm-Mm hil-kii; chih-tsiili-ki&. 
mutton, i6"-ii6k. 
mutual, siang; sie; ji-ke; hti-siang. mvtucd consent, 

lidng-nguan ; ji-ke hkn; lidng-ke hua"-hl ; pl-tshii hua"- 

hi. affection^ siang-^i. 
muzzle, l&ng-tshiii; kiia-tshiii-14n^ ; lap-gd-tshtii. 
my, ud— k&i. name, pl-sfe"; sid-mifi. . hmse^ pi-siJl ; tshdu- 

sik. son, lia sidu-ji-kii". daughter^ sid-nAg. wife, \ia 

k4i-lai-tsuat. self, ka-ki; pi&g-sin. I saw it with my 

own eyes, lia chnin-mik th6r-Jd'. 

myrrh, mit-iih. 

mystiBrioOlS, ah^ru9e, ^n-bian ; mfti'-biau ; cLLim-biaa. 
strange and inexplicable^ hSi-I Iftn-ckbeL secret^ pi-b&t. 
mystical, i!in-g^ {having a hidden meaning). 


nail, teng, iron^ thih-teng. to nail, tkng-tejig;. finger, 
chhiii-ts6i°-kah ; tsiig-kah^ toe\ kha-ekf-kab* 

naked, chhiah-sin; 16u-th6i; chhiah-t^>U'ti&n, strip ^ 
th&g-chhiah-sin ; pak-chhiah ka-ifit; tshutrsin 16u-tfa6i; 
tng-ti4u se-siia'' {^thovJb a thread of clothing) \ thong-sin 
bd-ptia'-ti&n 8e-»aa^ 

name, family, ^\ own, mi&T; zd-mi&"; hSu; t86k-hau; 
tsu-miS,"; pifit-hSu. what is yonr name? ktii-s^"? toa- 
ini&"? my, pf -sfe"; sid-mift". a good, h6-mi4°-sek ; h6- 
mi4"-sia\ namely, chiu-sl; chiet-si; tsu-zft. 

Namoa, L&m-6. 
nankeen, chhiah-p6u. 

napkin, chhiiS-pbu; chhiii-kiin ; ktia°-kiin. 

narcissus, tsiii-sien-hue. 

narrative, 6h chSk-kia'-sg ; 6h-8Q-cIihtog ; dh-su-sft ; 6h- 

n&ng-thia"; thAan-sit; k6u-tfi^. 
narrow, 6ili ; 6iIi-soih ; ^-t6i&. minded, sim 6ih-soih ; 

b6-tou-liang. watch njomrowly, b&t-htkang; chi6"-kin; 

kfn-h^ang; kiin-hiiang ; chhim-ht^ang. 
nasty, u-ile; nah-sap; l&m-sap; chhi-gi. 


nation, kok. 

native, a, pAg-ti-n4ng ; piig-th<5u piig-ti-n4ng, place ^ 

pAg-hie"; piig-ti; ku-hie*"; ku-th6u; ke-hie^ 
natural, tm-se"; tsu-jifin; thien-jidn; s6-se°; pfig-se''. 

disposition^ efe"; sfe'-cnlidng ; pln-se"; pln-chieh. 
nausea^ M'^-thbu; ki-iM; iu-ueh ; ueh-ueh-thbu. naiise- 

ated^ chi&h--Mtt ik 
naval, officer, tstli-su. 

navel, t<5u-ts&i. string, tsAi-tba. to cut it, ti5g-tsS,i. 
navigable, h6-sdi-tsAn. navigate, klA'^-tsAn. navy, ch^k- 

ttii chifen-tsAn, 
near, kan; alang-kfln. sighted, kiln-sl-inik, nearly, 

tsha-m-to ; tsnSh-m-tsSi ; tedu-tsu&h fl-hSn. come near, 

neat, t86i-€liid°; chM-ch^ng ; chiim - tsi&ili ; iap-thiap; 

necessary > i^u-5ng; chliiet-eng; chhiet-i^u; tSk-^f. 

daily, jit-6ng, a, tang -si; chlib-tl; chlib-kor. of 

necessity, pnt-tit-f. necessitous, pMn-khidng ; khneh- 

huit; phln-kip; kip-chhiii. 
neck, am. hack of, am-Su; au-tati. front of, am-e. 

hand, am-lria^ necklace^ am-lign. 

necromancer, tli6i"-8ik* ; 16h-sln-phAa. 

need, ^ee^ necessary. neednx>t, midn; mfn-eng. the 

needy, phln-inln; phln-khidng-nAng. 
needle, tsam. eye of, tsam-phf . to thread a, tshng- 

tsam. case , tsain-td« of the Chinese compass , chl-Um- 

needlesiS, ea^penditure, hu-htii; husrhhi; khang'-hiiL 
neglect , taj - buan ( treat disrespectfully ) ; nut - li&k 

(slight)*, khin-buan; khin-hut; midu'-hut; put-kti (not 

take care of) ; b6-kuan-kti ; b6-chi^u-kti ; D6-th6r-kti ; 

bd-kil-sim ; b6-lf {not attend to, cw husiness). negligent , 

lak-thak; lak-lft; lua- thAa (putting off). 
negotiations, for peace, kia"-hAa ; king-hAa. 
ne^O, on-min-nang ; ou-huaiL 

neigh, b^ kib, 

neighbour, tshii-pi"; tshit-pi' lln-ia ; tshii-Un ; lln-ku • 

neighbourhood, lin-ktin. neighbouring {village', kingdom), 

lin-hie"; lin-kok. 
neither, more nxyr less, b6-ke b6-kiam. neither he nor 

I went , i ia bd-kh^, ui ia b6-khft ; pl-tshii I6ng - ts6ng 



nephew, tiSt; gua-Qeng {sisteT^s son), generally called 

Neptune, hdi-16ng-u4ng. 

nerve, ndu"-kun; ndu"-si; ndu'-kim-si. 

nest, tsh&u ; tiu ; siu {mth young birds ). make a, tsoh- 
siu. of thieves, tsh&t-t^u ; tah&t-bu&t ; teh&t-tsh^u ; 
tBhktrO. cf articles of la/rger nnd smaller size, with 
smaller lying inside larger, chek-tliun, 

net, mSng; tsan.; nbi. weave^ kit-mang; phah-mang. 
cast, pharmSng. set, li§-maiig; 16h-inang. catch fish in, 

never, ts6iig-b6; buan-bd. yet, tsh6ng-ts8i° bue-u; tsu- 
lidu ffl-pat. mind, bd-siang-kan ; clihin-tshii ; m-kku ti- 
k6-khti; b6-1i-clih}^ ; bS-^chhiet-iku ; b6-kai-tsJl.i. he 
will never com^e, i6ng-kii b6-Ui. this will never do, 
cliib"-se" m-ts6-tit. nevertheless, hAan-lidu. 

new, sin. style, sin-khiian; sin-siang. your, sin-nf. 
new year's eve, kiie-nl"; jih-kdu sa°-tsap m6". new year's 
day, chia"— gu4h chhiu-it. njewly made, sin-tsb. news, 
sin-ban; sie-sit. newspaper, sin-bun-tsiia. 

next, qfier another, sie-s&a ; t6i°-jL month, e-k&i-gu^h ; 
;Eu-k4i-guSlL day^ m&jig'jit ; miia''-khl ; miia°-tsd. year, 
m6''-nr; Bi*ng-iii- time, S-hfte; au-pdi, 

nice, h6; ngii; tshii-bi; chkfeng-i; hih-i; zA-l 

niclie, cUiid^kham; piab-kham; chbid^'-kliang ; cbhid''- 
keh; chhi6'-t<L 

nickname, n&i]^tetlan k&i-mi&'; pbi-si^'' k&i-mi4^ 

niece, ti^trnfig-; nfig-ti^t; ^a-seng-niig {sister^s daughter). 

niggardhr« kid,m-8iap; ki&m; Ufn-siap; kien-lien ; chhiil- 
th&u toi ; sidu-kbi^n ; nutuk-Biauh. 

ni^ht, m6", last, tsJb-mfi". to-night, kim-mfi"; m6"-hng. 
journey by, ki4"-in6"-l6u, time^ md'—kiia; ni6"— ts5. 
late at, m6''-km ; ke" chhim ; iam. dress, git-sa". night- 
mare, mang-ld^-kiSi ; cliin-ki"-kiii ; bii-kiii teh. nightly, 
p4i-md"; p&i-m6"-Jim. first half qf night, chie"-piia"-m^". 

nimble, kha khin-khiau ; kha kbin, cbbid kbiie. 

nine, kin; kbiiai. nineteen, ts&p-kdu. 

nip, nib"; likm (more severely), mth nippers, kbf; koih. 
nippers, tbib-ldil"; tbib-ki*"; niap-kid'; nib°-kid"; kiip- 
kia ; koib-kid^ 

nipples, ni"-tb4u. 
nitre, siau. 


no, m-sl; b6; mki\ matter^ b6-lfin; b6-chhiet-i^u ; 

b6-hu2lng. help for it, b6-nai°-h6 ; b6-p0U. nobody , b6- 

nftng. nothing to eat, b6-thang-chi4h. 
noble, tsun ; ktii •; teun-kiii. family, toa-ke. -man, u- 

chiak^ui; tai-liu. minded, khdng-khai. 
nody tak-th&u. sleeping, tak-sut-g{it. 
noiSQ, sia''; hidn^; ki^ make a great, teliku-iiau'; ha- 

ha-ki^; ka-ka-ki^; ka-ka-jiing. 
noisomOi 5i-hai-n4ng ; tehiu-hifen (smellJL 
nominal, merely, u-mi4" b6-sit; u-khi-miA" bd-kJii«slt. 

rank, khang-h^m {brevet rank). 
none, b6; bd-chfek-kdi; k^i-kdi-bd; tsfig-k&i-bA. 
nonsenSBi thkig-t^':; b6-sueh ; bd-cld3ik);g bd-ll ; hd-sueh. 
noon, jit tku ; ngou-sl ; tng-ngdu ; cluk"-iig<5u. 
noosOi to make a, tMm-se -khou, 
north, pak, wind, pak-huang. star, pak-k^k (pak-tdu is 

Ursa Major). N. e., tang-pak. of China, pak-tMu. 
nose, phi^ nostrils, phi -khang. bridge, phf -16ng-kut ; 

phr-ua"-kut. bleeding, Idu phf-khang-hueh. stuffed, 

phi° sat. rmining^ <5libck-ft6iii((xjaiy2;a). nosegay, hue- 

kiA ; ch^k-p^ue. 
notable, hui-siS*'; ii-mi4"-sia"; tshnt-thoh Ihsi©"*; thiau-86k; 

tshut-86k; tshut-ch^ng; tshut-lui; th^ng-pu&t. 
notch, khih. in arrow. Mm; ngdm. 
not€^ written^ kb-jl musicaL, ngiSu-im lik-lit. commen- 

tary, tsii-k6L aoum^ ki ; ki-16k, -book, ki-ph5u ; tshAn- 

phou; tski-ph5u. money, chl"-phi6; ngftn-toa". 
notice, to, tsai-th6r; tsai-kuan ; kak-tshat. when tme is 

not noticing; unawares, put-kak. a public, k^u-pflk 

I advertisement ) ; kb-si {proclamation ). notify , t&t • 

tsai^ thong-tsai; p6-tsai. 
notion, i-kifen; l-s^j; sie"-tMti, 
notorious, chfeng-nkng s6-tsai-k&i; tshki-ini^". 
nourish^ i^ng; idng-i6k; bii-iing; chhL 
novel, a, siiu-sueh; gtia-tsu; k6u-tn^ 
novice, chhe°-chhiii ; 6h-bue-8^k. in religion, tsho-jIp-k?L 
now, hin-kim ; chl-tsAn 4 chf-hAe ; ta"; hin-tsSi ; tshii - 

ts2.i; hin-tgi; tshii-si; ngdn-ts6r; ngdn-kim. 
nowhere, miia"-k6-b6 ; si-tshii tshQe-b6. 
nowise, peng-b6; tshAan-b6; tukn-b6. 
noxious, t4k ; ak ; oi-hai-n^ng ; l!-hai. 
nuisance, o*tso nah-sap-si^"; tsMu-xnilielx ; jidu-Iuan; 



nullify, kni-bd; kui-ts6 b6-u; hde-Ai ou-u. 

numb, pi; ngAi; ngAi-pi; hi&-pi; ngAi-n^k b6i-thik°; 

hueh-khi kuin-m-kku. 
number, siau. even^ sang-siku. odd^ khia-siku. to, 

Bhg'SihM. ivhichf tSf-kiii? numberless^ sig - m • Mu ; 

m-pat-tb-sig. number ten^ tsr-tsip. 
numerals^ siku-mAk-jL capital form ^ toansid. common, 

sd"-siA; si^-sii. contractea, bd-kid". 
numeroiLS, teSi ; t&^. like bees and ants , zd - phang 

nun, nf-kou; liAe-sie"-phAa, nunnery^ nf-kou-am; niig- 

am ; che°-tAg. 
nupl^aie » sSng-chbin ; sdng-hun ; kat-hun ; b&h-chbin ; 

phile-chhin; sin-hun. see mabiuage. 
nur8e« kan-ma ; kan-b6 ; a-bd ; a-mi (in Stoatow). milk-, 

ni"-b<i, nu/rsiing^ chiih-n^-ki4^ 
nut, • walnut^ hiArthb ; kbul>th6. ground-, ti-tau. cocoa-, 

gS-chi; idrcbL shell, khak. meat inside ^ jin; nSk. 

nutmeg, tau-khbu; Iftu-hku-ehl^ 
nymph, sien-niig. 


oak, siSng-chhiti. 

oar, chi^°. one^ cW.k-p&*»chi^'; cli^k*ki-chid", blade of 
chi^'-biSe; chi^-hiAh. handle ^ chi^'-pfe"; chie'-chhiii ; 
chi^'-th&u. crose piece on handle^ chi^^tiah* pin (thole), 
chi6"-tiam, loop Jiooing oar U> pin, chi^^kbaQ. to row 
with, k5-chi^^ to ship^ for rowing, kah-chi^°. 

oath, 81. to take, lip* si; huat-si; mdng-sl (solemn 
covenant between persons ) ; ttii^thi" mdngnst an impreca- 
tion, chiti-tsua. 

oatmeal, bSh-ht&n. 

obdurate, sim-tftgngS; ngjS-B^"; ngS-chip; chip-phiah; 

chip-du ; chip-it ; diip-xM pnt-ngS ; chip-tbi, 
obeisance, p^-16i; kiU; kai"; fiiiiu-th&u; pJti-ktii". 
obey, sun; sfin-mgng; tsun-mSng; thia*; tnia'-meng; 

tshdiig-men^ ; h5ng-mSug. the law^ tsun-huap; tsun- 

liHt. obedient 'f s^; sfin^-BfUi; stUi-tshdng; thia''- 

object, an, mieh-kia". or purpose, sim-sd-hikng ; sim- 

s<5-ki^- sim-sd-ngtt&Ei ; sim-oM; chl-nguSn; i^hi^g. 


object, to , m-nguSn ; ts6 - chl ; poh-khtii (altercation) ; 
pien-poh (in argument), what objection can there he ? u- 
si - mih huang-gai 1 / have no objection, ui nip-i ; ud 

oblatiozi, hong-stn k^i-ini!ieh-kia^ 

obligation, piig-hun; pAg-t^ng. 

oblige {force), mi^n-ki^ng ; nge-li&h ; khidng-^i"; khi&ng- 

pek. obliged to do, put-tit-i ; b5i-tit-nii^n ; ra-kd," m- 

ts6 ; kliut-tsh6iig. ohtiging, 6i-ts6-n4ng ; u-n4nff-chh6ng ; 

nAng-chi&" h6; h6-chhSng h6-i. he conferred an 

obligation on me, i u-nS,ng-chh6ng to-ud-kS; i u-un- 

hui t6-ui-k6. I am much obliged to you, kdm-un put- 

chbidn ; to-sia ; kdm-sia ; tsoi - sia ; chhim - li&m ; m - 

kd" bu4ng-chh6ng. 
obliqUj^ 6i& ; tshiia ; uai-tshiia ; uai-si^ ; khi ; £a-chi^''; m*- 

obliterate, hii-tiau; tidm-tiau; k6u-tiaa; buah-tiau. 
Obloc^y tJ^g-hu^ng. 
obloquy, mak— tieh nAng-mi^^-sia"; hiii^-pSng; i&u-pang; 

Obscein^, sii-im. language, tsbou-sia"; kdng-tsbou 16- 

tshb. hooks, iin-tsu. plays, Im-hi, 
obscure, m6ng; hiu-midu"; m-hin; m-m6ng; m-tshut- 

sek. dwell in obscuHty, lin-ku ; mit-chiah {much great- 

er degree). 
obsequies, sng-su; p^h-su. see funeral. 
obsequious, hdng-ngdng ; hdng-sSng ; pui-thi^ ; tbidm- 

mi"; khd-mf . 
observatory, kuan-cbbe"-th4L 
observe, thdi"; kuan. law, siii-huap. 
obsolete, ku— li^u b6-gng; hid. characters, k6u-ji; 

obstacle, hAang-gai ; t86-keh. there is no, b6-hAang. 
obstinate, kti-chip ; chip-thi ; kien-chip ; chip-phiah ; 

chip-du ; k^h-pbiab ; du-pbiab ; kuki-pbidi ; cbip-i ; khu- 

thl; thi-ni". 
obstruct, tsih ; n6a"; n6a"-t86 ; ts6ih ; ts6-keb ; kbi"- 

keh. a road, tsib-lou ; n6a°-l6u ; ts6ih-l6u. iviiid, 

tsib-huang. view, chia-te&h ; takh tb6i°-m-kl^ 
obtain, tit; tit— ti4h; tshii; n&p; tshue— ti^h. 
obtrusive, th^ng-jip; zuan-jip; th^ng-tia° thfeng-tsuang ; 



obtuse, lii-tun; ngAi-pMe. 

obviate, mi^n; pi; tft; u-pu 

obvious, mdng-p^. 

occasion, no, mi4n ; mfn-eng ; khd-f put-pit. what ? u 

sl-mih kii-su? sl-mih uS,n-ku? this, chf-hAe; chl-pdi; 

chl-tshi ; ts^ii-tshi. on every, pS,i-8l ; p&i-hAe ; sl-put-si; 

sam-put-st ;' mile°-sl. take, chiS-si; sdng-ki; s6ng-ki- 

hue ; chia-kic ; chieh-tuan- ; sdng-khiah ; sdng-sl ; sfing 

chl-k&i su4rii; Ghia-tua«u occasionally, il-tS,ng-st ;: u- 

si; ch&k-e piiar-e. 
occiput, au-t^u; chlm-kutr. 
OCCmt^ pi-bit; pl-mlt. 
occupation, pAg-ngiip; cfitiiS-ngiSp ; &a-ngi&p; chhiii- 

goi; goi-ngi&p. literary, bAn-goi. rmlitm^, bd-goi. 
ocean, tSa^d";- toa4i&. erose^ fche-hAi;* kile-ou-tsiii. 
occurrence, chAk-tsuang-sa ; cli6k-ki§L°-su. 
OCta^onal^ poih-kafe-hdng. 
oculist, ngia-khue sin-se v m^-khae sin - se^ ; ui - m&k 

odd, seventy and odd, chhit-tsip'-gua ; chhit-ts&p-tshut 

not even, khia.. st/n odd shoe, ftou-chiaH-6i ; t6k-chiah'; 

toa°-chidi; khia-diiah. peculiar, tshut-khl; koh-ie°. 

odds and ends, 14n-san; Un-16; tshkmrtskiii mi^eh- 

ode, si; ko. Book of Odes, si-kia°. 
odious, kh6-ti ; tshua-iiftng4i6ui 
odour, bi; khi-bi; phanff; kiang^. 
of: the ivater of the sea, ndi-tstii; hdi Mi-tsdi; hii-t6i 

k&i-tsiii. a man of wecMhy ii-«hl"-t^&i kfti-n&ng. of 

course,, tsd-Uda; thieii-jdSn. 
off, eutr toiail-tflg. fa/rf; hflg-hfig. run, tsiu-khu. 
offend, tit-tsue; tit-ts5— ti&h ; nuam-tsue; tshok-huam. 

offended, ^rhku; ffl-hua°-hl ; Mfen-kuii. offensive smell, 

tshJlu-hi^n; tie-khi. fa/r too easily offkiided^ cbhe°- 

mia; chke".iDSii^h4tt^ 
offer, as price, tshut-k^. as reward,, hij; tshut-si^°- 

keh r tahttt-hue-AHg.. a present, sJlng-ldi. tribute, chin- 

kbng ; ehbx-bidn. offer it to him^ mng i Ibi"— md make 

an offering, kdag ; M^n ; hi^n-hdng ; keng-kong ; keng- 

hi^n; k^ng-bdng;* k^ng-hi^n. 
office, ckeh^kun; kua"-ckek; cheh-jjm; cheh-eti. enter, 

chiS'-jInu one term of ch^k-jim. continue for anothei^ 


tervn', li6n-jim; ngAan-jim. degrade hut retain in 

office^ keh-cheh Idu-jim, put out ofy keh-jim, go out 

of, li-jim. waiting for a vacant , hau-jim-khueh. 
OmcO I counting- house )y sii-ji-pdng. a public office 

Cbuilaing), gfi-mAg. 
officer, kua"; kua°-hii, fellow^ t&ng-li&u, military, bii-kua". 
official, document, bAn-tsu, reply, phoi-hAe. 
Offldate, M-su; phor-8u. officious, hiu"-tshap-su. 
often, e-e; Iti-ld; tohft-tsh^i; mtie"-m\ie°; sl-si; si6"-si6"; 

tsoi-hiie; tsoi-pdi; tsoi-tiAng-sl ; ke-ke-Mng, 
Ogle, Bi£l-m&k-cm ; si!it-m&k. 

on, indeed ! 6, si kn-chi^"-se"l in grief or pain, ai-a ! 
oil, iA. bottle, iA-p4n. press, lA-chJiia, to oil, buah-iA ; 

chhit-iA; v(l kerosene, hiie-tsiii; hiie-tsiii-iA, 
ointment, ko-i^L ojpply, tah-ko-lAh; buah-ko-iSh. 
old, ku. in years, iSu. from of old, tsft-kdu, how old 

are you f ji6h-ts6i-hiie ? kiu-ke*^ tshun-chhiu ji6h-kau ? 

which is older? tl-n&ng-toa? one year older, toa 

chfik-hiie. an old friend, ku-id ; lau-iii ; ku-kau. old 


oleander, tsS-ngAan-tek 

olives, kd"-ni". 

omelet, koi-nfig luah cbiA"-tie°; koi-nflg-pid". 

omen, tiau; ki-ti§Lu. good, kit-tiSu. bad, hiong-tiau. 

omit, sit; lau-tiau; l^ng-tiau; kau-laAb-tiau. 

omnipotent, b6-s6 put-16ng; tshAan-16ng. 

omnipresent, b6-s6 put-t5. 

omniscience, b6-s6 put-tsai; bA-86 put-tshat. 

on, the house top, t6 tshii-t^ng. the road, to-lou-chie". 
the waier, t5-teiii-min. his arrival, tsbo-kku ; ch&k-e- 
Idlu. "purpose, tiau-tsuan ; u-i ; tsuan-ki". the contrary, 
tin-t6 ; hdan-tiig. horseback, khi4-b^. 

once, cbSk-tshA ; chSk-tiig ; ch^k-pd,i ; ch^k - hAe. once 
upon a time, sor-tislng-sl ; tng-sl all at, ch6k-e ; ts6- 
cWk-e ; ts6i-ts6i. at once, sAi-sl ; sAi-chiet. 

one, ch^k. one by one, it-it; tik-it. third, sa°-hua 
tshii-ch^k. eyed, t6k-m&k. handed, toa°-chiah-chhiiS, 
one's oum, ka-ki-k&i. oneself, ka-ki; piig-sin; chhin- 
sin. to take upon oneself without authority, tsu-tsuan. 

onion, tshang-th^u. 

only, chf ; put-ktie ; put-gua ; kan-kan ; t6k-t6k ; toa"-toa"; 
tia°-tia". son, toa"-k4i-kid"; toa"-toa" se" chf-kdi-kid° tia^ 


onset, th4u-tin; tng-th4u-tln ; Bien-hong; ke-hiie sie- 

onward, to go, cliin-te6i"; tddr-chln ; chin-pou. 

ooze, Bi&p-lan. 

opaque, m-sifi-chi^; kng thku-m-kiie; ^m-chieh th^u- 

open, khui. a letter, thiah-sln ; thiah-khui« out, thdu- 
khui. eyes, peh - khui - m&k ; m&k*chiu peh-kim. a 
hook, iSu^-khui ; hien-khui ; ti^n-khui. hurst, as door, 
l^ng-khui; phiia-khui. a cover, iau'^-kiia. tJie howels, 
ll-tSi-pien ; chi&h-li-i^h ; chi&h Mng-si^ kd.i-i^h. open - 
work , lang-lang. handed , chkiti-phaDg lang ; chhiii - 
phang khUa*. an opening, khang; khiah; phang; 
phang-khiah ; mhs * lou ; tshtii. openly , hi^n-mSng ; 
tng-min ; td-p£h-ilt ; kng-kng mdng-mdng. 

opera, ts6-hi ehhie-khek 

ophthalmia, m&k-chiu &ng-thi2l'; mik pSn-tliik*. 

opinionative, chip ka-ki m-1 ; chip-pMah. 

opinion, i-kiln. your, kau-ki4n. vny, ngd-M^n; phf- 
ki^n; pl-ki^n. assent to one% hfl^hd. 

opium, a-phifen. crude, a-phi^n-th6u. prepared, a- 
phi^n-ko. smaU pellet, a-phi^n-phll. to smoke, chi&h- 
a-phifen-hun. shop, a-phi^n-ku^n. miserahle confirmed 
opium smoker, a-phi^n-kiii cixiving for, a-phi^n-ngi^n ; 
a-phi^n-ln, give up smoking, keh-a-pni^n. 

opponent, t^i-th&u ; chhiii-t£k. 

opportunity, ki-hiie. to ernbrace an, §6ng-ki-hue ; sSng-si 
opportunely, sfln-pien; huang-pign) s6ng-pien, 

oppose, Ai-ng^k; khJing-ku; tl-tngj tl-wk; tiii-t^k 

opposite, siang-hudn; tiii*min; sie^tiil 

oppress , khi&ng-iap ; nse-iap ; khi-iap ; khi-hCi ; uan - 
udng. oppressive, khek-pak (eoctortion) ; kh6u-t6k; 

opprobriimi, 16ng-z6k; sit-z6k. 

or, h6k ; h6k-sl ; at-h6k. is it or not ? si a-m-sl ? either 
you or I must go, lii-ui n5"-n&ng tiih-u ch^k-n&ng-khfi ; 

hi fii-khi vik chiu-tiSh-khii. 

•• •• •• 

opulent, u-chi°; huat-tsh&i; pii; pii-ii; pii-kau; pti- 

orange, ka"; tSi-kit. common, (K>h-ka^ loose-skinned, 

phJt -thdng-ka'; bit-thdng-ka" ; ph6ng-thing-ka". peel, 

ORB 195. OVER 

ka*-phAe. jam^ chhSog-ko. very small orange^ kit ; kit- 
kid'; ti&m-kit; sng-kit, 
orb, of moon^ gAeh-lAn ; gAeh-f. 

orchard, kiie"-clil-hAg. 

order, ts6i"-au; tMu-biie; tsbi-sii; tsbft-tSi"; ts4ng-tshft. 

pvt iuy an-p&i; ua°-p4i; pdi-h6; ua'^-p^i-hd; an-tun-h6; 

chfeng-tun ; chid" - tiin ; chid"- li ; siu - sip ; siu - chid"; 

su-H; siu-sip iap-thiap kui-ui. in order ^ tsdi-chid". 
order, to, meng; leng; hun-hii; h^m; sdi; ki^. an 

order fw rrmiey, ngftn-toa", 

ordure, pirn; sdi. 

organ, khim; toa-khim. 

origin, pAg; piig.n^u&n; kun-pAg; ngAan-iA; ngAan- 

kii ; ngdan-in. originally, pAg-l&i ; ng^lan-l&i ; ng^lan-sl ; 

tsho-th4u. originate^ tl-kht with you, iA-lii tl-khl 
ornament, siu-sek; b^-sek; tsuang-sek. ornamental, 

h6-th6i°; h6-th6i"-ngid ; miii"-kuan ; n^-kuan. 
orphan,; kou-jl; kou-tsii. 

orthodox, cbiJi"-kk. 

oscillate, a^ pendulum, hit-14i hit-kb{^. 
ostentations, h^u"-th&ng-huang; h^u"-i&ng-kh) ; h^u"- 

sdi pbki-th&u; h^u"-j>di; h^u *tsuang-pdi; tsuang- 

khiang ; hku"-i6-pdi (ofov^s walk). 
ostrich, th6-chidu. 
other, p&t. others, p&t-n&ng. any others ? hu&n-ii a-b6 ? 

the others, khl-ft ; lidu— k4i. otherwise, p&t-ie"; ffl-sl chib*- 

se"; ia-m-sL 
otter, thuab ; hdi-thuah ; tsdi-thuab. 
ought, eng-kai ; ti&b ; eng-tng ; piig-t^ng tiSh, 

ounce, ni^". 

our, udn— k&i; ndn— k&i. see we. 

out, gtia ; tshut. go, tshut— kbiili. go outside, tsbut-kbii- 

khdu, of order, zft-zft; hiin-ts&p; bun-ludn. outdo, ill". 

outside, gua-min ; gua-kbdu ; gua-th&u. 
outrage, piie-ll hudm-hun ; siin-hai. outrageous, b6-buap- 

t5u ; hhi-11 hun-gua. 
oval, sien-cbl-ie"; tAg-sien. 
oven, hiie-16u; pek-16u; pue-16u. 
over, kile ; giia ; tshut ; ft ; tsbAn ; tft. and above, 16ng- 

giia ; hu&n-lidu. all over with mud, ch^k-sin-th6u. nighty 

kiie-md". ripe, khab-sSk; khab-kite-sSk ; kbah-kiie-l&u. 

fall overboard, puih-16h-tsiii overbearing, kiau - ngftu ; 

OWE 196. PAIE 

khi^g-iap. overcast sky, thi chhie"-hAn ; thi"-sek hun - 
km ; thi" khkm-khkm ; thi" 80-t6. overdone, pA khah - 
ml"; khah-kile-hiie. overflow, iah— tshut; 14u--tshut; 
miia"— tshut ; chh^ng— khl-ldi (to spout up), overhanging 
wcdl, ngAm-chhid"; chhid" hiim £i"-t6. overhear, che"- 
thia". overshadow, chia-im; pi-im. overtake, jiau-- 
ti6h; tui— ti6h; kiia""ti6h. overthrow, l^ng-t6; t6- 

OWe» khikm; khikm-chf; khikm-ch&. 

owl, ngiau-thAu-chidu. 

own, ka-ki-ksli ; piig ; chhin. with one^s own hand, chhin- 
chhiii. in one's own person , pAg - sin ; chhin - sin. 

own, to, jin. 

OX, iam-gA; iam-gA-k6u. 

oyster, 6, bed, 6-sie"; 6-tifi,°. sheU, 6-khak. 


pace, pou; hu&h. large, t5a-hu&h. 

pacify, khfi^-n&ng mki'^-khi; ki&"-hAa; khfig-hiia; khiig- 

tshii. Pacific ocean, thSti-ph6ug-i6*. 
pack, pau; phah>pau[; tsuang; siu^^slp-bAa. tea, tsuang- 

td. in a box, t8uang-16h-sie • packing box, tsuang-sie . 
paddle, jid. to, phg^tsAn. a dragon-boat , phe-16ng- 

paddy, chhek. growing, ng; tiu; ti. fields, tshSrn. 

bird, pAh-liau-si. 

padlock^ 86-th&u. 

page, of book, ch^k-min. on the block, ch^k-p6i"; chSk- 

k6-p6i . 
pagoda, thah. literary^ khue-chhe°-koh ; khue-chhe*"- 

14u ; bAn-chiang (or chhiangj-koh. 
pail, tsiii-thipg ; tiku-thing. 
pain, thii". to ease, chf-thiSt°. painful, oi-thik"; kan- 

kh6u; chhi-tshim; chhi-Mng. 
paint, iA; tshat. to, sii-iA; lA; tshat. painter, iA- 

tshat sai-pe ; s4i-iA sai-pS ; lA-m&eh sai-pS. an artist , 

ue-ue sin-se". 
pair, a, ch&k-sang; ch^-tH to, phile; phile-h&h; 



palace, u&ng-keng. 

palanauin, kie. 

palataole, h6-chi&h; h&h-tshtd; suah-tsliiii; sudng- 

pale, mm p^h-siauh ; min chhe^'-liau ; &g-min. turn, min 

pifen-chhe . 
palette, thi&u-eek-tih. 
paJing, 14ii-kan; l&n-kan-chl ; b&k-ts&h; li-ts&h; ^i-H; 

pall, kki-kua''-phue. 

palm, tsang-chhiu; kuang-Ung-chhiti (cocoa-nut); iA- 

chhiu (id.) ; ts6-chhiu, 
palm, of hand, chhiii-lxii; chhid-sim; chhili-chi6^ 

palmistry, sife^-chhiii-hAn, 
palpitate, sim thiku ; sim-kua'' pok-pok-thi^u ; sim-kua''- 

th4u pok-pok-thiiu. 
palsy, mig-nl°; nAg-huang ; ku^n-pien (one side) ; tbng- 

pan, tid'; thih-ue ; se"-ue. 

panacea, peh-tshdu-tan ; buan-eng-tan ; buan-eng-r. 
pane, of glass, chSk-kb po-11. 

pan^, of pain, chSk-tsun-thik";. cbSk-khlm-kii" tbik". 
pamc, kia'^-kku-kdng ; kia° k^u hun-kdng ; kia"" kstu iig6h- 

pant, tsbiiau ; tshiian-toa-khtii. 
pants, khbu. short, for bathing, khbu-kieh. 
paper, tsiia. a sheet of ch6k-tie"-tstia. note (thick), chien- 

tsiSa. straw, tshdu-tsiia. common writing, tstj-tsiia; 

kftng-tfihuan (better) ; tSng-kbng (still better) ; kau-nguS,a 

(still better) ; tek - tsiia (thin) ; ml"- se ( still thinner ). 

wxide into a writing-book , tsiia - khbu. printing , tsij - 

chheh-tsiia, tough, md^-pi"; mi"-tln; pien-chiu. mxirbled, 

hue-tsiia. gilt, phim-kim. paper-money, tsiia-chr; ng(in- 

tsiia; chi"-tBiia; ngftn-tiS"; toa-chf; u&ng-p6. currency, 

ngftn-toa"; clil"-phi4. official, uk"-kukn, 
parable, phi-zu ; phi-zA ; pl-zu. 
parade, ground, kk-ti4"; bd-ti6". 

paradise, l&k-hfig. 

paraep:*aph, hue; chie"; tng. 

paraUel, sang-ki&"-stia'; sang - p4i - stia*. parallelogram, 
jlt--]i ie\ 

paralysis, see palst. 


paramour, kan-hu; iSu-ian^. 
parapet, chhid'-kiieh ; chhid -Ai. 

parasite, ki^-se". 

parasol, jit-chia; h5u-chia; h5u-sila". 

parcel, pau. 

parched, phik-ta ; kan-tsh^u. rice , tshd-bl, tea with 
this in ity bf-kam-t6. 

parchment, i6"-phAe-tsiia. 

pardon , si^-tsue ; khuan-iu ; khuan-sik ; si^-iCi ; si^-mien ; 

khuan-mi^n. pardonable^ kh6-sil ; kh6-sik, pardon me^ 

8h " tsue ; sti-tsue sii-tsiie. / beg yoiir pardon , u - tsue ; 

sti— che; chhid"-8ii— che ; Bit-16i; m-tsai-th&u; m-tsai 

kak - tshat ; sit - kak - tshat. apologising for not having 

received a visitor^ sit-pAe ; sit-chiap. 
pare, siah ; phoi ; kueh. the nails, chidn-tsiig-kali ; ka- 

parents, pe-b6 ; sang-chhin. high parentage, Id-to team- 


parenthesis, tshah-kti. 

parlour, kheh-thia'; khali-thia". 

parricide, chhi-pS. 

parrot, eng-ko; eng-bii. 
pany, t<Si-tiau; kon-tsa. 
parsmionious, khiAm; khieh-sip; kien-Iien. 

parsley, kht^n-tsh^i. 

parsnip, huan tshili-th&u {foreign turnips ). 

part, siang-piAt; li-pi6t; chiSm-pi^t; ll-kbui. divide, 

pun ; pun-khui. ojff^, keh ; ts6-kak-pi^t a, htin ; kou ; 

tng ; e ; k Aeh ; Ae. the greater part , ch^k - toa - Ae ; 

chek-toa-ptia". six parts out of ten, lik-siA*. 
pajrtake, fl-hun. of a meal, tsb-pA-chi&L 
partial, phien-sim; phien-su; toa-sbi-sim ; khin-t§Lng- 

sim ; khuah-iWh-sini. to any one , phien-ii. not , b6-i 

bd-M ; b6 - chhin b6 - so ; b6 - tshji b6 - pi ; chhiii - pAa" 

ia-si-n^k, chhiA-t6i ia-sl-n^k. partiaUy, bue-u&n; Due- 

tshAan; bue-chheng-tsh6 ; kiii-siA". 
paJ^ticle {in grammar), hij-jL a smaU, chik-sut-ki4°. 
paj:*ticoloured , hue-long-sek ; hue-td^ ts&p-sek ; po^- 

sek ; hue-poi". 
pajrticular, s<5-tshiii; s6-siak; sbi-si&ng. the particulars, 

chhdng-iA ; ch^k-kia" ch&k-kia". of an account, ch6k-ti4u 



paiTtitioil, siim ( wooden ) ; piah ( lime ) ; keh-piah ; keli- 

chhid". to, kek-si^m. 
partner , in btisiness, hiie-kl ; hiie-phua". to join mth^ 

tshap-hde-ki ; hih-hiie. dissolve partnership , thiah-hiie ; 


partridge, chi^-kou. 

pass , or barrier , kuan ; kuan - kMu , mountain, nid". 
to, kiie ; keng-kiie. let, p^ng-ki^"; h6r-n4ng-kiie ; pun- 
n&ng-k^e. please let me pass, chieh - kiie ; chhi4°-chieh - 
ktie. round, ki4°-ch6k-thu4n ; ki4"-ch6k-<ii ; ki4" ch6k - 
tht!kan-i!d. through a hole , tshng— kiie-khft. into , jlp. 
passable , 6i-tit-kiie ; khd-f; chhin - tshdi ; 6i - ts6 - tit. 
this dollar will pass, chf-k&i-ngtlii hd-sdi. 

passage, lou ; m&g-lou. boat, tou-ts(in. to taJce, tah - 
tou-tsihi. passenger, tah-kheh. 

passage, in a book, ch6k-tsat ; chie"; phien ; mm. 

passions, the, chhit - chhdng : hf, no^ ai, ku, ki, ii, 
i6k. evil passions , sij - i6k ; chhfing - i6k. to be in a 
passion , siii - khi ; ii&\x - khl ; se" - khi ; huat - ndu* . 
passionate, jlm-s^°; kip-s^"; kfn-s^"; pek-8^^ 

passover, zA-uit-tsoih. 

passport, lou-phi^; lou-p&i; chip-chife; chife-sin-p&i. 
past, kiie—lidu; f-udng; soi"; tsdi". 
paste, k6u ; chie"; mi"-chie^ to make , kh6h - k6u. to 
spread, sueh-k6u. to paste paper, pi6-tsiia; tah-tsiia, 

pasture, tshdu-tid"; tsMu-pou. 

patch, p<5u; p6u-8a". 

path, lou ; lou-kid"; si^-lou ; lou-kfe". 

patience , jlm - n^i"; khat - nSf; liin ; khat - kh6u - Mn ; 

patois, th6u-th&m; th6u-im; th6u-ue; hiang-th^m; im- 

patriarch, iSu-tsdu ; lSu-t86u-kong. 

patrimony, ke-ngiip ; siia"-ngiip ; pe-ngi&p ; ts6u-ngiip. 

patriot, chin-tong p6-kok. 

patron, tso-tsii; tso-sua"; un-tsil patronise, chiku-^ng; 

patrol, sAn-ke"; sAn-ld; fliii-mfi"; chi^"-ke". 
patten, ki&h; tsM-ki&h. 

pattern, ie"; mo"; m6"-ie"; b6u; sek; thoi-sek. 
pause, hiah ; hiah— khim ; theng-che. 
pave, phou-chi^h; kih-chi^h. pavement, chi^h-lou. 


pavilion, t^ng; Mng-t6ng; l&u; koh, 

paw, bear's^ hlm-chi^". 

pawn, tig; Jtn. shop^ tig-phbu. small, siau-ap; si^- 

tAg (disreputable), ticket, hui. to, tig-mieh. -broker, 

khui-tiig-ph6u. redeem from , chhiii. 
pay, to, h6i°; Mi". Tooney , h6r-clil", taxes, l&p-nifi". 

rent, h6r-tsou. tribute, chin - k6ng. a visit , pki - hau ; 

nmg-hau; sie-sAn. a workman's pay, kang-chl ; kang- 

tsu. teacher's, sok-kim; sok-siu. soldier's, pia°-ni6". 
pea, tau. foreign, h6-14n-tau. small green, l^k-tau. 
peace, ph§ng-an; ph§ng-hAa. general pea^^e, thki-phdng. 

at, h^-m^k; Ma-khi; ht!ka-mi^ 
peach, th6 ; p6h-png'th6 ( loose stone ). flower, th6-hue. 

stone, thd-hiit. 
peacock, kh6ng-chhieh. feaiher, kh6ng-chhieh-16ng. 
peak, mountain, flua°-t^ng ; sua'^-chiam ; sua"-hong. 
peal , of thunder , Wd t4n lih-leh-ki^ ; 161 phek - lek. of 

gongs, 16 kliuai"-khuai"-kife. 
pear, 14i ; chhc''-phi!le-14i ; Sua'^-tang-lfti ( Shantung ) ; soh- 

pearl, tsu; chin-tsu; 6-tsu; tien-tsu; p6-tsu. one, 

chik-liip-tsu. string, worn by officials, sii-tsu ; chhi&u- 

tsu. to wear, kiia-tsu. 
peasant, tsoh-tsM]i-nd.iig ; 16ng-hu; hie''-e-n&ng. 
pebble, chiih-kdu-nflg ; chi6h-ki4". 
peck, toh. 
pecul, a, ch6k-tk". 
peculiar, khl; koh-ie". 

pedlar, tsb kor-thiau kSri-seng-lf ; tsb i6-k6u seng-If. 
pedestali thiau-chiSh ; thiSu-kha-chiSh ; thiau-tdn. 

pedigree, ts6k-ph6u. 

peel, pak-phAe; peh-phAe; phoi-phAe; thiu-phAe. 
peepi kui; kui-si; kui-th6i"; thau-th6i"; thau-idm.. 

Peg*, siin; tsM-teng. 
eKdng, Pak-kia". go to, chie"-kia". 
pellet, tMn-chl; t6a"-chf. 
pelt, tsang-chiSh 14i-k&k. 

pen, pit. quUl, g6-m6°-pit. point of, pit-biie ; pit-chiam ; 
pit-hong, stem of pen, pit-tshue. cover for jmnt, pit- 
k6ng. put in mmith, kim-pit. mxnsten with ink, b^a - 
bik; 8uah-pit. hold for writing, khid-pit. holder, pit- 
ting; pit-ke, knife, phoi-pit-to; to-kik". 


penal, code^ lit-li. penalty ^ hftat-ngftn; hdng-hAat. 

Penance, p6u-ktie siu-heng ; chiang-kong p6u-kiie. 
^enang, Piii-n6"-sii. 
pendant, s&i-16h; std-hUL 

pendulum, sl-cheng-thui ; sl-cheng-teh. 

penetrate, jip ; twiig-jip ; thitu - jlp ; th^ng ; thkng- 

penitent, tsai-tsCle; tsai-tolib; »ie"-hiie; 8ie"-siii-hiie ; 

sie°-kr htie-k6i ; hAe-tMu ; tsu-ukn ; thi^'-kdi ts6i"-hui. 
penurious, tham-lien ; kien-lien; lien-siap; kien-siap; 

people, min; sii-mln; p6h-8^\ people say, cli^ng-n&ng- 

pepper, hdu-chie, 60a;, hdu-chie-k6ng. 
peppermint, pAh-'hb ; p6-hb. essence of, p6h-hb-i{^. 
per cent, ten, peh thiu-ts&p ; ke-it-thiu. twenty, ke-ji- 

perambulate, chia-s{^n ; chiu-li^l ; ki&°-l&i ki&'-khji. 
perceive , kak ; hidu ; hidu - ng5 ; kak - ngd ; thdr-ki". 

organs of perception, chhit-kh6ng ; chhit-khiku. 
perch, to, chhi ; chhi-aiii ; hiah. Jowls, koi chie''-ti&u ; koi- 


perdition, tlm-lAn. 

peremptory, clihe"-iige; nge-tia"; t^k-tAk 

perfeCu, tclndan; chiu-tahiian ; sdug-tshiian ; ts&p-tsMan; 

u&n-tshiian ; sdn-tsh^an. perfectly good, tshiian-hd. do 

a thing perfectly , tab - Bji 1" - miia"; tab - su u&n - miia". 

understand perfectly, ludu-kku-thku ; thitng-8]}« 
perfidious, sit-sin; put-tong; pue-ngi. 
perforate , tshfig - khang ; tsfig - khang ; tail - khang . 

perforated with many holes, tsii-khang ; tshan-tshan. 
perform, tab ; ki4". one's duty, chin-pAg-hun. 
perftime, hie*"; phang. perfumes, hie°-liau; hue-lou-taiii. 
perhaps, hAk-chid; ki"-ai; pa-lak; h6k-u h6k-b6 ; b6- 


perilous, see dangerous. 

period, al-hau; taoih; taoih-hau. 

perish, biiang ; af-bikng ; mlt-biiang ; tim-biiang ; pi- 

mia"; al; tlm-lAn. 
perjure, chlil-k^-taua. 
permanent, tadng-kii-a ; kd-tah^Ui; kii-kii-t5. 

permiti see allow. 


pernicious, ll-hai; h&i-sij. 

perpendicular, khia-tit; tlt-khia; tlt-16h; khia-chi^". 

perpetual, kd-t% ; chhi4ng-kii ; midn-uan ; chhi&ng-uan ; 

i6ng-kii ; i6ng-i^n ; 8i6"-tshAn ; si6"-u ; i6ng-tshAn ; tshAn- 

Iku ; put-mAt. 
perplexed, kiau-jidu ; aie-hun ; hun-ts&p ; thiA-thA : chln- 

th6 lidng-l4n ; chin-chin th6-th6 ; sie" m-pat-t6-khA. 
perquisites, kui-li-ngAn; kua"-kui; kui-kii. 
persecute, khAn-t6k; ham-hai. 
persevere, u-si6"-sim; b5i-8it-16h 8i6°-8im; sf-tsong zA-it. 

persimmon, sai; 4ng-sai; chhe'-sai. 

persist, phien-phien ki"-ts6; ng§-nge-^". 

person, a, ch&k-6i; ch&k-n&ng. in, pAg-sin; chhin; 

chhin-sin; ka-ki. about one^s, flin-chie". 
perspicuous, hun-mdng ; thJtu-thiet ; thong-thiet ; mfing- 

p&h ;^ mdng-mdng ; ^ koi-thia". 
perspiration, kua". had BmelUng, of hand or foot, 

kha-si^h; chhiA-fli6h, cold, chhin-kua^ to absorb, s6- 

kua°; ts^i-kua^ bad smell of, kua"-8ng; tsh^u-kua"-8ng. 

to encourage, huat-kua''; piau-kua'' {by vxirm drink or 

medicine) ; hip-kua° (6y vxirrA covering), perspire, lAu- 

kua"; tshut-kua". 
persuade, khAg; khftg-k6i. 
pertain, to, 86k; u-kan-siap. 

pertinacious, kti-chip; chip-nte; chip-i; kau-tl". 
pervade, chiu-liA; pin-kia''; thau— tshut; thau-thiet; 8i- 

t8hA-kau; thong. 
perverse, kuai-phiah ; k6h - phiah ; hAe°-ng£k ; ng6u- 


pestilence, un-mAt. 
pestle, tAi. 

petal, hue-hah; hue-phi^n. 

petition, pin; pln-khiA; jlp-pfn; jlp-tia". a, pln-thiap; 

pln-sA; tia"; tia"-pln. 
petticoat, kAn. wear, hi-kAn. waistband of, kAn-t5a. 
pettifogger, 8dng-kAn; kuang-kAn; Uu-kia". 
petty, 86i ; si^. affair, 8i^-kh6 kai-8U. 
peWLer, siah. articles, siah-khi^ to work in, phah-8iah. 
pharmacy, chi-i&h kai-huap. 
pheasant, 8ua°-koi; thi-koi. 

phenomena, of the heavens, thi"-8iang ; thien-siang. 
philanthropy, jin-tek; kia"-jln-tek. 


philology, kdng-kid bAn-jL 

philosophy, tau. philoaopher, khi6ng-ll kek-muSh-su. 

phlegm, th&m ; th£m-nua . cough up^ khak-th&m. spit 

out, phiii-th&m, remove, khfi-tMm; siau-th&m; stla°- 

thSim ; t(i-th&m ; tui-th&m. phlegmatic, s^° man. 
phCBnix, hdng-chi^u; 
photograph, to take a, hoh-si^". 
phrase, ch&k-kil-ue ; ue-kti. common, pin-chi^'-gii ; khiu- 

th^u-ffii ; pin-thku-gii. hook, tsu-kii. 
physician, ui-seng; sin-se'; ts6-ui sin-se"; lai-khue sin- 

se"; ui-lai-ti. 
physiogfnomy, n&ng-min; i6ng-mau"; min-ie"; ie'^-sife"; 

sikng-mau". fortune-telling hy, si^'-mia". 
piano, khlm. 
pick, out, t6h; siian-t6L up, khi^h— khl; khiSh— khl« 

\ki ; khieh— tiih (find), fruit, flowers, dc, tiah. tJie teeth, 

thak-khl ; kiah-Khi. tne ears, kau-hf ; kiah-hf . 
pick-axe, ktian-si&i. 

pickle, to, chlm-tshbu; thim-tshbu ; Idu-ki&m. 
pickles, sng-tsh^i; 8ng-kiie°; ki&m-tsh^L 
pickpocket, chi^n-niii". 
picture, a, chik-pak-uQ ; li$iig't6u{ ang^kii"; ch^k^pak 

sua"-ts^L one's picture, hi-ein; Bidu-ngill; gi^u-id^ to 

take one's pictui^, ue-hl-sliL frame, kia'^^khuaiig. 
piebald, poi'^-oek ; poi"-t3Wi ; hueJonc. 
piece, k6; phi^n; phit (cloth); pnien (composition)* 

jnece-goods, pbu-phit. piecemeal, tshiii-tshtli, 
pier-glass, clu^-sin-ki^"; tshiian-sin p6-kik^ 
pierce, tshfig; tsfig (vnth horing instrument). 
piety, kfeng-ili sln-mdng (idolatrous) ; sfing-kfeng. fiiial, 

h^u ; ki4'-h^u ; hku-sun pe-b6 ; bau-k^ng pe-b6. 
pig, tu. pig-tail, see qubjub, 
pigeon, htin-chidu, 
piffiny, n4ng 6i-s6i. 

piKe, chhiAng-chhie". staff, chhie'-ko; tek-ko-s6ng. 
pile, up, thii-klil-iai ; kih-khl-iai ; Idi; tun; thih; tu. 

piled up, t^ng-tdng thih-thih. 
piles, thi; thi-tshng. external, gua-thi, internal, lai- 

thL to have, 8e"-tm. 
pilfer, thau-khi&h ; tshii-hb ; tshii-clihiap. pilferer, tsh&t- 

kid"; t8hTi-t8h&t-kii^ 

pilgrim, kh{(-hfig-lou pki-sin. 


pill, ifih-f. 

pillage, phah-kiap; chhid°-kiap. 

pillar, thiau. 

pillow, chlm-th&u. box used for, chlm-lMa'Bie". 

pilot, tshua-tsiU; in-toi!in; tshuartsiin* 

pimp, u-kui toa-piL 

pimple, n6k-thi4u. 

pin, tsam-tsAg. ivory hair pin^ gd-tsam. bone^ kut-tsam. 

pincers, thih-khf ; thih-kl°; niap-kid*'; nih^-kid'; kiap-kid"; 

koih-kii". crab's, h5i-tda-kha. 
pinch, nih'; nueh; likm; tsiin (twist), of snuff, cli^k- 

nueh phf -hun. 
pine, tree, sdng-peh-chhiu ; sam. -apple, haan-lfi*L pine- 

apple cloth, po-16-mAa"; po-16-fle. 
pinnacle, of tower, thah-chiam; thah-biie. qf house, tshii- 

pipe, t4ng ; kikig ; Biau. How a, tshue-siau. tchaccco or 

opium, bun-rtADgr 

pirate^ bil-t^t. 

pistol, chhid-chh^ng ; t6-<^bli%iig. 

pistil, Iiue-chhiu. 

pit, khe*; ch^; khut; bSm. pitfall, tbdu-ham; ham-klie". 

of stomach, koi-tshtd-khia ; ts&^uh-klUliL 
pitch, fidBg-hieM{i. 

pitch, a tent, nd° {or, tab )-p6u-^&ng. a camp, tabkng'^\ 
pitcher, tadi-ku&u; tstii-pkiL 
pith, chhiu-sim; tshiu-sim. 
pitted, with smaU-pox, m&i j)oi%poi", 
pity, kh6-lidn ; lida-uii^n ; tbi^'^^Biawg ; kbdosdang, pitiable, 

kh6-lidn ; kh^-sieh ; chhi<-tBh^» piteous, tsh^bn ; kh6u ; 

ai-tshdm ; pui-aL pitiless, thih-chiSh sim-kua°. what a 

pity ! kh6-£ieh ! 
pivot, khii. of door, mAg-khii. of scissors, ka-to-ng^n. 
placable, khuan-jit!k; khiiaii-hiia ; un-jii!l. 
placard, thiap ; k6-si ; pih-tbAu-thiap (anonymmts and 

abusive) ; b6-th4u-thiap (%d.). offering reward, sid'^-thiap. 
place , tshii ; ti-hng ; tu-tsh^ ; 86-ts3.i ; ti-tii ; k6, give, 

{'iang-ui ; tho-Cd ; tho-jiAng. in thefvrst, khi-it ; t6i"-it - 
da"; t6i"-it-hang. go from place to place, khuan-lM khuan- 
kbii ; miia°-k6'-ki& . 

placenta, ui; tho-ui. 

placid, sim phdng, khi hiia ; tshdng-idng. 


plagiarism, thau-fiii p&t-n&ng-bdn. 

pla^e, UQ-mi!it; si-leng. 

plain, level f ph^ng; p6"; ph6ng-ngAan; p6*-tl. clear^ 

mdng; m^ng-p^lL drnple, liu-St; phok-fiit; chieli-phok ; 

phok-sti. speaking, tlt'ti" bd-pau-tsMng, 
plidntiff, nghan-k6« 

plaintive, pulnil 

plait, pf ; phah-pf. the queue^ P^^'Pi"; siu-pi*. in cloth, 
kdi"; chih-kdi"; khieh-k6i". 

plan, huang-hnap; huap-tsat; hnap-tfiu; kbi-d^heh; k6i- 
m6ng ; k6i-sAt ; huap-sek ; huap-thi&". for a building^ 
tshh-k^k ; tshtL-ie^ to plan , sie -sim-si} ; gi£t-k6i ; slet - 
huap. an essay, mdng-phien ; thiSu-L a rebellion, mdng- 
hudn. the best plan is to.,,, put-zii...* to hit the right , 

plane, a, thiu ; thiu-to. bead, siia'^-tliiu. gouge, oan-thiu. 
sash, lid-thiu. to, thiu-pfi"; thiu-kng-kAt mavingsfrom 
a, tsh^-phiie-thiu* 

planets, ngdu-chhe". 

plank, a, ch4k-k6-pang ; b&k-p6i"; sam-pdi'; tsM-piSi". 
plant, to, ch5ng. pxints, tsh^u-b^; bue-b&k. plant 

out rice, pbu-tsn&iL 
plantain, keng-chie. see bunch. 
plaster, hue ; bu6-^i^ to philter a waU, kuah-hue ; pbiak- 

bue; li&m-hue. medical, ko-iih. 
plate, piia''; iU-tih ; tib ; tib-kid^ to plate, with gold, Uu* 

kirn; ts^-kim; tab-kiro; pau-kim. 
platform, th4i; thfti-koh; s^i-pd''; pd**; pbA-tAa", 
play, flAg ; Bie-sAg. th^ flute, tsbue-t^k. the organ^ t6a"- 

khim; th&n-khlm. the fddle, kA-bl". chess, teb-kl, 

cards, phab-tsiia-p&L ball, that-kiii; pbab-kid. play 

day, thit-th6-jlt. plaything, tbit-tbd-muAb. 
play, a, bl, ax^t a, ts6-bL actor, bi*kieb ; bl^kii^ an act 

of a, cbik-tsbut-bL looTc at, thi^f- bt engage, cbbid"-bl. 

stage for, bi-tb&i (permanent) ; bl-p6" (temporary). 
plead^ kbiii; kbdn-kbid; kob-16; sueb-cbbSng. 
pleasant, tsbti-bi ; sdng-kbilai. weather, tbi"-sl b6 ; tbi"- 

kbi b6. passa^ge, sun-buang. / wish you a pleasant 

journey, cb&k-lou pbdng-an. to hear, sun-bl". 
please, cbbid". cw you please, sAi-tsai-lii ; tbSi-lii tsii- 

i ; iA-lii ; jlm-lii ; sAi-pien. please anyone, zA i-k&i-i ; 

zu&t i-k4i-L difficult to, t5-tbL the palate^ b&b-cbi&b ; 


suah-tshiii ; sudng-kh^u ; zu&t-kMu ; sek-khdu. 
pleasure, hua"-m; hl-lik; khuki-lik; sek-chhSng. 

man of^ hJtu"-huaDg-liA. 
pledge, ^n; tfig; chieh-tig; tig-tMu; kn-tig. horraw 

on a, kn-chieh. 

plenipotentiary, tshu4n-khu&n. 

plenty, tsok ; kku ; tsoi ; miia"; ke-ke ; hong-seng ; hong- 

miia . 
pliable, sfe"-chhdng jiA ; koi i&u-t6ng ; aim m-kien-kii ; sfd- 

huang khl-t6 ; phA-tlm s{d-s6k. 
plighted, siang-ieh— ktie. 
plot, k6i-m6ng; km-k6i; km-m6ng. to plot rebellion^ 

mdng-hdan. to he in a plot^ tshtian-t^ng ; tshilan-h&h ; 

tshiian-thong ; phah-tshiian. 
plough, 16i. -share, 16i-th4u, handle, 16i-biie. to plough, 

16i-tshd,n; sdi-16i; a&i-gt. 
pluck, flowers, tiah-hue; tshii-hue; likm-hue; d-ki- 

hue. up, p6ih; p6ih-khl. out, p6ih-tshut; thiu-tshut; 

mdn-tiau. one hy the sleeve, tiii; tiiiu 
plug, a hole, sat-khang ; that-khang. 

plum, It 

plumb, line, ph6ng-t6; tui-td. 

plunm, pAi; pAi-ph6; pAi-ltln; ph6-phb; phb-toa; lu-lu. 

plunder, chhi^"; cnhid'^^kiap ; lu-chhid"; khi4ng-clihi^°; nge- 

chhi^". at afire, chhid''-hde-sdi. nven who do so , hSe- 

chidu. a man of his clothing, pak-ko-kiie. 
Pluto, ngi^m-16-u&ng ; ngi&m-kun; ngidm-ld thien-tsiS. 
pock-mark, poi"; mm poi". 
pocket, t6; sa"-t6; hd-pau; ie-t5u (fastened round the 

middle) ; ie-phin (hung at side), to foul out of the, chhfeng- 

to. to searcn, chhiim-tshue ; t6-t6i siau-tshue ; piie-tshue ; 

pod, tau-khoih. 
poem, si. a, chik-siii-si ; ch&k-phien*si. to compose a, ts6- 

si. poet, si-ong; si-jin; si-kheh; tshfii-tsii. 
point, chiam ; nong ; biie ; tshtli. cut to a, phoi-chiam ; 

siah-chiam. of a hnife, to-diiam ; to-hong ; to-biie. point- 
ed, chiam-chiam. 
point, to, chl ; kl ; kl-th6i"; chl-tia"; kl-tia°, a hook, tiim- 

tsu ; tidm-tsu-chheh. out an error, chi-ml°; kl-phiia. 
poison, tAk ; tik-i^h. to, 16h-tAk-i6h ; i6h-sl-ii4iig. fish, 

i6h-h(]^ calculated to prove fatal in a certain time, hSn-i^h. 


poker, hiie-chhe. 

pole, for carrying^ phoi-ta°; p6°-ta"; khat-ta"; chiam-ta"; 

tek-thAi (bamboo), long bamboo^ tek-ko. to pole a boat, 

pole, North, Pak-k^k. star, pak-sln, 
polecat, hdu-l&i-ngiau ; tshku-ngiau. 
police, chhe-hiih ; ngAan-chhe ; a-ts6ng ; pan-th3,u, 
polish, bAa-kng; chhiti-kng. polished, kng-kAt. 
polite, hiiu-H; u-16i-mau'*; u-16i-ngl; u-16i. as phrase, 

bftn-ngid. to fail in politeness, sit-16i, 
politics, kok-chfeng; ch&ng-su. 
pollen, hue-hiin. 
pollute, mak— ti^h nah-sap; u-jidm; jidm-u; jidm—ti^h 

nah-sap; u-iie~ti6h. 
polypus, in the nose, plif -l§ng ; phi'-tsAa. 
pomatum, hiang-iA ; Duah-th4u-iA ; td-lA ; 16iig-lue"-iA, 

pomegranate, siih-lift. 

pomp, hiian-hua; idng-h{^a; i6ng-kiii. 

pond, tl. for fish, hft-tl. 

ponder, t6u-lai-sie"; km-che"-sie°; che°-sie°; mit-sie"; tlm- 

ngim ; tim-8« che'-sie"; chim-chiak. 
pony, b^; s6i-chiah-bd 
pool, khut; tl 
poop, of ship, tsAn-biie-lSrU. 
poor, phln; khidng; k§ng; khiau ; b6-clil"; phln-khi6ng; 

khiau-k§ng. to Kelp the poor, chln-chi phln-khi6ng. m 

spirit, hu-sim. poorhouse, phdu-chi-f. 
poppy, eng-chhek-hue. pods, eng-chhek-khak. 
populace, sii-min; peh-86°. popular, sAk; tong-th3,u; 

sl-ki4°; hih-sl-chfeng. 
population, n&ng-teng. what is the? jiSh-tsoi hiie-ts^u ? 

pig-hie" n4ng-mu^h jiSh-tsoi? kiii-ti nS,ng-muih ji6h- 

tsoi ? populous, nSmg'jnxk&h tsoi ; tsit. 
porcelam, hAi; ji&u-khid; ji^u-khl. 
porch, thap-t6u mAg-14u; li^ng-l&ng. 

porcupine, h6-tu. 

pork, tu-nfik ; tu-bah. fat of, p6h-n6k. lean of, chik°-nSk. 
pores, m6"-kiig-tshiig ; m6°-khang; m6°-kiig-khang. 
porpoise, thAn-hft; p^h-g6u-hft, 

porridge, b&h-kh6h. 

port, kdng-kMu ; pou-tMu. port-holes, ph^u-khang. 
portal, honorary, tfing; tdng-pidu. 


portentous, hiong-tiSn; ku^-L 

porter, p^-mAg; th6f-mfig; wii-mAg; chi^-mftff. car- 
rier of hurdenSf ta'^-kang; ta"-lA,"-naiig ; thiau-nu; ta"- 

portico, mftg-14u. 

portion, hun. what belongs to one's, hfin-tsdi* k&i-mu^h. 

portrait, hl-sln ; si^u-ngid ; sife". to paint, fie-si^"; thAan- 
sin, by photography f hoh-si^°; hon-i^''; hoh-sidu-ngi^. 
painter, ue-si^* 8m-se^ 

Portugal, PhA-th6-gift. 

position, ti-Cd; ui-tshft. 

positive, tukn; tia*"; tukn-tia". 

possess, u. to be possessed, phah - tang ; phah-ki ; I6h- 

sin ; pun-kiii ttie— tiSh ; Bidu-sin— phA ; si^u-ktiL possess^ 

ims, ngi&p ; mAeh-ngi&p ; ke-ngii^ ; k«-s^ ; ke-ton ; stia^ 

ngi&p; mAeh-sda*. 
pOSSiole, t85-tit-I&i ; ISng-tit-tsb k&i-sQ. cmi it be possible ! 

ki"" 1 
post, a, thiSu; khAt. 
post, a Utter, kik-dn. post-office, bAn-tsu-kn^n ; tsu-sln* 

ku^. -station , i&k«ka^ ; i&h-tsftm ; kn^n-i&h. -runner , 

bd-sin; ishoi' AiA>6; todn-btn-tsQ ; tl-bAn-tra. 
posterity, au ; &ii«I ; kid*-cnm ; Su-to. descend to, tbu&n- 

pun Su-I ; thndrn-pnn Sn^ptie. 
posthumous, child, z&i-pak-kii*. 
postpone, l&n-man; chhi-man. 
pot, for cooking, tihi^piiah; ehien^pnah; cbien-pAa*; ue 

( deeper ) ; ftna^tie ; »e"-ue ( iron ). flower, yum ; hue - 

puak. water, ku^ ; tstii-kuiui ; teiii-kng, chamber, hd ; 

md"-hA ; jie-M. lid, khitm ; kha ; khbi . 

potash, ki'. 

potato, Ii6-lan*to^ sweet, huan-ts^; huan-kuab ; ti-kue. 
pot-bellied, toa-t6u-thing ; tda-t6u-lak ; t<Sa kuai-kuaL 
potter, tab-bAi 8ai-pg. pottery, bti-kbi ; tshou - hAi. a 

pottery, bAi-i6. 
pouch, 14ng; to; ie-t5u. 
poultice, to put on, tab-png-li&p. linseed, tab mAa'«-cbi« 

poultry, koi-ab. 

pounce, on chicken, as hawk, Iidu«eng-p6 tika-^koiokii\ 
pound, Chinese, k^n. English, pOBg« 
pound, to, cbeng ; t4L 


pour, out^ t6 ; t6-tiau ( as useless ). tea^ sai-t6. wine, 
sai-chiii. in, t6— 16h-khii. as dovm the throaty ktian. 

pout, tshiii khiku-khiku ; tshdi tu-tu. 

powder, hdn. cosmetic^ tsiii-hiin ; sang-hiin ; in-cfal-hi'm ; 
toa-p6h-hdn. use this , buah-hiin. medicinal , i^h-siia"; 
i6h-buih. gun-powder, hiie-i&h ; chh^ng-i6h. horn, gA - 
kak-tS,ng . to powder by grinding, ng6i -bu&h ; lAi-iti". 

power, khillan; khi!^an-16ng ; khi!^an-Bl; khiHan-l^t; khilian- 
pfe" ; 16ng-lit ; si-lit ; si-thAu ; tsh4i-l§ng. to be in his 
power , t6 i chhiii - e ; t6 i chhiii - aim - t6i ; t6 i kiian - e. 
powerful, u-khAan; u-khi-lit. powerless, b6-lit; b6- 
khil^an ; b6-ta-u&. powerless against any one, b6-ta i-ud ; 
b6-nai' i-h6 ; si-lit put-tek. 

pox, chicken, tsdi-tsu ; tsiii-tau. smcUl-, tshut-tsu ; siu-a- 
nid"; siin-tsdi ; thien-hue. inoculate for, pAn - tsu (by the 
nostrils ). vaccinate for , ch^ng-tsu ; ch^ng-tau ; chfeng-ifi"- 
tau. scab of, tsu-phl. pock-marked, poi". 

practice, sip-lien; hik-sip; lien-sip; kii"-Ai. 

praise, 0-I6 ; chheng-tsin ; tsJin-miii"; s5ng-mtir. 

prance, thiiu ; pMu ; ph^u-lii ph^u-khA. 

prattle, n6ur"-kid°-ue ; chr-ue ; bA-keng-l^h kii*ue. 

prawn, h§. very small, dried, h6-bl. 

pray, khl-tiu; tdu-kiu; khi-khiA ; khlA; tiu-khiA; khl - 
mo"; tdu-tsok ; kbl-tsok. a written prayer, khl-tdu-bAn . 
repeat prayers, liam-keng. book of prayers , keng-chheh. 

preach, kdng-tau ; k^ng-tSlu-lf ; thAan-tfiu ; lun-tS.u ; lijn - 
k^g ; king-sueh ; sueh-tsu ; king-mSng to-ll. the Gos- 
pel, suang-thAan hok-im ; suang-mdng hok-im-tSlu. 

precarious, m-iin-tAg; m-thfing-tig ; m-th6-ting; m- 

precaution, u-pl; fi-hAang; hAang-lfi; hAang-fl. 

precede, soi"; soi'-ki4"; thiku-thut. 

precept, kii; kii-meng; meng-lens; tiiu-li; k^-si. 

precious, p6 ; p6-piie ; kiii-kU ; kui-t6ng ; tien-tong. 

precipice, sua" kia ; kia-sik ; sua"-khim ; kia-hidm. 

precipitate, m^ng - kip ; huang-ming kip-chhiet. 

precipitate, to, l^ng-puih. oneself tsii-thiiu. 

precisely, tid-tili ; chiJi"-chiJt"; tA-td ; b6-tsh6. 

precocious, siiu-ni" Idu-sfing ; nl" siiu, tshii kau. 

precursor, soi"-khu; ts6r-khu. 

predict, a-nein; u-sor-tJi"; th4u-soi"-tk". 

pre-eminenu, tshut-ch^ng ; thiku-khAn ; tshut-lui ; tshut - 
tholi; kiie-ning. 


preface, su ; 8U-thS,u ; sidu-ln. 

prefect, ti-hii ; hii-thai-i^ ; hii-hi^n. prefecture, hii. 

prefer, kfeng-hku"; zii-k^ng hua"-hi. I prefer Suxitoiv to 
Shanghai, li-khl (or, pi ) khia-khf Siang-hdi u4 16ng-ts?) 
( or, ISng-nguan ) khia-khi Sila"-th&u. do you ^^r^/^^y 
living in Simtow or in Shanghai f li\ si khia - kill Siia" - 
thdu-h6, a-8i khia-khl Siang-hdi— h6 ? 

pregnant, u-sin-hun ; u-tho ; u-eng ; u-a-n6u"; husli-tho ; 
u-l&k-kah ; u-hi-su. 

prejudice, i-kifen phien-su ; chip-it ; chip-thl. to my pre- 
judice, \x& chi&h-khui ; ud siu-khui. 

premature, bue-s6k ; sl-hau bue-kJtu ; khah-soi"; khah-tsd. 
hirth, chr-gu6h se"; bue-tsok-gu^h se"; pila"-8iia" (aboi'tionj, 

premeditate, 8oi"-phe"-phah ; u-sie". premeditated, ku-i. 

premier, tsdi-si^ng. 
premium, si6"; khku-8i^\ 

prepare, u-pl ; pi-phoi"; an-p&i ; tta*-p4i ; siu-slp. prepared, 
t86i-pi ; chhi-pi ; ishu&n-pi ; pTn-chii". 

presag'e, u-tiSLu ; tiau-tMu ; ki-tiSu. felicitous, siang-sui ; 
kit-tiau ; sui-khi. 

prescription, i^h-hng; ifih-toa". prescinbe, khui-hng. 

presence, in one's, t6-min-ts6i"; tng-miD. of mind, leng- 
kifeng-pi^n; Idng-u&h ; 8oi°-kak; u-kip-ti. of the emperor, 

present, 16i-mueh ; chi-ki"; we-sStng. to give as a, sh,ng. 

present, to, at couH, In-kr. to pi^esent tribute, chln-kbng. 

present, time, hm-kim ; hin-tsai ; tshii-tsai ; chl-hfic ; 
ngdn-ts6i° ; ngAn-tsai-kim ; chi-tsAn ; hin-jidn. dynasty, 
p6g-chhi4u. / will come presently, \x& chiu-lAi. 

presentiment, sim-ki ; sim-tang ki-tiau ; iltm-tiau. 

preserve, p6 ; p6-tshAan ; p6-tsh6n ; tshfin. her xiHue, 
as widow remaining unmarried, p<5-siii tshAan-tsat ; siii- 
tsat. in^esei^^es, thAg-kiSe"; bit-cbim ; tiglm-ko. 

preside, over, kdan-ll; keng-kdan. president of hoard, 

press, to, teh ; teh-sit ; kui. to urge, tshui ; tshui-pek. 
matter from a boil, liti-lAn^; liu-thfie. a press, kui. 
hook-binder's, chheh-kui. ^nn^/wgr, in-chheh-kui. press- 
ed by circumstances, khi6ng - kip. pressing, kln-kln ; 
kln-chhiet; kip-chhiet; pek-chhiet. 

presti^i li^n ; thl-miu ; si-min. to lose, sit-H^n ; s&,u-lien. 

presume, kd°; tsfl-tsuan. presumptuous, toa-tsd toa-i. 


/ would not presume, m-ki"; ts6-kd"-tng ? h6-kd"-tng ? 

tsft-kit"? khf-kd"? 
pretend, not to know a thing, tho - m - tsai ; tfe"- m - tsai ; 

tsuang-h6-th6. to be cleaj] te"-ts6 hi" lang ; tsuang-ts^ 

hi" lilng ; k^-ts6 hi" liing. pretender, ke-kha k^-ehhiii ; 

ngui-phifen. pretend friendliness while plotting an in- 
jury, tshiii t6-ti!t°-ue kha to-koih ou-cheng. 
pretext, chia-kti ; chia-si ; chieh-si ; chieh-tuan ; chieh- 

pretty, h6-th6i"; ngid ; zA ; chhitiu-kfe ; pidu-chi. good, 

oi-tsb-tit ; kh6-i"; hoh-h6 ; u— pan-b6. 
prevail, id", prevailing, miia"-tshil-u. 
prevaricate, chiau-sa" m6"-sl ; ts6i" sa", au si ; td"-ue m- 

prevent, ts6-chf ; n6a"-chf ; nAa°-ts6 ; n6a"-t8u ; ts6-keh ; 

ts6-khie. one from speaking, b6 i khui-tshtii. one front 

entering, b6-i-jlp. trouble, mi^ii-hua ; mi^n ti-k^u kan- 

kh6u. falling, mii"-puih-16h, 
previously, soi"; fl-eoi\ 
price, kfe ; k^-chi". current, el-kfe. i^eal, eit-kfe. high, 

kiii-kfe ; k6i"-kfe ; kau-kfe. rising, chie"- kfe ; chidng-ke. 

falling, lAh-k6 ; tiit - kfe. fixed, put-zu-kfe ; b6-n6 -ke. 

to ask, mng-kfe. to estimate, k6u-ke ; k6u ji6h-tsoi-chi". 

trait fai* rise in, thai-k^. priceless, b6-k^-p6. 
prick, to, tshfig ; chhiah. by a thorn, chhiah-ti^h-chhl. 
prickly, pear, 8ien-pa-chi6*. heat, piii ; zuih-piii ; ptii ka. 
pride, kiau-nffdu ; tsfl-toa ; tsu-tsun. 
priest, BudcUiist , hAe - sie". Tauist , tau-su ; sai - kong. 

in the Scriptui^s , chi-si. R. Catholic, sln-hii. priestess, 

hfle-8ie"-ph6a. priesthood, hit-ke. to enter it, tshut-ke. 
prime , toi"-it ; chi-h6 ; sidng-t^ng ; t^ng-h6 ; gidng-hd ; 

a- it. cost, ngudn-kfe. minister, tsdi-sidng. 
prince, thdi-tsii ( heir apparent ) ; udng-t8i\ ; chhin-udng ; 

kuD. princess, koDg-tsii. princes, udng-chhin kok-chhek. 
principal, cbi^"; thdu ; u^dn ; tsii ; piig. ivife, chid"- 

ohhi ; tshdu-thdu. principally, tdi-khdi ; tdi-iak ; tai-si. 
principle, U ; tdu - 11 ; to - 11 ; chhdng ' If ; ndng - chhdng 

niueh-li. discuss the p. of a thing, tshui-ll ; chi^-lf tshui- 

print, in ; in - chheh ; in - tsu. pinnting blocks, in - p6i". 

types, udh-ji-p6i". printing-house, tsu-hng. 
prison, kam ; kam-g6k ; 16-gek ; kam-kudn ; kudn. pu^ 


tn, kim-kam ; siu-kam. get out of^ tshut-kam. jyrisoner^ 

kam-hu§Lm; huam-jln; siu-kam. of war ^ pi-lA ; pi-li&h. 
private, su ; sai ; sai-e ; sai-khia-e. privately y ^m-che°; 

sai-e ; bit-bit ; tin-bit ; lin-tshing. private conversation, 

kau-thiu chiap-gd. 
privy, a, tang-si ; chh^-kng ; chh^ - ti ; khe"-chhfe ; hik ; 

chh^-hik. to empty out , phah - tshou ; i^ - ptin. 
privy, council, lai-koh hik-su. 
prize, 8i^"-mAeh. to, th6i"-t6ng; kW-t5ng. 
probable, kh6-sin ; poih-sii"-chin ; u-8ie°-thiu. prohahly, 

iak-liang ; pa-lak (of something hoped for). 
probe, a, ngftn-chim ; ngftn - tsam ; thkm - tsam ; tham - 

ling-tsain. to, thim. 
proboscis, of elephant, chhie"-phi". 
proceed, to, chin - ts6i°; t86i°-chin ; khi!i. from, tshut ; 

tshdng-tshut. pi^oceeding, ki4"-8u. procession (idohUroiis), 

ii°-sln sJti-hue. 
proclaim, tbAan; suang - thillan ; pda-iing; kdang-pd; 

hiiu-zu. proclamation, k6-si. isstie a, tshut-kb-sL im- 

perial, Ag-tln ; Ag-chi4 ; kia'-chi6 ; chiku-bAn. 
procrastinate, chhl-man; tam-koh; thid-thii; tM- 

procure, . tit-ti^h. procuress, khan-thiu-phiia. 
prodigal, in expenditure, hua-hiii; chhia-chhf; chhia- 

hua. a, chhia-lm. son, phila-ke-kid*; l£ng-t&ng-t8ii. 
prodigy* khi-I k&i-s\j; kuki-I; khi-kuki; kuki-muSh. 
produce, se*; huat; tshut. productions, th6u-Btia^ 
pro&ne, siet-tAk ; khin-bfian sin-mdng. 
profess, m^^g-jiIL to he anything, tsb-iin. 
profession, su-ngiip. literary, hik-ngiap. medical, ui- 

ngiip; ui-ke. pr(fessor, hik-B^; phak-Bu; mi&'-sii. 
proffer, tsun-hSng. 

profile, piia"-p6i*-min ; ngdu-hun-min ; ptia"-min-sife'. 
proficient, chin-ts6i"; B^k; lien-s&k. 
profit, ll; ll-sek; iah; ll-iah. obtain, tit-ll; thkn; u- 

profiigate, hilang-tftng; htlang-tsbng ; bd-tsat-tou. 
profound, chhim; chhim-ku; ku-biau; miii"-ku; chhim- 

profiise, in eapenditure, see prodigal, in promises, 

mda'-tshiii In-slng. 
progenitor, soi"-t^u; ts6u-tsong; tsdu-kong. 


prog^OSticatOi pok-khtie ; chiam-khiie. 
progress, chin-tsdi"; chln-pou ; chi^ng-chln. daily pro- 
gress, ch^k-jit ki"-jlt-chin. 
prohibit^ Wm; kim-cU; klm-kkl 
prolix, t^"-ue lo-so ; khah-tsoi ue-phAe ; ue se"- ki-hi^h ; 

prolong, a period, khuan-hSn; khuan-m3.n. 
promiscuous, tsh^m-ts^p ; hun-ts&p ; tshap-ts&p. 
promise, ^ng-hii ; In-sSng ; in-n&p ; ieh-tia°; hii ; sof-hi^ 

to fulfil, chi^n-ieh ; zA-ieh ; chiJn-ng&n. break, chiih- 

ng&n; sit-ieh; siiang-ieh. 
promotion, seng-kua**; kau-seng ; kia-hong ; kia-khip ; 

seng-khip; kia-kua" chiii-16k. 
prompt, m^ ; khde ; thi-thuat ; i6ng-kuat ; ehiap-kuat. 

to, thl-chh^; kek-chikng ; kk-^so (to a quarrel). 
pronounce, tk". badly, ji-ngin hftm-hA; tk"-ue k&m- 

k6u ; tJt"-ue m-chi^". weU, t4"-ue p^h ; ji-ji hun-mfing ; 

ji-jihin. difficult to, oh-^u; d-m-tiig. sentence, tia"- 

tsue; ngf-tsQe; tiian-tia" sl-mih-tsue. 
proof, p6ng-kg ; ph^Dg-kft. printer's, k6. 
prop, tiS. a mm, tti-chhi6'. up, th^"-kAi'. 
proper , hih-ngt ; hih-Eek ; eng-kai ; pAg-t^ng ; ti^h ; 

cbia"; ttii. 
property, ngi&p ; mu^h-ngiip ; ke-tsu ; ke-su ; ke-tsMi ; 

ke-ngi&p; ke-siia"; 8i!ia''-ngiAp. of a thing, s^". 
prophet, soi'- teai-n&Dg. to prophesy (predict), u-ng3,n ; 

soi'-tJt" t5-t«di"; 8oi"-tk' bue-l^i kfl.i-8u. 
propitiate, sek-n^u ; chl-ndu ; s6k-tsiie ; khiCl-gik. 
propitious, sun; kit omen, kit-tiSu. 
proportion {in arithmetic), pf^lt in proportion to their 

number, claih i k&i n&ng-siku 14i-thua". proportionally, 

chi&'thua'; koDg'thua'; chi^-An; chife-tou. 
propose, thln-ngftn ; thln-sueh ; hifen-kbi ; hifen-chheh. 

for consideration, kii-ngl; kii-khl; thl-khl. 
propriety, If-ngl ; 16i-ngl; 16i-Biku. contixtry to, m-h&h 

If-ugi ; m-h&h*8ek. 
prosecute, k6; k6-song; k6-tefig. prosecutor, ngAan- 

k6; ngAan-ti^'. as representing another, ph6-k6. 
prospect, kuang-k^ng; k^ng-ti. 
prosper, heng-uSng; heng-seng; uSLng-si^Bg. prosperity, 

buannsg li-tat ; kak-su zA-i ; Mh-sie ; sAi-i ; zA-nguan. 


prostrate, phak-t6-th6u. ceremony of prostration , khku- 

thau ; kli^p-thtlu. 
prostitute, ki-ung ; chhiaug-ki ; Uu-kii ; Idu-ki ; a-che ; 

protect, p6 ; p6-iu ; pl-iu ; p6-ho ; p6-pi ; pi-im. 
protuberant, th6u-tshut ; tsui ; tsui-tshiit. 
proud, kiau-iigau ; kiau-thili. jlesh, iVnek. 
prove, peng-cheng ; ch^ug-slt ; chieh-chfeng ; tui-chfeng. 
proverb, s6k-gu; pin-chia"-ku. Book of Proverbs yQ)imi-i\gkx\. 
provide, u-pi; pi-pin; pi-phoi"; u-pin ; ku-pi. %vith, 

keng-kip ; kip-pun. against, thi-liu4ng ; huang-u ; u- 

provident, si^-sim ; 8oi"-sie". 
province, a, se". j?y(n://?cm/ citij, sd"-si4". 
provision, in6"-t3bdu ; kan-ui6". for journey, pAa"-ti. 
provoke, kek-khi ; jid-khi ; m-i se"-khl ; tshok-nau"; 

tshok— ti6h-i ndu"- khi ; thie-ndu". to fight, thok-chi^n ; 

kek-chieu ; kek-chiSing ; kek-li ; thie-chi^n. 
prudence, kieu-sek ; 6i - pbe°- phah ; 6i-tlii4u-u^h ; kau- 

meug ; luat-lt\h. 
prune, to, tsdm-chhiu-ki ; phoi-chhiu-ki. 
r^russia, Po-16-su ; Tai-Pti-kok. prussian blue, i6"-toi". 
pry, idm-th6i"; tliau-idm ; kui-th^m ; kui-si ; kui-th6i". 
pterygium, mAk-cbiu se"-ft-u6k. 
puberty, sdng-teng ; 86ng-tb6ng ; tsb-toa-n&ng ; chidng- 

toa ; tng-toa. 
public, kong. business, kong-su, the, peb-s^"; cb^ng- 

ii4ng. spirit, kong-sim. j>?^&//c/y, hidn-mfing. 
publish, a book, tii-tsu huat-boi. far and wide, pau- 


pudding, mi"-8^,k. 

pugilist, pbab-kb6n-tb4u ; kb6n-tb&u su-bu {or, sai-pe). 

puH, man ; kbau ; ti'ii ; tbua ; tbua-cbb^ ; la-cbb(5. iqj 
or out, ludn-tiau ; p6ib-tiau ; p6ib-kbf ; p6ih-t8but ; tbiu- 
tsbut. off a coat, tbfig-tiau-sa". apart, peb-kbui ; lib- 
kbui ; tbiab-khui. back, mdn - trig ; tiii-tng. to j^icces, 
tbiab-tiau ; bi'ii"-tiau. ones ears, liSim-bi"; khan-bi"; tiii- 
bi". an oar, k?>-cbid". a punkah, tiii-buang. 

puUey, ka-bik. 

pulp, of fruit, k6e"-cbi-n^k. 

pulse , the , m6b". feel the , meb"; pbah-m^b"; te"-m^b"; 
an-meb"; cbieu-meh"; tb6i"-m^.b". 


pulverize, ng6r-bu4h; 16i-i{i". 

pumelo, ill. 

pumice, stone, phA-chiih ; phjl^-chi/ih. 

pumpkin, kue; p6, 

pump, tsiii-thiu ; tsiSi - kiuh ; tsi\i - thiu - trlng. to inimp 

water, thiu-tsiii. 
punch, a, for dollars, ngiln-tsam. to, t^ng-ho. 
punctual, &ng-khi; i-khi ; zfi-khi ; ehi^-khi ; tiii-klii; 

pung'ent, hiam ; liiih ; hiam-luih. 
punish, Iniit ; heng-hiiit ; phoi"-tsue. sererelt/, ngiam - 

li^ng ; tang-hdng. capital puikishment, si-mia"; tsam - 

th4u. by strangling, kd-si. cutting to j^ieces, Icng-c^lihi ; 

tsbui-si. ivith heavy bamboo , phah-toa-p6i". vnth light 

one, phah-p6i "- kid"; phah-klia-tshng. by slapping on the 

mouth, siak-tsh{ii-ph6i. 
punkah, huang-si". to pull, ti5i-huang. 
pupil, oftlieeye, th6ng-jin ; sien-n&iig. 
pupil, or scholar, hik-seng ; mftg-seng ; tl-tsi\. 
purchase, b6i ; hak ; kien-tl. 
pure, chheug ; chheng-khih ; chheng-kiet ; chbeng-clieng ; 

kiet-chens. silver, tsok-siiV : chengr-tsok : n2:rui-ti kfii". 
purgative, si5t-i6h ; sia-t6u iih ; liang-sia-iAh ; thoug-tui- 

purloin, thau-khi^h. 
purple, phfl-thd-chhe"; tliien-chhe". 
purpose, tsii-i ; i-s(i. j>?/;-^>05e/?/, u-i ; tsliut-to u-1 ; ku- 

i ; tsuaii-tsuan ; tik-tek. 
purse, ngun-to ; h6-pau ; ic-ton. 
pursue, tui ; jiau ; kiia"; tui-kiia"; tui-jiau. 
pus, I'Xug. secreting pvs, pu-IA-ng ; k^lm-klng. 
push, leng. away^ l^ng-khui. over, lung-to ; leng-piiAli. 

in a crowd, sie-chl"; ibng-clii". a boat in the mud, sat- 

tsiin ; oi-tsAii. 
pustule, sie-tshng. 
put, p^ng ; lie ; an-tl ; an-thn. aicay, pang-kluii. away 

a servant, si. by, khiig ; kbfig-bVia. in mind, thi- 

chh^"; that-ehh^"; H&i i kl-tit. in order, pdi-h6 ; siu-slp- 

h6; phou-ti-ho; an-pdi ; siu-sip kui-ui ; siu-slp tsoi - 

chid", into, tsho--16h-kh(i ; jip. on clothes, chheng-sn". 

on a cap, ti-bo. off clothes and cap, thiig-sa" pnk-lK'>. 

out a Jire, phah-kue-htie ; im-khi hue. out a lamp, 


pAn-ktie-teng ; Idu-ktie-teng ; l&u— khf. the hand an^ an- 
chhid; chhid kn— pkug-k6; hua'-chhiti; chhiii teh. to- 
gether, tku ; tku-b^a; h&h-b^a. vpwith, liin; nSi". to 
shamcy khut-n4ng sit-li^n ; peh-phiia min-phiie. 

putchuk, b&k-hie . 

putrid, hu; hu-hiii"; Jtu. 

puttv, th&ng-iA-hue. 

puzzle, a, chhit-khd-t6u. puzzling, hun-tiih-sim ; sie"- m- 
pat tb-khii. 

pjrraniid, thah; kim-ji thah. 


quack, a, tiang46k; kuang-kbn. 
quack, to, ah-sia"; ah-ah-kie. 
quadrant, ni6"-thi"-chhieh {or sextant). 
quadrupeds, tsdu-siii. 
quadruple, si-pue; sl-tdng. 
quagnure, Ikm-thdu ; l^m. 

quau, a, lou-thtin ; li&u-thihi ; ang-tshun. Jight with, phah- 

chidu ; phah-ang-tshun. 
quake, cl^i-tSng. vnth fear, kia' kku-t3-t6ng. 
quality, t^ng; pfn; ho; thie. best, siang-tSng; thiku- 
• t^ng ; it-pfn. second, ji-t^ng ; ji-ho. 
quantity, what ? ji^h-tsoi ? great, tsoi-tsoi ; ke-ke ; toa- 

b6-mu^h. estimate, pan ji^h-tsoi ; k6u ji^h-tsoi. 
quarrel, sic-k; 8e"-ue; u-ue; sie-che'; sie-tu; sie-me'*; 

poh-khtii; si-hui. quarrelsome, lau-^; hku"-se"-8u. 
quarry, chi^h-sua"; phah-chi^h-sua". 
quarter, si-hOn tsu-ch6k. to, pun-tab sl-hun. of an hour, 

chSk-khek a region, ti-hng. 

quartz, p6h-chi^h. 

quash, an affair, teh-tiau ; him-tiau. 

quaver, sia" tie. 

queen, niig-u4ng; u^g-h5u; hufing-hSu. of heaven, 

quell, cheng-hu&t; hu&t-tsh&t; phdng-lu3,n; phSng-ti- 

quench, fire, kib-hiie ; ts4ng-kile-hiie (with water), thirst, 

kdi-khuah ; chf aii ta. 

QUESTION 217. fJ^^iCAh 

question, mng ; poh-mng ; chhd-mfig ; kiti-^nrng ; jiu^Lng- 

mng ; thfeng-mng. and answer ^ mog-tap. 
queue, the^ pi', to plait, P^""Pi"- ^0 comb, 9ili-pt°. cut 

o^y kuah-tiau-pi°. to join, ehiap-pi"; chia^ts^ii^. 
quidk, m^"; khile ; kfn. walk a little m<}re quic^y, Jd&°- 

m^— che. in intdligenoe, tshoag-mdqg ; Idiig-lai. 

quicksilver, tsdi-ng(in. 

quiet, che'; tiam-che"; thi&m-che'. 

quill, m6"-kiig ; g6-in6"-kiig. j?en, ^6-m6"-pit. 

quilt, to, a garment, jlp-mi"; h&ng-niA". 

quinsy, aft-ldng ji^t-.thilL"; l^u thi^; 4u 9e^9ang-n^d. 

quire, ch^k-to-tsiia. 

quit, kh{i; si; aid; khi; li-khui. 

quite, the same , p6*-p6'-ie'. certain , tia"-ti6h. right , 
chiu-sl ; ti^h ; put'tshb ; bdi-ta"; tid-^tii. not ^^ite np 
to, bd-hife'-chie"; bd-hi&'-k^u; tsu&h ae-su. 

quiver, o, chi"-tQ. 

quiver, to, khiu; tbng; tim. with rage, kU k&u .kha 
sih chhid sib. 

quoin, chi". 

quote, (n-tsu; fe-kia' kft-ti^n. 


rabbit, p^h-th6u ; guih-tshd ; chiih-tshi|. 
rabble, k£-pln-n&ng ; hia-lij^-piog ; tk6u-iiiii'. 

rabid, dog, sidu-kdu ; khfiang-kdp. 

race, human, n&ng-lui. exterminate the, mit-tfi6b ch^ng- 

race, a, sie-t^u tsdn-i^'; tiiu-todu. horse-, eie-t^u pbdu-b^ ; 

t6u-b^. boat-, sie-t^a kb-tsilUi. 
rack, a, k^ ; tt-, t&ng-k^. engine of puni^ment, bdng- 

radiate, kuang-m^ng si-sia; kuang-sia; buat-kng; hin- 

radiant, countenance, mux fi-kuang-tsbdi ; mi!ia''-min hi- 


radical, k^n-piiB. the radicals, ji-b6; ji-b6-pdu. thU 

charaxiter belongs to the radical "nang", chi-kAi-ji si- 

86k "n4Dg"-p6u. 


radius, plia'-ke'-s{)ia". 
rafb| sam-pSi; tek-p&i. 

rafter, 6*. 

rag, p6u-tshiii. ragged clothes^ phba-sa'^-khbu. 

rage, khi; ndu°-khl; ndu''-khi tshoug-tehong ; huat-n^u". 

rau, erf, me"; chiti; chiii-me'; poih-me". 

railing, a, l&ng-kan; 14ng-kan-chf. 

railway, hiie-chhia; hiie-chhia4ou. 

raiment, ktin-sa"; i-h6k; sin-chheng. food and, chi&h- 

rain, h6u. it rains, 16h-hdu ; hdu— 1^. tvater, hdu-tsiii. 

rainy weather, thi"-8l 16h-hou. cleared up, h5u ch6". 

wetted by, ak-tiSh-hdu. driving into a place, li5u phuah— 

rainbow, kheng. there is a, tshut-kheng. 
raise, khf ; khi^h-khi ; khi^h-phii ; h^-khi ; hCl-phCl ; kii ; 

kii-khl ; kii-phA. soldiers, khf-pia". the head, ti6"-phA- 

th&u ; ti^"-khl - th&u ; kti-khf -th4u. the eyes, ktl-m&k ; 

tife"-phA-mik. money, by subscription, t6i-chr. duM, khl- 

sua-mCd"; khl-sua-tin ; phi-phi-eng. cattle, chhi-cheng - 

se". wheat, chfeng-b4h. a subject, thl-phA; thi-kbi. 

raised letters, kuah-phA-ji ; khek-ji. 

raisins, phA-th6-kua". 

rake, a, pd ; khau-pd ; chhek-pd. to, pd. 

rally, soldiers, pia" t8^i-h6k-tsu ; pia" tski-kap-tin ; pia" tski- 

ram, a, i6"-k6u. 

ramble, thit-th6; iA-ki4"; df-iA; miSa"-k6-lih. 
ramifT", pun-ki pun-ie". 
rampart, kau-Mi ; si^^'^chhid". 
rancid, hu-bi; ip-bl; ha-bi. 
rancorous, abuse, me* kku-chhi-gi. 
random, talk, thfeng-tit'; thfeng-tsSu-hJie tk". 
ran^e, Mng-li6t. beyond, of gun, chhfeng phah-m-kku. 
rank, pln-khip. the nine ranks, k^u-pin. the first, it-pf n ; 

t^ng-khip ; th&u-t^ng. and file, tui-ng6u. place in, p&i- 

tin. ranks of nobility, ng6u-chiak: kong, h6u, pek, tsiV, 

rank, to, with anyone, t4ng-li6t; p6"-t6a; phhe-tit-kuo. 
ransack , chhlm-kku-thku ; piie (looking for things in a 

heap), a city, sku-cbln ; 8ku-ch3ng. 
ransom, s6k ; sik-tiig ; chhiiS ; chhiii-sok. for sin, s6k-tsue. 

RAP 219. RAW 

rap, khk. 

rapacious , Um-thun ; hiau-thun ; khi&ng-thun ; tham - 

rape, khi&ng-kaiL 

rapid, Ta6\ rapids, kip-ts\ii; thoa'. 
rapture, liua"-hf kJlu-k6ng; hua"-hf kku-Dg6h-ng6h. 
rare, hin-u; chi^-fl; hin-hAng; oh-tshtie; hi-chi^; kdn- 

kifen. rarely, hdn— tit; chi6; bd-hife' pat-th6i"— ki°. 
rascal, ku-n4ng ; ph4i"-n4ng ; Idu-kid"; toa-Uu ; hiii^-thA ; 

n&ng-tii; n&ng-tshu {the rascaliiy). 
rase, as writing, kueh-tiau ; khoi-tiau. to the ground, 

hiii"-chift' p6"-tL 
rash, k4"-t86 k4"-Ai; tshau-tsut; mSu'-mue"; mi&Dg-lidng ; 

bd-si^-sim ; khin-phCl ; hu-ph{k, do not he, mki -th^ng- 

tab; mkr hih-huh-ki^; mki' thih-thuh-ki^ . 

raspberry, h6u--m. 

rat, nidu'-tshtl. 

rather, nice, li&k-li&k; di-tB6*tit; chiang-chiti. I would 
rather have this one, ud zii-ki' chf-k&i ; ud th6i" si chf— 
k4i h6; chi^ ud k4i-i-ki^n cbi-k4i k^ng-h6. / would 
ixtther he- beaten by you than do this, ud &-ngua]its6 
chf-k4i-BU, ud nguan khut-M-phah ; ud leng-tsb (or, iSng- 
kh6) khiit-lii-phah-h6 , chf-k4i-8ti ud-fli-tsb. / would 
rather have given you a thousand dollars than have had 
you break this, ch^k-tshoi°-ngi!^n khut-li!^ ui k^ng^nguan, 
chi-ki§k"-mueh khut li!^ kbk-phiia lia zti-m-DgClaa ; ch^k - 
t8hoi°-Dgftn khut-1^ ud koi-sU-khi, chl-ki&''-mu£h khut-lii 
khk-phiia ud sid-iffi-khf. too big, khah-toa sc-su. better , 
idu-h6 ; i^u-tsu&h. 

rations, soldiers', pia'-nifi"; h6ng-bl; jlt-ni6'; kan-nid*. 

rattan, tin ; kbue-tln ; tin-ti4u, nuxts, tlu-chhi£h, chair, 

rattle, a, pa-lan-k6u ; id-k6u ; khok {hollow, wooden or 
bamboo), waichman's, ke°-khok. 

ravelled, z^-z^- edges of dress , sui-pdu ; skm-pdu. a 
coat with such edges, 8ui-p6u-sa", 

raven, ou-a; ou-a-chiiu, 

ravenous, appetite, toa-chi&h. 

ravine, sua"-k^n ; khe"; khe'-k^n ; sua"-hak, 

ravish, khi&ng-kan ; kbi&ng - t&h. ravishing, 16ng-l uii- 
chhdng ; oi-l-stia n4ng k&i-chbdDg-]u 

raw, chhe"; m-s^k. 


ray, jit-tsam ; jlt-kuang-sia. 

razor, thl-to ; thi-th&u-to ; min-to. -strop, huah-to-pbike ; 

reach, khx ; kip ; thha-kku. out, tshun. unable to, iB- 

ti^h ; m-kku. 
reaid , tbAk (ahud) ; . th6i" (dlently) ; mlt-sdng (in a loio 

voice), a book, thik-tsu ; th6i'-t8u ; thdi'-chheh. all that 

he reads he knows , kl'-thik ki"-pat. prayers , liam-keng. 

to read in a hesitating manner^ tak-tak td^-tfi'. 
ready , pin ; pi-pin ; pi-pi6n ; tsdi-pl ; cbhi-pl. money , 

hin-cbr. buy for ready money, bin-chl' b6i ; bin-cbf kau- 

ik ; hin-b6i. 
real, cbin ; cbin-sit. gold, cbin-kim. 
really, slt-ts^i ; kda"-chin ; cbin-kiia"; kda"-jidn. 
ream, cb&k-kiii^tsda. 
reap, kuab ; kuab-tiiL reaping hook, li^-to ; uan-lilLm ; 

rOBT, fowlSi ehbl-koi. up, kbift—kbi-I^ the, ftu-min. 
reasoili t&u ; If. a, u4n-kh ; uftn-iu ; su-kb. to, k^ng - 

kill ; tsbui-lun ; liSn-11 ; tebui-lf. reasonable ii-,li ; fl-t6- 

11; a-cbk«ng4i. 
rebttl, a, budn-tsbit ; kok-tsh&t to, bu^n ; tsak-luin. rebel- 
lious, pu§ln'>lu^ ; pile-ng^ ; fiiH»iifi-h6k. 
rebound, tid-tiiff-Uti ; tb-tsu&ng-tdg-lAi ; t6-tbi^u. 
rebuildf l^Bg^ua^ -kbf ; t$ki-kbi. 
rebuke, bi&aa ; cbeb ; cbeh-bi4m ; oheb-pL 
recall^ ki^*t]&g; bnin ta&u-i-ti&g'-Idi tonUnd^ tuiHBiS*; 8ie*- 

recant, evidence, hiiaii-kcng. a confession, biian-cbiau ; 

recede, tb6-Bok ; tb6-pdu ; t6-tb5 ; th^ftu. 
receipt, money-, siu-toa"; cbip-cbife; cbi^-toa'. tax-, 

receive, bIu ; siQ ; sdng-sifl ; nid*; ebiap ; n&p. a com- 
mand^ bSng-meng ; nid -meog ; sdng-meng. guests, cbiap- 

nip; cbib; sfing-cbib. 
receiver, of stolen goods, tun-ke; o-ke; tsd-tl pun- 

recently, kftn-sl ; kfin-jlt ; kfin-l&i ; soi" b6-kii 
reciprocail, jl-ke ; slang, affection, ji-ke siang-^. 
reciBe, a lesson, llam-tao. 
reckless, k^'-sf; m-ill-6l; m&u*-8(. see rash. 
reckon, sjig ; sftgHsikm anything to be so & so, sfig-tsb. 


reclailXI, from evU^ khAg-kbi kui-chi^". 

recline, khila-ie ; udr-ie ; gut— lAh-kh6- 

recluse, t^n^-ku ; ti^m-b^a. 

recognize, jm; pat-t6-jin; jia-tshut. slightly ^ plia'- 

min sie-pat. not to^ m-pat t6-jin ; jiu m-pat ; jin m-pat 

t6-kh<i. not to {acknowledge)^ i^-jin. 
recoil, as gun^ tb-cheng-tiig. cw bow^ p6r-ti^; hiian- 

recommend, In-chln ; chin-kd ; kii-chin ; ktl-iu ; tshue- 

hu ; 0-16. 
recompense, pb ; si^; p6-si^°; p6-^ng ; chhi6-tap ; chhiCl- 

sia; tap-sia. 
reconcile, ki4"-hAa; kh&g-hAa; Idng-ua" t8ki-h6; i-ku 

h(ia-h6 ; eek-uku hiia-h6 ; Idng-ua*' h<^k-t]!ig 14i-chbin-k{iiL 
record, to, ki ; ]d-16k. a, tftg ; cbi ; kang-kkm ; sti-ki. 
recover, tehii-tAg; khifih-tAg; tshue-tiih; chhlm-tiih. 

from sickness, pe" h6 ; pe" phSng ; h6k-zii ; tshClan-zii ; 

khirthdi phdng-hAk. 
recreation, tshut^-14i siia'- eAn ; 8iau-i4u ; thit-th6 ; ii!i- 

kuan; kin-ki&"; i&u-tong khi-th6i« 
recruit, one's strength^ p(Su-Utt; p6u-sln*khl; idLng-sin- 

khi; tsd-kun-]4t; tsd-iing kun-14tu 
reotdQr, kdirchi^'*; okhi4^-k6L 
rectitude, chik"-tlt; mdng-chiSl,*; kua"-chik*. 
red, 4ng. whitish, hiin-4ng. as of card paper ^ th6-4ng. 

rich bright {vermilion)^ t8U-&Dg. very rea^ as eyes of 

drunk man, ham-ham-^ng* to painty i&-&ng. 
rede^n, 86k-ts{ie. from pavm or mortgage^ chhid; 

ehiii4-d6k; 86krtAg; fl&k-hCle. 
redress, aiariian; pcSu-bdf; p<^e« 
reduce, the price, khk-kidm ; tft-kidm* a dislocation, &- 

16b-Q^m ; tsh&u46h-ngim ; tshut-khu tiii-h6. a frac- 
ture, ah-chlh-kut. to dollars, chiet-^tsb-ngAn ; sin-tsb- 

redundant, tshong-tsok a-ft; il-tshiin. 

reed, M-ti4h ; kua"*m4Qg. 

reel, phdng-chhia. to, ph^g-se; khuang-se. to stagger, 

kik" kkvL kha-phSng-pheng. 
refer, chf ; fn-tsu (to a passage). 
refine, gold, lien-kim. the heart, lien-sim. sugar, s^k- 

tliAg ; lau-tbAg ; pak-p4h-thAg. lacking refinement, tsbou- 



reflect, tui-sie"; chhim-sie"; su-sie". lights hi'ian-cbife. 

reflections, liam-th4u ; sie'-th^u. 

reform, k6i-ktie ; hAe-thdu-; pi"-h6 ; pifen-hfie ; hiie-k6i ; 

k6i-ak tshdng-sien. 
refraction, jIt-id" si4-chife; tsiSan-si4. 
refractory, pue-ngfik ; m-sun-h6k. 
refrain, from^ e.g. wine, kki ; kih. 
refreshment, to take some, chi&h-ti^m-sim. 
refuge, tikm-sin k&i-ui-tshfi ; t6-pi ; pi-sin . to run far, 

tsdu-khfi-tikm ; pi-lan ; sidm-lan ; si^m-pi. 

reftmd, pAe-h6i". 

refrise, to, tho-si ; m-kh^ng ; m-hku"; m-tstln ; m-nguan. 
refUse, nah°-sap. of wine, chid-tsau ; tsau-phoh. of text, 

t6-hu. of sugar cane, chik-phoh. 
reftlte, pien-i£"; pien-t6 ; poh-t6 ; pien-tiau. refuted, 

pien-su ; ^ m-kiie-chhid. 
regain, tski-tit ; I6ng-ua" tit-ti^h. 
regard, kh ; kfeng-tSng ; th6i"-t6ng. not to, put-kii ; m- 

tshii ; bd-kki-l ; bd-tshdn-li&m. regards to friends, 

mng-hau ; chhid"-ua". 
regatta, tau-tstin; tstin-kid" sie-tku-sdi; tsilin-kid'' sie- 

regenerate, t^ng-se"; k6i-sin ; ua"-sm ; tSng-sin ; teSu-sin. 
regent, th6i-ll kok-ch^ng. 

regicide, chhl-kun. 

regimen, khie'^-tshiii ; kki-khdu. 

regiment, ch6k-ki-pia"; ch^k-ki-kun. 

region, ti-hng. the whole, ch6k-phki ti-hng ; pin-ti-hng. 

register, to, ki ; ki-16k ; teng-chia ; 16k-chia. a , ph6u ; 

16k-chifi ; chheh - chift. genealogical , ts6k-ph6u ; hie" - 

regfret, hu4n-16 ; iu-bun ; sie'-siiS-hJie. to, li^n-sieh ; thik"- 

sieb. matter for, kh6-sieb ; kh6-li6n. 
regular, u - tshiin-chhieh ; u-tshfi-toi" ; u-tsdi"-au ; chi^\ 

conduct, tuan-chik"; chik°-keng ; kua"-chik°. 
regfulate, a watch, tsh4u-chi^"; tsh4u-m^"-man. 
regulations, kui-ll; kui-ti4u; Chiang - thi4"; ti4u-kui; 

huap-tou ; kui-kii ; tsiiu-sln. 
rehearse, to one, 6h pun-i-thia". 
reign, tsb-bu&ng-tl ; tl-kok; tsS-tii; If-kok-chfenff ; U- 

chhiAu-chfeng. in the reign of Tao-Kwang , Tiu - Kuang 

ni"— kan; TS.u-kuang tso-ui. 


reins, bd-soh. to hold, khan-b^-soh. 

reiterate, t6ng-t^°; tk"-liiu tski-t^°; ta"-ue t6ng-t6ng thih- 

thih ; t6ng-thih-t3i". teaching, teng-16ng kku-kki ; ts^i - 

sa" teng-ldng ; teng-16ng tsok-hti. 
regect, mJti"; khi-tsoh ; khi-hi4m ; tiu-tiau ; khi-tiau ; k&k- 

tiau ; phau-tiau ; hdm-tiau ; sek-tiau. with disgust, ikm- 

rejoice, hua"-hf ; hf-lik ; hl-zu&t. others, khut-nftng hua"- 

hf. rejoicings, h(-su ; 4ng-su ; hf-I&k ; lau-jiit. 
relapse, huin - pe°; pe" t6 - huAn ; tdng - kdm. frequent, 

chSk-hu^n ch6k-oh ; bu^n-hu^n h6k-h6k. 
relate , Ah ; tui - siit ; king ; tk". old stories, 6h - k6u. 

relating to , u-siang-kuan ; u-kuan-hi ; u-kan-si&p ; sik. 
relations, ; cbhin-chhek. hy marriage, chhin- 

cbi4'. hy blood, tab-n^k-cbbin. distant, i^n-cbbin ; 86-ien. 
relax, pkng-sang ; pkng-leng. see recrkation. 
release, p^ng ; sek-pkng ; k6i-pkDg ; k6i-p&k ; sek-p&k ; 

relent, sek-niu"; sim lib ; 8ie"-tiig, 
relieve, the poor, cbfn-cbi pbln-khi6ng ; cbiu-cbl ; cbl- 

kip ; cbiu-kip ; kiii-kbiln ; kiii-pblii ; si-cbi. pain, cbi- 


relief, in, pbA. 

religion, k^ ; kk-tau. the three religions, 8a"-kk : Zd, Sek, 
Tau. Protestant, Ift-sou-kJu R. Cath., Tbien-tsii-kJt. 

relinquish, pkng-tiau ; zui-sit ; sii-kbi ; tbb-jifing {to an- 

relish, bku*"; bku^'-cbi&b ; zu&t-kbdu ; stlang-kbdu ; b&b- 
cbi&h ; b&b-tsbhi ; b6-bi-s6u ; b6-bi ; h6-cbi4b. 

rely, on, f-kSu; i-k6u; uA; u4-k6u; f-nii"; kbtia-k6u ; 
kou ; tbob-kou ; cbiS ; kdu-cbii. 

remain, na°. here, na"— k6 ; na" cbl-k6. over, tsbfin ; sin ; 
u-tsbAn ; u-sin ; u-i6ng-ft ; u-ien-ft ; u-ft-sin. 

remarkable, bui-si6"; kob-ie". remarkably expensive, 

remedy, ui-buap ; tl-pe" k4i-buap. no, b6-kitl ; b6-p5u ; 

remember, ki-tit ; it-tit ; ki-lifim ; su-lisLm. do not, m- 
it-tit; m-ki-tit. 

remind, me, M tbbi-iia it-tit; lii kang-iia sie-bii it-tit. 

remiss, tua'; b4n-be; cbbin-tsbdi; k6u-chbid"; p^ng- 
Ikng-sang {as one in authority). 

REBilT 224. BffiPRESS 

remit, si^ ; 8ik*mi^n. ta^ces , 8ia-nid\ rent, si^-tsou ; 

kien-tsou ; mi^n-tsou. 
remonstrate, khjig-kbi; khfig-k^n; cheh-Iun. 
remote, hfig; i4u-i^n. 
remorse, 8ie"-siu-htie ; thi^"-hiie. 
remove, pua"-khui ; khi^h-khui ; Biia-khui ; i-sUa ; chhien- 

i; chhien-siia. bad injlttences, khti-si^ t6k-mi^t; khu- 

8i4 t6k-m\!it. 
remuneration, p6-8i^*. to a teacher^ sok-kim ; Bok-siu ; 

tsu-kim. for work done, kang-chl'. 
rend, llh; U; Uh-phiia; li-Uh; tdi-Uh. 
renew, t8b-8in ; Bia-ts&u ; iia" (change) ; k6i-8iD. 
renounce, khl-tlau ; khi-t86h ; &-jin. one's company ^ ts^h- 

renowned, u h6-mi&'-sia'; ini&* ikng A-\kix ; tshut - mi^*"; 

thu&n-mi4°; chhl-ini4". 
rent, to^ a houses dkc, she ; tBou ; p&k. house rent, t8hti- 

tBOu ; t8hii-8i)ie. 
repair, siu-slp ; pa-16i ; chi4"-ll ; Biu-cfaid''; p6u. 
repay, h6i'; iAi; kau-hdi*; piie-hdi*. see rbcom^ense. 
repeal, htu-huap; phah-tiau-li. 
repeat, ISng-gua-tsb ; t8ki-tk'; t6ng-tk'; tit" ke-ch4k-tsua. 

a lesson^ liam-tsu. ad aperturam, t8hoh-li&m. repeatedly, 

tsai-sa"; lii-tshfi ; e-e. 
repent , htie-k6i ; sie'-siii-hiie ; hiie-tMu ; hiie-t8ue ; u - 

repine, ukn ; tian-hfin ; tian-tshoih ; tian-thi" iii-n4ng. at 

one's unhappy lot, ai-iian chhi-tsb^. 
replace , pAe-hdi'; pAe-8i6". in old position , pkpg to - 

repletion, k{)ie-pd; khah-pd; khe-pA 9ie'-pi 
reply, tap; in; in-tap ; hAe-tap. a, hCle-im. writte^i^ 

hAe-ji; hAe-8in. official, to petition, ike, phoi. 
report, hong-sia"; hong-bun; hdang-blin. to, p6; plu- 

tsai ; hde-h6k {on a subject committed to one). to the 

emperor, tsiu-pAg; tsku-chie". 
repose, ua*-hiah; khang-16ng; ph6ng-an; ua"-chS". 
represent, by drawing, tie-t6u. a matter, thin-mSng; 

pi&'— ktie. stand for , thbi ; ^i* - tsb ; thbi - tab. as a 

plaintiff^, ph5-kb. 
repress, at-chf; iap-chi; klm-chf. anger, liin-khi. otie's 

feelings Sc keep silent^ li&n-khl thun-sia''. 


reprieve, see respite. 

reprimand, k^ng-cheh; cheh-pl; hi^m; cheh-hi4m. 

reprint, ts^i-in ; huan-khek (cutting new blocks). 

reproach, hi4m; me". 

reprove, cheh ; cheh-pl ; hi4m ; cheh-hi&m ; tok-cheh. 

reptiles, th4ng-lui; p6-thftng. 

repudiate, khi-tiau ; ffi-jin. a tmfe, tshut-chhi ; kfe-b6u. 

repugnant, m-tfeng-i ; m-h&h-l ; siang-hu^n ; ngik. 

repu&e, phah-pai ; khu-t6k. 

reputable, sin-ke chheng-p^h ; u-thf-min ; h6-mift"-sek. 

reputation, th( - mln ; h6-miA"-sia"; mi&° - sek. / fiave 
heard your reputation, bAn-mi4" (polite speech), to lose, 
peh-phtia li^n - min ; sit - li^n ; tiu - lidn. to injure other 
people's , pai n4ng mi&" - sia"; sit n&ng k&i - li^n. to he 
careful of one' sown, kti-li^n ; kil-liftm-chhf. to he careless 
of, bA-kWi^nj b6-kti Mm-chht 

request, chhid'; kbiii ; kbtln ; pki-thoh. 

require, eng ; su-eng ; eng— ti^h ; ti6h-ii ; tiAh-ki"; boi - 
tit-mi^n. ao not, mfn - eng ; kh6-f -mfn ; eng - in - ti6h ; 
m-enff— tiih. 

requisite, kfn-iku ; chhiet-iku ; iku-kfn ; chi-iku. 

requite, p6; pb-tap. 

rescript, imperial, gu-phoi. 

rescue, kiti; chln-kiti; kiil-mia"; kih-sfe'-mia^; kiii-ien. 

call for, hkm-kiili ; hkm-ki^-kiii. 
research, cbhd ; siau-tshue ; chbd-mfig. 
resemble, chhin-chhie*; hudng-su ; si&u ; siaog-tdng. 
resent, ukn. resentment, ukn-hun. 
reserve, tshdkn ; 14u ; siu. reserved in manner, tlm-ngim ; 

b6-mih tk"-ue ; p{)ia"-thun piia"-thbu. 
reside, khia-khl ; ku-tsfi ; tiu. for a short time, kik-ku ; 

kik-tsok. residence, tshil; khiS>-ke. 
resigfn, si ; hiab ; sl-kua"; sik-cheh ; kku-Uu (on account 

of old age) ; jip-pfn kb{i-st. 
resignation, tiAm-thun kh6u-liin. to the will of God, ua"- 

siu Siing-ti k&i-cbf-i ; kam-sim jim-Dai^ 
resin, sfing-hie". 

resist, tW-t^k; khkng-ka; gfi-t^k; ku-t*k; t6i-t^k. 
resolute, u-chl; kd'-ki'; kuat-tukn; kuat-i; Hp-sim; 

ch^k-kuat. resolution, tstl-i ; sim-chl ; kuat-1 ; ngf-tia*. 
resolve, Up-i ; Up-sim ; tia"-tsiS-i ; Up-tia" tsii-i ; tia"-ti6h- 

M"; kuat-l-Jir, an umdterahle, ch^k-tia'' put*^k. 


resort, to, ud,ng-14i. place of, lau-ji^t ti-hng. 
resource, th^u-lou ; pou. no, b6-pou ; b6-pi^n ; bA-th4u- 

lou ; cbln-th4u-l6ng. no resource but to, b6-nai"-h6 ; bd- 

ta-Aa ; bd-nSi"; b6-kh6 nai°-h6. 
respect, kfeng ; kiong-kfeng ; tsun-kfeng ; kfeng-tong ; kfeng- 

kiong. respectable, u-thi-mm ; ii-mil/^-sek ; u - ini&"- sia 
. pay respects to, pki-hau ; mng-bau ; mng-ua"; chhii"-ua 

with respect to, lun-klp ; chi-k^u ; lun-kku ; sueh-kku 

respiration, u-khip ; khui-sip ; th^u-khhi. violent, tshiian 

respite, khuan-man; khuan-kht; khuan-han; chhi-man 

resplendent, tang-tang-kng. 
respond, in-tap; in-sdng. 
responsible, tam-s6ng; jin-p<5; pau-nid"; pau-jin. yoti 

are, si Id-kM-su ; si Id k£i-cheb-sdng ; si lii k4i-cheh-jim ; 

81 M hun-lai k^i-su : si lii kdi-kuan-hl ; si lii k&i-cheh- 

hun; zdi'l^ sl-mng. 
rest, ua"-hiah ; hiah-h&k ; hiah-kha ; hiah-kang ; an-isek ; 

chiam-hiah. it rests with me, si-iia k&i-sil. 
rest, the, tshiin; khl-{i; Mu. 
restore, kau - h6i'; piie - hdi", to healthy pfadng-h6k ; 

tsh^ian-zii. restoration, h6k-heQg; h6k-QgiiaiL 
restrain, iak-sok ; khu-sok ; khu-klm ; at-chl ; kim-chi ; 

pd-pik, oneself, tsu-thi; tsu-siii. anger, liin-khl. 
restrict, kidm-sok ; hSn-tou ; hSo-cbt 
result, kuan-hi; kan-hi; khan-gai ; kat-ktie"; hau-ngiam. 
resume, one's duties, h6k-cheh. 
resurrection, h6k-uih; h6k-8c"; tshdng-sl li6k-uih. 
resuscitate, kih-u&h ; kiti-ti^g ; sii-Q&Eg h6k-u&h. 
retail, business, e-p<ka* seng-ll; jIt-tAk seng-ll; klii&- 

ph6u seng-li; boi^tshiii-hiie. small, l&n-san b6i-boi. 
retain, l&u ; tau-13,u, a guest, l&u-n4ng-kheh. 
retaliate, p6-u^n; p5-chhi<!L 
retard, koh-man ; tam-man ; thua-thui-m&n ; chhi-man ; 

tr-kha tr-cbhiii. 
retch, iu-ueh; ^i*-4u, 
retinue, siii-tsdog; kun-pan. 
retire, th5; th6-khui; tikm-b6a; t6-pT. from office, si- 

kua'; sik-cbeL into seclusion, i^-ku; lin-ku cbe^-siii. 

retired plcuce^ Jiiu-ebe''; hiu-phiah ; sidm-phiah ; t6*kak. 


retort, tOy sie-tu ; poh-khtii ; k ; t6-hi4m-i. 

retract, thb-sok ; tih-niig {as slander) ; chi&h-ngftn ; 

hiian-khdu ; tJt^-tiig. 
retreat, as anny, thb-pia°; siu-pia" h6e-i4". 
retrench, keng-khi§>m ; khiam-iak ; hiii-eng sang-ki^m ; 

8^"-hiii ; 86°-eng ; 86°-iak ; tsat-iak~che. 
retribution, k^m-feng; p6-tap; p6-6ng. to manifeit^ 

return, hfle; h6e--iai; tAg-14i ; kui-tAg. Aotw^, hOe-ke; 

kui-ke ; tAg-khii-tshti. good for evil, f -sien p6-ak ; f - 

tek p5-ukD. evil for goody chiang-un chhi6-p6. a thing, 

h6i"; kau-hdi". an answer, h^e-tap - hAe-im ; hAe-ji ; 

reveal, hi^n-mdng ; hidn-si ; mSk-si ; khai-si. 
revenge, p6-chhiA ; p6-ukn ; soh-hun. 
revenue, ni6"; hi^ng ; she ; kh6u-ngftn. to collect, teng- 

ni6"; siu-hikng. boat, chhfi-bi^ng-tsfln. 
revere, k^Dg-tii ; hSng-kfeng ; k^ng - hoDg ; kiong - k&ng ; 

tsun-kfeng ; tsun-tSng. 
reverie, mang-sijing ; sie°-kku kftg chhe"-in6°-mang. 
reverse, siang-hiian ; t6-biian ; hiian-tiig ; tin-t6-thdu. to, 

hiian-kiie-Ui ; t6-ktie-l&i ; p6i°-tiig ; hdan-tiig. heaven's 

decree, mi.xi'tii% thien-i. 
revert, kui-ngfian ; kui-ngAan-thdu ; kui-tiig. to nothing, 

review, troops, luat-pia"; th6i"-tshau. a iiaval, tsiii- 

tsbau. a large, toa-tshau. 
revile, me"; pueh-me"; poib-me". with foul language, 

k^ng-tsbou kau m-b6-thia". 
revise, siu-sek ; 8iu-k6i ; k6i-chia**; ka-t^ng ; kkm-tia". 
revive, bik-heng ; h6k-tong-beng ; tski-uib. 
revoke, buc'ln-pi^n ; tui-bAe. a sentence, k6i-iia"; pob-ba". 
revolt, biian ; puan ; pue-ng^k. 
revolution, one, chik-cbiu; cb6k-lin. political, kok- 

pifen ; biian-luan. 
revolve, suan-tsiian ; bui ; bui-tAg ; un-t8iian ; tin-kid". 

in the mind, sie°-l&i 8ie"-kbii ; tsbui-sie". 
reward, sid"; p6 ; p6-si^"; p6-tap. good and evil, si^"- 

sien buit-ak. to offer a, t8hut-8ie"-keb ; t8but-si6°-tbiap. 
rheumatism , sng-nrtg ; sng-niig-tbiJl"; buang ; buang - 

tbik"; buang-kbl. in head, tbdu-buang. in ami, cbbid- 

buang ; cbbiii 8ng-tbi^". in the joints, kut-tsat-buang. 



rhinoceros, sai-g6. 
rhubarb, toa-ftg. 

rhyme, un. tOy ap-un ; taug-un ; hi4p-un ; h&h-un. rhym- 

my dictionary, si-un. 
rib, phia°-li-kut ; hiip-e-kut ; hiip-kut. 
ribald, talk, tshou-uc ; tsliou-h\m id-tshtii. 
ribbon, t6a. silk, 8i-t6a. ivide, toa-p<5i"-t6a. small, t6a- 

kii". Jish, t6a-h<i. 
rice, slioots, ng. tratuiplanted, tiQ ; lifla. grain, chhek 

{pc(ddy), husked, hi. cooked, png. boiled vei^y soft and 

inoist, infte" (congee). cleaned from bran, pih-bi. not 

cleaned from bran, tsh^-bl. glutinous, tsiit-bi. ground, 

bl-tsh6i. b7\cn, bf-khng. ivater in which ince has been 

was/ied, bl-phun ; phun. sell, thie-bl. buy, tiili-bi ; 

ni6"-bf. vxjtsh befm^e boilimj, thuah-bf. boil, t43i\-piig ; 

pft-pfig. poxir off the umter after boiling , thin-png ; 

tfe-png. jUl the bowl unth, thr-piig. toater from 

cooked, dm ; png-dra. to transplant, p6u-tsh4u ; pou-tiu. 

to sotv, ia-ng. shop, bi-ph6ii. 
rich, pb ; pit-kau ; pii-khi ; u-chf. food, p6i ; p6i-zu. to 

become, huat-tshAi ; chek-tshai. inches, pti-u ; tshdi-pih ; 

chf -tfthai ; ke-tshai. 
ricinUS, pi-m(ka". oil, pi-mAa°-i6 (castor-oil). 
ride, khi£-b^. in sedan, t«6-kie. in coach, tso-clihia. 
riddle, mi", propose a, t8<>-mi". guess, ieh-Dii'; tsbai-mi°; 

ridge, between fields, tshAn-hua". of house, ting-d"-t^ng. 

-)?ole, tAng-6". 
ridicule, ki-chhiilu ; tshii-chhife ; clihidu-chhie ; hl-chhie. 
ridiculous, h6-chhife; kh6-chhi6 ; b6-t6-li. 
right, ti^.h ; chik"; si ; bft-tshb.- a wrong, sin-uan. and 

wrong, sl-liui ; tAg-to. do, tsh6ng-chiii". hit the right 

method, tiih-liuap. it is my, ai wi, hun-tsdi" s6-eiig-kai ; 

si tia piig-tdng su-tit. hand, chik"-chhiiS ; iu-chhiii. j^n/^ 

to rights, ehid"-li ; siu-chid" ; tsh&u-sl-chiii". how can 

this 'be light r" khf-Q tshiUi? 
righteous, ngi ; kong-ngl. to declaim, chheng-ngi. 
rigid, ngc ; kicn-ngo ; ngitim. 
rigorous, ngiAm ; ngidm-sok ; iigiam-tiAu. 
rim, ki": tshui. oftvheel, chhia-lCin-kf. 
ring, a, huftn ; khuan ; khou. ai^n, chhid-kuilu. finger^ 

cLhiii-tsat ; chhiu-ehf ; kiii-ohi. 


rin&t ^^> a bell, ic-leiig; long - leiig ; kliil-cliong ; pbali - 
chcng. rinyimj in i/cc ears, lii"-kliciiig oiig-oug-kie ; lii"- 
khang-kiii kl-ki-kic. 

ringleader, thau-ndug. of thieves or rebels, tshit-thilu. 

ring-WOnn, si^n ; peh-si^u ; dng-«ieu ; gueh-iii-fciieii ; gu- 
l)liAc-sieu ; sip-sieul 

rinse, tug. t/ic mouth, tng-tsljiii. 

riot, t^hku-iiau"; luaii-nau". stir up, kek-luau. 

rip, up, leh ; l(^h-khui ; leli-phiia. 

ripe, sek ; kau-t8i'ii. 

ripple, tsiii-liun ; tsui-miii niiiu"-iiiiiu". 

rise, khi ; tsdu-khi. up, khf-siii ; tsau-khi ; klua--kbi-lai. 
in price, \ih cliiam-(ihiam-k6r. in rank, kau-seiig ; soiig- 
khueh. the rise (origin), kuu-iu ; nguau-ift ; ng6aii-thau ; 
iig6an-in. and fall, heiig-sue ; heiior-seug sue-mAi". of 
sun, jlt-tliilu tshut; jit tshut ; jit chie°. of nioon, gueli 
chie"; gueh phA ; gueh seug. of tide, lau-tsiii toa ; tsiii 

tf ; lau tr. 

risk, mSu"-hiam ; hiilm— tang kbia. one^s life, piil°-mia°; 

])iJL"-8e"-mia°; pheng-mia"; plieng - se"- mia"; msLu^-iuia"; • 

ujau°-8f ; ti-mia". 
rite, loi ; l6i-8iJlu ; loi-ngi ; loi-bun. Book of Rites, li- 

rivalry, sie-tku ; che"-i4"; clie^-sbng^ 
rive, pbiia ; phiia-kbui ; pbua-p6i"; pbiia-lih. 
river, h6 ; kboi ; kang. one, cbi^k-tiau-lio. 
rivet, li6u-kbi-tah ; teug-bue pbali-pe". 
rivulet, khoi-kia"; sie-kboi ; sua"-kbc". 
road, lou ; l6u-tb4u. hiijh-, kua"-l6u ; t6i>lou. -side, 

lou-ki". on tfie, tO-lou— cbie". 
roar, hau ; kib-toa-sia". as waves, bdi-eug lio-ho-bdu. as 

lion, sai hdu. 
roast, to, pek. vieat, sie-n6k ; j)ek-g6-n^.k. to parch, as 

cojfee beans, tsbd. 
rob, plmh-kiap ; cbhi^"-pak ; khiang-ehhi^". robbers, tsbit; 

robe, toa-phAu ; tng-pb^u ; phA.u-kua ; mdng-phau {of 

mandarin, end)roidered ivkh dragons); 16i-li6k ; li-bok. 

royal, chbiau-bAk ; uang-bok. 
robust, t8^ng ; t8t\ng-kirin ; kien-tsang ; khin-kia"; kbang- 

kieu ; kbiang-thAug. 
rock, cbi^b ; cbieb-pua"; tou-chi^h. strike on a rock, 

ROCK 230. ROW 

tsAn li^-chiih ; tsAn tik— tiih chiih. rockery y ke-sua"; 

rock, tOy id ; ie. rocking basket (cradle), i6-n&". 
rocket, hiie-sih. to Jire a, pkng-hiSe-sAh. 
rod, tshAe ; ko ; tek-p6i". Jishing-, tife'*-ko. 
rodomontade, la-k& ; sueh-hiiang ; la-hiiang ; huah-s). 
roe, a, tik-b6. 
roe, of fish, hft-tshun. 

rogue, Idu-kid"; kuang-kiln ; Mu-kuang-kiin. 
roll, lin ; khah. about, khah-l&i khah-khft ; Kn-l&i Ifn- 

khii. up, kauh ; kauh~khL as boat, bdi. dough, khoih- 

m\. the eyes, mik-chiu lln-l&i lin-khft. thread, in-siia"; 

tr-siia°; kh6an-stia°. a, chik-kauh. 
roller, chi^h-lfn ; chi6h-khah. for cloth, tih-p6u-chiih. 

for dough, mr-thiii. 
roof, tshh-t^ng. 
room, p^ng; koi"; p&ng-koi". one, ch&k-koi"-p4ng. no, 

b6-ui-tshii ; b6-kbang-ti ; b6-khang-tshti ; b6-ti-hng. a 

bed', At-pS,ng. drawing-, khah-thia": kheh-thia". 
roost, for fowls, koi-ti&u. to, koi chie"-ti&u ; chhi-ti&u. 
root, kun ; kun-th4u. of tree, chhiu-kun. origin, kun- 

piin ; ngAan-th4u. to root up, p6ih-kun ; plt-p6ih-tiau. 
rope, soh. to make, phah-soh ; kd-soh. vmlk on a, ki&"- 

sob. sixfold, Iik-k6u-soh. 

rosary, liam-tsu. 
rose, gu6h-kl-hue. 

rotten, hi ; hu-hu ; ml"; hiian ; hiii°; nua"; ntia" hW- 
hiii". wood, hiii"-bik ; thAa'-tsM. tooth, tsti-khf ; khi 

rouge, in-chi ; in-nl". to use, tidm-in-chi ; buih-in-chi. 

rough, siap ; tshou ; tshou-siap. copy, k6. road, khi - 
khu. roughly done , as outline , tshdu-tsut. rough unfin- 
ished article, phue-tho ; phue-bdu. 

round, i°. to turn, hui"-lin-trig ; ut-tiig-th&u. 

rouse, out of sleep, hkm-chhd"; ki^-chh?". one's attention 
to anything, that-chhd". incite , k6u-bu ; thie-so ; kh. - 
so. roused, chh6"-ng6 ; kdng-chh^". 

rout, to, phah-tsdu ; phah-sua". to be routed, pai - tsdu ; 
pai-tin. a rout, luan-tsdu. 

route, lou. 

row, h&ng : li^t ; tsue. in rows, ch^k-h&ng ch^k-h4ng ; 
ch^k-H^t chfik-li^fc. 

BOW 23 h RUN 

row, to Tnahe a, ki-k4 b6-jidng ; tshku-nau". 

row, to, kb-tsiin ; k6-chi6". 

rub, bAa; chhih; chhit; z6e ; buah; kueh. ini, bAa- 

b4k. vrith salt^ lou-i^m ; sa-id,m ; n4k-i&m. the hands, 

zAe-chhiii. clean, chhit-chheng-khih (with dry cloth) ; zd 

(with damp doth) ; bda-kng ; chhitl-kDg. 
rubbish, nah-sap; bd-eng-mAeh. 
ruby, 4ng-p6-chi^h, 
rudder, t6a ; tsAn-t6a. see helm. 
rude, tshou-n&ng ; b6-16i ; b6-kui-k\i ; m-hidu chhdng - 11. 

behave ruddy to one, tshong-tsu^ng. 
rue, to, 8ie"-tieh hu4Q-16 ; sie -htie ; hu4Q-16 ; sie'-siii-htie . 

rueful countenance , min tsh6u-t8h6u ; miu-sck hu&n-16 ; 

ruflaan, khi4ng-thtl; htiiMui; htii'-thA. 
ruffled, water, tsiii-miQ ji4u - ji&u ; tsiii - min mk\x - niku^ 

mind, sim i&u-tong. 
rug, fiearth, hrie-16u-chi". 
ruffged, tshou-fiiap ; khi-khu. 
rum, pai ; pai-bai ; pai - huai ; hbi ; hili-hai ; hhi - huai ; 

phiia-hai; hi5i"; hiji"-haL to cause, tl-kku-hai. of house, 

phi!ia-tsh^ ; phiia-t8hil-td.u ; td-tshil. ruinous, hai - 8u. 

ruined, of a person, phiia-ke. 
rule, to, kudn; ku^n-U; tsii-kudn; tsti-ti; kudn-hat. a 

ruler, tsii; tsii-tsdi; kua'-hd. 
rule, a, huap ; kui ; huap-tou ; kui-ti&u ; huap-tsat ; kui- 

kii; tstin-sin; chiang-tbi^'' (programme)', chiang-thdng 

(id.), for measufing, chhieh. 
rule, to, or draw lines on, paper, phah - keh ; phah-tsue ; 

ue-b{kn ; tie-keh. a ruler for paper, kki-chhien. 
ruminate, as cow, Luan-tehdu. mentally, 8\|-8ie'; budn- 

hAk su-sie". 

* • 

rumour, hong-sia"; hong-bun ; i4u-ng&n ; bong-i4u ; i4u - 
thiHan ; koi-cnhi-ue. 

rumpled, ji^u ; ji^n-ji^u ; niiu"-niku"; p<5u-p6u ; 8e"-hAn ; 
chhip kku-p6u-p6u. doii't i^mple it, mki"-chblp-ji&u. 

run, tsdu ; phdu-tsdu ; phun-tsdu ; liSu-tsdu ; tsAu-md". 
away secretly, thau-tsdu. from, danger, pi-tsdu ; t6- 
tsdu. round and round, khuan-tsdu ; hni-tsdu. over, 
as liquid, l&u— tshut ; iah-tshut ; mtia"— tshut ; . kki— 
tshut. out, cw liquid, lau; lau-tiau. after, jiau; tui- 
jiau ; kiia'-jiau. into harbour^ sdi-ts<in jip-k^g. run 


• a 

info {collide with), lu ; 16i ; tsuaiig ; sie-kham ; sie-tia 
(liij/dlf,). „ . , . 

running, water, uih-tsi'ii. sore, si&p Ag-8Aa°-tsiii kdi- 
tHling-khau. hand of writing, tshd-jl. 

rupture, see hernia. 

rural, hie"-e. occupations, tsoh-tshAn khang-khiie ; 16ng-su. 
rush, against, tsliong-tsuang ; tshuang-tsuang. an enemy, 

tshoiig-tln. of water, tsui liu ka-ka-ki& ; tsiii kip. 
rushes, kiAm-tshdu ; teng-sim-tshdu. 

Russia, Ng6-lA-8ii kok. 

rust, sail, rusty, se"-8an. wor^i away with, kuah-tiau. 

rustic, hie'-e-n^ng ; hie"-iig6. 

rustling, of imim, huang sa-sa-ki^. 

rut, of wheel, chhia-lAn-lou ; chhia-lAu-kau. 

rutting, time, of animals, khf-khAn. 


Sabbath, an-sek-jlt; 16i-pai-jit. 
sack, p6u-to ; mAa"-t6 ; m6a"-phde-t6. 
sackcloth, nifta°-p6ii ; tshou-mfta"-p6u. to wear, chheng- 
mfta"; chheng-mda'-p6u. 

sacred, siii". 

sacrifice, chi ; chi-mu^h. to, hifen-chl ; chi ; siet-chi ; 
ki4"-chi ; chl-sfi. a lamb, thAi-id" Ai-chl. one's life, sid- 

sacrilege, siet-tAk sik'-mu^h. 

sad, iu-tshdu ; iu-biin ; tsh6u-buD ; h{kan-sim ; hAan-ld. 

saddle, W-ua". to, ktia-b^-ua". 

safe, i5n-tAg ; thfing-tAg ; thfing-iSn ; th6-tJtng ; tin-iSn. 

safe, a, or strong box, kap-buan. iron, thih-kap-buan. 
far meat, se-tA ; chiih-tft. 

8€tgacioUS, tshong-m6ng ; u-sim-su ; 5i-8ie"; ISng-lai. 

8€tge, a, sia"-i)&Dg; sik'^-hiSD. 
fO, sai-kok-i'. 

[, a, phAiig ; huang-ph&ng. to set , khf-pb&ng ; chie"- 
pb&.ng ; pAih-ph&ng ; ifi,ng-phAng. to take in, ph&ng heh- 
sbi ; heh-ph&ng. to sail, s^i-tsAn ; sdi-huang ; khui-tsAn. 
sailor, ki^'-tefin-n^ng ; tsiSi-siiS. sailing vessel (foi^gnj^ 
kap-pdn-tsAn. twenty sail-, ji-t^ip-cljiiah-tsAn. 


sake, for the sake of in-ui ; u^n-iu ; ui-ti6h. 

salad, chhe°-tsh^i ; phang-tsh^i. 

salary, kang-cht"; kang-tsu ; h6ng-lAk (official) ; iitng - 

lidm-ngftn (id.), of teacher , tsu-kim ; sok-kim ; sok-siu. 
sale, on, tah-boi ; tshut-boi, deed of khbi. 
saliva, nua"; tshtii-nua°. flowing^ l&u-nua^ 
sallow, min ftg-Ag. 
sally, tshong-tshut. 
salt, islm. adj., ki4m. to, lou-kiAm ; seh-i^m ; suah-i&m. 

-cellar, i&m-tih ; i4m-cheng. -patiSy idm-ti^"; iam-khu ; 

i&m-ti^^ to make salt in these^ phik-i4m; 8^i-i4m. 

medicinal salts, phok-siau ; g6-siau. 
saltpetre, siau ; idm-siau. 
salubrious, tsiii-th6u hd ; ti-khi hAa-ph^ng. 
salute, p^i ; mag-hau ; ki6ng-dxhiii ; ip-ts3i ; siang-chieh- 

SaJve, i&h-ko; ko-iAh. 
same, tAng; sie-tAug; chAk-ie"; p6"-ie", not tJie, m-sic- 

t&ng ; koh-ie"; tsuih. age, t4ng-ni"; nf-htie ph6ng-kien ; 

ni"-kl sie-tAng. o^ before, i-ku ; chi^-ku ; chiu-ku ; z6- 

ku; i-ngAan; chi^-ngtian-tsi ; chife-tsdr; jfing-ku. «*• 

pattern, chi&-ie\ 
sample, ie°; mo". 
Sand^ &ua. gritty, sua-b6. -hank, sua-pJl; sua-phi&". 

sandy, se"-8ua. 
sandal-wood, th6a"-tsh&; thda°-hie"; tMng-hie". 
sandals, straw, tshdii-6i. 
sane, sim tia°. 

sanguinary, hku°-suah ; hiong-pau ; tshing-pau. 
sap, chhiu-ni"; tsap. 

sapan-wood, sou-bik. 
sapphire, chhe"-g6k. 

sarcastic, ki-h6ng; ki-tshAg. 

sarcenet, kin. 

sash, tba ; ie-t6a ; si-tba. 

satellite, s<ii-chhe"; ttie-chhe". 

satiated, pi ; chiih-kku-pd ; chiih-k^u-ft ; chi&h-kh.u-mh.i". 

satin, tng. 

satire, ki-tshAg k&i-tie. satirize, ki-ngf. 
satisfied, sim miia', i tsok ; ktie-i ; tit-i ; tsai-tsok. 
saturate, chim; chim-tsiii. 
Saturday, 16i-pki-14k; pki-lik. 


Saturn, th6u-chhe". 

sauce, chife"; 8l-i6. -pan, ue. 

saucer, t^-tlh ; t6-ts<in ; p<ia"-kid". 

saunter, 6i"-ift ; man-pou ; On-ftn-ki^". 

sausage, khan-tftg. to Jill, thng-(or, tib"-) khan-trig. 

savage, chhe"-huan ; clilie"-16i ; 16i-kid". what a savage ! 

id— kiie chhe°-kha-huan ! 
save, kih ; kiti-ien ; chdng-kiii. Saviour, Kiii-sl-tsii ; Kih- 

saving, khiam ; khiam-phok ; li4m-khiam ; khftn-khiam 

(indiLstrious and) ; khieh-slp ; sieh-chi". 
savoury, phang ; h6-bi-s6u. 
saw, kfi. to, ki-tsh&. saw-dust, kiVsut. 
say, thi"; kdng ; sueh. tJmt is to say, ngA,n-khl. common 

sayings, sAk-gii ; sAk-ue. 
scab, a, phi ; kit-phf. to become covered with , siu-phf ; 

phok - phi ; kien - phi. of small -pox, tsu-phl ; tau-phf . 

scabbed head, tshSu-th&u ; mi"-th£u-tshng. 
scabbard, to-khak ; to-sau ; to-ip ; to-si^". 
SCdiffold, put up a, tah-in-kfe". 
scald, thig ; kiin-tsiii thiig— tiAli ; 14in~ti6h. scald-head^ 

scale, to, peh-chie". scaling-ladder, si&"-thui. a series^ 

scales, for weighing, thien-phSng ; li-chhin. the pan of 

thien-ph6ng-p6a"; li-chhin-p6a". 
scales, offish, hft-14ng. to scrape off, kueh-tiau hA-14ng ; 

phah-tiau hft-14ng. scaly skin, se"-hft-14ng ; se"-ts6a-phde. 
scallion, kii-tshki. 
scamp, a, ldu-kid°; htii-jin. to scamp work, lam - sdm 

tsb-kang ; kang-hu lam-sdm. 
scamper, ma-ma-tsdu. 
scandal, a, chhiii-su. to talk, tk"-n&ng si-hui; phi-si^"; 

ngi-lun nd,ng m-ti^h. fond of, h5,u"-ngi-n&ng. 
scanty, chi6 ; b6-ua. 

scapma, png-sl-kut. 

scar, hAn ; sie"-hAn ; phtia-kik"; khieh-kdi"; ni^u"-teng. 

scarce, hdn ; 14n-tit ; chi^ ; hi-hdn. 

scarcely, kiin-kiin; sife-si&. 

scarcity (famine), ki-hng ; m-k^u-chiih. year of hiong- 

ni°; nr-tang m-h6 ; tang-chhfing in-h6. 
scare, phi^n-n4ng-kia"; heh-n4ng-kia". -crow, tshdu-nSng. 


scarleti tsu-4ng. 

scatter, siia"; sl-sha"; phah-stia"; hun-sha"; jiau-sha"; tAk- 

sua"; khu-stia". seed, ia-ch^ng. scattered about and lying 

in all positions, h6e"-ka-lf-tlt. 
scene, of a play, ch^k-tshut-hi. 
scenery, kuang-k^ng; sua"-tsiSi. 
scent, khi ; bi. siveet, hiang-khi ; phang-khl. to scent 

the perfume, phi"-phang. scentless, b6-khl-bL 
sceptical, u-gi-sim ; m-sin. 

sceptre, chhi4u-p(5i"; chhidu-hut ; z6-l ; kh^an-p^". 
scheme!, kbi; kbin^hheh ; k6i-m6ng. to, mdng-uAh ; 

m6ng-di ; tli A-mdng ; siet-kbi ; siet-m&ng ; 8ie"-siin-8u. 

scheming, u-sim-«u. 
scholar, mftg-scng ; tl-tsii ; hAk-«eng ; bAn-th6ng, a 

leaimed man^ th4k-tsu-nd.Dg ; pd-h4k ; phak-h4k ; lau- 

hS,k-kiu ; su ; bfln-su. scholarships h4k-mng ; lai-tsh4i ; 

school, tsu^he ; 6h-tfig ; tsu-f . hoys\ nSm-Ah. giiis^^ 

nrtg-6h. free, ngi-Ah. to ojyen, khui-tsu ; khui-hik to 

close, pi6t-che ; pi6t-kiian ; piit-6h ; p^Jig-kfe. -hoy, m6ng- 

thdng ; th6ng-m6ng ; «iiu-hik-8cng, -mastei^ jsiiinse''; 

kti-tsii sin-se". -mistress, niig-siu -fellow, theog-iii ; 

tdng-theng ph6ng-iii; f-iii; t86-£>A tbik-tsu. let out 

the school daily, pang-he. 
schooner, n6"-fii kap-pda-ts^in. . 
science, kek-mAeh ; khi6ng-Ii kek-mAeh. 
scissors, ka-to. a pair of cb6k-ki ka-to. to cut cloth 

with, ka-p6u. 
scoff, ki-chhib ; ki-chhiiu ; ki-ngl ; bii-long, 
scold, me"; cheh-me"; hi^m ; cheh-hi&m ; cheh-pi. 
scoop, for water, khat-k6Dg ; ibbu-t^lu ; pA-hia. to scoop 

rice, tshah-bf ; tsa"-bf. 
scope, kang-nid"; ts6ng-niu"; ts6ng-chl ; tai - 1 ; tai-iiu ; 

scorch, phik-jlt. scorching heat, thi"-sl pek-zuih ; chiau- 

pek ; zu4h-tik. 
scorn, midu-si ; khin-hut ; th6i"-khin ; th6i" m-chie"-mik ; 

scorpion, hiet; hiet-kid". 
scoundrel, kuang-ktin ; Uu-kid"; kun-tb6 ; hiir-tbA ; hiii"- 

scour, cbhiii ; lu. with sand, sua-ebhiii. 


scourge, pien-phah ; tsang-pi" phah. 

scout, thkm-kiA"; sku-thJlm ; ts6i"-8h,u. 

scowl, iidu°-sek ; ndu"-mik : niu°-i6ng. 

scramble, peh-chie"; thek-chie"; chhiii mdn, kha thek. 

scrap, tshtii ; kb-kid". 

scrape, kueh. 

scratch, p6. an itchy part, pd-chie". 

scrawl, l6-tsh6-8id; Idu-tshdu-sid, 

scream, toa-sia"-ki^ ; kife-ai-o. 

screen, to, chia ; chia-li4m ; ts&h-pWn. a, phln-huang ; 

Ai-phln ; mAg-li^m. 
screw, I6-si. naily 16 - si - teng. to driven kd 16-si-teng ; 

tsun 16-si-teng. -driver^ 16-si-poi. a cork-screw, 16-si- 

scribble, thfeng-sid thfeng-iie. on walh, th^ng-iie-chhie". 
Scripture, sih."-kia"; sik"-tsu. 
scrofula, 16-16k; sc"-16k. 
scroll, antitketicaly ornamental, ttii-lin. two, sang-pak- 


scrotum, laog-pha ; sien-ldng. 

scrub, chhiti-s6i; chhiii; liVs6i. scruhher, tek-tsh6i". 

scnihhing-lmt^ sueh. 
scrutinize^ tsii-«6i-th6i"; 86i-sidng-th6i°; s6i-th6i"; tshat- 

kill ; sbi-tshat : khStng-kiti 
scuffle^ kku-kh(iaL k^u-li&h ; sie-jiau sie-phah ; sie-khlm 

si e- phah ; uaa-ke la-chfe. 
scull, a, for boat, 16u ; tsAn-16u. to, 16u-tsAn ; ie-16u. 
sculptor, phah-chi6h sai-pe ; khek-chi^h sai-pe ; kuah- 

chi^h sai-pe ; khek-chi^>h sin-se". 
scum, tsiii-phu^h ; tsiSi-pha. to, li&u-phu^h. 
scuppers, lau-tsiii-khang. 
scurf, on the head, th&u-khiii. 

scuttle, a ship, phua-t6i tim-tsAn ; tshik-phila tsAn-t6i. 
sea, hdi ; toa-i6". go to, tshut-hdi. cross, ktie-hdi. coast, 

hdi-ki"; hdi-pi°; hdi-pien. Jight, tsiii-chi^n. sickness, 

seal, in ; in-sek ; thA-su. official, kua°-ln. imperial, g^k- 

zu. to, khap-in ; teh-in. shnt tip the seals dnnng ho - 

lidays, huang-ln. to seal vp, as letter, door dec, huang. 

seal-characters, tuan-ji ; poih-hun-su. 
seal, the, hd.i-kdu. 'Ski7i, hdi-kdu-phAe. 
seam, sa^-tsuc. to, chih-p6u-tsue ; nfig-sa". 


search, tshue ; chhlm-tshue ; chhlm ; siau-chh6 ; siau ; 

chh6. hooks, chh6-chheh ; chhd-kiil. a hotise, siau-ke ; 

siau-tshti. i?i vaiuy chhd-m-tshut ; tshue-m-tieh. one's 

pockets, chi4m-tshue ; to-t6i siau-tshue. 
season, thr-si. the four seasons, sl-sl; si-khiii. the 

ivarin, zuih-thr-si. in, h&h-sl; sun-sl. for a, chiam- 

si. seasonable sliowers, si-hou ; kam-hou. seasonably, 

season, to, food, thi4u-bi ; tsh5,i-kah. 
seat, ui ; ts6-ui. my, u4 k4i ui-tshii. the chief, toa-uj. 

please take a, chhid"-ts6. 
secluded, mlt-chiah ; i\n-ku ; tikra-mi". 
second, ji ; t6i"-ji. quality, t6i"-ji-ho ; tshi-tdng ; tong- 

t^ng. crop^ miig-ktie ; miig-tang, 
secret, pi; pi-b&t; lin-pi; lin-bit; pi-mit; pl-tsMng; 

lin-tsh^ng ; ki-mlt. let out a, phtia-tia". as of trade, 

pl-kuat ; pi-huap. prescHiotioufi, pi-hng. handed down 
from ancestors, pl-th6an ; pi-siu. chamber, bit-p4ng. 

secretly, ^m-che°; sai-e ; sia-khia-e ; thau. run away 

secretly, thau-tsdu. 
secretary, in yamen, BU-ia. 
secrete, iin-tsh4ng ; iin-bit ; lin-n^k ; khAg-bAa ; tsh&ng- 

n^k ; tsh4ng-khAg. 
secretion, fivm eyes, mkk'Sii. from nose, phf-sdi. 
section, of book, ch6k-chie°; ch^k-tng. of bamboo, tek- 

tsat. of orange, ka"-phifen; ka"-likm. 
secure, lin-tAg ; ua°-iin ; th6ng-tiig ; thd-tkng ; tsii-kti ; 

kien-kti. to be security, p6 ; p6-nid"; tam-sdng. 
sedan, kie. a, ch^k-t^ng-kie. bridal, hue-kie. poles, 

kie-ko ; kie-kig. to carry, kng-kie. to call, hkm-kie ; 

ki^-kie ; kbu-kie. to sit in, tso-kie. 
sedate, tsang-kfeng; ngi&m-chik"; ngi4m-khl clii5,"-s^°; ui- 

Dgi4m ; sim che". 
sediment, tdi; phoh (refuse), of medicine, i^h-tdi. 
seditious, iig6u-ngAk ; puan-ng^k. 
seduce, iii-hik; In-iii; mf-hik; k6u-li6k; thiAu-hl. 
sedulous, eng-kang; khftn ; khftn-kang; si6"-siin. 
see, to, th6i"; kifen ; kl"; th6r-ki°. not to, thdr-m-ki". 

through, th6r-phtia ; thdr-kku-thJtu ; th6i"-th^ng. go 

to see one, khiVki"; khft kang-n4ng sie-ki"; khi kang - 

ndng hue— ch6k-min. one's reflection, as in mirror, chie- 

kr ndng-min. seeing that, ki-jiSn ; ki-sL 


seed, cliCDg ; cheng-ehf. to soio, ia-ch^ng ; lih-ch^ng. 

seedliuij, tsai ; chhiu-tsai ; hue-tsai. of rice^ ng. 
seek, tshiie ; chhd ; khi6 ; thft ; th6 ; chhim. an oppor- 

tiuiity to wjure one, tshue-phang; tshue-khiah. 
Seenii to, chhiu-chhie"; siang-ftfl ; hiiang-su. how does it 

srem to you f lii tli6i"-tiih tsai-se"? as if deady k4i-ie' 

ari-81 hie -se . 
seemly, hah-ngi; hah-sek. 
seize, liali ; Ift-liah ; cbhi^"-liah ; kbim-Mh ; tiii-liih. a 

th'uf liah-tsliat. an opportunity, sdng-ki-hue ; s6ng- 

koi". lie in v\fit to, tiig-tdn-liah ; bid-liAh. 
seldom, chid ; biln— tit ; ban. met mth, hin-h6ng. 
select, fiuan ; Bium-tih ; t6h ; kdi"; k6i"-t6h ; tAh— tshut-lAi. 
self, ka-ki ; tsu-ki ; prtg-sin ; cbhin-sin. -examination^ 

t8U-s(5iig ; t8u-su ; tsiVsie"; tsu-tshat ; tsu-mfig ; tsu-Jlu ; 

HO^-tsbat ku-ki; miig-sim che"-h,n. -satisfed, tsu-tsok. 

-conceit, tsu-miia"; tsiVsi. injure oneself tshdng-hai ka- 

ki ; tsu-pau ; tsu-kbl ; tsu-tsbu kbt-hua. 
selfish, Bu-sira ; t^ii-sim ui-ki ; li-ki ; kh-kf. vnseljish^ 

cbl-kong bcVsu ; tbai-iu\ng ziVkf; kau-ndng pAh-ki. 
sell, boi ; i)biia". rice, tbio-chbek ; thi^-bl. on credit, 

ebbia-boi. for ready money, bin-boi ; hin-chi" kau-kuan. 

by iveiyht, lun-kiiu-boi. hy auction, khh.-l6i-lang ; kha- 


semen, cbcng. 

semicircle, piia'-khou ; T-chAk-ptia". 

send, sdi ; chbe ; kbidn ; huat ; kik hack, kih,-tiig ; sdi- 

tiig ; huat-h<ie. for one, hdm-n^ng-l^i ; kife-iidng-lai. 

tinder custody, k6i-ab ; kbi-sh,ng. a letter, kia-sin. 
senior, cbidng-cbid ; lau-ptie. he is my, i toa— lia ; i k4i 

iif-ki toa— iia. 
sense, of, 1 ; i-su ; i-ng1i. the five senses, ngdu-kua'*. 

senseless, b6-sucb ; bfi-tb6 ; k6ng-k6ng. sensible, thong- 

cbbeng tit-li ; ii-tsai-kak ; bidu-su biilu-11 ; chh6ng-ll 

sensitive, plant, niau"-tsb{lii ; siAu-K-tshdu. 
sensual, cbiii-sck tsu-tbft ; tham-bue luSn-cbiiS ; tham-sek- 

iok ; b{\u"-cbiii-sok. 
sentence, cb^,k-kh-ue. sentence to death, tia"-sf-tsue. 
sentinel, sAn-siiu-pia"; s^n-buAng-pia"; siii-ke^-pia"; s6n - 

sia -])ia . 
separate, li-kbui ; puu-li ; pun-piet ; hun-pi^t ; keh-piet. 


separated by the sea, keh-hdi. by a wall, keh-chhie"; keh- 

sepulchre, phfln ; ph<in-m6°. imperial, uang-l^ng. 
seraglio, lai-keng. the inmates of, keiig-ng6 nnii"-ni\g. 
serene, ua"-che°. shy, thi" ch6". 
series, tshu-su ; tshi-toi"; t^ng-li6t ; t^ng-khip ; pln-li^t 

pfn-toi". of years, 16h-ni". 
serious, tang; toa. matter, toa-su. disease, pe" tiing. 

in manner, ngidm-chiil"; ki\n-ngiam. 
serpent, tsfta. one, ch^k-tiau-tsun. fo creep) as a, so ; 


serrate, se"-kiVkhf. 

servant, kang-jin ; eng-jin ; sdi-htian kai-nilng ; sdi-tang 
k4i kang-jin ; si-tsili (apjyUed to servants of foreigners) ; 
n6u"-p6k (slave); i6ng-kang kdi-nAng. in a family, ke- 
jlu. to be one's, kang-nAng ts6-kang. servants of man- 
darin, kun-pan ; kiin-s(ii. 

serve, h6k-sii ; h6k-si ; hAk-hiih ; phoi"-sri. 

server, a, thdng-p6a"; t8li4-p6a". 

serviceable, h6-eng; eng-tit-lai. 

servile, pui-khut ; ktie-khiam ; tsh-kiong. 

set, a, ch6k-hti ; chfik-th^u ; ch^k-kah. of books, a whole 
work, ch6k-pang. changing sets of men several times 
a day, ch^k-jlt tia" ke-sek-n^ng. a mean set, liia-liA- 

set, to, as gems, sie"-g^k. as fnnt, kat-slt ; kit-chi. as 
snn, jit 16h ; jit - th4u lih-sua". a UKitch, si-pie tshau- 
chik". to set aboiit, khui-chhiii ; khf-kang. at rest, 
pJing-ua". bones, chiap-kut. eggs, kliiit koi-b6 pu-nfig. 
doion, pkng-t6-k6 ; he— 16h-khii. fire to, pJtng-hiie ; t6h- 
hiie ; sit-hiie {accidentally). one's heart on, li6-sim ; 
tsuan-sira ; tsil-liam ; tsti-i ; kh-sim kh-i. out on a journey, 
khl-sin ; khf-kia"; khf-th6ng ; tong-sin, the teeth on edge, 
khf nig. out trees, chfeng-chhiu-tsai. the table, piti-toh ; 
pdi-tshAg ; pdi-siet. up, lip ; siet-lip. a shoj), siu-khui- 
phbu. sail, khf-phdng. an example, pidu-ie"; ts6 - ie° 

settle, an offair, lf-chheng-tsh6 ; lf-tia"-ti(^.h ; tia" - ti6h. 
how are you going to settle this ? Jii"-ts6-ni° huat-16h ? settled, 
tieh-16h ; t£l"-theng-th6. accounts, ap-siku ; chhcng-siau ; 
siau-bik chheng-tshd. as muddy nxiter, tso-chheng. a 
bargain, boi-seng. a quarrel, liiia-sck. 


seven, chhit. seventeen, tsip-chhit. 

several, kiii-Mi; sti-kii; kiii-ua-k4i. months, sti-kSi- 

gueh. tens, sti-tsip-k^i. 
severe, ngiW ; nge. beating, tang-phah: ; phah-thiiia- 

thidm. wound, tang-8ie^ 
sew, to, thf ; thi"-8a". can you seio? lii pat sdi-tsanit me \ 

6i-thi"-sa", m6 ? sewing machine, tsam-ku£ 
sewer, tsiii-kau ; sdi-kau. 
sex, n^m-niig tsu-hua-piit. 
sextant, niS"'-tki''-eW»eh (oat quadrant)^ 
shabby, meam,y phi-l6u ; lien-siap ; siiu-jln. in dress-,. 

chheng-khah-khi£m ; phok-lou. 
shackles, kha-kb^u chhiil-khku ; s6-klia B6-ch]iiii ; tsh4-g6. 
shaddock, iu ; tdu-iu ; bit-iu ; hiaug-iu. 
shade, chia. of tree, chhiu pk-kft ; chhiti Inx-li&ng.. clouds 

shading sun, b^u ehia- jlt ;: hftn i^m-j^it ; h6n iSii-jIt. a 

hou^e shading Jron^ the sun, tshti ts&h-jlt. to shade light, 

chia-kng ; tsih-kng. Icnnp-shade, teng-chia ; tcng-tsau ; 

teng-tk ; teng*tA. glass-^uidey po-U-khkr; po-li-khkm . 

shady, im-li4iig. 
shadow, id", under the shadow of the trees,, ehhiu-im-e. 
shaft, pfe°. of spear y ckbie"-p^". of ar^^ow, ehk°-kua°. of 

column, thiaai-airu 
shaggy, pb6ng-iQ6"; ph6Bg-m6"-8air m6* jikng-ji^ng; 

th&u-m6° ph6ng-song. 
shake^ id; i6«t5ng; i6-16ii ; i&u-tong ; chfn-tong ; tfn-tang; 

chhim; l^ng> hands, siang-ttin-chhiii. off, as dust, 

pua"- tiau ; bi*- tiau. shaky, as when socket too wide, 

lok-khok. tremble, kbiu ; tbng. 
shall,, chiang-^i"; pit; ^i"! 
shallow^ ehhi^iw in mind, ki^n-sek-chhi^n. 
sham, k^. see FRETEa^'D. 

shambles^ gA-t6.u {slaughter-house) ; boi-nek-chhi {meat- 
shame, si^u-lf ; siu-chhf . put to, kifen-si^u. shamefaced, 

tii-sidu-11. shameful, chhid-su ; sidu-Ii-su. sliameless, m- 

iii sidu-lf ; min-phfte kau. 
shampoo, t6i. the loins, tAi-ie. 

shank, thiSi-th&u. 

shape, hSng; ie°; h6ng-ie"; h6ng-i6ng; m&"-ie"; hdng- 

siang ; hdng-tsuang ; tsuang-mSu"; ie^'-sife". 
share, hun. divided into three shares, pun-ts6 sa"-hun. 


shark, sua-hft. fins, hft-chhi. 

sharp, lai. pointed, chiam. sharpen^ bfla-lai; b6a- 

chiam ; phoi-chiam, the ajprntite, khui-ui-kbiu. of the 

tongue^ tshbi lai. -feoitwred, cbiam-lai. clever, Idng-lai. 

a shaoyer, kuang-khn ; ldu-kid°. 
shatter, phila-tshtii. shattered in health, phha-sie". 
shave, thi; khoi. the head, thl-th^u. the beard, kboi- 

chhiu. shaving out/it (barber's), thi-th^u-tk°. 
shavings, of hair, th4u-m6"-ki4". of wood, tsh^-phhe- 

thiu. of rattan, ttn-si. 
shawl, mua*"; mua^-koi"; huan-mua". 
sheaf, p^ ; te°; pik ; tsdng ; sok ; b4. 
shear, to, chi^n-m6"; ka-m6°. shears, toa-ka-to ; cbi^ii- 

to ; h6u°-th4u-tsAih (kind of guillotine). 
sheath, khak; si^". of grass, tshdu-khbu. 
sheathe, a sword, to jlp-si^"; to jlp-khak. 
shed, to, teeth, ua"-khl ; ua^-gS. tears, 14u-in&k-tsap. 
shed, a, chhidng; phd,ng-chbidng ; ph4ng-p6". 
sheep, i6°; iiil"-i6". fold, jdMd; ir-I4ng; id^Mu ; i6°. 

ts^ng. sheepskin coat, id°-phAe-ni6". 
sheet, of paper, ch6k-tie°-tsiia. for a bed, pbue-toa°. 

of sail, li£u ; li&u-b6. haul in the s/ieet, sa-li4u. slack 

out, sang-li&u. 
shelf, k^ ; keh ; ts&ng. 
shell, kbak. egg-, nfig-khak. o/* ^AeZ^;/^^, ham-khak ; 16- 

kbak. to blow a, piin-pu. 
shelter, pl-im ; pau-pi. from rain, chia-h6u ; siim-hou. 

to taJce, tikm-sin ; tsbd^ng-sin ; sidm. 
shepherd, chi^"-i6" k4i-nXng; chi^"-mAk; mAk-jln. 
shield, pfti; tln-p4i; tshA-p&i. to carry a, kua°-pdi; 

mong-pAi; chia-p&i. 
shift, siia ; 8iia-ui ; pua'^-tsbii. several shifts of cows, in 

a miU, kiii-ua th6i-gA. shiftUss, b6-pifen. 
shin, kba-li^m. 
shine, chi&; chi^-kng; huat-kng; huat-kuang. shining 

brightly, t4ng-t4ng-kng. 
ship, tsfln. one, ch^k-chiah-tsAn. foreign, kap-p^n-tsAn. 

-wreck, tsAn phba-tiau ; puih-phtia-tsAii ; puih-tiau-tsAn. 

'Wright, tso-tsAn sai-pe. -captain, tsAn-teii {foreign ). 
shirt, sin-tdi-sa"; iSi-sa'; kun-sin-i ; kua°-sa"; tsii-kna"-sa". 
shiver, from cold, khiu ; tbng ; chhln kJln khip-khip-sih. 
shiver, to pieces, phiia tshap-tshap-tshtii. 


shocked, ti6h-kia°. 

shoe, 6i. pair of, ch^k-8ang-6L one, chAk-chiah-6i ; chik- 

kha-6i. woir^rCs small, keng-6i. leather, phAe-6i. shoe^ 

last, 6i-htin. shoe-horn, di-chhiau. shoes for wet wea^ 

titer, tsiii-6i ; kiih ; tsh^-kiih. 
shooty with gun, phah-chh^n^; ph^ng-chhfeng ; huat- 

chh^Dg ; khui-chh^ng ; pkng-phau. an arrow, sia-chi*. 
shoot, up, as plant, huat~khf-14i ; huat-g6 ; mdng-gfi ; 

pauh-g6 ; thiu-gd. bamboo shoot, tek-siin. 
shooting, pains, thiu-thia°; thn-thik". stars, chhe* 

tui ; chhe" kiie-keng. 
shop, phbu ; tikm. name of, ph6u-h6 ; tiJlm-ho. Tceepei\ 

khui-phbu tshii-tsii ; tikm-tsii ; tikm-ke. clerk in, chiing- 

shore, sua'; toi-ngSLi ; hii-ki"; khoi - kl". go on, chie'- 

sua°. on, t6-8ua"-t^ng. 
short, t6. time, b6-kii ; chi3Lm-si ; siap-sl ; khtin-kid". as 

cake, sou. do it by a short method, tsh6ng-md'"ts6. 

short-hand writing, si^-sid; tsh6-ji; kidm-pit-jL short- 

sighted, kun-sl ; t6-sL shortcoming, khikm-khueh ; put- 

klp. neither exceed nor come sho7% mki'-thki-ktie ia 

shot, in-chl; chhfeng-chl; thili-ti4u; tMng-cht a good 

shot, mi4°-ke phah-chh^ng. 
should, eng-kai; eng-tng; ti^h ; pAg-t^ng tiih. 
shoulder, koi"- th^u. carry on, k£4 t6-koi°-th&u ; ta\ 

mde on one's, khi4-koi"-W. 
shout, kife-toa-sia"; hiu-sia"; hdu-sia" toa-kife. of joy, 

shove, l^ng; Idng-khui; Ung-kiSJ"; oi-leng. 
shovel, piln-tdu. 
show, khut-nslng-th6r; hi^n-tshut lAi-pun-n&ng-th6i'; pii 

pun-nAng-th6i'. point out, ki-tidm khut-nAng-thdi'. the 

way, ki-lou; kf-tiim chf-ti&u-lou. to slum out, hi^n- 

tshut ; huat-hifen ; Ibu-tshut. a fine show, h6-p4i-ti6''; 

phS,i-chhi&ng ; lau-ji6t. showy, siu-sek-ngid ; huan-hAa; 

hku°-ph4i-chhi&ng ; hku"-tsuang-tshii ; hku"- tsuang-pkng, 
shower, ch^k-tsun-h6u ; cWk-tin-h6u ; phA-huang-h6u. 

of arrows, chl" zA-h5u-liip. 
shreds, torn in, lib kiu ch6k-ti4u ch^k-ti&u ; u4n-sui-sa", 

shrewd, 16ng-lai ; kuai-khd ; kuai-khidu ; tshong-mfing. 


shrimp, hd. very small d'iied, hd-bl. 

shrine, sln-kham ; sln-14u ; sin-tii, in the ancestral Iially 

shrink, kiu-thb; kiu-jlp; kiu-s6i; kiu-bAa; th6-phang. 

shrivelled, ji4u-ji&u; niku°-nih,u". 

shrofiP, tsh^i-hti ; b6i-paii (in foreign hong) ; ke-ti^". to 
shroff dollars, th6r-iigftD, 

shroud, sien-sa"; s^ng-lSu k&i i-h6k ; sicn-i. 

shrouds, the, chie"-fii k&i-soh-thui. 

shrub, chhiu-kid"; 6i-chhiii. 

shudder, kia°-khiu ; kia"'k^u-khiu. with disg^ist, phah - 

shuffle, cards, s6i-p&i, 

shun, pi; sidm-pi; t6-pi; pl-kh6i; sie-pl. 

shut , the door , hor-mAg (without fastening) ; kue"-niftg 
(and fasten) ; mAg kue"-tah (id,) ; tshtia"-mfig (to holt), 
door half-shut, mfig piia"-h&m-h6i"; pila"-idm-h6r. shut 
out, b6-n4ng-jlp ; b6-thang pun-n4ng-jlp, a shop, kue"- 
phbu ; hiah-seng-lf. the eyes, mik-chiu hip-mr. tlie 
mouth, tshiii hip-bAa. the water-gates , lih-ts&h ; tsih - 
chheng-pang. one up in pinson, kim-kam ; siu-kam. 

shutter, theng-mflg. 

shuttle, so-kia ; ke°-p6u-so. to fly the, phau-so. 

shuttle-cock, i"; in. to play, phah-l"; tiau-in ; phah-in. 

shy, tii-sidu-lf ; m-kd" ki'-n&ng ; kiu-niu"; kiu-kiu niu'-niu". 

Siam, Siam-16. 

sick, u - pe"; n&ng boi ; n&ng m - h6 ; m-ph6ng-an ; sin - 
th6i m-ua°; 8in-th6i m-hda ; khl-th6i m-hfta ; kong - tau 

. bd^- thang - h6 ; ien - siSn {slightly). sickness , pe" ; pe"- 
chfeng ; m&u"-pe°; chlt-pe"; chfeng - hau ; pe°-thik"; pe°- 
niig ; pe"-khiln. sea-sick, hln-tsilkn. sickly, sin-hun 1dm ; 
sin-huQ jiik ; sin-hun phk". squeamish, kf-thbu. to he 
sick {vomit), thbu. 

sickle, \\km ; kau-li4m ; kuah-tshdu-to. 

side, p6i"; pi"; ki"; pb4ng-pi'. door, phien-mAg. the side 
of tne body, phia"-Ii ; hiip-e. right, iu-p6i"; chik"-chhid - 
p6i'. left, ts6-p6i"; t6-chhid-p6i". turn from side to 
side, huan-14i huan-khi^ ; huan-14i khah-khii put-sfing- 
min {tossing slecplessly). this, chife°-p6i"; chife"-th&u. that, 
hi&"-p6i'; hi&"-th&u. at one's, t6 i sin-pi". 

sieve, a, thai ; bl-thai ; bf-16 ; piia-ki {rather, a shalhio 
tniyfor tvinnoiving) . 


sift, to, thai. 

sigh, thdu-khili ; thkng-khi ; thkng-sek. 

sight, of the eyes, mik-lit ; mik-sit. to have ane% m&k - 

chiu kng ; m4k-chiu th6i°-ki°. lose one's, sit-mdng ; chhe"- 

md". lose sight of, m-ki". at first, tsho-ki"; tsho-e-ki". 

know by, pba''-miii siang-sek ; sek-min, near, kun-sL 

ditn, niak-chiu hue. 
sign, ho ; ji-ho ; ki-ho ; in-ho ; ki-tiau. ix secret sign, 

^m-ieh ; km-ho. to make such, phah-^-bo. w heaven, 

thien-siang ; thien-tiau. signs of the Zodia/x, taip-ji-keng. 

sign-board, chie-p4i ; ph6u-ho. 
sign, to, a paper, chhiam-mia"; tsham-mi^**; tie-ap; tie- 

signal, flag, kl-ho. gun, pang-phh.u {d-ho. hoist a, liu- 

signature, mi&"; hue-ap. 
signet, in. 

signify, it does not, b6-kai-tsh,i ; b6-kku ti-kb-khi ; bA- 

siang-kan ; bo-chhiet-iau ; b6-bi. signification, i-si ; ji- 

ngi ; ji-i ; i-ngi ; such, 
silent, tiam-tiam ; tiam-che"; m-khui-tshili ; bd-tshut-sia"; 

mlt-mlt bo-iig^n. 
silk, si-ti6 liu-tng. thread, si-sua". shop, tiA-tng-ph6u. 
silk- worm, tshoi". cocoon, tsh6i''-k6i°. to rear, chhi- 

tsh6i"; idng-tsh6i". la^nxB of, tsh6i°-jln. silk-ivorm moth, 

silly, chhi-ko ; chhi-chhi ng&i-ng^i. 
silver, ngftn. -smith, phah-ngfin sai-pe. shop, siu-sek- 

phou. pure, tsok-sLV-ngAn. vrith two parts of alloy,. 

poih-sia"-ngftn. fragments of ngftn-tshiu. ingots, see 


similar, hiSang-su ; siang-su ; chhin-chhie"; tai-lAng, sidu- 

i ; hiiang-hut. 
simmer, as water, tshang. 
simple, Uu-sit ; b6-ngui ; tong-tit ; phok-slt ; phok-sh ; 

tshijn-tit; b6-hue-ji. simpleton, ngSt-ndng. 
simultaneous, tAng-si; ts6-ch6k-e. 
sin, tsue ; tsiSe-ak ; tsue-ktie. to sin, huam-tsue ; tit-tsue. 

[tsue means guiltJ] 
since, ivhen? t4ng ti&ng-sl? olden times, tdng-k6u-tsd 

kiiu-chl-k6 l&i ; tsu-tsd f -14i ; tsh6ng-k6u l"-ldi. since it 

is so, ki-si chi&"-se"; ki-ji6n si chiJj"-se". 


sincere , seng-sit ; sit-sim sit-i ; chin-sim chin-i ; s6ng-i ; 
^ 86ng-sim sdng-i. 

sinecure, khang-h&m ; chiih-kan-h6ng. 

sinew, kun. contraction of the sinews, thiu-kha-kun. 

sing, nglm-si; cfehi?lng-ko ; ko-chhiJtng; chhi^-khek; song- 
si. street-singer, tsdu-chhikng, 

Singapore, 8tt-lit; Sin-tia-po. 

singe, sie— ti^h ; hiie sie. as food, sticldng to pot, ti^h - 
sie. as hair, hiie sie ; chhih— ti^h ; luih--ti6h. 

single, toa"^ ^^. singly, it-it; <ib&k-ii&i}g <5h&k-iiSi>g ; 
t4k-i<L one fold, toa^-t&ag. 

singular, see strange. 

sink, tlm ; tlm-16h. in water^ ttm-tsiiL in vice, tim-n&k 

t6-ak. see sunk. 
sip, iim; tahueh. 
Sir, tsun-k^ ; Mu-tia ; i^u-tsii ; Mu-ndng-ke ; ^m-ee"; si^ng- 

sister, ch^-mue"; dhl-imie*. 'dder, a-chd younger, a- 

mue". sister-iai-law^ a-s6 (wife of elder brother); sid- 

i4i {wife of younger brother) ; ti-hu {id.), wife's sister^ 

chhi-1. mother's, b6-l. husband's a-kou. 
sit, to, tso. on horseback, khiA-T)^. cross-legged, phAan- 

khf-kha tsS. please sit doum, ^hhii^'-tsS. on one's knee^ 

tsS to i-k&i-kha— th&u. 
situation, tl-tii ; cheh-hun ; cheh-jim. 
six, I4k. heocagonal, 14k-kak. 
size, tou-liang ; liang-tou. wliat ? u-Ji^h-toa ? 
size {glue), ka-tsili. 
skate, fish, hang-hft. 
skein, of thread, ch^k-tshdng-stia". 
skeleton, kut-th6i ; k6u-kut. like a, chek-sin tou-si-kut. 
sketch, to, tie; ue-k6; iig6u-pit; phah-k6; phah-tsh6 

skewer, sie-n^k-tshiian. 
skill, chhiii-goi ; chhiii-tuan ; ki-kh^ ; kh^-goi ; h6-chhid- 

goi. skilled, keng-lien ; s^k-chhiii ; cheng-kong ; cheng- 

khi : kong-khd ; mi&"-ke ; g&u ; 6i ; ts6-kang kui-lou. 

in managing, oi-sie" sim-su. 
skim, lis ; liS-tiau ; li6-khi. froth, li6-phu&h. skimmer ^ 

t4ng-8l; t^ng-si^h. 
skin, phAe; ph(ie-hu. to, pak-tiau-phAe. skin & bone, 

n4ng-p6u ; tdng-ph6e n6"-t6ng-kut. disease, phAe-hu-pe". 


skip, thiku. over^ thiku-ktie. about^ tshok-tshok-thiku. 

skirmish, tsh6-li4k sie-th&i ; sie-la ; ke-hiie sie-l^. 

skirt, k6n {of dress) ; ku {border), 

skull, th&u-khak-iia"; th4u-n4u"-kut. 

sky, thi'; tshang-thi"; chhe"-thi'; thien-khong ; thi'-tang ; 

p{ia"-thi°. clear, thi" ch6°. sky-light, thi°-theng. 
slab, chi^h-p6i°; chi^h-pi. 
slack, sang ; leng. slacken, pkng-sang ; pkng-leng. dach" 

water, p6°-lAu ; l&u tiig. 
slake, lime, huat-hue ; huat-hue-p6u. thirst, k6i-khuah ; 

slam, a door, kham-ti^h-mAg ; mAg piing— che-ki^. 
slander, hiSi'-pang; pti-lu; 'Axk'^&ng {widely) \ tskm- 

slan^, koi-chhi-tie; chhi-chd"-ue. 
slanting, tshiia; uai; si4; khi; phien. 
slap, on the cheek, phah-tshtii-p6i"; piang-kih-kau ; 6ng 

kih-kau-ts6. on shoulder, tah-koi"-th&u. 
slate, chi^h-pdi"; chi6h-hia ; hiin-p4i-chi6h {for writing). 
slattern, lah-tah tsu-nid"; thAu-m6" zA-sku-soi, kha-ti" pua"- 

slaughter, 8uah-16k ; tu-16k ke-n&ng. an ox, th&i-gii. 
slave, n6u'; n6u'-p6k; p6k-jin; n6u'-tsh&i; ke-rxSk. fe- 

male, tsiu-kiSi ; nAg-pi ; ndu^-pL slaves, male ana female, 

sledge, for mud, th6u-thiku. to ride on, thek-thiku. for 

ice, thua-kie. -hammer, toa-thih-thAi. 
sleek , kng-kng ; kuang-ch^k ; m6"- tsh^u kuang-ch^k ; 

m6°-tshiu kuang-iam ; kng-kit ; kit-ch^k. 
sleep, gAt; iHt. with one, tsb-pA-git. sleepless, b6i-g4t; 

chh^"-pl (from drinking tea). sleepy, phi-phi; mik 

siap ; mik-chiu siap ; kr-git. foot sleeping, kha pi-pi ; 

kha ngAi-ngAi. 
sleet, loh-sng-soh; 16h-phik. 
sleeve, of coat, sa"-iig ; siti-khdu ; Ag-khdu. 
sleight, of hand; tsb-pa-hl 
slender, i\i- sbi ; s6u-ji&k ; sdn-sbu. waist, ie s6i ; in- 

slice, chftk-phifen ; ch&k-li^m. to, tsAih-chi&"-phi6n. 
slide, down, liii-16h. see slip. 
slight, khin ; p6h ; sbi ; chhi^n. to, thdr-khin ; thdi"- 

m-chie"-mik ; p6h-thai ; hut-liik. 


slime, th6u-nl"; thAu-mde-chi^"; sid"; sAa'. of snails, 16- 

sAa°. pass slimy matter from the bowels, pkng-sAa". 
sling, a, huat-chi^h k&i-soh. to, the arm, tiJtu-chhiiS. 
slip, liti-pu&h (on an incline) ; liu-puih {on level slippery 

surface) ; liii-kha ; sit-kha ; sit-tsok ; tham-phi^-kha. 

oiU of the hand, sit-chhiiS ; phiti-chhiii. away, thut- 

tsdu ; thau-tsdu. slips, phien ; tek-chhiam Q>amhoo) ; 

tsiia-ti4u (paper), slips of plants, chhiu-tsai ; hue-tsai. 

slip of the tongue, sit-n^n ; sit-khiu ; khiu-ktie ; tA'- 

slippers, 6i-thua; 6i-liauh; i"-bTie-6i {all without heels); 

slippery, liii-liii-kiit ; liu-liu-kit ; kit. 
slit, 16h; llh. 

slope, sii. gentle, sua"-pou ; pho-lo-sia. 
Slothftll, t6a"; Un-t6a"; hai-tai; phi-t6a"; hku"-t6a"; tham- 

slovenly, lah-tah; Idng-thdng. see slothful. 
slow, man ; chhi. of speech, tsbtii tun ; tshid-chlli tun. 

slowly, khua'^-khua"; iin-tin; mSn-man. 
sluice, tstii-ts&h; tsdi-chheng. 
slur, over, chhln-tshdi-tsb ; tsb-si; 16-16 t8h6-tsh6 ; siii-B^ 

pien-pien ; huh-huh tshuah-tshuah. 
smaCK, of the lips, tap-kh^u-8ia\ 
small, s6i ; si^u ; iii°; ixl^i. quantity, chi6 ; ti^-ki^'; 

sut-kiA"; l&n-16 ; se-su ; si-si ; su-su ; se-se. rain, h6u- 

kii" miU'-mAi". 
small-pox, tshut-tsu; gdiU-a-nid"; sdn-tsdi; thien-hue 

see POX. 
smart, Idng-lai; kha-chhid 5i; kha-chhiii khin-khiie 

smart, to, tshfiff-thik'. cause to, as the eyes, soh— ti6h. 
smash, phiia-tshiii ; kh^phiia tshid-tshiii. 
smattermg, chhi6n-h4k ; eng-kang m-kku. 
smear, kdu ; kdu-buah. 
smell, a, bl. jdeasant, phang-bl. offensive, tsb^u-bi ; 

ha-bL sour, sng-bL to, phi'-tieh. do not, phf-m-tieh. 

of liquor, chiii-bi. 
smelt, to, tsit iron ore, khan-k6i"; khan-16u. 
smile, chhife; mAi'-chhi^; ba-bun-chhife. 
smith, black', phah-thih sai-pe. silver-, phah-ngftn sai - 

pe. smithy, phah-thih-tikm (or, phbu/ 


smoke , in ; hde-in ; hun ; hiSe-hun. to sinoke -tobacco^ 

chiih-hun ; chi4h-s6k-liun ; kuh-hun. opiums chi4h-a - 

phi^n ; chiih a-phi^n-hun. mosquitoes^ hun-m^ng. 
smooth, kit ; kng ; p6^ smoothing iron^ ut-tiu. smooth- 

tongued, tshtii kut-kit. 
smother, him-mi"; liim-sl; hip-sl 
smuggle, tsdu-hi^ng ; ts^u-sai. 
smutty, liun-ou ; mak— tidh hiie-th^ik 
snail, 16; tsh&n-Id. 
snake, tsGa. one, chSk-ti&u-tsAa. 
snare, khuin-thJtu ; 16-mang. set a, tie"-mang.. fall into, 

16h-khiSan-thJtu ; jlp-k^k. to siiarey tng. 
snarl, as dog, chh^BLg-phi"; hm-hm-kie. ds man, ngiu- 

snatch, chhi^°; chhi^"-t6Ii; chhi6"-ki!ie-clihiiS. 
sneak, away, thau-tsdu. 

sneer, n^"-chhi& ; ki-chhi^ ; ki-chhiiu ; chhidu-chhi^. 
sneeze, phah-ka-thi ; heh-chhiii. 
snore, hfta°; hAa" kho-kho-ki6. 
snout, pig's, tu-tshili; tu-phf. 
snow, soh. to, 16h-soh. snow-white, soh-soh-p&h. 
snuff, a candle, kiah-tiau hiie-sdi ; ka-tiau hiie-sdi ; koih- 

tiau hde-sdi. snuffers, hiie-chi^n. 
snuff, for the nose, phf-hun. to, chi&h-phf-hun ; hngh- 

SO, chi^°-8e°; ^n-chi^"-8e". so much, chi6"-tsoi. Mr so- 

and'SO, m6ng-n4ng. 
soak, chim ; chlm-tsdi ; tsfi ; s6. thoroughly sooJced, 

chim-thkng; chim-jip-ti ; tsflg-k4i tsii— ktie; tsij-th^g. 
soap, pii"-i6h ; huan-pid°-i4h (foreign) ; hAan-king ; hiang- 

khou; phang-khou; t6-chl-khou. -stone, tcLng-chi^h. 
soar, pue-k6i°. 

sob, tsboih ; khku-tshoih ; thi-tshoih ; pui-tshoih. inces- 
santly, kh^u-fli-che". 
sober, tsat-eng ; Mm - tsat ; tsat-tou. to become sober , 

chili chh6\ 
sociable^ sdng-khhai ; 5i-kau-tshap-n4ng. social relations, 

society, a, hue. to enter, jlp-hue; pki-hue; kat-hue. a 

literary, to form, kat-sia. to enter, p^i-sia ; jip-siS. 
socket, of candle, chek-k6ng. of door, mAg-khu. 
sod, tshdu-phuSh. 


sodomy, 14m-sek ; ts6-a-ti ; tng-a-ti ; tng-ngiau ; tng-h6u"; 

tng-koi ; tng-a-nua"; tng a-kua"-kid°; tug phi - th6ng ; 

sofa, iiiln-f ; khh,ng-f ; khJlng-tshAg. 
soft, niig ; jiA. mud^ lJtm-th6u. soften by wetting, tin- 

tAm khoih-nAg; tsiVphb. softly, 6n-6n. tvalk softly, 

khin-pou ; khia-khin-ki4°. 
soil, th6u ; th6u-ti ; th6u-n^,k ; th6u-nf ; th6u-phAe. good, 

Sfli-th6u ; p6i-jidu k4i-ti. pooi% sdn-thdu ; sdn-ti. 
der, lin ; lin-siah ; liu-the ; hua°-tlie ; tAng-hua". 

soldier, pia°; pia°-teng ; Idu-chi^ng ; iong-tsJlng (militia); 
i6ng. soldiers, pia"-i6ng; kun-su. 

sole, of foot, kha-t6i. of shoe, 6i-t6i. to sole a slioe, 

sole, fsh, 6i-t6i-h{i. 

solemn, ngiAm-sok ; ui-ngiAm. 

solicit, chhid"; khiCi ; th6 ; koh-16. solicitoits, khtia-sim ; 
khiia-lu ; khba-Iiam. 

solid, sit ; toi°; tsit-thdu (opp. of khang-khak, hollow) ; 

soliloquy, ka-ki-tk° ka-ki-hAe; tsu-ngAn tsu-gii. 

solitary, t6k ; kou-t6k ; . kou-chiau ; sok-m6k ; kou-sok ; 
b6-pliua°; t6k-ku ; t6k-tshii ; sok-che"; 8ok-li4u. 

solstice, summer, he-chi. winter, tang-chi. 

soluble, 6i-i6°; 6i-siau-i6". 

solve, k6i. a riddle, tshai-mi". 

some, kiSi-k4i; kiii-ua-k&i; s{i-k3.i ; u-n4ng; u-k4i; tsoi- 
ch\6 ; ke-kidm. somebody, u-n&ng ; m6ng-nd,ng. some- 
times, u-si; u-ti4ng-si. someiohat, kiii-sid"; kiii-hun. 
something, ch^k-kia'-muSh. 

somersault, to turn a, pha-sa-lin ; pha-lin-tiu ; iauh- 
lin-tdu ; iauh b6-kiin-tdu. 

son, kid"; tau-kid"; ta-pou-kid". your, kong-nAng; leng- 
niig. my, sidu-ji-kid"; sidu-khi^n ; sidu-thfin. eldest, toa- 
tau-kid". daughter's, gua-sun. son-in-law, kid"-s^i. em- 
peror's son-in-laiv, hu-bd to receive a son-in-law into 
one's own family, id-ng-Uu-ski. 

song, khek ; kua ; si ; ko. one, ch6k-ti4u-khek. book, 
khek-chheh. to sing a, chhife-khek ; chhih^ng-khek ; 
chhi^-kua ; ngim-si. 

soon, tsd ; b6-kiS. sooner ripe, soi"-8ek. soonei^ tlmn 
you, soiMi'i ; 8oi"-kiie-lii. sooner .. .than, see rather. 


soot, hiic-th6n; hiic-th6n-dng. 

soothe, ua"-tie ; bii-sut. 

soporific, mr-i^h ; iia°-sui-i6h ; ua"-iniii-ieh. 

sorcery, bft-sut ; sia-sut ; iau-sut ; iau-huap kfiai-sAt ; 

huap-siit ; sut-siau. sorcerer^ eng-bft-si'it ; tsb-bft-sAt ; 

sut-su ; th6i"-sia°. sorceress, 16h-sin-phfla ; th6i°- sih,"- 

sore, thia". a, tshng ; tshng-tshbi ; mi"- tshng. leg, kha 


mi . 
sorrow, h6an-16 ; iu-bun ; tshfiu-aira ; tsh6u-bun ; pui- 

tsh6u ; iu-ut ; pui-ut ; ut-at ; hflan-sim. 
sort, tdng ; hang ; lui ; ie"; ho ; sek ; khf ; khilan. all 

sorts, kak-sek ; kak-hang ; kak-ie"; peh-ie°. this sort, 

chi-khi ; chi-ch^k-khl. 
soul, leng-hfin. 
sound, sia"; 8ia"-im ; ki^. to, oi-hidng. a dnnn, phah- 

kou. of music, gaiih-im. of knocking, khok-khok-kife 

{every sound has its oiim jjroper designation in this 
sound, doctnne, chijl"-kJl ; chiiiMi; chi^^-tau; chia"-lou. 

sound asleep, gut k^u-tsbi-tsai ; toa-gi'it. 
sound, to, as water, thkm-tsiii. a person, chhi-thkm ; 

thiim-mng ; kui-thStm. 
soup, thng. 
sour, sng. smell, sng-khl ; sug-bi. soured and spoiled, 

tsh^u-siig ; tshau-sng-khui. belch, du-sng-tsui. looks, 

source, ng6an-i6 ; kun-piin ; kun-pAg ; kun-ngflan ; kim- 

16 ; kun-in. 
south, lAm ; n^m ; 14m-p6i°.- s.e., tatig-lAm. looking to 

the south, niii"-lam ; hikng-ldm ; tso-pak hikng-lilm. 

souvenir, pidu-kh 

sovereign, uang-siang; chhiAu-th^ng. see emperor and 


SOW, a, tu-b6. 

SOW, to, ia-ch^ng. rice, ia-ng. 

space, ti-hng. vacant, khaug-ti ; khang-ui. large open, 
khiia"-ti6"; khuang-tid". in the space of one hour, 
chek-tidm-cheng tsii-kan. leave a, lang ; Ikng-khang. 

spacious, khuah ; khuah - khig ; khtia"; khuan-khuah ; 

spade, thih-chhidng ; phfte-chhidng. 


Spain, Toa-Lu-sbug kok. Spanish-Jly^ see cantharides. 

span, a, ch6k-liih. 

spare, nie"; sh. not spare oneself, put-sieh Uu-kh6u ; b6- 

lien-sieh ka-ki ; m - kd" khila°-uih. can spare some, u - 

tshAn ; u-ft. ground, khang-ti ; ft-ti ; khiah - ti ; 6r-ti. 
sparing, khiam ; sieh-eng ; sieh-mueh ; s^"-htii ; se°-khiam ; 

spark, hiie-md°. sparkling, iip-i4p-sih. 
sparrow, mfla"-chiah ; mfta"-chiah-chidu. -hawk, liiu-eng- 

spasm, thiu-kun ; thiu-thek. 

spatter, phuah. as with mud, phtin— ti^h nah-sap, 
spatula, khui-iih-to ; thih-poi ; kueh-to, 
spawn, offish, hft-tshun ; hft-nng, 
speak, tk°-ue ; kdng ; sueh-ue. for one^ thbi-n&og kiog- 

chhdng. / ivish to speak a few words with you , uA ^i" 

kang-lii-t^° IjLn-kti-ue. don' t speak to him ^ rakr-tshap i 

ta"-ue. speak plainly , tk"-m§ng; tk^-mdng-pSh ; tit-tk*, 

at random, thfeng-tk"; thfeng-tsau-hue tk"; zuaa-tk°, 
spear, chhie". to spear, tshig. 
special, t^k ; tsuan. 

species, ch^ng; lui. oftJiesame, tang-lui, 
specify, t4k-it kdng-mOng ; kia"-kia" ki-nieng, 
specimen, khudn-sek ; thoi-sek ; keh-sek ; mo°; ie". 
specious, tshah-chhih chhin-chhie"; chhin-chhie"-si, hu4n- 

lidu m-sL 
speck, ou-tidm. speckled, hue-long ; chik-tidm clifik-tijlm. 
spectacles, mak-kiii". eyes of, mik-kii^-jm ; mik-kik"- 

n^k. to put on, or wear, kiia-mik-kiiH". 
spectator, ph4ag-pr-th6i" kai - n3,ug ; phang - kuan— kdi - 

iiang ; chhiii-mik thdi"— ki". 
speculate k6i-sfig. a good speculation, h6-sie"-thilu. 
speech, ue ; tii°-rie. fiuent, t^"-ue liu-liti-kut. speechless, 

IjcVue h6-tk". 
speed, khiie; md". 

spell, a, hft. hii-chiu ; chiii-gi'i. to utter, liam-chih. 
spell, to, chhiet-im ; hiian-chliict. 
spend, sdi-chi"; sdi-eng ; s6-liui. time idly, siau-oi" ktie- 

jit. a night, hiah-md"; keh-mo"; kilc-m6". 
sphere, i'-th6i; kift. 
spices, hie°-liau. 
spider, ti-tu ; biS-lfing-khia ; siJlu-chr-ang ; h6u-sin-li6u°; 


lA-gisL. w'eby ti-tu-si ; ti-tu-mSLng. 
spill, 6k-tshut-l&i ; ^k— ti^h ; phah-t6 ; kai-tiau ; miia"— 

tshut-lili ; iah— tshut-lAi. 
spin, phang-se ; cheh-ts6i. spindle, se-tsam. ginning' 

iv/wel, phdng-chhia. 
spin, to cause to, Boh-hui {with the fingers) ; phah-hui 

{with string or whip), a top, phah ham-lam-sAt. 
spinach, pue-ldng-tshai. 

spine, ie-16ng-kut ; ie-chiah-kut. end of, biie-16ng-kut. 
spines, of porcupine, b6-tu-chhi. 
spirit, siu ; sln-ldng ; sin-hftn. evil spirits, si^-sln ; 8i4- 

in6"; m6"-kiSi. to have no spimt, feel dull, b6-cheng- 

sin. to get into the spirit of a thing, huat-h^ng ; 

hfeng-hfeng ; h^ng-i. spii^itual, l^ng. 
spit, to, phtii ; phtli-nua". blood, phbi-hueh ; phiii-4ng. 

phlegm, phiii-th^m. spittle, nua"; tshiii-nua". spittoon, 

tham-ip ; th4m-tang ; th«1m-k{ian. ^ 

spit, a, hiie-chhe ; thih-chhc. 
spite, uiu-hfin. 
splashy ivater, phtin-tsdi. 
spleen, the, pi. enlarged, pi toa. 
splendour, i6ng-hfta. splendid, kuang-mdng; pbSi- 

splice, sie-tku ; tku-cbiap ; cbiap. 
splinter, tsh3,-li5tm ; tsb^-pbi^n ; tsbua". to get a splinter 

iiito one's foot, kha cbbiah— ti6h tsbua". 
splints, to put on, eng p6b-sam Idi-kah; fag-sam- 

pb6e l&i-ab. 
split, pbtia ; pbua-kbui ; 16i ; IM-pbha. to split the dif- 

ferei.ce, tui-^; ttii-pua"-^; ji-ke tsbuang-tsuik. 
spoil, tak-un^ ; mueb-tiau. children, n^k-ii ; seng-kong ; 

iang-o. spoiled, as things, b6-eng ; bai— kbi ; kbi^b-tiau. 

a^ eatables, budn-bi. 
spokes, of wheel, cbbia-Mn-tsam ; cbbia-lAn-tbek. 
sponge, hdi-z6ng. 

spontaneous, tsu-se°; p^.b-buat. confession, tsu-jin-tshb. 
spool, tbi-kbak; he-tbL 

spoon, si ; tbng-si ; tbi3,u-ke". lift with a, id. 
sport, sAg ; sie-sAg ; tbit-tb6 ; sie-pa-16i. 
spot, tidm. indelible, on the body, ou-ki. spotless, b6 - 

tidm ; bd-bi&. spotted, poi"-tidm ; bue - tidm ; se"-tidin ; 

liue-long ; ii-in-chiab. 


spouty for water ^ tsiSi-ts6 ; tsiii-tAng. as of teapoty t6- 

khan-sui (07% tshiii). 
sprain, tiii— ti^h ; chek-ti^h ; nau°— ti^h ; uii— ti&h ; tsuih— 

spread, p4i-khui ; phi-khui ; tie°-khui ; hien-khui ; ti^n- 

khui ; phou. news, tliudn-sia"; hong-sia°; kik-sia"; ptia- 

i4ng. a mat, tshu-tshdu-chhi^h ; phi-tshdu-chhi^h. 
sprightly, uih-tong ; Idng-lai ; u4h-phuah. 
springy tshun ; tshun— thi . 

spring, to, as tiger, thiku ; t^. up, as plant, huat ; se'. 
springy a, tsAa"; tsiii-tsfia"; tsiii-ngflan; ngAan-tMu. of 

a watch, huap-tiAu ; thih-bd 
sprinkle, water, phtin-tsiii; hi"-t8iiL from the mouth, 

sprout, huat-gd ; mSng-gd ; pauh-gS. bamboo, tek-stiiL 
spume, tsiii-phu&h. 
spur, cock's, koi-jiiu ; koi-ku. 

spurious, kd 

spurt, water, bu-tsiii. 

spy, fo, thkm; kui-thkm. a, thJlm-kii"; kan-sbi; tab-stla". 

squabble, sie-k; sie-me"; sie-me" sie-phaL 

squadron, chSk-pan-tsfln. 

squall, huang-sl ; phah-huang-si ; khuAng-huang m^-hou. 

squander, hua-htii ; sdi-tiau-chr; tak-nng-tiau-chf; phtia- 

htii-tiaa ; phtia-tiau. 
square, si-pang. on chess board, kl-kek. a workman^s 

square, khek-chhieh. to square accounts, ap-si^u ; si^u- 

bik chheng-tshd. 
squash, a, kue. 

squash, to, teh— tieh; teh-phtia; iap-phtia. 
squat, on tlie heels, tshAg ; kh6. 
squeak, ki-ki-ki^. 

squeamish, Jii"-th6u. 

squeeze, te"; k6ih ; liu. money, l^k-sok. 
squint, siA-chidu-mik ; tshiSa-mik ; thuah-theng-mik. 
squirt, phim-tsiii; bu-tsiii. 
stab, t^hiig; ki4°-tshAg. 

stable, bd-p&ng. 

stack, of strata, tshiu-khftg. 

staff, ku^i-chiang ; kiin (a chib) ; tsh^e (thin). 

stag, tek-k6u. 

StSLge, for plays, hi-thS.i ; hi-p6". of road, lou-tsSlm. 


stagger, to, pho-lo-sia-ki^"; pha-phin-ki4". 

stagnant, VKiter, si-tsiii ; b6i-kia"-ldu k&i-tsui. 

stain, jid,m-u ; mak— tieh nah-sap. mith ink, Mk-u. tvith 

bloody hueh-u. see dye. 
stair, lau - thui ; tkh - pou - tsAng. go vpstah'S, teng-14u ; 

seng-14u ; chie"-14u ; i>ch-cliie"-lau ; khfi-l^u-t^ng. 
stake, fo7' fastening cattle to, gA-khut. to throw a rope 

over, lap-khut. 
stale, sit-bi ; ti6h-kauh (mouldy). 
stalk, tiu-k6; b6h-k6. 
stall, gu-koi"; gu-tiau ; g6-n6a". 
stallion, be-k6u. 

stamens, hue-chhiu. 

stammer, toa-chlh ; tii"-uc tdng-kh. 

stamp, to, khap-jl-ho ; khap-ln. 

stamp, to, tcith the foot, thikm-kha ; thikm-ti ; thi5,m- 
thou-e ; thiam-toi thikm-kih. when singing, phah-pdn. 

stanchion, khia-thiau ; th^". in mindmv, theng-chi. 

stand, khia. np, khia~khi-14i. erect, kliia-khia. not 
stand on ceremomj, put-khu 16i-siku ; min-tsii-sbi. stand 
and look passively on, siti-chhiii phang-kuan. cannot 
stand it, uai"-m-khu ; m-hd-nai". a stand, kh ; kf-tshAg ; 
td-kf. for clothes, ui-kh ; sa"-k&. 

standard, ki. 

staphyloma, m4k-chiu th6u-tsu ; mik th6u-tsu. 

staple, a, thih-phi"; ka-sut. 

star, chhe"; chek-lidp-chhe". stars and constellations, 

chhe"-siti. falling, pue-chhe°. sun, moon and stars, jlt- 

gu^.h chhc"-8in. 
starch, chie°; k6u (paste), to, kiie-chie"; kue-dm. 
stare, m4k kini-kim-th6i"; m4k-chiu tsu-tsti t6-th6i". sta- 

ling about all round, mik th^i" kku-ia"-ia"; mik 

kok-kok-kim. ivhat are you staring about f 01^? 5, lu 

ts5 kc\u-k4u-iang? 
starling, liau-ko-chidu. 
start, on a journey, khf-sin ; khi-ki&"; khf-th^ng ; khl- 

startled, tifih-kia"; h6h°— che-ki^. to startle, phi^ 

la . 
starve, go. to death, go-sf. 
state, (f a thing, cbhfiug-heng; h6ng-si; su-chh6ng; 

chhcug-iu ; keng-iigo ; ug6-h4h. 


state, to, ta"; sueh ; 6h ; k^u-sti. 
state, a, or kingdom, pang; kok. 

statesman, tai-chhln. 

station, in life, sin-hun ; ti-iii. of good station, sin- 

him kau-tang ; sin-ke kau-tang. military, sin-ti ; ia"-sin. 
statue, sie"; ng6u-sife"; ng6u-8i^iig ; khek-si&". of stone, 

statute, a, chfik-ticlu huap-lut ; ch^k-tiAu lut-kh,i ; ch^k- 

tidu kai-meng. 
stave, of cask, thdng-pang ; thdng-chhid". 
stay, loith any one for a imile , khi'i ts6-nang-khch. in a 

place, na"; khia-khf. 
steadfast, kien-kii ; thd-tkng ; ua"-i1n. 
steak, phah-nSk. 
steal, thau-khi^h ; thau - tau ; thau - chhiap ; tau-chhiap ; 

thau-so. in the daytime, phah-p^h-jlt ; phah-p6h-tsuaijg. 

children, kudi-t6 tsil-nrtg. 
stealthily, thau ; am-che"; sai-e. 
steam, tsiii-in ; ts\ii-khi. to, tshue ; hip ; liu. 
steamer, hi\e-tsfln ; hiie-16n-tsfin. 
steel, kfig. real, chik"-kfig. to 2^^(t on a steel edge , he - 

kig ; chiap-kfig. 
steelyard, chhln ; tshA-chhin. weights of, chhin-thAi. 

beam of chhin-kua"; chhin-ko. to test by comparing with 

another, kah-chhln. 
steep, kia ; kia-sih,. 
steep, to, chilli, in loater, chlm-tsiii. 
steer, to, a ship, hua"-t6a ; Hah-toa ; sdi-tsAn ; liih-bue. 

steersman, tai-kong. 
stem, a, kua"; sin ; k6. 
stench, tshJtu-hi^n. 
step, pou ; huih (stHde). step by step, ch6k-pou ch^k - 

pou. steps of ladder, thui-chf. of stair-case, tih-pou - 

tsA^ng. stepping-stone, pou-chii^h ; tih-pou-chiiMi. 
step-mother, ki-b6 ; au-b6. step-son, kl-kia". 
sterile, boi-se". ground, sdn-ti. 
stem, ngiam. 
stem, of ship, tsfin-bile. 
stew, to, hip ; p6 ; sAh. 
stick, a, tshAe ; ktin. 
stick, to, tah-tue. stick in, tahah ; tilu. sticky, lidm-lt 

tha-thi ; kiit. 


stiff, nge ; nge-ngauh. -necked, sim nge ; aii-hAe"; hAe"- 

ng^k. as with starch, khia-khia. 
stine , hip-si ; khJtm-sl. inquiry, thdng-sat-tiau ; hlm-tiau. 
still, hu£ln-li4u; huS.n-kfeng; siaug - chhid"; i6-si; ji6ng- 

jifin. moi'e, z\i-k^ng-tsoi. 
still, adj., tiam-che°; thidm-che"; che"; ua"-che". still- 

baim, sf-tho. 
still, a, kek-thdng. 

stimulate, kdu-bii ; kdm-tong ; kilm-kek. 
sting, a, chhi. to, tkng. stung by a vxi&p, khut-phang 

t^ng— tieh. 
stingy, khau-khak ; khek-p6h ; khah-khiam ; kien-lien. 
stink, tsliJlu-hibn ; tshku. stink-pot, hiie-k^an. 
stipulations, ieh-ti4u; ti4u-ieh; ti4u-khiian. 
stir, to, chhiau-ph6 ; la ; la-phA ; kd ; kd-ts&u ; kida- 

tiig. a stir, lau-ji^t. to stir up, jid ; thie-so. oneself, 

tsu-midn ; tsu-li ; li-chi mien-lit ; htin-mi^n. 
stirrup, bd-tiii-t&ng. 
stitch, to, thi". too ivide, tsam-kha khah-hi (o7% hi-so). 

slip-stitch, chhiam. Jine and close, tsam-kha bit-ts&t ; 

kau-tsam bit-thi". 
stock, in trade, htie-mu^h ; hbe-pAg ; piig-hile. 
stock, of gun, chh^ng-khak ; cbhSng-ip. 
stockings, bu^.h. to make, thf-bu^h. to knit, chlt- 

bu^h. to wear, chheng-bu6h. 
stocks, the, tshd-gd ; kha-kb?lu ; kha-ts&h. 
stomach, tiSu ; tou ; ui ; pi. pit of, koi-tshhi-khdu ; 

tsiii-khuh-khdu. empty, khang-sim-t6u ; hau-pak ; khang- 

pak ; t6u iau : iau-t6u. 
stone, chi^h ; chi^,h-p6u. of fruits, hit. -quarry, phah- 

chi6h-sua". to stone, kik-chi^h ; tsang-chi^h kik. 
stool, f-thilu. close, tang-si-f . go to, kia"-tang ; ki&"-tai- 

pien ; tshut-kiong. foot-stool, kha-tih-f. 
stoop, khut-sin ; phak-ku. 
stop, a person, nfla"-tsu; tsd-chf ; ts6-tiig ; n{ia"-ts6 ; nAa"- 

chf ; khn-chi ; nAa"-lou. for a minute, hiah-tiam— che; 

chhiil"-brie ; cbhid'-man. at the door and call, chf-pou 

iang-sia". up, sat-mi"; that-mi°. oiie's breath, a" phi"- 

khang-huang. raining, hou chd°. doing anything, hiah; 

thdng-hiah ; theng-tiam ; hiah-kang. half-way, piia"- 

th6 zft-hiii ; ptia"-lou-hiah. business, in protest against 

injustice, pa-chhi. 


store, up, tun-chek ; chek-thiok ; chek-tsu ; tsu-thiok ; 

khiig-b6a ; khAg-khf ; khiig-chek. a store-house, tskug ; 

tsing-pdng; kh6u-p4ng. 
stork, h6h ; h6h-chi4u ; pih-h6h. 
storm, huang-thai ; kh6ang-huang ; thku-toa-huang. 
story, d {lie), p6h-chid°-ue. Tnahe up a, niap-ts6 k^-ue. 

story-teller, hue-niau" p^h-chlh ; 6h-k6u k&i-n&ng. 
story, of a house, ch^k-ts4ng ; ch^k-ln-l&u ; ch6k-tSng- 

stout, tskng ; tskng-kien ; h6-h^n ; u-l&t ; tsh4i-khl. 

stove, hiie-l6u ; hiie-khh,ng. 

stow, khiig ; khiig-b6a. cargo, thiip-hhe ; phou-hile. 

straddle, thi-kha-kift**; khui-kha-ki4". 

strangle, tiie-m-ti4h-kh6n ; 8i-stia°-ki&"; Btia°-ki4". 

Straignt, tit. straighten, phah-tit ; tshun-tit ; s^i-tlt. 

straightforward speech, tit-t£"; b6-iii-khiok. straightuxiy , 

tit-tit; sAi-sl. 
strain, a rope, tiSi-dn ; tiii-kln ; ki-4n. 
strain, or filter, th\ t^-chheng. straining cloth, th- 

p6u ; t^-kln. stiuiner, for rice, png-loi. 
strait, a, h^i-^i; ki-khdu. 
strand, ojf^ rope, k6u. 
strange, khl ; khl-I ; tshut-khl ; koh-ie"; k6u-kuki ; kuki- 

i ; khi-kuii. strange to say, su-put-tsai. a strange 

affair indeed, chin-khl-su. 
stranger, a, n4ng-kheh ; sin-kheh ; chhe"-hun-n4ng ; i^n- 

strangle, kd-sf; liu-sf. oneself, ti^u-am sf; ti^u-poh si. 
strata, ts4ng-keh ; iSn. 
stratagem, k6i ; k6i-m6ng ; sim-su ; kbi-chhch ; mdng- 

straw, tiu-k6-tshdu. hat, tshiu-bo. colour, chhi^n-Ag. 
stray, sit-khAn ; m-ttie-khdin ; li-khAn ; ki4"-tsh6. 
streaked, hue-bAn; poi"-b6n. 

streamer, tfig-kl; tfig-pak-ki. 

stream, h6 ; khoi ; tshuan. mountain, khe"; sua"-khe". 
street, koi ; koi-lou ; kei-hang. 
strength, lit ; khi-lit. strengthening, u-p6u. 
strenuous, mi^n-lit ; tshut-lit ; khat-kh6u ; k^k-lit ; 

stretch, tshun ; tshun-khui ; tshun-tit ; khan-tAg. as 

cover of drum, t4k-4n. oneself, tshun-lfia thek-kih. 


strict, kin ; ngi&m ; s6i-si4ng. 

stride, to, hiah. ove7\ hAah-khe. a, ch^k-hi!iah. 

strife, khdu-kak. to stir vp, pua"-so si-hui ; kk-so. see 


strike, phah ; khk ; hm ; khek. a name off list, tft-miA"; 
khou - tiau ; keh - tiau ; skng - khi ; khd - tiau. the eye^ 
tshok-mik ; tii-ngS th6r-kr. together, sie-tsuSng. 011 a 
rock, tsAn huam-sua"; tsAn tiam-ti<ih-chi^.h ; tsfin Ift-sua*. 
a stinker, for a grain measure, tdu-kki. 

string,, soh-kid"; sua"; pau - soh. for cash, chf-kiig-soh. 
of musical instrument, hi" - stia". to string cash, tsbng - 
cht". a stmng of cash, ch6k-tiJtu-chr; chik-kAg-chi"; chik- 
tshoi"-chi°. a string of pearls or heads , ch^k - pak - tsu ; 

strip, to, pak ; thut. of everything, pak - ko - kiie. the 
sleeves, lut-sa"-Ag. a, ch^k-ti&u. 

striped, por-b6n ; liue-b6n ; se"-niJtu°-hAn ; lid-ti^u-hAn. 

strive, sie-che°; sie-tku ; s^i ; che^-soi"; sie-jidng ; sie - k ; 
in-hda ; se"-ue. 

stroke, sun-, phik-ti<?ih-jlt ; chicn-jit. fatal ditto, jit 
phik-si. of pen, ch6k-u6h. give him ten strokes, phah - 
i tsip-c. fetch a stroke with something in the hand, hm. 

stroke, to, the hair, so-m6"; chhiii-m6". to stroke a man 
down, so-luah ; nio"-so. tlie heard, Idt-chhiu. 

stroll, ahotit, thit-th6; lau; iii-id; 6i"-i6; 6r-ki4". 

Strombus, chhiii-tsat-16. 

strong, u - lit ; khikng ; toi"; nai°; ts^ng ; tskng - kien ; 
khin-kia°; kia". of party, chhih.u. of tea, kSu. 

struggle, to get free, pun-tsdu. in the water, zuaa-m5ng. 

strut, i4u-pd.i ; i4u-i4u pdi-pdi. 

strychnine, be-ts6r-chf sng (nux vomica). 

stiibble, tiu-k6-thau. 

stubborn, kti-chip. see OBSTINATE. 

student, b6ii-th6ng ; th&k-tsu-n&ng ; toa-hik-seng (senior) ; 

ib"-th6ng (younger), studious, khftn ; khftn-lit ; khfin - 

study, to, thik-tsii. a, tsu-p4ng. to mark one's progress 

in study, as teacher, khtie-thiA'*. 
stuff to, kban ; thng ; sat ; sat-pd. 
stuff, suhst., mu^h-kia"; tsh4i-liau. 
stumble, pu4h— ti^h ; kha ti^h-tbat ; that-puih ; that— 

tieh ; lap-puih ; lau-puih. over a stone, that-ti6h-chich. 


stump, tsh4-th4u ; chhiu-thau. of limh, chhiii-thng ; 

stun, as noise, tsak-kJtu hi"-khang ong-ong-kife. as a 

hloWy phah-kku n^ng k6ng-k6ng. 
stunted, trees, khut-th4u-chhiu ; 6i-chhiu. 
stupid, ngk ; ng6-ngJt ; ngd-tshiin ; ng6-phak ; ng6-lii ; 

111- tun ; ng6i-ph6e ; m-hiilu ; m6ng-t6ng ; chhi-ko ; chlii- 

ngdi ; chhi-ngJt ; chhi-tsuat ; ngong-ngong ; khbng-ngong. 
stupefied, k6ng; k6ng-k6ng. 
sturgeon, kim-ldDg-hft. 

stutter, toa-chlh ; thih-thlh-kife ; tk"-ue f -in. 
sty, for pigs, tu-16 ; tii-nfla"; tii-li4u ; tu-khou. 
style, literally bAn-huap ; b6n-lf ; pit-b4k. easy jlow- 

ing, b6n-lf sun-s^k ; b6n-lf thong-sun. styles of writing 

the character, lik-tsu. 
style (name), hSu ; zu. to, chheng-u. 
suave, un-h6a. temper, s&°-chh6ng Ma-ph^ng. 
subdue, sdi-n&ng Mng-h6k ; sdi-n4ng kui-siSn ; iap-h<ik. 

rebels, phdng-luan ; phfing-hiian. 
subject, of ruler, peh-s^"; sti-mtn ; chhiii-e ; kiian-e ; 

hat-e ; s6k-e. to be, sun-h6k ; zu4t-h6k. 
subject, of discourse or essay, s6-lun ; chie"-chf ; t6i ; 

tdi-mkk. give out, foi^ an essay, tshut-t6i. raise, for 

discussion, thl-phA ; tlii-khf. 

sublime,* kau-tai. 
submerge, tlm-tsiii. 

submit, h6k ; hdng ; hAng-h6k ; kui-sun ; kui-h6k ; kui- 
Mng. cheerfully submissive, kam-sim; kam-sim chhSng- 
nguan; sim kara, I nguan. 

subordinate, chhiii-e ; s6k-e ; h&ng-e ; kiian-e. 

suborn, b6i-tsok. 

subscribe, chbiam-mi4"; tsham-mi&"; 16h-mi4"; t6i-mia". 
money, t6i-chi"; kien-chl"; kien-t6i ; chhiam-tdi. sub- 
scription list, dng-tsiia-chhiam ; kien-phou ; udn-phou. 

subsequent, au; au-lai. 

subside, th6 ; siau. as water, kh6. 
subsistence, chiih-eng ; jit-eng ; hui-eng ; bf-ni4°. 
substance, th6i ; h^ng-thoi ; sit-th6i. shadow and, hu- 

sit. of, tai-liik ; tai-khki ; tai-i ; tai-iku ; tSi-tsut ; kang- 

nid°. substantial, kien-toi°. 
substitute, thbi ; siang-thbi ; pho-k5 (plaintiff). 
subterraneous, th6u-t6i; ti-toi. passage, ti-e km-lou. 

SUBTILE 260. sriT 

subtile, 16ng-u&h ; niAi"; sbi-mAi"; cheng-sbi. 

subtract, tS. subtraction, tft-huap. 

suburb, sia°-gua. the Western, sai-mflg-gua. 

subvert, khuaDg-t6 ; khuang-pai. 

succeed, to, tit-sdng ; tit-chiA"; s6ng - kong ; tit - i ; zd - 

nguan ; sAi-sim ; Mh-sie"; zA-i ; buan-su sun ; li-t4t. 
succeed, or follow, ki - chiap ; s6ng-chiap ; siang - chiap ; 

chiap-s6k. in succession, tshii-t5i"; ch6k-ki&" ch^k-kia°. 
successive , siang-liSn ; sie - siia ; siang-ki ; siang - s6ng. 

generations, lih-to. a successor, au-pue ; au-sG (heir) ; 

chih-jim ; chih-in. 
succour, pang-tso ; kiii-chi ; kiii-tso. 
such, chi^"-se"-k&i ; chf-tsiia'-k^i. who ever heard of such 

a thing ! khd - u tshi\-lf ! khl - u tshii-U ! tukn-b6 tshi\-lf ! 

tsh6ng-b6 tsbii-li ! 
suck, tsuh ; kuh ; khip. as child, chi4h-nl"; tsuh-ni"; kuh- 

nf . suckle, chhi-nf . 
sudden, hut-ji6n ; hut-ji6n-kan ; ng6u-ji6n-kan ; h6-si-si ; 

huh— che-ki^ ; put-kak ; tsou-jidn. 
sudorific, piiu-kua"-i6h ; huat-kua"-i6h. 
sue, phah-kua"-si ; k6 ; th6 ; tshue. 
suet, 14; la-paug-th4u. 
suffer, siu-khdu ; u-kan-kh6u. wrong, siu-uan ; siii-khut ; 

siu-uan-udng ; pl-khut ; siu-khui ; chi4h-khui. patiently, 

khat-kh6u-ldn ; jim-nai"; kien-jfm. 
suffer {allow), hku; khut ; i6ng ; tsiin. 
sufficient, k^u ; tsok ; kku-tsok ; la. to eat, kku-chi4h. 
suffocate, hip-sf. in waier, kek-si; chim-sf. 
sugar, thAg. raw, ou-thAg. white, pih-thAg. highly 

rejined, kit {or, kiet)-hiin-thAg. candy-, pia°-thfiig. -cane, 

chiJt. to plant, tshah-chik; chfeng-chik. to crush, 

k^-chiL sugar-mill, kd-li4u. conical vessel for 7^^ fin- 
ing, thAg-lau. to refine, lau-thAg. warehouse, thAg- 

suggest, thl-phA ; thl-khf ; kk ; khf-i ; huat-liam ; khf- 

suicide, tsu-chln ; tsu-suah ; ka-ki khi-sl ; ka-ki-sf ; t4u- 

tsiii ; thiku-hdi ; chiih-iih—sf ; thun-kim— si ; tiJlu-am— sf. 
suit, of clothes, chik-hh sa"-kh6u ; chik-thau h6k-sek. 
suit, at law, s6ng-su ; kua"-8i. see sue. 
suit, to, hih ; hih-eng ; kah ; kah-pan. to suit people, 

chh&ng-n&ng-i ; hih-n4ng-i ; sfln-n^ng-siin ; t^ng-i ; kiie- 


i. suit onCy as clothes, kah-sin. suitable, kah-kah ; khap- 
chhiet ; kah-pan. 
sullen, min pSu-pek ; min-sek ou-km ; sfe°-chhSng m-h6 ; 
kou-tik-sife"; min pii-ku pu-ku; min hlm-him. 

sulphur, liA-Ag. 

sultry, hiap-zuah ; pau-ji&t; pek-zuih. wind, huang na"- 
na . 

sum, to, kang-kbi ; b&h-kang ; ts6ng-k6i ; ts6ng-siku ; 
kat-ts6ng-siku. the sum of this is that — , ts6ng zft- 
ng4n— tsu — . 

summary, t£ti-l ; tai-kh^i ; t§li-iku ; t£i-ts6ng-tsdng ; tai- 
li&k ; iku-ng4n ; pau-kuat. 

summer, he ; he-thi"; zuih— thi". d7'ess, zudh-sa". 

summit, t^ng. of hill, 8ua°-t6ng, 

summon, tiSu; ti&u-hkm; hkm; Idh. to issue a sum- 
mons, tshut-phife. 

sumptuous, hong-hAa; pMi-chhiAng ; pMng-phki {of 

sun, jit ; jlt-tMu ; thki-i&ng. light, jit-kuang. beams, jit- 
tsam. heat, jlt-khi. the sun is not strong, jit-sek chl"; 
jlt-tshdu chr. -rise, jit tshut ; jlt-th&u tshut ; jit khl -set, 
jit 16h; jlt-th&u lih-sua**. declining Westward, jit siA- 
sai. 'dial, jit-kui. shadow, jlt-id". eclipse, ilt slh. to 
sun oneself, chieh-jlt. to dry in the sun, phak-jit ; ski- 
jlt. sunstroke, ilt pMk-sf (fatal) ; tbng-sii. 

Sunday, 16i-pki-jlt. 

sundries, tsip-hde ; tsip-mieh. 

sunk, in vice, jlp-gua-su ; tshap- jlp gua-su ; jidm— ti^h 

gtia-su. sunken eyes, mik thap-thap ; m&k-chiu chhim-au. 
supercargo, tshut-hdi; th4u-mit 
supercilious, m4k-khang toa ; th6r-n4ng m-khf ; thdi"- 

n&ng m-chie"; th6r-n&ng m-td-m&k-kak ; mik— tang b6 - 

n^ng ; pMng ji&k-b6-n4ng. 
SUpereminent, thiku-kh6n; tshut-chfeng; tshut-thoh. 

supererogation, hun-gua tsu-kong. 

superficial, chhln-tshdi-ts6 ; sAi-pien-tsb ; tsh6-li4k; ma- 
ma - hu ; gtia-phAe kAi-kang-hu ; phAe - m6" kA.i-kang-hu. 
learning, chhidn-hik. 

superfine, siang-t^ng-iil"; tsiie-iii"-s5i ; cheng-s6i. 

superfluous, ien-ft ; mfn-eng. talk, lo-so ; lo-lo so-so. 

superintend, chidlng-kudn ; li ; chijlng-lf ; chidng - chip ; 
chiiing-jjiu ; chip-li ; kam-tok ; tok-kang ; ti^m-tok. 


superior, to, ia"; i4°-kue ; kie"— ktie ; k^ng-h6. a, toa— 

nang ; to-chie" kai-ndng ; chie"-ptie tsuu-chidng. officers^ 

chie -si. the siq^erio^* vuxn, kun-tsij. 
superlative, degree^ chl ; k^k ; siang ; aim ; kiic ; ts4p - 

supernatural, beings, sln-mdng; sin. 
supersede, th5i-ts6; chih-jlm. 
superstition, si^u-sia"; hku^-kii-ku^i. 
supper, md"-km-png ; mrtg-png ; km-tng ; miig-tiig. to 

cook, tsi\-m6"-hng ; p6-am - png. The Lo7'ds Supper, 

Tsii k4i-si^"-tshan ; miig-tshan. to observe the, siii-mng - 

supplant, tskm-tsAg-nang ; tsain-m6ng. 
supple, jift ; ji6-niig ; Drig. 
supplement, to, p6u-khueh; p<Su-thr. 
supply, keng-kip ; kip-pun ; kip-i\. 
QUpport, iing ; iAng-i6k. 07ie's pai'^nts, hong-iang pe- 

b6 ; chhi-hile-sit; chhi-hiic-thau. 
support, or hold up, h6 ; hA-pliA ; hA-khf; li6-k{ii°. 

a s^upport, thiau-tii ; tii 
suppose, to, sie°; phah-sfig ; k6i-siig. / supposed {en^o- 

neously), sah— ts6 ; gi— ts6 ; sie°~ts6 ; gl-si ; k^u-ki^ ; 

khue-tia°; pan— ts5. supposing, pl-zu ; phi-zA ; kii-zA ; 

kid-sdi ; zfi-ji4k ; thdng-jiik ; siet-sdi. 
suppress, hlm-tiau ; chi-at ; iap-chi ; iap-h6k ; teh ; jih. 

a book, tsu-chheh tui-jip-khbu. 
suppurate, seM&ng; pu-lAng; kilan-ling; k4m-l&ng. 
Supreme, The, CM-Siang-cliid. 
sure, lin-kd ; kien-ktl ; thd-tkng. surely ^ tia°-ti6h. 
surety, tam^sdng ; tam-p6 ; p6-nid"; tam-jin ; tong-p6. 
surface, mm ; gua-min ; gua-ph6e ; chie"-min ; tdng-min ; 

min-tdng. of the sea, hdi-min. 
surgeon, gua-khue sin-se"; ui-sie"-khdu sin-8e\ 
surly, kou-phiah ; kou-tik-si^". 
surname, sfe**. what is your f kiii-s^"? my surname w, 

pi-8^"; m6i"-se". 
surpass, the whole world, kai-si. •see superior. 
surplus, u-ft ; tshftn ; sin. 
surprise, kia"-hai ; hai-i ; khi-I. 
surrender, h4ng; hAng-b6k; kha min-chifen-p4i. 
surround, Ai; si-dl; chiu-(ii si-phi"; thftau-thftan Ai-tsu; 



survey, land, chiang-tl ; chiang-t8hS.n ; iiid"-tshan. a 

coast, thJtm-sua-tsiii. troops^ thSr-tshau. 
suspect, gl ; tshai-gl ; gl-tshai ; kia°-tii ; khi6ng-phili". 
suspend, to, tiku; hflf; ktia. 
suspense , khila-sim ; khda-lu ; khtla - Ham ; khha - mo"; 

h6i"-mo"; hfti"-h{ir to-mo". 
suspicious, kh6-gl; h6-gt ; m6ng-m6ng. person, to-gi. 
sustain, h6-khl ; h6-tso ; tski. can, kd^-tng. / cannot 

sustain it, ui m-kd"-tng ; s6ng-ts^i m-khl. 
suture, thi°-tsue ; tsam-tsue ; to-hAn ; 8tia"-tsue. 

swagger, i4u-i4u pii-pdi. 

SWaflow, i"; i"-chi^u. nest of, i°-siu ; T-tStu. edible nests, 

swallow, to, thun ; thun— 16h-khi!i. loith effort, kfi— 16h- 

swan, khok ; thien-gd. 

swarm, ch6k-kh6n. swarming with fish, hft kau-tsai. 
swathe, tf; tsat; pau. 
sway, to, in the wind, i4u-14i i4u-khiV 
swear, huat-sl ; mdng-si. hefoi'e heaven, tng-thi° mdng-si. 
sweat, kua". to, l&u-kua". see perspire. 
sweep, s^u ; sueh ; tshdi"; pua". together, ivith fingers, 

sweet, ti&m ; kam ; kam-ti&m. -meats, tidm-liau ; thftg- 
liau ; mieh - chiih. word^, ki - tshili chhl - chhl - ti4m. 
sweeten, suah - thfig ; 16h - thfig ; chhiau-thAg. smell, 
sweet-bread, or pancreas, of pig, tu-chhieh. 
swell, to, ch^Dg ; ch^ng— khf-liii ; ch^ng-hap ; hap ; chdiig- 

tftg. slightly, as from insect bites, phAe hkng-hang. 
swift, m($"; khtie ; sok. 
swim, siA ; siA-tsiii; -phii'tBTSii {to fioat). 
swindle, kuang-phifen ; kuang-lau ; lau-phi^n-n&ng. swin- 
dler, ldu-kid°. 
swing, a, chhcng-chhiu ; chhien-chhiu. to, phah chheng- 

chhiu ; s5-14i so-khii. 
swine, tu. to keep, chhi-tu. 

swoon, m-tsai-n^ng ; sit-sln ; hun-k6ng ; hun-mf. 
sword, to ; kii^m. exercise, bii-to mong-kikm. to draw, 

p6ih-to. to sheath, to jip-to-khak. 
Sycee, u&ng-p6 ; khiku-thdu-si ; khb-si. 
sycophant, tsit-kiong ; pui-thidm ; thiim-ml". 


Sjnnnietry, siang-phile ; siang-chhfeng ; kah-tit-ktie ; slang- 

Sjnnpathy, t4ng - chh^ng ; t&ng-sim ; t4ng-i ; tAng-iu 

t4ng-14k ; th6i-thiap {kind consideration) ; th6i-liEng 

{making allowance for another) ; thl-liang {id,). 
syphon, tsiii-thiu ; khek-tsiii-tAng. 
syringe, tsiii-kiuh ; tsdi-thiu ; tsii-chheng. to, chheng ; 

syrup, tliAg-tsiii. 


tabernacle, p6u-phc^ng; ti^"-in6". 

table, tshftg. onCy ch6k-chiah-tshAg. long and high, kl- 
tshAg. to lay the, pdi-tshAg. sit at, tso-siih. to lay 
the table-cloth, tshu-tshfig-pbu. embroidered cloth hung 
in front of table, tshAg-kAn. 

table, or index, m4k-16k. 

tablet, ancestral, sln-tsii-pAi ; ke-sin ; b4k-t8ii ; sin-tsii. 
setting forth any one's merit, pfn-hi&h ; p&i-pln. 

tack, a, ki&h-teng. to ta^k {sew), thr-ttie. 

tack, to, as a ship, khau-huang ; hiie-phAng. 

tactics, pia"-huap ; chi^n-huap. 

tadpole, kap-kid-kuai. 

tael, one, of silver, ch^k-ni^°-ngfln. 

tail, biie. peacocks tail feather, kh6ng-chhieh-ldng. the 
peacock spreads its tail, khdng-chhieh khui-phln. to 
wear a pea^cocks tail feather, tSi {or, ti) kli6ng-chhieh- 
ISng. see queue. 

tailor, tsh&i-h6ng ; thf-sa" sai-pe. 

taint, tiam-u ; jiSm ; jidm-u ; mik— tiSh. tainted, as fish, 
ien ; si6h-bi. 

take, khi^,h ; tshii ; ni"; lah ; put ; tsang. your book, 
khiih lii-pAg-chheh. a fort, phah-phiia phJlu-th&i. a 
standard, chhi6"-ki ; t6h-kt avxiy, khiih-khi ; siu-khf ; 
t6h-tiau. along with tea, &c, phiie-tfi ; phile-t6-chiib. 
with one, thtia-khi^b. the air, la-li4ng. an inventory^ 
tidm-hiie-mu^b ; kidm-tidm. by lot, khieb-kbau. care^ 
tsu-sbi ; kiin-sln ; si^-sim ; kun-sim ; s6i-ji. care of, t\i6i- 
sill ; cbiku-kU ; liau-lf. cave of oneself, tsu-ki p6-t6iig. 


dowriy khi&h— 16h-14i ; pak-16h-lAi. exercise, khd-thit- 
th6 ; ki£L"-thit.th6 ; kia".siau.i4u ; di"-pou : kln-ki4"; kiA"- 
14i kid"-khii. one by tlie hand, khan-chhiii. leave of, 
kku-si ; si-pi&t ; siang-pi^t ; chiam-pi^t ; kku-pi^t. one 
in (cheat), tshuah ; phi^n ; kuang-phifen. 'inedicine, chiih- 
ifth. out of the ivater, li^u— ti^h. off, shoes or clothes, 
thfig-tiau. off, a hat, pak-tiau ; hien-tiau. one-s hat to 
any 0)ie, hien-khf-bo ts6-16i-si^u. off a cover, iau**- 
khhi"; iau"-khkm ; iau''-khui. out a splinter, thie-tshua"; 
kiah-chhi. snuff, thie-phi"-hun {out of bottle) ; chiih- 
phf-hun ; hngh-phr-hun. up, with chopsticks, koih. 
with two fingers, nueh"; ni". under the arm, k6ih t6 
koh-e. the inght hand path, ttii-chik°-chliiiS-p6i" khfi. a 
disease, ti^h-pe°; iie-ti^h-pe"; jidm-ti6h-pe"; thAan-jidm. 
upon oneself ka-ki tam-s^ng ; ta"-tng ; tsu-tsuan {with- 
out authointy). fire, t6h-hiie. a wife, tshua-chhin ; 
tshua-b6u ; ti-ke. hold of chhid liih ; khi^h-kln ; khi"; 
khi"-kfn ; min-kfn ; khan-kfn . hold of one's queue, 
khfm-pi"; tsdng-pi"; mdn-pi°. 

tale, a, ch6k-tng-k6u ; k6u-chheh. to tell tales, 6h-k6u. 
'bearer, pua°-8i-hui ; pua°-pdi ; pua"-80 ; k6i"-so. 

talent, tsh4i-chhdng ; tsh^i-lfing ; piin-su ; piln-nid". a 
talented jperson, tshA,i-tsii ; u-tshA^i-chhdng. 

taJisman, h(i ; hie"-liA. to wear, kiia-lifi. 

talk, kdng ; tk"; tJi"-ue ; phu^h ; phu6h-ue ; phlt-phu^h 
th&m-lun. at random, th^ng-tk". boastfxd, huah-si 
th6u-huah. talkative, tsoi-ue ; ue-bi tsoi ; tshui tsoi 
tshtii-tiu tsoi ; lo-so ; lo-lo so-so. 

tall, k6i"; kfli^-toa ; sin Liu. 

tallow, g6-14; i6Ma; iii-lA. 

tally, a, h4p-t&Dg ; cbbiam. to, hA-h&h. 

taJons, jiiu. to seize with, jidu khim— tiih ; jidu tab-ti6h. 

tamarisk, sCli-si-liil ; si^i-liil. 

tame, s^k. to, chhi-kku-sik ; khu-khek i-k^i-sfe" 16h. 

tamper, with, 8ie-pa-16i ; sie-bii-l6ng ; sie-pin-tfig. 

tan, to, s^k-phfle. tanner, s^k-phAe sai-pe. 

tansfled, th read, stia" z^-zti ; sda" ti""ti^h ; stia" tf-khat. 

tanK, tsdi-kui"; tsiii-tsd ; tsiii-tdu. 

tap, to, tab. at door, phah-mflg. 

tape, tba; mf-se-tba. -line, p6u-chhieb, -vxyrm, pf- 

taper, o, (.-hok. 


tapering, chiam. 

tar, ta-ma-i6. 

target, pd, ; chi"-pd. centre of, &ng-sim. 

tariff, of duties, chek-li ; hiJing-p&i. 

taxo, 6u ; ou-th&u (large) ; ou-nfig (small). 

Tartar, Miia"-chiu ; Mdng-k6u ; that-kid". language, 

task, khang-khiie. to finish a, u4n-kang. 
tassel, of cap, ftng-eng; ch^k-phau-eng. 
taste, bi ; bi-s6u ; khi-bi. to, 8iS"-bi ; chhl-bi. tasteless, 

b6-bi ; b6-bi-86u ; b6-khi-bi ; pih-chid" p&h-chirl"; bi p6h ; 

bi ta°; chii"-ta"; ta"-p6h. 
tattered, phba ; phda-tshiii ; i-sa" l&m-lii ; u&n - sui - sa" 

tattle, ta"-6i"-rie ; bd-siang-kan-ue ; ue-bl tsoi. 
tattoo, chhiah-ph6e-hu ; phAe-hu chhiah-ji. 
Tauist, doctrine, Tau-kk. sect, Tdu-ke. priest, T&u-su ; 

tautology, tk"-lidu tski-tk"; b6n-ji tdng-hok. 
tavern, chht-tikm ; chiu-14u. ^ 
tax, hikng (ctiMoms dues) ; niS** (land-to^) ; tsh^n-niS"; 

chr-ni6°; li-kim {likin). to pay, u&n-ni6°; nip-nifi". col- 
lectors of, ni6"-chhe ; tou-chhe. 
tea, t6. leaves, t6-hi6h ; t6-bf. used leaver, t6-phoh. 

-plant, t6-tsAng. to make, pA-t6 ; pheng-t^ ; phku-t6 ; 

tshong-t6. infuse in covered cup, bim-tS. inmte one to 

take, chhid"-t6. pour out, sai-td. fiand round, kh^ng- 

tS ; khi&-t6. drink, chi4h-t6 ; fm-t6. to fire, pue-t6. 

tea-taster, tS-su. box of, ch6k-8ie"-t6. cup, t^-cheng ; 

tS-pue ; t^-au ; kki-au. canister, te-bf-kuJln ; siah-kukn. 

kettle, t6-ue. j>ot, td-kukn ; tshong-kukn. tea-poy, td- 

ki saucer, tfi-tsAn ; tfi-tlh ; t6-pAa". strainer, td-thai. 

tea-men, td-kheh. siflings, t^-hu ; tS-kueh. wholesale 

text warehouse, t6-h4ng. shop, for selling tea leaves, t6 - 

tiJtm ; t6-bl-ph6u. shop, foi' selling tea to drink, td-kuin ; 

t6-ku. -harvest, t6-tang. tea producing region, t6-sua". 

to gather, tshdi-t6 ; tiah-td. 
teach, kJt ; kk-htie ; kk-si ; kJi-hfin ; chf-kk ; chf-si ; kk- 

tsu ; kk-tau. teacher, sin-se"; sii ; Uu-su ; kk-su ; kk- 

tsu sin-se". 
tear, li ; U-tiau ; lib ; phiia ; pLiia-llh. off, as skin of 

anything, peh-tiau ; li-tiau ; pak-tiau. 


tears, mak-tsap ; m4k-lui. to shedy Uu-in4k-tsap ; m4k- 
tsap 14u. 

tease, kek-ndu"; pin-tiig. 

teat, gA-ni"-th^u. 

tedious, work, kti-tAg khang-khiic ; tsb-kku-ili. 

teeth, khf ; g6 ; tshhi-klif. molar, g6-th4u-khl. large 
ugly, 8di-poi"-gd. to get teeth, huat-khl. to pull out, 
khieh-khl. to put in false, sie°-khf. to gnash, k3,-g6. 

telegraph, tien-p6-8ua". to, kill tien-p6-siia". 

telescope, tshoi'-lf-kik". 

tell, t^"; king ; p6-tsai ; kku-tsai ; tit-tsai ; thong-tsai. 

tell him, kang-i-tk"; p5 khut-i-teai ; tk"-i-t8ai. tell-tale, 

pua°-8i-hui ; pua"-14i pua'-khA ; pua"-pdi ; pua"-so. 
temerity, kd°-ts6 kd"-^i ; hidm— tang ts6. 
temper, s6"; s^"-chh6ng. had, phl-khl. hasty, sfe^-thdu 

kin {or, kip). to restrain one's, jfm-sfe"; l1in-sfe^ to 

give way to, jim-s6°; tsbng-s^". 
temper, to, iron, thih chhih-tsiii ; ngkn-tsiii ; ngkn-thih; 

temperate, tsat-eng ; li4m-tsat ; li^m-che" ktia"-i6k. 
tempest, huang-thai ; khiiang-huang m^"- hou ; huang- 

h5u tai-tsak. 
temple, keng-bie ; am ; bie-tAg ; toi"-tAg. ancestral, sA- 

tAg. Confucian, sik"-bie ; ji ; toi". 
temples, the, tshdu-ng^ ; hi&h-kak (projecting parts of 

temporary, chi§Lm ; chi&m-sL 
temporize, sikng-ki zft-tdng ; th6i''-si l^i-ki&"; siHi-ki ^ng- 

pi^n ; tshu-sl ; th6i"-8i ; kiia'— n4ng 8l-heng. 
tempt, iii-h6k ; fn-iii ; fn-jlp ml"-thA. 
ten, tsip. ten times better, ki&ng-ke tsip-pue. ^ several 

tens, kiii-tsip. ten thousand, cbek-buan. not one in 

ten, tsip—tang b6-ch^k. see tenth. 

tenant, tshu-toi". 

tend, totvards, hikng tui-hA-kb khiV 

tender, chf; iti°; jiS ; sou ; nAg ; nap. hearted, tshA- 

sim ; tshft-hAa. eyes, mr-mik-kr. 
tendon, kun. the large one at the heel, §Lu-te"-kun. 
tenon, siin. mortice and, khang-siin. to fit mortice 

and tenon, tiliu-siin ; tku-16h-siin ; 16h-ngdm ; tku-ngdm. 
tent, p6u-phAng. to pitch, tab- (n6"-; kbui-) p5u-pb^ng. 
tenth, the, t6i"-t8ip. one, ts4p-hun tsii-ch^k ; tsip-buu 


tsbii-chek. tlie tenth day of tlie tenth moon, tsip-guih 

tepid, la-luu-sie ; sie-lun sie-lun. 
tenninatei u^n ; hiah ; li^u ; suah. 

termination, kidu-biie ; suah-brte ; hfin ; chf ; kki-hSn. 
terrace, as field or garden on hillside, sua^'-sid. 
terrify, heh-n4ng-kia"; kia"-heh-n4iig ; pbifen-nAug-kia". 

terrified, kia"-phSa-td"; kia° kku-sang-td"; kia" kku-k6ng ; 

kia" k^u ng6h-ug6h. 

territory, ti-hng. 

test, chhl ; chhl-thoi"; chhl-eng. Jias been tested, u-hau - 
ngiam— ktie ; u-chhl-ngiam~kue. 

testament, zui-tsu ; zui-tsok. Old and New, Ku-Sin - 

testicles, lang-hut ; sien-hut ; gtia-sien. 

testify, chfeng ; keng - chfeng ; tab - chfeng ; ts6-ch^ng-ku ; 
ts6-cheng-kl"; ts6-kan-cheng. 

testimony, cheng - ku ; kan - chfeng ; ch^ng - ugdn ; chi - 

than, more, put-cbf ; m-chbeng ; put-tAk ; m-khdng ; tsoi— 
ktie ; ke— kiie ; bu&n - lidu - ke ; bu4n - k^ng - ke ; siang - 
cbbid"-u. he is older than I, i toa— ui ; i toa-kbe-ud. no 
more than, put-kue. more than ten, tsip - gua ; ts4p - 
tsbut ; tsip-ft ; ts&p-tsbfln. 

thank, sia ; kdm - sia. many thanks, tsoi - sia ; to - sia ; 
kdm-in6Dg. thank yon, lAu-li\ ; hu&n— lii ; hu&n-l&u— lii ; 
bfta-lui— M ; lui— lii ; toa-lau-n&ng ; chhit - iSlu poih - toa ; 
siu-hui ; nid"-bui ; nid^-cbhdiig ; kdm-cbhdng ; htii - sim ; 
pbi^n-lii htii - sin ; I&u-t5ng~ti6h lu ; Iftu-tong— ti&b tai- 
kfe. / will thank yon to come, lui - lii - \k\ ; chhi4"-lii-14i. 
no need f 01^ thanks, tk"-kiu-lui— kAi-ue ; si-pig- t^ng ; si - 
piig-bun ; kbf-kil"; bua"-bi ; b6 - tie ; koi-koi ; k^i - i - sfi 
tia"- tia"; mieu - kilm-sia. to return thanks, tap - sia 
h'tter of thanks, sia-tbiap. thankfid, kAm-un put-bu4ng 
kam-iin put-cbbidn ; kdni-liS.iD to-sim ; mdng-un tki-tek 
kam-uu tai-tek ; pb-un ; tsai-un. thankless, bu&ng-im 
buAng-un bu-ngi ; biaii-cbbfiug tsob-ngi; b6-jin-ngi 
buang-cbbdng ; kue-k^" tbiu-kiiai. thankworthy, kai-sia. 

that, bii ; bu— kdi. that which he said, i-s6-tk". that is 
to say. ngi\u-kbi. that night, bii-ch6k-m6". that side^ 
bi&"-p6i'*; bi6"-tb4u. at that time, tng-s!. 

thatch, tsbii-t^ug kbaiii- {or, kboi"-) t»bau ; tien-kai. 


thaw, sng-soh siau-i6°. 

theatre, hi. stage of, hi-th4i; hi-p6". to go to the, 

th6r-hi. theatricals^ ts5-hi. 
thefbi thau-khi^h-mu^h ; thau-tau ; tSu-chhiap ; thau - 

theme, tfti-mik. to give out a, tshut-tdi ; tshut-t6i-th4u. 
then, jifin-au ; au ; chiu ; chik". at that tinie, tng-si ; hii- 

tsAn ; hii-si ; liii-hAe ; hii-ts<in-mu^h. 
thence, tsh6ng-hii-k6 ; i6-hii-k6. 
there, t6-hu-k6; t5-hi\ kha-th4u ; t6-liife"-thau ; to-hti- 

pdi". there are, u. there are not, b6 ; m-chdng-fi. 

tliereabouts, to-hii t86i°-au ; to-hii lin-kun : to-hii ts6 - 

iu ; tsha-m-to ; tsu4h-m-ua. 
therefore, s6-f ; kii-tslii\ ; in-tshii ; in-ti ; uAn-ti. 

thermometer, h&n-sii-tsam. 

these, chf-k4i; chf-t8iia"-k4i ; chl-chik"-k4i ; chl-ch^k-khai. 

they, i ; in ; hii-chik** k4i-n4ng. 

thick, ka.u ; bit ; kfit {consistency). 

thicket, chhl-pb^; chhi-na"-ph^ ; chhiu-n4'. 

thief, tshit ; tshit-bd thievish, tshii-tshat ; tsat-kid". see 


thigh, toa-thiii ; thiii-th4u. ^ hoTie, thiii-th4u-kut. 

thimble, pbu-tsdi"; phfle-ts6i"; tAng-tsdi". 

thin, p6h ; so ; so-p6h ; chhieh ; kk ; hi ; lang ; ^ sdn. 
congee, chhieh-mAe ; kk-mAe". 

thing, muih ; mu&h-kia'*. no such thing, b6-chf-k4i chhdng- 
11. how many things ? ji^,h-tsoi kia"-mu^h ? 

think, sie"; liam ; su-sie"; 8u-li3.m ; phah-sjig ; phe"-phah. 
of one, ki-li3.m. / rather think so, kd°-8i ; iau-ka"-si chi6°- 
8c"; kd°-(i. highly of one, th6i°-tdng; ktii-t5ng. not vxyrth 
thinking of, mfn-khiia-sim. / thought {erroneously), ud 
k4u-ki^ ; khue-tia"; sah-tsb. 

third, t6i"-8a". 

thirsty, 4u ta. to assuage thirst, chf-khuah ; koi-khuah ; 
cbi-4u ; zun-4u. 

this, chi ; chf-k4i ; tshii ; chid-k4i. year, kin-ni"; kiin- 
nf; hin-ni"; piig-nr'; chf-ni". morning, kim-tsd ; mftg- 
khf; mAg-khf-tsd. day, kim-jit ; kia"-jlt ; hin-jit; piig- 


thong, phAc-toa. 

thorax, heng-tsoi"; sim-kua"; 8im-kua"-th4u ; hcng-kua"- 

TRMS 270l 

thorn, chhL thorny^ ae'-chhl to he pricked hg a. 

thorOUg^likre, tKong-Ioo. iu>, khot-tlidkiHittng {a hlifkd 

thoroilfi^lly, td^p-hon ; tahdan. learned^ tikong-thiet ; 

tbouc^ sm; sni-ji^ii; sni-^ thwigk,,.jshU^ soi-jidn.... 

thoug^lty sie'-thia; lidm-tikaa; so-bim; i-s&. tlumght- 
f^d^ ehbim>sie*; i^n-iu; chhim-sa t^n-lo. tkonyhtlegs^ 
m'taai-sie*; hw-sHe"; thien-thien. :fee THnnL 

thousand, tskor; ehek-tshoP. ly ihommMnds and tens 
of thouJKLnds, king'tshor king-buan. 

thread, stia*. ^nlk, ai'Saa\ goldj kim-siu*. to^ a needle, 
tafaog'taam ; tdbaan-tsani. to, ccmi&, tabng-ebT. 

threai^eil, kia'-beb ; kia'-tieb-ning ; beb-kia*-iiing. 

thrBOy sa". three-ply rope, sa'-kou-sob. three-comered, 
sa*'kak. thrice, sa'-biie ; sa'-pdLi ; sa'^-tsbA ; sa^-bang ; 
sa''t6g; 8a*-e; sa'-tsaiL 

threfifa, pbab'tia ; pbab-cbbek. threshing tub, sat-tbin^. 
ladder of ditto, sut-thaDg-thui. mat enclosing ditto, 
sat'tbdng'ti&m ; ^at-tbing-pbing ; sot-tbing-Ai ; sat- 
tbing-cbia. threshing Jloor, bae-di"; cbbek-tii"; cbbek- 

threshold, mf^gtdr. 

thrifty, s^'-eng; kbi^Lm; kbiam-eng; taat-eng; d-tsat- 

thrive, beng-seng; mdng-seng. 
throat, 4a; &o-ltog. cut one's, kili-4a. sore, 4a-16ng 

thrODe, imperial, kim-lAan-toi'; ISng-ui ; t4i-p6; tbi"- 

uL royal, odng-ui ; tso-ui. to ascend the, teng-ki ; 

teng-ui ; chiet-ui ; teo-ui. to usurp the, tsbban-ui. 
throngs, a, chik-kbAn-ning ; ii4iig-mu^b ts4t-t8&t ; ning- 

mu^.h hun-hun ; lau-jiit. to throng, oi-oi Idng-leng ; oi- 

01 cl)l"-chr; sie-chi' 8ie-k6ih ; sie-oi sie-l^ng. 
throttle, liu-4u ; liu-au te'-chih ; te'-4u. 
thrOUgfh, thong ; th&u ; thkng. to come thi'ough the 

rain, h2m-h5u-ldi ; inau'-h6u-14i. to pass through a 

place, thi'h^'kb keng-kbe ; keng tiu-hii-k6-khe. through 

Jive and smoke, in4u"-in tiit-hiie. 
throw, to J k4k; sek; phin; tiau; ta'. auxiy, k&k- 


tiau ; sek-tiau ; hdm-tiau ; khi-tiau ; tiu-tiau ; 15i-tiau ; 
phau-tiau. into the tvater, tAu-tsiSi ; k4k-16h-tsiii. off 
clotheSy thig-tiau ; pak-tiau. one down, l^ng-puih ; leng- 
ii4ng tiih-puih. the blame on others, keng t6-p4t-nAng— 
sin-t^ng. about, ia-si-tshii ; phuah-miia^-kb. dust on 
head, tsang-sua thih tbiu-khak ; eng-sua tha°-to th&u- 
khak. throw up things, as hiicks, tiau-chie"; tiau-k6i". 
to throw a net, pha-mang. 

thrust, into, tshig ; tshah ; chhiah ; kft. thrust through 
with a spear, eng-chhie° tshiig-thkng— ktle-khi. 

thumb, chhiii-tsm-thAu ; t86i"-th&u-kong ; tsAg - th&u - 
kong ; toa-ts6i°. thumb-ring, pan-chl. 

thump, tshha'*; tAi; tfeng. 

thunder, lAi; Witan; Wihidng; thiM6i; Witanllh- 
leh-kie ; Ifki phah-kiS-leh ; Ifki-sia" phek-lik. and lightning, 
Wi tAn, thi" sih ; Kd-tien tai-tsak. great thunder-storm, 
khf-ng6u-16i. the thunder-god, or thwider as a destroying 
agency, Ifii-kong. hilled in thunder-storm, Ifti kh£-si ; 
lAi khk, hiie sie. thunder-bolt, lAi-kong-tsam. 

Thursday, 16i-pki-sl; pki-si. 

thus, chi6"-8e°; kn-chi^"-se"; kn-chi^°. 

thwart, ng^k n&ng-k&i-i ; n6a"-ts6 ; ts6-chf. 

tibia, kha-t4ng-kut ; kha-li&m-kut. 

ticket, pawn, hui ; hui-kid"; tiig-phife ; tig-hui. passenger's, 
tsAn-hui ; ts6n-toa"; tsfkn-phife. 

tickle, niau"; niau"-chie"; niau° koh - tang - e (one's side) ; 
iiiau°-kha-t6i (the soles of one' s feet ), 

tide, tid-tsiii ; 14u-tsiii. full, l&u-tstii tf; 14u-tsiii pd. 
flood, D&m-14u ; jlp-14u. ebb, kh6-l&u ; pak-l&u. spring-, 
toa-l&u-tsiii. neap-, 8i6-14u-tsiii. turning, l&u tiig. go 
with the, kiia"-14u-t8iii. favourable , sun-14u ; kila"-14u ; 
h&h-14u. adverse, ng&k-14u ; thS°-14u. sail against, tu- 

tidings, sie-sit ; sin-bun ; sin-sek ; sie-sek. 

tie, pik ; kat ; kbiin ; siig ; kb\in-p&k . a knot, tbdm- 
kbat; kat-kbat. a hard knot, thdm-sf-kat ; kat-sf-kbat. 
a loop knot, tbim-uib-kbat. very hard and fast, sAg- 
kfu. more loosely, pik-kbda"; tbdu-leng. together, 
p4k ts5-cb6k-e. 

tier, one, cb^.k-ts4ng. in tiers, ch6k-ts4ng cbik-ts^ng. 

tiger, b6u"; lau-b6u ; niau"-b6u". 

tiffin, tidm-sim; cbiAb-jIt-tku. 


ti^ht, kin ; 4n. to draw, tiii-4n-4n. 

tile, hii; tshtl-hia. semi-cylindrical ^ hi&-t4ng; hii-th&ng. 
with hole for skylight^ thr-thkng-hii. a tue-work, hia- 
id. to put on a roof khkm-nia. glazed, chhe"-hia. 
for eaves, with points turned down, hia-tAug-tMu. 

till, to, the ground, tsoh-tsh&n-hAg ; ch^ng-tsoh ; ke"- 
tsoh ; ke"-tsM2 ; kAt-tsh&n. 

till {until), Vku ; chi ; thai ; kip. donH you go auxxy till 
he cornes, i-btie-l^i lii chhid^-bue-khii ; lii ti^h-tdn i-I&i 
chik"-h6-khfi. tfie tide will flow till the third watch, 
Iku jlp kku-8a"-ke" chik"-kh6. 

tiller, of boat, t5a-g6 ; t6a-p6". 

timber, sam-sai ; sam-liau ; tshA-sai ; bik-liau. meixhant, 
khui-8am-ph6u ; khui-sam-chhi^ng ; khui-sam-h&ng ; tsh&- 

time, si ; sl-hau. at that, tng-sl ; hii-st ; hrt— k&i st-hau ; 
tng-khl-sl. what is the f ii-si-mih st-sin ? kiii-tidm-cheng ? 
at what ? tt-si ? sl-mib si-hau ? have no, m-di"; b6-6r. 
to fix a, tia"-khi ; tia"-tiih jlt-chl ; ieh-tia" jlt-kht. at 
any, put-lun tl-st ; m-lun si-mih sl-hau. when the time 
comes, thai si-hau kku. in time, b5i-man ; htl— tiih. not 
in time, hii-m-tiih. time flies, si-jlt z6-8o, kuang-im sfl- 
chi". in the time of Confucius, tng Kh6ng-tsii k&i-st-hau ; 
Kh6ng-t8ii tiftng-sl. * another, e-jlt ; e-si. a long, kii. a 
short, chiSm-sl. any time will do, b6-lun tiang-sl tou - 
h6 ; put-khu tt-k^i sl-hau tou-h6 ; sAi-pien ti-k^i si-hau 
tou-h6. three times, sa'-pdi : sa°-tshii ; sa"-hang ; sa" - 
hAe ; sa"-tsui. many times, e-e ; si -si ; lit-lii ; lii-tshi\. 
ten times better, i&"-ktie tsip-pue. timely, h4h-sl ; thi - 
si ; tng-sl ; tii-tiim. time-serving, s6i-sl-pi^n. 

timid, b6-tk"; tii-th&u tii-biie ; tham-se" phk"-8l ; kia"-se" 

k* u » 
la -SI. 

tin, p^h-thih ; siah (pewter), -foil, siah-p6h. tin-smith, 

p^h-thih sai-pe ; phah-siah sai-pe. 
tinder, hiie-hik"; lo ; hiie-bAe ; tsiia-bAe ; tsda-in. 60a:, 

hiie-to-ip ; hiie-hik"-ip. 
tin^e, jidm-sek ; nf ; Ikm ; 1-sek. 
tinKling, tin-tiang-ki6. 
tinsel, flowers, kim-hue. 
t\p^ of nose, phf-thAu; phf -tsiin ; tsi^n-th&u. of finger, 

chhiti-ts6i"-th4u. of anvw, chi"-bue ; chi"-n^k ; chl"- 

chiam. to stand on tiptoe, l^ng-khf-kha khia. 


.■ .J _^ 1 1.1 !■ - m^ I ■ ^ ■ 1 w . — ^ 

tipsy, tstii ; chiih-chiii-tshi ; tstii-chiii. slightly y ba-bua- 

tsbi ; mah-moh-tstii. 
tired, h6k; khtin; khtin-toa"; khtin-kuan; khtin-h6k; 

phi-kuan ; phi-khtln ; phi-toa"; kha sng, chhid nAg. ve^y 

tilled with ivalking, ki4"-kku-heng. to be tired of^ ikm ; 

tii ; 16u ; mki°. tiresatne, khiit— n&ng se^-iiim ; tshua- 

tithe, thiu ts&p-hun tsii-ch^k ; tsip-hun thiu-ch^k ; tsip 

tshii-khl-ch^k ; ts4p-hun tshii-chfik; kc-it-thiu. 
title, official, kua"-h4m ; cheh-h&m. to confer a, hottg- 

chiak. tith'page, phiau-th&u ; chheh-phiau. to ivinte the 

title on the edge of a hooky sii-chheh-kha. 
tittle, see JOT. 
to, kau. speak to hiiUy kang-i-tJt". bitten to death, ka- 

sf. to olaagCy chl-kku-lau. 
toad, kap-pd. 

toast, tOy pek ; pue. hready pue-mi"-pau ; pek-mf-pau. 
tobacco, huu. leaver, hun-hi^h. prejxtredy s^k-hun, 

inpCy hun-tdng. to smoke, chi4h-hun ; chi4h-s^k-hun. 
today, kirn-jit ; kii"-jlt ; prtg-jit ; hin-jit ; tshi\-jlt ; chiet- 


toe, kha-ts6i". the tigr, kha-tsiig-thdu-kong ; kha-ts6i"- 

together, ts6-pA ; tftng ; kang. to walky ts5-pA-ki4". 

have anything togethery or in commony sie-kang. 
toil, 14u-kh6u ; lAu-l&t ; b6a-14u ; bfia ; bAa-lit ; kh6u-sin ; 

sin-khftn ; khftn-l&u. toilsoinCy l&n ; kan-khdu. 
toilet, to make one% td-p^n ; siu-tsuang ; tsuang-pJin. 

table y tsng-th4i ; kiJt"-tMi ; ki^"-tsh6g, 
token, ho; pidu-kl. secrety km-ho. 
tolerable, nai"-tit-khi\ ; naf-tit-kuc; Idn-tit-k&e. toler- 
ably goody oi-t86-tit; tsh6-liik tsb-tit; oi—nin ts6-tit; 

kh6-r ts6-tit; chiang-chiu ts6-tit. 
tolerate, jim-n&ng khiVts6; b6-s6-klm. 
toll, khe-lou-chf ; khe-hiiing-chr. 
tomato, 4ng-sai-kid". 
tomb, ph6n ; ph6n-mo"; sua". to worship at tJie tombs^ 

pJli-phfin ; kue-tsiia ; chl-sJiu ; chi-phAn ; teh-tstia. 
tomorrow, mha"- tsA ; mtia"- khf ; mk''-khl ; m6ng-jlt. 

day aftevy aLu~jit. two days aflery toa-au— jit. 
tone, sia"-im. the eight tones, poih-im. 
tongs, thih-kf; thih-khf ; thih-tu. 



tongue, chlh. tip of, chlh-th&u. to put out the, chih 

tshun—tshut-l&L to scrape the, kueh-chlh. tongue scru- 

per, chlh-kueh. Tnother-tongue, pAg-ti-ue ; piig-th6u-ue ; 

tonic, a, p6u-iih ; p<5u-pl-iih ; p6u-khi-hueh. 
tonight, kim-mfi"; in6"-hng ; kim mAg ; kim-siau. 
too, many, khah-tsoi. large, khah-toa; khah-kile-toa. 

much, khah-ke ; khah-ktie-th4u. young, hAan-idu-chi'; 

khah-chr. ripe, ktie-s6k. do not he too sad, mki"- 

khah ktie-lfi ; mfn-eng hi^-kile-lu. 
tools, ke-hiSe ; khi-ku ; khi-muAh. 
tooth, -ache, khl thi^". -hrush, khf-sueh. -pick, kbf- 

thak. -powder, kbf-hAn. see teeth. 
top, t^ng ; th&u ; miu ; t^ng-min ; chie'-min ; min-chie*. 

of a hill, sua"-t^ng. topmost, t^ng-t^ng; 8i3>iig-t^ng. 

topsy-turvy, tin-tb-th^u ; tin-t5-thS.u-chfeiig. 
top, a, h&m-14m-sAt. to spin a, phah-Mm-l&m-si!it. 
torch, hiSe-p^; hlie-Ila^ 

torment, kh6u-tfih6; thik"-tsh6 l&n-tng. to, kia-kh6u. 
torrent, kip-tsiii ; hfle°-14u ; 8ua°-thua'. 
tortoise, ku. -shell, ku-khak ; ta-pue. 
tortuous, i-uan khih-khek ; uan-uan khek-khek. 
torture, to examine with, khdu-phah ; kui ; kui-mng. 
toSF, up, tiau-khf. to catch in the hand a thing that 

h<xs been tossed up, sah. to toss about, zuan-tiau. to 

toss in pain, pui-puih. 
total, the, kang-kbi ; tsdng-sfig h&h>k5i ; ts<5ng-kat ; 

tsdng-sAg. totally, chin; kan-cheng; liku-lidu; ts6- 

ch6k-e; ts4p-hun. 
totter, to, bdi-a-bdi ; udi-a-udi ; kiS,"-lou i4u-hidm ; ki*- 

puih ; ki°-t6. 
touch, to, thang; m6ng. dont touch it, chhiii mJir- 

thang; chhiii mkr-tia"— tiSh. toitch me not (Jlotoet^)^ 

tsiig-kah-hue. touchstone, chhi-kim-chi6h. tmchhole, 

hiie-mAg; chh^ng-mAg ; hiie-hf-khang. 
touchy, chhe"-min-h6u". 
tough, zun; nge. 
tow, to, cw one ship anothei\ toa-tsAn ; tshua-tsfin. cw 

men pidling boat with rope, p6ih-t8An ; khan-tst!in ; thua- 

tsAn ; mdn-tsfln. 
towards, hi^ng; ni^°. fled towards the city, m6'-si4" 



towel, kun ; p5u ; min-p6u ; &k-p6u. 

tower, thah ; mo°-l&u. 

town, siA°; si^**-ip ; pou-th4u ; hu-chhi {vnth fixed maV' 

ket days). 
toy, ang-kid°; thit-thd-muSh. 
trace, a, tsong-chiah ; hAn-chiah ; id"- chiah. to trace^ 

chhim-tui tsong-chiah, to trace writing^ on thin paper, 

biS-ji ; bid-keh ; bid-thoih. 
track, a, lou. of a wheel, chhia-kau-khut ; chhia-lou. 

trackless, b6-tsoug b6-chiah. 
track, to, a boat, p6ih-ts(!ln, see tow. 
tract, or region, ti-hng. 

tract, or treatise, khiig-si-bAn ; sien-tsii ; tsip-chheh. 
trade, seng-ll. to, ts6-seng-ll; b<5i-boi. stagnation of, 

htie-muih m-siau. 
tradition, k6u-tht!ian. oral, khdu-thClan. 
traffic, seng-ll. great, ji6t ; lau-jiit. 
tragedy, chhiet-hl ; kh6u-hi ; tshd>m-tshut ; tshdm-chhSng- 

hi ; kh6u-tshut. 
trail, to, thua ; thua-thdu. 
train, to, kk; kk-i6k. soldiers, tshau-pia°; tshau-lien- 

pia"; tshau-pia" lien-tsut. 
train, a, kun-pan ; sAi-tsSng ; kun-sAi. 
trait, a good, ch^k-tng h6-8im ; ch6k-kia"-su h6-tshii 
traitor, boi-kok ; boi-kun ; kan-chhln ; boi-lkn kun-u4ng ; 

trample, on. tshau-t4h ; lun-tAh. to death, t&h-sf ; lun - 

si. on the law, m&k bd-u&ng-chiang. 
trance, to fall into a, sim-sln iA to-mAeh-siang hi\-gua. 
tranquillity, thki-phfing; ua"-che"; phdng-an; phdng- 

che". tranquillize, phdng; ua**-{ie. 
transact, business, phoi"-sii ; U-su ; 11-su-bu. 
transcribe, tshau; tshau-si^; pi^"; pi4"— k\le-14i. 
transfer, thiHan ; sid— khut-n^ng ; kau-hii ; seng-thiau (as 

burden or responsibility) ; seng-thi4u (to make a mutual 

€xcha7ige of' Ojffice) ; thi4u-ua" (id.). 
transform, pi^n ; pi^n-htie ; pi^n-tAg ; pi^n-ua". 
transgress, huam-huap; kiie-hu^Un. transgression, tsue; 

transitory, chiam-si; bd-kiS. 
translate, huan-6k ; ^.k. from book style into colloquial, 

such-tsu ; koi-such ; sueh-ts6 p^h-ue. a translator or 


interpreter, not of hooks, thong-su ; hAe-ue. 
translucent, u-m6r-kuang thb^u-ktie-khii. 
transmi^ationi ofsmih, lAn-hAe; tsiian-lAn. 
transmit, th6aii--16h-l^i ; ki^. 
transparent, 6i-kng; oi-thku-kng; khong-m^ng; kng 

transplant, sda-ch^ng. rice, pbu-tshAn; p5u-tiu. 
transport, o^ a criminal, mdng-khi^n ; m6ng-tshong - 

kun ; tshong-kun m6ng-li6. to conde^nn to transpoii.ation^ 

iigi-liA ; phoi"-tshut-mAg. 
transpose, thi4u-ua"; sie-ua"; ji-ke 1-ti ; ji-ke thi4u-&k. 

transverse, h6e". 

trap, for rats, niitu-t8hi\-tat ; thih-ngiau ; tek-ngiau ; nidu- 

tshi\-Mng. for tigers, h6u"-16. a snare, khou-thku. 

trap-door, ldu-che"-iDAg. 
travail, se"-siia"; sc"-kid"; kang-a-n6u"; hun-midn. sore^ 

14n-sua"; oh-se". 
travel, ki4"; kia."-lou ; tshut-gua ; kheh-i6 si-hng. 
trawl, khan-tsau. 
tray, tsh&-pAa°; thdng-p6a". for tvriting instmments, T- 

tread, on, kba tab ; lun-t&h. 
treacherous, kan-ak; kan-hi6ng; sit-sln. 

treacle, thfig-tsiii. 

treason, mdng-lumu. see traitor. 

treasure, tshsli-p^h ; kira-ngftn ; ngAn-nie"; chf-teh^. 

house, khbu-pAng ; ngftn-khbu ; ngftn-p4ng. 
treat, to, thai ; khiian-thai. loell, kau-thai ; h6-khiSan- 

thai. ill, p6h-thai; khin-thai. imx>aHially, bd-i b6-lu 

treaty, ieb ; bfta-ieb ; tiau-ieb. the terms of a, ieb-tidu. 

to make a, Hp-ieb ; «6iig-ieb ; tia"-ieb. to dismiss a, 

iigi-ieb. to violate a, piie-ieb ; sit-ieb. 
treole, 8a"-tdiig (folds) ; sa"-k6u (strands) ; 8a"-pue. 
tree, cbbiu ; cbbiu-b&k. a, cli^k-ts&ng-cbbiu. leaves^ 

cbbiu-bi6b. branches, cbbiu-ki. 
tremble, kbiu ; tbng. with fear, kia" kku-t6-t6ng ; ki4*- 

kilu-kbiii ; kia" kku kba-cbbiii n6i"-ii6i"-8ib. 
trench, kau ; tsiii-kau. 

trespass, buam-tsuc ; kiie-ait ; khe-huam ; huam-kiie. 
Triad, society, sam-to-bue. 
trials, see TRY. to undergo, keng-cbbi-lien. 


trianglGi sa'-kak-hdng. 

tribe, ts6k ; tsong-phai ; tsong-chi"; chi^-phki ; lui ; ch^ng; 

ch^ng-lui ; ch^ng-ts&t. 
tribunal, before a, thAi-tsdi"; tia^'-tsdi". ascendy chie'*-tAg. 
tribute, to pay^ chin-kbng ; n&p-k6ng. to pay to the 

empero)\ kbng hudng-ti. articles of, chin-k6ng k&i plu- 

trick, a, k6i; tsk-k6i; ngui-k6i. full of tricks, tsoi-sim- 

su- j'^ggl^i^'s tricks, ts5-pa-hi; chia-ngdn-huap ; sAi-se*- 

trifle, to, siig; bii-long. not to he trifled with, ffi-h6- 

siig. a trifle, si^-su ; 8i^-kh6 k4i-8U ; inAi"-muit kfti-su; 

mm-muit k4i-inu^h; k&i-i-sii tia"-tia" {said of a pi^esent 

made by oneself )• 
trigger, chidu-kid". to pull the, pe"-chidu-ki4". 
trim, to, a lamp, kiah-teng; thie-teng. 
Trinity, Sa"-ui ch6k-th6i. 
trip, to, the foot, that— ti&h-kha ; sit-kha. and fall, that- 

puih. on a rope, khut-soh k6e-(or, lau-) puih. 
tnpe, gA-tou; gA-chheh-peh. 
triturate, ng6i\ ng6r-hiin; iig6i"-buih; bAa-hiin; lAi- 

triumph, over enemies, th4i-i4"; chiSn-s^ng ; B^Dg* 

trivial, bd-siang-kan su ; si^-kli6-sii. 
trocar, thb,u-kiig-tsam. 
troops, kun ; pia"; pia"-i6ng. 

trooper, b^-pia". 

tropic, jiit-tSa k4i-pak-han {of Cancer) ; ji6t-t6a k&i-lAm- 

han {(f Capincon{), 
trot, phdu-b^ tsh6k-tsh6k-ki&. 
trouble, to, lui—n^ng ; kidu-jidu ; hAan-l&u. / wiU 

trotihle you, ld,u-k^. excitse my troubling you, l&u— lii; 

lui— Id ; phi^n-lii htii-sln. troubles, kan-kh6u-su. troubled 

in mind, kh6u-sim ; hilkan-16 ; iu-bun. 
trough, ts6; tsiii-t86; b^-ts6; kiu-tsd; tvi-ts6. 
trousers, kh6u. one pair of, ch6k-k4i-kh6u ; ch^k-kift'- 

kh6u ; ch^k-ti4u-kh6u. shyrt, khbu-ku^h. to roll up 

the legs of, tsah-kh6u-kha. 
trowel, hue-sl. 
truce, thdng-chi^n ; hiah-tMi. 
true, cliiu ; sit ; chin-sit ; u-id"; sit-ki| ; chin-fL to one^s 


tewd, chi^n-ng4n; ngdn>-tshut zAi-kiA"; zd-ieh. ti^y^ 

slt-tsai ; kiia"-jiSn ; k\ia"-chin ; chin-sit. 
trumpet, kak-t&ng; ho-tAng; ha*-ha"; pAn-pu (conch) \ 

ti-tsl ; k6u-siii. to blow, pAn. 
trunk, sie". one, ch^k-kha-sie". leathern^ ph6e-sie'. of 

a tree^ chhiu-sin. of elephant, chhie"-phi". 
trust, tOy sin ; siang-sin. in, sin ; kou ; sin-kdu ; f -k5u ; 

f -nai"; i-k5u ; i-u4 ; u4-k5u ; chia ; tit-png ; khha-png ; 

kh^u-png ; thoh-k5u. in wealth, si-tshsli. a trust, 8<5- 

thoh k&i-su ; s6-hii-thoh k4i-su. trustworthy, kh6-sin ; 

h6-siang-sin ; th6-t^ng. 
truth, see TRUE, to speak the, tk'^-slt-ue. true doctrine, 

chin-li ; chin-tau ; chi^"-t3Lu. 
try, chhi; chhi-thdi"; chhi-si^"; th^ng-tsau-htie. 
try, a cause, sfm-ila"; sfm-mng ; mng-\la"-ki3,". 
tub, thdng ; kha-th4ng. bathing, s6i-6k-th4ng ; 6k-thilng. 
tube, t^ng; k6ng. 
tuck, up the troupers, tsah-khbu-kha. the sleeves, tsah - 

Tuesday, 16i-pai-ji; pki-jl. 
tumble, to, aoum, puih-16h. off a horse, puih-16h-bd 

a tumblei^ on the stage, pha-sa-lin. 

tumbler, glass, po-li-pue. 

tumour, M; nSk-M; hueh-liA; \i-M; kim-liA. 
tumult, tshku-nSu"; tsh^u-jidng; kS-ka-jidng; ji^ng-ki- 

tune, si-pdn ; si-tiau ; pdn-tiau ; khek-tiau. on high key, 

kAr-tiau. on low key, ke-tiau. out of, ngim-14i m-16h - 

si. tuning-key, hiii". to tune a harp, hiii -khlm-sila'. 
tunnel, 8ua"-tang (cave) ; ti-ham (also pit/all) ; ti-tau ; ti- 

t<5i k^i-lou ; ti-e km-lou. 
turban, th4u-p6u. to put on, kh<fcan-th&u-p6u ; phiian - 

turbid, 16; nah-sap. 

turbulent, ph6-tshku; pSu-tshllu-s^"; tshh.u-kip. 
turf, tshdu-pnuih. 

Turkey, Th6u.zii-khl 

turkey, a, hiie-koi. 

turmeric, kie°-Ag. 

turn, tAg ; tsiian ; p6i°; tsun ; hudn-tAff ; p6i"-tAg ; huan ; 
hiir-k\le-14i. revolve, hili"; hui. the Jiead, hAe-th4u ; 
At-tiig-thS^u ; 6t-tshiia. right round, hui-tiig-sin, round 


in bed, huan-sin ; huan-Ui khah-khi ; huan-ktie-Ui huan- 
ktie-khi. back, tiig ; tiig-14i ; hAe ; hAe-tiig ; tb-tiig ; 
ki^'-t5-tiig ; su4n-tiig. over (overturn), l^ng-t6. over 
(invert), p6r-tiig ; p6i"— ktie-Ui ; pdi"- -khf-Ui ; p6i" - 
khap ; p6i"-chhife ; p6i -phak ; p<5i"-lin-tiig ; p6i°-ktie hi^"- 
pdi'; t5-p6i". inside out, as pockets, pm-lin-tAg. up- 
side down, tien-tdu ; tin-t6-th4u-tdu. round, as key, 
tsun-86-8i ; hTSi"-s6-8l. a hoi*se' s head , mdn-tAg b^-th^u ; 
mdn-b^ At-tAg. towards, hikng ; nik"; tiii. the heaven 
turns, thi' un-t6ng. to turn in a lathe, chhia. to take 
turns in doing, sie-lAn ; sie-lAn-liA ; sie-lAn-ts6 ; sie - 
th6i-ts6 ; lAn-tsiian ; Ifla-thbi. it is your turn, lAn-tiih- 
lii. to turn one away from service, si. to t'um one out^ 
t6k-tshut ; kda'-tshut ; jiau-tshut. out of office, khi - 
kua'; thut-kua"; thut-cheh ; pS-cheh. to tuim into, tiig— 
ts6; pi""ts6; pi^n—tsb. 

turnip, tshki-th&u. 

turnkey, kim-chf; klm-tsut. 

turpentine, sSng-peh-iA. 

turret, thih-Mu; sia"-14u. 

turtle, a, pih ; kha-hA. 

turtledove, ku-ku; pan-khiu. 

tusk, g6. elephant's, chhie"-gd. 

tutenag, p6h-in; p6h-tAng. 

tutor, sin-se". 

twang, of bow, keng-hf hidng. nxxsal, phf-im ; sii-phi"- 

tweak, liiim. one's nose, li^m-plu"-tMu ; tsun-phf-tMu. 
tweezers, nih"-kid"; niap-kid". 
twelve, ts4p-jL twelve thou^sand, buan-ji. 
twenty, jl-tsap. 20, 000, n6"-buan. 
twice, n6 -e ; ii6"-hilke ; n6"-tshii ; n6"-hang ; n5"-pdi ; n5'- 

twig, chhiu-ki (larger) ; chhiu-ie" (smaller) ; chhiu-biie. 
twinght, hd"-hun; md"-Jlin-kid"; hd"-km. 
twilled, sia^-bAn. 

twine, soh-kid". twine about, tsang-soh ; tl"; t5a. 
twinsfe, tshAg-thiJt"; mdn-thik"; thiu-thik"; tshuah-thik". 
twinMe , i&p-l&p-sih ; iap-iap-sih ; i k&i-kng 5i-tf n-t&ng. 

of the eye, nih"-m&k ; mak nih". in a twimding, ch^k - 

twins, sang-se". 


twirl, to, rounds khiih-to-hui. round on one leg^ khiS 
chSk-chiah-kha At-iai At-khii. 

• ■ 

twist, to, tsun ; kd ; z6e (6y rubbing with the hand), 
ropes^ kd-soh ; phah-soh ; tsun-soh. 

twiuch, to, tiii ; min. tuntching of the muscles^ mdn-kun. 

twittering, kih-kiauh-ki6 ; chlh - chi4uh-ki6 ; chi&uh - 
chiiuh-kie ; ki-ku-lu-ki^. 

two, no'; lidng; sang, two-edged^ sang-p6r-lai. a ttoo 
edged sword, kikm. two-fold, sang-tfing ; ii6"-h&p ; lidDg- 
pue ; kia-pue ; hip-pue. you two gentlemen, nfn ji-ui. 
IdU two aogs with one stone, chik-thAi khk no"-phu^h 
{lit,, break two clods with one blow of hammer). 

tympanum, hi"-kik'. 

type, metal, in-p^i"; uih-pdi"; t&ng-p6i"; In-poi". 

typhoon, huang-thai. 

tjrrant, pk-u^ng. tyranny, p^-tau. tyrannical, khi&ng- 

'pk ; pau-ngi&k. 
tjTTO, tsho-6h ; chiain-6h ; chhe"-chhiii ; sin-sai-p§. 


ubiquity, b6-s6 put-t5 ; b6-s6 put-kiiu. 

udder, ni"-j)h&. 

ugly, id-ie ; m-chi4"-ie°; chhi-gt ; m-h6-th6i"; i^-hdng ; 

fa-ngid°-kuan ; tshou-l5u ; phf-lou ; chhiil-lou. 
ulcer, tshng; phtia-nua". ulcerate, se'-tshng; se'-mt'. 
ultimately, kidu-biie ; kku-biie ; suah-biie ; pit-k^ng ; 

tsong ; khbe-maii {sooner cw later). 

umbificus, t6u-t84i. 

umbrageous, im-b&t; oi-chia-im. 

UmbreUa, hSu-sba"; hou-chia. one, ch^k-ki h5u-sha". a 
state one, n6"-s\la". to open an, khui-hou-chia ; hdu - 
chia ti^n-khui. to close, hou-sba" h&p-bAa. 

umpire, ts6-kong-chhin ; tong-kan-n&ng ; tong-kl". 

imable, boi; bd-lit; b6-pou; b6-16ng-Ai ; put-lSng; tsb- 
vcL-]&,i. to sustain, tng-m-khl. to use, eng m-pat t6 - 
khfi. to ovej^ke, jiau-m-ti6h. to speak, ti"-ia-tshut. 

unaccountable, m-tsai tsb-nl"; sie" m-pat tb-khifi. 

unaccustomed, m-kbr-si"; chhe"-him ; chhe"-chhiii. 


imadomed, phok-sit ; bd-hua-tshdi ; b6-b6n-tshdi ; b6 - 

unadulterated^ bd-sie-tsham ; b6-t8hb.m-ts&p ; cheng ; 

imaJterable, put-^k ; b6-k6i-6k ; m-h6-k6i ; chik-tia" 

unanimous, tAng-sim; ts6i-sim tsdi-i; ch6k-sim chek-i; 

sim-chi sie-t4ng; sim-chi ch6k-it. 
unanswerable, b6-ue h6-ttii; k-m-kbe; ffl-h6-il; 14n-r 

unassuming, khiam-siin ; khiam-s6i ; tho-khiam. 

imattainable, put-kIp; boi-tit-kku. 

unavoidable, put-tit-f ; boi-tit-mi^n ; Iftn-mfn ; m-h6- 

tho ; tho-m-khi ; b6-kh6u nar-hd ; b6-kh6 nai"-h6 ; b6- 

nStf-hd ; pi-m-kbe ; t6-pi m-khui. 
unawares, put-kak ; hut-ji6n ; put-tsai put-kak ; sie"- 

m-kku ; liau-m-kku ; b6-ij ; b6-u-pi 
unbecoming, m-h&h-sek; m-si-su; m-h6-th6i"; m-h&h- 

huap; u&t-huap; hu3.m-sek. 
unbelief, m-sin ; m-sin-tshdng. 
unbend, pkng-leng ; pkng-khuan. a botv, pak-khui keng- 

hf . unbending, nge. 
unbiassed, bd-phien-sim ; b6-si|-8im ; kong-chik" b6-su. 
imbind, k6i; k6i-khui; thdu-khui. 
imblemished, u^n-tshAan; bd-tshft b6-hia.; b6-ph\la- 

8ie . 

imbolt, p6ih-khui mAg-tshtia". the door, khui-mfig. 
unbosom, th&m-sim ; su-th^m ; th&m-lun sim-su ; Idbuang- 

sim ; thbu-chin sim-su. 
imbounded, bd-han-liSng ; b6-kki-t6u; b6-khi6ng-chln ; 

unbndled, htiang-tsbng ; b6-86 put-Ai ; mf -so put-Ai ; 

ts6ng-i6k; si-iik; b6-kim-kki; b6-tsat-tou. 
uncen^ain, b6-tia"; b6-tia"-ti6h ; b6-tia" b6-ti4h. 
unchangeable, put-pi^n ; m-h6-k6i ; put-Sk ; chSk-tia" 

uncharitable, b6-jln-ki; bd-ndng-chhSng ; kh6-khek. 
uncle, paternal, a-peh {older than father) ; a-chek 

{younger cfec^. mateimcd, b6-kii. aunt^s husband, a-tie". 
unclean, spirit, siA-mue°; siA-sln; siA-kdi. 
uncomfortable , m-s6ng-khhai ; m-khtia"- u&h ; m-su • 

thiilng ; kau-u^h. 


uncommon, hui-sifi"; m-ph6ng-si6"; chi^-u ; hdn-u ; koh- 

le . 
unconcerned, b6-kai-i; m-to-i; chhin-tshdi ; b6-chbiet- 

unconnected, with^ bd-kan-siip ; bd-kan ; b6-siang-. 

kuan ; b6-hun ; b6-tai ; b6-u. 
imconscionable, m-kong-tSu; b6-t6-ll. price^ kfe-chr 

unconscious, put-tsai n&ng-su ; put-s^ng n4ng-su ; zd - 

mang zA-tstii ; od-tsai b6-kak. 
uncouth, ku^i ; kuki-htog ; kbt-kuki ; koh-ie"; ku^i-l5u ; 

under, e ; e-p6i"; e-min ; e-t6i. one^s control, chhiii-e ; 

kudn-e ; hat-e. heaven, thi"-e ; thong-thi' kba-e ; ph6u- 

thr kha-e. age, bue-sSng-teng. 
underhand, b,m-che"; sai-e ; sai-khia-e. 
undermine, liii-ti-ham ; liii-khang-khak. 
understand, bidu ; tsai ; pat ; mdng-p6h ; sSk ; thkng. 

thoroughly, hidu-khft-thkng ; hidu-kku-thiet.; tsai-kku- 

tbku. / understood him to say (ei^oneously), sah-ts6 i 

tk"; kau-ki^ ; thia^-tsb. 
undertake, jim-su ; tshap-su ; ta"-tng ; tam-sdng ; pau - 

nid,"; pau-kudu. woi% siu-khang-khSe. 
underwrite, p6-ke. company of underumters, p<5-ke 

kong-si ; p6-ke. 
undeserved, m-kham-tng ; m-kai ; m-eng-kai. 
undone, hbi ; pai-buAng ; htii-pai. cannot he, put-ldng 

hudn-tAff ; hudn-m-tAg. . 

undutifm, put-h^u ; put-siku. 
uneven, m-p6"; m-ts6i ; in-ts4u ; tsham-tsha put-chhl ; 

tftg-t6 put-chhl ; m-ts6i-chid,° ; khi-khu. 

unexpected, see unawares. 

UnfaiohfUl, sit-sin; bd-sSng-sit; bd-sin-slt; m-tong-kau ; 

unfashionable, m-si-heng ; m-hih-sl ; m-hih sl-siang. 
unfeeling, b6-ndng-chheng ; hiau-11 khek-p6h ; b6-th6i- 

unfold, thdu-khui. doctHne, kdng-k6i; k6i-m6ng; k6i- 

unforeseen, liau-m-kku ; put-kak ; ngrtu-jidn. 
unfrequented, b6-n4ng chie°-16h ; sok-che"; che° chbidu- 

chhid,u ; bd-lAi b6-kh(i ; b6-kha-chiah kku ; sok-mAk°. 


ungovernable, Idn-kudn ; oh-kudn. 

ungrateful, bu4ng-im ; hu-ngi ; hiau - chhdng ; hiau - 

chhSng ts6h-ngi ; siu-un put-p6 ; hiau-hu-un ; b6-jiii-ngi . 
unhappy, b6-hok ; chhi-tshdm ; kh6u-mia". 
Unhealtny , se"-chi^ng-khi ; li - khi ; tsiii - th6u m - h6 ; 

uniform, ch^k-ie°; sie-tAng ; tAng-sek ; ts6i-chid°; ts4u. 

a soldier's^ ho-ktia ; ho-i. 
uninhabited , b6-nang khia-khf ; b6 - nAng s6-t5 ; b6 - 

n^ng-in ; b6-hiie-tsh,u ; phau-hng ; tflg-n4ng-in. 
unintentional, b6-i; b6-kti-i; b6-sie"; b6-tsh6n-sie". 
uninterrupted, b6-k6i"-tng; b6-lb,n-tng; b6-lkn-phang ; 

m-hiah ; b6-hiah ; sie-stia ; siang-lien ; sie-chiap ; lien - 

chiap ; li6n-thtia. 
unite, to, hue-hih ; hih-bAa ; hue-bAa ; hih ts6-chek-e. 

in puiyose or effort^ tang-sim khbi-hih ; tAng-sim hiip - 

lit ; tAng-sim t4ng-lit. in martiage, phit-phue. many 

in one, hkh ts6-ch6k-e. will not tinite^ as two suifaces or 

fluids, m-sie-chi&h. tmion (concord), h(^a-m6k ; siang - 

hAa; phSng-hAa. 
United, the, States of America, Hah-chfeng-kok ; Tai-Miii"- 

kok ; Hue-ki-kok. 
universal, the, woi*ld, ph6u-thi"-e ; ph6u-thi" kha-e ; pin- 

thi"-e. knowledge, b6-s6 put-hidu ; chiu-tsai ; thr-e k^i- 

su chiu-tsai {or, hidu) ; chiu-tsai chin-hidu ; pat-th^ng ; 

pat-lidu. peace, thi"-e thb,i-ph6ng. 
universe, ^-tiu {not quite colloquial) ; thi"-ti ; buan-muih. 
Ul\just| put-ngi ; hui-ngi ; bd-kong-tSLu ; bd-tSLu ; m-sun 

chik"-lf; ng^k-11; pue-lf; m-chi^"; m-kua"-chib,"; m-kong- 

chi^". judgement, udng-ttian. 
unkind, b6-n4ng-chh6ng ; b6-chh6ng ; m-si-ndng ; put- 

jin ; b6-jln-^i ; b6-tshft-pui. 
unlawful, m-hih-huap; m-hih 11-lit; b6-ll b6-16t; b6- 

li b6-huap ; liit-huap fiwS-m-tsiin. 
unlike, koh-ie°; m-chhin-chhie"; m-sie-t^ng. unlikely, 

kia°-ui b6 ; iak-liSng b6 ; ts4p bd-ch6k ; toa-min si-bd ; 

b6 kfeng-toa-min. 
unlimited, b6-haii-liang. 
unload, a ship, khf-h^e ; tshut-hbe. 
unloose, k6i-pkng; sek-pkng; p^ng-i-khiV 
unlucky, m-tsau-hhe. day, jlt-chf m-h6 ; jit tshou ; 

hioug-jit ; tsliou-jlt. 


unmanageable, as ship, m-siu-toa ; khan-fil-tshdi ; tda- 

unmarried, man, bue-ti-ke ; bue-siu-sit ; bue-tshua ; 

bue-hun ; bue-ch^ng chhin-ngfing ; bue-cheng ngSug- 

chhin. woman, bue-kfe ; bue-tshut-m6g ; bue-kile-mAg ; 

bue-chdng k^-nAng. 
unmoved, put-tong; sim b6-i&u-t6ng; sim che"-tin. 
unnaturali conduct, ng6k-jln-16n ; ng&k-iig6u-lAii ; ng^k- 

lAn ; ngfek-ptie. 
unnecessai^, mfn-eng; mi^n-eng; put-pit; kh6-f-mfn. 
unpardonable, m-h6 sik-mi^n ; tsip-ak b6-sik. 
impleasant, s^iidl, id-bi ; phi"--ti6h m-h6. feeling, kSLu- 

u6h. to hear, kih-hi". 
unpolished, tshou; tshou-l6u. 
unprecedented, bue-u k^i-sg chi&°-se"; tsu-lidu m-pat 

thdi"— ki"; bue-pat thia"— ki". 
unprejudiced, sim bue-u chip-tia"; m-chip-i; b6-soi" 

unprepared, b6-u-pi; liau-m-kku; b6-8ie"; sie"-m-kku. 
unprontable, b6-iah; b6-li-iah; bd-eng. as business, 

bd-li; bd-thkn. 
imravel, a matter, chhim-tMu-sA ; tshue-th4u-sA. thready 

t6h-tit; thdu-tit. 
unreasonable, m-chiu-lf; b6-chh6ncr-lf. hope, chhi-sie". 
unremitting, giip-gi4p; b6-hiah; b6-k6i"-tflg. 
unrepining, b6-ukn ; bd-ukn-hun ; ua"-ng6 ; sun-siu. 
unripe, bue-s^k; m-kku-tsiii; chhe". 
imroll, tidn-khui; thdu-tit. 
unruly, ffi-sid-buap ; 
Unsare, hong-hi^m ; huang-hidm ; m-iin-tAg ; m-th6-tkng ; 

m-iin-t^ng ; hong-hi^m. to have dealings with, li-la ; u- 

hai ; i^. 

unsalted, p6h-chid". 

unsatisfactory, m-kiie-i ; m-khe-sim. 

unsatisfied, m-tsai-tsok ; bue-tsai-tsok ; bue-kku ; bue- 

miia°-l ; bue-miia" l-uguan. 
unsay, hdan-khdu. 
unseasonable, m-tbi-sl; m-hih-si. 
unseemly, m-hih-sek; tt-h6-th6i"; m-h6 i-sft. 
unseen, th6i"-ra-kifen ; put-ldng th6i"-ki". 
unskilled, chhiti ni-s^k ; chhe"-elihiii. 
unsociable, m-h^u** kau-tshap-ndng ; kou-bau; kou-tak. 


unspeakable, tA"-m-liiu; 14a-ti'; tJt" boi-tit-ti^h-u&n ; 

ng4n s6-put-clilD ; ng^n ia-14n-chln. 
unsubstailtial, hu-phA; b6-slt-th6i; khang-k^; hu- 

unsuccessflll, m-chiS,'; iS-sdng-kong ; su m-sdng-chiu; 

b5i-tit u&n-tshAan ; b5i-tit r-miia". at an examination^ 

unsuitable, m-hih-eng; m-h&h. 
untie, k<Si-khat-tMu ; th^u-khat; k6i. to get untied^ 

imtil, chi; k^u; chi-kJtu; f-klp; thSi-kku; theng. 
unutterable, m-pat tsb-nf-tk"; tk" m-pat-tb-khi. 
unwearied, put-sieh l&u-kh6u ; put-si 14u-kh6u. 
unwell, b6-hi6"-h6 ; n^ng m-h6 ; n^ng b5i ; khiin-t5a*. 
unwilling, m-ngflan ; m-hku"; m-kh^ng. see willing. 
unworthy, m-kham-kai ; put-kham ; put-kai ; m-kai ; m- 

eng-kai; m-eng-tng; m-kham-tng. of notice^ put-tsok- 

kuan ; m-tfeng n6-th6i". 
unyielding, nge-s^"; chip-s^"; m-h6k ; ffi-sun ; kang-nce. 
up, chie"; khi up and down, chie°-16h. to get, tsdu-kSf. 

18 ilie sun up ? jlt-thd,u tshut a-bue ? cfoes not come 

up to, bue-kip; bue-kau; m-chhin-chhie"; bue-h6-pf; 

lAn-pf ; oh-pf ; hCtan-su. not quite up to, bd-lii&"-chie". 
upbraid, cheh-pl; hi&m; cheh-hi4m. 
uphold, hft-thl; hA-phA; hA-ts6; khan-hA. 
upon, to-chie"; t6-t^ng ; t5-t^ng-min ; to-min-chie". 
upper, t^ng— kfti. seat, t^ng-ui; toa-ui. ujypermost, 

t^ng-t^ng; siing-t^ng; siang-kAi". 
upright, tit ; chik"-tit. to place a thing, pkng-tlt ; s^i - 

kbia; tIt-khiS. 
uproar, tsh^u-niu''; tsh^u-jkLng. 
upset, l^ng-t6 ; p6r-lin-tAg ; p6i"-l&ng-tiig ; phah-t<5 ; 

upshot, kat-kiSe"; kku-bAe. 
upside dovm, tin-tb-thdu ; tau-tiig-th&u. 
upstairs, l^u-t^ng. to go, chie'-l&u ; teng-l&u ; peh-chie" 

lAu-teng ; seng-chie" 14u-t^ng ; chie"-liu-teng ; khf— khft 

upwards , nik"-khl ; m6"-cbie'. uptvards of a hundred^ 

Sih-gua ; peh-Urtshut ; peh-l&n ; ch6k-peh u-l^n. 
anity, 16i-mau"; u-16i-si^u ; hidu— tit 16i-ngt. 
urethra, jie-kiig. stricture of, jie-kAg sat. 


urge, to, tshui ; tshui-pek ; kek ; pi5."-kin ; tshui-pik"; 
tshui-kfn. urgent, kfn ; kfn-iku ; iku-kln ; pek-chhiet. 

urine, jie. to pass, pkng-jie ; si^-k6i ; si^-pien ; sidu - 
pien. retention of, sie-pien boi-ki^"; si^-pien m-thong 
(or, m-li/ incontinence of, sikm-jie. pass involuntarily ^ 
05 child, tshua-jie. urinal, jie-hA ; m6"-h6 ; pien-hti. 

um. mortuary, kim-sie"; kim-pau ; hiie-kim-pau. 

usage, kui-ki\ ; s6k ; hong-s6k ; si-siang. 

use, to, eng. ill, p6h-thai ; khi-hu ; uan-khut. in 
common use, sie"-eng. of use, u-eng; h6-eng. of no, 
b6-eng ; b6-lou-eng. out of, eng-m-ti6h ; mi^n-eng. use- 
ful, u-eng ; ii-iah. 

usual, phfing-sie"; phdng-sti ; p^i-tiig. 

usurp, chi^m ; A". authonty, chhi^m-khAan ; tsuan - 
khAan. the throne, tshtian-tii ; chi^m-ui. a usurper, pJt- 
u4ng ; chhikm-u&ng. 

usury, li-sek khah-tang ; tang-lai. to lend on heavy usury , 

utensil, khl-ku; ke-hiie; khi. 

utterance, kli«iu-tsliA.i ; khdu-leng ; oi-tk°-ue. 

utterly, kek ; chi-kek ; kku-k^.k ; ts4p-hun ; lidu-lidu ; 
chiu ; ts6-ch6k-e ; chheng-tsh6 ; kan-cheng. 


vacant, khang ; b6-muih-t6 ; khang-hu. vacancy in office, 
khueh-jim ; khueh-ui ; khb^ng-khueh ; hu-khueh. 

vacation, of school, pkng-ke. 

vaccinate, chfeng-tau. vaccine master, tau-chie"; tau- 

vagabond, phiau-liA ; liA-li 8it-86. 

vagina, im-hou ; sua°-m6g ; im-mftg. 

vagrant, iA-chhiii. 

vague, u-khuah; m-chhiet-lf ; m-chhiet su-chh6ng; hbam. 
vau, to, chia. the face, chia-min ; mua"-min. a, chia- 

min-se ; ou-kun. 
vain, in, thu-lAu b6-iah; th6-14u b6-kong; thA-jiSn. 

labour, udn-hui kang-hu ; udng-hhi cheng-sin ; thA-hui 

vain, t.sfi-khua ; tsu-si ; hau"-hua ; kiau-cliliia ; hu-khua. 


valiailty u-td°; u-td"-liik ; u-td"-lit. valour^ kd,"; iong- 

kd"; kAa"-kd"; i6ng. 
valley, sua°-kok ; sua°-kok-lok ; 8ua"-khang ; sua°-phang. 
valuable^ p6 ; p6-pue ; ktii-khi ; p6-ktii ; kui-tong ; tien- 

tong ; t4t-chr. 
value, real, chin-k^. to value highly, thdr-tong; khi- 

tong; tien-tong. 
van, of a^i^my, sien-hong; ts6r-hong. 
vane, ivind, tia°-huang-tsam ; 8un-huang-kl. 
vanish, kui-ts6-b6 ; seng-khong {into the sky). 
vapour, khi. cloudy, h6n-bu ; in-bu. steam, tsiii-khl ; 

variance, at, u-ue ; se°-ue ; u-hun-khiah ; m-hiia-n]6k ; 

variegated, ng6u-sek; ng6u-tshdi; hue-long; ts&p-sck. 
various, ke-ie"; kak-ie; kak-sek; kak-lio; kak-t^nj. 

articles, tsip-mu^h. 
varnish, tshat ; mSng-id. to, sii-tshat ; tshat. the tree, 

vase, a, ch^°-kan ; hue-kan. 
vast, khuah ; khuah-toa ; midu"-midu" bd-pien ; ch6k-mo" 

vat, toa-thdng. for indigo, chhe"-thdng. 
vault, the, of heaven, chhe"-thi"; khiong-tshan (reading) ; 

tshan-khiong (id,) ; thi" uan-keng uan-keng. an under- 
ground, ti-sit. vaidted, keng-uan-mftg. 
vault, to, thiku-ldng-mftg. 
vegetables, tshh,i ; chhe"-teh5,i. vegetarian, chi&h-che ; 

chiih-chhiS,ug-tsh^i. occasional vegetarian diet, chi&h - 

vehement, kip ; m^"; kln-s^"; pek-chhiet ; huat-hiSn. 
veil, see VAIL. 
vein, huch-kun ; hueh-lou. to open a, khui-hueh-lou ; 

pJlng-hueh-lou. in wood, hue-ji. of silver, ngftn-kiie' 

velvet, z6ng. floioered, hue-z6ng. collar, z6ng-nid"; 

venerable, kh6-kfeng ; h6-tit-n4ng-k&iig. Sir, tsun-k^ ; 

venerate, k^ng-bi ; tsun-k^ng ; khim-k&ng ; khim-tsun ; 



venereal, disease, lap-tik; huang-tAk. congenital^ tho- 

Venetians, hau-peh-chheh. windows, hau-peh-chheh - 

theng. leaves, chheh-hifih. 
vengeance, p5-chhifl ; p5-uan. 
venison, t^k-n^k. dried, t6k-p<5u. 

venomous, tAk. 

ventilate, thong-huang. 

venture, k4". one's fife, ki"-sf ; mau"-sl ; th A-sf ; ti - 

inia°; pik"-mia"; mau^-tnia". 
Venus, the planet, kim-chhe". 
verandah, b^-14u; tsdu-b^-14u; Ung-e. 

verb, uih-ji. 

verbal, report, khdu-thAan. order, tng-min hun-hiL 
verbatim, chi6-k6-6h ; ch6k-kti ch6k-kti ; kii - kii &iang - 

. tAng. 

verbose, to-ng&n ; ke-ue ; lo-so ; lo-lo so-so ; mr-sila"- 
tie ; ki-hi^h-ue. 

verdict, phoi-phban ; kong-phhan. 

verdigris, t&ng-chhe°. 

verify, hau-ngiam. 

vermicelli, mf-stia"; tau-hiSn ; tau-chhiam ; hiin-chhiam. 

vermilion, ngftn-tsu. 

vernacular, th6u-th3.m ; th6u-uc ; p^h-tie ; s6k-ue. 
versatile, u-pi6n-thong ; li-khAan-pifen ; uih-pi^n ; T-uSJi. 
verse, poetry, si. one, ch^k-tsat. 

vertebrSB, ie-kut-tsat; ptie-kut-tsat {dorsal) \ btie-liin- 
kut {sacraJ) ; 3,in-kut {cervicaX). 

vertex, t^ng. 

vertical, tili-th4u-khak-t^ng ; th^u-t^ng ; tbi-t^ng ; chik*- 

vertigo, tMu-khak hln ; hln ; hln-k6ng hln-kdng. 

very, slm ; chi ; siang ; tsai ; thih ; tsbe ; tsAp-hun ; toa- 
e. sorry, hiian-16-tsai. important, tsiie-iJlu. many, 
sim-tsoi. different, toa-m-t4ng. thxit very day, tlii-tiii 
hA-chik-jIt ; td-tii hii-cli6k-jlt. even a very clever man 
could not do it, sui-si thih-6i k&i-n&ng hAan ts6-m-14i. 

vessel, a, khi-ku ; ke-hiie. ship, tsiin ; chfik-chiah-tsAn, 

vest, tah-pbe; kah-kid". 

vestigB, hAn-chiah ; kha-chiah. not a vestige of truth 
in It, b6-id"-cbiah ; b6-id" b6-chiah. 

veteran, Idu-chhiii. troops, chhin-pia°; lien-pia". 


veterinary, stc^yeon, ui-g6 sin-sin ; gu-ui ; be-ui. 
vex, 14n-6i; kan-kh6u ; Mia-lan ; thua-l)Aa; pek. vexed, 

h6an-16 ; iu-bun ; kh6u-sim ; ut-kak ; iu-ut ; tsh6u-ut. 
vial, soi kdi-po-li-tsuu ; po-li-kiian. 
vibrate, to, tun ; sih ; tuai" {a^ stnngs of harp). 
vice, «, thih-kiip. 
vice, hacl conduct, tsue-ak ; ak-slp ; khi-slp m-li6 ; hui- 

vice-, 07^ second, hh ; tlibi. vice-president of one of the 

supreine hoards, si-nftg. 
vicinity, siang-kfm ; lin-kun ; lin-iu ; siang-lien ; lin-ku ; 

vicious, man, ^u-n^ng ; phdi"-n&ng ; ndng-tdi. 
victory, th^i-id"; chi^n-ia"; chien-sfeng ; uik-seng ; song- 

t^.k. repm^t of, p6-chii\p. 
victuals, chiih ; chi^h-miieh ; hiie-slt ; bi-nid". dry, as 

for jouimey, kan-ni6". 
View, to, th6i". views 01* scenery, kuang-kdng ; kdng-ti ; 

vigilant, k^ng-chh^"; kdn-sln ; kiin-hudng ; tht-hu4ng. 
vigorous, tsing ; ts^ng-kien ; khin-kia"; khang-kicii ; 

khitlng - tsb,ng ; u - cheng - sin ; u-khl-lit ; u-chcug-lit ; 

cheng-lit tsok. 
vile, hia-tsua"; chhiu-ak. 2^^'^^^y sidu-jin. 
vilify, hiii"-pang ; i^u-pang ; pu-lu. 
village, hie"-lf ; hie"; hie"-tshng ; hie"-che ; che. villager, 

ku-hie"-n&ng ; hie"-e-nAng. headmen, hic"-Mu ; hie"-sin ; 

ieh-chiii"; p6-chii!i.'** 
villain, ak-n4ng ; phdi-n4ng ; kan-ak ; hiong-ak ; khiung- 

hiong pau-ak ; kan-kdu ; kan-liidm. 
vindicate, oneself before a sujx'rior, hun-su. another, 

thbi-su ; thbi-pidu. a statement, chf-chbng-ku tshut— lili ; 

chl-tshiit ch^ng-ku ; khieh-tsliut chbng-ku. 
vindictive, hau°-p?)-cbhift. 
vine, ph6-th6-chhiu. vineyard, phQ-tho-hAg. 
vinegar, tshbu ; sng-tsh6u. 
violate, Um\ huam-huap. an engagement, sit-ieh ; hudm- 

ieh. a woman, khiang-kan. 
violence, with, khiang. to seize with, khiiXng-tshii ; 

khi{\ng-ii"; cbiam ; pa-chiam ; a". 
violent, md"; me"-li6t; pau-ngiik. stmin, kbAang-huang 

mc'-hou ; khuaug-bunug pau-bou. 


violin, hi", to play the^ kft-hi"; khan-W. 

viper, tik-tsAa; piig-sl-thAu. 

virago, m&n-liu ; vi-hix ; iii^g-chikng ; pbnat-hu ; pbuat- 

virgin, kui-nrtg ; tshit-niW ; chhim-kui nAg-tsii ; cheng- 
ni^g {remaining a virgin for life) ; cheng-thong (id.^ 
man or woman). 

virtue, tek. virtuous conduct^ tek-heng. tJie Jive virtues^ 
iig6u-8iing : jin, ng!, 11, ti, sin. 

virtue, or efficacy ^ koDg, kong-hau ; khi-I&t; hau- 

virulent, tAk; ak-tik. 

visage, min ; inin-mau'; ifing-mau"; min-sek ; min-hfing. 

viscid, u-ka-li4m ; lidm-nt" tna-thi. 

viscera, ng6u-tsang lik-hiS. 

visible, u-hfing-siang ; u-hfing-siang h6-th6i'. 

vision, dream, iniu-maDg; m6"-mang; mang-mue". to 
have a, kr-md"-mang ; mang— ki"; ki-kuan—kl"; u-mang- 

visionary, phA (pu)-huang tshok-id"; ts^i— tang Ia-gu6h ; 
kik"-hue tsiii-gu^h. 

visit, pJii-ki"; pai-hau ; mng-hau ; sifi-sAn. faretvell, s5,ng- 
pi^t ; sh^ng-kiA". to miss a, sit-chiaj). / am sorry I 
'missed your visit, ai ! m6ng-jit sit-chiap, sit— che sh— die! 
Ans., 6 ! mdng-jlt khiVkue-jidu, phbng— ti^li lii t8un-k& 
gtia— tshut-khiV to retuim a, hAe-pii ; hAe-pou. to, a 
jynnce, chhi4u-ki"; chhiau-kim. to, a fmend or "i^lative^ 
thkm-iii ; th^m-chhim. i^isiting card, pki-thiap. visitor^ 
nS,ng-kheh ; pin-kheh. to receive, chiap-n&p ; ng^ng- 
chih ; khiian-thai. to dismiss , skng-kheh ; skng-pin. 
to visit one and have a talk with him, khi\ kang-i 
ph6an-sAan~che ; khu kang-i chiu-s6au— che. 

vitriol, hlue (stdj)ha.te of copper), tiVAixxkn. green (suliyhate 
of iron-, cojypcras), ts6-liiu\n ; chhe"-hu&u. 

vivacious, uih-phuah ; 16ng-lai ; u-sin-khl ; u-cheng-slnL 

vocabulary, ji-lui. 

voice, sia"; 8ia"-im. clear, sia"-im cliheng-liilng (ar^ lidu- 
liang ; mfing-liaiig/ indistinct, sia"-im l6-lo (or, hA.m-hA ; 
kam-kou/ to lose one's, sit-sia"; bo-sia"; sit-im. to read 
in a clear loud voice, khui-sia"-tbA,k. to rean/nize one's, 
jin-sia"; pioii-sia". ivith one voice, cliok-klulu chck-sfi. 

void, see EMPTY. 


volcano, lule-sua"; hiie-iam-sua'. 

volume, a, chik-p6g. several volumes making one work^ 

chAk-pang ; tshAan-pou. 
VOlunterily , kam-sim ; kam-nguan ; kam-sim chhSug - 

nguan ; chhdng-nguan ; hua"-hf ; kam-sim s6iig-l. 
volunteer, mln-t^ng; ngi-pia". 
voluptuary, tham-chiii-sek ; hJtu"-cliiii-sek. 

vomit, th6u. 

vortex, tsdi kd>-pun ; 8u4a-ldu-tsiiL 

vote, yb?-, kii ; kii-chln. 

voucher, p6ng-ku ; ph6ng-ku. 

VOW, to^ he-nguan ; hu-nguau. to pay a, h6r-nguan ; 

k6i-nguaQ ; sia-nguau. 
voyage , tsdi-lou ; tsiii - thi4"; ki4"-tsAn. next^ e-tsua- 

teftu ; e-pkng-tsAn. 
vulgar, sAk ; tshou ; tshou-sAk. dialect, sAk-ue ; th6u - 

thilm ; pih-iie. language, tshou-ue (vile) ; th6u-th6u. 


wadding, mi"; mr-hue. wadded coat, jip-mi°-hiA". to 

2nit in wadding, phou-mi"; jlp-mi". 
waddle, to, pbidug-a-phiaug ; k{la-a-kAa. 
wade, to, e-tsiii. ova' a river, e-ktie-khoi. 
wag, to, i6. wag-tail, tih-tim-tim. 
wager, sie-su ; siang-t6u. let us u)ager, l&i-t6u— che, to 

write a wager, 8id-t6u-tsng. 
wages, kang-chi"; kang-tsu ; kang-k^. see salary. 
Wai^on, chhia. 
Wau, khau ; ai-khJtu ; thi-khh.u. for the dead, khau - sf - 

sng. for death of son, khku-kid". 
waist, ie ; pila"-ie ; sin-ic. to gird the, h4-ie ; sok-ic. 

UKiistcoat, tah-phc ; kah-kiA". 
wait, tdn ; hau ; theiig ; thdng ; thS.i ; theng-hau. a 

little, tdn— che ; h4u— che. uje are waiting for you. Sir, 

hau-k^. to wait on, hAk-su ; kun-s^ ; sl-tsdi. waiters^ 

tsdu-tftg ; chin-tou ; kun-pan. 
waken, to, (trans.) hSim-chh^"; ki^-chh^"; kia'-chW"; 

tsak-chhc". {intr.) gut-cbhe"; chhe°; chh(5"- - khf-ldi. 

wakefid, gut-m-16h ; boi-gut. 


walk, kill", to and fro, kia"-ldi kia"-khiV on foot, pou - 

kia"; pou-litJn. go for a, kluVthit-thA ; khfi-kin-kii"; 

kh^i-sua''-pou. icalking-stick, kudi-chiSng ; kudi-thiii. 
wall, chhid". a, che.k-pang-chhid". city-ivall, siA"; 8i4"- 

chhid". Uie great wall, buaa-li chhiAng-sii". a dividing^ 

kch-piah. to fall down as a, pang, to build, see build. 
walnut, hut-th6. 

wand, a, chhiu-pie ; chhiu-ldug ; tek-16ng ; ch6k-ki-tsbOe. 
wander, i6; tshut-iA; chiu-liA. far, ien-iA. inpovei^y 

and distress, li6-li sit-so ; Idu-li sit-sd. out of the way^ 

ki4"- ta"- lou ; tsdu-tshb lou-thA ; sit - lou. wandeinng 

thoughts, hukng-sim ; sim tsip ; sim 8e"-ts4p-liam. 
wane, as moon, gueh chiam-cbiam-s6i ; guSh chiSUn- 

khui ; ffuih tsho-tsho-sbi. 
want, h.V {wish); khueh (lack); khi^m {id.). 
wanton, sid-im ; hh,u"-phiAu ; hSLu°-8ek ; huang-im. 
war, kau-chien ; kau-pia"; ke-h\ie kau-chiap ; sic-thsli. 

iiuin-oficar, pia^-tsfln ; chieu-tsQu ; kua'-tsdin. 
ward, to off, toi-tiau ; ti-tiau ; tii-gu ; gu-chl ; tu-tiam; 

gu-tiam ; thd"-tiau. 
wardrobe, 8a"-t6 ; sa^-kui"; i-sie". 
warehouse, tsing-pdng ; hue-pang ; hbe-tshng ; tskng- 

warm, sie. un^ather, chhie"-8ic ; un-hAa {mild) ; liian-kbl 

{id,) ; h6a-luan {id). warming-jKin, chhi6-16u ; hiie- 

thang. to UKirm oneself at the fre, chieh-hiie. 
warn, kdng-k^i ; khig-kbi ; that-chhd"; that-phha ; thku. 

to take tvarning, nkp-khl ; tsu-k^ng. 
warp, the, ke"; p5u-ke". and ivoqf] ke°-hui. to UKii^y, 

as hoards, khiau ; khiau-si&. 
warrant, a, phib ; pai-phib ; chlic-phib. to issue, tshut- 

phib. to, pau-nid"; pau-p6 ; tam-slng. 

warrior, i6ng-sfi. 

wart, a, tsuc ; hft-lan^-tshc. 

wash, soi. wash-stand, min-thdng-kb ; min-pliAn-kb. a 
axtsherman, s^i-sa^-nang. to wash iron dust, t6a-thiJi-8ua; 
soi-tliili. to wash ivith gold, tou-kim ; liu-kim ; tsii- 
kim. UKish'haml hasin, niin-phAn ; mln*thdng. 

wasp, Ag-pbang; b6u"-thau-pbang. 

Waste, to, tak-nng ; bili-tiau ; bu-bhi. tinve, pbau-hfig - 
tiau si-bau ; tak-nng-tiau si-bau ; bu-ion jlt-cbf ; bu-tou 
kuang-iui ; sit-lob ai-bau. to use wastvfulhj, pbab-pUiiu - 


eng. a waste place^ khukug-id ; khu^ng-ti ; kliutlug - 

pou ; pou-id ; phau-hng. 
watch, a, el-pie. to wind a, khui-si-pie. 
watch, of the night, ke"; ke"-k6u ; ke"-tidm. thejirst^ 

an-ke". to heat the, kh^-ke°; sfln-ke"; chid^-ke", the man 

who does this , ke°-hu. though the thief conies only in 

one watch, we must be on guard all nighty ts6-tsh4t 

ch^k-ke", chi^^-tshit chik-m6". 
watch, to, th6r-siii; chid°; siii. as sentry, sAn-hAang. 

watchful, m-ki"-gut ; kdng-chhd". watchword, km-ho* 

to ajypoint a, phah-km-ho. 
water, tsiii. to, ak-tsi\i. flowers, ak-hue. -calti^ops 

n6i"-kak. -course, tsiii-kau. -cresses, tsiii-kh6n-tshl,L 

-engine, tsiii-chhia. -fall, pak-p6u-tsiii ; pak-p6u-tsfla'. 

-lily, n6i"-hue. -mill, ts\ii-bo. -pail, tsiii-thdng. 

melon, si-kue. watering-pot, suan-thdng ; ak-tshJti-thdng. 

waterspout, l^ng kauh-tsiii. watery, t4m-t4m lok-lok- 

chliieh ; kk-kJi ; se"-tsiii ; l<5ng-16ng. 
wattles, tek-t8&h ; tek-iii. 
wave, eng; hdi-dng; po-dng. to wave a flag, it-kl. 

the flag waves in the wind, kl ia"-huang. 
waver, to, sie°-thdu b6-tia"; bue-u kuat-i ; bue-chdng 

phah-tia" tsii-l ; pbah-sfig bue-tia". 
wax, lib. candle, 14h-chek. to vxix thread, siia" ki4p- 

14h. in the ears, hi"-sdi. 
way, lou ; tau ; thA ; lou-thA ; lou-tau ; lou-th&u ; lou- 

ke". on the, lou-cbie°; lou-tdng ; lou— kb. to lead the, 

tsbua-lou ; la-l6u ; kang-lou ; kiau-lou. to he in one's, 

hdang-gai. to he in toe way, tln-tb; tin-tiau ti-hng. 

half-way, piia"-lou ; lou-piia°-ku^h. do it this way, chi^ - 

8e"-t86. vmat way ? eng si-mih huang-huap ? which is 

the right f tM ti-tiAu-lou ki4" chiJi°-ti6h ? get out of 

the, ki4"-khui; ki&"-bAa, to get out of one another's, 

sie-pi. lose one's, ki4"-ta°-lou ; ki4"-tsh6-lou. 
we, tin {eoccluding the person addressed) ; nin {inchiding 

person addressed). 
weak, nAg-jiik; b6-14t; phuh. tea, p6h-td ; ta"-t6. 

weakening, siin-cbeng-sin. in v)eak health, sin-bun phk"; 

sin-bun lim. 
WeaJtl^ chi°-tsb&i ; chf-ngAn ; tsh&i-p^b. wealthy, pii ; 

u-cbi". to heconie, buat-tsbAi. 
Wequ, keh-ni°; tflg-nf; pJlng-nf. 


weapon, pia"-khl ; ko-hiic ; kan-kho ; pai-chhie". 

wear, to, dotlies, chheng-sa". a hat, tl-bo. a ring, 

kiia-chhi\i-h6aii (armlet) ; kiia-chhiii-tsat (finger-ring) . 

ivear Iwles in one's clothes, chheug-phtia sa'^-khbu. as 

(e.g.) grind-stone, sidm-sih ; siau-sih. woi'n ovt, cbheng- 

k^u-phba ; lau-se ; thiau-se ; phiia-moh'. 
weary, khiin ; kha sng ; kha sng, chhid nAg. 
weather, thr-si ; thi"; thr-khl. mild, tnr-si un-hAa ; 

thi"-si thi^u-hfla. hot, thf-si zu&h. fair, thi"-si cb^*. 

"beaten, mm ph&k-ou ; huang khau-ou. -^ock, suu-huang- 

ki ; tia"-lmang-tsam ; huang-shi-ki. 
weave, ke°-p6u ; chit-pbu. iveaver's beam, t^k-sim. 
web, of cloth, ch6k-phit-p6u ; ch^k-kui-p6u. spiders^ 

ti-tu-si. the spider viakes his web, ti-tu ke"-8i; ti-tu 

kit-niang ; ti-tu th6u-si. web footed, u-ah-t6i. 
wedding, a, hun-in. -chair, sin-ni6"-kie ; hue-kie. see 


wedge, chi"; tsh^-chi"; thih-chi°. to icedge, chi"; chi"- 
kii) ; clii"-soib. to open with wedges, cbi"-kbui. 

Wednesday, 16i-pi!i.i-sa°; ph.i-sa". 

weed, a, tebdu. to, khau-tshdu ; mdn-tsbdu. sea-weed^ 

week, one, cb^k-kai 16i-pki ; chhit-jit. 

weep, to, kb^u ; l^u-raik-tsap. 

weevils, tsu-i6"; tsti-kak-i6". 

weiffh, to, ting ; cbbln (with steelyard ) ; pbdng {tvith 
balances). tveights, cbhln-tbAi ; ll-teiig-tbAi ; li-cbbin - 
th6i ; t6-cbi ; pb6ng-chl. of a clock, si-cbeng-tbui. 
wJiat is the weight ? u-ji^b-tanff ? t^ng-jifih-tang ? iveighty^ 
tang. to weigh anything in the hatia , cbbln ji^b-tang ; 
cbbim jieb-tSug. anchor, p6ib-t&ng; cbbia-t^ng; kbi&n- 
t&ng. a matter, cbim-chiak ; pbab-siig ; phe^-pbah ; 

welcome, to, bl-cbiap ; buan-ngdng. 

well, in /health, ndng b6 ; sin-chie" z(^-zudn ; sdng-kbhai ; 
kbtia^-uab ; ua"-ji6n ; pb^ng-an ; tbi4u-b6a. written (as 
composition ), pit - bik bo ; pit - t6i bo. wintten ( ens 
cJiaracters), ji ngid"; ngid"-ji ; 6i-kbiA-pit ; 6i-sii-ji ; jl 
tuan-kbai ; jl sih-s^k. made, ts6-lAi kang-bu. cooked^ 
s4b-s^k ; pft-mi°. knoum, tsbut-mi&"; bi^n-mi&'; ttl-miA*. 
bred, hifiu-li ; u-ke-kJl ; bidu-kui-ki\ ; u-16i-buap. dixssed, 
cbbeug-b6-sa°. are you well? li'i u-pb6ng-an, me? well 


c/one / 1 h6-tsai ! well, ivell, no more of that ! pa— lidu ! 
quite well, after illness, tshftan-zii. 

well, a, che". -curb, che"-nCia"; che°-khiian. to sink a, 
khui-ch<S"; liii-ch^"; tshuaii-che"; kiLit-chcJ". -rope, puih- 
thdng-soh. mouth of ch(S"-tshtii ; che"-min. -sweep, 

west, sai. E. and w. tang-sai. s.w. sai-lAm. 

wet, t4m. tvith rain, ak-tioh - liou ; ak kiiu-lok-lok. 
cfot wip, chhieMm ; tAm-im ; liin-lhn. -nurse, \\\-\)6. 

whale, kh6ng-hft. 

wharf, b^-thau. 

what, ti-k4i ? si-mih-su ? si-mih-mu^h ? tstVni"? man ? si- 
mih-iiAng? ti-tiAng? cause/ si-niih luln-kh ? iu-iii tsu- 
ni"? xmat a fool you are, hi chi6"-nga. ivhat is it 
like? tsai-se"-ie"? imat, then, are you going todof\A\\ 
h\ ts6-nr-mu6h ? what did you say f li'i tsb-nr-lii"? 
trhat he says, i-s6-til". 

whatever, put-lun ; tai-h{lam ; tai-huam ; s6i-pien. 

wheat, beh. 

wheel? lAn ; lin ; Ifn-cbi"; khah-chr ; chhia-liin. rim of, 

chhia-liin-ki". spokes of, chhia-lAn-tsam. -harrow, chhiii- 

chhia ; l^ng-chbia. 
wheeze, he ; he-sia"; hm-hm-ki^ ; 4u-thAii ko-ko-kife. 
when, ti4ng-si? ti-si? ti-tiing-sl? tl-k4i si-haii ? si-mih 

st-hau ? ivhen Darid ukis king, Tai-phek tsft-uilng tidng- 

si ; Tai-phek ts5-udng kAi-ai-hau. when lie comes we 

are going, i 14i I'm chiu-Jir-khiV when... .then, sAi-sl.... 

sfli-si; li6n-8l....lien-8l. wlien you confess I will let you 

qo, h'l chik-e-jm ud chiQ-pkng h\-khi\. 
whence. tsh6ng-ti-k5.14i ? ift-ti-ivb-hli ? to-ti-kb-iai ? 
whenever, put-lun tiAng-si. whenever I think of it tears 

come into my eyes, sim ch6k-e-sie", mik-tsap chiu-ili"- 

where. ti-k6? t6-ti-k6? where I was horn , ud tshut-si 

kdi-ui-tshu ; ua tshut-siu kdi-ti. wherever, put-lun ti-k6 ; 

put-lun bo-tshu. 
Wnerefore. in-ui tsb-nf? u si-mih-uan-ku ? sl-mih u&n - 

ku ? 8i-mih 8u-kii ? see therefore. 
whether, or, h6k...h6k. whetlier he is willing or not I am 

going, ni-kuan i hua"-hi iTi-bua"-hf, ui tsdng-si ai"-khiV 
whetstone, l)A;i-to-cbieb ; bfta-ebieh. 
which, ti-kai? ti-cbok-kai ^ which is it? ti-eb(Mv-kia"^si ? 


tvhich IS he ? ti-ch6k-iidng-si ? ilie icords which he spoke^ 
i s6-ta" kai-ue. 

while, a, ch^k-si ; khtin-kid"; siap-si. ivhile thinking^ 
hu - tsAn to - sie". while a cash remains he will gamble , 
tshAn-kai-chl" siaiig kr-khf^-puili ; sui-si tshAn-k^i-chr 
hu&a-lidu ^i"-khiVpuah. while I tvas speaking he arnved^ 
ud. chia"-t6-t^"-uc kai-si-hau, i chiii-k^u. xohiley tng.,.. 

whimper, hiu"-hiu"-kie ; hngh-hngh-ki^ ; hng-hng-ki^. 

whip, a, bd-pi". to strike with a, piia"; hiuh ; sut ; pi"- 
phah. mosquito whip y mdng-pua". lashofwhip, pi"- 

whirlpool, tsiii kd-tsng ; tsili kd-piin ; 8udn-14u-tsiii. 

whirlwind, kdu-k£l"-Luang ; suAn-huang. 

whiskers, h6u-clihiu. 

whisper, to, phak to-hf-khang-kh^u t^°-ue ; tk" Jtm-chc"- 

ue ; si-so-ki6. 
whistle, to, tshtii pAn ki-kft. a, ki-kA. to blow a, pAn 

white, pSh. of an egg, niig-chheng; iifig-p6h; nng- 

phAe. of the eye, mik-chiu p^h-jin. ants, p^h-hia. 

to ivhitewash, sueh-pAh ; hiin-peh ; sueli-hdn-tsiii ; 86i- 

whitlow, tsAg-kah-tsu ; se" ts6i"-biie-tsu. 
WhiZ2Sillg, sound, hiuh-hiuh-ki&. 
who, ti-ti&ng? si-mih-udDg ? wJiosoever, put-lun ti-ti4ng; 

whole, tshfian ; kh.u-k4i ; chid"-k&i ; chi4°-k6 ; ka-nfig-k&i ; 

tsfig-kAi ; ham-kA.i ; kan-cheng ; 16ng-ts6ng. the whole, 

ch6k-khai ; ch6k-chhiet ; ts6-ch6k-e ; tsfig-k4i. family, 

hip-ke ; h&h-ke; tshAan-ke. life, ch6k-se ; ch^k-sl-n&ng; 

tsong-sin, day, tsong-jit ; thkng-jit. heart, teuan-sim ; 

chln-sim. ivhole body loet, chek-sin tAm. 
wholesale, house, Mng ; boi-chik°-khf ; ts6-chie"-pAa". 

to buy, b6i-chie"-pfla". 

whore, see PROSTITUTE. 

why. ts6-ni"? si-mih uA,n-kti ? sl-mih su-kh ? si-mih sQ- 
chhdiig? ui si-mili-su ? why sof h6-pit chi^"-sc"? why! 

wick, teng-sim. 

wicked, ak ; phdi°; sifl ; hiong-«ik. 

wicker, ba^sket, tiu-nji"; tin-sia" {with divisions). 


wide, khuah ; khuah-toa ; kbuah-kh Jig ; kuang-khuah ; 
khuan-khuah ; khtia°; kbuan-khtia\ to widen, lid-khuah ; 
tsh&k-khuah ; khui-khuah ; chhi4"-khuah ; mu^h-khuah. 

widow, kiia-hu ; siii-kiia. ivho refuses to Tnaivy agaiuy 
chiet-hu ; siii-chiet. widower, sit-ngdu. 

wife, chhi ; b6u ; hii ; lai-n4ng ; ke-lai ; ke-au ; ke-kiian. 
take a wife, see marry, your wife, leng-chik"; t8un-s6; 
lai-tso; tsuu-hu-jiu; tsun-lii; hidn-86. my ivi/e, iSi- 
n4ng ; lai-tsuat ; tsuat-keng. [if site has a son her 
husband tvill call her so-and-so's motherJ] nfvy good 
wife (addressing her), hidn-chhi. wife and children, 
chhi-ts]i; b6u-ki4°. to take a second wife, tshua-ji- 
n^ng. legal wife, chiil^-chhi ; tek-chhi ; tsbdu-thsLu. 
first wife, buat-cbhi ; ngiian-phiie. wife's brother, cbbi- 
ku. wife's sister, cbbi-1. 
:, k^-m6"; kd-tli&u-m6°. 
ild, ii. beast, i^-siti. growing wild, sua' se"; p4b-huat ; 
tsfi-se". fowl, tsdi-cbidu. goose, bdi-g6. 

wilderness, kbilang-i^; tsMu-i^. 

will, cbl ; sim-cbl ; cbi-kbl ; ted-L xmll you or will you 
not ? Iji \\ a-m^i"? Id ki"— m^ ? / will go, lia pit-2ii"- 
kbd. he wHl not do it, i m-bJLu"-te6 ; m-kb($ng ; m- 
nguan. tinll this do ? cbi-k4i b6— md ? it will do, 6i— 
tsb-tit; kb6.r. 

will, a, zui-t8ij; zui-tsok 

Wilftll, k{i4 ; cbip-i. 

Willillgf> kbeng ; hhx"; hua"-hl ; nguan ; kam-sim cbbdng- 
nguan ; kam-DgCian ; tfihut-piig-Bim. 

willow, liii; lid-cbbiu. v^eeping, si-lid; sdi-si-lid. 

wince, sok-bda; kiu-bda. 

wind, buang. a gust of, cb^k-tsdn-buang; cbik-tsun- 
buang. fair, sun-huang. gentle, buang li-li. adverse, 
ngftk-buang ; tb6°- (ttii-; pbab-;) buang. high, buang toa. 
lighter, buang i^u-si^b. gone down, buang tiam ; buang 
che". to catch the, b4'-huang. wind/pipe, nge-&u. 

wind, to, as thread. In; tl"; tsang. wind the- queue 
round the head, kbdan-pi"; pbdan-pi"; td tsang-ki4°-16 
(at the back of the head), a clock, kbui-sl-cbeng. a 
winding road, lou uan; lou uan-kbek; i-uan kbit- 

window, tbeng. a sliding one, tbeng-tbuah. shutters, 
tbeng-mftg. stanchions, tbeng-cbl 


wine, chili (spirituous liquor) ; phA-th6-chiii {grape), 
flagon, chiii-p4n ; chiii-tsun. cup, chid-pue ; chid-cheng; 
chiii-tsda"; chid-chiak; chiii-au. shop, chid-tikm; chid- 
phbu. press, chid-tsih. 

Wings, sit. to fl<ip the, phah-slt. to dress, tshdg-sit; 
tsh6i'*-8it. to clip the, chi^n-sit. 

wink, nih"-m&k. to wink at a thing, tfe"-ts6 m-tsai. 

winnow, piia-bl; ptia-chhek. tray used to, piia-ki. 
fan u^ed to, huang-kui". to, in fan, k^-chhek. 

winter, tang; tang— thi"; chhln~thi°. clothing, kda"-8a°; 
h4n-i. cap, kda"-bo. solstice, tang-tsoih ; tang-chi. 

wipe, to, chhit {mth dry cloth) ; zft {with wet cloth). 

wire, thih-siia"; t^ng-sha"; ngftn-stia". 

wise, hidn ; u-ti-hui ; kau-m6ng ; u-kifen-sek ; ii-ti-sek ; 
u-tshAi-tl ; u-tsh&i-h&k. 

wish, Sii"; nguan ; nguan-mo°; sie"-m6"; sie"-ki"; him-ien ; 
it— ti^h. according to one's wish, zd-i ; zd-ngQan. 

wit, ki-khi ; sim-khiku md"; u&h-phuah ; ISng-ki feng - 
pifen. frightened out of one's wits, kid,*-kku-kdng ; kia*- 

witch, th6i"-8iJi"-phda ; lAh-sln-phda ; tshai-kou-1 {spiritu- 
alist medium), -craft, siA-sdt ; bd-sdt ; huap-sdt ; iau-sdt. 

with. to cai^y with one, tba-tS-sin. talk with you, 
kang-ld t^°-ue. VKilk with you, kang-ld tsb-pd-kiA"; 
kiau-ld ts6-pd-khij ; kah-ld-khd. agrees with this, kang- 
chl-kAi siang-hih. with a pen, eng-pit ; tsang-pit ; 
chiang-pit ; khi&-pit. with the hand, tsang-chhiu. with 
respect to, lun ; lun-kip ; chi-i ; tk"-kku ; lun-kku. 

withdraw, to, thb ; thS-sl ; st-sia ; sik-su ; th6-cheh. 

wither, to, asfloivers, kou-ta; ta; ta-ki; sia. 

within, t6-lai ; lai-mln ; tiSi-min ; lai— tang ; lii— teng ; 
lai-th£u. within a month, m-chie" kd.i-gdeh ; put-tshut 
k&i - gdeh ; t6-ch6k-gdeh-lai ; t6-chl-gdeh-t6i. taithin 
doors, to-mfig-lai ; t5-ke-lai ; t5-tshti-lai. within a step 
of death, hidm-hiim-sf ; tsdah-se-su chiu-sf. 

without, to-gua; gua-min; gua-th4u. .money, bA-chi"; 
khueh-chi". fear, b6-s6-di. better without it, put-zd-b6 
k^ng-h6 ; su-kiie-bd ; 16ng-t86-b6. cannot do without it, 
b6 chiii-m-tsb-tit ; chhiet-iku ti6h-fl. 

withstand, tl-tng ; tang-tsu ; tng-tsQ ; tdi-t6k ; khing - 
ku ; kh^ng-ng^k ; sie-kdu-k^h. 

witness, a, kan-ch^ng; thih-kan-ch^ng. an eye-witness. 


chfeng-kr; chhin-niik thdi"— ki". to bear^ tsb-kan-ch^ng ; 

ts6-chfeng-ki". falser budng-chfeng. to suborn /ahe 

ivitnesses, b6i-ch^ng. 
Wi2Sard, lAng-ki; lAng-siii; tsb-bA-sit; tsb-kuat-sit ; tsb- 

woe, tsai-hua ; hua-tsai ; khi6ng-kh6u ; hua-huam. 
wolf, tsh4i-14ng. 
woman, tsu-nid"; niig ; hu-jin ; hu-jln-nAng ; a-m^ - 

n4ng. [ tsa-bdu not used in Hoo city^ and vulgar. ] an 

old UK/many lau-tsu-niS"; lau-m ; lSu-8im-p6. woman^s 

ivork, nAg-kang; tsu-m6°-kang ; hu-kang. 

womb, tho. 

wonder, to, khl-I; kuSii-I; th6r-khl. wonderful, khi-i ; 
khl-kuii ; kuki-i ; tshut-khl ; koh-ie"; i-su ; khi-su ; chin- 
khi-su ; kuki-su. 

wonted, khr-sl"; phSng-sifi"; si6"-su; 8i6"-sAk. 

wood, bik ; tshA ; sam ; chhiu-bik. building matei*ials 
of, tsh^-sai ; sam-sai. a wood, chhiu-n4"; chhiu-lim. 
wood-yard, ; sam-phbu ; sam-h4ng. 

woof, huL vHirp and, ke"-hui. 

wool, id°-m6". woollen cloth, nl". 

word, ue ; ngsLn ; gii. written, jL to speak words, tk"- 
ue. 1 wish to say a word to you, u^ ki" kang-lii-t^" ch^k- 
kti-ue. to keep one^s, chi^ i-kS^i-ue khii-ki& . to break 
one's, sit-sln ; sit-ieh ; cki^h-ng^n. words and actions, 
ng^D-heng . in a single ivord, ts6ng— tsu. to speak a 
good word for one, k\i-chln ch^k-kii. ths Word of God, 
Siang-ti k&i-tau ; SiJl"-tsu ; Sik'-kia". 

work, kang ; kang-bu ; khang-khtie. to work, ts6-kang. 
at work, eng-kang. contract for, miu"-kang. needle- 
work, tsam-kang. to vxyrk clay, chhip-th6u. a scull, ie- 
16u. to work by the day, lun-jlt ts6-kang. loorhman, 
sai-pe; kang-jin. workmanship, kang-hu. fine, cbeng- 
kong ; cheng-khd ; iil"-kang. 

world, si ; sl-kki ; si-kan ; &ng-tln ; tln-sl (this dusty 
weary world) ; thr-S. all the, ph6u-thr-e ; ph6u-thi"- 
kha-e ; thong-thi"-kha-e ; buan-kok. this, tshii-si ; kim- 
sl ;— kan ; iS^ng-si. the next, 14i-se°; 14i-si ; Su-sl 
(all mean one^s next appearance, in this world) ; im— kan ; 
2tm— th4u. ignorant of the, ni-hidu si-bu. this changing 
world, i4m-lidng si-kki. since the world began, khai - 
phek 1"-Ui ; khai-tsb^ng f -14i. worldly ajfairs, si-bQ ; 


worm, a, tMng. eaHh'Uwvriy kau-iin. in the intestines, 

kam-thdng. in books, tsii-th^Dg. luorm-eaten, tsti-ti&u; 

wormwood, in-tlu ; In-tin kh6u-chhL 
worse, kfeng-m-h6 ; zii-m-h6 ; z6-k^ng m-h6 ; k^ng-slm ; 

kfeng-hai ; zii-si sickness, pS" k^ng-ting. daily grata- 

ing worse, ch^k-jit ki°-jit-tang. 
worship, to, pki ; kui-pki ; k^nff-p&,i ; k^ng-hong, go to 

worship, khii-l6i-pki. to w&i'snip idols, pki-cAn; p^i- 

lstu-i& ; ph.i-tsh4-sln ; sai-liu-id. ancestors, pki-a-kong ; 

pJii-ts6u; pki-ke-sln. 
worst, k^k-ak ; siang-ak ; chi-ak ; siang-t^ng m-h6. 
worsted, z6ng-sua". stockings, kSu-iin-bu^ ; hdu-khi- 

worth, what is it? tit ji6h-tsoi-chr? kfe-^tit jiAh-tsoil 

8i-mih-k^? not vxyrth a single cash, m-t4t kAi-chi'; 

put- tit chik-bdn. is it vxyrth the trouble ? fi^-tsai p<Su- 

tit-ktie kang-lit, m^ ? 
worthless, bd-eng ; b6-iah ; &-t^ng-eng ; hia-tdng {pf 

people), fellow, sidu-jin. 
worthy, kham-kai. he is worthy to receive it, kham-kai 

h6-tit-ti^h ; piig-t^ng h6-tit— ti^h. 
wound, to, sie"; phab-sie"; sie"— ti6h; siin-sie"; sie"-8tin. 

with a knife or svxrrd, to-sie". with shot, chh^ng-sie*. 

ivounded, Si-sie"; siu-sic". a wound, chhie"-khdu ; sie'^-kb^u. 
wrangle, sie-che"; sie-k ; sie-jiing ; jiing kJtu kt-k&-ki^ ; 

jidug khi kuang-kuang-ki&. 
wrap to, pau ; phah-pau. round, ti"; tsang ; hL wrapper 

for books, thCl-su ; chheb-p6u. 
wrath, see ANGER. 

wreak, to, vengeance, soh-hun ; siip-hiin. 
wreck , phba - tsAn ; puih-phtia-tsAn ; tiam-phiia-tsAn ; 

wren, chhe"-tbi; chiau-liiu. 
wrench, t«un ; tsiin-tshiia. off, tsun-tiau. 
wrestle, sie-khlm sie-mdn ; tbu-lit ; tbu-lit pl-bd ; 1dm- 

kau-pu&h ; puih-kau. 
wretched, kh6u-mia°; chhi-tsbdm ; khi6ng-kh6u ; sin- 

chie" kan-kh6u. 
wriggle, tsun-a-tsun; kuan-a-kiian ; th4u-hi" biSe-hi' {as 

wring, to, tsun. dry, tsun-ta. 


wrinkled, jiAu. face^ min-phAe kiu-jidu ; miii jiau-jidu. 
wrinkleSy niku"-hAn; chhip-ni^u"; chhip-ji&u. 

"V^rist, the, chhiii-uin. hones of, chhid-m4k. 

write, to, aid ; sid-jL in a hook, sid ; ki. an essay, tsb- 
bflu ; tsb-bAn-chie". a hook, tii-tsu. to tv^nte out from 
a copy, tshau ; piS»". writing materials, bfln-pAng sl-p6 ; 
pit-bik tsiia-i". 

writhe, to, kuan-a-kuau ; tsun-a-tsun ; th4u-hi° biie-hi". 

wrong, m-ti6h ; m-si ; put-si ; m-tiii ; tshb ; ta°; tsha- 
tshb ; tsiu-tsu&h. to imvng one, hai ; uan-khut ; iian- 
udng ; udng-khut ; khui. to receive, siii-khui ; chiah- 
khui ; siu-uan-khut. to redress a vrrong for any one, 
kang— ndng sin-uan ; thbi— n4ng sin-uan. 

WTOUgllt, iron, sAk-thih. 

wry, tshiia ; m-chi^". 

yam, toa-tsft. 

yard, of a ship, tsAn- Ai-kfig. 

yard (measure) , ch^k-b^. 

yam, se ; mf-se. 

yawn, to, huah-hl. and stretch, tshun-It!iD. 

year, a, ch^k-nr-, chiu-ni". all the year, thkng-nr; tsong- 
ni". end of the, ni"-b\ie ; nf-pi"; nr-kha ; nr-t6i ; ni - 
lai. new, sin-nl". to keep the new year, ktie-nr; ts6 - 
sin-nl°. this, kin-nf; hin-nl ; piig-nl". last, ku-ni°; khiV 
ni". year hefore last, tsdi"— nf. next, m6"-nl'; lAi-ni". 
six years old, Ikk-hhe. a year or half a year, ch^k-ni" 

yeast, kJl"; k^"-b6; chid-pid", 

yell, toa-sia" kife. 

yellow, fig ; ftg-sek ; chhiah. yellminsh, chhi^n-Ag. 

yes, si ; u ; tieh. is he in ? u-to a-b6 ? yes, t6— k5. 

yesterday, tsa-jit. yestei^day night, tsa-m6". 

yet, tAu-tl ; siSng-chhid"; hu^n-lidu ; hud.n-i^u. and yet 
( of an unlikely circumstance ), k^ng-jidu. not yet, bue ; 
hu4n-bue ; idu-btie ; bue-ch6ng. 

yield, tAu-h4ng ; h4ng-li6k ; kui-Mng. the way, jiSng - 
lou ; sie-tho-kiie. place, jiSLng-ui ; sie-tho-tsS. yielding ^ 
khiam-ji&Dg ; tho-jiang. to one, jiing— khut-i. 

yoke, a, gA-ta"; gA-ta"-ua". 


yolk, of egg, nfig-jtn. 

yonder, hife^-thAu ; hii-k6. 

you, hi (sing.) ; n£n (pi), you, Sir, tsun-kfe. you, Sirs, 

t8U-ui. what is your surname? kiii-s6". 
young, hau-se"; siilu-nr; chf; iii°; sbi. / am a year 

younger than he, ui s6i— i chik-htie. younger brother, 

a-tL a young man, hau-se°-kid"; siJtu-rd'-n^ng, a 

young c(nr,fgA-kid°. 


zealous, jiSt-sim ; pek-chhiet ; huat-hiin ; tshut-l&t. 

zenith, thf-t^ng. 

zephyr, huang-kii'; khin-huang; huang-kid' li-li. 
zigzag, tshua -ktie-Ui t8hua°-kSe-khii ; in-uan khit-khek. 

to walk, tshua"-ki4". 
zinc, p6h-in. 

zodiac, Ag-tau. 

zone, t5a-tau ; s{ia"-lou. temperate, un-tSu. frigid, Mn- 

zoology, se"-mu6h ts6ng-lun. 


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